John Kass, Democratic Convention Ignores the Elephant in the Virtual Room: Urban Violence

John Kass

John Kass
“Beautiful pictures of POC (People of Color) and BLM (Black Lives Matter), but no actual policy on how to end systemic racism”, she wrote.
As I keep telling you, when you hear politicians talking, pay attention to what isn’t said. Train your eye to see the negative space between the dancers, because that, too, is often the story.

Urban violence threatens the peace of targeted Democratic suburban voters, like those soccer moms who’ve just installed police scanner apps on their cellphones. Trump is taking advantage of this, but he didn’t create it. What America is witnessing in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York is a clash between the hard left and the liberal Democratic mayors who lead those cities.

And this Democratic infomercial is all about the swing vote, if there is such a thing, in battleground states, like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Naturally, Democrats accentuate the positive.

Yet as the DNC infomercial makes plain, this new left Democratic Party of 2020 sees only two types: The Oppressed and The Oppressors, a formula that invariably leads to rising conflict and anger that can’t be covered over with virtual kindness and virtual empathy.

Former first lady Michelle Obama was the star of the first night, one of the most admired women in America, delivering a stylistically superb speech while sitting down, addressing the nation as a stern yet loving mom, reminding us who has empathy (Democrats) and who in her mind does not (Trump).

The media swooned over her, but then, did you really expect anything other than media swooning? Nevertheless, she gave a fantastic speech, going high on empathy and going low with evisceration of the opponent, though it was taped days before, too early for her to mention Sen. Kamala Harris, the California Democrat, as Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate.

“If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can,” Michelle Obama said. “If we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it.”

How true. I’m certain that many in the Obama camp feel that way, especially now. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith has agreed to plead guilty to the charge he falsified documents to justify continued surveillance of Trump campaign aide Carter Page. And Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham continues his investigation of the Obama administration’s alleged political spying on Trump.

Though much of the Washington Beltway media aren’t all that interested — including journalists who won Pulitzers for covering the Democratic Russia collusion theory that fizzled — the Justice Department seems interested enough.

The CV/DNC Conspiracy: How BLM, Antifa and the Democratic Party Agenda Fit Together (click here)

Sen. Bernie Sanders offered the only moment of real clarity. He condemned Trump for authoritarianism, an odd choice for Sanders, who honeymooned in Soviet-run Moscow, enjoying state-sponsored puppet shows. But he did say that his socialist agenda finally bent establishment Democrats to its will.

“Ideas that were once considered radical only a few years ago are now considered mainstream,” Sanders said, applying air quotes around “radical.”

Ideas like virtually open borders, free college, the defunding or “reimagining” of police. All of it is predicated on The Big Rock Candy Mountain School of Economics, where all good things flow freely, like the lemonade springs in the Pete Seeger song, without economic consequence.

The challenges for the Democrats in this convention are profound, delivering what are usually rousing, galvanizing speeches to empty rooms. The format provides for little energy, and except for Obama and Sanders, seemed rather like Melatonin TV.

In praising their presidential candidate, Joe Biden, the speakers appeared to drone on and on, from the Google lobbyist to former Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, filmed while standing at a country crossroads, alone.

Kasich, the man without a party, seemed lost at the crossroads, like a character in the old “Twilight Zone.” I kept waiting for Rod Serling and a cigarette, or Kasich asking Satan to teach him to play this here guitar. But Kasich didn’t have a guitar. He just brought himself. And that wasn’t enough.

Republican critics predictably ripped the Democratic convention, but I’m not so sure it was as bad as they said. The Democratic presentations were somber, not packed with energy, but they didn’t have to be. The Democrats aren’t appealing to Trump’s base. They’re targeting suburban voters in swing states. Their convention is designed to give those voters a comfortable place to call home in what is shaping up to be a close election. They don’t respond well to Trumptastic bombast, something Trump can’t grasp.

Democratic Convention Ignores the Elephant in the Virtual Room: Big-city Violence

Eva Longoria hosted the first night of the DNC. Source: Democratic National Convention via AP

My only quibble is that the DNC telethon missed a chance to invite one particularly strong woman of color to address the violent big-city elephant in the room.

Carmen Best just resigned as police chief in Seattle, another casualty of the Democratic defunding of police.

“I’m done,” Best explained, as she ended her 28-year career.

At the outset of the first night of the convention, moderator Eva Longoria, star of “Desperate Housewives,” explained to viewers that, “You are the we, in ‘we the people.'”

But if you disagree with the Democrats, are you still of “the people”? Or are you some nonhuman, to be tossed into limbo or the basket of deplorables?

We’ll see. That’s what this election is about.

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37 thoughts on “John Kass, Democratic Convention Ignores the Elephant in the Virtual Room: Urban Violence”

  1. This is way off topic, but very important. This is footage most have never seen of 9/11. A group of folks are on a roof very close to the WTC when the buildings EXPLODE. NO planes are heard and at 16 minutes in, a guy mentions (and at later times, also) this was an explosion…no one saw any planes. Although, strangely enough (coincidence?) just before the moment of the supposed impact of the second plane, he takes the camera off the tower and pans the crowd on the roof…..weird. Truly amazing new footage that must be legit. Please do not miss this.

    1. And, in the last minute of the video while the guy is now on the street with his camera, someone asks him what happened……he said, I don’t know how the first one went off, but the second one exploded…there was a bomb there……definitely a bomb in the second one… just flat out blew up.

  2. If this is not the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, nothing is. If the Republicans follow this same pattern and bow to the covid god, I swear by all that’s holy I will not re-register to vote for Trump. Where is the honor, the dignity, the common sense when these idiots present a circus like this? How do frauds like Gates, Fauci, Who and the CDC deserve this kind of allegiance and obedience? It is sickening!
    Repubs….you had better show a more sensible convention.

    1. In ancient times people worshiped marble gods in temples. Its the same today. People, like low medical intelligence Trump, worship flesh gods like Dr. Fauci…..who’s goal is world dominance.

      Dr. Benito, at a hospital in Madrid Spain, said today that the covid 19 is basically a hoax. The so-called Tests mean nothing because its not specific to the virus in question….its only tests corona subsets which are present in most ALL throat swabs…such as colds, flu vaccinated and the common flu.

      1. Yes, I’m aware of that but his hellish damage is STILL in place. Trump hasn’t the nerve to renounce Fauci for the fraud he is and the millions of lives he has destroyed. Sickening.

    2. Good point, Will. If Republicans talk some sense about the nationwide riots and the cv lockdown and other issues facing us, and don’t engage in off the wall hate politics, they are probably shooed in. I believe the statistics showing Biden ahead in the polls are total rubbish. the man is a child molesting freak who can’t talk straight. Now with Skamala on board, he’s even less savory. The Republicans just have not to blow it. That may actually be the game plan for the Rothschilds who own both sides of the aisle anyway from the get-go. I only hope Trump doesn’t turn into Hitler in his second term. But it’s all orchestrated anyway. The only thing that will work? WE NEED TO TAKE TO THE STREETS TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY STARTING WITH THE BOGUS LOCKDOWN, THEN THE VAX, THEN THEW NEW WORLD ORDER/BLM CONNECTION and the fact that they print our money. Until we kill the head, the body will keep strangling us. Nothing else will do.

  3. By the way, can anyone tell me why Trump hasn’t exposed the Covid-19 Hoax?

    Is it because he doesn’t know it is a hoax?
    Is it because he is part of the hoax?
    Is it because he is afraid to expose the hoax?

    What is it?

    1. Trump would probably be killed if he told the total truth about who runs our society (the Soros/Rothschilds cabal) and besides he’s beholden to the Rockefellers, just as mucha part of the fascist dicatroshiop bribing and blackmail our “leaders.” They print our money without audit, for crying out loud. If we don’t tell the truth wider and better than these demons, we’re all toast. Organize, communicate, motivate, take to the streets — that’s the only thing that will work now.

    1. Agreed, RS…It’s a conundrum. We might consider that Trump’s Zionism is a ploy (keep your enemies closer and all that)…but that is quite a stretch. But consider the possibility the deep state controls the Zionists and not vice-versa.
      Pure speculation and I would venture to say very few at this point know the truth…or they are at least not willing to share it. Again, I would rather err on the side of optimism than accept what’s coming down the pike as that just means revolution …and a bloody one at that.

  4. If you believe The Conservative Treehouse, William Barr is a deep state traitor and the criminals are not going to jail.

    In relation to the Government’s “INFORMATION” against Kevin Clinesmith:

    “If you read all the material (including the “STATEMENT OF OFFENSE IN SUPPORT OF GUILTY PLEA”) you will see there is clearly no arrangement for Kevin Clinesmith to have provided any other evidence to the DOJ.

    This is a one-and-done move just like James Wolfe. The parallels are very similar.”

  5. Michael Obama violently hates people lacking color. Just like the Nasty, Kamala Harris.Then, of course, it’s sooooo fashionable to hiss and show your teeth when whitey is mentioned. Obviously,Michael would get a fat gubbermint job should Biden, the Slime ,get elected.
    As for Gov.Cumo, the man disgusts me.So glad to see the well heeled leaving NYC. Taking all their tax money with them. Would he learn from this? Not a chance. Would he care? Not a chance.
    The Dems have sponsored hellfire and damnation, burn, baby burn.That just has to be strong ammunition Republicans can use against them in the election.
    Barr and Durham?? Believe ’em when I see what their prosecution list looks like. Offhand, I think they will vastly disappoint.

  6. Biden’s speech. I have never heard so many lies in 25 minutes in my existence. Do these people live in an alternate universe? At 9:35, he loses the election…..”we’ll have a national MANDATE to wear masks”….that alone is his death throe. Can the Dems be that out of touch with the American psyche? Jim Stone has said the speech is deep faked….I don’t see it…maybe someone here does. Is there any group he failed to patronize in this “speech”…
    Just unbelievable…they continue to fall on their own knives.

    1. Steve is pretty darn sharp. Why he affiliates himself with AJ is hard to understand. Jones has got to be the worst interviewer around…speaks over his guests constantly. Even Mike Bara is frustrated with Barr’s performance.
      Seems we just have to have patience. What’s our alternative?

      1. Steve Pieczenik (who is Jewish) reminds me of “Q” in that he talks a good game, but sprinkles it with disinformation.

        Consider the instant interview:

        1. He claims Barr’s deep state indictments are “massive”.

        2. He blames 911 on the CIA — without mentioning Israel.

        3. He defends (how is this possible) Jarred Kushner (Jewish).

        4. He correctly trashes Obama, and in the same breath defends Rahm Emanuel (Jewish).

        5. He applauds and defends the thoroughly ridiculous and fake stock market valuations (courtesy of the Jew controlled Federal Reserve).

        6. He states that Trump champions “serial capitalism” and small business (which may be true) without mentioning the obvious, which is that the Federal Reserve (Jewish) is destroying small business and the middle class– and the currency!

        Pieczenik essentially claims that everything is under control in the US and there is nothing to worry about: “The more they attack us, the better it is”.


      2. RS…You just stated Steve reminds you of Q, yet you previously stated you knew little of Q or at least did not understand the Q strategy. A bit of a dichotomy, no?

      3. Dear Mr. Will,

        It’s true. I don’t know much about “Q”. And I don’t understand whatever strategy is employed .

        But you don’t need to know much about “Q” to observe “Q’s” posts. Which are full of disinformation.

      4. RS….I am trudging through this Q thing as much as anyone. Maybe you can point out the dis-info to help my journey.

      5. OK, Mr. Will.

        Just for fun, let’s start with Q’s very first drop.

        But don’t take my word for it. Google it for yourself……………

  7. What poll showed Michelle Obama to be the most admired woman in America? I’ve read this in other articles but can’t fathom why. Just exactly who was polled? Did they poll mostly black Democrats? Just what has she done? What did she do while First Lady? I don’t remember her being that much of a presence to warrant “most admired woman.” Perhaps it was by default. You get a call or a survey asking this question and w/o having anyone particular in mind you name the First Lady whoever that happens to be. She’s total crap and a snake just like her husband.

    1. 97% of the media is owned by the five New World Order corps. thanks to Michael Powell’s (Colin’s son) repeal of the anti-monopoly regulations of the FCC while head. Therefore, all polls are bs. And besides that, the voting will be rigged. We see that even just on youtube thumbs up/thumbs down scamology. We have to take to the streets, with as many orgs. as possible who share similar goals of wanting to end the lockdown and get back in business. That’s the wedge issue. And the crumbs know that, which is why they are hastening their hot shot injections.The lockdown is the wedge issue that works for us. And anti-Bill Gates, who everyone hates. Mobilizing people to end the lockdown and save their chidlren from vaxxing (google Pamela Popper and Peggy Hall) that will be a bridge to all these other issues and can and must be done now. it is very doable. But it needs organizers and leaders and teachers, not idle whiners and parlor pinkos.

      1. JFT, I agree with much of the content of your three posts….BUT, the chance of organizing and finding a leader within the nature of American society are nil.The atmosphere may reach a point where it becomes spontaneous and organic…..but I doubt it. As long as the covid crap persists and our fellow citizens demonstrate absolutely no independence of thought and action and continue to make fools of themselves wearing masks, we are toast.

    1. Having grown up in NYC, it’s more than disgusting to see what’s happening. I lived on East 86 Street…a neighborhood known as Yorkville. I was within walking distance of all the major museums, Central Park, the Mayor’s Mansion, 5th Avenue….you name it. Now, it’s almost uninhabitable…SO damn sad!

    2. Hey Don… And I thought prison breaks were a scary thing, now the authorities are just opening the doors for them? And anyone is surprised they turn to crime instantly? The Prince of Tides movie showed the horrors of a prison break when three savage psychopaths visit a family and rape everyone present including a little boy. The only thing that saved them is the oldest son showing up from hunting with a double barrel and Mother with a kitchen knife. It was one of the most horrifying depictions ever to grace the silver screen. It made Deliverance’s rape scene sound like a BoyScout Jamborie. The terror:

      I thought about Prince of Tides the last time I read of a prisoner escape in Colorado… this was his third time and twice he took female hostages. The last time he escaped, it was on an inner tube floating down the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, Colorado. I had to admire the gaul to do that. But then I thought about the Prince of Tides family rape scene and the Left’s quest to outlaw tactical weapons. Is their never ending quest starting to make sense now with riots, police stand downs and early prison releases? It’s almost like they want you to be helpless.

      There’s hundreds of people that live in remote cabins around and near the Buena Vista Prison. Imagine waking up at 3am to the the sound of breaking glass. What is your first move? the telephone or your AR-15 ?

      I want everyone’s opinions on self defense weapons for rural settings at the low to moderate price point 1. best shotgun 2. Best Rifle 3. Best Pistol
      I was leaning toward a 9 shot short barreled pump with buckshot, I saw one at Cabela’s for under $300 with interchangeable barrels for rifled slugs. I also looked at the pistol Will recommended… a 15 shot 9mm semiautomatic… what was that model Will?


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