Jack Mullen, The New World Order is Forming While Americans are Wearing Masks and Hiding At Home

People should ask themselves whether this coronavirus “pandemic” could be a big hoax, with the actual danger of the disease massively exaggerated by those who seek to profit – financially or politically – from the ensuing panic. – Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul MD

If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)… – Anthony S. Fauci MD New England Journal of Medicine

It means thousands of deaths currently widely attributed to Covid19, and being used to justify the introduction of measures equating to medical martial law, may not have died of covid19 at all but of their serious chronic co-morbidity (cancer, heart disease etc.). – Italy: Only 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as cause

Played Like a Steinway

The American people and European’s in general have an affinity for being played, or so it would seem. Evolutionary Psychologist Kevin MacDonald calls it “pathological altruism“, a concept defined as:

Pathological altruism can be conceived as behavior in which attempts to promote the welfare of another, or others, results instead in harm that an external observer would conclude was reasonably foreseeable.

– Pathological Altruism: White Man’s Burden?

Under the spell of pathological altruism European cultures have been set on a suicide course, which  has accelerated since the latter part of the 20th century. It would seem these people have a terminal deficiency, wherein psychological pressures can produce irrational behavior resulting in harm to themselves, while they believe they are benefiting others –  even when they are harming them too.

Self Evident: Government Controllers have ZERO concern for American’s Health

In the case of the coronavirus, we see an obvious psychological operation (CVPO), which plays upon the altruist nature of the European in numerous insidious ways. The CVPO to an external observer is clearly a political only ‘pandemic’, part of a political reality used for numerous, nefarious, operations by the mentally ill control group now in control of Western Civilization.

Now after deaths for the entire month of March are reported, the results show that deaths in the US this March are 15% less than the average of the past four years! – Gateway Pundit

While Americans are wearing masks and making short, strategic trips to Walmart for more toilet paper, cases of soft drinks and canned foods, the United States is being stolen by cultural vampires  nationalizing public assets and buying up all forms of debt. This gangster mafia is taking over markets everywhere. In the United States they are buying the stock market, bailing out criminal hedge funds, junk bonds, and Wall street bankers – insiders buying and bailing out insiders. In fact, we are watching something entirely new take form: a New World Order.

Americans are playing the part of witless crisis actors hiding at home while the nation built by their ancestors, which was to become the greatest civilization in modern history, is stolen right in front of their eyes.

Staying at home and wearing masks, which are not even effective against coronavirus*, is causing historical all time high layoffs and small business failures. Americans are voluntarily supporting a food supply chain damage, the collapse of middle class lifestyles and the soon to be introduced New World Order – wherein North America will be rolled into a component of the new world government. By facilitating the bankruptcy and failure of small and medium size businesses, the field is being cleared of competition while the remains of once vital industry are prime targets for buyout by the vulture fascists circling above. The eventual outcome will be the herding of Americans from rural and suburban lifestyles into smart cities and agenda 21-30 approved housing and employment. 

*  N95 respirators filter out most airborne particles from the surrounding air, preventing wearers from breathing in particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter. These types of masks are often used when air quality is poor due to wildfire smoke or pollution, and they’re designed to fit tightly against one’s face.

The coronavirus itself measures between .05 and 0.2 microns in diameter, according to a recent article in The Lancet.

– People are racing to buy face masks amid the coronavirus outbreak, but they probably won’t protect you from illness

Below are a few references to the above information and I recommend listening to financial markets commentary by Greg Mannarino of Traderschoice.com

What Can Be Done 

  • Recognize the hoax and tell others
  • Stop being ruled by fear and assume main stream media is lying about coronavirus
  • Turn off mainstream media
  • Write your local state representatives, county commissioners, sheriffs and governors (see my letter now for an example)
  • Get outside and refuse to be home bound
  • Contact your employer and demand they get off their knees an restart the business

Send a personalized email to every closed business that you currently miss. Tell them what you miss about them and why. Tell them what a farce this corona ban is and why. Ask them to sue the city and state imposing a ban on them. Offer to help them find a lawyer.

If you need ammunition to describe the farce: 1.)this is illegal (you can’t be stopped from assembling with others, worshiping, or doing business with others), 2.) all services are essential , 3.) “essential worker” is a term which hauntingly evokes memories of the worst of the human experience, and 4.) for the utilitarians: this ban is not working: based on publicly available data from a large Oregon hospital, based on data from Italy about who gets it: the elderly and infirm (99% of those who died in Italy had other illnesses that predisposed them to die), and based on data from China collected by international research teams on how it is spread (85% through people sharing households, not through schools, businesses, or similarly casual contact – household contact is the driver of the epidemic). 

– 14 Ways to Be Civilly Disobedient in the Face of the Corona Ban

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40 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, The New World Order is Forming While Americans are Wearing Masks and Hiding At Home”

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  2. Here it is — this explains why Trump no longer has the seal or flag — Constitution is abdicated as far as the criminals pretending to be in power, especially Trump, believe. The US Constitution does not have authority for martial law except in the circumstance of war on our soil. Watch this video absorb what has happened and then make plans to ignore and resist “Constitution Deniers”. WE have the moral high ground they are the usurpers. Call up the Militia and the Sheriff’s posses — This is now a war.


    1. These fucking traitors should meet a firing squad for introducing a bioweapon into the population in order to advance their own now transparent agenda. And because most elected and unelected government officials are totally corrupt, it appears they are going to get away with it.

      Beyond that, if Trump continues to dither about reopening the country for business and continues to allow these traitors to operate in his government, he might not make it to another term. Because these people are deadly serious and they are very close to a takeover.

      1. My mother lived through the Great Depression of the 1930s. I recall I asked her what was it all about. Her first word was ”fear”. She said the whole town was taken by fear. Everyone was very low on money anyway and were afraid to buy anything. People talked about it. They all stopped buying things like fridges, cars farm machines, etc.. The factories let the workers go. The factories then closed. The economy ground to a halt. Her father had no money and sent her to an orphan home at the church.

        The only thing that finally revived the country was the full employment of WW II.
        The current mandated situation over a supposed virus seems a bit draconian but it has created a similar situation. Massive fear combined with huge unemployment.

  3. I am posting this video to get the opinion of others. For the time being , I am withholding mine. The disinformation from both sides of the spectrum is legion. This does not mean I do not accept what has been posted here by Dr. Fetzer and other contributors. As for myself, I believe I have previously stated that at 75, I will use common sense in regard to this “illness” and any other malady. I have and will continue to depend upon the miracle of my own body to take care of invaders. I will not wear a surgical mask because from all I have read that I can verify, they are worthless in this instance. I have never taken a vaccine except as a child and as a member of the USMC. I do not have a regular doctor. I have on occasions, gone to my local ER for stitches and particles of metal in my eye. I do not state this as braggadocio, but only as who I am when it comes to healing. I am very fortunate and blessed to have a strong immune system. AND, I do PRAY….as hard as that may be to believe.


    I also wish to thank Toni, with whom I have had several debates. I consider Toni a more than worthy adversary. We agree on some things and disagree on others. Our debates have become heated to where the good Dr. has had to ‘pull us apart’. But, our cyber friendship seems to continue and that can only be a good thing.
    Toni…I am NOT abandoning my friends. I stopped posting as much as I did because I felt I was dominating the board…..and THAT is not a good thing. I also felt I was not being heard. BUT, that’s MY problem…not my fellow posters.

    I am still here….reading and posting occasionally.

    I will say that I have pretty much totally lost faith in Trump and the political world in general.

    Dylan has said we live in a political world. Little could be truer AND more disappointing.

    As a people and a nation, we have all been deceived to an extent that is not only immeasurable but also unfathomable…even to the most aware and intelligent.

    Yet, we continue….a true testimony to the human spirit.

  4. Jack, I’ve read your article again. Thank you for this well-written and rousing appeal to resistance. Without people such as yourself and Dr. Fetzer speaking up, I know I would be really lost.

    Resistance seems futile in my neighborhood. I’ve tried speaking directly to people I meet, but no one seems to think I’m anything but crazy. They’re like, ‘Don’t pet my dog; it’s not safe!” And my family, who are financially comfortable, consider this nothing but a vacation, albeit with restrictions. They will not notice the negative affects of this charade which they will embrace as inevitable.

    The most insidious result of this global hoax is that people’s livelihoods will be tied even tighter by new monetary systems to more comprehensive surveillance methods. Just as smart phones and state licenses were made a part of the business models of many industries, now medical monitoring will be an added prerequisite to employment.

    The biggest injustice being perpetrated against US citizens is making us consider fleeing our own country.

  5. Here is a suggestion for Trump to use this false flag attack as an opportunity to address some festering social problems and bring in more tax money to government as well: Let’s finally address the “illegal vice problem”. The vices are smoking, drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, gambling and prostitution. They tried outlawing alcohol once and all H broke loose in the country. But how about the other three, drugs, gambling and prostitution? Aren’t they all going on anyway illegal or not? Why not legalize and regulate? This would be the most humane way so many problems of sanitation and VD and taxes unpaid to government could be addressed? We know why drugs are not legalized: Because government is selling illegal drugs on the black market to fund the obscene deficit. Horrible health problems result from failure to regulate illegal drug use., Many Vets become addicted to drugs from horrible war injuries the corrupt VA has failed to deal with. How about the dirty needle problem in San Francisco? This is an obscenity. Venereal diseases are at all time highs. Legalize and regulate the oldest profession; isn’t illicit sex everywhere today but legal only in a few parts of Nevada? Isn’t illegal gambling going on 24/7? All so called “sports” contests from College up are fixed by powerful gambling interests. Government must deal with these problems in a humane way; this would provide more jobs, better health for everyone and more tax income for a bankrupt government too. Everybody wins with legalization of the vices.

  6. Fauci the Freakazoid teaming up with Gates is quite a debacle. When I hear that gruesome twosome raving how we can’t get our economy back unless we partake of mandatory inoculations I retch. This is a stinking lie. Legislation passed upwards of 25 years ago mandates that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued on liability claims against their vaccines. I am sure Gates will be doing no testing and Fauci will say “our advanced technology doesn’t need testing”. Yet, somehow, those two malefactors just know their vaccines will be wonderful and oh so efficacious. Fauci is a well trained liar and where in hell are all the epidemiologists that are supposed to know Fauci is lying and using bad science? Likewise, where were the million lawyers that said nothing about Sandy Hook and did nothing to support Jim Fetzer’s day in court where he got screwed? So much for the disgusting “legal” profession. America has no soul. It’s become a shitty country and I love it when people say “it’s the best on Earth”. Exceptionalism, my ass. Stupidity is dollar driven.

    1. Bahmi writes: ” It’s become a shitty country and I love it when people say “it’s the best on Earth”. Exceptionalism, my ass.”

      Thanks Bahmi, this is one of the best things I have seen written in this blog.

      The Sandy Hook hoax PROVES that the USA has become THE most ugly disgusting nation on this planet. Its truly the dregs of of 200 countries, It belongs at the top of the list of corrupt nations. It’s the number one evil place at this time.

      My heart ached when I saw Jim Fetzer in that Courtroom during that corrupt trial concerning Sandy Hoax. Jim is truly the Paul Revere of this century.

  7. Look at the response so far: NOTHING.

    So what’s in it for the controllers to take their foot off the gas now? I’m sure they are thinking this is the time to go for broke and git her done! Dollar destroyed. Economy destroyed. American middle class destroyed. Martial law keeping serfs in line. Federal Reserve and bankers buying up all hard assets.

    Why would they let up now? Millenials are busy with their smart phones!

  8. Using the medical monitoring excuse for better surveillance…

    Apple and Google partner on Covid-19 contact tracing technology using cell phone location data, reports MSNBC.

    Jake Ward: The next phase of the pandemic will be ‘infinitely more complicated’
    msnbc.com Latest Headlines

    “NBC News Technology Correspondent Jake Ward explains how contact tracing using cell phones could help America resume normal life after coronavirus. “

    Who can contend against these entities?


  9. From James Corbett to the Future:

    by James Corbett
    April 11, 2020

    “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.”

    —WWI conspirator Edward Grey

    I do not write these words for my contemporaries. We are the damned. It is our lot now to watch as the lamp of liberty is extinguished, our burden to bear witness to the final flickering of the flame of freedom.

    No, I don’t write these words for my peers; I write them for those yet to come. The inhabitants of that future dystopia whose birth pangs we are experiencing. The remnant of once-free humanity who might—through some miracle I can’t even imagine—come across this electronic message in a bottle.

    I know that it’s almost hopeless. That the chance of these words surviving the coming internet purge are slim at best. That even if—against all odds—this message does wash up on your digital shores, that the chance of these words being understood by you is even slimmer. Not because you don’t understand English, but because you no longer use these words I’m writing: Freedom. Humanity. Individual.

    Still, I am here to record the end of an era. So I will press on in the hope against hope that someone, somewhere in that future Digital Dark Age will have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    The darkness is descending.

    Let there be no mistake: We all know this.

    We know what it means when 17 million Americans—a full 10% of the workforce—are added to the unemployment rolls in a mere three weeks. When they are joined by millions more newly unemployed ex-workers all around the globe. When modern-day bread lines stretch for miles in the heart of America’s once-proud cities. When the phony baloney fiat funny money debt rises over $24 trillion and the Fed’s Sovietization of the economy is complete.

    We know what it means when police start shooting people dead for not wearing a mask. When drones police quarantines from the sky and robots police lockdowns on the ground. When governments admit to tracking every movement of every citizen and begin internal checkpoints where digital immunity passports determine who may pass and who must stay in their home.

    We know what it means when billionaires start telling us that only their new experimental mRNA vaccines will be able to release us from this nightmare. When they threaten to mark us with invisible ink tattoos to ID the vaccinated. When they tell us that we will not be able to buy or sell or participate in the economy until we can prove our “immunity”.

    It means that the Corona World Order has arrived.

    Oh, sure, some still deny it. But they are only fooling themselves. They’re afraid to admit that it’s true. Many are still under the old conditioning that told them to bleat “conspiracy theorist” at anyone questioning authority.

    We have a name for that kind: “sheep.” Or, sometimes, “sheeple.” The masses in our day are kept in the pen by the jackbooted sheepdogs of the police state and led along by the political puppets who act as their shepherds. Occasionally a wise old-timer in the flock cottons on to the game, but the shepherd has only ever fleeced the flock before, so he resigns himself to his fate. Why struggle? It’s mostly painless.

    Never did the sheeple suspect that some day the shepherds would lead them to the slaughter.

    It is a term of derision, of course. “Sheeple.” But I like to think that it doesn’t just speak to our stupidity. It speaks to a naivety, an innocence. We are trusting and gentle creatures by nature. Peaceable. Cooperative. That is nothing to be scorned. If it weren’t for the predators in our midst, our failings could even be counted as virtues.

    But I am not here to say that. I am here to say this: Resist! Struggle! Fight!

    You are not cogs in a machine, despite what the shepherds of your day may be telling you. You are free and beautiful human beings. You are not born under the authority of another. You choose how you live your life, not some bureaucrat, not some police robot, not some “immunity checkpoint” algorithm or QR code.

    You do not need permission to buy or to sell or to assemble or to speak your mind or to leave your house. You are not an “asymptomatic carrier” of whatever virus your misleaders are telling you to be afraid of. You do not have to shelter in place because someone in a white lab coat told you to.

    I want you to understand that, once upon a time, the government didn’t have the right to know where you were, who you were meeting with, what you were buying and what you were doing 24/7. Hell, the government didn’t even have the ability to do that.

    I need you to know that there was a time when you could leave your house when you wanted. Travel where you wanted. Buy and sell as you saw fit. Meet your neighbors. Rally. Protest. Party.

    Live. As free human beings are meant to live.

    Oh, what am I saying? These words. This language. It makes no sense to you anymore, does it? These concepts don’t exist in your time, do they?

    You go where you are told to go. You stay home when you are told to stay home. You shut up when you are told to shut up. You think what you are told to think.

    I can’t blame you, after all. You’re trusting and naive and peaceful. Like a sheep.

    But oh how I weep for what you have become. I tried to avert it. Please believe me. I really tried.

    But the lamp of liberty is being extinguished. And I am bearing witness.

    I don’t know if history is something you study anymore, but UK Foreign Secretary “Sir” Edward Grey made his observation about the lamps “going out all over Europe” at the end of the so-called “Twelve Days,” the period during the summer of 1914 in which the mainstream history books tell us that the British government was trying to avoid a World War. We are asked to believe that this prescient remark proved Grey to be a sage diplomat, wracked with grief over the pain and suffering that was about to be unleashed upon the world.

    But this is history-by-the-winners of the worst kind. In truth, Grey was himself one of the conspirators that was actively working to bring the First World War about. What’s more, the source of this quotation is in fact Grey himself; it was first recorded in Grey’s own post-war memoir. Any tears shed by Grey over the extinguishing of those lamps were crocodile tears, to be sure.

    One can well imagine that we will be told some years hence that Bill Gates made a similarly portentous remark at the onset of this corona crisis. Gazing out the window of his $147.5 million dollar, 66,000 square foot “Xanada 2.0” mansion at the then-epicenter of the US outbreak in Washington State, Gates’ post-coronavirus memoir will no doubt tell us that he remarked to an underling that “The lights are going out all across the globe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

    But his memoir will no doubt fail to inform us that he was smirking as he said it.

    To my children, or my children’s children, or whatever remnant of once-free humanity happens to unearth these words in that God-forsaken future we are goose-stepping into: I’m sorry. I failed you. We all failed you.

    But remember this: As long as the blood of your forebears flow through your veins, the lamp of human freedom shall not be extinguished forever.

    Let it shine, dear sheep. Let it shine.

    Me….Thank you all for allowing me to post here.

    And as Dan Towery mentioned on the Raw Deal last night

    ( https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=W1MSSSNB3OK2 )

    avoid a connection with the US, INC. as much as possible. Get out of the urban areas.
    Avoid Google as much as feasible. Go low tech and get off the Internet (which I will do shortly).

    Have to wear a mask, get these and defy them to arrest you…..I
    have two coming. It’s a mask and serves as much purpose as N-95…actually
    likely MORE! https://tinyurl.com/vrd87fp

    There is nothing left for me to say.

    I sincerely wish you all the best…resist as much as you can.

    1. Thanks for posting Corbett’s letter, Will. Appreciate it. This is the big one. I know, like Corbett, I sometimes feel like everything’s lost.

      Hope that you will continue commenting here, and that you will not abandon your friends.

      1. ps Just to let you know, that tinyurl doesn’t work. Here’s what I get:
        URI length exceeds the configured limit of 2048 characters

      2. Thank you. Just to correct that post…it’s simply a Guy Fawkes mask. My plan is to wear it IF it’s mandated to wear a mask in north Florida….it already is down in south Florida where my daughter resides….. Tampa area). I see it as at least a minor way to resist. I found a good price on Ebay…2 for $6.99. The place I purchased it from is 1to3shop-store. This is just an image.


  10. Even during the early history of America, Americans showed a dismal ignorance in electing about 75% lying lawyers as president up to the time Abraham Lincoln was president in 1861. Dishonest Abe was “elected” if you can call it that, by about 39%! The Confederate States were being shafted by the North with a massive tax of 40%. They had every right to leave the Union. Lincoln could have said to them, “Go you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back”. But instead he went through general after general until he found a drunk and a psychopath to do his dirty job for him and rape and plunder the country and kill and injure millions for the purpose of keeping the Union together. This was the first ratcheting up of federal power against all the good intentions of the Founders. Lying Lawyer Lincoln fostered the lie that this illegal war was about slavery when slavery was totally legal at the time. Black slave labor built New York. How would you like to pay a 40% sales tax today? Lawyers have bad reputations going back centuries in history. Even in the mythical society of Utopia lawyers were banned because they “disguise” matters. This is a polite way of saying lawyers are liars. John Keats described them as monsters! Lincoln”s personality dramatically changed during this period from a friendly honest humble person to a lying cheating advocate of armed force to thwart the will of the Confederacy to leave the totally corrupt Union. Today we are all virtual slaves to a totally tyrannical dictatorial government, which subsequently fought two world wars all based lies to citizens and taxpayers with the current coronavirus scam the latest false flag attack designed to obliterate what little is left of our Constitution after the criminals Bush, Cheney and the four star generals and Congress gang raped in with the attack on the towers on 9/11/01 followed by the illegal Patriot Act! What a country of fools and idiots and cowards in America today. They deserve to lose what little freedom we have left after they imposed illegal searches of passengers at airports all over the country where perverted thugs feel men and women up around their private parts, to see if they have a bomb shoved up their rectums or vaginas to blow up a plane in flight! America is a ship of fools today. Watch this video of former U.S. Marine Ken O’keefe at LAX in 2016:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqPofDjY0og It will take much much more than a letter to your corrupt lying lawyer member of Congress to straighten out the mess we are in today!

    1. There was ONE shoe bomber and ONE underwear bomber. Neither bomb worked. As a result, millions and millions of people have to take shoes off and be groped at the airport by perverts in TSA. Sick. America is a very sick place.

    2. Hey Windfield: Didn’t Bill Gates write the first code for a computer virus? If he couldn’t keep viruses out of his Windows OS, why would we think he’s our guy to fight the Corona Virus? I hope and pray everyone watches Bill Gate’s last interview because he has uber evil plans for you as the self appointed virus response Boss of Earth. During the TV interview, he took absolute delight in the prospect of an 18 month total shutdown and said after his corona vaccine is developed, we can think about some activities resuming. He said it like he gets to decide when that is and what gets reopened and Trump and his sidekicks are just there for show. Gates used the phrase “my fellow governors and I” puting himself at their level of govenment power to respond to this synthetic crisis. This is misleading because Gates clearly sees himself as far more powerful any Governor. Why would Gates think that? Because Gates is far richer than any Governor, has no term limits and no electorate to answer to. Whatever approveal he needs is for sale. That’s the beauty of self appointment as Virus Response Boss of Earth. The gaul of his smug arrogance is off the charts.

      Try this: Rewatch the interview and pause it at 3:16 mark. It’s the dictionary picture of Duper’s Delight defined as inability to hide joy when you fool people on a massive scale.


      The micro-expression lasts barely a second and it says more to me than any other minute of the interview. He was thrilled to continue the lockdown indefinitely, but he tried to hide his thrill. Pausing the video is the only way to really catch it. I suggest doing this with any hard hitting interview. Often the facial reaction to a question gives you more accurate information about the subject’s feelings than their actual answer.

      Watching the interview a few couple times really lets it sink in how fucked we really are if Gates’ plans are fully realized. Things like needing vaccine certificates to travel when Gates decides we can freely move about again. The interviewer never challenges Gates on his incredible usurpment of power and shitting on the 1st Amendment right of Free Assembly.

      How did Gates appoint himself to this role of Virus Response Boss of Earth? It helps to start with a tax free foundation and 100 billion that wields unimaginable power to fund any project he desires and bypass any resistance and buy any approval they need. If you listen to Gates’ lectures, he paints a pleak future for Earth without his wisdom and guidance to save us from Overpopulation, Climate Change and Pandemics. A central focus of the Gates Foundation is vaccinating all of Earth’s population whether they want it or not. Gates clearly wants to take away your right to choose in medical decisions and not just with vaccines. He advocates withholding life saving medical care for the elderly so he can pay three more teachers next year. One of the ideas Gates promotes is reducing world population at the front end with contraception and at the back end by withholding life saving care.

      Once you get to Gates’ level of wealth, turning a fair profit on his pet projects is inconsequential but bending the World to your will and vision gets his rocks off. You can absolutely see it in this interview. Gates is proud of primary role in the Planned-Demic. He telegraphed it with the simulation video and took it live a couple months later. His arrogance knows no bounds.

    3. Winfield: I could not agree more about Lincoln, just take what public school history class taught us and invert it. Invert it like they did the concept of quarantine. They gave Sainthood to FDR for the New Deal and Lincoln for ending slavery. They never mentioned FDR’s banker class cronies put America in dire financial condition in the first place. They never mentioned FDR outlawed owning gold. That should have sold out torches, pitchforks and tar&feather in the greater DC area. Americans just took it. Then Lincoln suspending Habeous Corpus and getting 23,000 men killed in one day at Antietam, Maryland and 40,000 at Gettysburg for an updated total of 750,000 mostly Americans killed. How many of the “enemy” were killed? Zero because no lawyers, politicians and bankers died!

      My history class never mentioned how awesome Andrew Jackson was for killing the second central bank of scoundrels or the assasination attempt linked to it. Or how terrible a President Woodrow Wilson was for the Federal Reserve Act which brought back the Den of Vipers and the War to End all Wars ! Presidents that did the most damage to our side:

      Lincoln 750,000 dead, FDR 400,000 dead, Wilson 116,000 dead, Johnson 58,000 dead. Maybe that’s the first question to ask any Presidential candidate. Who’s our enemy du jour and how many of our guys do you expect to get killed? May we draft your sons to be the first sent to fight?

      History class was a joke, I had so much to unlearn. Anthony Sutton, Eustace Mullins erased 100 years of synthetic American history. Thanks to them and Aaron Russo for deconstructing the IRS, Ted Gunderson and John Decamp for exposing the hideous sick bastards running America. And thanks to Jim Fetzer and for keeping a light on for truth; this site going.

      1. Dave, I don’t blame the teachers so much as the authors of the lying textbooks and the lying publishers who published them. If the teachers of high school sought to challenge those books you know they would have been fired. While I was born at Cleveland, Ohio, I grew up in the opposite end of the same city Jim grew up but we didn’t meet until about 75 years later! I walked about three blocks to a fabulous old building which housed the Sierra Madre Library. They had all of the many volumes on Lincoln by Carl Sandburg. I read parts of them as a teenager when I wasn’t working on my hot rods or in jail for drag racing in Pasadena. No one was ever harmed and no accidents ever happened and I beat my opponents in the drag race by about three car lengths and ditched the Sheriffs. They didn’t like it. It was after I moved to Georgia and married a fabulous lady from Alabama that I changed my mind about the unindicted war criminal Abraham Lincoln. It is every monument to this criminal which must come down. Only gutless cowards run the Southern States today who apologize for their great history. The real terror against the South by the criminals in the North occurred after the war for decades when the carpetbaggers raped and plundered the South a shameful disgrace. The South still pays for losing that war which frankly they nearly and should have won. How would you like to pay a 40% tax today? Dishonest Abe was and is still an unindicted war criminal responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent Americans at the hands of Drunk Grant and psychopath Sherman both of whom should have been rounded up and hung by their necks until dead. Shame shame shame…on the lying cheating unindicted war criminal dishonest Abraham Lincoln. Today aren’t we all slaves to tyrannical outlaw government but how many American cowards would fight for their rights when gang raped of them today as we appear to be on the verge of as we speak?

      2. Vietnam war? It was embarrassingly lost and the US was chased out of Saigon from the roof of our Embassy [ see attached photo of desperate people escaping Saigon from the roof of the US Embassy- America’s last chopper flight out .] The legacy was 57,000 dead US soldiers, all for nothing. It was a proxy war with China, as they supplied most of North Vietnam’s weapons and munitions.

        My older brother Tom served in Vietnam in 1962. He worked in Army Intelligence [NSA affiliated] and wrote to me that the war was designed by the Pentagon to be purposely lost. He saw how the French had previously lost their war in Vietnam and how the US did exactly the same thing….ten years later.

        The US took ”enemy” land in the morning and gave it all back to the Vietcong in the evening….with the inevitable loss of US lives…including my brother-in-law….Sgt Cook.


    4. Agreed Mr. Abbe. America is truly a ship of fools.
      Anyone who believes it can be saved is in denial and you can believe there is something much worse coming.

    5. Dear Friends of Fetzer:


      I would appreciate all of you watching Epoch Times documentary on the origin of the new plague and giving me your feedback please. The Editor said the paper was started by Chinese Americans opposing the Communist Party. Obviously they have an ax to grind but that doesn’t mean they are wrong.

      What was this crowd’s gut reaction to the new plague? Mine was it was an engineered bioweapon designed to turn the lights out on the weak, sick and elderly. And that after the “powers that be” shut down the entire economy, they were harnessing this race horse to sprint to a brand new finish line. They inverted the concept of Quarantine and took away the first amendment right to assemble. I knew that was good news for Joe Biden, who never again had to hold another “rally” that can’t fill an old VFW Hall.
      After all church services were cancelled, it was another inversion of the religious portion of the first amendment. Instead of congress shall make no law establsihing an official religion, all religions have been contructively outlawed. Bet the Founders never saw that one coming.

  11. “…“essential worker” is a term which hauntingly evokes memories of the worst of the human experience”

    Yeah, get Schindler’s List for your history. Bigger hoax than the covid crisis.

    1. I’m sorry. This is my immune response when people who should know better use WWII for easy reference. I know that Jack Mullen’s intent is to raise the spirits, and I commend him for his success in this article in that respect. He’s a terrific writer.

      It’s very stressful living through wave after wave after wave of psy-op. Given the 20th Century and these last two decades, it’s not clear that it will ever stop. Not until we’re dead. Then it will stop.

  12. I strongly recommend that people look up and watch a 40 minute tape featuring a Professor Knut Wittkowski. The professor says this social distancing and forced failure to leave one’s home is bad, bad science. Without herd immunity, he says we are almost guaranteed another burst of this virus come late summer.
    Frankly, Trump and his fellow brethren in crime need to be sued for any number of reasons including loss of income and jobs. Imagine a twerp like Fauci basically becoming a medical Gruppenfuhrer, what could be more ridiculous and illegal? I say the bastards need to be sued.
    Look up Wittkowski, you’ll probably get angry when you realize we’ve all been had…..Of course, the American public is too wimped out to look out for their interests and well being.
    I smelled a rat from the get-go. I knew change was in the air and this would go on to lead us to the NWO. How lucky we are…
    Reminds me of an old Broderick Crawford movie line….”I’m coming back and I’m coming back angry”.
    Get angry, goddamit. Get angry.

  13. Looks to me like it’s a done deal.

    Stupid Americans apparently don’t care what happens to them —— or their children.

    Run Forest, Run.


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