One thought on “Patricia N. Saffran, The Now Defunct Washington Redskins’ Logo Honors Famous Native American Chiefs”

  1. Soon to be a big story: Bridge fire and train derailment in Tempe Arizona
    There are no details at this time, but it appears someone lit the bridge on fire and a train could not stop on time, went over it, and derailed when half way across. This is rumored to be an ANTIFA action.

    IF this is an ANTIFA action, screw the UN and send in the troops, round up these treasonous bastardz and hang them all. Guaranteed that will bring all this wanton destructiveness (geared to further divide bring this country down) to an immediate end. No amount of Soros money will bring them back to life. AND, very few tears will be shed….nor regrets rendered.

    DO IT NOW while we have something left to rebuild.


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