Michelle Malkin, Get Up Off Your Knees!

Dear law-abiding Americans,


You have done nothing wrong.


Being white is not a crime. Being a Trump voter is not a crime. Being a police officer sworn to “protect and serve” every day is not a crime. Being a non-white police officer proud to uphold and enforce law and order is not a crime. Being a black or brown or yellow American who rejects excuse-making for criminals is not a crime.


Rejecting collective guilt is not a crime. Refusing to acknowledge “white privilege” when you were born poor, or in a broken home, or with physical or psychological challenges, is not a crime. Embracing the historic American nation, instead of erasing it, is not a crime.



Enforcing your private property rights is not a crime. Teaching your wife and children to use a gun in self-defense is not a crime. Owning an AR-15 or two is not a crime.


Do not let the media, Hollywood, academics, or politicians gaslight you. Stop internalizing lies. Who are the criminals? Who are the heroes? Who are the makers and keepers of peace? Who are the sowers and reapers of hate?


The Proud Boys who have guarded their communities and country for the past three years, were lone citizen soldiers in the battle against Antifa that no one else on the ground wanted to fight. The group and its leader, Gavin McInnes, have suffered greatly for trying to stop the violence now raging nationwide. McInnes has been deplatformed everywhere and falsely labeled a “white supremacist.” Scores of Proud Boys of all colors have lost their jobs after being doxxed by Antifa vigilantes. Two Proud Boys are in prisonrailroaded by New York Democrats, after a Kafkaesque trial in which the cop-hating Antifa “victims” who lured the Proud Boys into an October 2018 street brawl refused to press charges or testify.


Their crime? These unapologetic Americans stood on their feet, not on their knees.


Journalists and photographers who documented Antifa violence for the past three years, such as Andy NgoChelly Bouferrache, and Brandon Brown in Portland, Oregon, have endured physical assaults, death threats, and harassment. Many others have gone into hiding and suffer in silence.


Their crime? Exposing Antifa anarchy, standing eye to eye against their assailants, on their feet, not on their knees.


Working-class Irish, German, and Polish-American men of Fishtown, a northeast Philadelphia suburb, came together this week to prevent their neighborhood from being pillaged and burned in the name of “social justice” like the rest of the City of Brotherly Riots. They banded together outside the 26th police precinct, armed with bats and golf clubs, and faced down Black Lives Matter protesters who were there to taunt and provoke the cops.


Turn off CNN and tune into the facts on the ground. At least 25 Philadelphia cops have been hurt during mob violence this week. It’s an all-out war on the thin blue line. At least 150 cops have been assaulted — four nearly murdered — in New York City as of Tuesday afternoon. Two Buffalo, N.Y., LEOs were run over late Monday night. In addition, fifty-one members of the U.S. Park Police were injured, a Cincinnati cop grazed by a bullet aimed at his head, 4 St. Louis officers shot, one retired St. Louis police captain killed, a Las Vegas Metro cop shot, and a federal officer shot and killed in Oakland—all in the name of peace, tolerance, and reparations.


Yet, against this bloody and retributive backdrop, Democrat leaders in Philadelphia who have coddled looters all week condemned the peacekeeping Fishtown Brigade as a “mob” of “vigilantes.”

Their crime? Standing tall on their feet, not on their knees.


Scot Mendelson, a world record-holding powerlifter, protected his southern California gym on Monday afternoon. “If you’re going to destroy something that somebody worked so hard to build, well, you know what, maybe you should be put down,” he told Fox 11 Los Angeles. “You walk through my door, you threaten my life, I’m aiming for the head.”


Mendelson’s crime? Standing muscle-bound and honor-bound on his feet, not on his knees.


Proud and good people hold their chins and guns up in a crisis. It is how Korean grocers responded when the police abandoned them during the Los Angeles riots in 1992. It is how armed small business owners of all colors are now facing an onslaught of crazed, greedy, and evil barbarians hell-bent on destroying every enforcement bulwark that protects our civil society–from our borders to our neighborhoods to the White House.


Weakness is not strength. Confessing sins for which you bear no guilt is not noble. It makes me sick to my stomach to see virtue-signaling police chiefs kneeling before barking rioters calling them “pigs.” I am nauseated by the sight of sobbing white people groveling for forgiveness before sadistic Black Lives Matter demagogues—as if this will appease the unappeasable. It will not and never will.


America, straighten your spines. Unbow your heads. No home or nation was ever saved by kowtowing to invaders or ransackers. Unless you are praying to God, get up off your knees.


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32 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin, Get Up Off Your Knees!”

  1. Trump may be our only hope. But if that’s true, it is faint hope.

    Because Trump is unmistakably under the influence if not outright control of US Jews.

    Trump’s record advances the Jew World Order. Period.

    The fact that he has exposed the Jew controlled press is probably a function of his ego more than anything else. This is why they don’t trust him—– and want to get rid of him.

    Obama, Hillary, Biden are perfect. Trump is not perfect.

    1. Trump is the bumbler who is helping usher in the SAPS New World Order. A legit president would absolutely be going for the jugular.

    1. Nice clip, that Jew mayor Frey is a kid, the blacks are too stupid to realize the only people with privilege are Jews, doubt any of them eve know he is a Jew, they probably think he is a White man. Would like to see them tear him limb from limb, he was in a crowd of chimps there with no body guards that I could see. As for their call to disband the police, I am all for that, disband the government too lets have total anarchy, I am up for that, we can all carry guns and defend ourselves, just as man has done for all time up to about the last 100 years. Cops kill more of than the do Dindus, we don’t need stinking cops.
      No more tickets, no more courts, every man for himself. We would be free to eliminate those that are hostile and alien to us, for if we did not, we would fall victim to their desires towards us,. Love to see them force the governments to disband police. When that happens, the Jew lose their mercinary force over us, they lose all power over us, bring it on.

  2. Dear Mr. Fetzer
    I listen to your TVNI show every week. Every so often I want to read some of the stories that you labouriosly have digged up to share with us. I don’t understand that since you have made so much effort in digging it up, that you don’t compile all the URL’s to the stories, on a single page, like Kevin Barrett does on his FFWN-shows. However, I understand that it would be time-consuming for you to do that, and that might be the reason you don’t do it. That is why I long ago on Facebook proposed that you team up with a loyal friend — for example Will or Don, and let them compile the list. I suppose they also listen to the show, and they would be keen to help outin this way, I think. For any listeners out there it’s a laborious task to stop the video, write down the title, and then search for it. This week I wrote down these items, which I want to know more about:

    U.S. Presidenta and their wars

    Trump leads Biden in the States he won in 2016


    Facebook appoints Israeeli censor to oversight board

    And I started today to search for the stories, but this chart about US Presidents and their wars — which I intend to use in my discussions/information-imprint on mainstream media-people — and I can’t find it.

    P.S: You could off cause also write the source of your stories directly on the screen-shots, that make up your shows.

    Yours respectfully

    Niels Larsen

    1. For almost all of those stories, I have shared them with a short list (of about a dozen) with links. But what you should know is that by entering their titles–or even a sentence or two from any of them–they will be located by Google. So I have felt less of an obligation to offer URLs when they can be so very effortlessly tracked. Try it and let me know if you find any case in which I am mistaken and I will most certainly provide you with the link. I appreciate hearing from you. That’s a highly professional query.

          1. One of the few times I would disagree with Dr. Fetzer. I would say the chances are ABSOLUTELY ZERO!

            Yep…all just a coincidence….knees on necks in Minneapolis, Paris and Madrid…all a coincidence. Until we all get up off our arses and demand this shite come to a halt and those responsible receive justice, NOTHING WILL CHANGE and that jackboot will be minutes away. Millions can protest world wide against staged events, yet SO FEW will arise and demand freedom for EVERYONE…not just those of color. They’re laughing at us, friends and not many even know it and realize the JOKE is on US.


  3. Taking a knee is Kapernick’s slogan. It means you refuse allegiance to the United States.

    A christian looks upon it as a sign that the devil has finally gotten what he wants. It was his end game – “worship”

  4. Why does a German outfit have better coverage of today’s protest in Minneapolis than anyone here? This is the speech Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (of the squad) gave to a crowd just minutes ago. She comes up at about minus 1:30 since this live. Advocates for abolishing the police force and what would they replace it with? Great time for Sharia Law isn’t it? Things are unraveling fast with cops on their knees. I think my favorite is the people giving the thumbs up to”protestors” as two large rocks come sailing into break their windows.They yell out through the holes… “but we support you” as another rock comes hurtling toward them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEg7OYnXEQE

    1. Democrat cities across nation want to partially defund police forces. They want to replace them with unarmed, touchy feely
      goo goo snowflakes in uniform….cops that you can hug and kiss. Feel safe now?

  5. This is not only happening in the states mentioned. It’s is very likely happening in every state. The staged rioting has taken our minds off the covid crap, but the changes being initiated WILL NOT GO AWAY. Their plan is brilliant…fear and mis-direction. If parents ALLOW all these changes to take place in regard to their childs education and future, there is NO HOPE. The plan is to send “infected” children to quarantine camps with no visitation and no notification if the children are moved someplace else. How can we possibly permit this to occur? Is the pseudo fear and fake virus created more important than their childs welfare? Will they allow the state ()under NEW laws likely already enacted) to do what they will with any child ……for absolutely NO authentic reason? Have parents lost their minds and connection to their own blood. IF so, this is the end of American society and the beginning of a totalitarian state from which there will be NO RETURN.If you have not the time, just forward to around 21 minutes.
    THIS MUST BE HALTED IN ITS TRACKS NOW! Please send this to all you know who have children. And while you are at it, beg them to STOP vaccinating their children!


  6. Hey Jim I’ll check it out. The New Zealand PM looks like a dude to me. With all that’s going on here, why talk about New Zealand ? The things happening here not offering enough skullduggery? How about this video where ANTIFA is protesting about getting stiffed by Soros! I have a watched it a few times. Someone could have dubbed in another sound track, but perhaps its real. Who the hell knows anymore? all these are super short…
    Check out this video of white women getting “drive by shamed” for removing Black Lies Matter graffiti
    Video of infiltration of Portland based Antifa showing thug training

    1. I am doing DAILY UPDATES on what’s going on here in the US. The Conspiracy Guy offers classic analyses of false flags and conspiracies of the past. It’s like walking and chewing gum at the same time. Check out my Real Deal Reports, of which there are more than 70 EVERY SINGLE DAY on my twitter account at @JimFetzer or alternatively on Bitchute at bitchute.com/channel/Rbtrop3rRlZl/. Check ’em out.

      1. 1200 Doctors sign letter urging the authorities to not halt the protests for fear of spreading the virus. Unless it’s a protest against stay at home orders. Those should definitely be nipped in the bud! Wow! More logic turned on it’s ear. These doctors are trying to turn White Supremacy into a public health crisis. The double talk almost sounds like a story from the Onion. This would be funny however these whackos are dead serious… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kQnG2nORfk

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  8. Bravo to that article. I will kneel to no one. I will not kneel to Antifa….black, white, brown or yellow. I will not kneel to anyone coming to stick me with a poisonous vaccine. I will not kneel and wear a mask. I will not kneel and have my temperature taken to buy food. I will not kneel to be swabbed for some non-existent virus. I will not kneel because I was born white. I will not kneel because I was born rich or poor.
    I have pity for those who kneel, having lost their honor, self-respect and dignity.
    Humility has its place, but NOT under these circumstances and before these wolves hiding their faces behind a mask that signifies violence, dominance and evil.

    1. I could not agree more. That vid that’s going round, showing about 50 White people on their knees before a crowd of blacks, insane, got to be some kind of church group his inclined to kneel and pray, so not a stretch for them to do that before a crowd of blacks. That behavior is not going to get them any respect, it’s stupid, and makes Whites look like a weak bunch of pussies. The more the brainwashed Whites prostate themselves, the more they look like prey, and invite attacks, like those college kids giving thumbs up to a crowd of blacks from their second story windows, only to get their windows smashed by rocks thrown in response. Blacks don’t need Whites to help them protest, and cry crocodile tears from them, or spray paint BLM on walls for them. They don’t want that kind of help, and they don’t need it. Blacks are capable of doing their own protesting, and they can chose to do it peacefully, or violently, and they they can live with consequences for their actions. Not to mention, Floyd was not killed, these events are all staged, the ANTIFA all paid $15 a hour to riot. ANTIFA has been doing this since the blocked roads to stop traffic to Trump rallies, Trump has go to know they tried to prevent him from becoming president, yet, he has never sicked a task force on them for what they did before he was elected, or on is inauguration day, nor any time since. Only now does he want to brand them as terrorists? What about their conduct for the last six years or so. What about Charlottesville? What about Soros? You cannot tell me the FBI is not fully aware ANTIFA is recruited and trained in synagogues by Marxist Jews and funded by Soros. FBI knows, Trump knows, they must all be in on in it. I have been wondering what their goal is by all of this, and I have suspected it is to get Whites do defend themselves with guns, and once they do, National Guard is ordered to go door to door to disarm all Americans, and Trump declares the Second Amendment void. Why, so Jews can feel safer. However, the Covid stay at home order, and now the riots, has caused a lot of Americans to buy guns and ammo such that most guns stores are out of handguns and ammo. Timid people who would never have bought a gun have no bought guns, and many more people will support the Second Amendment now, and never vote for any more attempts by States to limit our Second Amendment, no more voting yes for background checks, or ten round limit on magazines, AR-15s, etc. We should see the existing restrictions in States like California struck down as unconstitutional immediately. Let’s hope the brainwashed masses now understand they need their Second Amendment rights.


    Tomorrow: The New Zealand Shootings: Were they real or a political stunt?

    LIVE STREAMED at jimtheconspiracyguy.com. Taking questions from the chat room.


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