23 Oct, 2021

Gordon Duff, Documentary Proof: University of North Carolina Generated COVID-19

Gordon Duff

This article contains hard proof that cannot be questioned or denied, which you may submit to any government agency or healthcare professional. What is not yet proven but coming into focus is that the US biological weapons program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, equipment and certainly key staff, certainly migrated to secret labs at large state universities in order to “hide in plain sight.”

Follow the careers, all links are included, of those who worked on the Wuhan-COVID project in 2017.

Also, note that the exact same personnel and equipment is used for fake “prevention” research and testing as weaponization and actual production.

Since this article was written, we have begun to look at worldwide operations of US nuclear/bio/chem contractor, Kushner-Trump favorite, Battelle, and their secret labs around the world.

When we began, our people started to be threatened.  That was a serious mistake.

Submit this paper to any physician, or other qualified bio-sciences specialist.  See what they say.


Documents below will show that research to create COVID 19 began in the United States in 2006 and culminated in a successful bio-weapon in 2015, with work done at the University of North Carolina and at Harvard and at the Food and Drug Administration’s lab in Arkansas.

Their work was titled:

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

They did this and more, so much more as you will read below.

As Trump said, over and over and over, the Chinese were involved.

Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China supplied the Wuhan Bat Virus which was used in the American study.  Their name was included for that reason only.

COVID 19 was a US Army bio-weapons project to manufacture a pneumonia-causing disease that would be nearly impossible to vaccinate for in patients over 40 years old.

The proof is here, simply scroll down.  The study was run by the University of North Carolina and funded by USAID/CIA.  It chose a Chinese bat virus and chose to include a medical facility in Wuhan as well.

Now we know why, a smokescreen of the blame for a program China had little or nothing to do with, something satanically evil and purely American.

In November 2015, a study was published outlining the capability of producing the virus we are dealing with now.  Among the many involved was a lab in Wuhan, China.  It was listed from the beginning as one of the dozens, mostly American, working on this project.

However, one key participant was left out, USAID.  It is suspected, deeply so, that USAID is a front for American bio-warfare research such as that done in Tbilisi, Georgia and elsewhere, much documented.  This is the citation that adds USAID to the research funding group.

Change history

20 November 2015

In the version of this article initially published online, the authors omitted to acknowledge a funding source, USAID-EPT-PREDICT funding from EcoHealth Alliance, to Z.-L.S. The error has been corrected for the print, PDF and HTML versions of this article.

We will now present Pravda’s biased article and, below that, the actual study proving the capability of producing COVID 19, proving it is not a naturally occurring virus once and for all.

As to who did what, this is not our job but we are proving, categorically, that when a Chinese lab is mentioned, it is a minor player in an American effort, as outlined exhaustively below.

This makes discussing the Wuhan lab possibly complicit in bio-warfare.

Similarly, when Forbes Magazine and others stated they could prove COVID 19 was made naturally, and of course they had the same access we have, we suspect that they are part of a disinformation effort tied to USAID and bio-warfare.

Suspicion is not proof.  The proof is proof and there is proof enough to drown in.  Our thanks to the American medical professionals who pimped themselves out to the US Army and CIA and who helped bring us where we are now, a nation broken to pieces.

Pravda.Ru: Such material appeared in 2015 on the website of the scientific journal Natura in 2015. Then the authors claimed that after the advent of the SARS virus (2002-2003) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), scientists were aware of the risk of interspecific transmission that would lead to an epidemic among people.

Successful lab experiment

Among other things, the research team studied bats, which are the largest incubators of coronaviruses. Nevertheless, bats could not transmit the coronavirus to humans because they could not interact with human cells with ACE2 receptors.

The material also stated that horseshoe bats carry a strain of SARS coronavirus that can be transmitted to humans. It has been named the SHC014-CoV virus.

To better study this virus, scientists copied the coronavirus and infected it with laboratory mice. The results showed that the virus is really able to bind to human cells with ACE2 receptors and multiply in the cells of the respiratory system.

In the research work, it is noted that laboratory materials, samples and equipment that were used in the research were obtained from the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Although it is not yet possible to say for sure that the virus that was tested in laboratory mice is the same as the SARS-Cove-2 coronavirus.

NATO policy

However, interesting things can be found in earlier documents. 

For example:

  • The 2019 Alliance’s activity report says that in 2019, the Alliance’s first place in research and development was occupied by the topic of radiochemical and biological protection (29%), shifting the seemingly most pressing problem of Europe – counterterrorism (it turned out to be 4- m priority).
  • A year earlier, in 2018, the situation was exactly the opposite: terrorism, as it should be, was in the first place (28%), and radiochemical and biological protection in the fourth (13%).

As the Brussels snitch writes in the telegram channel, “given the absence of visible reasons for such a sharp change in scientific interests, there are two options and both are unpleasant:

  • or NATO now wags the fifth point, falsifying the data to show “and we always prepared for viruses, we are modern”,
  • or even in 2019 in the alliance, God forgive me, they knew where the trouble would come from.

Yes, the first option is much more real, but, you see, the facts are surprising.

Source:  Pravda

Original 2015 Research Unedited and Complete

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

Gordon’s Archives – 2008-2014

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22 thoughts on “Gordon Duff, Documentary Proof: University of North Carolina Generated COVID-19”

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  2. I am doing the protocols required by our government, if you don’t they’ll fine you etc.

    The virus is at least being exaggerated, it may not even exist.

    This bullshit came out of left field, and is worldwide.

    The constant media coverage is like the media coordinated on 9/11.

    The article might be just another psyop. I don’t trust Duff or his mate Barrett.

    The article insinuates Trump is a bad guy, he may be, I hope not. It seems he has more credence than most other world leaders. He wants to get back to normal.

    1. Sandy Hook Hoax and the Boston Marathon Hoax both came out of ”left field” but they were real events and very disgusting happenings in world history.
      Dr. Jim may have more info to vouch for Duff. I have never heard of Duff but that does not make him a fraud.
      Nasty virus’ do come down the road from time to time. Is it a lab created monster? Maybe so.
      I used to think that Boston Bomb was a real event until I did some research. Not one leg was blown off at that event. It was all a sick hoax, authorized by that lifelong fraud & faker Obama.
      As more info is released about Covid 19, we’ll hopefully come to see a clearer picture of this ”thing” …whatever it is.

      1. Last night I sent this out to around 80 who might be in the position to reach the president; this morning, another 12:

        Egad! If the nation is not back at work by 1 May 2020, then we are devolving into a 13-year depression of depths the world has never experienced: https://jamesfetzer.org/2020/04/ae-global-solutions-letter-to-president-trump-date-of-economic-death-for-the-united-states-is-1-may-2020/ And we know this has been an elaborate scam, where I’ve been doing daily updates for around 20 days now (@JimFetzer) and none of what we have been told is accurate or complete. I did an overview of the scame on 8 April 2020. with an update on how things stand on 15 April 2020:
        The Raw Deal (8 April 2020):
        The Raw Deal (15 April 2020)
        I know some of you on this list. Others I do not. But I implore you–one and all–to look at the evidence I am offering; because the consequences of what we are going through are going to be devastating for our children and their kids.

        P.S. For a short take on the enormity of the fraud being perpetrated upon us by Fauci and Gates, check this out:

      2. When I listen to Fauci, Birx, etc, my fraud-hoax meter goes OFF the charts and have since day-one.

        The way that Fauci smirks, sneers, glares, etc. at Mr. Trump, tells me there is something very WRONG with his body language and persona. He is throwing fear and panic on a seasonal flu virus…. on purpose.

        This pandemic-scamdemic-hoaxathon are another attempt by the Lefties to take down Trump and damage his chances for re-election. They think nothing of destroying the US and the entire world to damage Trump. Their hate has NO bounds concerning the usual decorum of the political process.

        Thanks Jim for the excellent links and your spot-on commentaries.

  3. The mention of the CIA with the Univ. of North Carolina beginning in 2006 research into bio-weapon viruses is chilling.
    It reminds me of 911. The mini nukes placed in the Tower’s basements were USA munitions that were refurbished by Israel…our ”friend” in the ME.
    CIA personnel were also involved in the attempted take-down and Impeachment of President Trump with false allegations paid for by the DNC.
    Look what conspirators did to JFK when he stated he wanted to dissolve the CIA. It was covered up and the carnage stemming from that event has continued non-stop to this day.

    Even the sketchy Dr. Fauci used a CIA created term just two days ago. “Conspiracy theories about Covid 19″. He used that term to smack down anyone who disagreed to the ”official” version of events.

  4. Anyone who has read this and can understand it, please offer a layman’s summary. I have no problem stating this is beyond my ability to grasp. It would seem to me the language and jargon has been purposefully made basically incomprehensible. reminds me of some NASA outputs, eh?.
    Any time I see color pictures of a virus, I cringe a bit, since I do not believe electron microscopes create a color picture. I could be wrong. It looks like “fear photos”.
    I still tend to believe the numbers are manipulated to make it look as if many are dying from this virus while they are actually dying from other causes because of pre-existing conditions and weak immune systems. My daughter has told me most of her patients are dying from viral pneumonia as the result of a bad flu infection…..and most of those, elderly or with another condition.
    I agree with Dr. Day….it’s a psyop and a simple cold virus. Their propaganda has convinced most it’s real and FEAR is ruling.
    But, what the hell do I know…I’m just an American layman preferring to look at this with common sense and logic.

    1. Will, You have having trouble reading because these are research reports that are technical and scientific. Here are some of the key findings:

      COVID 19 was a US Army bio-weapons project to manufacture a pneumonia-causing disease that would be nearly impossible to vaccinate for in patients over 40 years old.

      The proof is here, simply scroll down. The study was run by the University of North Carolina and funded by USAID/CIA. It chose a Chinese bat virus and chose to include a medical facility in Wuhan as well.

      Now we know why, a smokescreen of the blame for a program China had little or nothing to do with, something satanically evil and purely American.

      1. My eyes glaze over when I see those kind of reports….not because I could not understand them if I read carefully, but I see no purpose they would serve the common man or woman not involved in the field. I understand and absolutely agree it was an American creation. The very fact that the MSM AND Trump have been blaming China tells us that. BUT, if this virus that was created was actually the prime cause of all these deaths, would not the total number of deaths for any reason have risen dramatically from ‘normal’ numbers? As far as I know, it has not.

      2. Yes Jim, those two quotes you included made my eyes go wide open.
        I thought that the US was forbidden to develop bio-weapons by International Treaties?

        Secret conspiracies always have a Patsy to blame.
        Didn’t Oswald shout “I’m just a patsy” that to a reporter in Dallas. [before he was assassinated by a Mafia man]
        911 had 19 hijackers with box cutters. Most are still alive.
        A field in Shanksville where no plane was found. [airplanes can evaporate….sure]
        Sandy Hook had a skinny computer geek that didn’t exist.
        Is there an ugly pattern here or am I imagining things.

      3. No. You are not imagining anything. Lee was actually shot by an FBI agent impersonating Jack Ruby. Ralph Cinque has done sensational research on this subject. Check out “The New JFK Show” or “The Oswald Innocence Campaign” for more. As you probably know, I have overviews of 9/11 and of Sandy Hook on Bitchute:

        “Sandy Hook Update: Tracy loses, Wolfgang wins. The Deep State Strikes Back!” https://www.bitchute.com/video/H8pLy2RiSAgC/


        “9/11: Who was responsible and why”

      4. After reading the suggested research into Jack Ruby as another patsy who didn’t shoot anyone, I was reminded of the heartbreaking song, Murder Most Foul, in which Dylan sympathetically twins the two ‘shooters’:

        What is the truth, where did it go?
        Ask Oswald and Ruby; they ought to know

        Later, when he starts recalling music, he says:

        I’m just a patsy, like Patsy Cline
        Never shot anyone, from in front or behind


        Play it for that strip club owner named Jack

        As he details even further in the song, Dylan seems to know a lot about the assassination. I wonder how much of Bob’s knowledge is owed to the “dean of JFK research Jim Fetzer.”


    2. Will,…. anyone can electronically add color to an X-ray picture or an electron microscope image. I seen colorized pictures of my own teeth x-rays. My tooth was as large as the monitor screen and full of vivid colors. Yikes.
      I believe your sister is correct. Most of these elder people are not dying of Covid 19 BUT their Death Certs are being unethically listed as Covid 19 by the Institutions to get more money grants and to hype the covid panic and numbers.
      Its the same here in CA….almost all nursing home deaths are now listed as Covid 19. These patients have not been tested and their bodies are quickly cremated so that NO test can be done. Its part of the pandemic-scamdemic….its both.

      Evidently the researchers in that Frankenstein North Carolina Univ. lab did tweak the virus to make it a lethal form of Pneumonia. It appears to attack the membranes of the lungs that transfer oxygen to the blood. A healthy person can overcome it but the old and weaker often cannot.

      1. Don……Point is the color adds to the fear.

        No doubt, my daughter is correct. She also told me they don’t have enough masks and are sterilizing and using old masks….which is especially important to her, as she has Lupus and is highly susceptible to any disease and taking blood under these circumstances is not easy for her.
        I have asked her to register and comment, but she’s so exhausted from the psyop at the hospital, she may not have the energy.

      2. Will:
        This color added image of teeth shows the precise health of the tooth much more clearly than the old b/w film ex-rays. Not scary to me but then I like colors anyway. This will show even a tiny decay. The different colors denote densities, added metal or abscess, etc..
        The teeth are actually very porous because they are connected to our sense of taste. People with dentures cannot properly taste their food.


      3. Don…I can understand the use of an arbitrary color to enhance areas of your tooth for diagnostic purposes.
        I cannot see where the use of color serves any purpose for the average viewer other than to make it look more ominous. Remember, these are only visible through the use of an electron microscope that only shows black and white and shades of both. The colors are added by artists. Why use a color like yellow which creates worry and anxiety instead of a color like blue that creates peace and harmony?

        “The images you see here were the result of collaborative teamwork. RML investigator Emmie de Wit provided the virus, microscopist Elizabeth Fischer produced the images, with the visual medical arts office colourising the images.”


      4. will
        There was no ”artist” at the dentist’s office. He did it all by various keys and inputs on the machine….as I watched. It was fun to see and all very beautiful. I like the golden yellow color.

        Hope you daughter is doing well.

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