Brandon Smith, The Economic “Reopening” is a Fake Out

Brandon Smith

How does one define an economic “reopening”? I think most people would say that a reopening means that everything goes back to the way it was before the crisis; or at least as close as possible.  Most people would also say that a reopening is something that will last.  Simply declaring “America has reopened” while keeping many restrictions in place in certain parts of the country is a bit of a farce.  And, reopening with the intention of implementing lockdowns again in a matter of weeks without explaining the situation to the public is a scam of the highest order.

For example, states like New York, California, Illinois and New Jersey have extended their lockdowns; with LA’s extension remaining ambiguous after they initially declared restrictions for another 3 months. New York’s lockdown is extended to the end of May (so far). This is the case in many US states and cities, while rural areas are mostly open. This is being called a “partial reopening”, but is there a purpose behind the uneven approach?

As I predicted in my article ‘Pandemic And Economic Collapse: The Next 60 Days’, the restrictions will continue in major US population centers while rural areas have mostly opened with much fanfare. The end result of this will be a flood of city dwellers into rural towns looking for relief from more strict lockdown conditions. In about a month, we should expect new viral clusters in places where there was limited transmission. I suggest that before the 4th of July holiday, state governments and the Federal government will be talking about new lockdowns, using the predictable infection spike as an excuse.

This is happening in Northeast China right now – another resurgence has occurred and 100 million people are now subject to quarantine restrictions. China’s reopening is barely two weeks old, and concerns of infection “flare ups” were widespread when the announcement was made. Now the mainstream media seems to be confused; is China open, or locked down? Of course, we may never know how bad the problem is and was in China as their numbers have been shown to be utterly rigged and suppressed from the beginning, but the point is that the phrase “reopening” is meaningless there, just as it will be meaningless here in the US.

This is part of the plan. The farce of reopenings does indeed have a purpose. I discuss this in great detail in my article ‘Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society’ published in April. The globalists are clearly the only beneficiaries of this event; with a world-wide surveillance state now openly on the table along with an accelerated shift into digital currency systems, the globalists are either taking advantage of this crisis to push their agenda, or they ENGINEERED the virus and caused the crisis to push their agenda.

Real Deal Reports (24 May 2020) with Mike Bara in Seattle and Blake Walley in LA.

In white papers published by globalists at the Imperial College of London as well as MIT, the plan is openly admitted. They suggest using “waves” of economic openings and then lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. The timelines seem to vary, but in general the models call for a one month open, two months closed cycle. The goal is to deliberately increase infections every couple of months in specific regions of a country, then declare economic shutdown and quarantine measures once the spread reaches a certain level; this is meant to continue until a vaccine is developed, which could take years.

When the globalists at MIT say “We are not going back to normal”; this is what they mean. Right now, the general public (at least in some parts of the country) is cheering the reopenings, but what they don’t realize is that the reopenings are an illusion. Restrictions are going to remain in place in many states and cities, while they will be lifted and then re-instituted in others. In fact the situation is going to become much worse over time, by design.

The next lockdown, whenever it is announced, will be absolutely devastating to the US economy which is already in a downward spiral. The mitigating factors will be how effective central bank stimulus is at stalling the freefall (not very effective so far).  Other factors include the percentage of small businesses that survive the first lockdown and how many jobs those businesses can bring back to the economy. The first lockdown may be survivable for a large percentage of Americans and businesses; the second lockdown will financially destroy all but the most prepared. And make no mistake, there WILL be many more lockdowns over the next couple years.

In the meantime, international banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan have seen to it that small businesses are hit hard by the crisis by funneling bailout money and paycheck loans to their larger clients over the smaller businesses that the money was intended to go to. Of the 300,000 clients of JP Morgan that applied for an emergency loan through the government bailout program, only 18,000 actually received one and many of these clients were NOT small businesses.

If the cycle of lockdowns continues, small businesses will be wiped off the map. The elites have rigged the economic game; they control where every dollar of the bailout money goes, and many of their corporations are the only institutions that are equipped to survive the onslaught. Some of these companies will go down, but in the long run the goal, in my view, is total centralization of production and distribution.

This is exactly what happened during the Great Depression when JP Morgan and other major banks devoured thousands of small local banks across the country and removed them as competitors from the system. After the depression, banking was completely centralized into the hands of a select few mega-companies. Today, they are attempting to erase all localized small business competition to international corporations.

Real Deal Reports (MEMORIAL DAY, 25 May 2020) with Jim Fetzer in Madison.

Taking over the business infrastructure of entire nations and removing all independent competition is only one incentive for the lockdowns to continue. There is also the process of acclimating the public to the idea that lockdowns are the “new normal”. While I do see resistance in certain parts of the world, including the US, many countries in Asia and Europe have witnessed a rather sheepish response to the idea of medical tyranny. I also see an immense wildfire of unconstitutional legislation and illegal state measures being rolled out in the US while the public is distracted by financial circumstances and the virus threat.

Certainly, it appears that most Americans hate the lockdowns. But will they be fooled by the “reopening” into complacency for the next several weeks while the government gets ready to hit them with the next round of restrictions? Will they be so caught off guard they won’t know how to react? Imagine the economic devastation of just one more nationwide lockdown event? It will be carnage, and a lot of hope within the population will be lost.

This will lead to two possible paths: Submission, or rebellion. Either the majority of the American people will accept the lockdowns as a new fact of everyday life, or they will become so enraged by the destruction of their economy that they will revolt.

If the intent is to keep the cycle going until a vaccine is introduced as elitist publications assert, then we have a LONG way to go and this first lockdown was child’s play compared to what comes next.

The excuse for the wave model will be that they need to control and slow the spread of infection over time to avoid overwhelming our medical infrastructure. But this makes very little sense to me at this stage. Perhaps within the first month or two of the pandemic this was somewhat logical, so that we could gauge the threat of the virus. What we know right now is that the virus is at least three times more deadly that the average annual flu; which is something to be concerned about, but not something we should be destroying our economy over.

Frankly, there’s no logic to the wave model unless the agenda is to destroy the economy. If the goal is to continue infecting the population until everyone has developed an immunity or a vaccine is offered, then why not simply remove all the lockdowns permanently and get it over with now? This would result in far less deaths in the long run compared to economic collapse. If the goal is so-called “herd immunity”, then we can achieve that much faster through viral transmission than waiting years for a vaccine that may or may not work.

But the elites don’t care about “herd immunity”; what they care about is is control. The vaccine narrative itself is a form of control. You have to wait for the establishment to save you. You have to wait for them to allow the economy to be opened, even for a short period of time, so that you can then be allowed to work or run your business. You have to wait for permission to live your normal life. And, if the elites get their way, you won’t be given permission until you accept immunity passports, tracking apps and a vaccine.

I will be covering the vaccine issue in a future article, but the underlying message that the public is hearing daily is that you no longer have the power to make decisions for yourself, you must wait for instructions. While the coronavirus is something that should be taken seriously (to a point), the wave model is not an acceptable solution to the problem.

And while many conservatives are looking to Trump to obstruct lockdowns in the future, I would recommend they not hold their breath.  Trump has flip-flopped many times on these issues, including his position on whether or not lockdowns should be left to the states.  With a cabinet overflowing with globalists and banking elites, I would not put much hope in intervention from the White House.

Do not be fooled by the reopening. It is not real because it is not meant to last. It is a steam valve to calm public outrage and to condition us to periodic tyranny. The elites believe that we will eventually acclimate to lockdowns as long as we have a reopening to look forward to a couple months down the road. They believe that our tendency to rebel will be suppressed by false hopes that the next reopening will be a permanent reopening. They believe that after 18 months or more of the wave model we will be so desperate for normalcy that we will do anything to get it, including willingly giving up every last ounce of freedom we have left. This is the true purpose of the pandemic.

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27 thoughts on “Brandon Smith, The Economic “Reopening” is a Fake Out”

  1. I would only make one small correction to the article above but it has major implications. The author says the purpose of the wave model is to get us acclimated to the idea of periodic tyranny. But the fact is tyranny is simply the exercise of power without authority. And the US federal government and most state governments have been dissolved and tyrannical for many years and the coming and going of the lockdown does not make tyranny appear and disappear. Once a government alters the form of government contained in it constituting documents by law without amendment the document, offices, government and all branches are dissolved and no longer authorized by the people or their states. It only takes the alteration of one provision to do this and there are many provisions altered by law without amendment in both the federal and state government. WE LIVE UNDER TYRANNY AND IT IS SIMPLY MORE OBVIOUS AS TIME GOES ON.

  2. Fellow travelers, this movie was made in 2014. I watch many movies…MANY…and I never came across One By One.
    If you start at 49 minutes (even though I recommend watching it all), you will clearly see the predictive programming. it’s scary…very scary. One of the main characters called Ernest, is played by a UK comedian , Rik Mayall. He died suddenly of a heart attack at home the same year the movies was made. Wiki does not even have a write-up…gee, I wonder why? Thanks to for what they do!~

  3. Dear Jim and Friends:
    I consider this inteview the most credible and thorough evisceration of the scam-demic I have seen so far. I know it will disappear soon. Dr. Kaufman says there is no prrof of any new disease. That the corona virus has never been isolated and that no virus has ever been isolated from the sick and proven to cause disease in the healthy. And that both the virus test and the anti-body test prove zero. He also destroys the entire idea of vaccines. He already lost his job for refusing to wear a mask.This turns most peoples’ world on it’s ear.

    1. That’s an excellent interview with Kaufman. It’s interesting to note that although he uses more scientific lingo and figures to back up his claims, it’s exactly what Icke said in his original interview with Brian Rose. So we have more evidence that this is an incredible scam and hoax.
      What are we going to do now?

      1. Hey Will… The difference is David Icke is a bit too far out for many people with the Lizard shape shifting scenarios even if that’s true. So he does not have the same level of credibility as Kaufman. There’s something about Kaufman ‘s persona that cannot be dismissed like Icke. I’m saying for average John Q. Sixpacks. Personally I am willing to check out pretty far out subjects and people don’t need letters after their names for me to consider their information. Like my pal Indian Mike, a native who tips the scales at 6’6” and 275. He woke up decades before myself, me around 2007 when I crossed the Rubicon to 911 being a scam. That’s when the floodgates opened. The next big one was the Moon Landings. For a lot of people they said it took months of research to come around. Not me… once I actually looked it was a few hours. Getting people to actually look is the biggest hurdle

      2. Unfortunately, we have to deal with a public that believes authority and intelligence is derived from a white coat or or a letter after their name. Is that not why Trump and his cohorts can stand up on a daily basis and put forth their nonsense. I have no respect for authority that has none for me despite their uniform, credentials or letters. Let’s face it….we have all been labeled as conspiracy theorists, little different than Icke. BUT, he has learned to no longer speak of his reptilians to any degree. Those who choose not to listen to Icke at this point are the sheep they deserve to be.

    2. These are excellent videos of Dr. Kaufman,M.D. Here is a brief summary of the very young medical “profession”: Penicillin less than a century.
      IN MEMORIAM — DEAN BURK (1904-1988), FLUORIDE, 22:3, 1989 July
      by H.L. McKinney, University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas
      “The late Dean Burk, Ph.D. is considered one of the greatest biochemists of the 20th century and earned his Ph.D. in Plant Nutrition and Chemistry at UC Berkeley at the young age of 23. His fabulous life is discussed by professor H. L. McKenney, University of Kansas, in the above article easily found on the internet.
      One of the final scientific issues Dr. Burk dealt with, along or John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. another top biochemist and formidable opponent of the placement of fluoride in the public water supplies. The above article describes the enormous efforts of these two to eliminate increased cancer rates from fluoride being placed in public water supplies and the hostility to their efforts by its proponents. Their efforts are largely credited with the removal of fluoride from the public water supply in The Netherlands. Burk considered these his most important papers”
      Importance of Vitamin C in human health about 70 years by the late Fred Klenner, M.D.
      Between $100 Billion and $1 trillion squandered on failed war on cancer yet about 1 person dies every minute either from cancer treatment or both, usually treatment but falsely lied about as from cancer.
      Listen to “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by Joel Wallach, DVM, ND speech in 1994.
      Obviously the medical “profession” is one of the oldest of the liars on the planet. Everyone must learn to be their own doctor if they want to survive. Jim and the army of commentators here have exposed this massive lie. Thank all of you especially Jim. Remember most M.D.’s take a watered down sequence of mathematics and physics classes (differing little from high school) or they wouldn’t have enough of them. Maybe this is a good reason to avoid them like the plague if you can. After all as Dr. Kaufman stated, they LIE! I hate liars don’t you?

      1. I had a good Dr. for 25 years at my local VA clinic [ he’s now retired]. One day I mentioned other Dr.s to him, he said he couldn’t stand Dr.s. He had nothing but disdain for most of them.

      2. WJA…Great stuff….as you likely do, I avoid doctors like a plague. In reality I do not even have a regular doc and do not do those annual or whatever check-ups (knock wood). I take Vitamin C religiously, along with a regular multi that has everything in in but the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, in 2008, I had a vicious gall bladder attack and it had to go. BUT, that was the last time I saw any doctor. It was likely due to losing too much weight in a short period of time OR the major lime deposits in my well water. I lean toward the former.
        Our body has been designed to heal itself IF only we will allow it. Listen to and trust what your body tells you.

      3. Hey Winfield. How about this one. The town of Snowmass Village, Colorado’s brass decided to remove fluoride from the water supply after 40 plus years. And the townspeople had a referendum and they decide to put it back in ! Before the internet, I could see it happening but after ? Once you find out it’s industrial waste from Alcoa and the nuclear industry, how could they still do it? Maybe because they were already so brain damaged !

      1. All this and I have yet to have proof from any reliable source (that would NOT include the CDC or WHO) that this ‘virus’ has ever been isolated.
        Please, someone correct me.

      2. Some people say there is a unique virus which would mean, I guess, that it has been isolated, others say it does not exist……. blah blah blah. I don’t pretend to understand it. And it sounds to me like other people may not understand it either.

        For a long time, I was skeptical that lots of people were actually dying. But every day or so, my Ecuadoran girlfriend is notified by her friends and family that more people that she personally knows have died. So, based on this, I have to believe it’s real and not another govt. psyop. An unusual amount of people in Ecuador have in fact died from something in the past few months.

        And they die quickly, within two to three days. Today, one of her friends died who had just two days ago complained of a severe headache. So what is actually going on is hard to say.

        Nothing is out of the question now because this final globalist power grab is for all the marbles.

  4. Dear Jim and Friends:
    I would sure like to see our regulars give us a man on the street perspective from their area. Here’s my latest. Last summer I worked at a whitewater rafting company in Vail, Colorado. Fantastic lifestyle job where you are outside nearly all day. When I called up yesterday, the owner said I was basically out of a job. Almost no one is calling for trips and with the phased restrictions called green circle, blue square, black diamond, he might as well shut the door.

    Green Circle Phase, gatherings of up to 10 people
    Blue Square Phase, gatherings of up to 25-50 people
    Black Diamond Phase, gatherings of up to 250 people

    That effectively puts any kind of tour company out of business. Imagine the insanity of a rafting company maintaining social distancing at all times, when you are up against 7 other people in a raft. There is just no sense to the idea at all.

    Our Governor Jared Polis flew to see Trump to beg for Federal Aid. I am sure he brought his knee pads. He posted a picture of himself with a mask on the plane en route. He looked a lot like a pig with a muzzle, oh wait – that’s an insult to pigs. Polis bought the election in 2018; some say his personal fortune is 300 to 500 million.

    In Lockstep, the 2010 “scenario” white paper the Rockefeller Foundation released, tourism was put in the crosshairs of a cannon regiment. Few people noticed except for Harry Vox who found the booklet in 2014 and exposed it on local New York public access TV. He was so alarmed he could barely contain himself. It’s all come true in spades. The things they were proudest of was that

    The harsh measures to deal with the planned-demic would be enhanced after the danger had passed.
    Every country’s leader would flex their authoritarian muscle in unison so there would be no where to run to as they shoved an iron boot up our asses simultaneously
    TSA level security would be instituted at train stations and supermarkets

    Last fall I worked at a company specializing in large wedding transport and hospitality and guided inner tube floating on the Colorado. They also guided trips to Red Rocks Amphitheater concerts and Rockies Baseball Games. There is a crater left of that enterprise with all Red Rocks shows canceled and Rockies Baseball too. Weddings are now canceled all the way to September. Weddings are an industry unto themselves here. Toast!

    1. I’ll give you an update of what is happening to me.
      Some kind of very serious change is taking place and I have yet to understand precisely what it may be.
      I present the following scenarios from my personal experience…ALL having to do with some company or another wanting a picture ID.
      A few months ago, Walmart changed the company they were using to process their credit cards…from whatever it was to Cap One. For no reason whatsoever, when Cap One took over, they demanded a picture ID to be sent over the Internet or in snail mail. I refused and canceled their card I had used for 15 years at least. I had NEVER made a late payment.
      About a month ago, My regular Cap One card demanded the same. I refused. Again, I had NEVER made a late payment and there was not even a balance.
      Just now, I tried to take that hush money we were all given and send it to my friend in Cebu. Again, the company that does the transfer wanted a copy of a government issued ID sent via the Web. I had been sending money to Cebu for 12 years and had never been asked for a picture iD (which of course, I would not send, anyway). SO, I canceled the transfer.
      WTF is going on? Is this about f’ing facial recognition or what?
      As you all know, I discovered 30 (maybe more now) cell towers in storage in Live Oak….where the hell are they going?
      My buddy, who normally shops at an even smaller and closer town than Live Oak (population 6850) called Mayo (population 1009) spoke to some parents there this AM and they told him the children will have to wear masks and GLOVES to school. They also said many will just opt to home school. Good for them!
      This country has lost its collective mind.
      We will all get what we deserve for our silence. If I was 20 years older, I would GTF out!

      1. Very weird stuff Will. Thanks for the report. Just read a new article about Colorado’s army of contact tracers being hired. I predict contact tracers will become the most despised pariahs in society. Our Health Director says it’s just what that state needs to “order’ people into quarantine after the stay at home “order” expires!. Sounds great right?

        Changing gears… Everyone must watch the despicable senseless murder of a Black Man in Minneapolis by police in broad daylight. The man was already subdued face down with a cop’s knee on the back of his neck. He was begging for his life and said many times he could not breath. Other cops stood by to keep bystanders away from the public execution for alleged check forging. The cold merciless police were indifferent to what they were doing. It was a surreal dystopian nightmare. The four cops involved have been fired, but they should be behind bars. A must see is the Mayor’s response speech. He seems genuinely devastated by the event, but then he takes the opportunity to remind us of the pandemic and that if anyone wants to protest the savage murder by cop, be sure to wear a mask! Just like the murderous cops, who were not wearing masks. That’s when the speech swung a left into crazytown! Please watch and comment

      2. Thanks, dK…..I’ll add what may be pertinent to this contact tracing crap at the end. These sobs ever come at me and they are going down…one way or another.
        Anyway, I had posted that vid of that poor black man earlier, but this is what happens in this comment system. things get lost quickly and then get repeated. No offense to the Dr….it’s the system that sucks.
        This is from Sheriff Mack via his CSPOA…it goes into pretty good detail and a simple explanation of why Washington’s state’s governor is off track…and for my money should be recalled. I do not know if Colorado’s constitution is similar, but I think it’s worth the read.

        CSPOA Advisory Board Member Michael Peroutka Intervenes for Liberty in Washington State
        Introduction by Rick Dalton

        America has weathered many storms in our history, brought on both by nature and by enemies of the Constitution, and this current pandemic is no different. Though it is a real virus like many others of the past, government’s response has been dramatically different. The overreach has been treacherous and often tyrannical, violating fundamental individual rights in the name of safety.

        There is no ‘except for emergencies’ clause in the Bill of Rights. Separation of Powers cannot be abrogated by a single member of one branch of government. The fear-mongering and panic has pushed liberty to the back burner. No longer.

        Here, Michael Peroutka , attorney and member of our CSPOA Advisory Board, intervenes in a specific state (Washington) and sets forth the law….the Supreme Law of the Land. This clearly written and easily understood explanation of that law could well serve for similar circumstances in every state in the Union.

        RESPONSE TO LEGAL OPINION, May 8, 2020
        Requested by Mr. Neal Davis

        The following is a response to the legal opinion provided by John F Driscoll, Jr., Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Spokane County in an April 30, 2020 letter to the Commissioners of Spokane County, Washington.

        Mr. Driscoll’s letter contains a legal opinion. The subject of the opinion is the Governor’s purported emergency powers and the question posed by the Commissioners is this:

        “What are the governor’s emergency powers during the present COVID-19 pandemic, including enforcement of any orders issued by the governor during that time?”

        The April 30th letter (the opinion) contains one paragraph which is titled SHORT ANSWER and then 5 pages titled ANALYSIS which includes text taken from the State Code.

        We respectfully disagree with the substance of the short answer and with the body of analysis for the reasons herein:

        Short answer Section:
        The opinion begins by making the following statement:
        “The Governor derives his power both constitutionally and statutorily.”
        This is true but begs the question as to the lawful source and limits of that power. The remaining sentences in this section recite the penalties for disobeying the governor and asserts that the orders of local health officers also must be obeyed so as to avoid fines and punishments. We can find no discussion in the opinion documenting the constitutional source of authority for health officials to make law.

        Analysis Section:
        This section begins with the statement that the governor’s power to make law is initially derived from Article X of the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution commonly known as the Tenth Amendment which states:

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people”

        After citing the Tenth Amendment the opinion concludes, “This basically allows the state, through its executive, to decide state matters.”
        This is not an accurate summation of the nature, purpose and effect of the Tenth Amendment. Under the terms of the United States Constitution certain powers are delegated to the national government by the states. In addition, the language of Article I, Section 10, prohibits the states from certain other things, i.e. treaties and coining money.

        The Tenth Amendment clarifies that, but for these powers, powers that previously belonged to the states continue to rest with them. At the same time, powers that previously belonged to the people are similarly reserved to them.
        The Tenth Amendment, then, is not a grant of plenary power which devolves to the executive of the state. It is simply an acknowledgment that powers, other than those affected by the terms of the Constitution of the United States, remain as status quo ante. That is, whatever powers resided in the state government still exist. In like manner, whatever powers resided in the people still reside there.
        This last point is salient because Article I, Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution acknowledges that all governmental authority comes from the people and is authorized by virtue of their consent:

        ARTICLE I
        Section 1: All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

        Nothing in the 10th amendment operates, then, to subtract in any way from the authority of the people, or to give the governor of Washington State any power or authority which is not specifically delegated to him by the people under the terms of the Washington State Constitution.

        Turning then to the Washington State constitution, the opinion cites Article III, Sections 2 and 5 as follows:

        SECTION 2 GOVERNOR, TERM OF OFFICE. The supreme executive power of this state shall be vested in a governor, who shall hold his office for a term of four years, and until his successor is elected and qualified.
        SECTION 5 GENERAL DUTIES OF GOVERNOR. The governor may require information in writing from the officers of the state upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and shall see that the laws are faithfully executed.

        The opinion then states:
        “This basically allows the governor to enforce state laws, including orders or proclamations he may issue under those laws.”
        We respectfully disagree. This is not an accurate statement. Pursuant to article III, Section 2 the governor is not “allowed” but is required to faithfully execute state laws. But there is nothing in the constitution that authorizes or permits him to make laws or to issue orders or proclamations that pretend to be law.
        In fact, all authority to make law is reserved to the legislative branch under Article II, Section 1.

        ARTICLE II
        SECTION 1 LEGISLATIVE POWERS, WHERE VESTED. The legislative authority of the state of Washington shall be vested in the legislature, consisting of a senate and house of representatives, which shall be called the legislature of the state of Washington, but the people reserve to themselves the power to propose bills, laws, and to enact or reject the same at the polls, independent of the legislature, and also reserve power, at their own option, to approve or reject at the polls any act, item, section, or part of any bill, act, or law passed by the legislature.

        Therefore, any proclamation issued by the Governor must be executory in nature (executing existing law) and not legislative (pretending to make law). And since valid executive orders only apply to those who are under the authority of the executive, no executive order is binding on anyone outside the executive branch of government.
        The opinion’s reference to Article III, Section 5 above is consistent with the idea that the Governor may impose requirements on those in the executive branch, that is, those already under his authority, but NOT on anyone else. (See Addendum 2 for separate discussion regarding executive orders generally).
        Moreover, Article II, Section 18, confirms this point by stating plainly that no laws shall be enacted except by bill (not by order, mandate, directive or edict).

        ARTICLE II
        SECTION 18 STYLE OF LAWS. The style of the laws of the state shall be: “Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Washington.” And no laws shall be enacted except by bill.

        Finally, and in any event, no executive order or pretended legislation is lawful which contravenes or violates the God-given constitutionally protected rights of the people as particularly described in Article I, Sections 2,3,4,5 and 11, as well as many other sections of the Washington State Constitution:

        ARTICLE I
        SECTION 2 SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.
        SECTION 3 PERSONAL RIGHTS. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.
        SECTION 4 RIGHT OF PETITION AND ASSEMBLAGE. The right of petition and of the people peaceably to assemble for the common good shall never be abridged.
        SECTION 5 FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Every person may freely speak, write and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.
        SECTION 11 RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Absolute freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment, belief and worship, shall be guaranteed to every individual, and no one shall be molested or disturbed in person or property on account of religion…

        The dangerous situation in which we find ourselves was contemplated and provided for by the Founders and the necessity for civil officials to exercise fidelity to the rule of law has been rearticulated by courts throughout the American political experience.

        For example, in Federalist 51, Madison observed that when one level or branch of government gets out of its lane, another level and/or branch will interpose itself to defend the people from tyranny.

        “Hence, a double security arises to the rights of the people. The different governments will control each other at the same time that each will be controlled by itself. (Federalist 51, at 323)”

        More recently, Justice Scalia observed:
        “But the Constitution protects us from our own best intentions. It divides power among sovereigns and among branches of government precisely so that we may resist the temptation to concentrate powerin one location as an expedient solution to the crisis of the day.”

        For these reasons we believe that the analysis in the opinion should be revisited and reconsidered. The circumstances of the “current crisis” can never be used to justify lawlessness, either on the part of individuals or government officials or institutions.

        Respectfully submitted,
        Michael Anthony Peroutka, Attorney at Law
        Co-Founder, Institute on the Constitution
        151 Longfellow Drive, Millersville, MD 21108

      3. that’s a boat load will, from my home state. I just came across a video from someone that went through contact trace training. This is a nightmare and everyone should watch this. The documents a form to “request” – “voluntary” quarantine. There’s a bunch of double talk after that – that says you could go to jail and get $2,000 a day fine for non-compliance. The most frightening Governor isn’t from Illinois, California or New York. It’s Washington State Governor that is going to drive the largest iron boot up the populations’ asses

      4. Governments love to yank your chain….the USA is no exception to this. I’ve already posted here several times how TSA concentrates their groping-hands inspections on your genital area. A nation of citizens that have allowed and accepts that will then allow anything.

        Thanks to the recent Covid scarem harem, up until just this week in Russia, you had to have a Government Permission Document to drive your car from your main home to your summer home. That document was only good for 24 hours….then you had to rush home or be fined if caught.

        The Gov of CA just said he is sure the small business can ”hold on” for a couple more months of closure and then all will be OK. Sure….then the businesses will be totally dead.

      5. dK…CT is beyond outrageous…it’s scurrilous and contumelious. IF we allow this, there is no help. We are finished. As I said, these pricks come near me, one of us is going down. And if you allow yourself to become one of these animals, YOU ARE A FUCKING TRAITOR. There is no other way to put it. Inslee is a traitor as is any other governor that goes along with it. June 23rd is coming and we in America had better join or kiss our butts good-bye.
        From an earlier post…..and I will keep putting this up until I get some reply….for keericed sakes, this is about our lives and the lives of our progeny….

        If you do not watch this short video, you may miss the most important video of your life.

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