OPERATION COVID-19: The 3 Central Pillars of the Plandemic Platform Have Been Cracked

State of the Nation

The Global COVID-19 Criminal Conspiracy Runs Very Deep and Very Broad…

…and Begins in the United Kingdom as do Most
Plots that Undermine the American Republic  

Since January of 2020 the whole world has witnessed the ruthless execution of an incomparable plan to lock down the planet.

Also known as the Plandemic, this extremely brash scheme has been carried out worldwide with extraordinary recklessness and desperation.  In so doing, the perpetrators have triggered a HUGE backlash.

This backlash has manifested is several ways.  The most significant of these is that people everywhere are fervently investigating this international crime scene like none before.

Not only are many people indignant about mandatory masks for the healthy and forced quarantines for the uninfected, myriad livelihoods have been stolen around the globe.  Hence, folks everywhere want to know everything they can about this devastating international criminal conspiracy.  And they want to know right now!

In the process of investigating this fundamentally Zio-Anglo-American black operation, it has become clear to numerous researchers that there are three main pillars of the OPERATION COVID-19 in the United States.  Without those 3 pillars firmly in place, the platform would have collapsed before THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC crime wave ever got going.

THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC: Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud
Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

To date, there have been two massive crime waves that have washed over the Earth.  Those who are in the know are well aware that it is the third crime wave coming in October that will be a global tidal wave of truly epic proportions if it’s not exposed.  Toward that end, the major components of the first crime wave have been explained as follows.

I. Rockefeller Master Plan

First, there was the now infamous Rockefeller Master Plan as described in the following penetrating analysis.


What follows is a play-by-play breakdown of the “Rockefeller Lockstep 2010” as it has been stealthily implemented since January of 2020.  This investigation shows the Rockefeller Master Plan actually began in 2008 as demonstrated by the meticulous execution of the initial phases of the project.

Rockefeller Lockstep 2010 was Blueprint for 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s of paramount importance to understand that the Rockefeller Master Plan had its origin in the United Kingdom.  The long-term strategy (and funding) for this type of highly complex and convoluted scheme always starts in London just as the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic did.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London concocted the highly flawed coronavirus model that served as the basis to lock down the world.

II. Imperial College London Psyop

Next, we come to the integral role of the Imperial College London and their frontman Professor Neil Ferguson.

Just like Dr. Fauci was set up over 36 years to be the American point man for the CORONAhoax, Ferguson has been at the forefront of epidemic and pandemic modeling over decades.

In point of fact, it was Prof. Ferguson who was directly responsible for predicting 2.2 million U.S. deaths, which he did prior to the initial American coronavirus clusters.  As follows:

Why did the Imperial College of London use totally fake models to predict
over 2.2 million American deaths?!

In the aftermath of Ferguson’s BIG fail, his bosses quite cunningly arranged for his expeditious departure in order to short circuit any demands for a deeper investigation.  All it takes is one high-profile fall guy to terminate what should have been an international criminal probe into his sources and methods as well as other serious transgressions.

Nevertheless, a tremendous amount of damage was already done to the United States, as well as to the world community of nations.  The extreme over-reaction by governments and corporations everywhere essentially triggered the Second Great Depression.

The British Academic and Research Establishment has often been used in this manner to mislead the world into various calamitous predicaments over the centuries.  Oxford, Cambridge and the Imperial College are staffed by British Deep State-directed professors and researchers who will publish any study that’s necessary to push a globalist narrative or promote the New World Order agenda.

It’s now clear that, in Neil Ferguson, did his masters find the ultimate COVID-19 disinfo agent. See: Mr. COVID-19 Neil Ferguson: Who really is this British disinfo agent?

KEY POINT: In an effort to quickly remove the Imperial College coronavirus modeling catastrophe, Prof. Ferguson was ignominiously fired from his job after knowingly being set up with a honeytrap.  This is how the COVID-19 perps immediately eliminated such a radioactive issue: they identify the patsy or stooge and take them off the world stage with an apparent cause.  Once Ferguson was taken out, the Imperial College was let off the hook for making the “Mistake of the Millennium”.  And, then, the fake modeling disaster was disappeared from the mainstream media altogether.

III. CDC Data Manipulation

The Center for Disease Control has been at the very center of this massive governmental conspiracy to deceive the American people.  Of course, the CDC does that with phony experts, fake science, fictional studies, fudged data, false info, fraudulent methodologies, fabricated predictions, fallacious reports and fictitious narratives.  Everything the CDC does is fantastically wrong because it’s really the product of fanciful Big Pharma.

It has already been proven conclusively that the CDC has been data massaging the numbers since the very beginning of this manufactured pandemic.  One medical investigative journalist even penned a piece titled: Huge COVID case-counting deception at the CDC.

The CDC set the American stage of the CORONAhoax by permitting an extremely liberal interpretation of the official cause of COVID deaths throughout the USA.  The attending physician has been allowed to speculate that COVID-19 was the cause of death even though it may not have been.  This dubious procedure alone is not only unprecedented, it has resulted in mortality rates that are way overblown…which are then handed to the mainstream media to use in their daily coronavirus scare-mongering. See: CDC Guidelines Permit COVID-19 Death Classifications that Are Speculative (Video)

Here’s another reason why COVID-19 infection rates are being dramatically overstated.

The Medicare reimbursement is $13,000
for Covid-19 admissions to the Hospital;
and if those Covid-19 patients receive ventilator treatment, the reimbursement
is $39,000[1]

All of these unparalleled policies and procedures have been carried out with the approval of the CDC in spite of the gross inaccuracies and incorrect assumptions.  However, the Trump administration has since appropriately reacted with grave concern. See: Trump administration shifts control of coronavirus hospital data from CDC to HHS

Nevertheless, the CDC appears determined to continue to fix the COVID-19 numbers so that they are heavily skewed toward an ever-burgeoning pandemic.  Many researchers are now asking: Why is the CDC planning for such a HUGE death toll this Fall?

There’s no question that the CDC has unscrupulously played a key part in this Plandemic.  Even the Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force exclaimed that “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust”.

Mandatory Vaccine Scam

Just where is THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC leading to?

Answer: To fabricating a national climate whereby a mandatory vaccination becomes the law of the land, with no exemptions — medical or religious — issued to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

So, even though the CDC has been outright lying all the way through this Plandemic – from March 11 until today – inflating all the case numbers and death statistics, which were also inflated by the hospitals, there are many in government determined to make a coronavirus vaccine compulsory.

Even though any mandatory vaccination program would be based on so much patently false data, the Deep State seems hellbent to push draconian vaccine legislation through the U.S. Congress.

Of course, the entire scheme rested on the obviously false predictions made by the Imperial College in February 2020.

The upshot of this conspiratorial plot is that profoundly untrustworthy characters such as Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are avidly promoting an unproven, toxic and unsafe vaccine as a prophylactic treatment for a coronavirus disease that’s not even yet well understood. See: FAUCI ADMITS VACCINES TAKE 7 YEARS TO BE DEVELOPED (Video)

Why would anyone take such a risky vaccine, especially in light of the fact that over $4.2 billion has been awarded by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program as of October, 2019.  Countless individuals have already suffered from and been compensated for this form of medical rape.

MANDATORY VACCINES: Nothing Short of Medical Rape
and First Degree Felony

What Big Pharma and their Deep State co-conspirators have failed to realize is that both the Health Freedom and Anti-Vax movements have grown immensely over the past few years.  These fierce health advocates, especially the Patriots, Conservatives and Christians, know that if Gates gets his way with a mandated microchipped vaccine, the American Republic will be history.  An implantable and digital immunity certificate would also be swiftly denounced by the same folks as the long-feared “Mark of the Beast”.

CAVEAT: Only by understanding the primary pillars of this multi-pronged NWO strategy can each subsequent COVID-19 crime spree be thwarted.  The globalists know that each successive crime wave gets more difficult for them to pull off as people wake up.  Therefore, please post this crucial info everywhere and anywhere—thank you!

State of the Nation
July 19, 2020


[1] Here’s why COVID-19 deaths are being grossly inflated across America! (Video)


BILL GATES: A Menace to Society Who Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide

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38 thoughts on “OPERATION COVID-19: The 3 Central Pillars of the Plandemic Platform Have Been Cracked”

    1. “…the virus is not something from the outside, it’s the bodies reaction to a body out of balance for one reason or another.”

      I appreciate your posting this. However, I think that the phrase “the virus is not something from the outside” begs the question ‘what does the term “virus” mean?’

      I wrote an extensive comment on this video with Sophia Smallstorm in the “Coronavirus” thread I started over at

      (Will, I understand that your background is that of an accountant and I have an off-topic question I need to ask someone who knows the precise GASB definition of “gross receipts” as I am protesting to my state comptroller/treasurer regarding the theft involved in retail sales transactions involving theft of the customer’s coin change based on the purported coin shortage. I know you cannot answer here but maybe you could slip me a link.)

      1. Dachsie…You have a wonderful memory. Actually, I have a vague memory of mentioning I was in accounting. Unfortunately, it was too many years ago and not on a level that would be of any assistance in your matter. BUT, it is a very interesting inquiry. In my area, we receive our electric from a company called Suwannee Valley Electric Co-op. On their invoices, ’rounding up’ is the normal process….they call it “operation round up”. My usage amounted to $49.51 and was rounded up to 50.00. I rarely question my bill, as it’s normally so low, it’s not worth the time. Of that $50, $25 is a service charge. But is it a curious procedure. I wonder how many other companies do that. I have yet to be a victim of this coin shortage nonsense, so I have yet any need to confront it. I would love to know what you find out.
        Meanwhile, I am watching that first vid with Kennedy and Mikovitz.

      2. I might add, since I have yet to encounter not receiving the correct change from a cashier, shall I assume that if your charge is let us say, $5.35 and you hand them $6, you cannot expect change? Suppose the charge is $5.35 and you hand them $5….is the $.35 forgotten?
        There is more to this than meets the eye and you are wise to investigate this insanity.
        Something stinks.

      3. “$5.35 and you hand them $6, you cannot expect change?

        Right, you cannot expect your coin change.

        Suppose the charge is $5.35 and you hand them $5….is the $.35 forgotten?”
        No, you have to hand them another bill and still not expect to receive your coin change.


        The store gets to keep the coin change they steal from their cash customers. For big stores, that amounts to a whole lot of money. Like tens of thousands of dollars each month. I fired off a strong letter to our state officials that it looked like our state tax collection agency /state comptroller was participating in a fraud transaction by keeping the money.

        This is wrong in every way. I would note that it is wrong in the same basic way that the plandemic is wrong. In one case our governemnt accepts the CDC and officials’ data and predictions and base law and policy on that. In another case our government accepts that there is in fact “a coin shortage” and allows whatever stores that want to not give coin change.

        We have to find clever ways to just say no right now to all the many totalitarian scams being run on us now. We have to take small actions to JUST SAY NO

        Here is a tip I can give if you want to not wear a mask in a store.

        Just say these words – no more, no less.

        “I have a medical condition and disability that prevents me from wearing a face mask.”

        Do not do this in a restaurant store as some masked mugger may poison your food.

      4. I tried that at Paneras and they still refused to serve me. I called the ADA and they said as long as Paneras offered you an alternative….drive-thru….you have no case. I recently contacted Paneras and said despite what the ADA said, I was still being discriminated against because I would not wear a mask. In other words, I was not given access to the restaurant in the same way a masked idiot was. I compared it to their having a front door to accommodate a wheelchair, but a bathroom door that would not. I have little doubt the ADA gives a damn and is just going along with the scam. So far, Paneras is the ONLY store I have not been given access to by refusing to wear a mask. Other stores have signs, but I pass right through without a hassle.

      5. Btw, that is an excellent analogy twixt the coins and the fake-demic. But I will say this…IF i go into a business and they decide to keep my change, I WILL just cancel the order (or just return the item for a full refund). and refuse to shop there any longer. We cannot continue with these thousand cuts……it’s absolutely unacceptable.

      6. “as long as Paneras offered you an alternative….drive-thru….you have no case. ”

        I commend you for your action and sharing this information. I do not consider a drive thru and alternative to a seat inside. Paneras’ discriminates against disabled people who don’t have cars.

        Things are quite upside down now. Yesterday the teller at the drive thru credit union overpaid me the cash I was due by twenty dollars. I handed the twenty dollar bill back and said I had counted twice and there was twenty too much. The clerk looked at me on the screen like I was insane and said ‘The machine counts out the cash . Are you sure you want to give this back?” I said yes and just drove off. Honesty does not pay.

        Maybe Paneras and many other companies do not really need income and profit from paying customers. Maybe their income comes from being a symbol of a pro-virus story-operation.

        I still recommend using the sentence when one needs to. If you have a large number of items at checkout and you are informed by the grocery store they don’t have the 57 cents they owe you, the right thing to do is not pay a dime and just walk away, but not without uttering a few choice words. Maybe something like “You mean to tell me that XYC grocery store corporation does not have 57 to pay me my money? Thou shalt not steal. “

  1. RE: Covid-19

    I strongly suggest listening to this podcast in its entirety and spreading it around. It contains a keen analysis of what has already happened, and most important, what is going to happen in the very near future.

    Because most people still believe this insanity is real, time is limited. We are near the final assault against the population.

    Our Interesting Times, Episode 161, 25 July 2020


  2. So glad we have PCR enlightening us as to WHY President Trump
    “has surrounded himself with a government totally opposed to him and to America. Trump has entrapped himself in his own government.” The reason the president has done this is that he “has no understanding of Washington.”

    How brilliant and helpful was that?

    As for the original posting here,

    OPERATION COVID-19: The 3 Central Pillars of the Plandemic Platform Have Been Cracked”

    I gave up on trying to skim through this and identify what the “3 Central Pillars” are.

    Like all conversations on this subject commentators and authors continually use the referents Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID, Corona, and virus but none have a solid clear definition of what those terms actually mean, their official definition. This State of the Nation article offends in like manner.

    Every time a commentator uses those terms in a conversation they are reinforcing the hoax and driving it deeper into the false understandings of everyone.

    Commenting on and responding to different levels of the official narrative is very helpful in understanding what is true and factual but commentators and writers are obligated to make it clear, up front, that they are responding to those words and terms of the official narrative as delivered to the public in a specific context. ‘If that were true, then we would see this or that or why do we not see what would logically follow from the premise being true.’

    (One thing I liked about Dr. Judy Wood in her 9-11-01 work, she avoided using words and terms that carry a loaded meaning, that is, words that we automatically think implies something specific and colors our ability to objectively evaluate something. She used the phrase “where did the Towers go” to avoid words like “collapse” or “down”. Very good neutral way to present her hypothesis. Another example was “lathering” to describe the appearance of one side of WTC 7. She avoided the word “smoke” which automatically registers in our minds as “fire” and “heat”.)

    We still are not told exactly what a “virus” is or if certain diseases or illnesses or syndromes that carry the label of virus such as “HIV positive” for “AIDS” are actually a “virus”, yet our argumentation is liberally laced with that ambiguity and that weakens our whole thesis or hypothesis.

    1. Well said, Dachsie…I could not agree more. Most, if not all articles include the premise that this ‘virus’ is real and YET, it has never been isolated….and I may be wrong here, but as far as I know, no virus has ever been isolated. And whatever it is, has been connected with something we all have in our systems….so of course most ‘tests’ come back positive. BUT, not for something that is harmful or foreign to our bodies, but something that is a natural part of our immune systems. One has to give these creatures credit for a brilliant plan. Find something we all have, call it a virus and create a vaccine that EVERYONE MUST have. Die from a heart attack with this something we all have and call it a death from that thing. Genius and diabolic. I have yet to see a better explanation than Icke’s first interview with Rose.

      Very true that Judy’s “Where did the Towers Go?” was/is a truly scientific and objective analysis of what could have happened on 9/11. When I first read it, I really believed she had it figured out. Then I read Khalezov’s book and had to put it in second place, But there are phenomena in her explanation that even Khalezov could not reconcile….the toasted cars for example. Dmitri felt they were purposefully done with possibly a blow torch or some such tool. I never bought into that part of his theory. I doubt he did himself.

      1. Yep..Icke pegs it.

        So many are now warning about a looming war with China. Why? What purpose would it serve China? They are already here. It would really be interesting to see how much of this country China owns compared to how much the US owns of China.
        China is just be used as the cover for the NWO’s takeover. They’re that eternal enemy found in 1984.

      2. As I said, China is already here…but it’s not China it’s the NWO…if the following video does not scare the shit out of you, nothing will. If this is the new world or the new America. screw it, I would rather be dead. We had better do something….anything.
        It”s repetitious (for effect, I guess…so just watch half to get the idea)


      3. If viruses are real and the “COVID 19” is a real virus of the “Coronavirus genus or family of viruses or whatever is the correct way to classify them, then all the scientists of the whole world ought to be able to tell us that clearly and objectively, yet they do not. It is all one big vague sea of B S – Bad Science.

        And it is why David Icke and all the other commentators use the term “virus” in a vague unsubstantiated way and just go on setting out their theories from that nonsense foundation in this case.

        This world pandemic was parlayed so successfully because of the fear factor of a mysterious unknown beast entity. That is trauma based mind control.

        The USA system has always been run by greedy oligarchs and their minions who do not care one iota about USA national sovereignty, the Constitution and rule of law, and the common good and rule of law for its citizens.


        For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way.

        2 Thessalonians 2:7

      4. Dachsie….This is the short video for which I have searched a while to find.
        I am almost positive it’s part of the longer video in which he was beeped because of his mention of 5G. This is about a month after his original vid on March 18th in which he accepted this things as a virus. You may notice that in the beginning he talks about how he studied for many hours after that original interview. This part of the vid is all I can find right now. I would imagine they have buried the rest because of his frequent mention of 5G. I’ll do my best to find the remainder, but no guarantee. since it was likely scrubbed.
        I did just find this on his site:


      5. Just found all the Icke vids on Rose’s main channel


        I had not seen the original vid from March 18th or so….my opinions of Icke and covid is based on his video about a month later and then others in June. They are all on that above channel. The one in which his attitude changed drastically follows and I believe (I am still watching it again) this is the one in which 5G was beeped out. if 5G is not mentioned in this video, they may just have re-done the entire thing without the 5G mention.
        I will not know until I finish watching it.

        Unfortunately, to watch that channel, you must subscribe. It cost nothing and you can opt out of any mailings.


      6. OK….Icke starts talking about 5G around 49 minutes…so this is the original and 5G is not beeped out….

    1. March 11, 2020…..”just get the US to accept 15 days of total lockdown and the USA is finished as a free nation”.

      That was it ….the USA was overthrown without a single shot fired.

      Marxism and fear destroy America in one week.

      Will that be the history?

      1. Thank the universe those involved in the American Revolution did not give up so easily.
        Never forget, we still have what is likely a half billion weapons in this country. Myself and many will not go down on our knees.

      2. Good for you Mr. Will!

        Take a look around; you are part of a very very very small percentage that hasn’t caved in.

      3. RS, I hesitated to go to Home Depot today to pick up an order I had made on line. They now have HUGE signs on their doors about the necessity of wearing masks. I walked by a gentleman at the door mumbling something about a mask. I ignored him and proceeded to the service desk to pick up my order (minus any mask, of course). No one said a word and it all went smoothly. I continued through the store checking out other items on my list and eventually left with no problem. I went to Lowes….and although I was told they had a new mask policy, I saw no signs and had no problem in the store without a mask.
        I usually go to Paneras on my trip to Lake City, but with the futility of my last visit, I said the hell with it. I AM in a continuing email thread with them and expect some answers Monday after having sent them volumes of info in regard to the futility of mask wearing AND threatening to sue them for discrimination. Guess we will see where that goes next week. I don’t expect much, since i finally got through to the ADA and they said that as long as they offer an alternative like curbside or drive thru, I have no basis for discrimination. But I believe I do because they are not offering me the same service as someone wearing a mask. I might compare it to their having an entrance door that accommodates a wheelchair, but a bathroom door that does not. THAT would be denying someone in a wheelchair the same facilities as everyone else.

      4. Looks that way to me……

        “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

  3. Trump Enables the Establishment’s Entrapment of Him

    Paul Craig Roberts

    The Hill supports overthrowing Trump and “white America”


    Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice (sic), continues his attack on President Trump who stupidly keeps the traitor in office. Horowitz is the Democrat operative who gave Democrats a pass for their criminal effort to frame President Trump in a fabricated “Russiagate” plot.

    Now this person committed to the destruction of the Trump presidency is investigating the alleged use of force by federal law enforcement personnel against ‘protesters’ in Portland, Ore. and Washington D.C.

    In other words, as local Democrat governments REFUSE to use the police power of the state and local governments to protect property and people from damage from rioters and looters described by presstitutes as “peaceful protesters,” and federal personnel have to be sent in, the media presstitutes turn it into “Trump’s inappropriate use of force.”

    Trump should fire Horowitz immediately. He should have fired the piece of excrement years ago. He should fire the idiot in the Department of Homeland Security that Horowitz has convinced to work with him in this new conspiracy against Trump.

    As I wrote years ago, Trump has no understanding of Washington and has surrounded himself with a government totally opposed to him and to America. Trump has entrapped himself in his own governemnt.

    You need to understand that the official position of the ruling establishment is that white America is evil and must be overthrown. This, of course, clears us out of the way for their rule. What are deceptively called “peaceful protests” are revolutionary acts, the purpose of which is to leave white people and their property undefended and violated.

    As Trump has stepped in to defend what state and local Democrats refuse to defend, the establishment has its whores in the media present Trump as evil for being in the way of the revolution called “peaceful protest,” and Trump sits there and allows his own government to investigate him.

    Insouciant Americans need to wake up and to understand that Trump has presidential appointments in his Department of Justice and his Department of Homeland security who are investigating him for maintaining law and order in the United States. He has an Attorney General that he appointed and a director of Homeland Secrity that he appointed who have not fired the operatives who have announced their investigation of Trump for acting to uphold law and order in the United States.

    Clearly, there is no hope for America.

    1. I refuse to agree there is no hope for America. Find a way to retake the media and RE-INSTATE THE SMITH -MUNDT ACT. That is the key to it all. WHY this has not been attempted with a simple EO is beyond my understanding. Maybe someone like Dr. Fetzer can clear my befuddlement.

      1. John Bolten…. why would Trump hire a stooge like that if he was trying to drain the swamp. It’s like putting back one of the biggest swamp monsters.

      2. OIC…John Bolton…..Did not see him in the story, so I was thrown off course. Well, at least he did eventually can that Zionist punk.
        I guess one could say it’s that strategy of keeping friends close and enemies closer. Who knows with Trump…few can figure the guy out.

  4. After watching that debate, I am now convinced that Dershowitz is even a bigger monster that I could possibly have imagined. RFK Jr. got him to show his true colors…

  5. Nothing will change until powerful people in the media or politics act on this information. Its been this way since forever.

    One good sign was that Dr. Fauci was not invited to Trump’s live Press Report this week.

    1. Hey Will. I love what RFK Junior is doing, however…he is insanely difficult to understand and tolerate for very long. He reminds me of katherine Hepburn in her old age. What affliction does he suffer from? He needs his debates and interviews transcribed. Then I would read them.

      1. Spasmodic dysphonia…It takes an amazing amount of courage to overcome his infliction. After listening to him so many times, it becomes easier to understand him. Just takes patience.

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