Jim Fetzer, The Coronavirus Phenomenon is a Political Pandemic, not a Medical Emergency

Jim Fetzer

[Editor’s note: The authenticity of the Kissinger quote with which I end this blog has been challenged, probably correctly. Even though he does not appear to have said those words on that occasion–and the organization itself seems to be a fiction–this attribution fits the situation and conveys better what I take to be going on than anything he may have actually said, where the range of “Kissinger quotes”  (including about “useless eaters”) is illustrated here.]

When everyone from the White House Coronavirus Expert to Cher thinks we are in the grip of an epidemic so massive that an appropriate response might require shutting down the US economically or forcing the President of the United States out of office for incompetence, you would think that something big is going on. Well, something big is going on, but its not what the mainstream media has led you to believe.

So I thought I would do something obvious by taking a look at how this coronavirus “epidemic”–or should I say, “pandemic”, since we are told that it’s enveloping the entire world in a wave of death–compares with other hazards to human life, such as something as pedestrian as fungal infestations, for example, to establish a comparison for all the hype and hysteria we are getting from the media:


According to the “Coronavirus World Map: live tracker of reported cases and deaths, including Italy and China”, which are major areas of concern, the disease, which has been code-named “Covid-19”, has spread to well over 100 countries, infecting more than 145,000 people and killing more than 5,400. This appears to be a seasonal outcome, however, where we might generalize and anticipate approximately 20,000 deaths during 2020.

Now 20,000 deaths in a year is not to be dismissed. Most Americans–and even the White House’s own Coronavirus expert, who thinks shutting down the entire US economy deserves serious consideration, not to mention Cher, who is not noted for her intellectual capabilities–seem to be oblivious of the fact that pedestrian fungi bring about millions of deaths every year. Yet we aren’t hearing of a “fungi pandemic” worldwide at all.

On the supposition that perhaps I needed to confirm the figure of 5,000 having died already from coronavirus, I sought out another source, which suggested the higher number of 5,432 persons had died, though whether it was just in the first quarter of 2020 was not entirely clear. What is clear, however, is that a million divided by, say, 20,000, for example, means the fungi epidemic is 50 times more serious than coronavirus (that is, 5,000%).

So why aren’t we hearing about the (overwhelmingly larger) fungi pandemic in comparison to the coronavirus? Could it be that the coronavirus pandemic is POLITICAL, while the fungal pandemic is MEDICAL? Even a group of high school students in Texas has determined that this pandemic was planned by experts they identify in their 3:20 video report, which someone ought to send to the White House coronavirus expert.

It turns out that, in facing what is alleged to be “a challenge unprecedented in recent history”, officials tend to fall back on wartime tactics and elevated rhetoric, with promises of grand emergency measures, to try to keep things under control. One might have thought that, given the world’s population of around 6.8 billion, that 20,000 deaths per year from coronavirus does not constitute a major threat. But that’s not the case here.

It turns out the national guard in six states so far has been activated to fight the coronavirus, though, as a friend has remarked to me, it’s not really obvious how body armor and helmets are going to assist in coping with something that appears to be causing far fewer deaths per year than the common flu. Which, of course, only reinforces the conclusion that this is really a POLITICAL PANDEMIC and not a MEDICAL. So what’s really going on here?

Something called “The Hegelian Dialectic” posits that governments, confronting problems, devise solutions that benefit their long-term agendas. Once in a while, they make observations that leave clues as to what is really going on, as in the case of Henry Kissinger (above), who suggests that vaccines can be used to control the population, including by having varieties that can kill and others mentally incapacitate and such. Think about it.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder (with Mike Palecek) of moonrockbooks.com. Special thanks to Mona Alexis Pressley for links to fungus research.

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48 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, The Coronavirus Phenomenon is a Political Pandemic, not a Medical Emergency”

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  10. Cher is a Trump hater from before he was elected. She said she would ”move to Canada” if he was elected.

    Well Cher, you’re still here in USA in 2020 and just as nasty towards Trump as ever.

    1. I have an acquaintance who recently said she and her family will move to Canada if Trump gets re-elected.
      I told her to get packed and make sure her passports were up-to-date.

  11. Jim, I’m a fan, but I gotta say I lost some respect for you when I see you peddling such obvious fake memes as that Kissinger “speech” in front of a council that has never existed.

    When otherwise intelligent people use over-the-top cartoon memes to buttress otherwise cogent positions, the whole movement suffers. We all become buffoons and our meritorious arguments disintegrate.

    1. WOW! If that’s the case, shame on me. Let me check it out. I may have been played. Thanks for posting. And I know that, even if he had those thoughts, attributing them to him should he not have actually said them is a mistake. How did you know this isn’t authentic, assuming, of course, that it is a fabrication? Editor’s note: The authenticity of the Kissinger quote with which I end this blog has been challenged, probably correctly. While it resonates as very likely views he holds, if he did not actually say them, I was mistaken to use it here. I have replaced it with a video of “New World Order” quotes.

    2. karmakelli…Considering Dr. Fetzer’s contribution to the truth movement and the amount and quality of information he has provided through the years, I find your comment a bit over the top. Something slipped by. Big deal.

  12. If you need convincing that corona virus is a Jew World Order stunt designed to bring down the US, just listen to Dick Allgire interviewed by Jeff Rense tonight 2020 3 16. Frankly, it will put the fear of god in you.

  13. I started out thinking CV was an overblown hoax. It might not be real. It might be real but wildly exaggerated in lethality. Was this bug built by us and intentionally released, or was it built by China and accidentally released? Was it naturally created? That seems unlikely when you understand our career of evil unleashed on Mankind. If we hold our standard of morality to that of the Powers That Be, we would never see their capacity for pure evil. They have proven over and over again there is no limit to their evil. Need we mention the many examples? There’s is a relatively new video released, shot by the army during their LSD experiments on our own soldiers. It shows the soldiers then and now. Many of them never came back and their lives were ruined. This true event was fictionalized in Tim Robbins’ movie Jacob’s Ladder. I could go on and on for days. Here is the nonfiction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p964_eKfDM

  14. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    H.L. Mencken

  15. There was an unsolved mysteries TV show from way back in the 1990s. Oakville, Washington experienced a strange goo-like rain one night. A policeman stopped to clear the goo from his windshiled. He became sick with the flu for weeks and so was everyone in town that touched it.

    Here’s the episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tni2wQmvtA

    Deep in the Gore Range of Colorado, I had a similar expereince. I was backpacking above 11,000 feet. Just as I was setting up a tent some light rain hit me. I immediately started coughing. I had no other symptoms except for this cough that lasted a month. I’m a non-smoker in excellent shape. I never thought about until a few years back when I saw the youtube video of the TV show.

    With all the concoctions being sprayed in the sky, and I’ve seen at least 10 different kinds, this bug could have been delivered by plane very easily. That odd composition Carnicom isolated from chemtrail fallout had dessicated human blood cells in it. He classified as a “cross-domain” synthetic life form.

    1. Dave writes ….”.Here’s the episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tni2wQmvtA…..”

      Is it possible that one can get the mystery cough when they watch that TV show at home ? You can never be sure…many strange things can happen these days.

      We’ve had several strange planes over my city recently. One was white and blue and said TV NEWS-CBS on the side. Is that normal? It looked fake to me.

      1. One thing I don’t do is mock people that take time to write.

        June 2010: Three B-2 Stealth Bombers flew super low over the town of Moab, Utah and laid down three monsterous trails no more than a few thousand feet above the canyon walls. I have a very clear photo sequence from a D200 Nikon that shows the B-2s and their trails merging into dominant cloud cover like three glasses of spilt milk on a glass coffee table. Weather conditions at the time: calm, cloudless, bone dry and hot as Hades. This cloud was a nastly charcoal gray color and just kept expanding. The cloud was maybe 10 miles in diameter and put Moab in total shadow. I watched it drift slowly to the east and it was clear again over town in about an hour. God only knows what hideous poisons were in that cloud.

        I photographed Boeing class jets spraying trails that became dominant cloud cover over Moab on another occasion. The big difference between the operations? It took dozens and dozens of passes from the Boeings and only one pass from the B-2s, the cloud cover created by the Boeings was much higher up and much bigger in diameter covering the entire viewable sky. What was the same? Dominant cloud cover created in a previously clear blue bone dry desert sky.

  16. I might be turning the corner on this being overblown hype. As I mentioned before, someone I know is clinging to life in Denver. It looked like he was going to pass any minute. The latest is he’s a little better but not much. I’m starting to think this is not blowing over or going away. When I see what’s happened since Saturday, it’s pretty alarming. The way this thing is spreading, it did not come from nature and or bats. It did not originate in China, my guess is Fort Detrick, MD where they create all the really deadly shit.

    They released it in China first so they could blame it on exotic food markets that kill your food on the spot. Blaiming this on bats, in the Simpson’s predictive programming it was blamed on cats. The networks made the decision to create a fake crisis, but one guy stood up and said it had to be real but it needed to be blamed on something common. House cats was what they settled on.

    There’s a surgeon from New York that has a sobering essay on what’s happening. https://www.howardluksmd.com/sports-medicine/covid-19-update-3-14-2020-concerned-physicians-unite/?fbclid=IwAR1-ZvOJFjA37O8UWaOuLkaTKrXNTWKsehKv2fU59o3GARZ8IExdMFYPAHU

    1. DK…Whether the hype is justified or not, would you not admit it’s way over the edge considering the number of humans who die from other causes without the hype we have witnessed?
      From where I sit, fear is what they want and fear is what they got….which apparently gives them ‘permission’ to do whatever they wish.

      1. This quote from the article that follows:

        What is not taught in government schools or proclaimed by the propaganda spewing fake news media were the dictatorial type actions taken by FDR over the next month after his “inspirational” speech. He was the first Democrat president to not let a crisis go to waste. The day after his inauguration, Roosevelt assembled a special session of Congress to declare a four-day bank holiday, and on March 9 signed the Emergency Banking Act.


      2. Here’s another perspective from Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. He lives in China part of the year. His take is that the statistics show CV is in steep decline in China and by the end of March, it won’t be a problem. He does not touch on the possible role of the 5G network in Wuhan or the origin of the nasty bug. It’s strictly statistical. He talks about Italy and their affectionate culture as being a huge contributor to the massive spread there.

  17. So Lord Rothschild said: ‘I plan to bring in the next phase of global slavery through spreading hysteria about a killer virus.’

    I said: ‘But won’t people decide it’s all bullshit when they get together in the pub?’

    He looked at me & laughed: ‘Do you think I was born yesterday?’

  18. One thing for damn sure is that we have to give credit to the genius of this new 9/11. Our masters have learned from their mistakes. There is obviously endless speculation as to what is really going on, but NO ONE knows for sure.
    What is true beyond doubt is that we are all virtually helpless. The best we can all do is help ourselves as best we can and sit back and watch it all unfold.
    A reset and a new paradigm is obviously around the corner. The little power we had left over our lives is gone.
    If anyone here disagrees, I would love to hear your take.

    1. There is no doubt that our masters are very clever. Look what they have accomplished so far.
      And isn’t it shocking how people have swallowed all this foolishness hook line and sinker. Have to agree with you.

      1. The total ‘lock-step’ of the average world citizen is what gets to me the most. More than anything else, it makes one realize how powerless we have become. Believe me, that is the last thing I would ever think I would be saying.
        Our masters know that FEAR RULES…..and they have tapped in to it like a control gold mine.
        TV and the MSM are our biggest enemy. Even with the alternative media on the Internet, we cannot overcome that power.

      2. I’m afraid that we we crossed the Rubicon a while ago and so being angry is pointless.

        In fact, at this point it is so ridiculous you have to find the humor in it. I get up and read the headlines and most of the time actually laugh out loud. The joke is clearly on us.

        But history shows the Jew World Order (communism / Soviet Union) is not sustainable. Let’s hope the last laugh (in our lifetime) is on the Zionist Jews.

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  20. The Vail Ski Area just shut down for 8 days while the company decides if they can re-open. They will pay the staff for their regular scheduled hours just in case they green light re-opening. Have you ever seen a robust economy crater right before your eyes? That’s us. Meanwhile in a Denver Hospital, one of our most beloved local musicians Rod Powell is clinging to life by a thread. Yes this bug is deadly and Rod is on a respirator and unconscious. No one cares about a new disease until someone famous gets it or someone you know.

    I have to agree this bug was designed to sink the economy. Yes it’s overhyped like everything else. But make not mistake this is deadly. Rod living or dying could tilt the scales either way for re-opening or closing for good. There’s about 10,000 of us that are not going to be paid during the closure. Even if it does reopen, the heart of the ski season economy has been surgically removed and I expect not many skiers to return for our final four weeks.

  21. The reaction to Corona is too over the top for it to be just fear of a unknown illness. It is a flu-like virus that can be treated as such. Recovery rates for Corona sufferers is the same or higher than from a general flu. So why the hysteria and dooms day rhetoric and actions from the media and powers that be? Something more sinister is going on. Who knows if the virus simply appeared or was the result of a planned biowarfare exercise to prep the nation for martial law? Can we even decipher if Wuhan residents who first contracted the purported ailment actually have Corona virus or were they suffering from pneumonia stemming from poor air quality? China is notoriously air polluted and at the time of the outbreak, air quality was so bad people were protesting about it. Who benefits from the Corona hype? The Chinese govt gets off the hook with regards to addressing the toxic air quality in their country. The anti-Trump brigade can use the tanking of the economy against him during campaign season. They have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at Trump to topple his poll numbers and to get him out of the White House – perhaps hidden hand powers devised this virus scare to do what they have been unable to for 4 years. The powers that be have coveted a police state for years; this trial run may become a permanent fixture in our lives.

  22. This is an excellent statement by Professor Jim Fetzer on all this hypocrisy by government. Here is another example which happened in Athens, Georgia about 20 years ago: An elderly lady, who worked in a nursing home for many years, was wrong and jay walked across a busy street. When she got nearly all the way across she was struck by a car near the curb. The police arrived while she was suffering on the ground near the curb. What was the first action by the police officer at the scene? Why instead of first calling an ambulance he gave her a citation for jay walking! Later when I went down to City Hall to pay it I asked her for permission to request leniency. She refused and told me to simply pay the nearly $200 fine. I have observed a local Superior Court Judge jay walk across a busy street every day going to the Post Office with never a citation from a police officer. It is true stories like these which should be used by teachers to illustrate the meaning of words like hypocrisy.

  23. You pegged it, Dr. Fetzer….a political pandemic. If these creatures really cared about stopping some disease or the over all physical health of our citizens, they would have cured cancer and other fungal infections a long time ago.
    This has been created and hyped to promote fear, control and an economic reset.
    When it’s over….as with 9/11….the world will be a different place….and for damn sure, as always, our quality of life will get worse and the control more apparent.

  24. Could it be that ALL recent and past epidemics are POLITICAL….such as the 1918 Spanish Flue, Polio, MERS, SARS, SWINE Flue, AIDS, ZIKA, Ebola, etc, etc.? It was all politics I guess.

    Is it possible that an epidemic is actually a medical situation? Is it wrong for a politician to have medical people recommend solutions?

    A couple miles north of me is a huge partly abandoned hospital that was used to treat POLIO patients in the 1950s. Was that politics? Or was it a response to a medical condition?

    I seems that fearful people like to demonize BOTH politicians and doctors.

    1. Maybe they deserve it. You can make a case that the medical “profession” (read racket) is every bit the joke that politics has become.

      1. I have known MANY doctors in my life…more than 60 I would guess. About 95% of them are good people. BUT I have met several bad apples.

        I have also known many plumbers. About 95% of them are good people….but a few were crooks.

        What else is new?

      2. It’s not that doctors are bad people. They are just wrapped up in a sham and many of them may not even be aware of it. Or if they are, they will never admit it. Mark Twain said it is easier to fool a man than it is to convince him that he has been fooled.

        I’m sure most people don’t go to med school thinking they will be highly paid con men. They are probably thinking about the highly paid part and not much else. And just like anybody else who starts a new career, there’s a lot they don’t know.

        Brainwashing is a big part of it. Indoctrination starts in medical school. Everybody there is firmly on board. And during that time they will also be propagandized by drug companies. This lasts at least six years. Then they start “practicing”.

        I’m sure that there are doctors who actually believe, hook line and sinker, that medicine is all about helping people. But I’m also sure many have figured out that “helping people” (if this actually happens) is a secondary consideration. But they rarely quit, and they rarely speak out about it.

        It’s about money. When you are making $1m and you enjoy “high status” in your community, you are not motivated to ponder what might be wrong with your “profession”. And you are not motivated to quit. It’s great!

        If you don’t think the medical business in America is a racket, just look at how much money is involved and compare that to worldwide healthcare stats.

        It’s sort of like the legal business. Lawyers don’t want you to know anything about their ridiculous racket. All you know is that they always wear a fancy suit and tie (like a lab coat) . It’s a club, and you aren’t in it. End of story.

      3. Now lawyers are smeared. Lawyers actually help people navigate the complexities of the legal system. People bad-mouth lawyers but when they need one they can’t get to one fast enough.

        There are several people on this blog, who will never need a doctor, a lawyer or a plumber.

      4. Don…the ‘need’ for a lawyer comes from the average Joe and Jane having no idea how to navigate a judicial system that was orchestrated to make it impossible to understand how to defend themselves…unlike COMMON LAW that is understandable and accessible.

        ((There are several people on this blog, who will never need a doctor, a lawyer or a plumber.))

        I am not sure what you mean by this…can you explain it further?

      5. Yes, Will I can explain. I meant to say that I hope that a couple of people here with their negative views of doctors and lawyers will never need to visit either.

        I also assume that their toilets and sinks are never in need of servicing. They probably know how to dig up their sewer line and clean out any tree roots that have invaded the pipe and put it all back together. It must be nice.

      6. Thanks for the clarification. I must be one of those, since I do all my own maintenance, do not even have a regular doctor and have not had a need for a lawyer in the past 20 years (and when I did, he screwed me royally).
        Knock on wood, eh?

      1. There are many points of view and over time we all vary. When I was younger I trusted science and medicine. In some way we are like savages with the witch doctor running the tribe. I trusted science and medicine until sometimes the doctors failed me, like the time I was studying for uni exams and I had hurt my finger slightly trying to learn backward somersaults on a trampoline, I could do them on a diving board. I had been given a pain killer, so I took it, but I did not need it. I started to get very blurred eyesight from the tablet and just managed to ring the doctor, they said do worry that is happening to lots of people, don’t take any more and go to sleep. Everything was OK. But they knew, I never take even paracetamol unless it is really bad, now. As for science in the last year of secondary school, we studied refraction. They had an experimental model, that equated the refraction angle with the slope, speed etc of ball bearings. It worked fine, except you had to revers the answer. I started to smell a rat. Sure things are very good with computers etc, the advance in science and medicine is fantastic. But there always lurks suspicion. Later I found out many of the frauds, 911, Titanic, world wars, etc, and I know some of those previous scares like bird&swine flu etc had a dark side.

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