Jack Mullen, Isn’t It Time to Stop Pretending There’s a Pandemic?

Jack Mullen

Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.

– John Donne Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation XVII

I wanted to create a short concise fact packed letter that can be sent to those supporting the fraud of the Coronavirus and working wittingly or unwittingly to undermined the Constitutional government of the united States of America and toward the destruction of Western Civilization.  Please use any part of this note to send to retail stores, governments, news media, public school officials, the local hospitals, physicians and others.

For Whom the Bell is Tolling

It’s very hard on people, especially the very young and elderly, to continue playing a part in what Ron Paul called the “Corona Hoax.” Meanwhile the American economy is being nationalized by private banking and asset management corporations – the Federal Reserve and BlackRock Incorporated.  Behind the scenes “Big Pharma” prepares the nation for an untested, possibly deadly and life changing, DNA modifying “vaccination” – laced with gene modifying messenger RNA.

Isn’t it time we all stop crisis acting and the dangerous mask wearing and start trying to save the nation we are now helping to destroy?

Start with these headlines and immediately circulate the information.

While Americans play roles as crisis actors, wearing demeaning and self immolating masks in a “bit part”  for a global reality show, the food supply is being destroyed and American small business, the primary support for the middle class and Constitutional government, is being obliterated. Forced vaccinations are in the works and State Governors oblivious to the Constitutional are ruling like tyrants, childhoods are ruined and the elderly are forced to die alone in nursing homes.

So under this cloud of paranoia and deceit, America’s schoolchildren go back to school in many places wearing masks and practicing some form of social distancing, fundamentally handicapping the educational process, their social development and their own personal views of themselves. […]I’ve discerned a double-edged whammy awaiting parents who no way suspect there’s a possibility that they may never see their children again if they choose to send them back to school. The awful truth about humans

Meanwhile, the hostile propaganda news media engages in a campaign of terrorism using pandemic movie scripts for talking points –  science is mocked and the sheeple are led toward a massive population reduction. New case numbers are subtly substituted in place of of death tolls even though it’s been shown the test kits are not scientific and present meaningless false positives.

Investigate the population prediction made by Deagle.com for the USA in 2025 – 99 million people – down 70% from present population.


There is no pandemic – the number of people dead to date this year of all causes is 7% lower than the last 3 years on average – We are actually experiencing fewer deaths because people are not being vaccinated and are not allowed to have planned procedures at “healthcare” facilitiesThe healthcare system is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA. 

References here : It’s Sweeping Across Australia and New Zealand, A New Deadly Outbreak..

Stop virtue signaling and start talking about the truth and pitch in to help prevent the starvation of millions of Americans — this sick treason has gone on far too long; soon there will be no way back. To be more dramatic the government is generating propaganda about a coming “Darkest Winter Ever” unless they do more about the fabricated pandemic – that may come true unless we do more to resist.

Fear is Mind Control: Feel Your Fear and Go Forward

Investigate the total Chinese style lockdown tyranny now in progress in Australia, New Zealand, Cuba and even Hawaii. Even in the face of the quickly disgraced attempt at pandemic fraud, these tyrannies continue to disregard their European heritage, traditions of Western Law and the Constitution in America.

The line “I am just trying to do my part” is a mantra offered to prevent resistance and maintain control through moral blackmail.  We all must find the courage to actually do what is right and not take a “part”  in  the script offered by the enemy of mankind.

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19 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, Isn’t It Time to Stop Pretending There’s a Pandemic?”

  1. This is a very powerful AND SHORT video that radiates logic and commonsense. …a good one to show to doubters.
    This will be my last post for a week or so….my comp has a bug that cannot be removed and I am waiting for a new one. Have never seen a bug so insidious……..it even causes me to type backward…I reloaded Linux which is supposed to erase the hard drive, but it’s still there. And it comes and goes with no certainty. If anyone here has had a similar experience, please let me know.


  2. It would be a great boost if all here tuned into Need to Know…The Fetzer Report every week night. It’s professional, hard-hitting and TRUTHFUL….something not easily found in todays media…in alternative or main stream media.
    Last night program mentioned Trump’s recent presentation of the symbolic key to DC to Netanyahu. Considering that we already know Israel OWNS the CONgress, this move makes that bitter medicine a bit easier to swallow. It reminds me of a girlfriend one may have been seeing for several years. You may as well give her the key to make the situation more convenient and out in the open since you KNOW damn well she’ll be moving in soon.

    Trump may be keeping his enemies closer, but what he may not get as yet is that what he does will never be enough. He will never be a true Zionist or a real Jew (are any of them?). He will always be a goy and a slave according to Talmudic/Zionist law and will be discarded when they are done with him.

    1. Will here’s my comment regarding Trump’s Stunt with the Enemy of mankind.

      tRump acknowledges what many of us have known for a long time. Trump has handed full control of the uSA to Israel. This is said to be symbolic, but this is how the truth is conveyed. Israel has controlled the uSA since 1913 — but tRump is the closer — final full control has been given to the enemy of mankind… Sad day for the uSA- While Kushner (dual citizen Chabad Lubavitch) manages the Christian West’s “peace deals” from Israel (Our Christian forefathers would be stunned). The NWO forms in front of our eyes while Americans waddle around wearing mockery masks, symbolizing their silencing and muzzling – waiting to be told their next move.

      The Christian Zionist of the uSA failed to read the bible. Christian’s do not exist in the NWO — They are despised by orthodox Jewry and are idolators under Jewish Law. The Trump gang, chocked full of Zionist fanatics, have sealed the deal and the ceremony at the Whitehouse was notification to all those who have researched Jewish history and beliefs — We have been notified that we are in the final “storm” — Hence the reference to Deagel.com.

      Reading the 19th century book “The Talmud Unmasked might help some understand – but I believe the time for reading is coming to an end. Here are a few quotes.

      “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.” — TALMUD: Coschen Hamischpat.

      “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” —
      Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

      1. Jack…I can only agree totally. Even if Trump gets elected, he cannot possibly reverse the damage that has been done.
        We the People are between a rock and a hard place. One choice is as bad as the other. There is no such thing as the lesser of two evils at this juncture. It’s all evil and and nothing benefits us. All I see now is America as dust in the wind. In another comment, I listed and provided videos for all those nations who have had major protests. WE were not among them. That message is clear. When I go shopping and see all those wearing masks, the message is clear. When I speak with relatives and friends, the message is clear. When I see our children being herded like animals with masks on to what they call school and I call indoctrination centers, the message is clear. When I see no resolution to multiple assassinations 50 years ago, the message is clear. When I see what happened on 9/11 being argued incessantly with the ‘official story’ still standing, the message is clear. When I see truth tellers like Dr. Fetzer decimated by the (in)justice system, the message is clear. When I see thousands upon thousands of children disappear every damn year, the message is clear. So, what’s the message?

        The vast majority of American live in fear, cowardice and indifference.

      2. Very good Mr. Will.

        The Truth must be faced. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn realized in hindsight that Russians should have forcefully resisted their enslavement by the Jews.

      3. Yes … he was trained to keep silent for decades, but he saved himself by not taking this secret to his grave. If you want to understand what we face – Douglas Reed’s “Controversy of Zion” is a must read. We are being hunted with the cunning of master predators — out numbered billions to one — this predator has honed his skills. We are being programmed to go without a fight.

      4. Will, I think you underestimate Trump. Think about it: If Trump came out against the 911 official story or Israel or all these other issues, would he have become president? Or could be be re-elected president? Even as he often speaks in code about the Kennedy assassination, 911, even Joe Paterno, Trump needs a political base, . He has already done serious damage to the Anglo-American (Bilderberger) empire by working out a peace deal with the Taliban, pulling most troops from Iraq and Syria, opening up dialogue with North Korea. The Bilderbergers wanted to control the Middle East–e.g., stay in Afghanistan for 100 years (according to McCain) and create such things as a trans-national Kurdistan, etc. None of that is going to happen. They wanted open borders within North America (David Rockefeller); that’s not going to happen, either. They wanted a race war to divide the lower classes–Trump is actually set to win a majority of the Hispanic vote and a large portion of the African-American vote in many states. Trump gave the rope to the Deep State and the Democrats and media and let them hang themselves through Russiagate and Ukrainegate and the like. Stay tuned for Trump’s 2nd term–then we’ll see what he’s really capable of.

      5. I’m afraid you have it exactly right. If Trump had come out with the truth about 911, or if he had rightly condemned Israel, he wouldn’t have become president.

        And Trump knows that if he does any of that after he is reelected, he will be removed.

    1. I tried in vain to post the entire article, so I am just putting up the last few paragraphs in hope that it will stimulate all here to read the article in it’s entirety:
      The verdict is in

      The awful truth about humans? They can’t be trusted.

      If the lure or the threat is sufficient, they will take the bribe every time. No wonder police states predominate throughout history. The crowd cannot otherwise be controlled. Reason never rules the crowd. Some ancient author said “the axe is God.” This is the true paradigm that rules humanity.

      Sometimes the trappings of civilization reveal random acts of inspirational kindness that temporarily rekindle our so-called faith in humanity, but overall the powers that be have shaped us into a hungry herd forever left on the outside if we don’t participate in the crimes against those we have determined to be our enemies.

      We have forfeited our moral credibility to the irresistible power of the bottom line. The typical excuse is thinking we can make up for our prudent pragmatism by being charitable about something else later on. But that never brings back the needlessly dead nor the remaining sick and injured. And then the soldiers who fought bravely for our freedom, maimed and tattered as they try to survive without their missing parts, are sorely and callously neglected for their sacrifices made only to benefit rich bankers who never knew their names nor cared to.

      Stop wearing masks immediately. They were never about disease. They were always and remain an indication that you are willing to believe a lie that actually hurts your own health in order to conform to the standards mandated for you by your government.

      Those who like wearing masks will really like getting Bill Gates’s new vaccine. It might be the last thing they’ll ever like.

      You know what they say. Those who wear the mask will take the shot. And that will be the end of them.

      And then there’s the matter of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the latest rendition of Tweedledum and Tweedledee (a phrase invented by Helen Keller). It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose. Either will deliver the latest installment of the Jewish World Enslavement Plan, which includes unlimited jungle refugees burning down what has been built over the past two-plus centuries and then slaughtering those white people whose charity enabled people of color to survive and become the ungrateful savages they always were.

      A government you know for certain that you can’t trust tells you to take the shot and your troubles will be over. Remembering that you will never get a chance to reconsider your decision, if you don’t know how to respond to this demand by now you likely never will.

  3. The cretinous mask wearers think they’re doing something to stop the virus. They love playing the part, reek of self righteousness and shame anyone who refuses to be a part of the covid fiction.

  4. They will keep all of the lies going until the people are poisoned via the vaccine.
    When they die from the vaccine they’ll just say they died of Covid.


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