Patrick McShay, Will COVID-19 or Social Justice Warrior Athletes Torpedo the NFL and NBA Seasons?

Patrick McShay

[Editor’s note: Even George Floyd’s death appears to have been faked. Check out “How to Spot a False Flag (Part 2)” for the proof. (Start at 1:11:11.) The nation has been turned upside down by a staged event designed to aggravate race relations in the USA–which succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and has even affected the NBA and the NFL.]

“In a culture so obsessed with identity politics
is it the players or the owners and coaches (or
both) who do not “look like America”?

— Victor Davis Hanson, Writer and Historian

“The simple step of a courageous individual is not
to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs
the world”

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian Novelist, Philosopher
and Historian

In the wake of the George Floyd killing at the hands of officers from the Minneapolis Police Department, team owners and current and former professional athletes from around the country have weighed in on the death, how the various leagues would respond to that death, and showing their support for a “Black Lives Matter” movement that most of them know very little about!

US Senator Kelly Loeffler, the co-owner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream, addressing a plan by the WNBA to honor “Black Lives Matter”, said she could not support the group which she called a “Marxist entity that threatens to destroy America”.

Loeffler went on: “There’s a big difference between the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the organization – Of course the life of every African American life matters, we have to root out racism where it exists.” For those reasonable and rational words Loeffler was called a racist by players on her own team.

A number of top WNBA stars came forward and urged the league to force Loeffler to sell her ownership of the Atlanta franchise, a la Donald Sterling, the infamous Los Angeles Clipper’s racist owner forced to sell his team by the NBA, which she says she would fight. The comparison to the Sterling case was just laughable!

These athletes, as well as the majority of protesters, believe Black Lives Matter to be a moral and righteous movement working for positive change and devoid of political chicanery, but nothing could be further from the truth. BLM was founded by Marxist activists Patrice Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi in 2013.

Cullors has admitted that she and Garza are trained Marxists and political activists. One of BLM’s stated goals from their website is to “disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure”, an old Communist tactic used by Stalin in Russia to tear apart families.

They are being helped by an American school system which is dumbing down our children with “Common Core” teaching methods, teaching fake history, sexualizing children at younger ages every year, and churning out liberal, ignorant, intolerant, gender fluid, know-it-alls that hate their country, their President, and their parents.

Black Lives Matter is a violent openly racist, anti-White, anti-Semitic, and anti-Capitalist movement that embraces the White and Jew-hating Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Peter Hasson with the reported that former NFL player and Fox Sports personality Shannon Sharpe and George Floyd’s BFF Stephen Jackson, a former NBA player both have ties to Farrakhan.

Sharpe believes most White people are racists and just don’t know it yet. The liars on the left like Sharpe will call Trump a racist, try to falsely link him with racist groups and call him a White Nationalist, yet, it is Sharpe who is actually associated with a known racist and notorious anti-White and anti-Semitic hate group. Stephen Jackson calls Farrakhan his “Leader” and promotes his racist views on social media. This would be the equivalent of Trump partying with the Grand Dragon of the KKK!  So just who are the racists?

It’s puzzling how the death of George Floyd has changed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s stance on protests, but it has. Goodell announced a reversal of the NFL’s stance on player protests set down in 2018. It was during the 2017 season that Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem to protest police brutality and started a controversy that has continued to divide the country ever since.

Kaepernick also supports illegal immigrants and says “he can’t show pride in a flag for a country that doesn’t support Black people and people of color”. That’s ridiculous! There is no systemic racism in this country, there are more opportunities for Blacks and people of color than ever before!  Apparently, Mr. Kaepernick hasn’t heard of Affirmative Action or the fact that test standards for police departments, fire departments, and civil service exams were lowered decades ago to ensure diversity and inclusivity.

So, to be clear, these same people who lie about Trump being a racist and don’t mention that Trump has already done more for people of color than Obama did in 8 years, associate themselves with racist hate groups like Farrakhan’s “Nation of Islam” and the George Soros funded “Black Lives Matter”, or seek counsel in rabid racists and anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and George Soros. Are we to believe they aren’t racists?

After the initial protest by Kaepernick in 2016, players on other teams started kneeling, and pretty soon the president got involved, criticizing the form of the protests. Fans took sides and it wasn’t long before it started affecting the crowds in the stadiums and TV ratings started tanking. One must wonder now if the whole thing was planned just like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation planned the COVID-19 Hoax.

The nervous owners implemented new rules on protests for the 2018 season but the damage was done as they watched thinner crowds and lower ratings throughout 2018 and most of 2019. Despite the drop, NFL games still had 41 of the top 50 telecasts in 2019, which shows how important NFL Football is to millions of people. The owners had big hopes that 2020 would be a rebound year, and the players want to put social justice memes on their helmets and jerseys. Do you think they’re getting nervous again? Hmm…

After Kaepernick’s first kneel down, I thought that the protests would continue in 2017 and suspected that angry fan backlash would start hurting attendance and TV ratings.  In my article, “NFL Players Are Strangling The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg”, I wrote the following:

“Black players makeup about 70% of the athletes in the league. The big problem and what these players didn’t think through is that the percentage of white people who pay small fortunes for the expensive stadium suites, high-priced tickets, merchandise, $8 dollar hot dogs and $10 beers is about 80%. Just who did these guys think their fans were? That should scare the hell out of the owners who not long ago thought they had a product that was impervious to these kinds of problems. What the owners should worry about is what that 80% could dwindle too.”

Drew Brees was recently attacked by his own teammates after making a statement of unity and support for the anthem and the flag. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has apologized to players for not listening to them about racism. While every senseless death is tragic, why would the killing of George Floyd change his mind?

For some context, as of June 30th, 2020, the number of people who have been killed by police is 506. 105 of them were Black. Last year police killed 10 unarmed Blacks and 25 unarmed Whites. Today in America Blacks are 10x more likely to attack a White person than the other way around, 8.5x more likely to commit murder than whites, 3x as likely to be involved in criminal activity, and every year American police kill around twice as many White people as Blacks.

These statistics seem to have gotten lost during all of the hostile anti-White rhetoric coming from the left. If there is systemic racism against Blacks, why are people who say “All Lives Matter being fired? ” Do government statistics matter?

To watch, click here:

George Floyd was a convicted felon with a long arrest record who was involved in the violent home invasion of a young pregnant woman. She testified that it was George Floyd who pushed her back into her home and pressed his gun to her belly. She said when she screamed he hit her on the head with his gun and threatened to kill her if she screamed again.

I never did hear Stephen Jackson talk about his “Twin” George Floyd’s violent home invasion but I did hear him call Floyd a “Gentle Giant”. As of June 30th, the Go-Fund-Me account set up for Floyd has received over $13 million from 125 countries.

*What about George Floyd’s death could have possibly changed Commissioner Goodell’s mind about player protests? Has Mr. Goodell met
with “Black Lives Matter”?

One thing Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and anyone else at ESPN aren’t talking about is the fact that George Floyd didn’t die from strangulation or traumatic asphyxia as the media has falsely led them to believe.

According to Paul Craig Roberts the medical examiner’s report, completely ignored by the media, showed that George Floyd died from a Fentanyl overdose. Why is the media not reporting this?

Skip Bayless co-hosts the morning sports show “Undisputed” with Shannon Sharpe who is suffering with a terminal case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and as you can imagine It’s like CNN in sneakers every morning! As a follower of Farrakhan Sharpe is quick to point out the racists to Skip and their viewers every day, I’m sure they’re sick of it! Bayless typically shrugs and defers to Sharpe as though as a white man he’s not qualified to weigh in with an opinion.

Like the falling ratings in recent years for the Emmys and the Academy Awards, politics are killing sports shows. ESPN’s ratings are at all-time lows and Stephen A. Smith’s once popular “First Take” had recent audiences of just 200k viewers.

Racist former NBA player Chris Bosch recently complained that playing in Bankers Life Fieldhouse in front of Indiana Pacers fans was like being at “A Trump rally”. He went on to say that most of the rest of the stadiums were the same, and lamented that NBA tickets are too expensive for lower-income Blacks. It makes you wonder if the rest of the Black players loathe the sight of their White fans as much Mr Bosch.

Someone should remind the ignorant Mr. Bosch that it is those White fans that enable these ridiculously inflated salaries in the NBA and now these fans find that they are making these rich, spoiled and clueless social justice warriors uncomfortable? Really? How did we get here and just who are the racists?

The Obamas were in office for 8 years and did more to damage race relations in this country than any first couple in a long time. The Kenyon mocked Christians and described them as “bitter” and “clinging to their guns and Bibles” and Michelle Obama made a statement in 2008 that shocked a lot of people when she said, “For the first time in my life I’m proud of my country!” Hmm…

The truth is, Michelle Obama doesn’t like White people very much and she wrote all about it in her senior thesis at Princeton. In it she weighs the ramifications and fears of “integration and assimilation into White society.” She whines that university resources were benefiting white students and “ignoring the needs of the Black students”.

David P. Goldman wrote of her thesis conclusions:

“She is too bitter at the hopelessness of lower-class blacks to assimilate, but too attracted to money and privilege to reject white society. She hates the white institutions that made her prosperous, not only because they cannot solve the problems of the black lower class, but even more so because they made her feel guilty about her own success.”

Michelle has written that she “felt the shadow of Affirmative Action during her time at Princeton”. The great Lew Rockwell called her thesis “a stunning indictment of Affirmative Action and a cry for help by someone whose grades and SAT scores didn’t qualify her for entry to an Ivy League school”.

*Didn’t Affirmative Action make Black lives better?

With leaders like the Obamas maybe we should have seen this coming. Liberal governors are releasing violent criminals by the thousands as I write this and prosecutors put in office with millions of dollars from George Soros are refusing to charge felony offenders. Soros has just pledged an additional $200 million to Black Lives Matter and other so-called social justice groups, much of which no doubt goes to the violent faction of the group, in addition to the $100 million he’d already given BLM and Antifa.

Matt Agorist reported in 2016 that Leaked documents from Soros’ progressive “Open Society Foundation” reveal that Soros, in association with the Obama administration, was planning to create a federal police force. The plan was called, “Police Reform: How to take advantage of the crisis of the moment and drive long-term institutional change in police-community practice.”

The 2016 document says they were looking for different ways to capitalize on police killings to create a national movement to implement their agenda. Hmm…

That was the same year of Colin Kaepernick’s first protest over police killings that started a national movement that helped to implement Soros’ agenda.

Maybe the George Floyd psyop was the trigger that would move their national movement to Phase two. What do you think?


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9 thoughts on “Patrick McShay, Will COVID-19 or Social Justice Warrior Athletes Torpedo the NFL and NBA Seasons?”

    1. An expanded version…with players all TAKING A KNEE. Where are the fans? Where’s the respect for the country that gave these hypocrites the lifestyle they enjoy. Best I can tell, baseball and other sports are finished as long as this despicable behavior continues. I might add, it may be best to stop using a girlie boy to throw out the first pitch, eh?

  1. Both leagues will implode under the two psych ops – CONvid and George Floyd Social Justice. Even NASCAR and MLB will be hurt by their kowtowing to cancel culture. These black players must be too stupid to realize the hypocrisy of their words. They rail against racist whitey but continue to work for said whitey, to date and marry white females, and to live in predominately white neighborhoods. Chris Bosch lamented ticket prices were too expensive for low income blacks. Newsflash for the patronizing Mr. Bosch: ticket prices are too high for white people too. Not all blacks are poor nor are all whites rich. Astronomical ticket prices have pushed a large percentage of working and middle class fans regardless of race out of the market. As for Farrakhan being this Jackson guy’s leader, just what does Farrakhan lead? Can the Nation of Islam point to anything they’ve done in the past 20 years that has directly improved lives of the black masses or even just their followers? Where is the Nation of Islam in Chicago, the murder capital of the US? Remember the Guardian Angels who patrolled NYC subways? The NOI could do a similar service in violence-ravaged cities like Chicago. Both CONvid and George Floyd are two of the most successful psych ops the powers that be will ever engineer. They appear to be all that is needed to cement the New World Order that was in the works decades ago.

  2. I could not have put it any better than Pat here. I grew up outside Baltimore and loved my Orioles. I moved west long before their amazing Camden Yards was built. When the Rockies started playing baseball at the old mile high stadium shared with the Broncos, I guided trips from a hundred miles away to see them play. And later when they moved to beautiful Coors Field. Then the millionaires went on strike and destroyed the fans desire to see spoiled brats play a game after they came back the following year… It took years for fans to come back in any numbers.

    What Coors Field did for Denver was remarkable. Built in area of shuttered warehouses with a scary skid row kind of feel, the place was reborn with anchor businesses like Jackson’s Sports Bar to the south and the Breckenridge Brewery on the north. The new clubs and restaurants sprang from the ashes of the old and radiated out like a web east and south after the Nuggets and Avalanche teams built their new arena Pepsi Center. New high rise apartments sprang up and it became a desirable and safe place to live.

    Last summer I saw a small change that was a harbinger of new decay for a very vibrant area. A childhood friend from Baltimore cam out to see the Rolling Stones play at the new Broncos Stadium with his daughter. We made a plan to attend a Rockies game and met a few blocks south of the Stadium in the heart of the bar district. Several homeless people showed up pan handling us. I had not experienced that before in this area.

    You should see what’s happened in just a couple years of Jared Polis at Colorado’s helm. He allowed the State Capitol to be vandalized and boarded up. The idea this could not have been stopped is ludicris. Now we have the LA effect of homeless tent camping on streets. I heard talk of a homeless camp being built at the western stock show grounds, wow that will be great for tourism. The fat little gay tyrant decreed all bars have to stop serving at 10pm. This will further devastate tourism and the bar sector. I smell another lockdown coming from Polis and he decreed mask wearing indoors for the forseeable future.

    I am personally boycotting all virtue signaling and kneeling sports and their stars. How about you?

    1. dK…Great story! .I stopped supporting sports when the Dodgers left Ebbets Field…that indicate my age, eh?
      Even as a child, I could see the direction in which baseball and other sports were going….all about $$$. There was nothing like a Brooklyn Dodger fan….I swear, if presented with the opportunity, the fans would have paid the Brooklyn Dodgers salaries.

      1. Thanks Will. After becoming a bit overwhelmed by what’s happening, I started watching a few of “Missing CanAm 411” videos and was intrigued by one of his youtube posts that had 2500 comments. And how many people have had similar six sense experiences of being suddenly terrified something bad was about to happen. I was once in a grocery store checkout line about 30 years ago. And got the sudden urge to get the fuck out of there for no apparent reason. I left my cart right there in line and bolted outside. My car had drifted out of park and collided into an Asian Indian man’s ride. He was irate.

        Check out these strange disappearances happening world wide and for a long time. So many people found dead with no shoes on. Distances traveled make no sense, especially the children making it impossible distances over mountains, sometimes found alive. So many autopsies with no known cause of death. Lots of incredibly fit people disappearing and after exhaustive searches are found dead in a area already scoured by search teams much much later. One case exactly like this happened near here. Logical explanations are not cutting it. Check out this former police detective’s quest to figure it out

  3. The hubris behind these athletes taking a knee against the very nation that has provided them with a lifestyle very few of us are able to experience is just outrageous. How many of these sports figures make ridiculous amounts of money? If black lives do not matter, how do they reconcile this dichotomy?


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