18 Apr, 2021

11 thoughts on “Jeffrey A. Tucker, The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea”

    1. Remember there is NO vaccine for HIV-AIDS or even the common cold. Vaccines for respiratory conditions have a long history of dismal failure.

      Even the much touted Polio vaccine currently has so many additives in it that it resembles a fetid swamp pond.
      The Bill Gates’ version leaves of large percentage of the vaccinated in India and Africa partially paralyzed. Gates has even been banned in India. His Foundation has been given the Thanks but no Thanks boot.

  1. The globalist mind control initiative–ongoing for the past 80 years with the advent of the all-holy and trustworthy mass media–has not been fully realized by the billions of obedient and compliant cowardly sheeple willingly cowering in their houses month after month. It was clear this was nothing more than a flu 10 days into the plandemic, yet most sheeple (especially the so-called Blue Libtards) never bothered to step back and critically evaluate what was really going on. It is time to end this, and end the reign of the Rat Fauci and the Satanic Psychopath Gates once and for all… by ANY means necessary.

  2. I’m sharing this letter from a dear friend of mine from Cebu in the Philippines. It’s a good example of how other nations are handling the situation and the fear in which the residents have been placed.

    Hi, Bill! ….Philippines is Under Home Quarantine. Each locality has done different Mode of CommunityQuarantine; such that Enhanced Community Quarantine, Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, and General Community Quarantine. And considerably, the locality of Cebu City was evaluated as the no.1 High Risk area of the so called Corona virus. Many CoViD positive cases were documented coming from Cebu City. For this reason, we are still under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine until May 31st. Thereafter, we moved on to General Community Quarantine. We are hoping to come back to our normal life on July 2020. All stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and more were still close except for supermarket or grocery stores and customer services. So, we can still able to buy our basic needs. Lots, of people were jobless resulting to starving of their families. We are so dependent of our Government to help us survive for our daily needs. They have given the less fortunate people a little financial support to buy rice and goods for their family. Only one person is allowed to go out from their house and buy their basic necessities. That person should bring the Quarantine Pass as permission to go out. No persons below 21 years old and above 59 years old should roam around the streets before they will be caught in action punishable of law. Strictly, we are advised to stay at home for the safety of everybody. Nothing will spread unless someone will put others into harm. We are still hoping that this pandemic will end as much as possible. Hope we can find the cure for this outspreading disease. That’s it for now sir Bill. How about you? How is your family and country doing? Keep safe always. Minimize going outside and interaction with people. I encourage you to stay at home for your safety. Stay healthy and strong. Drink more Vitamins. Boost your immune system. It is the only way to protect ourselves with this invisible virus. Take care.

    1. Research in both Finland and Sweden show that whether a country goes into Lockdown or not makes little difference in the outcome.
      Nations love to yank their populations around with a chain on their necks. The left leaning politicians love it and the moderate or conservative ones are too scared to stop them.
      They have no problem with putting a nation into Lockdown in two days but it takes months or years to reverse it.
      The punishment and pain the people suffer are a joy to the Left.

      Notice that the two Navy Hospital ships have returned to their home ports and the much hyped thousand+ bed Javits Center lie unused and not needed.
      The media screamed that hospitals will be overloaded with covid 19 patients……never happened.

      1. I have great sympathy for the residents of Cebu. They are by far some of the kindest, welcoming and trusting folks I have had the pleasure of meeting….and the poorest. For twelve years now, the gentleman who wrote this letter sends me very expensive birthday, Christmas and Valentine Day cards. Minimum wage last I checked is something like $6.50/per diem….around 300 pisos or so. In one instance, I had run out of pisos and only had a five dollar bill to give a taxi driver as a tip….I swear the man almost kissed my feet. BUT, Duerte is the type of president that takes no prisoners. Drug dealers are shot on the spot. SO, I can understand why fear pervades Cebu.

  3. Interesting idea that isolation was used in the middle ages. Pity the father helped the daughter, if he kept out of it , it might not have led to this.
    It reminds me of the JFK speech, where he says if only the newspaper had given Karl Marx a pay rise, communism may not have happened, because Marx left the newspaper and wrote the communist manifesto.


  4. There was something very different about this virus than ALL previous flu epidemics in past world history.
    There is an easily scared President and a monster criminal Dr whispering in his ear.

    ..that would be ……….Tony Fauci.


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