Jack Mullen, America’s Rubicon: RIP Republic

Jack Mullen

“The world has permanently changed,” he said. “The Fed is attempting to stop this repricing from going any further. They essentially announced they are nationalizing the markets.” – Financial Times

By Jack Mullen

The coronavirus “Plandemic” was the grand finale for the former United States of America. We have come to the end of a long, drawn-out fight between the ideas of self-government and liberty and collectivism, religious dogmatism and totalitarianism. As America’s great idea was snuffed out and the Constitutional government has given over to financial fascism, hardly anyone noticed, and most even lent a hand, staying home in self-quarantine – after all the government was just concerned about their health.

The Americans’ willingness to stand down, and do martial-law in-place, is unprecedented in American history and signals all-clear to the looters, communists, perverts and psychopaths who have been chipping away at the USA for more than 100 years.

With zero understanding of economics and the financial system, zombie Americans believe shuttering the economy for weeks and maybe months can be tolerated by a financial system already in full-on collapse and that it can be done at no cost to them.

Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. Protocol 5.3

Played like a fiddle by the Trump administration, supported by the QAnon psychological operation, Americans are barely complaining.

The Federal Reserve (a private, International, Zionist-managed banking cartel) is nationalizing markets and the economy in real-time. Corporate, government, and municipal debt and the stock market (via the Exchange Stabilization Fund) are all being purchased en masse. The Fed is buying unlimited mortgage-backed securities while supplying billions for overnight “repo-market” asset purchases every day. According to trader and financial analyst Greg Mannarino, as much as $6 trillion dollars are being conjured up per day to keep this on-going coup in progress. Nothing remains of much of the private sector – the economy has either been nationalized or shut down; losses of failing or criminal operations are being socialized and we’re all paying for the losses, as usual, as in Lemon Socialism.

Author, attorney, and founder of the Public Banking Institute, Ellen Brown, called the 2008 bailout “The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History”, I’m sure she will have trouble finding the right words to define the current heist now in progress. Banks in the 2008 bailout scam were rewarded with at least $4.5 trillion dollars for going broke after using customer resources for gambling, drug-money laundering, investing against their own funds, obscenely overpaying CEOs, and more. After recharging, the same criminal banks and investment funds have gone bust again!

The Die Has Been Cast

America’s Rubicon has been crossed and the Constitutional government has been vacated. Taking form is some new kind of fascism, fueled with unlimited access to American’s depleting wealth; unlimited trillions of dollars printed out of thin air at Interest are being sprayed like a firehose at everything conceivable (except of course the American people who, if they qualify, might get $1200).

The Federal Reserve is also sending money around the world to avoid a collapse of Treasury Bill prices. Small businesses that need a bailout can sign up for a “low interest” loan! Evidence of the collapse in the US Financial markets begin to appear in September when the Fed began funding the so-called repo-market with billions of dollars a week. In October the Fed began buying $60 billion dollars in Treasury bills each month.

I have been talking about the coming financial collapse for years – nothing could be done with the existing system except to let it crash and rebuild with private-sector effort and Constitutional government to defend and protect the citizens from corrupt banks and corporate operations trying to socialize losses by draining American wealth and devaluing the dollar for a “bailout.”

Andrew Jackson is weeping somewhere.

Medical Tyranny Emerges

With the use of a weaponized medical system, fear propaganda supported by movies and media, and a gullible public, a new pandemic was created and made ready for roll out in January 2020 – just in time to cover for a failing financial system. The “pandemic” is really defined by the newly created word “Plandemic” as substantial evidence exists for the preplanning of the coronavirus outbreak. This “pandemic” was promoted with decades of movies “pre-programming” Americans for what they have been taught to believe is an inevitable outbreak of contagious disease. Movies like the following:

  • Outbreak (1995) – A movie about a medical mistake that leads to a pandemic.
  • The Flu (2013)
  • Panic in the Streets (1950)
  • Contagion(2011) – The big-budget attempt at pandemic scares with Matt Damon

Many other movies have been made about either a pandemic that kills everyone or contagious disease that turns people into zombies. Americans have been well trained to play their part as “crisis actors” for decades. Coronavirus The coronavirus “pandemic” evidences much pre-planning, which was done in plain sight prior to show time in December of 2019. Some indications are as follows:

  • The Unparalleled Invasion(1910), Jack London, a short story about China destroyed by a man-made pandemic.
  • The Eyes of Darkness (1981), Dean Koontz, novel about a bioweapon created in a bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan, China called Wuhan-400, the perfect bioweapon. 400 happens to be 20*20 or 2020.
  • Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, a scenario called Lock-Step (2010). “The Lock Step scenario describes ‘a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback’ In ‘2012’ (i.e. two years after the report’s publication), an ‘extremely virulent and deadly’ strain of influenza originating with wild geese brings the world to its knees, infecting 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million people in just seven months – ‘the majority of them healthy young adults.’ It devastates global economies and ruptures international trade. But not everyone, the Rockefeller Foundation makes clear, is hit equally.” globalresearch.caAlso an interesting video about Lock-Step.
  • Event 201, the pandemic simulation staged by Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Event 201 was launched in October of 2019, just weeks before it went live beginning in Wuhan China.

Clearly the Wuhan pandemic was pre-planned well in advance, much like planning for the Israeli attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 began in the middle 1970s. Even though outside this article’s scope, it is interesting that Wuhan also became the first city to fully deploy and activate its dangerous 5G cellular grid just prior to this outbreak.

Using unconstitutional medical martial law supported with a rehearsed and pre-planned rollout of virus contagion predictions (now called a ‘mistake’ by the chief architect of loss-of-life predictions, Neil Ferguson) and the hard sell promotion of the alleged coronavirus mortality rate (by the captured propaganda media), a precedent has been set for manufactured pandemics.

Not surprisingly, Americans do not understand what viruses really are and that most pandemics are not likely caused by viruses. What is likely to follow this self-quarantine – pre-punishment for not taking a vaccine not yet invented – will be poisoned needles for faster population reduction – aka vaccines.

This was the perfect “storm” that Trump warned about and he played his part, distancing at first and then fully embracing, a theater at its finest. Today Trump is praising the Federal Reserve – claiming we need more stimulus, telling the people to focus on the virus and not the central bankers looting the United States. All of the principal crime-ridden banks, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo — even Deutsche Bank, will NEVER be allowed to fail and with them the rats that have eaten on the slow dying corpse of the USA financial system for decades.

Crony corporations, however, still thrive in the most unlikely situations. During the recent 30% drop in prices on the stock market, Boeing’s stock nearly doubled (going up!) at the same time that Boeing is asking the government for $60 billion in bailout money to keep its 2.4 million employees working. Free-market economics cannot explain how Boeing’s stock doubles from March 17 to March 26, 2020, and how this company with $100 billion market cap is standing in line for $60 billion bailouts.

Trump, true to the Zionist banking empire he serves, reprimands and then creates a lie to slander Representative Thomas Massie for questioning the constitutionality of the way the “stimulus” bill, resulting in massive wealth transfer to banks and corporations instead of helping the people, was passed through Congress. Trump retorts with a totally ridiculous comment, saying Massie should be thrown out of Congress and then falsely accusing him of supporting the Democrats’ anti-second amendment agenda.

Asian Style Corporatism

As American corporations stand in line for their handout, the Fed will be buying shares of corporate stock too. Both come with a loss of corporate independence with the new stipulations demanded as ownership is traded for a bailout. This market intervention will form a new relationship between corporations and the government.

The current model for such a system of government is the longstanding corporatism found in Asian countries, for example, Japan. According to Bloomberg, in 2016, the bank of Japan owned 60% of the Exchange Traded Funds on the Nikkei and was the top shareholder in 55 corporations and among the top 5 shareholders of 81 companies. This makes the distinction between government and principal corporations representing the Japanese economy fade to white.

New America, New Money

Remember, “the coronavirus can be transmitted on paper money!”

The coronavirus will also bring on a call for an end of paper money. Buying all available assets with the cooperation of the American people will finally destroy, for good, the purchasing power of the USD. So somewhere in the next 6 – 12 months a new dollar will be introduced – likely a cryptocurrency (as it will be called), which will end the anonymity of cash and usher in a new era of non-cash transactions. Total surveillance of the American people: take your vaccines, pay your insurance premiums, make your child support payments, and pay your taxes or you will not be able to travel, access your bank accounts or participate in life. The Chinese social credit system, hell on earth, is forming now in America. The new currency will be the ultimate corporate script, with Americans forced to buy all of their needs from the “company” store.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

The technocracy we live in is too complicated now for ordinary people to handle, so many people are becoming unemployable – and today the Fed announced that unemployment claims are over 3.5 million for the week, the highest number of claims in a week ever! But wait, here’s another flash: the unemployment numbers posted for the past 10+ years have been rigged. According to John Williams at Shadowstats.com, the methods of counting unemployment stats have been changed to support politically correct employment figures.

Using the government’s previous methods of computing unemployment, Shadowstats.com shows that actual unemployment has been above 20% since 2009 and is currently over 23%. It is not just employment numbers that are rigged either. You can also add stock prices, gold and silver, and the other precious metal prices, inflation numbers, money supply, GDP, and more. Market indicators have gone from reflecting reality to supporting a political reality.

Of course, this is not sustainable, and the real pain of the non-violent coup will be the violence of starvation and societal breakdown when the new Bolshevik-style revolutionaries transition from wolves in grandma clothes to animals with teeth (Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky).

The long time Zionist attendant and criminal Bill Barr (think Iran-Contra, Iraq-Gate and other cover-ups in the George H. W. Bush presidency) is now asking for emergency powers, ending habeas corpus — indefinite detention — the usual third world type government stuff . These powers are absolute and horrible – and worse yet, because US Government has been operating in a “state of emergency” since 9/11, it is not likely they will ever be rescinded or given back.

The president is given these emergency powers as a temporary measure until Congress has time to act. It stretches credulity to think Congress hasn’t had time to act since 9/11 happened,” said Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice. “We should not be treating 9/11 as an emergency in 2017.USA Today

The UK has already acquired “emergency powers,” and the governments of Poland and Norway and others are seeking such power after the invention of the coronavirus hoax. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked if he agreed with Mick Mulvaney that coronavirus is the “hoax of the day” and Pompeo refused to answer the question, video below.

America as we knew it was put to rest in March of 2020. Now welcome a New America, where soon we will see the dropping of the “its for your safety” virtual-signaling lies – replaced with the cold reality of quarantine camps for fake pandemics, forced vaccinations with poison needles, and indefinite incarcerations for those who are not socially fit to be part of this drugged up, dumbed-down civilization.

While the Political Actor Trump and his Zionist handlers pick through what used to belong to Americans – like vultures over recent roadkill – those of us who enjoyed the freedom of travel, privacy, medical freedom, due process, and speedy trials, will, like Andrew Jackson, just have to weep.

Meanwhile, more than 11,400 National Guard have been mobilized to keep this “pandemic” drama and fear the center of focus during this planned economic takedown. This is the day Americans gave up liberty for a $1200-per-plate reality show and another month of house arrest – ending with thunderous applause because the Government saved us all from the terrible coronavirus (common cold). Mockery at its finest.

All that remains is the collection of the USA into something like a North American Union and the emergence of religious fanatics who announce that they are rebuilding a Third Temple in Jerusalem and claim that their God commands they will rule the world — be looking for this within the next 5 years.


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22 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, America’s Rubicon: RIP Republic”

  1. Quote:
    “While the Political Actor Trump and his Zionist handlers pick through what used to belong to Americans – like vultures over recent roadkill – those of us who enjoyed the freedom of travel, privacy, medical freedom, due process, and speedy trials, will, like Andrew Jackson, just have to weep.
    Meanwhile, more than 11,400 National Guard have been mobilized to keep this “pandemic” drama and fear the center of focus during this planned economic takedown. This is the day Americans gave up liberty for a $1200-per-plate reality show and another month of house arrest – ending with thunderous applause because the Government saved us all from the terrible coronavirus (common cold). Mockery at its finest.”
    People are being told by authorities to “stay inside”, stay away from the beaches and oceans. This is totally wrong advice for anyone especially a sick person. In fact the exact opposite is what should be recommended for sick or elderly or anyone for that matter even kids without fully developed immunity to diseases yet
    http://sunlightinstitute.org/sunlight-disinfectant/ Quote:
    “disinfectant is sunlight! Therefore, those who would frighten us away from the sun would do well to study its superlative disinfectant qualities, as I have. Why use a noxious chemical as a disinfectant, when the sunlight is waiting to be used? How do we know this? First of all, the German microbiologist Robert Koch, who isolated TB bacteria in 1882, showed that sunlight had disinfectant qualities; it destroyed the bacteria. In addition, even earlier, in 1877, other researchers discovered that sugar water left in the shade became cloudy, indicative of bacterial growth. But if exposed to sunlight, it remained clear.[1]” This is why my late Mother used to hang clothes on the clothesline to dry in the Sun and be made fresh, free of bacteria by the wonderful life giving Sun . Lazy people should never have left outside clothes lines for inside dryers which use power and avoid powerful disinfectant Sunlight.
    How come experts are telling us to “stay inside”?. We must do a little thinking and reading and stay outside in the Sun as much as possible.
    In some areas going to the beach is prohibited. This is foolish nonsense. The beach near the ocean is the best place to soak up healing Sunlight. Hospitals and nursing homes today are designed not with intelligence but by fools who do not know the power of the Sun. Sunlight should be streaming into every part of any hospital and nursing home in the country. Ignorance among architects is bliss. Sunlight is much more powerful and safer than dangerous, expensive toxic drugs and it is FREE!

  2. I realized that I have already mentioned this in the article above – but watching the “news” people explore it’s possibilities is very disturbing. Trump and his Bankster mafia posse (now selling America to BlackRock corp, a $7.3 Trillion dollar zionist mobster operated PRIVATE corporation) are nationalizing American assets while working for the enabling acts that will completely disconnect the Constitution from Law – forever. There is no way back from this starting point, crimes will immediately be committed that will not face the light or exposure; exposure that would condemn this act — so it will never be taken back. Writing your congressman today is at least something .. https://www.msnbc.com/the-beat-with-ari/watch/virus-power-grab-trump-admin-seeks-sweeping-powers-to-detain-without-trial-during-pandemic-81397317929?fbclid=IwAR0N9G8Qs44-FNqswAH32H1Ldq2H5EDEqDuiM8yFRbWT-MCrcp1gpOdo-Gs

    Finally this article on HenryMakow.com explains what is happening and the most chilling part of the comments .. All of us have very little time remaining to do something — any thing!


  3. https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/kemp-details-georgia-shelter-place-order/hc3ETUjzBedtWW1LoJHTIP/ Quote:
    “Gov. Brian Kemp outlined shelter-in-place restrictions Thursday, a day after he reversed course and endorsed more severe measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
    The order, designed to keep most of Georgia’s 10.6 million residents at home, takes effect at 6 p.m. Friday and continues through April 13…”
    The link below, use control plus left click to open, obviously written by high paid anonymous lawyers, possibly not even in Georgia, contains all the sordid likely illegal details of this plan, which would demand every citizen hire an expensive lawyer to ride and walk with him all day long to prevent being charged with a crime he did not know he was committing! For example one could be riding down the highway and be stopped by a State Patrol officer, who is trained in traffic law, not all the alleged crimes outlined by Kemp in his edict below. Even your high paid lawyer sitting next to you would likely not be able to get you out of this jam.

    file:///C:/Users/mhabbe/Downloads/ It is difficult to quote from this document, likely done deliberately. The penalty is at least a Misdemeanor which usually involves both jail time and fines. Even if one is totally innocent of any crime, it could cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on court costs and lawyer fees to get out of such an unconstitutional jam. And do not forget the officers enforcing such an order have their legal costs paid for them by the State whereas you or I or any other citizen must pay our own lawyer fees! No lawyer even wants to deal with such cases so they quote enormous fees but no guarantees.

    1. From my perspective, the statement in that article just supports the idea that this is a psyop. Here’s the statement: It allows Georgians to leave the home to buy groceries, purchase medical equipment, go outside to exercise, head to doctor’s appointments, or travel for work to businesses or nonprofits that comply with other restrictions.
      So, where is the actual restriction? Who’s to say I am not exercising or going to buy groceries or do any of what’s listed? There is supposedly a ‘lock down’ in Florida, but I will go out today to do various chores…groceries, Lowes for some plants etc..
      I doubt very much that I will be stopped. I’ll update when I return in a few hours.
      This is about fear and control.

      1. Update from north Fl….Well, the only difference i noticed today from a week ago is that more folks are wearing masks…traffic was lighter and there were more ‘X’ marks the spot in various stores. All restaurants were closed except for drive-thru. Bank lobbies were closed. There were no paper towels or tp to be found anywhere. The empty space was filled with diapers and feminine hygiene products….anything in a clinch, eh? The post office had some of those plastic strips hanging between the clerks and the public. Just all totally ridiculous. I am rapidly losing respect for my fellow traveler. Does anyone reason or even attempt to think logically any longer?
        I guess not.

      2. I will admit I get highly frustrated with my fellow American. But then, I go back to the time I had little awareness and it took ‘planes’ piercing steel to get me to take a second look at the crap we are being fed. If we treat our fellow traveler as if they were not part of us, we have fallen right into the divide and conquer paradigm….which is precisely what this hoax virus is accomplishing. We need to be patient and understand we were at that point in the not too distant past.
        So, do I get frustrated with the average American’s response to this madness? Absolutely!. But I refuse to separate them from myself and call them names….as much as i do slip into that conditioning at times.

      3. The truth will set you free:

        The globalists / Jew bankers have trashed the US by legal and illegal mass immigration, offshoring of jobs, common core, warefare and welfare, et. al.. The damage is done. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

  4. Now we have super Zionist Jared Kushner on the front line. That gives me SO much comfort. This is a takeover that’s been planned long, long ago. IF Trump is that good an actor, once it’s all over and we see 150K perp walks, we had better also put up Trump for an Oscar….in every category.
    Yet another update for those retirees as myself who do not file tax returns. The daily propaganda report said the IRS will deposit the money in your bank account. The info will be on their site. I don’t want the hush money BUT, if I did, I would be highly reluctant to go to an IRS site and give them my damn bank account number, Their excuse is that it would be risky to mail checks because of the hoax virus. Then why not stop ALL MAIL, eh?
    We’re being played.

    1. A few dots — Trump is out today asking for 100k body bags. Mike Adams is lying again about prisoners digging graves in New York City for the massive dead. I have had a few people tell me in private with no sources named, Vermont is curtailing seed sales and book sales (not sure what books) and that the Internet will be shut down with cell phones for two weeks soon. Trump just said that we are entering the hardest 2 weeks. Ford and Uhaul and others offered employees 2 weeks of emergency pay and they can stay home.
      Continuing, we know it is not coronavirus (CV) killing people .. CV is cover for several things at once – 1) Nationalization of the economy and the move toward a totalitarian controlled fascism. 2) the rollout of 5G and its attendant side effects. In fact cases of CV might be correlated (minus deception) with regions and towns having live and broadband-signals active.

      5G is already weaponized in the use of 60ghz, but it may be the perfect killer because it is so powerful (blanket fields) and because the body has never seen it before. Just like in world war 1, high powered, low frequency noisy spark gap transmitters came online all over the USA and the world at the same time –ramped up because of the war build up. That caused the “pandemic” of 1918 — it was not contagion .. It was proven in 1918 that the ‘flu’ could not be transmitted by sick people being in contact with non-sick. In Boston, It was attempted to pass the virus on by human fluids to fluids, coughs, kisses, injection of fluids from the lungs of sick etc . not one time could they do it over 4 months with 100 volunteers. A US Public Health Service team working in Boston attempt to make healthy people sick from November of 1918 – February of 1919 — not in one person could they cause the disease. Further the “disease” showed up around the world at the same time — every nation but I believe 2 islands — not possible in 1918 by person to person … This info is covered in the book “The Invisible Rainbow” in the chapter called the “Mystery on the Isle of Wight” https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Rainbow-History-Electricity-Life/dp/1645020096

      So, what Adams and Trump may be foreshadowing is the rollout of 5G, which is in emergency roll out now with “no costs too high”, to get it out faster than the other nations as Trump promised in 2018. Finally if you have not watched this video it seems to fit the picture and resonate with me ..


  5. Of course it’s over. Have you noticed the sheeple moving a muscle? No, you haven’t.

    They’re all mindlessly following unconstitutional and nonsensical government directives to cower at home.

    No more protests in Hong Kong. No more protests in France. Not a peep out of the small business owners in the US whose lifetime work is being decimated.

    By the time that they wake up and notice what has happened it will be too late. Because by then, the Jew bankers will have purchased all the hard assets worth having in the world with their fake money which will soon be worth nothing.

    Touchdown Jew bankers!

  6. A very dark picture is being painted here by Jack. I can’t say he’s wrong, but I sure hope he is. The Planned-Demic scam is being exposed every day. I wanted you all to put the smell test to Dr. Smith’s story of Elmhurst Hospital being over run by Corona patients. Her New York Times video story made the hospital look busy. When several people made videos there, the place looked nearly deserted. It almost looked like they rounded up a bunch of homeless people and got them to stand outside the hospital for a photo op. Many looked to be randomly standing there like not so much in a line waiting. Hardly any faces were visible and they looked like they all went to same second hand store for their jackets. They let the viewer fill in the blank that these were corona patients waiting to be seen at the hospital.
    Were they or were they just props? There’s a scene of a refrigerated truck trailer said by the Doctor to be for the many dead. It could have also been just another food delivery that they passed it off as dead body storage next to dumpsters at the loading dock. The implication is that the morgue can’t process anymore and the dead are stacked like cordwood. What a crock.
    The Times video from Dr Smith saying Elmhurst is a disaster zone:
    The empty Elmhurst Hospital devoid of activity:

    1. A sort of rhetorical question, but a response would be fine. How much evidence do we need to understand this is a plandemic AND THEN, TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?
      In reality, IS there anything we can do other than post the truth as we expose it? A former poster (at least someone who has not posted for a long time) has said any protests would not serve any good. So, what’s our alternative? Would not most say we are running out of time?
      I suggested the streets as in the 60’s. I suggested a general strike. No response.
      Are we all too afraid to agree with or post our own suggestions?
      If so, they are already victorious and Mullen is correct. The Republic is dead.

      1. We can go on with our lives. Start make demands of your state reps to obey the Constitution and especially Sheriffs must not enforce unconstitutional law. We have to ignore this fake pandemic and, by not giving it credibility, it will fold like a cheap card table.

        By giving this hoax deference and (after we understand what it is) and playing our parts as crisis actors in a large pandemic drill organized by psycho Bill Gates, we give this vapor demon life. I have written a letter to State officials in WV – please see it here https://blog.thegovernmentrag.com/2020/04/02/open-letter-to-west-virginia-senators-delegates-sheriffs-and-county-commissioners/ – reminding them the Constitution is still alive and unconstitutional law still is –

        In PA, I saw where a lawyer wrote a letter to the Governor of the state of Pennsylvania saying that his order for attorneys to cease and desist the practice of law “is illegal, invalid and contrary to the moral jurisprudence of the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ” Here is that link http://www.zegarelli.com/letterofdefiance.pdf.

        The key is to start talking and bugging people who should be acting on behalf of the Constitution, especially when it comes to the right to travel and earning a living and all of us must in general stop obeying orders to stay home and go broke.

        Let’s Get out and get sunshine and keep living our lives.

      2. I appreciate that reply. That was and is my intention. The problem is that few will take that position. I hate to say most will stay at home and obey.

  7. Unfortunately, Mullen has it right….it’s pretty much over. IF it turns out Trump is somehow playing that great chess match and any moment will reveal his strategy and the results, I’ll be one of the first to eat an entire humble pie and dance naked in Macy’s window (is Macy’s still there?). BUT, until then, I’ll just wait it out and be joyous I will not be in this world as long as many of whom are younger.
    I grieve for my grandchildren and great grandchildren who I doubt have a clue.

    Good to see, a few are fighting back:
    19 minutes ago




    ON SAT APRIL 4th AT 12PM RSVP david@zoomtruth.com or goto to the EVENTS page on zoomtruth.com


    #farewelltofreedomparty I will LIVESTREAM on my youtube channel zoom truth MORE DETAILS




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