Mandatory Intellectomy, How to Create a Fake Pandemic

Mandatory Intellectomy

Greetings, fellow manipulators and deceivers, and welcome to our course on how to create a fake pandemic! As you know from our previous courses, the first thing you need for an undertaking of this kind is to own some mainstream media. As experienced mass manipulators, we’re sure you own a medium outlet or two, so let’s get right into it!

Manufacturing a pandemic when there isn’t any is much easier than you might think. As usual, we will need the right focus, repetition, some misdirection, semi-made-up numbers and your regular psychological tricks.

To start a fake pandemic, we need an appropriate virus. It should be something new that people know little to nothing about – that way you can tell them just about anything, and they’ll know nothing to contradict your claims. Something with a scary or cool-sounding name is best. The media will love talking about it.

You can’t have a pandemic without any increase in mortality (The Goldfish Report, 30 March 2020)

It can be helpful if this new virus is closely related to other viruses that are neither new nor rare. That way you can throw these into the mix whenever you need to bloat the numbers. The world of viruses is amazingly diverse, yet the common people know nothing about it, so there’s always enough to choose from. I mean, most people can’t tell apart a virus from a bacterium, or even a very small spider.

Perhaps the most difficult part is the right timing. You can’t make up a pandemic out of literally nothing – there has to be something going on. So you may have to wait to come upon the right thing, but you are already used to this. Once you identify the right situation, it’s all about making the most of it.

Once you find the right virus that’s spreading at a reasonably useful rate, it’s time for propaganda! Now you have to tell people about it every day with a very serious face, a sense of danger in your voice, and some well-selected and modified numbers.

For those of you with the appropriate resources, there is a bonus idea you can use. You can manufacture the virus yourself, release it secretly to another country, let them discover it, and then blame them for starting the pandemic. This will make you look a lot better than if the virus started in your own country, and it can of course be used to demonize a country of your choice, if you set it up right.

Whichever way you get the virus going, now you need to focus on numbers. People die from diseases every day, but the common population has no idea what the actual numbers are, and that’s what we’re counting on. And even if people hear a number, they don’t know what to think of it unless you tell them. You can tell people that over half a million people die every year from the flu – which is true – but the average Joe doesn’t know whether that’s OK or a sign of a crisis. This he will read from your voice and your face.

Dean Ryan, Mike Bara and Jim Fetzer (Real Deal Report 1 April 2020)

So you’ll have an ordinary virus, spreading at an ordinary pace, killing an ordinary number of people, but you will tell people every day that this is extraordinary, unprecedented even, show them the number of new cases every day, acting like you’ve discovered an alien base under your Capital city, and repeat that this is going to get worse and might reach catastrophic proportions. This has happened many times before, and people always bought it. Sure, in the end it will turn out, as it has before, that the actual number of deaths was 1% of the predicted number, but by that time you’ll be distracting people with other made-up stories, so nobody will be paying attention.

Once the virus spreads to many countries, which, in today’s world, is unavoidable, you have to quickly identify the one where the situation is the worst, which will happen by means of various local factors, and focus on that one the most. You will report how bad it is there every day, and imply that very soon it’s going to be that bad everywhere unless people do what you tell them.

You have to convince people that this virus is worse than other viruses. They have to believe they have a higher chance to die than they had ever before. This is where you have a wide selection of handy tricks.

Usually case fatality rate is calculated from the estimated infected population. That’s not what you will do with this oneYou will calculate it from only confirmed cases, which will give you a much higher death rate, perhaps ten to a hundred times higher. Then you inform people that the death rate for seasonal flu is only 0.1%, which is the rate calculated from the estimated number of total cases, but you’ll act like these two death rates are comparable. The death rate for flu from confirmed cases is around 10%, but people must never hear of this number! You’ll tell them it’s only 0.1% and this new virus has a case fatality rate of whatever you can get out of the situation.

To get a higher death rate, there are two main kinds of tricks. 1. You have to bloat the number of the deceased. 2. You have to keep the number of infected relatively low. (But high enough for people to see that this thing is spreading fast and will reach their homes any minute.)

The number of confirmed cases depends on testing and diagnosing people, so you have to think about how many people to test and whom. It’s best to test the people who are the most likely to have the virus and to die from it. So test the most in areas with the already highest number of cases, which isn’t even suspicious, and test mainly old and sick people. Those are the ones who will be dying the most, of course. You do not test in places where you would get few positive results. Then the case fatality rate wouldn’t be scary enough.

Dean Ryan, Mike Bara and Jim Fetzer (Real Deal Report 2 April 2020)

You also need the numbers of daily new cases to rise, at least for a while. So start testing slowly, and then increase the rate of testing. The rate of confirmed cases will rise along with the rise in testing, so it will look like the virus is spreading faster than it really is. If you test 500 people today and find 50 new cases, test 1000 tomorrow, and you’ll likely find about 100 cases. This doesn’t mean an increase in anything other than your testing, but people will easily be convinced that today twice as many people as yesterday got infected.

You may be wondering, “But how do I bloat the number of the deceased? Aren’t such records difficult to fake? Don’t people keep track of that?” Not to worry! Once you convince everyone that there’s a crisis, you can give this virus a special status, and when people with cancer or pneumonia die with this virus, instead of cancer or pneumonia, which would normally be the official cause of death, you’ll be able to write down the name of your new virus. Since everybody will be hearing about this virus 24/7, nobody will notice that this is very unusual. So now you’ll have all these sick old people dying from things that would have killed them in a few weeks or months anyway, but you’ll be able to attribute the deaths to your virus. This should boost the death rate significantly.

Monitor closely everything that’s happening, look for any peaks in the statistics, and focus on those. You have the whole world to choose from, so make sure you don’t miss any serious cases. Of course wherever things calm down, you start ignoring the place. Since old people will be dying all the time, you must look for the rare cases of younger people dying and magnify them as much as possible.

Pay attention to discrepancies in the events in various countries. Some places will have higher death rates, usually for rather uninteresting reasons, but if you’re creative, you can make up your own reasons for why it is so and gain further advantages out of the situation. We are sure you’ll be able to find ways to demonize countries that need demonizing.

Dean Ryan, Mike Bara and Jim Fetzer (Real Deal Report 3 April 2020)

Once all of this is going on, you can usher in the police state of your dreams. Lock people in their homes, make them wear masks and keep a distance from each other (this will make it more difficult for them to talk about what’s going on, and their main source of information will be your media), and if at all possible, make them snitch on one another. Widespread paranoia always helps. And of course, accuse those who complain of being inconsiderate and selfish etc. etc. You know the drill. Just like 9/11. Remember how we accused everyone who didn’t fall in line of being unpatriotic? Worked like magic, didn’t it? (Good days.)

Now, your usual danger will be the few people who are somehow always immune to our bullshit and will investigate and inevitably discover at least part of the truth and do their best to publish it. This is nothing new to you. Above all, you must keep any such voices out of the mainstream media. No statistics other than the ones you need, no comparing with other diseases (except for carefully selected ones that fit your narrative), no bringing context and perspective into this, none of the things these people always do. Bring some fake ‘experts’ in the media who will say whatever you tell them to, and so on.

Some scientists and doctors will try to publish papers that doubt the official narrative. These must be, as always, prevented from being published. Any incriminating content must be constantly removed from wherever possible. Our friends at Google and Facebook will help you with that.

You can also conduct some fake polls that show that the majority of the population supports the measures taken.

Dean Ryan, Mike Bara and Jim Fetzer (Real Deal Repor 4 April 2020)

Restrictions put on the population will of course greatly affect the economy, but corporations will ride it out, and small businesses will fold, giving corporations even more power, which is what we want, right?

So that’s about the basics of manufacturing a fake pandemic. You can monitor something perfectly normal and create the crisis in people’s heads. And with the mess you’ll create, a real crisis or two is bound to appear somewhere, so make sure to use it well.

Also, while you’ll be distracting everyone with this ‘deadly’ virus, you’ll have the opportunity to pull off a few dirty tricks behind everyone’s back, so don’t miss it!

When it’s over and people start saying that it wasn’t nearly as bad as you told them it would, you will tell them, as you can probably guess now, that it’s because of the measures you had taken. Then you’ll just distract them with some other bullshit as usual.

All right, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed our presentation and that this was helpful. I’ll be looking forward to seeing a good fake crisis in the near future!

Thank you all for participating.

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41 thoughts on “Mandatory Intellectomy, How to Create a Fake Pandemic”

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        #RealDealReports (7 April 2020) With Dean Ryan in LA and Mike Bara in Seattle. More and more proof that we are in the midst of a manufactured crisis intended to revert to the middle ages with the rich in their castles with by moats, the rest toiling serfs.…
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  1. You can’t get away from TV shows that feature terror attacks on innocents. As soon as I came back from an awesome hike in the Rockies, Criminal Minds was playing a re-run from May 13, 2009. The team of intrepid sluths is hot on the trail of an Anthraxer who attacked families at a park playground. He let the athrax drift in the wind. Unbelievable the timing. You want to talk about racheting up the fear?

    It checked all the boxes for the New World Order’s Boogie Man definition. Home grown terrorist who was disgruntled for being rejected to work at Fort Detrick Dirty Trick Weapons factory.

  2. By the way, I’m sure there are some people out there who, like me, thought that the controllers might have overreached this time.

    We were wrong!

    The sheeple will apparently go along with anything.

    1. Hey Ralph they have over reached,but all is not lost. One of the attributes I love about Americans since naturalized about 21 years ago is the rebellious nature of its citizens and it only take a minority to do so. As a combat veteran, you learn to tolerate the suck but not endure it. Because you know that it will not last forever.
      Active duty personnel are speaking out to their families and friends and they all realized that everyone will be hurting socially And economically very soon.
      The charade has been exposed and more people are waking up to the plies & propaganda.
      This is the rubbish that’s coming out of my state of Virginia. And BTW the governor and his staff doesn’t wear masks indoors but out. So I guess it’s airborne now ? 😁

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  4. Can you imagine one of the Founding Fathers standing up at the Continental Congress and saying “but none of this shit counts if disease breaks out, right?”

    If you post anything criticizing the economic shutdown or doubt the network news corona virus narrative, there’s a formulaic attack that just jumps out of the ether. It’s mostly ad hominem; insults and name calling. It happens so fast, sometimes I think it’s artificial intelligence that’s automated to negate opposition to the agenda of impoverishing us for our protection and well being. When you go to see the abusive person’s FB timeline, there’s zero personal pictures and devoid of the every day comments from actual friends not just FB friends. It’s the first sign of a fake account.

    As soon as you post a comment, you get pounced on. AI just autofils your name and says you are spreading hate and lies. It pigeon holes you with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They don’t bother disputing your information. They just insult you and associate you with standard figureheads – they imply should be despised and you with them. It’s designed to provoke you to go on the defensive – with a machine!

    This is exactly the kind of scenario Event 201 addressed. They talked of shutting down the Internet during their Planned-Demic to limit the flow of information to their sources only but decided that would cause too much panic. They decided high tech censorship was the way to go. Flooding the Social Media platforms with their information.

    How did they get so many people to go along with an economic suicide pact? How can so few people see what’s being done permanantly to freedom? Every level of Government is on the same page of sheet music, dancing in lock step march to absolute tyranny. The American people laid down for it without a single protest of any magnitude. They outlawed the Bill of Rights, especially the right to assemble. That’s supposed to be protected, not prohibited. Can you imagine one of the Founding Fathers standing up at the Continental Congress and saying “but none of this shit counts if disease breaks out, right?”

    How long can this last without people going out of their minds? The ridiculous things they are shutting down. Arresting people for going surfing alone. Holding a religious service. There’s a 24 hour curfew in New Jersey. The Governor shut down all the ski areas in Colorado and then tried to shut down all backcountry access as well.

    I am waiting for them to ban fishing and hunting to save animals from catching the Corona Virus

    We must demand the insane shutdown end.

    1. Very good. My Insurance company just tried to get me to join a program that rewards me for not driving during the shelter in place order in Texas. I told them to go pound sand. Some loving advise: Do Not Use Fakebook.

  5. The Boy Who Cried Wolf parable: The Preppers told us the collapse of society was coming in 2008 when the sub-prime mortage collapse hit. My Dad talked about the collapse of society in the early seventies. Seems like every year another frightening revelation was revealed. Better go buy guns, ammo and doomsday food. Maybe the alarm was sounded one too many times to take it seriouslly and I stopped believing it would ever happen here. The last big one was the spanking new UN armored division stashed in Hagertown, Maryland found and filmed a couple years back. Then there was all the pictures of special new train cars seen here and there. And the renovation of old storage buildings retrofitted with state of the art heating systems and barbed wire facing in. Next to train tracks, what are the chances? Nothing to get too alarmed about, Right? Then the three person plastic coffins found stacked like cordwood in Georgia. How many thousands were there? Too many to count. Again, the doubters explained it away. I understand there’s huge troop movements happening now inside the US. The various agendas in play for Corona Virus Lockdown
    1.Take away medical choice and require vaccines with documentation to go anywhere.
    2. Blame cash for spreading the virus, demonize it and eventually eliminate it through further and further limiting it’s use
    3. Tie vaccines into renewing your driver’s license and passports that prohibit air travel without them
    4. Condition people to accept setting aside the Bill Of Rights in times of crisis when we need them more than ever
    5. To so impoverish people they become completely dependent on Gov’t assistance and pliable to accept any humiliation to receive it
    6. Condition people to accepting the Gov’t can put anyone out of business they deem non-essential like gun stores
    7. Condition people to accept the presence of military on every street “to keep us safe” when we go total Hunger Games
    8. Condition people to get permission to travel slips which we have already seem and the list could go on and on.

    A great new video from ODD TV on the situation and the implanted chip in your arm.

  6. By the minute the screws gets turned a bit harder. Trump is going along with this shit. New Jersey Governor commands 24 hour curfew and says it will enforced with an iron fist up your ass. The iron fist is introduced on camera. Only thing missing was the tiny mustache. Jim This is just getting surreally dystopic.

  7. Another empty hospital highlight reel. People won’t even look. the vitriol when I post them is off the charts. I’m called a liar and all I have is actual people that live near hospitals exposing the lie. The contrast with the NEWS is mind blowing. Jim I can’t explain the new religion I am calling Coronism, you must submit to the destruction of our economy or you are part of the problem. There’s almost no defiance of the shutdown. They are trying to crucify a preacher down in Texas for holding church services. I am turning completely against Trump now. He is going along with the destruction. None of his inner circle are at all concerned with catching corona, no masks, no social distancing, all huddled together.

    1. I just spoke to my daughter who is a phlebotomist in a hospital in Pasco County Florida…Tampa/Petersburg area….She also has connections in other hospitals she has worked in that area. NO ONE has died of Covid-19. They are dying from a particularly bad version of the flu that is turning into viral pneumonia.

      1. Yes, hemorrhagic pneumonia has been noted since day-one of this situation. Its particularly nasty and can kill in several days. A ventilator only slows it down. 66% of people on the vents will still die.
        Keep in contact with your daughter….we value her inside information at this time.

    2. My first time on this site. Absolutely fantastic information, much of what I’ve heard over many years. This is in response to the hospital “crisis” My adult daughter works for a major hospital builder, who owns satellite hospitals mainly in rural areas but not always. They are cutting back drastically almost bankrupt because there are no patients. How interesting…if this was going to be the two weeks of the Apocalypse no hospitals would have a bed, people were going to be dropping like bugs hitting a zapper why are they cutting back. Nurses I know are telling me the same thing – they are not that busy. How could we have gotten to this point. For me, I’m thrilled I know the real “plan”.

  8. I’m putting this comment here since it’s the top article.
    You may think your mind has been blown before, but this will take the explosion to a nuclear level. It’s an hour pod cast and I would advise listening to it all and not missing the last 15 minutes that ties it all together with the corona virus. Unless you subscribe to Crrow777 and/or are familiar with Kurt Kallenbach, you have not heard this perspective/interpretation any where. I will hint that it could well be the reset that is coming will benefit humanity beyond belief. The first hour which I am posting is FREE and as mind altering as if you had a subscription to the second hour which offers many more details.. I am not trying to sell Crrow777…it sells itself. A monthly, non-recurring subscription is only 7 bucks. Pulease….do not avoid this because you thinks it’s a ‘sell’. It is not. You may have to listen to this a few times to get it to sink in if you are not familiar with Kallenbach’s work.

  9. People are entitled to their opinions. Maybe I’m thin skinned, but I’d call a president who clearly sucks up to Tel Aviv before he attends to our needs is best tagged as a traitor. Who is this bozo kidding, this crime figure who made much of his money acting as a money launderer, notably for Russian oligarchs who saved his bacon many times? Any president who would put Jarvanka in his office is a poor judge of ability and acumen, especially since neither is capable but each is in the Zionist camp. Many of his votes came from those who voted against Hillary , not for him. He’s the laughingstock of the entire world and he fits in well with themany slugs he has to interact with worldwide. Anybody who’d hire Pompeo has to be considered an idiot,not some sort of genius. His press conferences are idiotic and stupidly laced with hyperbolic adjectives that have virtually no meaning or place with the so-called chief executive. If we citizens might have to wear masks in public, at the very least this bozo should wear a dunce cap.
    I find it totally absurd that Trump and his corona flunkies rub elbows together and wear no masks or other protective gear while parading before the TV audiences telling us what to wear for safety sake. It’s a bizarre and stupid illustration of just how ridiculous and inept this impostor truly is.

    1. Your criticism of Trump aside, Bahmi….as far as I know, no one in Florida is required to wear a mask. I certainly do not and will not, even under mandate. If you wear one, it’s your own fear that has made you do so…not a mandate. Btw, the last I heard is that Trump has decided not to wear one…NOW, for me, that is a sign he’s on to them. But unlike yourself, my mind is open to possibility.

    2. How do you really feel about it Bahmi? Just kidding.

      I have to agree. Trump is a Jew tool. He’s not going to save us from anything. Going along with all this foolishness is driving a nail in the coffin!

      Maybe Trump can’t see what is happening—- which makes him stupid. Or maybe he is in league with the Jew World Order. Judging by his history with Israel and his Jew cabinet appointments, a reasonable person would have to conclude the latter.

      I say this is just another indication Jew 5th Column power. Anybody who can’t see that the US is an occupied territory is handicapped by wishful thinking.

      I’m wishing for a good outcome too. I’m just not holding my breath.

      1. And if you’re reluctant to believe Bahmi, think about the recent actions of the Jew led Treasury and th eJew owned Fed.

  10. Trump’s campaign was all guns blazing at the 8 years of the horror show of Obama. He’s only told his close insiders what he really thinks of that former feet on the desk occupant of the Oval Office.

    Yes, Trump is a sort of political genius. The effect he had on those 16 GOP candidates was like he dipped them in acid. They dissolved into a sticky substance on the floor.

  11. I blame Trump for this. Teddy Roosevelt explains why.

    Trump entered office with the white hot heat of a thousand suns arrayed against him. Seriously, half the nation lost their ever-loving minds over this buffoon, this Pretender to the Throne. Ann Coulter said it best: going from Obama to Trump is like moving from Fred Astaire to Rodney Dangerfield.

    So what does Trump do? He picks endless Twitter fights ten times a day, rubbing his victory in their face. They tried Russia election hacking. Then they tried Ukraine impeachment. Now, as Bill Maher predicted last summer, they’re tanking the economy. Eliminating church service on Easter is just icing on the cake for our Jewish Cabal.

    Which brings me to Teddy Roosevelt. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Trump should have been saying “Yes, Speaker Pelosi” and “Right away, Senator Schumer” and bowing to them each time he enters a room. Invite them to lunch every day, send birthday cards to their grandkids.

    Meanwhile, he assembles a team of a thousand sharks to secure sealed indictments and arrest warrants, and some time last year he could have perp-marched the entire stinking corrupt crew right into a Federal penitentiary.

    Instead, blustering Trump controlled the 24-hour news cycle with invective and insults, and hasn’t accomplished a damn thing behind the scenes. The exact opposite of Teddy Roosevelt: “Speak loudly and carry no stick.” So CV19 is just Round Three in our Constitutional Coup, and Trump is still picking fights with them even to this day.

    “If I were President, Hillary, you’d be in jail.” Still waiting, Mr. President.

    1. This short-changes Trump by an enormous margin. The guy is some kind of political genius, defeating 16 other GOP candidates to carry out a hostile take over of the Republican Party. A list of his accomplishments–including opening the minds of the public to the role of the “fake news” media–would run at least 100 lines. They have tried EVERYTHING–Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Impeachmentgate, now Coronavirusgate–and there are signs that he may be conducting child-rescue operations as I write. So I find this comment superficial, shallow and thoughtless. I welcome alternative points of view, but that does not mean I (or anyone else here) regards them as of equal worth.

      1. I concede that Trump is a brilliant politician (I voted for him). He’s just a crummy President.

        Trump’s list of 100 accomplishments? Like pulling out of the Paris Climate Change accords? Which changed nothing IRL. Or whittling down the bureaucracy? Federal expenditures have exploded under Trump, surpassing even Obama’s shopping spree. Or visiting North Korea for a millisecond?

        We see trillions go missing under Trump, just as they did under Obama, just as they did under Bush (2001/09/10 Rumsfeld: “We’ve lost $2.3 trillion”).

        Do you really believe we didn’t already understand everything was Fake News during the Obama or Bush Administrations? Hell, back in the day even Nixon was famous for calling out press shenanigans. Nobody else tweeted about it constantly like Trump does, but his relentless 300-character attacks have changed NOTHING in my life. It’s just spin control and propaganda.

        Trump tells us his CV19 pressers get higher ratings than “The Bachelor.” Who does that? I mean, who does that!?! He’s honesty evaluating the success of his Presidency on Nielsen ratings. Our first reality show President.

        “I’m going to eliminate the national debt in my first term.”
        “I’m going to drain the swamp and lock up Hillary.”
        “I’m going to build a wall.”
        “I’m going to cancel Obamacare on my first day in office.”
        “I’m going to restore our great middle class.”

        On the other hand, wanna know what unspoken promises 4-D chessmeister Trump has actually accomplished, at least prior to this latest global psyop? MIGA/MWSGA: Make Israel and Wall Street Great Again. The rich get richer and the ADL censors everything.

        He doesn’t care about us. He never has. I can’t believe so many of us (again, I voted for him) are still falling for this 3-Card Monty.

        P.S.: I applaud your optimism, James. Good to the last drop. Let’s see how many “child-rescue operations” this good buddy of Jeffrey Epstein, who nobody denies raped a thirteen-year-old during one of his many party flights (her interview is still available online), will initiate. I mean, he’s had more than three years to arrest even one, so …

      2. Excellent rebuttal, truly excellent. I fear the fate of the nation lies in this man’s hands. If he’s a tool of the Deep State (or of Israel or of the political elite), you can stick a fork in the United States, because we’re done! We shall soon see.

      3. He visited those fake victims in the hospital????
        He is better than the democrepes.
        He said 9/11 was bombs on the day it happened, but never arrested Larry Silverstein etc.

      4. Trump’s a great salesman.
        And while he is selling us blue sky, the Jew World Order is being perfected.

        But I’m sure you have noticed that by now.

      5. I have to agree with karm here. I knew what we were getting with Trump but I still had to vote for him. Look at the alternative they gave us? I am guessing half the people that voted Trump felt similar sediments. Especially after reading his Art of the Deal book. It was a bunch of hot air. The non-stop bombastic self promotion and self congratulations that have no end. They have been such a big turn off for much of the country. He should dial that back about 5 notches.
        We are headed for the adult version of the Hunger Games. Anyone that does not see it coming is not paying attention

    2. All you have done is shown your ignorance. Roosevelt’s “big stick” strategy was about his foreign policy…and in truth, Trump seems to have adapted it successfully…except for once or twice. It had little if nothing to do with domestic politics.

      Big stick ideology, big stick diplomacy, or big stick policy refers to President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy: “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”[1] Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.”[2] As practiced by Roosevelt, big stick diplomacy had five components. First it was essential to possess serious military capability that would force the adversary to pay close attention. At the time that meant a world-class navy. Roosevelt never had a large army at his disposal. The other qualities were to act justly toward other nations, never to bluff, to strike only when prepared to strike hard, and the willingness to allow the adversary to save face in defeat.[3]

      The idea is negotiating peacefully but also having strength in case things go wrong. Simultaneously threatening with the “big stick”, or the military, ties in heavily with the idea of Realpolitik, which implies a pursuit of political power that resembles Machiavellian ideals.[4] It is comparable to gunboat diplomacy, as used in international politics by the powers.


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