Joe Olson, PE, Remember The A La Mode Review

By Joseph A Olson, PE


Texas officially entered the WuFlu Twilight Zone on March 19, 2020 when the Governor Abbott issued an executive order, closing all businesses, based on questionable CDC driven hysteria.

The impact was uneven, as government workers were granted full pay sick leave and full time employees received state unemployment checks. Private businesses and contract workers had no means of income.

The order was to end on April 3, but was soon extended until May 8 for some, others in limbo, possibly until July. One Texan, Shelley Luther, owner of Salon A La Mode in Plano, could not bare to watch her business die and her 18 employees starve, so she opened a week early. She was met with applause from the public and repression by the government.

Ms Luther was brought before Judge Eric V Moye, in the 14 District Court and ordered to pay a $7,000 fine and spend seven days in jail. Judge Moye is a SMU graduate, got his Harvard Law JD in 1979.

He was appointed to a civil court in 1993 and was elected to district court in 2008. Dallas is infected with democrat politicians and judges, with animosity to freedom loving, non conformists. Dallas mayor, Eric Johnson got a BA from Harvard in History, where there is no moral distinction benveen liberty and tyranny by the worlds past leaders.

He then got a University of Pennsylvania law degree and a Princeton MBA. Here we have two central players that have been sheep-dipped in poison ivy league egalitarianism. The mayor’s statement in the Dallas Morning News,

“I see no value in all the hub-hub over a hair salon. We cannot afford to make martyrs out of those who flout the law. And we can’t send the mixed message that public health guidelines are critical, unless it’s unprofitable for you to follow. That is an affront to those who follow the rules and act responsibly in this incredibly challenging time”

Eric the Red judge offered to waive jail time, if the defendant would apologize for being SELFISH, which she refused. Public outcry was immediate and LOUD. The finger in the wind RINOs rushed into action. Feckless Abbott wrote a strong letter, brave Lieutenant Govemor Patrick offered to pay the fine, and to “self confine” in his Austin mansion for seven days.

Brave Attorney General Paxton wrote a letter. Meanwhile, Luther’s attorney filed an immediate writ of habeas corpus with the state Supreme Court, which issued a release order on May 7, 2002.

Abbott did not seem to have any urgency when two ladies in Larado were arrested for giving Mexican manicures, although he did say they shouldn’t receive the maximum 180 day sentence of his Executive Order. A La Mode forced his hand and he eliminated jail time retroactively.

AG Paxton knew the issues in this case and the likely outcome. Paxton should have been in court with the Texas Rangers on May 5 trial day, or at the Dallas jail on Wednesday morning.

Regardless, Abbott, Patrick and Paxton all claimed victory, but there was no victory for long suffering Texas business owners and unfunded employees. On Saturday, May 9, 2020 there was a Set Texas Free Rally at Dealey Plaza. This was an interesting, and unreported event.

I had attended the InfoWars rally on April 18, and the Open Texas rally April 25, 2020, both in Austin. InfoWars had approximately 300 protestors on a 65 0F misty day, and Open Texas had maybe 200 on a 800F sunny day.

The Dallas rally had maybe 100 on a 700F day. At all three rallies, there were the obligatory open carry clowns, we get it, but not every event is a Second Amendment event. There were nursing moms, families with children and the assortment of fringe groups. Texas Defense Force volunteers were everywhere and in constant radio contact.

Sitting in the shade of the Schoolbook Depository, was an old man in a wheelchair with a small Texas flag on one arm rest, and a Confederate Stars and Bars on the other. One of the first speakers was a Rainbow Collation warrior, who berated humanity for discrimination of gays, Following his diatribe, he proceeded immediately to the old man in the wheelchair and provoked some slurs.

Before any of the major speakers were introduced, this drama queen rushed to security and demanded that the old man be forcibly removed. TDF did not see the urgency of limiting free speech at a freedom rally, and the drama queen, who admitted to many previous encounters with this old man, was told to practice “social distancing”. The next speaker was a Dallas medical doctor, with shocking revelations.

The American Medical Association’s first reaction to this planned hysteria was to demand an increase in foreign HIB visa doctors for the millions of cases and two million American dead hysteria projections. AMA seemed unconcerned that these doctors might be more needed in their third world countries.

Insult followed injury, as the Texas AMA issued orders that NO doctors could prescribe Hydrochloroquine, HCQ as a treatment. When Texas doctors pushed back, the Texas AMA ordered pharmacies to NOT FILL HCQ prescriptions. Further push back allowed prescriptions, but only if accompanied by a diagnosis, a violation of the HIPAA laws.

Next speaker was retired US Army Lieutenant-Colonel, and former US Representative Allen West. He is an ardent defender of Free Speech, Free Assembly, Free Enterprise and Freedom of Religion. The next speaker was state Senator Bob Hall, retired US Army Captain, and graduate Electrical Engineer. My discussions with these great leaders will be in the conclusions of this review.

The featured speaker was Shelley Luther, the now larger than life heroine of Justice. She spoke of her two days in jail and of the helpless young ladies trapped in this Dallas hell hole. The Dallas District Attorney had stated that there would be NO arrests for theft less than $750 and he would begin releasing “non violent” criminals due to the WuFlu threat.

The irony of jailing a non violent business owner is lost on democratic apparatchiks.

Shelley’s bravery had gotten an immediate response and a Go-Fund-Me account quickly passed half a million dollars. She publicly pledged to help the Laredo Nail Ladies, a small beauty school who’s owner and students were devastated and the hapless young ladies trapped in the Dallas penal system.

On Monday, May I I she appeared before the Supreme Court to justify her behavior. But this is more than a story of a beautician and a cast of political puppets. This is a story of decades of medical mafia lies and pharmaceutical extortion of epic proportions.

John D Rockefeller was the original snake oil salesman and created the AMA, FDA, CDC and John Hopkins medicine cult. James Corbett has excellent documentary on this swindle in “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” at

As a casual consumer of medical science information, I was woefully uninformed on the level of deception in the allopathic “germ theory” of disease, or the fraud of vaccines. My article, “Pandemics Are PERSONAL” at explained some of the cofactors that amplified the Spanish Flu of 1918. I then discovered “Vaccines and the Spanish Flu” documentary, and the forced inoculation of all US troops for typhoid, smallpox and yellow fever.

Vaccination is a known risk factor in all infectious disease. The Army claimed life-saving jabs for reducing diseases that did not exist in European trenches. The curious thing is that the family of over a billion different virus were not actually discovered until electron microscopes were able to identify them in 1 93 1 .

The more disgusting facts are that all vaccines are grown in animal, or human fetal cell tissue cultures. There is no way to test, or remove virus that exists in these cultures. Further, virus reproduction adopts some genetic material from its host, so it is constantly mutating. We are shooting at a constantly mutating target with a constantly mutating vaccine. To make matters worse, vaccine adjuncts add toxic Aluminum and Mercury to their voodoo potions.

I reviewed a wide range of internet experts in my Virology crash course, many I now consider hysteria shills. I am loath to support the appeal to authority figures, but several voices have the education, the background and the moral integrity to support.

One of those is Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD Virology and formerly with CDC, NIH, National Cancer Institute, Fort Detrick bio-weapon labs and many more. She sent me an advance eBook copy of her “Plague of Corruption” (image, right) with damning evidence against the medical mafia. I recommend her interview at >

One of my dearest colleagues is Dr James Fetzer, an expert on the JFK assassination and many other false flag events. It was prophetic to stand in the shadow of that tragedy, while staring this extinction event in the face. Dr Fetzer posted this must read article, “Fauci Knew About HCQ in 2005 Nobody Needed to Die” by Bryan Fischer. That article references an Fauci directed NIH study,

“Chloroquine is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread”

When President Trump mentioned successful treatment of thousands of Covid-19 patients with HCQ, our Dr Mengele mini me rushed to the Veterans Administration for a counter HCQ study, see

Outcomes of HCQ Usage in US Veterans with Coronavirus” at

Instead of providing all of our Veterans with the best standard of care, the VA selected 368 patients, divided them into four groups, gave them substandard care and was able to kill up to 28% to give Fauci proof that this was a dangerous drug.

Following the event, the Open Texas organizers gave me one of their

ALL BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL yard signs. Sunday, the Lone Star Flight Museum had a 75 anniversary Victory in Europe fly over with WW Two fighters and bombers. I took my Open Texas sign and made the rounds with the crowds at Cy-Fair high school. One patriot stuffed a S5 in my pocket, so OT, I owe you one.

Several groups included nurses, who all agreed on the CDC deception. One nurse said all the doctors and nurses at here clinic are using HCQ as a proven prophylactic. Quinine is a proven antibacterial, antiviral medication, listed in the Physicians Desk Reference as essential, and has been safely used for hundreds of years.

“Fair Price for Gilead’s Cv-19 Remdesivir” at has one possible reason why the CDC and FDA cabal are pushing their treatment. Treatment with HCQ costs $20 and has a 99% cure rate, while treatment with Remdesivir costs $4,460 with only a 75% cure rate. Monopolies do not benefit from health humans.

The roots of this sedition are far deeper than most can imagine. NASA Future Strategic

Issues conference, in July 2001, is explained by Aaron and Melissa Dykes in “NASA Future Wars 2025 is Already Here” documentary at See below:

NASA stated that we needed trauma based mind control, so much for peaceful exploration. Next, consider these Rockefeller bio-warfare games,

Operation Dark Winter, June 2001

Scenarios for Future Technology, 2010

Clade X Pandemic Simulation, 2018

Event 201, Corona Pandemic, 2019

As a trained structural engineer, I never believed the World Trade Center deception and have invested thousands of hours into solving this crime. I have had six radio interview with Dr Fetzer on this and published “Twin Towers Destroyed by Clean Nukes” at 1 Truth along with “Unequivocal 9/1 1 Nukes” and “Exposing NIST Jenga Game” at Veterans Today.

I discussed the fact that the unpunished terrorists of 9/1 1 had now switched to bioweapons with Rep Allen West and Sen Bob Hall.

Both agreed that the official narrative was impossible, but that there was nothing they could do. Au contrair, we must have hearings on state sponsored terror, including WuFlu before the elitist cram CONTACT MONITORS in every home and haul off ever Patriot with a brain and the courage to speak out.

We must contact every member of our legislature and demand immediate hearings. I attended the Dallas rally because it may be the last Freedom of Assembly event in Texas history. We cannot count on our government, institutional or educational leaders to save us.

About the author: Joseph A Olson, PE: Co-founder of Principia Scientific Intl. and co-author of the ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon – Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ the world’s first full-volume debunk of the greenhouse gas theory. Retired Texan engineer and impassioned science writer, Joe Olson PE is a respected innovative thinker with over 100 major civil engineering and climate-related articles to his name. Olson is famed as a staunch advocate of the traditional English scientific method and combines a wealth of hard-edged industry experience with an insightful and deft writer’s touch to convey complex scientific concepts in a unique literary style.

PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, legally registered in the UK as a company incorporated for charitable purposes. Head Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street,

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6 thoughts on “Joe Olson, PE, Remember The A La Mode Review”

  1. Any nation that would allow TSA Agents to grope your privates at the airport, would allow Federal Contact Agents to call you or come to your house and inspect you for coronavirus. They want your birth date and address and a list of every location you’ve visited recently. Really? Then they have authority to haul you out of your home and take you to a place of isolation for several weeks. A place unknown to your family. Of course all of this nonsense is for your ”protection”. BS.

    Remember in all of history there was only one underwear and shoe bomber [neither bomb worked]. Now millions have to strip for a search at the airport [worldwide] or be x-rayed.

    These Cootie Cops will be in every neighborhood snooping around for anyone with a fever or so-called ”exposure”. Next thing you’ll be sitting in a FEMA camp wondering if a place called the USA really exists or has it been taken over by commies.

  2. “We cannot count on our government, institutional or educational leaders to save us.”
    But we can count on the parasites to use us, scam us, enslave us— and kill us when that becomes useful.

    The Bankers are the problem. Doug Casey explains:

    Don’t Blame the Virus for the Greater Depression

    Daily Dispatch: Doug, one of the biggest stories this year, perhaps for many years, is what happened to the oil price last month. It went to minus $40 a barrel. Have you ever seen anything like that before? Is there anything that compares to this?

    Doug Casey: I trade hog futures. Maybe 20 years ago the price of hogs went to a negative number. You wouldn’t think that was possible, would you?

    I mean, a perfectly good hog. How could it be worth less than nothing? It seems as metaphysically impossible as negative interest rates. And it would be impossible in a simpler world, say on a family farm with a few hogs that got the table scraps as a diet supplement. But we’re talking about production on an industrial scale.

    It could happen again. Those hogs have to be fed with tons of corn and soy meal every day. But what if an economic collapse makes them unaffordable? What if a month-long truckers’ strike makes them impossible to ship? What are you supposed to do if they have no current value, but they cost you a fortune to maintain? Should you keep feeding them as it gets worse and worse? It’s a similar thing with oil.

    The big problem is storage. There are several reasons for this. First, the Saudis and the Russians were fighting for market share, and so they decided to see who’d be the last one standing in a knife fight. They’re the second- and third-biggest producers in the world, and both governments – especially the Saudis – rely on oil income.

    They both need as much of the 80 million barrel-per-day market as they can get. But what happens when the demand falls overnight by a third? And the Nigerians, the Angolans, the Iranians, and a bunch of others are in the same situation. The supply side becomes a big problem.

    The second thing, obviously related, is this ridiculous hysteria about the coronavirus. It has cut oil usage and it’s not going to bounce back overnight. Especially as the Greater Depression deepens.

    That’s a big problem, because when you have an industrial-size operation, you can’t close it down overnight for lots of reasons: technical, financial, and personnel.

    For instance, in the case of the US, most of the production is from shale. It’s from horizontal drilling and fracking. All of the shale oil companies are deeply in debt. They can’t stop production, even though it’s unprofitable for them at under $30 a barrel.

    At least if they can peddle the oil at $20, or at any price, they’re getting some cashflow. If they stopped producing, they have zero cashflow, but most expenses remain. It puts them between a rock and a hard place.

    The reason it went to negative numbers is all this oil is still being produced. It’s a Sorcerer’s Apprentice situation. They can’t stop it easily, and it needs to be stored – which also costs money. Even disregarding the financial and personnel part of the equation, they don’t want to stop producing for technical reasons.

    It’s like if you put a car up on blocks for the winter. When you get back in the spring, you might find that you’ve got birds roosting under the hood and your gasoline has gone bad.

    Where are they going to put all this oil? They’ve filled all the tanks, they’ve filled all the tankers, the pipelines are full of it, and it’s still being produced. The daily cost for use of a VLCC supertanker, to store it, is now around $150,000 a day, up from $5,000 a few years ago. It’s actually very interesting. The price of tankers is more volatile than that of oil itself.

    Daily Dispatch: Do exchange-traded funds and other financial engineering play some part in this? I’ve seen elsewhere that the US Oil Fund (USO) ETF has to roll its futures contracts each month, and it always does so either one or two days prior to expiry. It means that something like 100 million barrels of oil in those contracts are on the line.

    I bring this up because we’ve seen ETFs causing problems at other times. A couple of years ago, there was the Short VIX ETF that suddenly went from $100 to zero overnight. It was an ETF betting against volatility when there was no volatility in the market. So when volatility came out of nowhere, it went to zero. Do you have a take on how this and other kinds of financial engineering has an effect on markets and prices?

    Doug Casey: The problem with many ETFs is that they don’t own the physical commodity, they own futures contracts. Futures contracts are financial instruments, subject to different influences than the bulk commodity itself. The whole country is now built on financial engineering. Something like 20% of the market is financial stocks. I don’t know what it “should” be, but a lot less in an economy geared around production, as opposed to paper shuffling.

    It’s actually rather ridiculous. The action, and the big money, is now in finance, where people are just trading paper with each other – “Hello, New York, buy. Hello, Chicago, buy. Hello, Los Angeles, sell – New York and Chicago are buying.”

    It’s mainly the fault of a fractional reserve banking system and the Federal Reserve. The whole US economy is over-financialized, because the dollar is now nothing but a trading sardine. In fact, the whole country now depends on the Federal Reserve – an institution which should never have been created, and should be abolished. They’re creating trillions of new dollars to bail out a myriad of failing entities, including the US Government itself.

    I play poker. Sometimes in a game a losing player “goes on tilt,” which is to say they start acting irrationally, trying to get out even by making crazy bets because they’re so far behind. The US Government is on tilt.

    And of course, the main winners are going to be the Deep State guys, as usual. They’ll be first in line to get their share of the trillions, long before some table scraps filter down to the little people in the hinterlands.

    Among the big winners will be professional scam artists and assorted other criminals. They’re quick on their feet, and with all these trillions being thrown around willy-nilly in a matter of weeks, they’ll figure out how to steal scores of billions outright. You can’t possibly know where you’re going to put trillions of new dollars in such a short time. I’m sure that there are going to be many new Nigerian billionaires in a couple of months.

    Daily Dispatch: Just getting back to commodities for a moment. Could the situation with oil happen with other commodities? Could it happen with cattle, beef, corn, and all sorts of other commodities? If people are consuming less, they’re eating out less, and they’re buying fewer clothes. Won’t that affect other commodities?

    Doug Casey: It could, despite the fact commodities are close to all-time lows in real terms. But, as I’ve explained numerous times before, lower commodity prices are probably the longest trend in financial history.

    Remember, one of the three definitions I use of a depression is a time when serious distortions in an economy are unwound and liquidated. The long-term distortion here is that debt and inflation have made people think, and act, like they’re richer than they really are. So instead of eating beef, many will move down to pork, and from pork to chicken, and chicken to beans, and beans to dumpster diving.

    Speaking of chickens, people used to trade broiler chickens. If they still traded broiler chickens, they’d be a good bet for a price collapse because the breeding cycle for birds is so short. Furthermore, the birds are put in banks of tens of thousands together. If the distribution chain breaks down at any point, you’ve got a huge problem.

    It’s the same problems with hogs, and it could still happen there. US hog producers need to get roughly 60 cents a pound to break even; right now they’re hemorrhaging money. It’s less likely to happen with cattle because a lot of cattle can stay out in the pasture at lower costs – although in the final months of their lives they go to feed lots.

    Which leads us to milk. Milk has fallen in price from roughly 16 to 17 cents, to about 10 cents. It doesn’t matter if truck transport is limited, and milk processors are closed down – the cows still have to be milked. So what do you do with the milk? You pour it out.

    On the other hand, there are other things that will go into a real shortage. It seems certain that farmers will be producing less and earning a lot less. Meanwhile, consumers are paying more, and trillions of new dollars are being created. Which means even more distortions will need to be unwound, making the depression deeper and longer.

    I don’t know how many billions of dollars the government’s going to throw at farmers, and some farmers are going to get a lot more of it than others. The politically well-connected farmers, of course, will get a lot more of that money.

    Many won’t be able to keep up the payments on their very expensive John Deere tractors, or even fertilizer and seed. And none of the agricultural commodities are profitable right now. Look, corn is $3 a bushel. Nobody’s making money right now. Will a bunch of farmers go bankrupt and be unable to plant crops? It’s entirely possible.

    Daily Dispatch: Okay, so that’s the commodities’ side of things. What about the rest of the economy? What’s going to happen next? All the mainstream TV commentators say we need to bailout this industry and that industry, and that we need to issue these loans and these grants, and everyone’s cheering it on.

    But what happens next? What happens once they’ve made all these bailouts, and the economy’s still shut down? Will they do more? And how much worse will that make things?

    Doug Casey: Right. You and I know that nobody should be bailed out. But we’re an insignificant minority.

    The only certainty is that the money will have to come out of the taxpayers’ and savers’ pockets. Just over the last several years, the top executives have paid themselves scores of millions in salaries and bonuses. They’re not going to give that back to the airlines. The airlines also bought back about $50 billion worth of their own stock in recent years. Why? So that management would look good and their options would be worth a lot more money. They can’t “un-buy” that stock. Another way the rich have gotten richer during an inflation-generated stock market bubble.

    Anyway, the airlines will cut through their $60 billion, or whatever, like a sharp knife through warm butter.

    Look, airlines have gone bankrupt scores of times in the last couple of decades alone. They should just go bankrupt again, punishing foolish investors, not taxpayers and savers. The airplanes will still exist, and the pilots and the mechanics won’t lose their skills overnight. There will just be a change of management and ownership. That’s likely a very good thing.

    The bailouts will create huge new distortions in the economy – on top of not allowing the old ones to be liquidated. And as you’ll recall, that’s one of the three definitions that I use for a depression.

    The broadest one is it’s a period of time when most people’s standard of living falls significantly – that’s already happening, but it’s just started. We’re definitely in a depression, from that point of view.

    A depression is also a time when distortions and misallocations of capital are liquidated. Well, they’re not letting them be liquidated. That will make the depression even worse when they finally are liquidated. This is really serious. This shutdown has created even more distortions, made worse by the government’s helicopter money.

    I don’t see any way out of it, other than completely disengaging the State from the economy. But there’s no way that will happen at this point. The problem is greatly aggravated by everybody blaming the depression on the virus. The virus itself is basically a manufactured scam.

    Globally, about 400,000 people die from the common seasonal flu each year. And I doubt that the virus will even get that high – it’s just over 300,000 globally now, even though the numbers are being inflated for political reasons. It’s a manufactured hysteria. The biggest one since the witch hysteria of the 17th century.

    It’s a convenient excuse for the collapse of the economy. The economy would have collapsed anyway, because of all the distortions caused by the State. But now, they can blame it on the virus. Now they can say it’s really nobody’s fault. It’s not the fault of the government. It’s not the fault of the Federal Reserve. It’s just an act of God that came out of nowhere.

    So this is perfect for the government. If I was them, I would look at this thing as manna from heaven. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Not to mention an excuse for a vast increase in State power. It’s better than 9/11, global warming, and the 2008 financial crisis combined.

    Daily Dispatch: So you still say that this virus is no more harmful than many other viruses throughout recent history. It’s just that this time, governments and central banks have seized the opportunity to cover up the terrible economic mess they’ve created?

    Doug Casey: There have been thousands of viruses that have cycled through humanity through the ages. Some are worse than others. If you want to see a serious influenza episode, go back to 1918-1919 with the Spanish flu.

    That was when about 650,000 Americans died, which would be like 1.8 million dying today. That would be serious. But still, there wasn’t a recession because of it in 1919. Life went on. There was a recession a couple of years later, but that had nothing to do with the flu. That had already come and gone. Furthermore, the Spanish Flu hit mostly people in the prime of life. Covid-19 overwhelmingly attacks the elderly, the obese, and the sick.

    The current shutdown, and the resulting hysteria, is entirely unnecessary. Relative to a serious thing like the Spanish flu it’s totally trivial – just a severe seasonal flu. It’s completely insane.

    Daily Dispatch: Thanks for your time today, Doug.

    Doug Casey: You’re welcome.

    1. Oil is not a fossil fuel….its A-biotic and is natural to this planet and many others. The wells fill and refill from deep under the surface….often 8 miles or so.

      Fossil fuel is a total scam. ”peak oil “….a joke.

  3. Portrait of a guy who’s doin’ it!

    Joe, rightfully so, throws kudos in Jim Fetzer’s direction. We readers know we have a gem in Jim. Enough said.


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