Peter van Buren, Covid-19, AIDS, & The Politics of Viral Fear

Peter van Buren

In the 1980’s, agenda-driven panic around the HIV epidemic set back the public health response by years…

Nothing is more viral than fear. Fear – fight or flight – is a terrible way to make decisions that call for time, science, and rational thinking. Want to screw up a public health crisis? Let fear drive.

Democrats, Pavlovian conditioned by years of believing everything Trump does is “an existential threat,” are about twice as likely as Republicans to say the coronavirus poses an imminent danger. Make a joke of it—pandemic or Dempanic—but one’s political party should not affect how we respond to an epidemic.

“Our hyper-polarization is so strong that we don’t even assess a potential health crisis in the same way. And so it impedes our ability to address it,” said Jennifer McCoy, a Georgia State political science professor who studies polarization.

 “I am not scared of Covid-19,” Abdu Sharkawy, an infectious disease expertat the University of Toronto in Canada,an infectious disease expert wrote.

“I am scared about the loss of reason and wave of fear that has induced the masses of society into a spellbinding spiral of panic.”

This is not about downplaying something serious. It is about preventing mistakes that will make things worse. Trump Derangement Syndrome might actually help kill us this time, as fear makes for poor public health decisions. Remember the 1980’s?

In 1981 the CDC reported five cases of a new pneumonia. The disease didn’t even have a name until the next year, and wasn’t isolated in the lab until 1984. AIDS would go on to kill over 500,000 Americans. Yet while a horrible disease and a miserable way to die, in retrospect “the problem with AIDS was really two epidemics—the real health epidemic and the epidemic of the mind,” said Boston’s WBZ-TV station manager Tom Goodgame, quoted in Time. Meanwell, The New York Timesconcluded, “in the 1980’s, fear spread faster than AIDS.”

America paid the price in lives.

The fear was measurable. In the mid-80’s 60 percent of Americans wanted HIV+ people to carry a card noting their status; one in three said employers should fire employees who had AIDS. Some 21 percent said people with AIDS should be isolated from the rest of society in leper colonies. Even a professional medical journal wrote, “A specter is haunting our streets — the specter of AIDS, a remorseless and incurable disease whose nature, transmission and effects still contain elements of mystery.”

Those mysteries are always the most dangerous elements in shaping public health policy via fear, and with AIDS, centered on exaggerating the problem. When early cases surfaced inside communities already viewed as modern day Sodoms, many sought to exaggerate the crisis from a quasi-religious point of view: God was smiting the gays. Tragically, too many felt the more who died of AIDS the better, and played up the deaths as “Judgement.” The rest of us, God-fearing, were safe. Homophobia manifested as fear crushed human compassion. It’s almost like hoping the current economy goes into recession, destroying the savings of millions of Americans, so Trump’s chances of reelection fall. Or one politician hoping the virus infects those at MAGA rallies.

In the 1980’s, the Reagan administration, with its political debt to newly-empowered evangelical voters, was indifferent at best toward the study or prevention of AIDS. Congress agreed; in 1987 it banned the use of federal funds for AIDS prevention and education that “promoted or encouraged, directly or indirectly, homosexual activities.”

Years were lost as the virus spread, and too many died because of the delay in funding.

We were not innocent. In the mid-to-late 1980s “AIDS hysteria” was a familiar term in the media and public life, and popular comedians made crude jokes to amuse us. A study found “health care trainees and professionals demonstrated their level of empathy and caring for HIV/AIDS is negatively affected by the knowledge that the person being treated is homosexual.” A 1985 Time magazine story, “The New Untouchables,” focused on an incident in New York where parents refused to send their children to a school after one student was identified as HIV+. “What about somebody sneezing in the classroom? What about the water fountain? What about kids who get in a fight with a bloody nose? They don’t know!” said one frightened parent.

Gay activists also sought to drive public opinion through fear. The fear of a “heterosexual breakout” was employed to coax a Middle American audience toward political awareness. The community also exaggerated the crisis as spur to more government funding. In 1988, after New York revised its estimates of HIV+ citizens significantly downward, members of AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power were arrested at a sit-in at the Health Department. Hecklers trailed the Health Commissioner demanding he resign. His home was picketed and spray-painted. There were death threats against him. Yet statistical studies some 30 years later showed even his lower numbers from the 1980s overestimated the extent of the epidemic by some 50 percent. The Commissioner had been right to tamp down the threat.

Activists justify their use of fear as the only way to have focused attention on the disease. But that ignores the tragic results of their actions. While funding did increase, much of the government’s early AIDS-prevention budget was used to raise awareness among hetero college students, women, and others who faced relatively low risk. Money was diverted away from the communities that needed it most.

Even today, AIDS and other fear-mongered diseases soak up a disproportionate share of research funds. Diseases that account for 84 percent of deaths in the U.S. get less than half of NIH funding. Cancer and HIV/AIDS in particular receive a disproportionately large amount, while chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity receive less funding relative to the costs they impose on society.

The worry is always the unknown, and on Day One of an epidemic nearly everything is unknown. Mistakes get made as protocols are created (in reality, field tested) on the fly. Japan, with an excellent universal health care system and a non-partisan public health bureaucracy, miserably mishandled a cruise ship quarantine, turning the boat into a virus incubator. Remember when people believed they should not shake hands with a gay man for fear of catching the disease? Only when science replaced fear did AIDS subside to where today the disease is a manageable element of public health.

“AIDS is grim enough without exaggeration,” cited one New York Times editorial 1987. It continued:

“Why has the truth disappeared so far from view? Perhaps because the chief interpreters of the data want to reflect their own messages. Public health experts see a unique chance to reduce all sexually transmitted diseases. Medical researchers demand $1 billion in new Federal spending against AIDS, hoping to refurbish their laboratories. Government epidemiologists, seeking to protect homosexuals and drug addicts, fear the Reagan Administration may acquire the notion that these are the only people at risk. Moralists see a heaven-sent chance to preach fire, brimstone and restricted sex. Homosexuals have no desire to carry the stigma of AIDS alone.”

While fear as a political manipulative tool is nothing new, the coronavirus panic appears at a new place in America. Social media encourages people Joker-like to pour fuel on fires. MSM pursues an unambiguous political agenda when it is not just peddling raw anxiety as a profit center. We are ever more diverse and ever more subreddit separated. It isn’t safe anymore for us to have common fears.

Wash your hands. Ask questions. But keep fear in checkAs you encounter information focusing on worst-case scenarios, which seems to exaggerate unknowns, uses terms like surge, crash, skyrocket, Katrina, is more White House gossip than science, anything that starts with Report: ask yourself if the primary purpose is peddling fear — to sell you a product, to get you to click, to influence your vote. Socially isolate yourself from that source.

And stop reading political journalists to learn about a health issue.

Politico, currently bleating out Trump isn’t doing enough and is bungling what he is doing, was only recently criticizing Trump’s prescient travel ban for China travelers as ineffective, and worried it would antagonize Chinese leaders. I write this from New York, under a declared state of emergency. Yet for all the screaming headlines one finds the primary motivation for the declaration was simply “a more expedited purchasing and testing protocol.” It’s more about a better bureaucracy now than something with sirens and flashing lights now.

The numbers will go up until they start going down (new cases are declining in China and South Korea.) There is nothing investors fear more than uncertainty, kryptonite to the markets. Right now that is all there is and volatility in the markets will continue until uncertainty, and then fear, back off. Before you blame someone or something, figure out how to blame away the virus in China, Italy, Iran, and elsewhere where they don’t have Trump, and do have universal healthcare, sick leave or whatever other partisan talking point is being pushed. Panic is easy, a measured response hard. We need to make good decisions. Lives depend on it.

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41 thoughts on “Peter van Buren, Covid-19, AIDS, & The Politics of Viral Fear”

  1. The Fed’s junkie stunts aimed at keeping the ponzi scheme going will end in disaster. But the central bankers are the luckiest people in the universe.

    Because corona virus has rescued them from blame for the destruction of the world’s finacial system. And it will allow them to force cashless down the throats of the public.

    And now that the 30 year treasury yields 1 percent, banks will be able to effectively charge the public for bank deposits, and use that money for ——- use your imagination.

    Congratulations, you are now officially a slave to the Jew World Order.

  2. Martin Armstrong excoriates the idiots both in government, and those influencing government:

    “Others I know who are actually working in hospitals, dealing with patients infected, see this as a joke. They have assured me that although most people will probably get the virus, they will never know and will assume it is just the flu and it will run its course.”

  3. From Stone…a very interesting timeline:

    Here is very likely the REAL “coronavirus” timeline
    I have already gone over this here, but stuff slides off the page quick so in case you missed it –

    All the links were in the original report, and they were all MSM links, this DID HAPPEN.

    In June/July, Ft Detrick Maryland got audited. It was determined that due to “procedural errors” viruses were escaping their biolevel 4 facility “through the sanitary system” and on August 4 they got shut down and remain shut down until today, (and probably forever).

    Now, one does not shut down ANY facility just because of “procedural errors, ” no, those can be fixed quickly. When questioned about the closure, the excuse was then given that “the sanitary system was old and needed to be completely replaced”. More patent bullshit. Take care of whatever and proceed as usual one would think, but not in this case

    Reading through the meta talk, it is fairly easy to plausibly argue that the “procedural errors” were in fact by an unknown mole who smuggled coronavirus out of that facility, and released it in the United States first.

    Then, in late August, we got our First vaping death which low and behold matched the symptoms of Coronavirus PERFECTLY. That was patient zero, and it was all scammed under the radar as E-cigarrette mayhem.
    Even if there was no mole, and the viruses did indeed escape through a “dilapidated disposal system” run by a multiple trillion dollar military industrial complex in their most sensitive bio lab, the story still works – FIVE types of this virus got out one way or another and ALL OF THEM showed up together in the United States, while China has one strain, and other nations have some, but not all strains, with the U.S. being the only place to have ALL OF them. Obviously, the disease originated in the U.S.

    The E-cigarrette took the rap.

    And those who want America wiped out kept it all hidden. Due to population density differences, it spread a lot more slowly in the U.S. than it did when someone went to China for war games, (Gee, FT DETRICK tie in here) and likely was the source of what got started there, knowingly possibly, possibly not.

    China is now stating the United States gave them the virus, and that the United States must therefore know who patient zero is. Due to subversion, the U.S. power structure is incapable of admitting it, but I’ll place a solid bet: THE FIRST “VAPING” DEATH.
    And if so, and the reason it took off more slowly in the U.S. was because of population density differences and the fact that mass transit is a lot less used with a majority of people driving, IF it took off more slowly in the U.S. for those reasons which put the U.S. behind China in cases to date, we are in for one hell of a ride because it is no doubt EVERYWHERE by now, all 5 strains of it.

    Consider this: Morgellons is obviously real, and the U.S. authorities do nothing but ridicule anyone who has it as having “delusional parasitosis”, – these same people claim that E-cigarrettes can, while micro dosing “unknown crap” suddenly fill peoples lungs with five liters of gunk and ambush them in a single day. No warning signs, just suddenly your lungs are plugged. How much would you really have to vape to do that, even if the materials were designed to deposit and plug your lungs? In those small amounts you’d at least get a few months warning something was amiss and that is not what happened . . . . . . it is obviously hokum . . . . . . Ft Detrick?

    1. Do the gematria for COVID 19….then you will have your answer. Its just as scientific as astrology and even more scientific. Pray that the answer is not ”666”. If it is, then dial 911 because you are in big trouble.

      Light a white candle for spiritual protection…..that’s what I would do. Follow up on this with a dose of vitamin C, just to be sure.

  4. The late Fred Klenner, M.D. cured all childhood viral diseases up to and including polio before 1949 with high dose Vitamin C given intravenously to get enough concentration into the blood. All this information, published in medical journals, has been criminally obstructed by the outlaws in all the alphabet agencies of our corrupt government. Obviously this is the place to begin to deal with this and other similar diseases. Linus Pauling, Ph.D., the greatest chemist of the 20th century, two solo Nobel Prizes, 1954 Chemistry, 1962 Peace, took 18 grams of Vitamin C per day to cure his cancer. He died at 93 not bad. Vitamin C is medicine much more than simply a vitamin. The outlaws in the FDA however seek to protect the outlaws in the pharmaceutical companies who have almost all the money on the planet. This is all about money not treating patients for disease in a simple and safe and intelligent way. One can purchase a bottle of 300 1 gram tablets of Vitamin C for about $8.00. Since corrupt government refuses to study Vitamin C we are left with studying it ourselves.

    1. Everyone must keep these points in mind: All approved cancer treatments are life threatening. In fact no approved cancer treatment will be administered by any medical doctor until a waiver of liability is signed by the patient or the patient’s loved ones. If a cancer patient dies while under “treatment” they could have died from the cancer, the treatment or both; usually treatment but falsely claimed by doctors as from cancer. The only way to prove the cause of death is from a thorough autopsy performed by a top, independent pathology laboratory where the local treating physicians have no influence at all! This is difficult and expensive and usually not done. So the local doctor will claim the poor dead patient died of cancer instead of treatment in order to get them off the hook. And most of the time they will get away with this likely lie which goes unproved unless a thorough autopsy is performed by a top independent laboratory.
      About 20 years ago my wife nearly died following one round of chemotherapy for breast cancer. She was on a ventilator for 11 days in a vegetative state. I did my own investigation. Her doctor claimed this was caused by the cancer. Here is what I proved: Chemotherapy kills good and bad cells alike: In her case it killed rapidly dividing cells in her colon and literally made a hole in it which allowed life threatening Clostridium Septicum bacteria to enter her bloodstream. When this happens most patients die in 24 hours! This had and has nothing to do with the cancer but with the evil harm from Chemotherapy and why it should not be used or approved at all. Her doctors in Houston admitted verbally this is what happened. She was lucky and did not die. But her local doctor sought to lie about all this and blame the cancer for her near death instead of admitting the truth. If she had died, he would have said, “sorry I did my best”. No he did not do his best; he was a liar. This is what loved ones of every cancer patient are faced with every day. This is a shameful disgrace all because of the totally corrupt FDA and other corrupt cancer agencies promoting the failed and dangerous life threatening approved cancer treatments instead of simple high dose Vitamin C. All this is why, if you must have this failed orthodox treatment for cancer, you must be at a top institution like MD Anderson at Houston or Harvard at Boston to minimize your chance of failure as my wife experienced. She moved to Houston and lived there over a year and it cost upwards of $300,000.00! But she is alive today 20 years later.
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

      1. A circle is defined as the geometric shape formed from a set of points each equidistant from a single point called the center. The distance from the center R is called the radius of the circle. The diameter of the circle, or distance across at its largest part is 2xR or 2R or two times the radius. Because a circle is curved it is difficult to determine exactly the circumference or distance around it. One approximate way is to divide it into short straight lengths. As the number of lengths increases and their lengths decrease, ,the sum of them better approximates the true circumference of the circle. The ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is customarily represented by the Greek letter pi which I cannot type here. Pi = C divided by D or the distance around of the circle divided by its diameter. This ratio, an irrational number, is the same for all circles. It is an irrational number, one that cannot be represented as the ratio of two integers. Approximately it is pi= 3.14159… or 3.14. When I grew up in the 1940’s there was nothing special about March 14. But today the media love to call March 14,the 14th day of the third month 3-14-20 or 3/14/20 “PI” day or pi for the fabulous constant of mathematics which represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter a universal constant of mathematics and physics of great importance in all areas of mathematics and physics and of course astronomy too. Happy Pi day to everyone!

  5. Excellent essay from Rappoport:

    We work with death. People all over the world are dying all the time, every day. The public doesn’t want to think about that. Good. That’s good for us. Our job is to convince the yokels that the “new” dying which is happening now comes from a special virus. We do that by equating DEATH and CORONAVIRUS. Get it? Never forget it. “People are dying, it must be the virus.” That’s our ticket.
    —Our medical brethren in this great con have already done a terrific job carving up death into various categories. But now they can make ordinary pneumonia into coronavirus pneumonia at the drop of a hat. They can make flu into corona. They can make a man falling down stairs a victim of the virus. A flying saucer crashes in a field? If that happened, a CDC official with a straight face could tell the yokels and idiots that the alien pilot of the craft was struck down by the virus and that’s why he lost control of the saucer.

    1. Thanks for the belly laugh Will. I needed that. I will in Loundon county Virginia and the folks here are losing their shit today because the public school board just closed all of the schools with notice. Ah well such is life I say.

  6. It appears that COVID-19 is no seasonal flu type illness. Its a super-lethal pneumonia. Image scans of lungs of the dead show massive horrific damage to the lungs.
    People who say ”its no big deal” are sadly misinformed….or just plain stupid and in denial.


      1. Maybe a coincidence, maybe she is one of the baddies mates, maybe she is psychic??
        I remember Nostradamus was supposed to have predicted the name of the Australian prime minister. At the time one leader was Bob Hawke and the and the other party leader was Andrew Peacock, double correct. I have many psychic type instances in my life, but they often prove of no help, just fascinating. People say after such an event buy a lottery ticket, but I never won.

      2. When I was young and single, I went to buy a ticket for a concert, the ticket box was old disused, it was on the footpath. A car pulled up and a man and a woman were in the car, the lady handed me a ticket to the concert, they drove off. I joined the queue up a staircase that went up many levels. At the start I saw a girl I thought was beautiful. She was ahead of me all the way. As more and more people got off at the different levels. Finally I found my ticket’s seat, and the girl was next to me. It turns out her dad had a mistress and the daughter was trying to get him to be more moral by inviting him to the Joni (Christian) concert 1981 in Brisbane Queensland. That was her dad in the car, too. I got her address and went to see her, she wasn’t interested.
        My kid was going to a private school. I looked up the family tree and worked out my relative had the idea to start the school. I went to the principal, I was amazed, be he couldn’t care less. He said where did I get the information, I said wikipedia, he said he did not take any notice of wikipedia. I ordered the page referred to, it came in the snail mail, it was from the school history book. The school never cared.

      3. So I am in denial or stupid if I refuse to believe a psychics predictions. Do I have that correct?

      4. Life is weird anyhow. People have sex and a baby is born. A small seed grows into a giant tree. We are alive and we don’t know why. I used to follow the bible, but not now. But I still believe in a god. I used read the bible from cover to cover, but it was hard going. There is a story about a which, I think king saul went to visit her to raise the dead (Elijah?) or something. Anyhow the dead was raised but I think the witch was fake and was shocked that she actually did what she had pretended to do, There was a good one for womens lib, a woman was accused of being a prostitute (she was pregnant?), but the man (father in-law of the widow?) who did the deed turned out to be the accuser and had left his cloak (or something) as payment because he had no money on him. The charges were dropped.

      5. I do believe there is some type of spiritual domain.
        When I was younger I boarded at a mates place. He took in a girl boarder, we did not like each other, and left straight away. Years later I met the mate, he was crossing against my direction (in the middle of Melbourne, I was delivering bottles of whiskey for Christmas, government offices etc, involved in a $billion building construction of a large building complex, Melbourne Central), whom I hadn’t seen since that day, I was mad at him. He said that night I left she had died, she drowned in her vomit, she was on drugs evidently (her boyfriend had just got out of prison).
        Another time there was a guy who was nasty to me, he was a smart arse. I had been warned about him. One day he made the local newspaper. He dived off a modest height diving board, maybe 2m high maximum) and died on impact, it turned out he ahd a neck weakness nobody knew about, he was a big solid guy, about 6’2″ tall.
        Another mate had grabbed my foot and wouldn’t let go, we were play fighting a bit, but he was a bit of bastard about it. The next time I saw him, he said he climbed a tree for some reason, he fell and his leg got caught, and he was left dangling by his leg.
        Another time I was working on a power station construction in Queensland. We had fitter, sort of a mechanic on large construction machines. He was bragging about playing up on his wife, I did not approve. Anyhow one day he was welding, and his wedding ring got red hot and badly burnt his finger, some karma.
        I have since said to people, you are taking a risk, if you cross me, half joking.

  7. One of the best comments I have seen on ZH for quite a time:

    How the hell would smaller businesses afford to give their workers all this ‘paid leave’? I’m assuming they will be the ones required to pay it…that may be do-able for a big outfit with money, but how do small, local businesses do this?

    Why not just allow those workers to draw unemployment on an emergency basis, and process them through the existing bureaucracy? They allowed all those extensions back after ’08, just do something similar with people out of work during this ‘virus scare’. Most are probably already in the system, that saves a LOT of work. Fund it with some of that 8 billion you’re asking for.

    No, of course they want to create whole new departments, more sources of funding to skim now and in the future. They don’t need a nickel more to ‘fight coronavirus’…everything they NEED is already there, except for their ‘miracle vaccine’, and that doesn’t exist yet, so they don’t need money to pay for that. Redeploy existing assets and stop whining for more money all the time.

    I know Congressmen and Senators are heavily in these fake markets, skimming away. Recent events must have them in a bit of a panic…oh well, easy come, easy go.

    If there was ever a catastrophe that NEEDED to happen, this economic crash is it. Economic insanity is at the root of ALL our issues today, including coronavirus. EVERY…*******…THING…gets monetized, financialized, counterfeited and hawked by carnival barkers to an increasingly stupid public.

    What happens when/if the dollar blows up? Then how will you collect your ******* TAXES, you morons? In chickens and zucchini?

    I’m not sure if these people even fully grasp how dependent their power IS on the economy they seem so intent on trashing. Without a functioning economy and currency, there’s no way to funnel those tax payments to…how do you transfer that value in their absence? Barter can work between individuals, but not here. In fact, it is TPTB that are truly dependent on this fragile economy, not us. We can last without their ‘services’ far longer than they can last without our tax payments, and that’s just a fact.

    1. It’s all a total con. And when it crumbles under its own weight, or if people finally catch onto it and resist, we will be better off.

  8. Liberal Governor of Colorado Jared Polis just declared a state of emergency, the last thing we need to hear in Ski Country as the pinnacle of the ski season is rising to a crescendo. This is an engineered economic collapse when things are going great for us. The property I work at just had some cancellations. We have 10 cases and Polis over reacts just like the sheeple.

    This economic shut down is being coordinated top to bottom. This reeks of being planned to hurt the country so much that people turn against Trump. Bernie was on Jimmy Kimmel tonight running down Trump’s response to the engineered crisis.

    Here’s a cold warrior’s take on the shit show:‘Coronavirus-is-US-psychological-warfare-operation’?fbclid=IwAR2bK4DeKQ7Y8xyD5h2yGg420H6Dkg9AXJjnjE0wuAdSa8rJn3MY313uum0

    here is the Simpsons predicitng a similar crisis

    1. Great explanation in that link…as good and as concise as I have found any where.
      Polis and all the other governors will react immediately as it gives them federal money in their coffers.

    2. I agree with Bennett. 80,000 flue deaths in US last year; business as usual

      Then think about the mystery surrounding corona’s origin, the countries most affected by corona, and the country that claims it will soon have vaccine.

  9. The writer is a bit confusing. For the current virus , hand shaking is not recommended, he says it was scare tactics to not shake hands with Aids sufferers. Now the government says don’t shake hands etc so we don’t? Our Victorian premier says it is inevitable that all schools will shut down, because two schools shut down, because of a couple of cases. The federal Aust government says they can put you in jail for five years if you go out in public and have the virus. This reminds me of the week of constant 911 planes hitting buildings and buildings collapsing, the videos were fake, no planes hit the buildings, the real videos of the pentagon were seized and withheld, it was propaganda on a world scale. This is fear mongering and a grab for power. It is possible the virus is man-altered, depending on who you listen too. It started in Wuhan or it started in USA years ago, depending on who you listen to. If this was just called “a bad flu, that can kill the elderly” it probably would just pass us by. A rose by any other name, should smell as sweet.

  10. Sandra asked me to post the following:

    Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDs, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, has spoken about this extensively (you can listen to her here with Sofia Smallstorm:

    Dr. Banks says the first group of gay men who came down with AIDs did so because they blew out their own immune systems via their extremely unhealthy lifestyle and high risk behaviors. She says this original group of AIDS patients were engaging in high risk sexual behavior, including hundreds of sex partners, chronic antibiotic use for repeated STDs, unhealthy eating habits, partying lifestyle, staying up late, drinking, and taking drugs, especially highly dangerous drugs called “poppers,” which were known to suppress the immune system. Instead of addressing the true causes of AIDS (an extremely dangerous lifestyle and pattern of behaviors, including the use of dangerous drugs called “poppers”), which would not make money for Big Pharma, TPTB decided to come up with a virus to explain the sickness. Most of those people who died from being HIV positive died because they were taking the extremely toxic chemotherapy drug known as AZT. (So all those people in Africa who died from HIV, actually died from a depopulation agenda under the cover of medical treatment via AZT for HIV).

    Dr. Robert Willmer also tried to expose the scientific and medical fraud about HIV causing AIDS by injecting himself with an HIV+ needle:

    House of Numbers

    Nobel Prize Winner Challenges The Myths About Aids

    Medical researcher, Janine Roberts writes about the scientific and medical fraud in virology, HIV, and polio in her book Fear of the Invisible: (looks like Cynthia McKinney knows Roberts and that she even testified in the house of whores/Congress) A good summary of her book is here:

    HIV-AIDS racket: (many more links here)

    More interesting info here:

    Book- Virus Mania. Avian Flu (H5N1), Cervical Cancer (HPV), SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio- How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense

    The Viral (Infectious Disease and Epidemic) Fear Racket

    1. Hey Jim… I have another take on how AIDS started. There was two brothers (a doctor and lawyer) who were hired by a big insurance company to study and suss the effects of the new disease on their finances. They traced it to a new Hepatitis vaccine given only to gay men in New York. I wish I could remember more details. But the story reminded me of the hormone found in a tetanus vaccine given only to women in South America and Africa. It gives spontaneous abortions. It was a Catholic mission lay person who wondered why only women were given the vaccine by W.H.O. when men would be far more likely to get the disease working construction and such.

      Our Colorado Governor Jared Polhumper needs to be recalled for declaring a state of emergency and telling people to stay away from the ski resorts at the height of out ski season. Our local economy is cratering when our snow conditions are excellent.

      1. My skiing buddy Powder Mark just tapped out for the season. How pathetic. He is so scared of this fake plague that he plans on becoming as recluse to keep his wife happy. This Corona Beer plague must be sponsored by Budweiser. The NBA just suspended play. The deep state has to be creaming their jeans over the success of their latest psych warfare.

  11. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Eric Karlstrom. 11 March 2020

    Dr. Karlstrom analyzes how Jewish power has captured Western governments that are now serving the international Zionist criminal syndicate—– not the citizens. This can be seen clearly in the US.

    This is an absolute MUST LISTEN.

    1. James, you have to pay $450,000 for saying a death certificate was faulty, and you could not say why you thought it was faulty, or produce your evidence from experts. The real perpetrators of lies and deceit are those that persecute you, they are the people who should be in court being prosecuted and put in jail. The world is being run by criminals who use the legal system to carry out their crimes. They celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fake moon landing, they celebrate wars that should have never been fought, they make movies about the Titanic that was sunk deliberately for insurance money and drown the opponents of the fed reserve,another fraud that charges the USA for using its own money,and was the sister Olympic with Titanic riveted over Olympic (I learnt that from your video show years ago, The Real Deal, before the cables were cut..

      1. Not quite right. I was not allowed to present evidence (published in the book I had edited) proving that nobody died at Sandy Hook. I was allowed to present evidence that the death certificate was a fabrication, including two document experts’ reports supporting me, but the Court simply set them aside and ruled in favor of the Plaintiff, nevertheless. The subsequent trial for damages was quite a farce. The best report about it came from Kevin Barrett, which I recommend: “The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial”,

      2. I’m a bit rusty, you know.
        This virus crap reminds me of the NZ shootings, where the video was so weak, I thought it was a “send up”, a comedy act, then it was banned. The reason it was banned, was it was self evident it was dodgy. Now the virus overall will probably kill as many as the normal flu, even though it may well be “engineered”. It seems to be a grab for power, or at least never let a crisis go unutalized.
        Draconian rules like the “patriot” act, which was unpatriotic and an “act”, ie. faked.
        This was in our Austraian news:
        The Commonwealth has the power to issue a “human biosecurity control order” under the biosecurity act.

        If such an order is imposed, individuals who fail to comply face penalties of about $63,000, five years in prison, or both.

        The order has never been used.

  12. Where the hell is everyone? Washing your hands? Geez.
    Governments rule by fear. The closer the general populace come to the truth, the more fear needs to be created. Fear equals control. And they need control now more than ever as the truth reveals itself on SO many levels. The sky is falling…please help us. As a people, we no longer possess the common sense needed to protect ourselves from any illness …real or not.
    Is the corona crap real? Does it matter? FEAR is what will kill those who have lost faith in their own bodies/system to cure itself….especially the elderly.
    Russiagate did not work. Ukrainegate did not work. Impeachmentgate did not work.
    These false flags always serve SO many purposes. This one seems to have been released as a final attempt to blame Trump and possibly cancel the next election….as some ‘outside’ cause to trash the economy (which was/is on its way to oblivion, anyway), as a way to usher in a world government to serve as the great ‘protector’ and as an easy path to mandatory vaccination.
    A great vid from one of my favorite channels……


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