CNN, NBC, MSNBC may Not Know, but Fauci Knew about HCQ in 2005 — Nobody Needed to Die

Bryan Fischer 

Bryan Fischer

[Editor’s note: The reports on MSNBC, NBC and CNN were insulting and absurd if you knew the facts, where they had doctors condemning the President’s use of hydroxychlorquine and as having no medical warrant and even being contraindicated, citing a shoddy study from the VA that was clearly designed to undermine confidence in an inexpensive and virtually completely effective treatment, which works both as a therapy (if you have COVID-19) and as a preventative (if you don’t). I watched these grotesque misrepresentations on MSNBC and NBC tonight and here is the latest from CNN, which confirms my allegations. Anyone who read this blog would know better, since I published “Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005–nobody had to die” previously on 4 May 2020.]

Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.

How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health, of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak – caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV – the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping the SARS coronavirus in its tracks. The COVID-19 bug is likewise a coronavirus, labeled SARS-CoV-2. While not exactly the same virus as SARS-CoV-1, it is genetically related to it, and shares 79% of its genome, as the name SARS-CoV-2 implies. They both use the same host cell receptor, which is what viruses use to gain entry to the cell and infect the victim.

The Virology Journal – the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health – published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading – get ready for this – “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” (Emphasis mine throughout.) Write the researchers, “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci

This means, of course, that Dr. Fauci (pictured at right) has known for 15 years that chloroquine and it’s even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. Said Dr. Fauci’s NIH in 2005, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.” Fauci’s researchers add, “chloroquine can effectively reduce the establishment of infection and spread of SARS-CoV.”

Dr. Didier Raoult, the Anthony Fauci of France, had such spectacular success using HCQ to treat victims of SARS-CoV-2 that he said way back on February 25 that “it’s game over” for coronavirus.

He and a team of researchers reported that the use of HCQ administered with both azithromycin and zinc cured 79 of 80 patients with only “rare and minor” adverse events. “In conclusion,” these researchers write, “we confirm the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine associated with azithromycin in the treatment of COVID-19 and its potential effectiveness in the early impairment of contagiousness.”

The highly-publicized VA study that purported to show HCQ was ineffective showed nothing of the sort. HCQ wasn’t administered until the patients were virtually on their deathbeds when research indicates it should be prescribed as soon as symptoms are apparent. Plus, HCQ was administered without azithromycin and zinc, which form the cocktail that makes it supremely effective. At-risk individuals need to receive the HCQ cocktail at the first sign of symptoms.

But Governor Andrew Cuomo banned the use of HCQ in the entire state of New York on March 6, the Democrat governors of Nevada and Michigan soon followed suit, and by March 28 the whole country was under incarceration-in-place fatwas.

Nothing happened with regard to the use of HCQ in the U.S. until March 20, when President Trump put his foot down and insisted that the FDA consider authorizing HCQ for off-label use to treat SARS-CoV-2.

CNN’s Dr. Gupta knows less that we do or else is committing life-threatening deception

On March 23, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko reported that he had treated around 500 coronavirus patients with HCQ and had seen an astonishing 100% success rate. That’s not the “anecdotal” evidence Dr. Fauci sneers at, but actual results with real patients in clinical settings.

“Since last Thursday, my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients in other areas of New York with the above regimen. Of this group and the information provided to me by affiliated medical teams, we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations. In addition, I have not heard of any negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.”

Said Dr. Zelenko:

“If you scale this nationally, the economy will rebound much quicker. The country will open again. And let me tell you a very important point. This treatment costs about $20. That’s very important because you can scale that nationally. If every treatment costs $20,000, that’s not so good.

All I’m doing is repurposing old, available drugs which we know their safety profiles, and using them in a unique combination in an outpatient setting.”

The questions are disturbing to a spectacular degree. If Dr. Fauci has known since 2005 of the effectiveness of HCQ, why hasn’t it been administered immediately after people show symptoms, as Dr. Zelenko has done? Maybe then nobody would have died and nobody would have been incarcerated in place except the sick, which is who a quarantine is for in the first place. To paraphrase Jesus, it’s not the symptom-free who need HCQ but the sick. And they need it at the first sign of symptoms.

While the regressive health care establishment wants the HCQ cocktail to only be administered late in the course of the infection, from a medical standpoint, this is stupid. Said one doctor, “As a physician, this baffles me. I can’t think of a single infectious condition — bacterial, fungal, or viral — where the best medical treatment is to delay the use of an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, or anti-viral until the infection is far advanced.”

Real Deal Reports (16 May 2020) with Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle

So why has Dr. Fauci minimized and dismissed HCQ at every turn instead of pushing this thing from jump street? He didn’t even launch clinical trials of HCQ until April 9, by which time 33,000 people had died.

This may be why: “Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases…is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV.” That’s the problem. It is safe, inexpensive, and it works – in other words, there’s nothing sexy or avant-garde about HCQ. It’s been around since 1934.

Given human nature, it’s possible, even likely, that those who are chasing the unicorn of a coronavirus vaccine are doing so for reasons other than human health. I can’t see into anybody’s heart, and can’t presume to know their motives, but on the other hand, human nature recognizes that there’s no glory in pushing HCQ, and nobody is going to get anything named for him in the history books. The polio vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk in 1954, and it is still known as the “Salk vaccine.” There will be no “Fauci vaccine” if HCQ is the answer to the problem.

So while Dr. Fauci is tut-tutting and pooh-poohing HCQ, Dr. Raoult and Dr. Zelensky are out there saving lives at $20 a pop. Maybe we should spend more time listening to them than the wizards-of-smart bureaucrats the Talking Snake Media fawns over.

Real Deal Reports (17 May 2020) with Dean Ryan, Blake Walley and Mike Bara

Dr. Fauci is regarded by the Talking Snake Media as the Oracle at Delphi. The entire nation hangs on his every word. But if nobody is dying and nobody is locked down, his 15 minutes of fame fades to zero. Very few people are not going to be influenced by that prospect, especially when it’s easy to keep the attention of the public by continuing to feed the panic.

It should not be overlooked that there is no money in HCQ for Big Pharma since HCQ is a generic that can be manufactured so cheaply there is little profit margin in it. On the other hand, the payday for a vaccine will literally be off-the-charts. Who knows what kind of behind-the-scenes pressure is being put on Fauci and others in the health care establishment?

There is a monstrous reputational risk for those who will be found to have dismissively waved off a treatment that could have been used from the very beginning, even back on February 15 when Dr. Fauci said that the risk from Coronavirus was “minuscule.” How many lives could have been saved if the heads of our multi-billion dollar health care bureaucracy had been advocating for HCQ treatment from day one? We’ll never know. Instead, their advice has been dangerous and deadly in every sense of that word.

Someday – maybe even today – we will be able to identify the individuals who had the knowledge and expertise to make a global difference, but turned up their noses at the solution when it could have made all the difference in the world.

Bryan Fischer hosts “Focal Point with Bryan Fischer” every weekday on AFR Talk (American Family Radio) from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. (Central). He is author of The Boy to Man Book: Preparing Your Son for ManhoodThis column first appeared on The Stand, the official blog site for American Family Association.


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16 thoughts on “CNN, NBC, MSNBC may Not Know, but Fauci Knew about HCQ in 2005 — Nobody Needed to Die”

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    1. We begin this coming Sunday, 24 May 2020. Could not get up-and-running for last Sunday. So you haven’t missed anything. Extensive critique of the CV pandemic hoax, even bigger than the moon landing hoax. 10-Midnight/CT.

  2. There’s a fair amount of talk saying that Covid 19 does not exist. What does exist? What forms the basis of infectivity for this pathology? What allows for reproduction of the “entity” causing disease?
    Are exosomes the guilty party in the disease process?
    If people say Covid does not exist, what does?

    1. What exists is a corona virus (cold virus) that we virtually ALL have and some kind of quasi authoritative notice to hospitals, doctors and medical personnel to blame all illness and possibly even accidents on some new strain of corona that may not even exist. As far as I know, it’s never been isolated.
      SO, in todays world, if you are unfortunate enough to have a serious illness and more unfortunate enough to die from whatever that illness may be, doctors and I would imagine coroners also have been told to annotate that when you passed, you passed WITH the phantom Covid-19…and not necessarily OF covid-19 with the very strong possibility that all you had in your system was a cold virus.

      Welcome to the NWO’s new reality….2+2= 5…and do not dare argue, lest you be termed a conspiracy theorist.

      1. I hear the same thing as Will does. These millions of Tests that people are clambering for are not really Covid 19 tests. They’re tests for the common coronavirus. There are hundreds of strains of coronavirus.

        Independent Researchers in Italy tackled the ”official” death toll number of 32,330. They looked into what these people really died of. Their final number of probable actual deaths from Covid 19 was less than 1000.

        I seriously suspect the same for the USA. The current number of 92,00 is likely wildly inflated. Remember that official State Medical Boards have whispered to hospitals and doctors that its OK to tag any pneumonia or difficult breathing death as Covid 19.

  3. My letter to Governor Cuomo:

    Dear Governor Cuomo: Between not allowing nursing home residents who are sick enough to need hospitalization into the hospital, and by withholding successful early treatment with hydroxycloroquine (used with 100 percent success in early treatment for SARS-1 in 2003), one could say that you have killed approximately half the people who have died of this flu.
    In addition, you put out a Executive Order that those who can medically tolerate a mask should wear one, but you have also repeatedly instructed the public to berate those who are not wearing masks – those who cannot medically tolerate the mask. I have seen members of the public cursing and screaming at elderly people who don’t have the mask on, who very clearly cannot “medically tolerate” it. I have seen members of the public cursing and screaming at a woman who did not mask her autistic child because the child could not tolerate the mask. So not only have you acted in a way to cause the death of many people, you have also set up the most vulnerable people for harassment.
    You truly are a gorilla. Is it any wonder that your girlfriend could not stand the sight of you for another minute and walked out on you. Who wouldn’t walk out on a thug who has so clearly lost all sensibility and charity?


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  4. Well, here’s another question. If it were used with such success with SARS-1, why wouldn’t FAUCI use the last 17 years since SARS-1 to have his double-blind studies that he said he needed?
    Between the nursing home residents not allowed in hospitals, and the withholding of effective treatment, it sounds like all the illnesses and deaths during this pandemic were iatrogenic.

  5. We all have a breaking point…even Dr. Fetzer who has said if they come to his home to vaccinate him OR take his temperature against his will, they will be met with a 12 gauge. Same here. I have reached my breaking point.
    There is no doubt HCQ will at least render fairly innocuous a corona virus…but as far as I can tell, COVID-19 as such does not exist. We have been psyched into believing it does. Is HCQ a cure? I would doubt it because the corona virus mutates constantly and this could be WHY there will never be a cure for the COMMON COLD. In a strange way, this may be a blessing as it triggers our immune system to go into action and an active immune system is always a good thing. Cartoon figures of COVID-19 do not cut it. No one has isolated it (as they have not done with various other viruses) and until and IF they do, I’ll stick with the idea it’s existence is an horrendous hoax. I will say, as outrageous a lie that it is, it is absolutely a diabolical work of genius. But even evil genius’ make mistakes.

    Jim Stone, (as much as a few here have little use for him) has come up with a good summary. I agree with about 95% of it. I have changed a few words to avoid blaming what I might call the everyday Jew for all the ills in the world; the same way I would not blame the average American for the ills of EMPIRE.
    It’s a bit long, so I’ll see if dividing it in a few parts will get it posted.

    Part One:

    “Car-b-q” – Mexican definition:
    When a politician gets about 5 percent as corrupt as an average American politician, the people unmask that politician, stop his car at night by ramming it (or whatever). They then rip the politician out of the car, beat the living hell out of the politician, hang the politician, then put the dead body back in the car and burn it.Car-b-q. America needs one BAD.

    Salon owner in Oregon who chose to open had “Child Protective Services” launch an investigation on her
    Ok, so this is how it is going to go: COMPLY OR WE’LL TAKE YOUR KIDS. That’s worth an immediate shooting war over, how the * can people take this crap just because k—— screamed “VIOLENCE IS WRONG”? There is a time for EVERYTHING. To everything there is a season, and when they demand compliance or your kids are gone, it is the season for taking violent action. The state cannot be allowed a monopoly on violence anymore, The state, controlled completely by Zionists via rigged elections cannot be used as a tool for the implementation of unanswered Zionist violence against the populace. People had damn well better wake the hell up and hold them accountable WITH BLOOD, or it’s game over and if they are too skittish about going straight to the culprits, they had damn well better take out the GOY BASED enforcement arm of K——.

    Now watch them send a patsy or stage a hoax to claim this site caused it. So what, I said it like it is. It is obviously blood, or it is OVER.

    Obviously I’ll be doing nothing down here because this country is totally in the clear with these types of issues because people still have enough guts to put things right with hangings and car-b-q’s where needed. But I lay awake at night, tossing and turning over what the Zionists are doing to America with absolutely no one taking any sort of tangible action – , for GODS SAKE Americans had damn well better stop them. Protesting is not violence. Crying is not violence. Petitioning is not violence. Shitposting about what you are “going to do” is not violence. CIVIL WAR WITH BULLETS FLYING, hangings, and car-b-q’s are violence, and are the only thing that’s going to cut it if opening your business gets CPS at your door. What kind of a monster would do that to someone just for opening a business?

    1. Part Two:

      We now know exactly what the Corona scam was for. How much more do we need than this to prove it? Could you have, in December of 2019 ever guessed a FREAKING VIRUS would become enough of a platform for “abuse” to send CPS to someone’s door just because they opened their business? What kind of freak clown show are we living in now? Are people going to actually accept this????
      Cloudflare kept Davidicke blocked until around 6PM london time on the 18th but I checked at midnight London time and it is working. Dear K——: Sabotaging people like this is not going to cut it, and setting up fake “protection” like cloudflare, which you subsequently weaponize is just another reason to go for blood.
      Let’s just say it like it is: The Zionists launched Coronavirus and were disappointed when people figured out how to cure it. So disappointed they did all they could to ban the cure. On top of that, they got a failure of a virus even despite Cuomo trying to maximize deaths in New York by sending infected people to nursing homes and NOW, AFTER THE FAILURE, THEY ARE “REALLY GOING TO PROVE THEY ARE RIGHT” BY SENDING CPS TO ANYONE’S DOOR WHO DOES NOT COMPLY WITH RANDOM RULES THEY SET UP THAT ARE NOW ROOTED IN FAILURE. F*** THAT, IT’S TIME FOR A CAR-B-Q. AMERICA: GROW SOME BALLS!

      1. Part Three:

        What to post when a communist lies on a forum, for the purpose of causing a COVID victory:
        Here I see a blood sucking communist seeking a fat paycheck when the party takes over after making it happen by lying on forums and blogs to sway public opinion into allowing enslavement.

        I got news for ya pal, you may think it is fun to get paid trolling as a scamster, but when the party takes over, they are going to know you are a lying scamster and they only accept that when it benefits them. As soon as it does not, it will be ADIOS, double tap and trench.

        WAKE UP.


        To those trolling: You’ll have tested your luck if your trolling works. I won’t cry for you if you get the BIG ADIOS.


        A great quote from social media: “Anyone who still believes there is a pandemic either has Down syndrome or is a traitor operative paid to spread lies. There are no other options. The facts are very clear at this point.
        Stage one of the Corona show has failed. And we are now in the waiting period to see if Gates&co have something bigger and badder planned. They failed with terrorism. They failed with this virus. But they have not ultimately failed until they actually give up, and they will not give up. So here’s a little advice:

        When this corona show finally comes to a close, don’t fall for the next scam. We all got suckered by this hook line and sinker, including me. I actually thought there was something bad going around that was going to kill lots of people. I actually thought rents and property values were going to drop because there would be so many dead. I figured I’d get through it, but I also thought I’d see people die because they did not listen to advice on how to survive. AND I WAS A FOOL. I GOT SUCKERED.

        If I was thinking evil, here would be my next play: I’d release an upgraded version and call it the same thing. You know, sort of like Dos 6.0 where it said “stacker, by Stac Electronics” when you typed “DBLSPACE” suddenly replaced by the next version of dos where that mistake was cleaned out a week later. Tell people how gracious you are for upgrading them for free while you really send a product out that only has that one blooper removed.

        MAKE BETS: They are troubleshooting this virus in a lab somewhere, trying to figure out where it went wrong. The problem is probably as simple as removing one little “DBLSPACE” mistake and then they’ll graciously release it, and scream “HEY LOOK, WE WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG, IT REALLY IS BAD.” Only this time, they have a population that is pissed off over the first failure because it was a failure. We did not get our money’s worth out of this, and somebody aims to please. They will fix it. What happens when they do?

        We’ll have to all get popcorn for the next one, but I’d say accepting the consequences of non compliance will be far better than complying and waiting for a jack boot at the door.

        We all know where they wanted to take this now
        Cuomo putting coronavirus patients in nursing homes where they’d have the most death impact proves they want the fatality rates high. They really did want a big killer. Other jurisdictions wanting to take kids from parents just because parents or kids “got infected” as determined by a test where fruit “tests positive” for the virus proves they wanted to split families up with this, which is something communists love to do. There is no coronavirus test, it is all a hoax. If in Africa fruits, birds, and goats all test positive the test is a HOAX. And they wanted to use that hoax to split families up with B.S. testing where anyone they wanted to target would be positive.

        They wanted to wipe out the economy and put their globalist “everyone now has to live with less” mantra in, that they could not get after their “climate change” scam failed. They wanted everyone out of their cars, sitting in their homes waiting to be picked off by storm troopers (when the time came, it now will not come for this particular event) while a 5G system was put in that can track everyone without the use of GPS provided they “social distance” and never get within six feet of each other.

        Why did they massively accelerate the installation of 5G during all of this? Was 5G, a system no one asked for, really “essential”? To the plan perhaps, but not to us.
        We all know what they wanted with this failure.WE HAVE BEEN WARNED.

        “Covid-19” – A stealth virus that takes weeks to incubate
        And when states decide to start opening up, it takes 5 hours.
        Folks, there is no virus. It is getting to the point where it is safe to say that either nothing was released, or a failure was released. With San Diego authorities coming out yesterday and stating that there were not 190 deaths as stated, it was only 6, and many others blowing the whistle in the same way, it is now obvious we are looking at a chest cold which according to San Diego authorities likely killed less than 3, 000. And that’s about right for a cold, – a mortality rate that is right around 5 percent of the seasonal flu.

        So if there was no outbreak, what was there, REALLY? A Coup D��etat. Look at what they accomplished: A devastating economic shut down (A primary goal of a hot war) and widespread, massive house arrest of enormous sections of the population (A goal of war, if it is communists that declared war).

        Here is what I am already doing:
        I am boycotting all stores that are playing the Corona bullshit. I’ll go in with a mask, but if it is this crap with “one person per family only” they can stick it, I am DONE WITH THAT, I’ll go to the little mom and pop stores instead. This “one person per family B.S. is probably an echo of the food lines in Russia, and social distancing is for ONE THING: The 5G tracking system which can get confused when people are within six feet of each other. That’s all there is to this, it is time to just say no.

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