Wayne Dupree: Here’s how November’s election could lead to a new Civil War in America. I pray I’m wrong, but fear I’m not

Wayne Dupree

I believe the Democrats will resort to cheating and creating chaos in order to stop Donald Trump winning another four years in the White House. If they do, the result will tear our nation apart.

The Democrat leadership is well aware that their anointed candidate, Joe Biden, is suffering from rapid, advancing mental decline, and that, without cheating, they have no chance of reclaiming the White House. Is it possible that they can steal a national election? Ask anyone associated with John F Kennedy’s election back in 1960 in the state of Illinois. As a character in Oliver Stone’s movie, Nixon, said: “They [the Democrats] stole it fair and square.”

What surprises me the most about this election is we live in a fast-moving technology age in 2020, yet the Democrats want to use the antiquated system of the post office to mail in ballots. Why? Because it’s easier to cheat that way. And who will be counting the votes in places like Portland and Seattle, anyway? BLM or Antifa?

The Dems want to muck-up this election so badly that the Electoral College is unable to meet and declare a winner.

How will it go? Here’s my prediction…

Wayne Dupree: Hillary's advice to Biden to not concede even if you lose shows the Democrats intend to win by hook or by crook


The Dems will demand that Trump/Pence leave the White House until the election results can be sorted out. They’ll have Rep. Nancy Pelosi sworn in as a “placeholder” president until the vote count can be officially verified, which, not surprisingly, will never happen as long as Trump is winning.

Trump will refuse to step down and leave the White House, claiming that as the election results have not yet been verified, how can he be declared the loser?

President Pelosi (from her temporary “Oval Office” in a room in the basement of the House of Representatives) will declare Trump and all his supporters as “enemies of the state” (oh wait… she already DID THAT!) and order the military to evict Trump from the real Oval Office forcibly. Some military brass comply. Other military brass do not comply. This fractures the military hierarchy into competing factions, resulting in chaos (which is the whole point).

Democratic Party leaders order their supporters, who have already been besieging the White House en-masse since before the election, to storm the building by force and remove Trump, or to burn the place to the ground.

Republicans take up arms and head to Washington to “peacefully” protect Trump and prevent the White House from being overrun by rabid Leftists intent on burning-looting-murder.

And when those two opposing groups clash in DC, shots will be fired, and Civil War number two will begin. Leftist minions in every major metropolitan area in America will come out of their basements and make the current riots seem like a practice run. It will go badly for anyone unable to protect their home and family.

I hope I’m wrong about all this, but I worry deeply that it may well just play out this way.

Our only hope lies with the beauty of our Electoral College system, and my belief that the American people will ultimately choose the party of peace, security and economic growth over the party of division, rioting and socialism. And that they deliver a clear, big and uncontestable win for the Trump-Pence ticket.

The Democrats can cheat all they want in their tyrannically controlled states like California, Oregon, and Washington because they are going to win them anyway. But the other states, not so much, especially the red ones where people are watching. It’s the purple battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina (where both Democratic and Republican candidates receive strong support) which we need to worry about and have our people out in force to watch them.

I heard Hillary Clinton recently telling Biden never to concede. She still doesn’t understand how the presidential election works. You can stuff ballot boxes all you want in Democrat strongholds but the Electoral College requires winning States and to some degree counties.

Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in 2016 and won the popular vote by over two percent but lost the election by 14 percent. You have to win States, not population centers, to capture the White House.

The desperation of the Democrats is clear for all to see. Everything they’ve thrown at the unsinkable and unflappable Trump has failed miserably. Everything from their Mueller Russian collusion hoax probe to the sham impeachment has fallen apart. Now with a solid record behind him, achieved despite seemingly impossible odds and rabid opposition, President Trump looks set to crush the Dems yet again in November.

It will be even sweeter this time around.

Wayne Dupree was recently invited to the White House to talk to President Trump on messaging to the black community. He was named in Newsmax’s top 50 Influential African-American Republicans in 2017, and, in 2016, served as a board member of the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump. Before entering politics, he served for eight years in the US Air Force. His website is here: www.waynedupree.com. Follow him on Twitter @WayneDupreeShow

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25 thoughts on “Wayne Dupree: Here’s how November’s election could lead to a new Civil War in America. I pray I’m wrong, but fear I’m not”

  1. Jim Stone — a household name here, correct? — has a scenario worthy of Robert Ludlum, unlike the surface scratching we usually engage when itching for a fight.


    This is a social media post that really got my interest. This actually could happen so people need to be ready for it:
    The Dems have to know that Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump. So, what if the whole goal of mail in ballots is to flood Trump with all the fraudulent ballots, Trump wins in a landslide, and then they accuse him of stealing/rigging the election. They would have the proof that the election was rigged in his favor with all of the fraudulent ballots, therefore he must have done it.

    They already don’t have a problem accusing him of any number of things, with no evidence to back up their claims. They have investigated him for 3+ years, even impeached him. Why wouldn’t they try a stunt like this?

    Remember when a shit ton of AOC-tards flooded his campaign with requests for tickets to his rally in OK, that they never intended to go to? They seem to have no problem getting a ton of people to do their bidding. So, the word goes out that all nefarious ballots will have Trumps name on them. How would Trump combat this? How would he convince the populace that he wasn’t the one behind it? What would he do? This is possibly why the ex-military guys wrote that letter to Gen. Milley. They would want the military to step in and remove Trump when they accuse him of stealing the election. This has the potential to be a huge SHTF scenario.

    NOW: Consider the following excerpt from a recent post by Anna Von Reitz, who picks up on the following!

    NOTE 1: “Intelligence” as in Gordon Duff & Co., the CLAN-Destiny Site.
    NOTE 2: Robert David Steele, the former spy with a cherubic face [and girth], has featured essays and thoughts of Anna Von Reitz.

    These memories jab me whenever I see the word “intelligence”, like her ghostly elbow pressing against my ribs. So naturally, when I see news from “American Intelligence Media”, I stop a nanosecond and wonder what kind of intelligence will inform their “intel”.

    This morning’s offering, the Cat Report, [Mrrrrow!] is very, very good intelligence. Top notch. The information presented is not easy to wade through, but the conclusions are sound and presented in nice little sound bites.

    Go to: https://aim4truth.org/2020/09/01/cat-report-524/

    Someone, probably someone employed by a government, or retired from a corporate forensic auditing job somewhere, took the time and made the effort to sort through the interlocking financial relationships of the Pilgrim Society Rockefeller Foundation, and oh, my, my! — they hit the Mother Lode.

    It turns out that Rockefeller’s Pilgrim Society is the glue holding together such disparate interests as Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital and the Clinton Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, in one big, ugly, interlocking ball of wax (and cat hair, of course).

    Thanks to those efforts, and the employment of that intelligence, we have the key to the bipartisan influence peddling, meddling, and coercion that has confused observers for decades.

    Simple in its implementation (through financial transactions– loans and investments and donations) and deadly in its effect, the Pilgrim Society
    created its own financial “pipeline” infrastructure, and then used that to do what Rockefellers always do with pipelines: exert coercive control.

    No longer any need to wonder how Romney, Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other Star Players all wound up in the Ukraine, sucking up payola through their children.

    Their hidden relationships are now exposed. And so are their money laundering and illegal investment opportunities revealed.

    The above, from Jim Stone and Anna Von Reitz, speak clearly to the (s)election of POTUS 2020. Same old, same old. I go with http://www.theamericanstatesassemble.net. See also http://www.annavonreitz.com. If there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, a Hall of Mirrors in the bowels of the Mountain King, this grandmother from Alaska is it.

    1. Alananda…Thank you for reminding me of this. It’s totally legitimate and a long row to hoe…but ultimately worth the effort. I got into it quite a few years ago and got lost in the weeds…although I did go as far as to own my name. I don’t know what good it did, but for a time, it was mine.
      Are you familiar with Kurt Kallenbach and the path he has taken?
      Out of curiosity, is there a date on this info and that video from Anna?

  2. The possibility that Pelosi could become president is not to be taken lightly. There is little doubt that strategy was factored into the lockdown/covid hoax. As with 9/11, when they construct these events, there are always a long list of benefits for our masters. Even the Rat, Fauci has said there’s no reason people cannot go in person to vote. So WHY is this mail in nonsense going forward?

    Best comment thus far from the article following:

    No chance.(as to Pelosi becoming president)

    Because you would have a real problem delegitimizing one part of the election while honoring the rest.

    If the election for President is in dispute, how does the election for the Congress go forward for the entire House and 1/3 of the Senate?

    Hence, you effectively have no Speaker (else, for functional sake, Pelosi would preside over the first session until she was placed in nomination for Speaker again), nor a President pro tem of the Senate.

    If we got that far, Trump’s only option (and it would be Constitutional) is to adjourn the Congress (as is his right in cases of disagreement over the time of adjournment — for which a contested election would be one cause) under Art. II Sec. 3.

    At that point, he can basically order that Congress cannot meet to de-contest the election at all (since the election is just as contested for Congress as it is for President), at which point, if we get to January 20, no Speaker, no President pro tem — welcome President Pompeo, as he would be the highest-successioned still-active situation.


  3. Dramatic Rainbow at the conclusion of the Steamboat Institute’s 13th annual Freedom Conference Beaver Creek Resort. Jim you should see about presenting at next year’s event. The Conference was intentionally lightly promoted this year because they wanted to avoid insane protestors. My favorite TRUMP Team Member is fmr. German Ambassador Richard Grenell who is now National Intelligence Director. I missed his beam in appearance at the conference. It was likely similar to his RNC presentation. The searing honesty was refreshing beyond all reason. He wrote a forward to Black conservative Veteran Rob Smith’s new book and gave the most powerful repudiation of the OBAMA/Biden foreign policy, an 8 year disaster to our national security. Most of the conference will available on the Youtube channel soon. I hope that the regulars check out some of the conference. Here is Ambassador Grinnell’s powerful RNC speech worth posting again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zpdlMtH768&t=322s


  4. I obviously mixed up pictures of author and newscaster Rob Smith formerly of NBC, Fox and CNN with Professor John Eastman in the previous comment. Here is Rob Smith the Gold War Veteran who is the poster child for Blacks abandoning the Democratic Machine that says you ain’t Black if you don’t vote Biden.


  5. Photo of me with NBC’s Rob Smith at the the Steamboat Institute’s Freedom Conference after his presentation and book signing. Yes he’s Black and Conservative deal with it. The story he told of coming out Conservative being far more difficult than when he came out Gay – was entertaining.

    The Press has so effectively hidden Trump’s incredible accomplishments for our country that average people have no clue. It is shocking how well it’s worked because almost no one knows. In the every day grind of the job Trump has moved mountains while working against a tidal wave of not just opposition, dare I say a colossal conspiracy to destroy the Presidency permanently and to render it the most reviled job title on Earth. This pure evil our has President endured and triumphed over. History will prove that Trump saved this country and fights every day to make gains for every day people.

    It was a kick in the ass to attend the 13th annual Freedom Conference sponsored by the Steamboat institute in Beaver Creek, Colorado yesterday. I scored press credentials at the last possible minute. it’s been a long time since I wrote for the Vail Daily, an odd niche of a local ski town rag with an around the world following on the web that has zero to do with it being good. Getting something in there besides leftist boilerplate white noise is rare like seeing Bigfoot in line at Starbucks. I was shocked when they published my expose on White Farmer Murders in South Africa not only sanctioned by the ANC Rainbow Race Government that loves everyone, but sponsored by their rivals, the EFF. They love the Whites to death down there. SA was once a first rate country taken to the pits of a third world hell hole by crony communism in just one generation. No one seems to know about it and that’s what’s being attempted here right now. The only political tool in the EFF is a machete and daily riots with road blocks, burning tires and the news giving the top spots to get car jacked in Johannesburg. Sounding anything like Portland?

    The conference featured powerful presentations that were like Niagara Falls flushing the big lies downriver. That Trump is Racist and he is Mysogenistic. Enter renown wildlife expert Aurelia Skipwith who Trump selected as US Fish and Wildlife Director. Brilliant, Beautiful, Black and every Sportsmen’s Calendar Girl for hunting rights and other public access. She described a wonderful world of Landowners being the key to endangered wildlife recovery and restoration. The partnership of private stakeholders being the driving force of preservation. Skipwith’s family never ate anything they did not grow, hunt and kill themselves. This being tied to land Skipwith described as key to wildlife preservation. Trump has done more to preserve private land stewardship than any other President and he has slashed onerous red tape and regulations.

    The US Fish and Wildlife Directorship is an incredibly important job and Trump promoted the best possible person based on ability, passion and experience… the opposite of what South Africa is doing where Whites are being discriminated against in the workplace because it’s codified into law. That’s driven a half million Whites into living in shacks on former landfills without heat, sewage or water. It’s a steroided inversion of Affirmative Action where skin color trumps qualifications and incompetent people get jobs they are not qualified to do. Sound anything like Hunter Biden? Aurelia Skipwith needs zero affirmative action because she has this killer thing called merit and she drew applause every other sentence. It was so refreshing from Government, I can’t describe how much hope she filled that room with and there are many others like her in the Trump Administration. The RNC presentations will eventually destroy the Left’s narrative on collusion, racism and another manufactured crime they care to charge Trump with. The Conference bolstered that effort.

    The was two husband and wife Presentation Teams that destroyed the Russian Puppet Narrative and laid bare the dark powers of the Obama-Clinton Crime Machine. The Charge of Russian Collusion by Trump was pure 100% projection and it was evil brilliance because who ever makes the first claim is King in the Body Politic. When the recrimination comes from the accused it is defensive by nature and intrinsically discredited. No, he did it, no, she did it. Trump did not fall for the trap of recrimination on Russian Collusion and that took real discipline when there was a tsunami of lies flooded the Media Matrix.

    The Federalists power couple of Molly and Mark Hemingway fil-layed the Russian hoax and gutted it to the core as a 100% fabrication and that all their warrants to spy on Trump were not just illegal. It was a despicable act of High Treason and Sedition that should include prison bars and perp walks and live broadcast trials.

    Along with his wife, University of Colorado Professor John Eastman spoke of the exceptionalism that was our form of government in 1776 in a world dominated by monarchies without freedom of any kind. John and Linda unbacked the outrageous behavior of our Communist Revolution causing violence, riots, looting and construction. This is the ultimate manifestation of Trump Derangement Syndrome. There is no reasoning with it. There is no placating it. Senator Rand Paul and his wife were savagely surrounded as they left the RNC. They could have been beaten to death had a couple of brave policemen not got between them. Imagine the utter insanity of disbanding or defunding any police. The rioters threatening and cursing Rand Paul had no clue he sponsored a bill banning on no knock raids in response to a Police killing and that Trump has a fresh start program for released convicts that offers true criminal justice reform.

    Beaming long distance into the conference was Victor David Hanson from the Hoover Institution Stanford University to join in with the Hemingways. Hanson mentioned Biden’s skeleton campaign from his basement bunker in Delaware. He characterized Biden’s chances of competing with Trump on the debate stage at less than zero and if he does debate, the campaign is over for all practical purposes and that is why Pelosi is pushing the idea of canning the debate. As old and decrepit as she is she knows Joe is even more gone in the brain pan.

    No one dares bring up the herd of stampeding elephants in Creepy UNCLE Joes’ living room. The sniffing and groping of babies, girls, women, old ladies, anything that moves that’s female he will sniff it, grab it, fondle it, stroke it and do it not just in broad daylight, but for the cameras to record. How does anyone try to do anything so incriminating and still keep his job of Vice-President? A former Secret Service Agent said Biden walks around the female agents completely in the nude. When asked how Biden can do something so bizarre and pervy, one of the agents said because no one has ever said no to him and stopped him in 48 years of being in Government. Biden thinks he is the protected class no matter what he does. Biden’s plagiarizing famous speeches is the stuff of legends, the nerve of it. His first presidential campaign was derailed by padding the resume with three degrees and a high class ranking during a campaign stop talking to potential voters. When someone did a cursory check they found Biden had one degree and it was near the bottom. What made Joe think it would never be checked? The same thing that makes him think he can line up jobs for his kid in exchange for foreign aid to the Ukraine. It’s a feeling that he’s untouchable with the media matrix covering for him. That time is fast running out.

    Presenter Rob Smith is a decorated Iraq War Veteran with a new book called Always A Soldier. He described in poignant detail the agony he went through deciding to come out gay to his media workplace, family and friends and how difficult that was for him. He was afraid to lose his friends and his job and that might be expected. But then he contrasted the difficulty of coming out as a Black Conservative and that was ten times tougher than declaring you are gay? Imagine that at NBC, Fox and CNN.


      1. Thanks Will. I’ve never been more optimistic since my awakening in 2007, that’s a long time. Hope everyone watches every last RNC speech. They will feel the same way.

  6. From Kamala Harris….”:The riots are not going to stop…and they should not”

    This is the human excrement the dems are putting forth to represent the US in this world; someone who endorses lawlessness, riots, death and destruction.

    How did it get to this?

    Sickening and disgusting. I call it treason…what about YOU?


  7. You don’t have to worry about any serious bloodshed if the election is contested or stolen:

    1. Much of the military is compromised and therefore won’t be part of any counter coup.
    2. As covid -19 demonstrates, the vast majority of the American people are little more than mask wearing idiots who absolutely do not have it in them to rise up against the criminal government.

    It could be that a small cadre of ex-military patriots might resist, but they are no match for

    1. the military with all its technology and manpower,
    2. the police with all their military hardware and manpower,
    3. all the snitches on the government payroll.

  8. The ballot system is in a shambles. It has been since the advent of electronic voting and it’s many times worse since this covid lie. The above scenario is feasible. Highly feasible? Not so sure. But if what it takes is something like this and a resultant civil war, so be it. I would bet it all the Dems would never be victorious. More than likely they’ll be hiding in California tunnels somewhere. Can Trump issue an EO to abolish mail in votes except for absentees….I don’t know. But if he wants to avoid more bloodshed and some kind of hung election, he had better come up with something. If these commie governors can mandate masks to go shopping and whatever, they can do the same for voting. I see NO REASON there cannot be a live vote.

  9. “Rep. Nancy Pelosi sworn in as a “placeholder” president”…hey Wayne, is that in the Constitution? It may be but I don’t recall reading that provision.


      1. Yes the Speaker can become Acting President, this is true but the word “placeholder” is one Wayne occasioned for his article.
        A possible event that is highly unlikely.

      2. I think you are missing something Jim. New measures are in place to force delegates to cast their votes either before or at the safe harbor provision.

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