Paul Krause, Killing Liberty, Coronavirus-Style (with Fauci and Gates)

By Paul Krause

It should now be self-evident for anyone with common sense that the Democrats, liberals, and their convenient Republican allies like “Republicans for the Rule of Law” are using the coronavirus as a cover to advance their deconstruction of America without opposition behind the veil of “saving lives” and “saving democracy.”  This has been the dream of liberals for over a century.  Now they will not relent until they deliver the coup de grâce to their enemies: Christianity, small businesses, and civil society as a whole.

The importance of civil liberties in the Anglo-American tradition, as venerable writers like Alexis de Tocqueville, Michael Oakeshott, and Robert Nisbet have written, is that civil liberties constitute the pulsating heart of the first order of our existence.  The purpose of civil liberties is to create a wall of separation between the people and overreaching political tyranny.  Civil liberties ensure the independence and sovereignty of houses of worship, intermediate associations, and free enterprise from the collectivizing and totalizing iron rod of centralized government.

Surprise! Surprise! Follow the money. Bill Gates controls the CDC, the WHO and the NIH. Fauci is his puppet.

In his insightful, and now seemingly prophetic, essay “The Political Economy of Freedom,” Michael Oakeshott reminds us that the prerequisites for a free society are “freedom of association” and the “freedom enjoyed in the right to own private property.”  These two pillars that support a free society and free people are enshrined in the American Constitution, and for good reason.  Free association (exemplified in the First Amendment) and the right to property and the enjoyment of private property (exemplified in the Fourth Amendment) are under siege by the totalitarian impulses of petty governors and mayors who wish for nothing more than to burn what is left of an already mostly shredded Constitution.

The assault against the American Constitution is nothing new.  Frankly, the Constitution hasn’t been enforced over American political order since at least the Franklin Roosevelt administration.  But the origins of the offensive against the Constitution are irrelevant for us.  What matters, in the here and now, is being aware of how the last vestiges of constitutional independence are being threatened by Democrats and their convenient media Republican stooges, who like to shame other Republicans while selling out the Constitution behind their veil of high-minded principles.

Collectivists of all stripes, whether they be liberals, social democrats, democratic socialists, or communists, have always despised the Constitution and the diminutive political order the Constitution promotes because the genuine constitutional order is the true safeguard of diversity and plurality, which prevents homogenized social planning and social engineering.  Beneath our noses, the “guidelines” and “recommendations” — alongside the actual mandated orders by our political officials — serve as the first stage of widespread social engineering.  The intent is to break the spirit of independent Americans and shape them into a herd of conformity, which permits bureaucratic control over every facet of our lives.

While some governors and local officials look to “reopen” their states and towns, Democratic governors and mayors have doubled down on more draconian and tyrannical measures while their masochistic Republican media allies cheer them on as “responsible” leaders.  Oakeshott tells us why: “[t]he believer in collectivism naturally looks upon war as an opportunity not to be missed, and the demobilization of society is no part of his programme.”

Over the last month, we have heard about how we are “at war” with the coronavirus.  “The real spring of collectivism,” Oakeshott says, “is not a love of liberty, but war[.] … And large scale collectivism is, moreover, inherently warlike.”  Under the guise of confronting the coronavirus, collectivists have unleashed their war against civil society, civil liberty, and the Constitution.  Stopping the coronavirus is not their goal, even though they claim that it is.  Killing the spirit of liberty is their primary goal.

Why else are protests against government overreach — guaranteed by our First Amendment — banned and deemed “non-essential”?  Why else is our right to free association, especially in matters of religious worship — also guaranteed by our First Amendment — targeted by the anti-Christ enforcers and their pawns?  Why else are businesses, which constitute “life, liberty, [and] property” for so many Americans — guaranteed by our Fourth Amendment — deemed “non-essential” and forced to close without due process or restitution?  The heart of civil society has been ripped out and thrown away with gleeful and malevolent intent by our neo-Bolshevik ruling class.  The ending of lockdowns, which has been part of the mass orchestrated mobilization of war, has no part in the collectivist war to enslave everything independent of the central planning by experts.

People across the United States are being “deprived of life, liberty, [and] property, without due process of law.”  People across the United States are being denied the “free exercise” of religion.  People across the United States are being denied “the freedom of speech.”  People across the United States are being denied peaceable assembly and the right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Our civil liberties are the surest safeguard against collectivized totalitarianism.  The true face of tyranny has shown itself in the midst of the virus outbreak.  While other nations ease their restrictions and begin reopening schools and sectors of their economy, collectivist Democrats and their servile allies in the media and the Republican Party increase their restrictions.

The collectivist war to destroy the last vestiges of liberty, private property, religious worship — the last vestiges of the civil society that makes America truly unique and great — is not yet complete.  We might add to Oakeshott and say the restoration of civil liberty is not part of the collectivist program, either.  The “new normal” these tyrants speak of is nothing short of a collectivist dystopia where the government has total control of everything.

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41 thoughts on “Paul Krause, Killing Liberty, Coronavirus-Style (with Fauci and Gates)”

  1. If there is anyone left who has a shred of hope that Trump is going to clean up this mess?
    Trump might be better than Hillary, but Trump is nothing more than a con man and liar.

    1. Trump said he would drain the swamp, but he didn’t. He added to it with dual-national Jews, like Wilbur Ross, Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin.

    2. Trump said Hillary belongs in jail, but he ignores the Clinton’s crimes.

    3. Trump said he loves Wikileaks, but he hasn’t lifted a finger to help Julian Assange.

    4. Trump said he would not bomb Syria, but he did.

    5. Repeal Obamacare? No.

    6. Bring down debt? No.

    7. Build wall? No.

    8. Now he says Georgia shouldn’t reopen.

    9. Finally, even Bernie Sanders is willing to Criticize Israel. But Trump won’t. This is because Trump is owned by rich American Jews like Sheldon Adelson and he acts accordingly. How does advancing the Jewish agenda help America?

  2. Following up on that previous vid in which a woman was arrested for allowing her children to use a PUBLIC PARK. Here, it seems to be her lawyer or some official attempting to serve that officer at home, as the cops buddies are guarding his home with that BLUE LINE! This shows hope for WE THE PEOPLE…must watch!

  3. Dear Jim:
    Your site is rejecting jpegs even tiny file sizes with an error message. I wanted to attach a picture of my property for sale in the Everglades. Rock bottom price too. Free airboat and alligators included with every lot, make offer!

    Since when did we start the Olympics with a horror filled nightmarish scenario of green eyed black demons flying through the air to attack 100 children in hospital beds?

    The opening scene of the London Olympics showed the Big Ben clock tower. Take a wild guess what time it was? With hands on 9 and 11, it left no doubt who was behind the sick twisted opening ceremony. The clock hands were not just near 9 and 11; the hands were synched perfectly over those numbers. What are the chances? If anyone thinks this a coincidence, I have some land for sale in the Everglades. Rock bottom price too.

    I bet no one remembers the bizarre opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. Oh my Lord, they acted out the Pandemic 8 years before it happened. Words simply can’t do this justice. Since when did we start the Olympics by portraying a nightmarish scenario of demons attacking kids in hospital beds? There was a gigantic black monster orchestrating the terror with a magic wand. Who comes to the rescue?

    An Air Force of Nannies dressed like Mary Poppins parachutes in with umbrellas. They repel the demonic green eyed monsters and defeat their puppet master. Oh wow, the symbology is over the top. Mary Poppins represented Big Brother and the children represented the Proletariat Rabble in dire need of their protection and guidance. The Demons represented the virus and the ghoulish Puppet Master represented the Satanic Cult that actually calls the shots in this realm.

    Then I remembered the Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening in Switzerland ceremony and it might be the same production company. No doubt the same sick and twisted evil force inspired it and sponsored it. If you have not seen the Olympic Ceremony or the Tunnel Ceremony, prepare to be shocked down to your socks. In the Tunnel Ceremony, they act out the rape conception and birth of the Anti=Christ. Beyond the pale of any depravity you can dream up. Both ceremonies tell me Earth is run by a Satanic Cult of Evil, Sick and Twisted Psychopaths. If anyone still thinks the Pandemic was a random organic event or the Chinese acting alone were behind it, don’t forget my gorgeous land for sale in the Everglades. I am including several free alligators with each lot. Make offer!

  4. From J Stone….The best and most concise summary of THEIR strategy. And, you know what…it’s worked like a charm and will continue to do so until we all grow a pair…..(and from my observations, most women have a bigger pair than men)

    Gun control was designed to take away your freedoms.

    Political correctness was designed to take away your freedom of speech.

    Social distancing was designed to take away your right to assemble.

    Your face mask was designed to be your muzzle & handcuffs.

    Being quarantined to your house was designed to be your jail cell.

    The vaccine/microchip is designed to guarantee that the things listed above remain permanent.

    The coronavirus was designed to distract you from these facts, while you willingly give up your freedoms.

  5. Trump is extremely insecure. His huffs and puffs are his act of ego driven bravado.
    There are many signs of his insecurity.
    Everyday he faces the public with his face covered with that reddish-orange ChloraPrep. [available at]
    There is something very strange about that.
    His hair has not just one but several elaborate comb-overs to cover several bald spots ….plus its dyed blonde.

    Given this insecurity, he’s vulnerable to criminals like fear-monger Fauci. Its relatively easy for Fauci and others to manipulate and control Trump with fear.

    Fauci has been head of NIH for 35 years and has also created a fake AIDS test. His fraud research and fake applications are legendary.

  6. Food supply chain is being strangled out of existence. It’a not a by-product of the shutdown, it’s an integral part of the plan. No one could understand the Michigan Governor’s order barring seed sales. This video gives you a clue. The walls are closing in on freedom from every angle. Food Producers are throwing away product by the ton. While that’s happening, backcountry skiing and snowmobiling access is being barricaded in Colorado’s high country and they arrested a mother of two in Idaho for the crime letting her kids play at a park. Imagine watching your mom hauled off in handcuffs like that.
    demolition of food supply chain:

    1. Will, reading that has nauseated me. If Trump won’t save us, we won’t be save. I am dumbfounded. WE MUST GET BACK TO WORK NOW! We may have to save the nation in spite of him. Unbelievable! I rejoiced when the Governor of Georgia made his announcement.

      1. I just don’t get it! Is this the same man who Tweeted to all those governors to open up there states…just a couple of days ago? Are there TWO Trumps? I also caught a ZH report that said Virginia will not re-open until the middle of June. Can we imagine the small businesses that will go under? Having had two restaurants in Charlottesville, I can testify that missing three days without income would have put me under…much less three months.

      2. Some blowback against this lockdown may redound to civil libertarians from the small business sector.

        Unless it insures them a monopoly or a bailout, most businesses are impatient with government interference, but they go along with it. Lately I’ve noticed that if you need something and you call one of them, they will tell you to meet them ‘around back’ and let you in the alley door.

        Non-essential businesses have been threatened with having their utilities cut if they serve customers. Because of these draconian measures, they are forced to operate in a grey market. The government has made them outlaws, and speaking as one previously in the cannabis grey market, that can be radicalizing.

        Support your local businesses
        Meet ‘em around back

      3. I’d order up some clones, if I were you. Easier. Now’s the time to plant, at least here. Maybe in Florida it will get too hot, too soon.

      4. According to this nurse, the hospitals are empty and many are dying not from Covid, but from lack of care . She days she stills believe Trump is working behind the scenes. At this juncture, I do not. I think he is an integral part of the take over. Nothing else is logical….but much else is then opiate of hope.

      5. Hey Will… I tend to agree with you and if that’s the same nurse I saw… that zero hedge link you posted has been 86ed down the Memory Hole which has also been memory holed. James Tracy has thrown in the towel on his site. Can’t say I blame him. The idea that Trump is turning the shutdown against the Satanic Cult of twisted psychopaths attempting to destroy every American tradition… there has been a major indication that’s true. You heard all immigration has been shut down by executive order? he could never get away with that under any other circumstances (if that’s really true?)… Jim… is there any evidence the Pedo-freaks networks have been mass arrested? Can anyone verify that’s true? The other side of the economic suicide pact is that the illegals are being squeezed out. The Mexicans have to be thinking Cancun and Cabo are looking mighty attractive for finding a job. I don’t Mexico ever had any shutdowns. They must think we are out of our ever loving minds shutting down the cash registers. I bet I.C.E.’s illegal crossing enforcement has become easier now that so few cars are on the road. I wonder if America would get so bad that more people try to go south then north? The way the left is taking this country, imagine a strange bizarre upside down world where Mexico has to stop the Cringo invasion!


      6. dK…It’s like I said in a previous post….are there TWO Trumps…?….I just don’t get his attitude toward Georgia opening up…could be he has a split personality or they are using a clone. I have no idea. Truth needs consistency…and Trump is most definitely lacking that attribute.

      7. Dear Jim and Friends:
        You know who is making sense as far as Governors? South Dakota and she’s kinda’ hot – too! I called up there yesterday to the Chamber of Commerce to see if it was worth driving the 7 hours for a state open for business because I am going out of my mind with the obedient slaves here and their economic suicide pact. I spoke with a very informed lady who filled me in on the situation. The only businesses shut down are casinos and bars. Restaurants are just like Colorado, it’s take out only. They have very few cases of the new plague (if there reallly is one). I’m beginning to think it’s a mental virus more than anything. The most dangerous virus is a permanent state of paranoia.

        I have never been to see Dead Wood, Sturgis, Crazy Horse Monument or Mount Rushmore. I’ve also never seen Devil’s Tower either and that’s a major detour back to NE Wyoming. Have you’ll done that tour – guys? if so please weigh in.

        My family back east has an impenetrable force field shutting out any of my input on the Fake-Demic. I wonder if they share any of that freedom loving DNA I have coursing through my veins? It’s like going on the TV program – the View. Even though there’s like 5 of them, they don’t call it the View(s)! since they are “thought clones”. You know how many of the asleep brainwashed sheep think we are paranoid thinking Earth is actually run by a Satanic Cult of sick, twisted psycopaths hell bent on destroying every American tradition ? Now we think the sheep are the ones being paranoid !

      1. An ‘f’ing idiot’ does not have the wherewithal to be Israel’s messiah and to have the rest of the world dancing on the head of a pin waiting for his next move. He knows exactly what he’s doing. The question is, does his strategy benefit We the People or his masters.

      2. Trump is a 100 percent Jew stooge scrupulously advancing the Jew World Order at the explicit direction of his masters?

        I have to admit the record tends to support this. You may be right Mr. Will!

  7. The future of US and the freedom of its people are now clearly in jeopardy. Trump continues to go along with the stupid Covid Hoax and the multi trillion dollar money printing boondoggle.

    But Trump could still come to his senses and cure the problem.

    He could nationalize weak domestic banks, vacate the Fed’s charter, issue US Treasury notes, declare partial debt jubilee and peg the dollar to gold. Presto, future bright.

    Why would he not do this?

    Because international Jew bankers and a few goys like the Rockefellers control the USA and they obviously control Trump.

    And you can believe that rich people like Bill Gates and George Soros, while wielding some influence in their own right, are nothing but errand boys for the real City of London power. If the Covid hoax didn’t advance the Jew World Order, it wouldn’t be happening.

    Henry Ford published “The International Jew: The world’s Foremost Problem” over 100 years ago. He might be shocked to find out how right he was.

  8. My mind is blown, again… for the umpteenth time since the SCAM-DEMIC started. I bet no one remembers the bizarre opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. Oh my Lord, they acted out the Pandemic 8 years before it happpend !

    Words simply can’t do this justice. Since when did we start the Olympics by acting out a horrible, nightmarish scenario of demons flying through the air to attack 100 children in hospital beds with a goulish mastermind waving his wand? Who comes to the rescue? And army of Nannies representing Big Brother! Then I rememebred the Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening ceremony and it had to be the same production company. If you have not seen the Olympic Ceremony or the Tunnel Ceremony, prepare to be shocked down to your socks. In the Tunnel Ceremony, they act out the rape conception and birth of the Anti=Christ. Beyond the pale of any depravity you can dream up. Both ceremonies tell me Earth is run by a Satanic Cult of Evil, Sick and Twisted Psycopaths and everyone that still thinks the Pandemic was a random organic event or the Chinese were behind it, I have some beautiful land for sale in the Everglades.

    Olympic Pandemic Ceremony:

    Sick and Twisted Tunnel Ceremony, Rape scene is about the 7mins mark:

    1. Hey Ralph. I think of Alex as a conspiracy starter kit. He gets people going down the path to truth. And that’s good. Especially 911. There are certain places he will never go like the Zionists… or never go again like Sandy Hoax. I doubt he will ever wade in with those piranhas again or any other school shooting du jour. After a while the intermittent ranting gets on your nerves and the constant interrupting of guests I want to hear talk becomes maddening. Then you tune out for good and move onto deeper tunnels off the mainline Rabbit Hole. Alex Jones is a persona Bill Hicks once did in his stand up comedy show. Bill Hicks was on Letterman a view times and was pretty funny. One day he got an offer to become Alex Jones full time. Bill Hicks the comedian disappeared and Alex the raving conspiracy guy was born. Alex slipped a few times spilling the beans. Then when he moved into a super polished and gleaming state of the art TV set, I figured there was some serious mojo behind keeping him going as semi-limited hang out. His guy David Knight is a far better interviewer without the ranting. Here’s a video of Bill Hicks when he was a comic. There’s some more serious exposes but you can right away see the resemblance

      1. Jay Weidner claims flat out that Alex is Bill Hicks. Alex can be pretty darn funny……. But whoever he is, I’m pretty sure he has a lot of money.

        Alex has lots of faults.
        For example, he has trouble pronouncing the word “Jew”. It always sounds like “Chicom”.

        But in all fairness, you have to give him credit for sonding the alarm about the Jew World Order before anybody else had a clue. In fact, he made some damn good films about it.

      2. People claim the Alex Jones is Bill Hicks [the comedian]. Both Alex and Bill look rather similar yet different. They both came from the same area in Texas. Bill Hicks played a person in his Comic Act that was the Alex Jones ”character”. Then Hicks died and a few years later Alex Jones appeared on the scene at Waco, TX….under the direction of ….Kevin Booth.
        Both Bill and Alex had or have the same Producer/Director and come out of the same production company and radio studio/station in Texas.
        That person is Kevin Booth. Booth is KEY to this entire controversy. Just WHAT does Kevin Booth know??? The file photo is Bill and Alex as kids. Are they different people?


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