Jon Rappoport, Covid update: The grand Ohio legal case for our time, against kings on their thrones

Jon Rappoport

—You can hate the law until it’s not there anymore—

The news is coming fast, the implications are titanic.

On Monday, I wrote about Thomas Renz, the Ohio lawyer who is taking on a case for a set of plaintiffs, against Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the state of Ohio.

The charge: DeWine has created massive damage through lockdowns and other “containment measures” designed to stop the spread of the purported coronavirus.

Against DeWine, attorney Renz has mounted a legal case to defeat both Constitutional violations AND gross scientific fraud.

(Attorney press release posted here; Attorney plaintiff document filed with court posted here.)

Update: A crucial part of this case is the DISCOVERY process. Attorney Renz and his colleagues would have the opportunity to sit down with key players in the COVID operation and grill them, in great detail, on matters of fact and science.

Imagine Fauci, Birx, Redfield in the room having to answer very probing questions UNDER OATH.

And the discovery proceedings would be made public, as they happen. Renz would be filing periodic reports with the court.

Another factor. The Ohio court, as part of its verdict, could grant PERMANENT INJUNCTIVE RELIEF. This means it could order the governor of Ohio to cancel the State of Emergency—thereby ending all orders and “containment measures” connected with the Emergency. No lockdowns, no mandatory masks, no mandatory distancing.

Yes, I’m aware that nothing is a slam-dunk in the judicial system. Fingers crossed. But this is a chance, an opportunity, a ray of light, a practical and real possibility.

Further, attorney Renz’s case is a model and a template for other lawyers, in other states and countries, who want to file similar cases.

When a government declares an Emergency, it must explain and justify it on the facts, not on lies and deceptions. Otherwise…

The Constitution no longer exists.

The Law no longer exists.

In their place, there is a reversion to a time of arbitrary edicts, handed down from kings and their wise ones who must not be doubted or challenged.

On what rational basis has Governor Mike DeWine taken away the freedom of citizens? Where is his evidence? What is the quality of that evidence, beyond the mere claim that “experts are always right”?

In his law suit against Governor DeWine, attorney Renz takes up big questions:

What are the REAL COVID case and death numbers?

How much flim-flam has been deployed to cook those numbers?

What is the underhanded definition of a COVID case?

Why is the PCR test useless?

Can a strip of RNA stand in for a virus that isn’t defined?

Is this a pandemic or is it just “another flu season?”

These are just a few of the many questions attorney Renz raises in his lengthy Ohio court filing. He has shocking answers. They do not depend on the news or the assumed primacy of the Coronavirus Task Force or a sitting president or a presidential candidate or a political party or governors. The answers don’t depend on what Governor DeWine thinks or what he has been told.

You could compare this case to a proceeding in which the evidence of a law-enforcement lab is challenged purely on the merits of its findings. The name of the lab doesn’t matter. The government agency which houses the lab doesn’t matter. The so-called reputation of the lab doesn’t matter. What matters is a searchlight centering on fact and truth.

The serious nature of the Ohio proceeding is magnified, because at stake is the freedom of many, many citizens. Their liberty, as enshrined in basic Law, is on the line.

We’re at a crossroads. This case and what happens to it are of vital importance.

Attorney Renz is asking for a jury trial. Citizens would be empaneled to listen to a profound and detailed UNCOVERING of evidentiary fraud, on a truly massive scale. And then this jury would hear how the fraud is leveraging the lockdowns and the destruction of businesses and lives, and the removal of freedom.

This case puts its arms around the immediate future of the country, the Constitution, the basic concept of Law, the difference between a jury and a King, and whatever still remains of 1776.

This case dives into the difference between claims of science, and science, and who controls the distinction.

Winning this one would expose a scientific fraud so solid, so dense, the whole world would see an iron curtain of a century’s duration exploding in front of their eyes.

Victory requires one imperative: follow the Law.

CODA…BREAKING… More good news: federal judge declares Pennsylvania governor’s COVID restrictions unconstitutional.

Bricks are falling out of the walls of the American imprisonment—

CBS News, Pittsburgh: “U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, an appointee of President Donald Trump, sided with the plaintiffs. Stickman wrote in his ruling that the [Pennsylvania] Wolf administration’s pandemic policies have been overreaching, arbitrary and violated citizens’ constitutional rights…”

FOX News: “The ruling found that [Pennsylvania Governor] Wolf’s restrictions that required people to stay at home, placed size limits on gatherings and ordered ‘non-life-sustaining’ businesses to shut down were unconstitutional.”

In this case, the judge made his ruling strictly on Constitutional grounds. His conclusion is worth reading:

“…even in an emergency, the authority of the government is not unfettered. The liberties protected by the Constitution are not fair-weather freedoms — in place when times are good but able to be cast aside in times of trouble. There is no question that this Country has faced, and will face, emergencies of every sort. But the solution to a national crisis can never be permitted to supersede the commitment to individual liberty that stands as the foundation of the American experiment. The Constitution cannot accept the concept of a ‘new normal’ where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures. Rather, the Constitution sets certain lines that may not be crossed, even in an emergency. Action taken by Defendants [Governor Wolf] crossed those lines. It is the duty of the Court to declare those actions unconstitutional. Thus, consistent with the reasons set forth above, the Court will enter judgement in favor of Plaintiffs.”

United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, US District Judge William S Stickman IV, County of Butler et al v. [Governor] Thomas W Wolf et al.

NO emergency is so great that it supersedes individual liberty and freedom.

Even if the science underlying the official response to COVID were true (which it decidedly is NOT), it wouldn’t justify tearing away Constitutional and natural freedoms.

The resistance to tyranny is alive.

A million peaceful protestors in Berlin; 460,000 bikers riding into Sturgis, South Dakota, where Governor Kristi Noem has never locked down; numerous other protests the mainstream press refuses to cover; the new groundbreaking Ohio lawsuit filing I’ve been covering; untold millions of people who know what a sham and a crime the whole COVID operation really is…

Lights are coming on and the wind has changed direction.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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17 thoughts on “Jon Rappoport, Covid update: The grand Ohio legal case for our time, against kings on their thrones”

  1. The lies from the CDC (Criminally Deceptive Cowards) just keep coming!

    And now the truth:

    September 14, 2020

    “As a person who went to medical school, I was shocked when I read Neil Orr’s study, published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

    Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in Colchester. And for six months, from March through August 1980, the surgeons and staff in that unit decided to see what would happen if they did not wear masks during surgeries.

    They wore no masks for six months and compared the rate of surgical wound infections from March through August 1980 with the rate of wound infections from March through August of the previous four years.

    And they discovered, to their amazement, that when nobody wore masks during surgeries, the rate of wound infections was less than half what it was when everyone wore masks.

    Their conclusion: ‘It would appear that minimum contamination can best be achieved by not wearing a mask at all’ and that wearing a mask during surgery ‘is a standard procedure that could be abandoned.’

    I was so amazed that I scoured the medical literature, sure that this was a fluke, and that newer studies must show the utility of masks in preventing the spread of disease.

    But to my surprise the medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent: masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything, are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.

    Ritter et al., in 1975, found that ‘the wearing of a surgical face mask had no effect upon the overall operating room environmental contamination.’
    Ha’eri and Wiley, in 1980, applied human albumin microspheres to the interior of surgical masks in 20 operations. At the end of each operation, wound washings were examined under the microscope. ‘Particle contamination of the wound was demonstrated in all experiments.’
    Laslett and Sabin, in 1989, found that caps and masks were not necessary during cardiac catheterization. ‘No infections were found in any patient, regardless of whether a cap or mask was used,’ they wrote. Sjøl and Kelbaek came to the same conclusion in 2002.
    In Tunevall’s 1991 study, a general surgical team wore no masks in half of their surgeries for two years. After 1,537 operations performed with masks, the wound infection rate was 4.7%, while after 1,551 operations performed without masks, the wound infection rate was only 3.5%.
    A review by Skinner and Sutton in 2001 concluded that ‘The evidence for discontinuing the use of surgical face masks would appear to be stronger than the evidence available to support their continued use.’
    Lahme et al., in 2001, wrote that ‘surgical face masks worn by patients during regional anesthesia, did not reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria over the operation field in our study. Thus they are dispensable.’
    Figueiredo et al., in 2001, reported that in five years of doing peritoneal dialysis without masks, rates of peritonitis in their unit were no different than rates in hospitals where masks were worn.
    Bahli did a systematic literature review in 2009 and found that ‘no significant difference in the incidence of postoperative wound infection was observed between masks groups and groups operated with no masks.’
    Surgeons at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, recognizing the lack of evidence supporting the use of masks, ceased requiring them in 2010 for anesthesiologists and other non-scrubbed personnel in the operating room. ‘Our decision to no longer require routine surgical masks for personnel not scrubbed for surgery is a departure from common practice. But the evidence to support this practice does not exist,’ wrote Dr. Eva Sellden.
    Webster et al., in 2010, reported on obstetric, gynecological, general, orthopedic, breast, and urological surgeries performed on 827 patients. All non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries, and none of the non-scrubbed staff wore masks in half the surgeries.
    Lipp and Edwards reviewed the surgical literature in 2014 and found ‘no statistically significant difference in infection rates between the masked and unmasked group in any of the trials.’ Vincent and Edwards updated this review in 2016 and the conclusion was the same.
    Carøe, in a 2014 review based on four studies and 6,006 patients, wrote that ‘none of the four studies found a difference in the number of post-operative infections whether you used a surgical mask or not.’
    Salassa and Swiontkowski, in 2014, investigated the necessity of scrubs, masks, and head coverings in the operating room and concluded that ‘there is no evidence that these measures reduce the prevalence of surgical site infection.’
    Da Zhou et al., reviewing the literature in 2015, concluded that ‘there is a lack of substantial evidence to support claims that face masks protect either patient or surgeon from infectious contamination.

    ‘Schools in China are now prohibiting students from wearing masks while exercising. Why? Because it was killing them. It was depriving them of oxygen and it was killing them. At least three children died during Physical Education classes — two of them while running on their school’s track while wearing a mask. And a 26-year-old man suffered a collapsed lung after running two and a half miles while wearing a mask. Mandating masks has not kept death rates down anywhere. The 20 U.S. states that have never ordered people to wear face masks indoors and out have dramatically lower COVID-19 death rates than the 30 states that have
    mandated masks. Most of the no-mask states have COVID-19 death rates below 20 per 100,000 population, and none have a death rate higher than 55.

    All 13 states that have death rates higher than 55 are states that have required the wearing of masks in all public places. It has not protected them.

    ‘We are living in an atmosphere of permanent illness, of meaningless separation,’ writes Benjamin Cherry in the Summer 2020 issue of New View magazine. A separation that is destroying lives, souls, and nature.”

  2. A letter to Barr from this gentleman: (think he’ll respond?)

    Paul V. Sheridan: Paul is Winner of the USA-based National Champion’s Award for work/expertise as “General Automotive Safety Management Expert.”  From Michigan, U.S. Paul has featured as lead-story on innumerable national and local primetime news programs, which has led to extensive experience with media/public relations. Paul holds Associates of Science Degree; Physical Sciences, minor in Architecture (Orange County Community College, New York); Associates of Arts Degree: Computational Mathematics and Computer Software Certification (night and internet, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Michigan); Bachelor of Science: Dual Degree: Physics with minor in Geology, Mathematics with minor in Computer Sciences (State University of New York, Albany New York); Master of Business Administration: Dual Major: General Management and Logistics (Cornell University).


  3. Well, the incredible information I posted about the 5G scare has been buried with zero replies, I’ll give this a shot and see if there is any humanity left out there.

    I have stated that Australia is gone…finished…totally communist from which i doubt it will return. This video exemplifies a society that has abandoned ITS OWN CHILDREN……a sure sign that hope is dead.

    1. I am not laughing….crap article that deserves to be buried…just to point to one critical issue AND this is from The Washington Post…

      From THIS article: And Mexico is certainly not paying for his still nonexistent wall. So it’s probably best not to mention the subject. NONEXISTENT being the critical phase.

      Considering the barriers put up by the commies and everyone else, he’s done pretty good. Not easy to accomplish much when you are being bombarded from all sides with attempted assassinations to sweeten the pot.
      Gimme a break.
      Think BIden will do any better?…he’ll likely tear down what has been put up…IF he can figure out where the border may be.

  4. This is an excellent article by Jon Rappaport.
    Not only was the late Fred Klenner, M.D. a genius when treating all viral diseases up to and including polio with Vitamin C, he also used it to deliver hundreds of healthy babies and healthy mothers too.
    Read this great article by Martin Zuker.
    Conversation with Dr. Fred Klenner on Pregnancy and Childbirth Assisted by Vitamin C, June 1978.
    Summary transcription of Dr. Klenner’s comments:
    A few brief quotes:
    “For a consecutive series of 322 pregnancies we gave vitamin C in similar doses to those recommended by Irwin Stone in his book, “The Healing Factor”. [1] We advised 4 grams per day in the first trimester, 6 gm/d in the second and 10 gm/d in the last trimester. I’ve been involved with 2,500 pregnancies during my career… that gave me the basis for comparisons. All deliveries were at one hospital, the Annie Penn Memorial Hospital in Reidsville, NC.”
    “Another thing you may sometimes get after the child is born is hemorrhaging. We had no hemorrhaging or excess bleeding in this series. Two thirds of the non-vitamin C patients had some type of bleeding, but with vitamin C we had none whatsoever. So vitamin C, in the program of 4 to 10 grams daily, improved the elasticity of not only the perineum, but also the blood vessels themselves.”
    “We never had a single stretch mark after we started on this regime of high dose vitamin C.”
    “The children were called ‘Vitamin C Babies’ because they were so outstandingly healthy.”
    “The Fultz quadruplets were in this group. They are identical twins, coming from one egg. They are the only quads in the southeast USA that survive until this very day. Born in1946, they are still doing very well.”
    “My wife took vitamin C and didn’t have more than an hour of labor with any of our three daughters.”
    “Most doctors run like ostriches when you mention the word “vitamin” . . . There is no injurious effect of taking ascorbic acid — there is only beneficial effect.”
    “There were over a thousand patients on our vitamin C is program, with no adverse reactions, and never a deformed baby when the mother was on this program. In post-natal consultation, I urged my patients to continue on high doses of vitamin C. When they began to notice the good effects like better healing and fewer colds, little by little they became convinced.”
    “Author’s note: I have interviewed several other doctors with practices contemporaneous with Dr. Klenner’s practice, including Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, [3] Dr. W. Marshall Ringsdorf, [2] Dr. Robert Scott, and Dr. William J. Saccoman. All have recommended Dr. Klenner’s high-dose vitamin C protocol.”
    “To learn more about Dr. Klenner:
    Saul AW. (2007) Hidden in plain sight: The Pioneering Work of Frederick Robert Klenner, MD. J Orthomolecular Med, Vol 22, No 1, p 31-38.
    Klenner FR (1991) Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C. The Clinical Experiences of Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. Edited by Lendon H. Smith, MD. Life Sciences Press, ISBN-13: 978-0943685137 or”
    The late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. was from Pennsylvania and earned his M.D. degree from Duke University in 1936.

    1. WJA…I totally concur. Vitamin C is amazing stuff. I have taken it in high doses for years and years (I’m 75) and never experience cold, flus or any of that nonsense. Of course, I have not had any vaccines since the USMC in ’65. That in itself could be a contributing factor.

  5. Jon Rappoport seems to be one of the only journalists who is covering this topic with any kind of critical thinking. As he has shown many times over, a new virus has not been proven to exist or cause disease this year. The scientific method is completely absent in the mandates from on high and the rumors of opaque “studies” behind closed doors. The fraudulent and useless SARS Cov-2 testing kits were the only prop needed to perpetrate this massive hoax, and they have been neither scientifically proven nor even convincingly tested.

    1. The constant babble about testing, testing is total nonsense. A positive or negative test prove nothing. Its just more of the theatrics of the scamdemic. Anyone who has a cold or a flu vaccination in their life will likely test positive because the tests are very sensitive to ALL coronavirus. The common cold is a corona virus.

      Thanks for the list of amounts of money hospitals can suck from the system for each coronavirus death. 11:56 comment on this page.

  6. I was down in Denver last May for a end the lock down protest. A pathetic turnout. These homeless tent camps were not there. Just searching for Denver homeless camp images, a horrifying array of despair came across my computer screen. The liberals are trying to turn all parks into homeless camps. That homeless tent camps can be seen next to our State Capitol is criminal if you are Mayor or Governor.


  7. Let’s go see a Rockies Baseball Game! Oh, we can’t do that, we got cardboard cutout fans… how pathetic. Okay no baseball, let’s take a walk down town and enjoy that vibrant city vibe and you encounter this ! The Mayor and Governor should both be recalled. Polis has given himself dictatorial powers using Covid as a cover


  8. Where are the lawsuits against our Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis? He bought the Governorship pure and simple. Worth close to half a billion dollars and buys a job that pays 92 grand a year? Then he lets our state capitol be vandalized? That’s a dereliction of duty. polis doesn’t even live at the Governor’s mansion, he lives in Boulder 30 miles from the state capitol. No wonder he is bewildered by what’s happening. Polis and the do nothing Mayor of Denver have allowed homeless tent camping cesspools to flourish like an overflowing septic tank flourishes. When the hell is the state going to wake up and walk off the Donkey Reservation?

  9. What an article!! The ‘vid is on it’s way out. The scam has been exposed.

    CBS News, Pittsburgh: “U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, AN APPOINTEE OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, sided with the plaintiffs. Stickman wrote in his ruling that the [Pennsylvania] Wolf administration’s pandemic policies have been overreaching, arbitrary and violated citizens’ constitutional rights…”

    All of you who are victims of TDS, digest that for a while. Of course, anyone a victim of TDS will never admit he was a step ahead all the way.

  10. What hospitals are getting per covid case:

    State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case

    Ayla Ellison (Twitter) – Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 Print | Email

    HHS recently began distributing the first $30 billion of emergency funding designated for hospitals in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Some of the states hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive less funding than states touched relatively lightly, according to an analysis by Kaiser Health News.

    The first round of grants will be distributed based on historical share Medicare revenue, not based on COVID-19 burden. Therefore, hard-hit states like New York will receive far less per COVID-19 case than most other states.

    HHS said it doled out the first slice of funding based on Medicare revenue to get support to hospitals as quickly as possible. The agency said the next round of grants “will focus on providers in areas particularly impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak,” rural hospitals and other healthcare providers that receive much of their revenues from Medicaid.

    Below is a breakdown of how much funding per COVID-19 case each state will receive from the first $30 billion in aid. Kaiser Health News used a state breakdown provided to the House Ways and Means Committee by HHS along with COVID-19 cases tabulated by The New York Times for its analysis.

    $158,000 per COVID-19 case








    District of Columbia





















    New Hampshire

    New Jersey

    New Mexico

    New York

    North Carolina

    North Dakota





    Rhode Island

    South Carolina

    South Dakota







    West Virginia



  11. Posting the following info on the top article because it is absolutely mind boggling.


    This is from an inside source who has been installing cell towers for 25 years. He does not want his location or name revealed. Some of this information is beyond my tech ability, so anyone here is welcome to explain it further or refute it.

    A friend who is related sent him that 5G map. This was his response:

    Yes we have 5G but it’s not TRUE 5G

    Low band 5G is what makes up most of that! High band millimeter wave is the one everyone thinks is dangerous!

    We have some millimeter wave nearby (redacted), but here (redacted) we have 850 NR. It is a low band 5 G not as fast as millimeter wave. Low band 5G is what makes up most of that! High band millimeter wave is the one everyone thinks is dangerous!
    It is a low band 5 G not as fast as millimeter wave.
    More like a boosted 4G system.
    At some point I’m sure they will all want millimeter wave because it’s faster.

    But will take longer to build it so low band was a way to say they have 5G but really it’s supercharged 4G nothing new about it .

    5G millimeter wave is all new technology new frequency bands.

    They probably won’t ever put 5G in rural areas…. no need.

    They didn’t even want to do it here yet (he says where, but I redacted that to save the identity…BUT is is a large metropolitan area)

    So we have 600NR and 850NR same technology and frequency just added some equipment to it .

    This explains it :

    In various parts of the world, carriers have launched numerous differently branded technologies, such as “5G Evolution”, which advertise improving existing networks with the use of “5G technology”.Ä123Ñ However, these pre-5G networks are an improvement on specifications of existing LTE networks that are not exclusive to 5G. While the technology promises to deliver faster speeds, and is described by AT&T as a “foundation for our evolution to 5G while the 5G standards are being finalized,” it cannot be considered to be true 5G. When AT&T announced 5G Evolution, 4×4 MIMO, the technology that AT&T is using to deliver the faster speeds, had already been put in place by T-Mobile without being branded with the 5G moniker. It is claimed that such branding is a marketing move that will cause confusion with consumers, as it is not made clear that such improvements are not true 5G.


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