Steve Feinstein, The Rise of Democratic Idiocracy


As the 2020 campaign season heats up, the candidates are staking out their respective positions along the political continuum, looking to occupy precisely the right slot, the one that will appeal to a winning swath of voters come November.

President Trump has chosen his position: He’s taking the “Make actual day-to-day life better for people by strengthening the job market, reducing taxes, making energy more plentiful and affordable, reducing the negative economic impact and civil disruption caused by rampant illegal immigration, improving our national security by rebuilding our military and enhancing the country’s balance-of-trade situation by renegotiating failed agreements such as NAFTA” position.

It’s a strong position for him to take. He’s been remarkably successful at accomplishing these goals, to the tangible benefit of working American citizens across every demographic group there is — Men, women, old, young, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Euro/Caucasians, everyone. Despite constant media attacks and the manic, obsessive attempts by elected Democrats to somehow reverse and nullify his 2016 victory over the increasingly pathetic Hillary Clinton, President Trump continues to make huge progress on a wide front of issues. In the privacy of their own thoughts, far away from the shrill obligatory denunciations they shout with such utter predictability day after day, Democrats must realize that under President Trump’s leadership, things are going very well in the country.

This realization creates a conundrum for Democrats: They must somehow convince an electorate working at well-paying jobs and pretty happy with the way things are going with most aspects of their lives that somehow they’re not really happy after all, and things aren’t as good as the reality of their own lives tells them it is.

So the Democrats have done something inventive and unique: They’ve created a new reality. They’ve created an idiocracy. The Pop Culture Dictionary defines idiocracy as “a society run or made up of idiots.” In this new Democratic world, the absurd is now the accepted norm, totally illogical thought becomes completely rational, scientific fact is discarded for the purpose of political expediency and historical fact is a tiresome inconvenience that can be ignored as needed.

Some examples:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is clearly the thought leader of the current Democratic Party. Her almost daily pronouncements are laughably detached from any semblance of reality (“We only have 12 years left to correct Global Warming! This is our World War Two!”), yet her philosophies and utterances somehow serve as the guideposts for all the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates. She spouts all the usual clichés: capitalism is bad, America is evil and deeply flawed, only the wealthy are doing well, etc., but the Democratic candidates parrot every single one of them. They may put their own individual twists on them in order to distinguish themselves from one another, but the overriding “America is unfair, it’s racist, and a Republican-run America will ruin the world’s future with its greed unless we stop it” theme is common to all the contenders.

Bernie Sanders

When asked by Norah O’Donnell of CBS — as  friendly a liberal media TV interviewer as there could possibly be — what his universal Government-run health plan would cost, Sanders replied, “I don’t know, no one knows.” She was incredulous (which is kind of incredible in and of itself). He calls himself a “Democratic Socialist,” but is never asked to specifically explain exactly what that means, or what percentage “democratic” and “socialist” things are in his imaginary world. Like the cost of his healthcare plan, Bernie doesn’t know. His plans and thought processes are idiotic.

Joe Biden

Poor Joe. Is he even still in the race? He gives every indication of not knowing exactly what world he’s in from moment to moment. He lurches from so-called “moderate” to “Freebie-Joe” as the exigencies of the moment change. However, there is no question that Joe is trying desperately to find that magical thinnest sliver of unfulfilled need — which simply may not exist — in the minds of those critical swing voters so that he can come to their rescue. He’d have a better chance if he knew what state he was in.

Michael Bloomberg

Conveniently disavowing the conservative governing principles he embraced to great advantage while serving as mayor of New York, Bloomberg has tried to fall right in line with current Democratic talking points. But an unexpected audio clip of him enthusiastically defending effective ‘stop-and frisk’ practice some years ago has given lie to his credibility as a minority-loving candidate in the Democratic mold. His advertising theme is emblematic of the difficulties the Democrats face: ”Mike will get it done.” Get what done? Reduce unemployment, especially in the minority community? Increase wages? Reduce minority poverty and their need for food stamps? Make us energy independent, immune from worldwide oil shocks? To “Get it done,” Mike will have to create a new Bizarro world, a world where everything is different. In the real world — the one where we all live — President Trump has already gotten it done. Sorry, Mike. See Joe Biden, above.

Nancy Pelosi

She rips up her copy of President Trump’s SOTU speech and it’s okay. Nary a word of criticism from any Democratic politician or the liberal media. (One can only imagine the horrified outcry had a Paul Ryan done the same to President Obama.) This from a person who says she is Catholic and there is no hate in her heart for the president. For Pelosi and the idiocrats, it’s fine to invoke religion when rationalizing their preferred behavior, but when pinned down about the conflict between their support for abortion and Catholic values, Pelosi and her ilk quickly retreat to that tired argument of supporting established law vs. holding their own private personal opinion. ”Established law” can easily be changed by a vote of conscience, if it mattered to you. Sort of like the way the Jim Crow laws were changed. Got that, Nancy? So in the Democrats’ new reality, their idiocracy of anti-Trump, all the time, since Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats are such disingenuous hypocrites, she is reduced to uttering such nonsense as, “Hip, hip hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me in my life?” That was in 2018 and Pelosi was referring to lagging wage growth. Now, of course, we enjoy very strong wage growth, and the strongest increases are at the lowest end of the wage scale, where Democrats have traditionally mined votes with their giveaway programs. Another issue whisked away from the Democrats and pocketed by President Trump.

President Trump has cut off the political escape routes for any rational election opponent. Minorities are doing better economically than at any time in our history, we’ve reduced carbon emissions more than any country on earth, wages for all are rising and we’re energy-independent. Every aspect of American life is getting better and better. The Democrats have no real openings. So they’re reduced to fabricating an idiocracy where their candidates recite total nonsense and they think we’ll fall for it.


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20 thoughts on “Steve Feinstein, The Rise of Democratic Idiocracy”

  1. History always repeats itself and the idiocy reveals the deliberate dumbing down of America…. Donald Trump was selected not elected and if the author thinks otherwise then I’ve proven my point.

  2. As best as I can remember that earlier 1993 livel B-2 carpark bomb blew out three or maybe five of the 47 inner core columns…..not half. Six people were killed….hundreds injured.

    The picture shows the basic scheme of the construction. The 47 inner columns contained the elevators and the restrooms. [ Not one of the hundreds of toilets was ever found …after the 911 attack. ] The lightweight concrete floors were suspended on trusses between the inner and outer tubular columns….a rather unique type of construction.

    Eighty-five percent of the Towers disappeared into dust and basic invisible elements. This shows the power of micro nukes.


  3. Donald Trump rang in a TV station on 911 and said the North Tower did not collapse in 1993 when the truck bomb blew out half the columns in the carpark, so it must be bombs, he was also worried about Larry Silverstein who always had breakfast in the Towers.
    That was a defining moment. Donald did not get a warning about 911, he could have been there, Larry is his mate, what a mate, didn’t warn Donald. Donald is worried about Larry. Donald was not told about 911 and was NOT IN THE LOOP. Donald is decent enough to worry about Larry. Donald tells us IT MUST BE BOMBS! Before WTC7 even fell, before ae911truth, before the enquiry, Donald Trump told us IT MUST BE BOMBS. People elected him, he never did anything about 911, he talked about dancing muslims, but it was dancing israelis that were the problem.

    1. BillAu….((when the truck bomb blew out half the columns in the carpark, ))

      Is this something attributed to Trump on that call or is “half the columns” something you discovered in your research? In a peripheral search, I cannot find anything to substantiate it was half the columns. Best I remember, there were 47 immense inner core columns.

    2. Yes it was the dancing Israelis. They were the fake ”art students” who placed bombs on the 92 floor of the Towers to simulate plane crashes on 911. These Israeli bomb techs were later flown out of the USA to Israel [ which was arraigned by dual Israeli-US citizen Michael Chertoff, a Bush stooge ]. They later told their story on Israeli TV speaking in Hebrew.

      In the photo of the ”art students”, one of the bomb techs has been blacked out.



    3. Donald wan’t in the loop in 2001. But by now, Donald surely knows plenty about what really happened——- and he is mute.
      And as far as I can tell he’s all on board with the Jew World Order.
      What does this tell us about Jewish power?

      1. I’m not so sure. The MSM is Zionist-controlled. So if you are right, why are they desperately trying to unseat him? He is being treated as if he were a THREAT.

      2. That’s the same thing that leaves me wondering. Is Trump going along with the Zionists to get along, is he under their ‘spell’. Could it be he’s biding his time?
        Does anyone have any idea?

      3. I wondered that myself. I read a recent article which essentially said even though Trump gives the Jews practically everything they want, they still don’t trust him. There’s a lot I don’t understand.

        Bloomberg or Hillary would be better for the Jews!

        Maybe Trump realizes that, as a practical matter, you just can’t fight Jewish power. He has witnessed it his entire life in NY. And now, since he has been president, he sees that Jewish power is even greater than he formerly thought. And he remembers——— he wasn’t in the loop!

      4. This is my stupid theory:

        Jews prefer Hillary or Bloomberg to Trump for obvious reasons: Blooomberg is a card carrying Jew Zionist, and Hillary is a confirmed Jew banker tool. End of story.

        Trump accomodates the Jews, but he is known to speak his mind and to have a maverick streak. So Trump is not perfect like the other two.

        This is the difference.

        But I think the Jew’s Trump paranoia is misplaced. Think about this:

        Trump is deeply indebted to Jew bankers for keeping him in business.

        Trump is deeply indebted to Sheldon Adelson and other rich Jews for campaign money.

        Trump’s daughter married a Jew and is now Jew.

        Trump has rubbed shoulders with NY Jews his entire life and he knows how they operate. Just look at how dirty the Kushners are. Do you really believe that Trump doesn’t know the truth about 911? Really?

        I believe Trump’s Jewcentric actions are tailored to aid his personal success and to insure his SURVIVAL. (You can have the gold or the lead.)

        You can believe Trump wants the gold. “The people” and “the republic” are, at best, afterthoughts, and, at worst, sales tools.

        The Jew World Order is very close to perfection and Trump knows better than to get in the way. The bottom line is that Trump is an expendable goy, like JFK. Trump instictiely knows this from his life experience.

        Believe in “Q” all you want to…..

        Trump knows what is best for Trump.

      5. “Trump’s daughter married a Jew…” That quote is more or less KEY to Trump’s state-of-mind.

        Trump should have been in the jewelry business like my uncle was. The local Jews closed his jewelry store down, my stepfather lost a lot of his money in the process and my mother lost her job.

  4. The level of idiocy in the USA is awesome.
    10, 000 years ago huge glaciers covered almost half of the USA….some of it was over a mile thick. The Earth heated up and the ice melted. Was that heating caused by cars and factories?
    Currently ALL of the planets are heating up. The icecap of Mars is shrinking. Are there cars and factories on Mars?

  5. How possible is it the Dems have legitimately made as many gaffs, errors in judgment, poor decisions, bad moves and outright lies since trump was elected in 2016? Everyone is entitled to a mistake….maybe a few mistakes here and there and now and then……but almost four years of absolute buffoonery seems beyond calculable odds. What’s the plan? Obviously, Trump will get a second term….that is almost beyond question….short of assassination. The Dems themselves have insured the outcome. Look at that line-up. It’s laughable.
    Are we being played?
    Again, what’s the plan?

    1. Its all a pys-ops Will to keep people distracted and feeling like they have a savior or a billionaire that gives a shit about them… and the dumbing down will continue.


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