, Civil Disobedience Can End the Coronavirus Stupidity

We are ruled by imbeciles. And they’re power-mad

The happiest news to emerge in recent coronavirus weeks come courtesy of videos from online news sources showing the good citizens of Michigan, fed up with their tyrannical governor, taking to the streets in mass — and maskless! — to demand an end to the tyranny.

The saddest news? The realization that it took so long for these types of protests to occur.

And for reason for that, we can turn to the Declaration of Independence.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed,” the opening lines state.

Most Americans, when first informed of the coronavirus, wanted to simply do the right thing and help their neighbors, help their communities and families, help their country. They willingly stayed home; out of love for neighbor — or at least, concern for neighbor — abided by the government’s recommendations and mandates to protect against the spread of the virus. Business owners shelved their dreams of entrepreneurial freedom for the good of the country. School administrators closed their buildings; government service officers shut their doors. Church pastors, even, sent their congregations online.

Then things got stupid. Really stupid.

Then government ran amok.

The Americans saw tyrannical types, up close and personal, up close and in their own communities, seize powers the Constitution doesn’t grant and run roughshod over the rights of individuals and business owners. And Americans saw how these tyrannies were taking place in the face of failed computer modeling that showed wildly inaccurate coronavirus numbers.

“Michigan cracks down on seed purchases and tiny gatherings,” The Post Millennial reported, of Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s ridiculous executive-issued prohibitions against the purchase of plant seeds and grains in the state — and against neighbors from visiting their next-door neighbors.

Police state, anyone?

Seriously: How does buying plant seeds cause — or even correlate to — a spread of the coronavirus?

Then there was this, in the aftermath of an eye-opening Fox News interview between host Tucker Carlson and guest, Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey.

“By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order [prohibiting church gatherings and free assembly of the people]?” Carlson asked.

“That’s above my pay grade,” Tucker,” Murphy said, as the National Review noted. “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this.”

Come again?

It’s the job of a governor — of any public servant who takes the oath of office, for that matter — to first and foremost, above all else, uphold the provisions of both state and U.S. constitutions.

To admit to not “thinking” of those documents, as a governor, is to admit a failure of job performance.

It’s a fireable offense. And in these coronavirus times, there are a lot of fireable offenses being perpetrated on the people by government officials, from police to politicians. Are we to stand idly by and watch, sheeplike, doing nothing forever?

This is where the rights of the individual to control and curb the government should blare forth.

President Donald Trump says he’s got a plan to open America’s economy and jumpstart U.S. businesses again, and that states ought to abide by his White House guidelines. Some states say they won’t.

Some states say the heck with reopening the country, the heck with freeing citizens from their house arrest, er, suggested stay-at-home, syndromes — the heck with all that until each and every last case of the coronavirus has been driven from humanity, until it’s safe and secure out there for all.

Well, what right does government have to decide that in the first place?

American citizens are well-equipped to determine how best to protect themselves and their families from looming health threats.

Americans do it every day, as a matter of fact.

Those who feel sick — stay home.

Those who worry about getting sick — stay home.

Those who can’t stay home but worry about getting sick — go ahead and wear a mask, social distance, stay in the car, do whatever seems logical and proper to keep from getting sick.

Just don’t expect all of America to suffer a police state existence for the next, well, forever — as a matter of possible protection for the relatively few citizens in the country who may or may not catch the coronavirus.

It’s time for more civil disobedience. It’s time for the protests of Michigan residents against their power mad governor to spread to the rest of the states — if only to send a message to the government that says: We’re watching. We’re watching, and we’re fed up.

If not now, when?

Americans aren’t going to go quietly into that good despotic night. Nor should they.

After all, it’s in America’s founding to fight for freedom.

“[W]hen a long train of abuses and usurpations [occur] … it is [citizens’] right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security,” the Declaration of Independence reads.

It’s not just a right to Americans to strive for freedom. It’s not just a right enshrined in the Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, in the First and Second amendments in particular.

It’s a duty. An actual duty. It’s a duty and responsibility for Americans to demand government obey. And how do Americans typically go about exercising that duty? With civil disobedience. Peaceful — but purposeful, persistent and powerful civil disobedience.

Source: The Washington Times

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55 thoughts on “, Civil Disobedience Can End the Coronavirus Stupidity”

  1. Absolutely something for all of us to consider….AND, maybe DR. FETZER can participate.he live show coming up.

    From the site:

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    PHASE 1

    Since announcing our crowdfunding campaign, we have blown through our initial goal in the first 24 hours to livestream ROSE / ICKE III to 1 million concurrent users on May 3, 2020, which will be the most watched conversation in human history.
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    The Digital Freedom Platform APP (for both iOS and Android) is the Ultimate Platform Independent Insurance of our Basic Human Right to Freedom of Speech. Anytime, anywhere you can stream BANNED CONTENT directly from your mobile device.
    PHASE 5

    It’s Time To Fight Back!! We have discovered a European Union Civil Liberties Law that we believe can be used to force private companies acting as public utilities to adhere to our Basic Human Right for Free Speech. We believe we can win this case but it requires strong financial backing as we go to battle with a Trillion dollar Goliath.


    This defining moment for our digital free speech will be provided using independent technology to ensure LIVE, UNCENSORED, UNINTERRUPTED ACCESS to what might be the most important conversations you will ever be part of.

    And that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do… be part of this moment in history and be a part of the LONDON REAL ARMY.

    All money raised will solely be used to fund the DIGITAL FREEDOM PLATFORM initiative
    All money raised will be deposited into a dedicated, audited account
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    Any excess funding will be used to support future banned interviews
    Any shortfall in funding for ROSE / ICKE III: THE LIVESTREAM will be made up by LONDON REAL

    1. PLEASE be careful of any donation. I just started to donate a few bucks and NEVER finished filling out the card info. I immediately got an email stating I had contributed 100 bucks. I checked my card via phone and it was not there, so I do not know what’s going on. Be careful, this could be a scam. Maybe it’s just a glitch…but I have yet to determine either for sure. I am going to post the same on the ZH article to caution others.

  2. Didn’t all this massive destruction of America begin a long time ago with Dishonest Abraham Lincoln the unindicted war criminal of the Civil War?

    Dear State Senator Zorn, Michigan:

    Blacks did not have full citizenship in the original Constitution. The South was being taxed by the North at 40%. Something happened to Dishonest Abe, elected if you can call it that by 39%, to believe he had the authority to kill a million and destroy and plunder half the country to “keep the Union together”. Can you cite anything in the Constitution which authorized this? Lincoln went through general after general until he came upon a drunk and a psychopath to do his dirty job for him; Drunk Grant and Psychopath Sherman. He could have said, “Go, you will return in 20 years and we will welcome you back”. Lincoln was normally a peaceful man. But he changed into a violent one with destruction on his mind. This total failure also was the first ratcheting up of federal power against the wishes of the Founders and no one looked back. Black slaves built New York. Many owned slaves everywhere as they were legal at the time. Today aren’t we all slaves to a tyrannical monster government working over half our lives to pay taxes? How about the massive suffering after the Civil War? Dishonest Abraham Lincoln was and is an unindicted war criminal not a hero as presented in lying history books. Look at the criminal hypocritical cesspool which is this country today!

    General Lee also dismally failed: He should have simply sent a small commando squad and demolished Dishonest Abe and his band of criminal thugs in DC instead of foolishly waging a worthless land war.

    The cowards running the South today apologize for their great history. Shame on them I was born at Cleveland, Ohio but raised near Pasadena, California. My parents were from Minnesota. I used to idolize dishonest Abe until I came to Athens, Georgia in 1966 and Married a wonderful woman from Alabama. I realized dishonest Abe was and is an unindicted war criminal then and now. It is monuments to this worthless lying bum which must come down today. History books are full of lies. How would you like to pay a 40% tax then or now?
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics, 150 Raintree Ct., Athens, Ga. 30607,

    1. WJA….So tremendous you have done this….but do you really think your state sinator cares?…or is it just an exercise in self expression…something we should all be doing despite any expectations of a result.
      In any case, good for you.

      1. Thank you Will. My comment to the Michigan Senator has already likely been deleted by his aid or secretary before he even read it. Have you ever thought of this? Suppose Dishonest Abe came along earlier, much closer to the time of the Giant Founders of this country. Can you imagine what would have happened if they or their influence was still alive when he and his cronies sought to pull off this massive stunt against all their efforts? Just their memory would have obliterated everything he sought to do to destroy America at that time. Moreover just consider the massive suffering he caused in the Confederacy for decades after the Civil War. Expletives deleted are not strong enough to describe this massive failure in our history, or success depending on your point of view. The great South was literally gang raped by Dishonest Abe and his gangster criminals Drunk Grant and Psychopath Sherman and all the rest. Even the Richest Man in the world at the time, Andrew Carnegie gave vast amounts of his wealth to build fabulous public libraries all over the country and including all major and some minor cities of the South too, designed by the top world architects of the day, most still proudly standing too. Carnegie was a giant among men from Scotland. I have a lifelong friend whose Father was from Scotland Will. His name is Rick Archibald. These are top people as you likely know. The Scots are the only race who have the reputation of being able to out bargain a Jew!

      2. Will, here is another great story worth repeating: When Andrew Carnegie was in the office of J. P. Morgan to close the deal on the sale of his vast Steel Empire, the price was almost like all the money in the world at the time say $450 million! Carnegie is reported to have said to Morgan, “Maybe I should have asked $550 million instead.” J. P. Morgan’s reported reply to him: “You would have got it!”

  3. Extremely daunting post from J Stone….scary and depressing, but maybe it’s what we need to get our arses moving or at least do some more prep and order some more ammunition. Worse part is, as far fetched as it might sound, at this point it’s IN THE AREA OF FEASIBILITY…..and that is more harrowing than all else.

    Let’s look forward in time –
    If the economy is not re-started immediately, IN FULL, you can expect the following to happen:

    Happening now: No new cars arriving at dealers. There are still a few left but if you don’t get one soon, you won’t be getting one. Ditto for all other “non essential” goods.

    Happening a month from now: If they succeed in fronting this scam for two months, there will be many farmers not planting. You will see many more herds culled and crops not making it to market. Eggs are likely to be too expensive to consider.

    Two months from now: Food items are going to start thinning out and lots of things like televisions, cars, phones, blenders – all will be gone or almost gone.

    4 months from now: The last of the stoves and refrigerators will be gone. light bulbs will become sparse. Food is going to be hellishly expensive with poor choices available. This won’t happen with food as much in Mexico but it will happen in the U.S, Australia, and Europe. Mexico will see substantial price increases but overall variety will be OK.

    Six months from now: Starvation starts in first world countries. No one will care that there are no cars or anything else to buy, they will only worry about food. Most will still have it.

    A year from now: At this stage, IF the communists succeed with the first stages, their Ukraine style culling will be in progress. They will be going around rooting out preppers and destroying their food while claiming to be distributing it.

    THIS IS THE END GAME. DO NOT LET THEM SUCCEED. Their goal is population reduction, and to have whatever remains be thankful to have food, and not worrying about having any sort of life. The fun, games, festivals, vacations, road trips and hobbies will be OVER.
    Two years from now: They will gather up everything everyone has, from cars to bicycles to trampolines and destroy it. A majority of wood framed homes will be burned. There is a reason why American codes mandated using wood and having even “brick” homes be built in a way where the bricks won’t stand if the wood is not behind them, they had this planned for decades. Then off to the compact city or tiny home or shipping container or internment camp you go.


    1. Thanks for the assignment, Will. 😉

      The gentleman is making a distinction without a difference. Robert Menard (I love his accent!) has mistakenly applied the contractual phrase ‘under protest’ to all kinds of dissent, so he says:

      “Don’t call it protesting; that implies consent. Call it rejection, because that’s a magic word.”

      When you reject something, you are recognizing its existence, just like you do when you protest it. I don’t agree that implied consent is necessarily given in dissent because you are recognizing the problem. It’s the simple truth that both ‘protesting’ and ‘rejection’ indicate the opposite of consent.

      I use the caveat ‘necessarily’ because the subject of the protest, which may be channeling authentic feelings of grievance, can, and given time, surely will be shaped by the forces they are protesting against. The protested want to put the words in the protesters’ mouths. If they succeed, they consider it consent.

      It’s manufactured consent, just like that famous gatekeeper said. And he oughta know.

      1. Happy to help exercise (exorcise?) your mind…
        The ‘Gnome’ that shall not be mentioned, eh?
        I agree with all you have penned.
        And to reply to two comments for efficiency…..I love the caravan idea……nationwide…shut down the interstates!
        Shhhh….don’t tell anyone….it would better if spontaneous!
        Make it so.

      1. I jave no idea…listen again….at around 19 minutes…they are absolutely censoring 5G…PERIOD!

      2. That video has been removed:

        ”This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” YouTube

        Maybe it is elsewhere???


        Link above is the video in question, a copy from Serbia—–Dr Jovana Stojkovic.

        His words are censored at about 21:00 and yes he does say ”5G”…you are correct.
        Who censored that and why??? Evidently 5G has been censored on other videos also.

      4. Wil….the link may not be removed but when you open the Next News Network it has been removed. Its no longer on the Gary Francho, Net News Network site. I tried the original NNN link and the video has disappeared.

        Evidently people who downloaded a COPY of the video can post it. Did you download a copy onto your hard-drive?

      5. It’s not on my hard drive, but is still opening….maybe it’s because I use Linux…I have no idea…too low tech to give you a viable answer. All I know is it opens.

      6. OK here’s what has happened, that’s tbirdlauderdale’s COPY of the NNN original. He posted it and you copied his download. Your link takes one to 153 News….not to NNN, the originator.
        The Dr. in Serbia also copied that video. The same video is no longer avail on the NNN page.

        I don’t think that Linx has anything to do with this. Of course it opens because its now only avail. on copies of the original. Thanks for your replies to me.

      7. Understandable. …..what’s important is that it’s available….thanks for those who saved it. I remember mentioning to Fetzer that it would be taken down. Something else I noticed in the original is that Gary was making movements with his hands and arms as if to caution the Dr.. Apparently, mentioning 5 G in those circumstances is verboten, eh?

      8. I might add that censoring 5G more intensely than any conversation about COVID screams volumes, eh?

  4. Dear Jim and Friends

    I am shocked and deeply troubled by what the governments around the World are doing. They are literally in lock-step. Wait until you see this video. You simply won’t believe it and you will not sleep tonight. Anti-social distancing enforced with police beatings in India and South Africa. Tear gassing people in Kenya. People hauled off by Police in Germany. Taiwan and Russia have deployed a high tech facial recognition and tracking of every move you make. We must stop this insanity now. The latest NAZI move I saw on the way home from the end the shutdown rally: They barricaded the parking for Back Country access on Vail Pass. They are trying to make the great outdoors off limits. As if there was any better way to get anti-social distance. You could have 10,000 acres to yourself. But the Powers want everyone to feel the iron boot up your ass. That’s why they arrested a surfer miles from anyone and a Dad playing ball at the park. This video breaks down “Lock-Step”… the Rockefeller Foundation scenario that destroys freedom forever using a Pandemic to gut the World Economy and enslave all of mankind. All the countries on Earth are in a lock-step march to a digital tyranny no one can escape:

      1. Yes Jim that is fine. You have blanket permission. I must mention an old friend that I went to Public elementary school outside Baltimore in the 60s. Ricky then switched to all boys Jesuit Schools for grades 7 through 12. My God- Jim… the difference between our political views is like the Grand Canyon is deep and wide. He is 120% boiler plate official government narratives and the news would never lie. And Trump is Satan incarnate. I have considered banishing him from my FB page because he’s like turning on CNN. He is a Creepy Joe, Killery and Barry lover. Thinks everything about them that is heinous must be a lie. He said all Trump supporters deserve to get the virus and die. Ricky said he supports the harsh measures other countries are using… public beatings etc and digital prison infrastructure. He also thinks shutdown protestors like me should be arrested as should beach goers like the Malibu surfer.

        Something said no, keep him around just to better understand the destruction of this country’s traditions and heritage. I picture a vast army of Ricky Robots that are so hardwired to accept totalitarian leadership, it’s like his American freedom loving DNA was hacked and over written. He was a young teenager when his father was murdered in a random act of violence. I’m sure that had everything to do with his world view being completely constructed by the Jesuits. He has an impenetrable force field to alternative narratives and uses the conspiracy theory derision often. Why preach to the choir, if I could just get him to watch the Lock-Step presentation and acknowledge that it matches reality almost word for word. he has watched other presentations I have posted.

        To better understand how and why the lockdown was so easily implemented, read his comments about my attendance of the Shutdown Protest. It is a bit surreal.

        Robot Ricky: I’m glad so many countries are taking this so seriously. We should be arresting all of the beach goers and protesters too.

        My Reply: The founding fathers are spinning hard in their graves over people like you. Imagine one of them saying during the Bill Of Rights debate… if people get sick none of this shit counts, right? The Jesuits programed you well to accept tyranny.

        Robot Ricky: This isn’t tyranny. This is making a couple months of sacrifice for the good of the human race.

        Me: anyone willing to trade liberty for safety shall have neither. It’s hard to imagine you grew up in the US or even heard of the Bill of Rights.

        Robot Ricky: No I’m just not a spoiled brat who only thinks about her/himself. I’m surprised you would put so many of your fellow Americans’ lives at risk for money, then wonder why more people don’t agree with you.

        That’s it in a nutshell, it’s paramount for him to be in the majority opinion. The thing he fears the most is being in the minority of opinion or standing alone against conventional wisdom. It’s important to project that sense of self-less service to mankind and do things for the greater good as he sees it. That’s a Jesuit for you. I bet at the commencement speech at Calvert Hall the Priest said go set the world on fire.


  5. Dear Jim and Friends

    I just watched the 10 second coverage of “our” end the shutdown rally in Denver today. On Fox News 31. My blood is boiling full tilt. They showed a helicopter shot at the beginning or end. Zero on the ground reporting. I know because no helicopter flew over during the peak of the event and there was zero main stream coverage presence. There was no media presence visible anywhere you dared to glance. I have no doubt we would have seen and heard a chopper. That makes Fox News coverage an out and out lie. Did you know i parked near NEWS 7 headquarters and they could have walked over there slowly in 5 minutes flat. Not a trace of these koch-zuckers. I am calling total bull-shite on all TV news for all time. Here I was parked near 7 News on a Sunday. They had no Rockies Baseball to cover, zero Nuggets hoops to report on… and the Avalanche legendary hockey team was in Oslo judging Curling for all we know. I can barely contain my outrage. Jim. this the biggest wakeup call of all my time on Earth.

    Jim, there is something beyond the pale happening. I am at a lose to explain it. My only explanation is the $1200 buck checks. The crack still flows is my only explanation.


  6. Dear Jim and Friends:

    I just drove 200 plus miles round trip to attend the End the Shutdown Protest and Rally in Denver. Out of the 620,000 people living inside Denver City Limits, perhaps 300 showed up in person. I estimate another 1500 people drove laps around the block with lots of flags flying and honking. There was perhaps 25 police in plain view and they all kept their distance. The people there were quite civilized and peaceful with only one girl who looked like an Antifa reject was walking through traffic berating people for showing up. Two policeman trailed her at anti-social distance but let her rant since she did not go full on Trump Derangement Syndrome. I was only panhandled once in two hours. A Rasta-Man Pretender Brother held a Make America Great hat upside down spewing jive to me. I wondered if this was the first use of a MAGA hat to panhandle?

    A friendly fellow from deep in the mountains came up with a guitar and we traded backing each other on lead guitar and harmonies. That was the high point for me. I spoke about Lockstep and was impressed the man knew the Pandemic Simulation name from the Rockefeller Foundation’s publication. Every one I spoke with knew about Event 201 from last year.

    I would say living in the moment it felt great to freely assemble and defy the Gubner’s fascist order of “stay home, save a life” on every traffic status sign. The turnout was pathetic considering 2 million people live about 75 miles closer than I do and failed to make it.


      1. One thing for sure……When WE the People REALLY get angry, I guarantee the cops will be on the run….
        That time may be coming very soon. This is only the beginning. I truly believe the revolution is beginning!

      2. Ha!

        Search ‘operation gridlock’ and your city to find local protests. They appear to be facebook pages, but you don’t need an account to see them. Zuck says facebook will be deleting any protest info, so who knows how long these pages will last.

        The Los Angeles page has only 7 likes or members or whatever, and none of the usual activists are among them. This is good as those people are blinded by what they consider to be their leftism. They think protesting the loss of civil liberty is a plot by Trumpists!

        Progressives. Could they be more deluded? They hoping to progress right to autocracy.


      3. Here’s a question: Didn’t Facebook make a big show out of censoring lockdown protest pages? Why does Operation Gridlock Los Angeles still have an active page there?

        The advisory from Operation Gridlock is Don’t make gridlock! Stay in your cars and don’t block intersections! (I can tell you downtown LA is deserted.)

        “Just drive slowly by the license plate recognition camera, please. We’ll get that facial recog on you, too, if you want to not wear your mask. Up to you.”

        And the last clue that this is a managed protest: they’re having it at City Hall which means they’re actually having it at LAPD Headquarters. Check out the attached photo: that’s city hall reflected in the giant panopticon mirror of the LAPD building across the street.

        You know what would be more fun? Caravans. Protesters could cruise in lines down the big boulevards, encouraging people to come out to the street. Other cars could join at anytime, or start their own. We should take advantage of the empty streets. It fits our style, too.


      4. Hey Will. I was only in one picture. Here it is. My GF got way better shots than me. Especially her videos captured the flavor. It was a super up-beat vibe. Very encouraging. My take away… our population is about 5.8 million. Two million live a stone throw away. Another two million live within an hour’s drive. There is no such thing as traffic or rush hour plus it was a friggin’ sunday! Gas is far below two bucks a gallon. There’s not jack shit to do. .00005 of the population showed up to stand up to our Dick-Tater Jared Polis and the insanity of killing the economy. They have even done heinous things like barricade the popular backcountry access parking to Vail Pass and Loveland Pass. There’s only one explanation to shutting down access to the great outdoors. They want everyone to feel the pinch of big brother. Every time I see someone with a face mask on no where near other people, I become enraged. I think what a fuckin’ slave! Idiot robot still believing this is real.


      5. Nice shot….Hey, I have no problem wearing that Guy Fawkes mask….sends a damn clear message.
        Congratulations for taking a stand.
        I pray it will not be long before millions get in the damn streets……especially when the lights and Internet go down. They cannot contain the numbers we will have.

      6. Nice, Dave.
        I found a video that was an hour and a half long from the Steamboat Springs protest, (which was one of the first, I think). Every car that drove by was honking in solidarity. An hour and a half of car honking. Sounds obnoxious, lol, but in practice it was really uplifting.
        Go, Colorado!

  7. Check out these commercials that were made for the lockdown, during which all film and tv work has been uniformly shuttered. Who made these commercials? From their thematic and tonal uniformity and shared production values, they appear to be made by one production company.

    Everything’s shutdown, but someone was able to make these.


    1. Why do I feel I have been lulled into some false sense of “all is OK”… corporations who give not a crap about me or mine. Miss a payment and see how together they are with you.
      Little doubt this entire show was planned many years in advance. All they have done is fill in the blank spaces.
      Great find, Toni!
      Did you catch Dylan’s new single?
      Going to try to catch him in Georgia in July….IF I’m not in a re-education camp by then.

      1. Maybe Dylan will play a re-education camp tour!
        He could open with Desolation Row.

        I haven’t been able to listen to that new Dylan song yet. This may sound weird but it’s like I’m still under the influence of that JFK song. It’s still making me cry. I don’t want to move on! lol

        Just the title, though, from Whitman:
        “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.”

        I hope you get to see him in July, and that he doesn’t cancel the tour dates.


      2. It’s always a personal inspiration to find someone as entranced by Dylan as myself. As I may have mentioned months back, the first time I saw him was ’62 when he did a concert for CORE at Syracuse U. I left that concert a changed man…life would never be the same. Dylan has it. What ‘it’ is, I cannot identify, but I think we all share that common feeling. I remember sitting in my room as a teenager listening to some new album (cannot remember which one) and just going into tears over his words and music. He’s a mystery. He’s a prophet. He’s a genius. I sit in awe now, seeing him as he is presently and comparing that to that baby faced kid on his first album.
        If you have not heard his Nobel Prize for literature acceptance, I would recommend it highly. Put to music, it could be his most amazing song ever.

  8. More advance knowledge shown by the World Bank issuing Pandemic Bonds in 2017 ! So in your face, it’s crazy.

    Heading down to Denver soon for End the Lockdown Protest at the State Capitol. I have to say I’m leery of traveling 200 miles roundtrip for a protest after what’s happened at other rallies with provocateurs sent to cause trouble. The End the Fed Protest was the last protest I attended in Denver and 12 people showed up! I’m sure it will be in the thousands this time.

    The World Bank’s own website link:

  9. Good info from Jim Stone:

    These types of comments are EVERYWHERE now and are not buried by trolls now, perhaps a ripple effect from what I posted earlier? (heh)
    Guess who owns Gilead Lab that makes Remdesivir & the upcoming new vaccine…Soros, Bill Gates & his Dems.

    Guess who will make $Trillions off of the pill & the vaccination…Soros, Bill Gates & his Dems.

    Guess who has the entire world’s patent that’ll be approved for global use…Soros, Bill Gates & his Dems.

    Guess who will be force fed the pill, vaccine. Everybody.

    Guess what Bill Gates calls the new vaccination…06-06-06…Coincidence?

    5 Facts We Know About Remdesivir, the Possible Coronavirus Treatment…

    1. Remdesivir is produced by well-established biotech company Gilead.
    2. Clinical trials of remdesivir began two months ago.
    3. And there are seven remdesivir trials going on right now to expedite testing.
    4. Remdesivir was first created to treat the Ebola virus.
    5. Remdesivir is still in an experimental stage and not approved yet globally for use.


    Remdesivir is a devastating drug that has MAJOR side effects, including multiple organ failure at a rate of 23 percent. It is as bad as the hoaxers are trying to claim Chloroquine is.

    A course of Chloroquine costs $1 and ZERO for administration. A course of Remdesivir costs $1000 PLUS an enormous hospital bill for administering it, (unknown but a bare minimum of about $11, 000.)

    I did not look into the 060606 patent fully enough but I do know it does show up in one patent database. PROBLEM: It is very recently registered and could have been registered by a hoaxer. Then again, that’s a sacred number for a scant few so who knows – maybe Gates actually did that.

    It is also obvious that the MSM truly is an enemy operative on American soil. All the horrible people “conspiracy whack jobs” have fingered for a very long time are now out of their shells walking proudly, confirming there was nothing whacked about the “theories, ” which are now fact because theory is not proven, it is only an extreme educated guess. It is not a theory that water boils at 212, it is a FACT and it is not a theory that Gates, Soros and others are every bit as bad as the “whack jobs” claimed.

    We have a real problem now, and we absolutely cannot let Soros and others have their way with this virus. I’m sure they have a special treat ready for Bolsonaro and Brazil for their little rebellion also.

  10. Great article, and great video interview with Dr. Buttar, its worth listing to the whole thing, he exposes Covid is a fraud. @24.00 he admits a first sergeant in his Army unit told him that he, and 11 other soldiers in his unit, using six dune buggies, set the explosions in the first gulf war to light the oil rigs on fire as a pretext to invading Iraq, he gives this as an example to why this covid fraud is being foisted on us, because there are nefarious people in control of our government, he does not mention who they are, other than Fauci and Gates, but we all know ((who)) they are, the chosen tribe, of course. Regarding those fires, the US quickly gave million dollar contracts to a certain fire control company in Texas to put those fires out. Whoever set up paying that Texas contractor millions to put the fires out, surely received millions in kick backs for the deal. If this covid psyop is not defeated, and Gates is award a trillion dollar contract to vaccinate the world, you can bet trillions will be kicked back to Trump and his ((cronies)). Share this video and lets get out and protest like in Michigan, it either peaceful protest and civil disobedience, Gandhi style, now, or civil war and much blood shed later, or worse, mass depopulation by execution for sterilization, reducing the world population by 95%, which is the state goal on the Georgia guide stones, and we all know ((who)) had those put up.

  11. Our leaders are not monarchs. They are normal people elected to do a job for a time. They are using a threat of disease transfer to shut the country down and confine people. They have overstepped the mark. They have usurped their authority.

    1. Disease threats are a fact of life on this planet..duh. Take reasonable precautions. yes but to DESTROY people’s jobs and economy is not even slightly reasonable. Its a power grab and proves nothing.

      1. Actually, Don, what it proves is our masters can manipulate the public to believe whatever they want and get very little blow back. Sorry to say, that is far from nothing. As I have said before, this nonsense means little to my lifestyle, but it does mean much to my fellow traveler and for that, I will fight and resist. I will not wear a mask (except for the Guy Fawkes type). I will never get a cell or smart phone or have a TEE VEE and I will never, ever take ANY vaccine while I am still conscious.

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