Rebecca Carnes, Sandy Hook: Crime Family Structure Key to Control. Right, Sandy Hook Fire Department?

Rebecca Carnes

[Editor’s note: For those who want more background about the Sandy Hook event, watch “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins. The Deep State Strikes Back!”, where you can see much of the evidence for yourself, including how Shannon Hicks took staged photos of a mock evacuation of children from the school. This may be the most important article ever published on the Sandy Hook hoax.]

Among the Everest-like mountain of unbelievable “facts” and assorted discrepancies that make up the official Sandy Hook story delivered to Newtown residents and the American public, are the many mind-boggling and statistical-shattering “coincidences” that connect family members in key town positions. First up on our list for consideration: The Sandy Hook Fire Department.

Most anyone outside of Newtown (and maybe even those in Newtown who haven’t lived here long enough to know the names of certain town leaders and their well-placed family members) – probably wouldn’t piece together the mafia-like family ties and otherwise of those in Newtown’s power positions during and after the Sandy Hook event. But these local relationships between town, police, fire, church, newspaper, real estate, school and court – are incredibly revealing when taking a good, close-up look at what was delivered as the official Sandy Hook story according to the distorted lens of the controlled media and especially according to the Connecticut State Police (CSP) report on Sandy Hook issued in 2013 by Danbury District Attorney and Newtown resident (coincidence #1) Stephen J. Sedensky III.

Danbury District Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky lives in Newtown and was in charge of issuing the state’s full examination of the Sandy Hook terror production.

For starters, let’s take a look at the Sandy Hook Fire Department who was so hyper-connected to the Sandy Hook terror production they could have hosted it and served refreshments at their fire station (oh yeah, they pretty much did). And let’s not neglect to examine the key divorces, marriages and family relations between Sandy Hook firefighters and important power players in our town leadership, the likes of which make the intermingling and intrigue of a 1980s soap opera look mild.

Horrified citizens of this country who watched the orchestrated terror descend on Newtown that fateful Dec. 14, 2012 morning, likely didn’t bat an eyelash when the media reported that Sandy Hook Elementary School secretary Barbara Halstead was one of the first “victims” to call 911 that morning. That’s because your average citizen (and maybe even your average Newtown resident) might not have known that among the first five emergency responders that morning, two were directly related to Barbara and all were firefighters from the Sandy Hook fire station located at the bottom of the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s driveway. The first to arrive on scene was Barbara Halstead’s former husband and long-time Sandy Hook Fire Chief William “Bill’ Halstead Sr. (coincidence #2), along with Barbara’s Sandy Hook firefighter daughter Karin Halstead who just happened to also be Captain of Newtown’s EMS (Emergency Management Services) department in charge of overseeing emergency communications that morning (coincidence #3).

Also in tow as among the first five responders, was former Sandy Hook Fire Captain John Jeltema who was Karin Halstead’s boyfriend at the time and now her husband. As head of Newtown’s Emergency Management on 12/14, Karin Halstead was therefore in charge of overseeing the 911 system and EMTs – and was likely one of the first to hear her mother Barbara’s 911 call from the Sandy Hook school office (coincidence #4).

At 9:46 a.m. that morning, Karin Halstead is also the one who absurdly and shockingly told the first two ambulances and paramedics responding to the emergency 911 call to NOT drive up the school driveway but rather park and wait in the rear lot of the Sandy Hook fire station. Karin Halstead’s husband is Sandy Hook firefighter and former Sandy Hook Fire Captain John Jeltema who is also brother to Connecticut State Trooper Christine Jeltema (coincidence #5) who we just saw give a press conference in May regarding the apparent mental breakdown and killing rampage reportedly perpetrated by Peter Manfredonia. Peter being the Sandy Hook native and UConn student who just happened to grow up on the same Yogananda Street as Adam Lanza (coincidence #6) and whose uncle Chris Manfredonia lived directly behind the Lanza house (coincidence #7) and … (try and swallow all of these “coincidences” without choking, please) .. arrived at the Sandy Hook school at 9:30 a.m. at about the same time as Adam Lanza (coincidence #8).

Chris Manfredonia was reported as saying he got to the school 15 minutes early with plans to attend a scheduled 9:45 a.m. gingerbread house-making activity with is first-grade daughter in Kaitlin Roig’s class. According to news reports in the L.A. Times and elsewhere, Manfredonia reportedly said he heard popping sounds, smelled sulfur and then ran around the outside of the school to try and get to his daughter when he was stopped and handcuffed by police. Chris Manfredonia and an armed, off-duty tactical SWAT officer who just happened to be near the school that morning and was running through the woods away from Sandy Hook Elementary School were both detained by police (as were three other men who are seen in aerial footage fleeing the school grounds). A troublesome entry on the official Sandy Hook Timeline (Page 1, A 84, Appendix) of the Connecticut State Police (CSP) report, states that a “parent” arrived at SHES at 9:30 a.m. for a gingerbread house project and was “buzzed into” the school at the main doors after which he reports hearing gunfire of about 15 shots.

Here’s the excerpt from Page 1 of the CSP Timeline:

09:30:00 Parent arrives at SHES for the gingerbread house event and has to be buzzed into SHES. At around 9:34, hears gunfire, reports approx 15 shots.

So the official narrative of the Connecticut State Police and Stephen Sedensky’s district attorney’s office puts Chris Manfredonia INSIDE Sandy Hook Elementary School at 9:30 a.m. at about the same time Adam Lanza reportedly shoots the glass out to the right side of the main entrance doors and begins shooting the teachers and kids. Why would the press report that Chris Manfredonia was running around the outside of the school trying to reach his daughter somehow and then was stopped by police? Who gave them this information? How could there be such a significant discrepancy in the CSP report and what was told to the public? How come nobody in the press ever interviewed Chris Manfredonia to clear up this matter? How come the Newtown police quickly cleared and released Chris Manfredonia that morning, especially if he was IN THE SCHOOL when the shots were reportedly being fired, as the official CSP report attests?

Three men are shown running into the woods from Sandy Hook Elementary school on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, either fleeing or pursuing others. Of course, we never saw this footage on CNN or Fox or anywhere in the mainstream media. After it was briefly posted by WABC and AP, it was removed and suppressed from mainstream circulation. We also didn’t hear much about an armed, off-duty, tactical SWAT officer running away from the school in the woods who was briefly detained by police that morning.

Now all these discrepancies and coincidences might all be just fine and dandy if you are extremely practiced at suspending all disbelief as when watching a fantastical film like The Wizard of Oz. But this is real life and we should all be extremely alarmed when the number of coincidences surrounding the Sandy Hook event start to confound our brains with statistical anomalies of astronomical proportions.

Here’s another whopper: Newtown Bee associated editor Shannon Hicks – who was the only photographer to take any and all pictures of evacuating children from Sandy Hook Elementary School and is credited with the iconic image of terrified children clinging to each other in a line – is also a Sandy Hook firefighter (coincidence #9) and is married to another Sandy Hook firefighter John H. Will who recently divorced Newtown’s Director of Emergency Communications Maureen Will (coincidence #10) in order to marry Shannon. Remarkably, Shannon was able to drive up to the reportedly blocked and clogged driveway of the school to take pictures of kids being brought out of the school even though EMTs were still being told to stay away hours into the alleged shooting because the scene was not yet secure, according to Newtown police reports.

Sandy Hook Fire Chief William “Bill” Halstead (left) and Sandy Hook firefighter and Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks (right) as Newtown Labor Day 2019 judges.

Sandy Hook firefighter and Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks (age 51) is now known as Shannon Hicks Will. Her husband John Will (age 66) is listed as a “Life Member” within the Sandy Hook fire department and is fairly well scrubbed on the Internet, so it is hard to get details on any part of his life or relations. However he was, indeed, recently divorced from Maureen Will (age 62) who is Director of Emergency Communications in Newtown and who was active in opening the town’s Emergency Communications Center on the Fairfield Hills campus in 2011 just before the Sandy Hook event. Maureen also received numerous accolades regarding the Sandy Hook emergency response and travels the country extensively giving talks on emergency response systems and protocols. Maureen has also been quite visible and in full fear-promoting mode recently, appearing with beleaguered looking First Selectman Dan Rosenthal giving us all of those bogus Newtown Bee-filmed Covid-19 updates and warnings to “behave” and wear our oxygen-depriving face masks that accentuate the zombie-like control the government and the puppet-masters have over the general population. Thank you, Maureen for an extra-special, follow-up dose of fear-based lies and manipulation after helping deliver the Sandy Hook terror attack against us good Newtowners in 2012. That’s right, folks. Time to ask yourself: “If Sandy Hook is a lie, what else is a lie?”

Continuing on with the parade of coincidences surrounding the Sandy Hook staged event, let’s look at the Head Honcho-in-Charge of the Sandy Hook fire department for the past 35 years (with 48 total years at the SH fire dept.) Fire Chief William “Bill” Halstead Sr. (age 71) whose ex-wife Barbara Halstead (you’ll remember) was the Sandy Hook Elementary School secretary who called 911 that morning. Fire Chief and former Fire Marshal for Newtown Bill Halstead is married to (drumroll, please) … Newtown Town Clerk since 2007 Debbie Aurelia Halstead (age 55) – (that’s coincidence #11, in case you lost count). Debbie was, of course, instrumental in spear-heading lobbying efforts for Connecticut legislators to pass bills that would destroy long-standing Freedom of Information (FOIA) laws that allow public access to death certificates in light of the Sandy Hook terror event (coincidence #12). A denial of access to such public records was unprecedented under Freedom of Information laws and many FOI defenders in Connecticut’s state government were flabbergasted and flummoxed that such a suppression was even attempted, no less successful. Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia Halstead argued that the death certificates of the reported Sandy Hook victims should be suppressed due to privacy issues for the families. Debbie is also in charge of all Land Records in town, so if you were planning on looking into all of those shady mortgage-payoffs around the time of the Sandy Hook event, maybe bring a body guard.

I’m sure I don’t know why (ahem), but volunteer Fire Chief Bill Halstead felt he’d like to resign from his paid Newtown Fire Marshal position in 2016 after Sandy Hook researcher and school security expert Wolfgang Halbig published a letter he sent to Bill Halstead asking him to explain how teacher Kaitlin Roig’s first-grade bathrooms could lock from the inside, as she reported to Diane Sawyer on ABC News and to police. How could bathrooms inside classrooms for first graders possibly conform with fire codes and pass inspection in such a gold standard elementary school as Sandy Hook within such a prosperous Fairfield County town where so many corporate executives and other well-to-do entertainers, politicians, bankers and such send their little children? Allowing locks on the inside of bathrooms within first-grade classrooms is so entirely unbelievable and absurd on a safety level, I can barely finish typing this sentence out of such complete frustration and anger with these criminal liars that delivered the Sandy Hook terror to us, and more. As a mother of two children in the Newtown School system and a former elementary teacher myself, I can tell you that Sandy Hook first-grade teacher Kaitlin Roig’s assertion that she made police officers find the key to unlock the tiny 3’ x 4’ bathroom she allegedly crammed her 15 students into, should make you shudder in disgust and outrage at the many layers of lies (some outright mockingly absurd) that the media and “authorities” pushing this fake Sandy Hook narrative expect us to believe.

Greenwich, Conn. resident Kaitlin Roig shown being photographed for press events during the 2014 big roll out of her Sandy Hook-inspired book.

Sandy Hook Fire Chief William “Bill” Halstead was also past fire chief at Fairfield Hills, the old mental asylum that closed down in the mid 1990s after opening in 1939 and spending decades experimenting on patients with horrific frontal lobotomies and controversial hydro-therapies and psycho-surgeries. Underground tunnels throughout the original 16 buildings on the vast Fairfield Hills campus were used to transport patients and corpses to an underground morgue which is now just about where the swimming pools are installed at the new Newtown Community Center on campus. Yikes! I wouldn’t want to have been one of the workers digging into the ground to build those pools (Poltergeist, anyone?)

Of course, Bill Halstead isn’t the only major Sandy Hook event player to have past ties to the Fairfield Hills mental asylum. Not too many people know good ole’ Gene Rosen and next-door-neighbor to the Sandy Hook fire station used to work as a psychologist at Fairfield Hills. The creepy Gene who shows journalists his huge pile of stuffed animals is shown here in this video compilation stating at the :47 timestamp that a man was speaking “loudly and harshly” to the six scared children that were reportedly dropped off by a school bus driver at Gene’s house on the morning of Dec. 14, saying loudly to them: “It’s going to be okay; It’s going to be okay”. Besides Gene’s story being entirely inconsistent and nonsensical in his retelling to reporters, this detail about an unidentified man speaking loudly and harshly to the children in Gene’s driveway is disturbing and we never hear from the media or law enforcement who this man was. Gene is actually caught at the :14 timestamp on this video being corrected while practicing his lines with cameraman “Matt”, who needs to remind Gene not to say that the kids told him their teacher was dead (since that would mean Gene should have called the police, which he didn’t do).

Basically, Gene’s story goes something like this … six scared children were dropped off by a school bus driver at his home right next to the Sandy Hook fire station (which you can literally see behind him in the interview videos through some sparse trees) and he took them into his house and gave them stuffed animals to play with. The school bus driver apparently lets Gene take the kids into his home (that doesn’t sound safe since he isn’t a parent or guardian) and the school bus driver also doesn’t think to drop the kids off at the Sandy Hook Fire Station right beside Gene’s house even though the firehouse parking lot with all of its emergency responders is so close in proximity to Gene’s driveway, you could probably toss a football to someone at the firehouse. (How stupid do these evil manipulators think we are?)

Gene Rosen is shown with the Sandy Hook Fire House directly behind him. And we are supposed to believe a school bus driver dropped off six kids from Ms. Soto’s class at his house (and not at the next-door fire station).

The Sandy Hook Fire Department is just one of the dangling tentacles to this beast that has ensnared our minds with fear and numbed us with its poisonous lies. There are many other tentacles to examine, including the Newtown Police Department, elected Newtown officials, school administrators and board members, local press, and many of the local churches. This is a good time for those that were involved and know the whole truth or parts of the truth to come forward. It has been seven years since the Sandy Hook horror story, and the time for revelation has come when all truth will be illuminated. Liars, manipulators and exploiters can try and continue to hide in the dark and scurry under rocks when the light shines on their heads, but they will fail.

If you are someone who has received money, gifts, or rewards for guarding this Sandy Hook lie or for participating in this lie, it is time to stop the evil, speak up and ask for forgiveness. If you are someone who has faced threats or signed some secrecy agreement, it is time to stand up and tell the truth. Enough of this living in fear and being manipulated by propaganda and lies. What kind of world is being handed down to our children? Set an example. Be brave because fortune favors the brave.

What happened here in Sandy Hook goes beyond a rule-by-fear and confiscate-all-guns agenda by the few that pull the strings in this country and this world. It is about defending the innocent and preserving what is good, true and beautiful in life and in mankind. Not only were young children exploited in this Sandy Hook terror attack by the evil elite and those that do their bidding, but children were also told to lie by those they trusted. The minds, bodies and souls of children were used and exploited – a horrible practice that goes far beyond telling children to lie and is sadly a part of a dark and powerful culture in this country and world.

A malevolent force has burrowed deep into Newtown, feeding off our good spirits like a parasite. It is especially dangerous to our most innocent – our children. What is unfolding in our town, our country and our world right now is not just a battle between truth and lies that make up our reality, but a higher-level spiritual battle between good and evil, light and darkness. If Sandy Hook was the rattle at the end of the snake giving us a warning, then this control-by-fear corona virus charade is the head of the snake popping up out of the grass and staring us in the face.

The snake is winking at you, daring you to challenge it as it openly mocks with lies and control-by-fear tricks. Don’t submit and surrender to the snake, as ugly and terrifying as it is to face because it will only continue to slither around stealing more precious eggs from our nest.

Be the hero that sends that one perfect shot into the center of the Death Star and end this tyranny. I have worked for more than two decades as a professional journalist and magazine editor. I can be reached at 203-524-5381 or email me at I will help you tell what you know. I have stood up here in Newtown and announced that the Emperor Isn’t Wearing Any Clothes, but I do not have front-line knowledge. Stand up and be brave. Others will follow your lead. Just like CT State Medical Examiner Wayne Carver warned during his Sandy Hook press conference, “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” (4:09 timestamp on this video). Well, it is coming crashing down now. Come forward, tell the truth and ask for forgiveness; it will be granted, and you will have peace.

*Addendum 7/13/2020: Included in the group of five, first-on-scene responders to the 911 call from Sandy Hook Elementary School secretary Barbara Halstead (all of which were Sandy Hook firefighters, including Fire Chief Bill Halstead, EMS Captain Karin Halstead and her boyfriend John Jeltema), was Sandy Hook Fire Captain Robert Sibley who also is an employee of Newtown (Land Use Agency Deputy Director of Conservation) and who was one of only three representatives from the town of Newtown to attend a 45min meeting on Jan. 4, 2013, with former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Lt. Gov. of Ct. Nancy Wyman (coincidence #13)

Wow. I think we need to take a closer look at Newtown’s Land Use dealings around the time of the Sandy Hook event. Did Rob Sibley have any say in why the dilapidated Sandy Hook Elementary School that apparently wasn’t even up to fire code in 2012 due to the first-grade classrooms with bathroom doors that locked from the inside – have any say in it staying open as a school? Did Rob Sibley have any say in what would happen to the old Sandy Hook Elementary School since it was quickly leveled and workers on scene had to sign non-disclosure agreements with the town? And why would the Deputy Director of Conservation for Newtown’s Land Use Agency be invited as one of only three Newtown representatives to attend a meeting just days after the Sandy Hook event with such high-profile attendees?

BONUS COINCIDENCE:(You readers really should have seen this coming.) Rob Sibley’s wife Barbara Sibley was at Sandy Hook Elementary School just after 9:30 a.m. that morning bringing her third-grade son something and later told reporters she hid behind a dumpster by the school with another mother. Here is an interview Rob and Barb Sibley both didwith Katie Couric.

Rebecca Carnes (maiden name Becky Royce) ) is a third-generation Newtown resident, 1990 graduate of Newtown High School, and mother of two children in Newtown Public Schools.

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  1. Dr. Fetzer or anyone, does anyone have an update on Mr. Wolfgang Halbig? He has been washed from all sites as far as I can tell. Virtually no hits on youtube, gab, or telegram. The few hits I do get are against him.

    Would love to know what he’s been up to, any lawsuits, what happened with his arrest? etc.


      1. Thanks Jim for the news. Wolfgang Halbig is one of the greats to emerge from the revelations of the criminal madness of Sandy Hook. The state of CT was so frightened of him that they sent CT cops to his home in FL to tell him to shut his mouth or else.

  2. The tipping point on the Sandy Hill conspiracy is the near impossibility of the school to have been shut down at the time of the event. Wouldn’t a typical resident like Rebecca Carnes just know that in a matter of fact way? People in a community know things like which schools are open or closed. How could you expect 100’s of children who attended the school at the time not to remember, even at this time, whether they attended the school or not. Let’s stop dancing around this. The fake news make us look stupid. But aren’t you doing the same thing, expecting us to believe that a building in a community was moth-balled and you can’t find ten credible witnesses to confirm that? Get real with me.

    1. You would have to be cognitively impaired to play this game. The proof is extensive, detailed and convincing (to any half-way) reasonable minds. Watch “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins. The Deep State Strikes Back!” and explain away the proof–proof after proof–where we even have the manual for the FEMA exercise. Nice try, but you are embarrassing yourself.

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  6. I rarely talk politics with my friends in Charlottesville. It’s a losing game. The indoctrination in that pl;ace is frightening. But one of them just brought up the ‘vid and this was the reply when I mentioned I would never wear a mask. This is an example of what common sense is up against…..

    ((Why? It is the only way the virus doesn’t spread. It has been proven over and over that if we wear the mask and we maintain social distancing until they figure this out it doesn’t spread. And places where people don’t wear a mask and congregate the virus has spread dramatically. Like in Florida.))

    1. Don’t I have a blog about this? Why not share these links and see what they have to say? Not likely to work, but worth the effort:

      James Fetzer
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      James Fetzer 8:10 AM
      Where are the public health studies you cite? What I have says the opposite
      Janel, What studies are you talking about? Even Fauci has said that, unless you are sick, no one should wear a mask. Here are so(me) reports I have:

      Except for healthcare providers and when in high-risk venues, no one should be wearing a mask.

      Updated: The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing And Contact Tracing

      Irreversible Brain Damage from Prolonged Mask Wearing

      SCIENTIFIC STUDY: Swiss Policy Research: Fact’s about Covid-19

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      What could be more obvious than than inhaling oxygen-depleted air does not replenish red blood cells, places increased stress on the cardiovascular system and kills brain cells. I project that the US will show a 5 point drop in IQ when we get through this. So where are the studies you are citing?

      I am concerned that you are going to be liable for taking illegal actions under color of law which will make you responsible for massive lawsuits. Kindly tell me what studies could possibly justify this extreme policy?


      James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. McKnight Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth

      1. Not worth the time when you are up against the following……..sometimes there are openings….not in this case…..I could push it, but would sooner do it with a stranger than a friend I cannot afford to lose.

        ((I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. Let us not discuss it because I’m sure you have your mind made up and I feel very strongly about this.))

        …But this is what we deal with. It’s been created this way. Right down the middle….no room for discussion. I have watched it all go in this direction through the years. Now we have the most polarized nation in our history. I doubt the Civil War even had anything on this level. And as far as I can tell, our leadership is doing nothing to bridge this incredible gap. They actually seem to be exacerbating it.

      2. Well, Dr,….she just gave me an opening by asking for proof….so I sent what was in your comment and said there are volumes of more material available if you wish.

      3. EXCELLENT! Let’s see what comes of this. Good move. Good work. Let’s see!

      4. If we can get a die-hard Charlottsvillian thinking differently, there may be hope.

      5. The reply from my friend. Don’t miss this, Dr…..
        (unfortunately, this is what I expected)

        I have read many reports that state the exact opposite of the reports you just sent me. No one I know is wearing a chemical mask to begin with. They’re all made out of cotton. Just to keep the aerosols from escaping. There is absolutely no proof that damage is caused by wearing a mask and many articles to back it up.
        I never heard Fauci say not to wear a mask but I can’t say I know for sure.
        They have already proven that in places where restrictions are placed the Covid does not spread including here. But in places like Florida where there was no control it massively multiplied.

      6. I never wear a mask [except where its required to do business]. I talk to people who do wear the mask. To me it appears that the mask transforms them into a small fearful child. They wear the mask to make themselves feel safe…like holding on to a Teddy bear or blankey.

      1. And I have denounced him for the same moves. But I still believe in him, which Jack does not–as you know from our concluding exchange.

      2. Same here. If not, this country is pretty much doomed as I do not see the masses making a move. If they are as uninformed and compliant as my friend in Charlottesville, we do not have a chance in hell.

      3. Jack Mullen’s interview with Jim the other day was excellent, and I agree with Jack about Trump being owned and operated. The puppeteers working mostly through the Vatican and Jesuits control everyone in the upper reaches of government (as well as most below, I’m sure). They have to control everyone (especially the President) in order to control every possible outcome in this evil game they have designed and thrust upon the heads of good people just trying to live an honest, happy and fulfilling life.

        You can’t get a guaranteed win in a game of anything unless you control all players in order to control all possible outcomes. Trump isn’t playing 4D chess against the Deep State (as the Qanon pushers profess); he isn’t even an invited player to the game. And these Qanon Trumpies have been neutralized and subdued into inaction through this “Trust the Plan” Qanon marketing plan. So sad and frustrating. These Qanons are 3/4 of the way awake. If I have to listen to one more Q-follower tell me Trump is about to unleash “thousands of indictments” on the heads of these satanic, pedophile psychopaths running our country and world, I’m going to literally slap them in the face to try and snap them out of this spell they’re under. This ‘Q” team (probably an NSA or Steve Bannon-funded operation) has been laying a trail of bread crumbs that never pans out since around 2017 now. When are these people going to realize Trump is not our “savior” and get up off their couches and DO SOMETHING instead of telling themselves it’s okay to wear a mask and close their shops and social distance from friends and not visit their moms in nursing homes because they ‘Trust the Plan’ and any minute now Trump is going to save the world.

      4. Rebecca…..I could not agree more. The best I can tell (and if anyone thinks critically and objectively, they will come to the same conclusion) Q has been a brilliant strategy to keep us all on our arses while our country is stolen from in front of our eyes and the magic Q has us looking for someone other than ourselves to come to the rescue. I cannot imagine the scars and damage done to the country and the people could possibly be any part of a strategy of waiting and trusting the plan. MORE damage has been done through waiting than if we had acted from our natural instincts to get the hell out there and do something once the riots and covid nonsense were exposed. AND, they have been exposed far beyond any more irrefutable proof needed. These were and are not organic events. They were contrived and executed in a heretofore diabolic way never before imagined. We are in the middle of a take-down of the greatest country on earth.

      5. @Will – Yes, very well put. Q is a brilliant strategy to neutralize those in America who are somewhat awake as to the true horrors going on. Diabolical and yes, unfortunately a very effective way to get a section of society who might have it in them to revolt – to instead sit on their arses (as you aptly put it) and ‘trust the plan’ – the ‘plan’ being to trick them into complacency.

      6. Remember last March? We were plainly told that the Lockdown would be for 15 days. That was increased in increments until we arrive at today…..with no end in sight. Drip drip drip…death by a thousand cuts.

        Most people have forgotten all about that ”15 day lockdown”.

        When fear rules the mind, people forget how to think, as if they ever knew in the first place.

      7. Don, you are correct. Fear is ruling the majority. But we should remember it was not a majority that founded this nation. It was a small group of patriots that stood for what was right. And that is what we all must do now. Take our stand….in whatever small or large way…and refuse to follow these ridiculous rules that are attempting to separate us and turn us into something less than human that would be willing slaves to the monsters that are responsible for this madness.
        Almost 8 billion humans being controlled by a hand full of lunatics.
        It makes no sense for us to sit and continue to accept these shackles.

  7. Last time I drove from New England to Colorado, my route took me right past Newtown. I considered stopping to check it out but I was on a bare bones travel budget and wasn’t going to spend a penny on hotels, much less any detours. So I just kept truckin’ . But I sure thought about what the whole shit show was all about. What happened to Wolf and others who dug below the surface. How far the PTB were willing to go to keep a lid on it with Fetzer’s proxy persecution via Lenny Posner … sounded a lot like poser. What’s in a name? Reminded me of the Bailout going to a guy named Neil Kashkari… they gave him the Kash and he Karied it away!

    The censorship is going full bore today. James Tracy finally rebooted Memory Hole and he has a story of Black Listing by Visa. When they decide they don’t like you, they will use their power to shut you down if they can’t shut you up. When I think about this great push to vilify cash ad stores not excepting it anymore, what happens if they are able to eliminate cash? How about buying things when the power goes out or the internet goes down? Think about using a credit card after Katrina hit.

    I recently guided a river trip for 17 Millenials who could only come up with $5 in cash between them for a tip. Can you imagine these people surviving a Katrina like event? They would be pathetically helpless. I know the Communists American Revolution is far from done with us. How can so many people be so blind to the one, two three of impeachment, Kung Flu and the fifth season just added… it’s called Riot Season.

  8. I believe this was pointed out a couple weeks agao. Posting on Godlikeproductions during the Manfredonia manhunt, Mrs Carnes said she has come to believe that Dr Fetzer is counter intel.

    It was definitely her posting on GLP.

    1. I would like to address this comment directly and clear up this matter. I have had a rapid awakening about how the world really works since just 8 months ago and it has been a mind-splitting and down-right terrifying journey since last October (especially living in Newtown). My life has been threatened by locals, the Newtown Police arrested me and I have faced intense psychological harassment at every level. Sometimes I fell for deceptions aimed to distract me from my work and scare me into silence. Unfortunately someone influenced me for a brief period regarding the trustworthiness of Dr. Fetzer. I want to state on the record here on Jim’s website that he is one of the most honorable and courageous men I know with intense intellect, wit and charm. And he is a true gentleman and protects ladies. He protected me and was the only person in the world who was there for me the day I was arrested by Newtown Police and had no where else to turn. I regret making such a comment about Jim and I certainly did not show him respect by confronting him with any concerns I had. I apologize to Jim and ask for his forgiveness. Jim is a ‘Real Deal’ hero and a ‘Real Deal’ brave and honorable man. I wish more men in this country and world were like Jim and stood up to the corrupt and evil elite. When I finally get to meet Jim someday in person, I can’t wait to give him a big hug and thank him for standing up for me just as he stands up for truth and freedom.

      1. In one of your earlier blog posts about Sandy Hook, which Dr Fetzer posted here, one of your questions was about police not doing enough to preserve victims organs for organ donations.

        Based on that, do you believe there were victims at the school?

      2. it would be a lot easier for all involved if you were a bit more specific and posted a link to that particular post.

      3. @RealAmerican your name should be @RealShill. You hang out here like you do on my little Newtown blog and pose the same pathetic questions over and over to try and misdirect and obfuscate the obvious lie of the Sandy Hook official story. Nice job trying to earn your little check from Langley or wherever. You are pathetic and treasonous, if you even really do live in this country, @RealAmerican (yeah, right! haha..what a sad attempt at a username to try and veil that fact that you are a shill). Don’t bother replying here or anywhere to me. You are unworthy of a response and just trying to distract me from my work and waste my time. Good riddance.

      4. Rebecca…my job here was to defend you…I’m the same will that has emailed you numerous times in support. And if you do not remember me, Dr. Fetzer will most certainly vouch for me.
        I understand your frustration, but this time you made a mistake.
        I pegged RealAmerican as a shill with the first post.
        In any case, keep up the good work….I have a thick skin, as yourself.

      5. I’m not a shill, like you I have questions about Sandy Hook. This is what you wrote on Feb 9th:

        “‘3. No known attempt is reported to get any medically trained personnel into the school, nor is there any known attempt to save organs for transplant.”

        Does that mean you believe there were actual victims inside the school? That statement makes it sound like you believe a shooting happened there.

      6. What could be more obvious than that she is observing that actions which would have been appropriate had there been a real shooting were not done. I am sorry, but this suggests to me that Rebecca and Will are right and that you are not a serious contributor to discussion but something else (“a shill”) instead.

      7. I would like to hear an answer from Rebecca herself as why she questioned saving organs.

      8. Thanks for a post confirming to me that you are not here seeking truth but to harass Rebecca. You are no longer welcome. You have burnished your credentials as a shill.

      9. When I was told about this some time back, I was certain it was temporary and meaningless. I am a huge fan of Rebecca and admire her for her intelligence, her courage and her integrity. It did not bother me at the time but I appreciate that she has hereby set the record straight. She is terrific.

  9. ((If you are someone who has received money, gifts, or rewards for guarding this Sandy Hook lie or for participating in this lie, it is time to stop the evil, speak up and ask for forgiveness. If you are someone who has faced threats or signed some secrecy agreement, it is time to stand up and tell the truth. Enough of this living in fear and being manipulated by propaganda and lies. What kind of world is being handed down to our children? Set an example. Be brave because fortune favors the brave.))

    Rebecca, this is an admirable approach and I am so happy you are back at it and I wish you the best of luck in trying to get these creatures to “fess up”. Alas, I think it’s futile effort as I doubt we are dealing with anyone who is any longer considered human. But I more then appreciate your effort and pray these things see the light.

    The problem I see is that ‘fortune’ has already favored the cowardly.

    But, this is the world in which we presently exist…..souls are sold for gold.

  10. Pingback: Newtown, CT Resident: Questioning the Sandy Hook Narrative — Mind-Boggling “Coincidences” Connect Mafia-Like Ties Within Key Town Positions – Truth Comes to Light
  11. Guess who rushed to Sandy Hook for a quicky Memorial Service and to shed fake tears. Five minutes after that he was laughing his head off while posing for photos with ”dead” kids in a back room. Witnesses said he specifically called out certain kids names to be in the photo op.

    None other than, you guessed it…….Barack Obama.



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