Dean Ryan, A Message to Orange County


I write to you as a business owner, OC native, geo-political researcher and investigative journalist.

It is with great responsibility and urgency that I feel the need to warn and prepare you for what is to come. These next 3 months will challenge you and forever change the fabric of our society.

The writing has been on the wall for quite sometime. What we are experiencing has little to do with a virus, and everything to do with a takeover of the West. In particular Orange County being taken over by China and multinational corporations.

I don’t need to tell you the ill importance of a mask or the lackluster effect of the corona virus. It’s been tried, dissected, debunked and dissected again.

Eventually we must pass the 6th grade level of logic.

What many of you may have witnessed in Costa Mesa recently is a preview of what is to come. Mass kidnapping by City Cops, many who will follow the orders of unconstitutional directives.

What we are enduring now with mask mandates is a form of “grooming” and progression towards the phase 4 of the dreaded mandatory vaccination.

Real Deal Reports (20 August 2020) with Dean Ryan in Austin and Mike Bara in Seattle.

This COVID-19 Vaccine rollout is due to proceed in September throughout California. Despite what the executive branch may claim, the CA State Government will not listen. As Gavin Newsom said this past April; “California is an Independent Nation State and we will decide our own fate.”

Although I’ve stated many times that Orange County is the “Heart of the Resistance” against alleged Governor Newsom and his Chinese owners, we must now start looking in our own backyard to identify certain cities within the OC who have and will ultimately turn on you.

-Non-Trusted Cities-

· Santa Ana has been defiant for quite some time in regards to being a world renown ‘Sanctuary City.’ Its corrupt mayor and city council appear to be on Newsom’s payroll. Santa Ana is ripe for riots, looting, home invasions and further unlawful mandates persisting to the ‘Plandemic’ lunacy. Their inefficient ability to control the undocumented immigrants as well as harboring the “unknown,” is irrefutable proof of what Santa Ana has always been about… Dismantling Orange County through slow infiltration while protecting traffickers, felons & crooks… that’s just at the city council level for starters. They are the New Communist Breeding ground and hub of the enemies within. Take Note.

· Costa Mesa has always been known as the mecca for all convicted pedophiles to reside in. The CA state government pays the city of Costa Mesa to house sexual predators in Section 8 homes, trailers and motels. Many within close proximity of elementary schools. With little to no regard, the city officials take these Government funds while turning a blind eye towards any children who may be in harms way. Costa Mesa’s city cops are more or less a reflection of the demons who legislate from City Hall. Stay Clear and Boycott at all cost.

· Fullerton, similar to Costa Mesa in the sense that there are hoards of transients who fill the streets of this once jubilant city. In the wake of the 2011 ‘Kelly Thomas Murder’, the true nature of the Fullerton Police was put on display for the world to see.. a murder of a local citizen and total cover up to protect their own. The recent release of 18,000 inmates by alleged Gov. Newsom makes Fullerton the smoke screen for high levele criminals to blend. Considering the civil unrest these ‘Corporate Communists’ plan to unleash on suburban America, one would think Fullerton is their starting point. Stay Vigilant.

· Irvine was once considered the ‘Safest City in the US’. Over the course of several decades, we’ve witnessed a Chinese takeover by stealth. Communist Chinese Nationals have purchased countless homes with cash, making the CCP a dominant influence at UC Irvine. It comes as No Surprise that the city of Irvine is publicly welcoming thousands of inmates currently being released by alleged Gov. Newsom with “care packages” of Love. If the original Irvine settlers knew what had become of their land, they would call for revolt.

The state of California is in great peril. America’s most influential state is part of the U.S. in name only. The more one digs, the more one realizes California is nothing more than a “Proxy-State” for the Chinese Communist Party. Like other iconic U.S. regions, CA is part of a short list that will likely see an ‘Insurrection.’ This list highlights the inevitable physical conflict that will take place on our own city streets. Fashioned as a ‘civil war,’ yet modeled as a World WAR. Every Major Democrat Stronghold, all ‘ID2020 Alliance’ metroplexes, and all State Capitol Buildings throughout the US will be in the crossfire of War.

Real Deal Reports (21 August 2020) with Dean Ryan in Austin and Mike Bara in Seattle.

Without continuing a long list of grievances, warnings and concerns, I will conclude by suggesting the following:

1) Prepare for the upcoming food shortage by storing a several month supply of food reserves. Do not rely on the county or city to provide you essentials. Your Governor is hoarding food on purpose and by design. Also, this is war. Anything can happen.

2) Learn an escape route without relying on electronic devices. All WiFi / Mobile Reception / Electricity will face anticipated blackouts within the next 3 months. Learn to live without these luxuries and re-learn your primal instinct. We did it before, we can do it again.

3) Obtain a firearm or stay close to those who have one in possession. America is the last whole heartedly ‘armed citizenry.’ The ‘Global Elite’ have had a cake walk consolidating the limp-wristed socialist population because they have never heard the word “No,” nor faced millions of AR-15 all at once. Law Enforcement will either retreat, get defunded, furloughed or enforce draconian mandates at the behest of the politicians who sold you out. The only Constitutional Law Enforcement we need to know is our very own Orange County ‘Sheriff Barnes’. Then the local citizens can begin the process of getting deputized. Alongside his deputies, we the people are now what the 2nd Amendment states refer to as a ‘Well Regulated Militia’.

4) If you’re in a troubled city or live alone, you may want to either vacate CA or hunker down with trusted friends and family. People who are alone with food, firearms, money or shelter will be targeted. Especially single females.

5) Plan to vigorously defend your property. Not just your home, but your ‘Body’. This isn’t just a World War on the Western Civilization. It’s a War on YOU! The Individual, your family, your children, your religion, your spirituality, your food, and all common sense and logic.

America wasn’t served on a complementary silver platter, it was fought for with great vengeance and perseverance.

You must remember: We are not Europeans. We are Americans.

We are violent by Nature, skillful in practice, bold in Actions, and Love our freedom.

We can turn this around. Each and every one of us has what it takes to stop this Global takeover of the US. Victory by a thousand scratches, and survival by self-discernment.

Discover the courage you may not have known you had. Flex the strength your creator gave you and use the common logic others refuse to recognize.

The retaking of our country begins TODAY.

We are Now the Angry Majority and No Conventional weaponry will stop a Movement whose time has come.


Dean Ryan

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63 thoughts on “Dean Ryan, A Message to Orange County”

    1. Remember, the prime, near term, objective of the New World Order is to vaccinate the population.

      And Trump is on board with the agenda —- with the military no less.

  1. We are being lied to. The media is a propaganda macine. Jim says the virus hoax is the biggest fraud ever. Number two was the old number one, the fake hoax moon landing. I met a man whose mate worked for thge Aust ABC, he said “there is going to be a moon landing, and it is all fake.”
    “If you believe they put a man on the moon, if you believe there’s nothing up their sleeve.”

  2. The Republican National Convention blew my doors off and brought me home, virtually. I restored an antique yacht in front of Fort McHenry as my first job out of high school at the brand new Inner Harbor Marina. Yes the RNC was a high luster incredibly polished production. It was everything it should have always been and much more… a diamond bullet up the ass of the beast! The speakers destroyed the insane left at every turn the last few nights and I mean annihilated them. I am so far beyond inspired by what I saw. This country is far from gone as we know it. The former Ambassador to Germany, blasted a crater on the Obama era. Pure genius… the case that was laid out for Trump’s re-eelction flawlessly and it laid bare the lies that Trump is a racist. The 25 year old paraplegic running for Congress and standing up with no working legs. It really got me and yes the theatrics did a number on me. So much so that I might buy a new guitar instead of a tactical homestead defending weapon. I wrote a new song yesterday. Speaker after speaker at RNC just eviscerated the race baiting liberal hacks of Covidia, a country within a country where shutting down goes hand in hand with shutting up. One African speaker after another, one woman after another, people in wheel chairs, a Chinsese Dissident reading brail telling it like it is the CCP is the enemy of humanity, there was a Rabbi and a NUN, a Naturalization Ceremony, a Presidential Pardon, They had former Brass who defected from planned parenthood and told a horror story of witnessing an abortion and quitting when they doubled her quota for abortions sold. She spoke against the founder and the Margaret Sanger award. There RNC left no stone unturned but one…. the child raping pedo-freak disease in Hollyweird.

      1. Dear Will, Jim and all the Great Regulars here… I haven’t felt this hopeful in a long time. Everybody needs to go watch ALL the presentations of the RNC. Twice! And I mean every last one. So so inspiring, so genuine. They really got to me, speaker after speaker just drilled down to the marrow of what makes America exceptional… (we know all too well what is terrible about what’s been done in our name, Trump left that to the DNC). About the only stones left unturned was the “Sniffing and Groping Ped-O-Freak” Joe who has no boundary on age or propriety. There was a swipe or two taken at the creepy part of Uncle Joe, and a cursory swing at human trafficking. It was the only subject I wish they would have fleshed out and exposed more.

        The incredible accomplishments of Trump’s every day work as President have been hidden behind a wall of cow manure and static in the attic. The gargantuan lies built of excrement got power washed off by the RNC’s Presenters. It was so superbly done, it will strike a chord that crosses oceans. The unrehearsed pardoning of a Black Man live on TV. The Man had started a fresh start program for inmates returning I never liked Mayor Rudi much but he was on point destroying the current lawless leadership in New York. The Racist Label of Trump is the most unfair of all. Listening to the Kentucky Attorney General, a young vibrant Black Man and the now elderly – lunch counter kid from 1960 Woolworth’s protest… who became a cvil rights leader overnight, simply by offering lunch! These men destroy the racist label with one two punch from a prizefighter and his coach wailing on your at the same time. Then you start to listen to the Dead Policeman’s wife who’s husband was murdered defending a store from looters. It rips your guts out. And you must watch the incredible Young Man who has no working legs, he stands at the end of his speech, who is likely going to be the youngest member of Congress is hundreds of year. He talked about giving up after his accident and who could blame him. When he stands up, it made a football player kneeling for the anthem – seem like the most thoughtless insult to this country. What do you think? And what do think of brilliant speech linked here…

      2. Thanks, dK…watched it all and as you said, extremely inspiring. Made the DNC look like a Tupperware party.

      3. cool, Richard Grinnel, German Ambassador is speaking at an even just 8 miles away today at a Republican event. Might go see if I can meet him.

      4. And the fireworks were like nothing I have seen anywhere else ever!…I mean, how the heck did they do what they did. TRUMP 2020 in fireworks…just remarkable.

    1. I’m sure RFB understands the Joker was all satire. To be subjective, I repeat, I never wear a mask and am never stopped. I will never take a vaccine or a test and in the US, they will never have the balls to mandate any of that crap. I pay cash when I go shopping. The money they put in my account was sent to a good friend in the Philippines. RFB’s fear mongering aside, my life has changed very little….why? …because I did not buy into the fear mongering. If you have , do not blame your masters…blame yourself. Stop acquiescing.

  3. RE: Covid-19

    I completely agree this is related to the current Wall Steet heist. And I appreciate Ellen Brown’s thorough and detailed research, also evidenced in her great book on the giant bank scam, Web of Debt. As to who could be behind such a massive crime and coverup, we have so many clues it seems to me they constitute irrefutable proof.

    First, it is indisputable that the story of Israel which Americans have been relentlessly told for seven decades is a huge coverup for a monstrous crime. There are volumes of information now available conclusively proving that this story, in which the Israelis are innocent victims of terrorist Palestinians, is completely false. And in fact, the truth is exactly the reverse. The entirely innocent Palestinians have been brutally victimized by a sadistic Israeli regime. And yet, not only is this crime continuing today, but the cover story is also continuing across America’s mainstream media and mainstream politicians. THAT IS POWER! The true history of Israel, with many references, is sketched in “War Profiteers and the Roots of the ‘War on Terror’”

    Second, the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable that the official government reports on 9/11 omit so much critical evidence that they are obviously intentional coverups. Yet this false history too has been forced upon the American people by the mainstream media and politicians. And the omitted evidence points straight at Israel as the principal perpetrator, using 9/11 to kickstart their so-called “War on Terror”, with its seven “regime change” wars. In introduction to some of the most glaring omitted evidence is in “War Profiteers and 9/11”

    Third, a mind-boggling article by Ron Unz makes an amazingly plausible case that the story of the WWII holocaust, relentlessly hammered on by the Israelis as justification for the establishment of Israel, is yet ANOTHER gigantic Israeli lie. In context, it is simply another piece of the gigantic lie in the fake history of Israel. “American Pravda: Holocaust Denial”

    The gigantic lies and crimes of Israel are connected to today’s banking heist, under cover of the COVID crisis, by the fact that the principal bank behind Israel is also the principle bank behind Wall Street. The Rothschild bank financed both Israel and the JP Morgan bank, the dominant bank on Wall Street. Further, in the early 1900’s, the JP Morgan bank took control of America’s major news outlets, gaining control over what stories Americans were told about their world. A sketch of the criminal history of the Rothschild bank and its takeover of America is given in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    And just as Israel’s financiers were behind the biological anthrax attacks which accompanied 9/11, so they could plausibly be behind a biological attack using COVID coupled with a deadly disinformation campaign. Today’s looting of the American people for “record profits” on Wall Street echos the same pattern in the 2008 Great Recession.

    1. On behalf of Will: This video is an absolute necessity to watch if you are up in the air about Shadowgate, AJ’s response to SG and you want the real scoop re Shadownet. It’s quite long, but start at 1:44 if you have already watched Shadow Gate…that’s when Santilli interviews Tore and Patrick Bergey. This stuff is scary! Do not miss them all.

      This is Dr. Fetzer’s first program and second re Shadowgate. The second includes some of the above vid, but the video froze (no surprise there)….just sensational material…

      1. Excellent…I missed that….I think I’ll re-post that on ZH…just to see if I get the same reaction. It’s scaring the hell out of someone or something


        This video is bombshell. But given the general state of USG — and local government– corruption, it doesn’t even shock me.

        What can Trump do? Probably not much at this point —- even if he had the inclination.

    1. I suspect that few people realize the fringe significance. They just assume the fringe is an item of decor and aesthetics.

      Just as most people have no knowledge of the actual contents of the Constitution and jurors that have no idea what the phrase ”beyond a reasonable doubt” means. All of their courtroom juju comes from TV shows.


    1. RS…What is there about RFB or his background that allows you to put any validity in a word he says?
      He’s an ex-con, a self confessed actor and makes videos running around in his truck. …..not exactly traits that would instill trust in his videos.

  4. OK…I skimmed through the rest of that Kaitlin vid. I swear it sounded like some kind of family feud….she did this…he did that she’s this and he’s that with basically NO FACTS, just Tweets….
    Do we now all depend on what appears on social media as reality? Is this what it has come to?
    I will say again…something I did not see in Shadow Gate scared the hell out of AJ and Stone….to the extent of displaying extreme hatred. To tell the truth, I am sorry I even started looking at this. I feel like I was listening in on someones conversation that has little or nothing to do with myself.
    All I know is Shadow Gate was extremely well done. AND, if Millie and her crew were not over the target, they would not be getting this flack. From watching AJ’s bowing out of the SH situation, I have lost any trust in his validity as a real journalist. He’s a snake oil salesman and a showman who will do just about anything to make sure his wagon keeps rolling and those checks keep coming in…typical behavior of someone who is living far above his means and ability.

  5. OK…I watched this for 5 minutes and caught at least 4 blatant lies about Shadow Gate. AJ is pissing in his pants for some reason. I hope Fetzer speaks of this on Dean tonight…..and here’s a release and then the vid…I never tune into AJ, so I have no idea who this woman is. After the lies in the first few minutes, I had to stop watching until I regained my composure. Because of Dean’s experience with Millie, he’ll probably love this. Good luck. Maybe someone can convince me it’s not utter bullcrap. That documentary was Pulitzer Prize stuff. But starting out this vid saying Millie is involved with child rapists does not bode well for any possible objectivity.


    Infowars cut ties with Millie Weaver for very good reasons, with these words: It is with sadness that Infowars is forced by conscience and respect for goodness to break ties with Millie Weaver and her entourage. After an eight year relationship, we do not take this action lightly. Millie as a contractor, working with our Infowars team, has produced hundreds of important and at times amazing productions that have truly informed the public, and empowered humanity. We are not ending this relationship with Millie because of the film Shadowgate. Sadly our relationship must end, because we cannot be connected to individuals involved in her operation. These issues are too voluminous to chronicle here, but out of respect for the public, infowars supporters, and to Millie’s fans, we are linking to a detailed report laid out by Kaitlin Bennett: The Truth About Millie Weaver and Shadowgate. Our fact checkers have reviewed this report and found it to be credible. If you wish to understand why we have made this decision, watch this video, but we are not going to talk about this anymore. We are an organization known for not infighting and for trying to support the grassroots in the fight for human freedom. This is something we had to do, and we concur with Kaitlin Bennett’s analysis Click the link below and see the information for yourself. We wish Millie well and hope that she can come to her senses.

    Personally I think that Millie Weaver has been acting strange lately, and her proud self-proclaimed hacker blackmailer informant associates, Tore Maras-Lindeman, aka Terpsichore P. Lindeman, with child molester husband Barry Lindeman, both registered Democrats, along with leftist Patrick Bergy, they are less than credible sources for anything and are more interested in smearing the reputations of Roger Stone, Alex Jones, InfoWars and other conservatives supporting President Trump. Is Millie Weaver blackmailed, herself and her family by these shady characters, to betray her long time Infowars colleagues and beyond, or she just took her 30 pieces of silver to sellout everybody?

    1. Did a follow-up on ShadowGate (ShadowGate II) on Sunday, but YouTube switched the video and broadcast my interview with Dave Gahary from last Thursday instead. I stopped the broadcast when I discovered what was happening and reset the show, which confirmed my suspicions when it happened again. I think the documentary is excellent and have a hard time finding any fault with it. Millie and her mother look OK from what I have been able to ascertain, but her father is another story. I have the reports about Tore having exaggerated her military experience and claimed a Harvard degree that was never awarded (it appears), which leaves her role open to skepticism. But the arrest was a charade and clearly timed in an effort to cast aspersion upon her character and thereby raise doubts about her research. I advise not to fall for the ploy. The video, in my opinion, is important and brilliant. I will be doing more about this story, including addressing new short videos on her release and earlier work she has done.

      1. Thanks, Dr…..just about the way i feel…..and when you watch the vid, I think the flak that’s obvious will further substantiate your conclusions. It’s all tweet and no facts as far as I can tell, not wishing to waste time taking it further. Shadow gate speaks for itself and that is all that counts…the rest is so much static. And I will repeat again, I find nothing there that denigrates Stone.

  6. Everything is a fleece, a scam or a racket in America:

    Big Pharma
    Big Tech

    And worst of all —– government. (and note for the record the disproportionate Jewish (parasite) connection to all of the above)

      1. Life in prison which means he’ll disappear and never be heard from again….similar to Fields in the Charlottesville fiasco. We are living in some kind of fiction novel that appears to have no end…just contrived “happenings” …roll ’em…take one…take two…take three….while those being “taken” are We the People.

  7. When I was young there was a joke. The prositute cried rape, because the cheque (USA check) bounced. Now this is real.
    A former Canberra actor — who featured in ACT Government advertising and an ABC television show — has been jailed for at least 16 months for the rape of two male escorts.
    Part-time actor Kristian Mynott solicited services of two male escorts in 2017, but never paid
    ACT Chief Justice Helen Murrell says consent was negated by Mynott’s fraudulent misrepresentations
    Mynott was sentenced to three years’ and four months jail, with a shorter non-parole period due to COVID-19 risks
    The ACT Supreme Court heard Kristian Mynott, 42, used a fake name and stolen credit card details to fly the two men to Canberra in 2017, before refusing to pay for their services.

    Mynott lured the escorts with the promise of airfares, chauffeurs, a hotel room and more than $1,500 in cash.

    “After each episode of sex, he did not pay,” Chief Justice Helen Murrell said in sentencing.

    “Each offence was associated with significant planning — he did not reveal his real name and financed their expenses using the credit card details of a third party.

    “The sexual consent given was negated because it had been caused by fraudulent misrepresentations.”

    1. He’ll be getting plenty of FREE GAY SEX in jail.
      When I was young it was was illegal to be gay and prostitution was illegal.
      I think he should be finned for theft, how can it be rape ?


    It is good to see Australia is waking up. They blame Trump & Q, but the facts were out before they came along. They may be sincere or “hijackers” doing damage control, it doesn’t matter, as much as “the cat is out of the bag” and “you can’t put her toothpaste back in the tube.”
    I don’t know if Trump is just playing “the good cop” or if Q is real. I do know we did not go to the moon, mainly because of “the Van Allen radiation belt”. I do know that WTC build 7 fell and Larry Silverstein told us he did it , by his crazy superstitious mentality, making it “our problem. I have heard Bill Gates on Aust ABC, at least twice, denying he started there virus, I don’t know if he did, things are that twisted, but the fact he is denying it, shoes they are rattled. They perpetrators of hoaxes should be dealt with severely.

    1. Everything considered, I can not think of a better cause. There is no sicker or more dastardly an act than abusing children. If we cannot stop it, we are finished as a society. There can be no second guessing that conclusion. A culture that cannot protect its young is best buried as deeply as possible.

    1. Toni…you just did…thank you! It’s spoken of in passing on the DR Report with Fetzer, Bara, Walley and Meghan on weekdays, but really not to it’s deserved extent. Ryan is a wonderful writer and producer. How he finds the time running from one state to another is beyond me, but God bless him. He did well getting away from AJ, but I wish he would give Millie a break. Forgive and forget.

  9. There could be a silver lining here: The Controllers may have jumped the gun with Covid-19.

    As soon as the Controllers thought they had the technology to take complete control of society, they launched Covid-19 to perfect their takeover.

    But now their plan is pretty much out in the open. And now that they are exposed, most people should be able to see it and take appropriate action against it.

    So, if it were not for Covid-19, the frogs would simply have continued to be brought to a boil, and few people would be the wiser.

    1. RS…What would “appropriate action” look like? I totally agree we need to do something, but time and time again, even knowing our children are being abused, stolen, used and abused, we have failed to do a thing nationwide. What will it take and what will it be? And how? Without any organization or even inclination toward organization or leadership, we are pissing in the wind.
      I am at a loss, I really am.

      1. Appropriate action, in my opinion, means defunding government, ignoring its edicts and pronouncements,
        and essentially withdrawing – to the extent possible- from its jurisdiction. Stop filling out the paperwork, stop paying the taxes. Starve the government. It can’t function on borrowed money indefinitely.

        If this means stop driving you car, so be it. Get a bicycle. If it means employing common sense and living below your means, so be it. Live in a shack. At least you won’t be dependent on anyone –including the government. You will find that it actually is a better way to live. That’s what I did.

        And if you just can’t bring yourself to lower your standard of living, they will do it for you.

        We cannot allow this criminal enterprise to stand, and we certainly cannot perpetuate it. And that is clearly what the USG and frankly most local jurisdictions have devolved into— organized crime.

      2. RS…Sounds like you and I have a similar lifestyle….but let’s be honest, most will not adopt that type of life. BUT, all we can do is be responsible for our own decisions. We can spread the word and disperse the information, but most will not listen. To know we have done our best is all we can expect from ourselves.
        Live simply so others may simply live.
        Personally, I do not live simply to make a point. I enjoy it.

  10. Dean, that is one helluva report. Your ability as a writer shines through.
    The entire west coast seems to be a lost cause. I would imagine the Chinese have enough property and investments in that area to call it their own…likely the same with NY and Illinois.
    All we need is a couple of well placed nukes and the coast can just float out in the Pacific closer to where it belongs.
    If you are in California, Washington or Oregon, get the hell out.
    Those other states present a different problem….maybe we can build a wall around them.

  11. Thank you Dean Ryan for the warning.

    It is obvious now that we are experiencing a takeover and that the American people must find it within themselves to stand up and resist. This final push for complete control has been contemplated for decades and the completely fake Covid -19 hoax is being used to perfect it. It is also obvious that our disgusting politiians at all levels of government have been purchased and are actively advancing the takeover.

    It is time to defund government. Anarchy is preferable to slavery.


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