Alexandra Bruce, BURISMA Whistleblower Bombshell

Alexandra Bruce

[Editor’s note: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at VT (Veterans Today), has notified me that Romney is exclusively a GOP paymaster through Caymans and that he has that directly from a very senior FBI source.]

A high-level person currently at Burisma Holdings in Ukraine is in possession of many documents that expose how the company has been used to steal virtually all of the money coming to Ukraine from USAID and how this money was diverted, laundered and kicked back.

This insider claims to have seen the names of everyone involved, including high-level business people and politicians from the UK, US and other countries. Roughly 10 out of the 40 total are US Democrat politicians.

John Mark Dougan, former Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff and former publisher of police department whistleblowing websites, now living under political asylum in Moscow has recorded this interview with the Burisma whistleblower.

He says he spent the past two months actively seeking to cultivate relationships with Burisma employees on the Russian social media site, VKontakte, and he succeeded in getting one of the executives to speak to him.

He told Sara Westall,

“I came across one individual that doesn’t like what’s going on. This person’s in a top-level position…and we actually met and this person brought stacks of documents, ledgers, all sorts of stuff for me to take a look at and…this information is very good…information on people involved in Burisma, in the laundering of state money – and it’s not just people in the United States and Ukraine, it’s people all around the world, like Great Britain for instance; politicians and business people.

“Not only does it expose them but it exposes their shell companies that they have in Panama and Cyprus and other places like that…

“[The Bidens] are a big piece of the information but there’s actually a lot of people involved in it…Generally speaking, it’s just a bunch of top-level people around the world – not necessarily politicians but there are a lot of politicians and the Bidens are very heavily involved…

“Now, I think Burisma might have laundered…the total aid coming to Ukraine. So, if that’s the case, there’s probably a lot more companies in Ukraine doing this scheme.”

Dougan took this information to the FBI but he never heard back from them. “It is a goldmine of information and it implicates top-level people in the United States. It implicates politicians.”

He says the FBI doesn’t investigate the corruption of powerful people, because they could become angered and cut the FBI’s budget. So, the FBI brass doesn’t want this information to get out.

The whistleblower can’t disclose this information from within Ukraine or their whole family will be assassinated.

Dougan is trying to raise $10,000 to help this person relocate to Russia. He says, “If I can make this happen, this whistleblower will give me a treasure trove of documents that I’ve already seen. Names, dates, amounts, calendars, phone records, etc. Please help me raise the money to get this whistle blower to safety and to get the evidence of the truth!”

People ask him why a Burisma employee would need $10,000 to get out of Ukraine and he explains that the average salary in Ukraine is $300 per month and although this person is earning slightly over $1,000 per month, they are supporting a family plus their parents and paying legal fees. Also, relocating to another country is expensive.

The whistleblower had a lot of faith that the new president, Zelensky would clean things up but powerful Democrats, like John Kerry have put Zelensky under enormous pressure and have so far successfully shut down investigations into Burisma, reminding us that it was Trump’s discussion with Zelensky of a possible investigation into corruption at Burisma that triggered the whole sham impeachment, to begin with.

On February 5th, shortly after Trump’s acquittal, Senator Chuck Grassley (IA-R) requested details on Hunter Biden’s travel and business deals in Ukraine and China from the United States Secret Service (an interesting choice of US Government agency!) so, we’ll see where this leads, now that the latest iteration of the Witch Hunt has imploded.



DOUGAN: I’m gonna ask you a question. I want you to answer first in Ukrainian and then I want you to answer in English but first, when I ask you a question I want you not to answer right away because I want to be able to change your voice…

What is your current occupation?

WHISTLEBLOWER: I’m senior executive I don’t want to give my title but I am at the very top.

DOUGAN: What is your current city and country?


DOUGAN: What is the company that you work for now?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Burisma Holdings.

DOUGAN: I noticed on the website the address for Burisma, it says that their office is in Cyprus.  So, if you live in Kiev how do you actually work for Burisma?

WHISTLEBLOWER: The corporate office is located in Ukraine. The Cyprus address is just to prevent people from investigating. Also, Cyprus’ banking laws to make hiding money very easy.

DOUGAN: And how long have you worked there?

WHISTLEBLOWER: More than 10 years. I don’t want to give an exact answer.

DOUGAN: And who were your supervisors?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Before, when Hunter Biden was involved, I answered to Alexander Gorbunenko. Now, it’s Yuriy Gaudich and Taras Burdeinyi.

DOUGAN: And who are they?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Yuriy Gaudich is the Chief Financial Director and Taras Burdeinyi is General Director, CEO.

DOUGAN: Have you ever heard of Joe Biden? Have you ever met Joe Biden?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Not really. He was at a meeting with our director in 2014 but I didn’t speak to him or introduce myself.

DOUGAN: Have you ever met Hunter Biden?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Yes, on several occasions. He was nice enough, very friendly to all the girls in the office.

DOUGAN: How about Devon Archer?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Yes, on several occasions.

DOUGAN: How about a guy by the name of Mykola Zlochevsky?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Yes, I used to work for him for several years. He moved to England right after Hunter Biden was hired. Biden was also helpful because he was able to get his father to stop the investigation into Burisma and Zlochevsky.

After that, Biden put pressure on the International Court in the UK to release Zlochevsky’s money, since the investigation had been closed.

DOUGAN: How about a guy by the name of Viktor Shokin?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Yes, he was a prosecutor investigating our company. When a group of his investigators came to search our financial records, the CEO called Hunter Biden, who said he’d fix the situation.

DOUGAN: And speaking of Hunter Biden, what job has Hunter Biden performed for Burisma?

WHISTLEBLOWER: (Laughs about calling it a job). Hunter Biden had no role and has played no part in anything Burisma does, except getting state money. It totaled about $1.2 billion Ukrainian Hryvnia. At that time, it was about $100 million USD [the Ukrainian currency has lost about half of its value since 2014].

That money was then laundered and disbursed to various shell companies belonging to politicians and businessmen.

Hunter’s role ensured the money kept coming. A lot of the money that was laundered was the money provided to the Ukrainian government by the United States.

In discussions between Mykola Zlochevsky and the American Vice President, Joe Biden, it was established that the money would keep coming as long as the son, Hunter Biden and his friend, Devon Archer received a position on the Board of Directors.

It was a meaningless position but if we did not pay Hunter Biden, it was clear that the money from the United States would stop.

The reward was substantial. We paid Hunter Biden about [$100 million] and we made hundreds of millions of dollars.

DOUGAN: That’s a lot of money. And you have the evidence to suport these claims?


DOUGAN: And it’s the same evidence that you showed to me?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Yes, of course.

DOUGAN: And will you give it to me?

WHISTLEBLOWER: You told me that you would help get me and my family out of Ukraine. When I give these documents, my identity will be discovered and if I am still living in Ukraine, I would likely be killed.When you get me out of Ukraine, I will give you everything I have.


1. Dougan claims to be in possession of over 1.5 terabyte’s worth of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail videos, given to him in 2010 for safekeeping by Joe Recarey, a detective on the Epstein case at the Palm Beach Police Department, who died unexpectedly in 2018. Dougan claims that 10 copies of these video files have been sent to his contacts on every continent, with a deadman’s switch.

2. Dougan says DNC staffer, Seth Rich contacted him in February 2016, asking him to help publish the DNC emails that he’d stolen while working at their DC headquarters. Rich personally handed Dougan a thumbdrive with a first tranche of DNC emails and Dougan did the initial set-up of the DCLeaks website, where these emails were first published. In other words, DCLeaks was not set up by the Russian GRU, as claimed in the Mueller Report. Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016 and it’s long past time his murder was solved.

Speaking of which, a new Freedom of Information request to the FBI which did not mention Seth Rich, but asked for all email correspondence between FBI Head of Counterterrorism Peter Strzok, who headed the investigation into the DNC leaks and Wikileaks, and FBI attorney Lisa Page, has revealed two pages of emails which do not merely mention Seth Rich but have “Seth Rich” as their Subject Line. The emails were provided in heavily-redacted form. The FBI had previously said it had no records regarding Seth Rich, begging the question, what other falsely-denied documents does the FBI hold about Rich, that were not accidentally picked up by a search for correspondence between two named individuals?

Alexandra Bruce

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce


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15 thoughts on “Alexandra Bruce, BURISMA Whistleblower Bombshell”

  1. Concerning the Epstein portion of the story, you need to do some time traveling back to the late 80s and look up a guy named Larry King (not the talk show guy). After digging into the Franklin Cover-up for quite a while, the truth is so vile. so ugly, so horrifying that most people simply can’t face it. The front page of the Washington Times placed underage call boys at the Whitehouse during Reagan’s term when Poppie Bush was VP. The story did not come out until Bush became President. Peter Jennings covered the story on the evening national news. And the story that should have destroyed the President disappeared so fast it made your head spin. But back then it was difficult to get a handle on it independently. The news never told us about Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp’s book which told the far more important story. Where did the underage call boys come from? That’s where those missing boys on milk cartons started.

    The first missing kid on the milk cartons was Johnny Gosh… kidknapped right off his paper route by two men and witnessed by the other paper boys. The Lincoln, NE Police listed the kid’s disappearance as a run away, when there was no doubt he was abducted. Former FBI Station Chief Ted Gunderson investigated this subject thoroughly. The things he discovered were so horrifying it made you want to turn away and not face the truth. That many people in powerful positions were put there precisely because they are so thoroughly compromised because of their depravity that they will do anything they are told or face anilation of the character and career. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a prime example. For every degenerate politician exposed, there’s a hundred more that are even more depraved and sociopathic that are not.

    1. Wish I could say I think Dave has it wrong, but the evidence suggests instead that he has it right. I have interviewed NYPD Gold Shield Detective Jim Rothstein, who cracked many pedophile cases only to find them quashed by the DA on political grounds. Based upon his experience, he has concluded that 70% of the American political elite are engaged in child sexual abuse. Stunning! We live in a nation of depravity.

      1. John DeCamp’s book the “Franklin Cover-up” details vivid scenes of late night parties of the 1980s which included Poppie Bush with his Secret Service detail in tow. These Washington DC parties featured follow-on late-night shindigs which were thickly populated by male call-boys. Many of the boys were recruited at Fr. Flanagan’s Boys Town, Nebraska.

        Out of a morbid curiosity I admit I read DeCamp’s book. Its a Gothic horror of non-fiction that’s difficult to erase from your mind. It makes Steven King novels look like books for an innocent.


    2. Yes, its there in that book mentioned in Dave K’s comment and on YouTube interviews. Several of the victims are still alive and have reported the nefarious doings at places like Bohemian Grove where murder(s) occurred under vile and horrific circumstances. It sickens me to think about it for even a moment.

      All of this was before the Internet, so the findings are available but scattered.


    1. Don…Trump or not…when was there ever any real accountability except for some lower players who were sacrificed so the higher ups could continue the rape of our laws, our treasure and our rights..

    2. Given Trump’s embarrassing record, a reasonable person might come to the conclusion that he is one of THEM.
      Which leads to the formerly unthinkable question: Would we be better off with a Jewish president (Bernie)?

  2. Two simple questions….the first requires just an opinion…..the second, possibly more facts or an understanding of the psychopaths mind to which I am not privy.

    1…Does anyone on this blog believe someone like Joe Biden will ever be held to count?
    2. ..IF Dougan has wisely set up his own kill switch, WHY didn’t Epstein?

  3. I guess I am becoming rapidly desensitized to Barisma information, but so far the many bombshells seem to be just flying around in space never landing on their target but possibly serving to keep the bribery / extortion /blackmail grid of the USA rulers in stasis.


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