Stephanie Sledge, 9 Years Pass & Nation Still Enduring Lies of Tucson Shooting

WARNING: This publication contains information free to the American public “We the People” under the First Amendment. Any information you find offensive or inflicts any emotional response will be doing so at your own risk.

It is the ninth anniversary of the January 8th, 2011 Tucson Safeway shooting and the scripted, lying, media begins another year of regurgitating the same lies and nonsense the People were indoctrinated with in January of 2011. A yearly ceremony now performed on the mainstream stage to prevent the nation from knowing it was a politically motivated staged event. However, in the past 9 years, after numerous false-flags and staged shooting events, the reasons for the staged Loughner shooting reveal itself.

Those who are awake and aware of what is going on will always remember 1/08/11 ([1+8=9)]/11) in American history as the day that political rhetoric was intentionally spewed into the television sets and Internet screens of millions of people worldwide. It was that southwest wintry morning that an alleged crazy schizophrenic 22 year-old, lone-wolf, gunman targeted a Safeway grocery store in Tucson, AZ and let loose with a ‘barrage of bullets’ where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was holding a local constituents meeting. Six people were said to have been murdered and thirteen additional were injured. At least that’s what we’re told. Among the dead were a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl allegedly born on September 11, 2001, which was the day of the largest terrorist attack on American soil.

As soon as the story unfolded, a verbal war of mayhem was started in the political mainstream media to fuel the fire as the left blamed the right and the right blamed the left. This mainstream war continued for weeks as all the media outlets blamed all the wrong reasons for Jared Lee Loughner’s alleged actions. The psychological operation was kicked off when the corporate media and agenda sponsored political figureheads blamed the use of symbols, grammar, marijuana, the leftists, the right-wingers, freedom of speech, hoodies, radio hosts, and of course – the gun.

This real life reality show was given a push for ratings when Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County declared Arizona the home of “bigotry” and the “Mecca” for prejudice. From the opening statement of the Washington reality show, it was a psychological battle that played out in the AP and mainstream amphitheaters over Sheriff Dupnik’s definition of unbalanced people and how they respond to the “vitriol” that came out of the mouths of “certain individuals” about tearing down the government. Sheriff Dupnik, told the nation there were 19 victims, when there were allegedly only 18. Dupnik was too busy verbally promoting anti-1st Amendment agenda that he forgot to go to the crime scene and investigate the alleged murders.



Meanwhile, as the pathetically scripted political battle was underway and the people were glued to the fierce and shameful debates (blamed on Sarah Palin,) an operation ‘cover-up’ of a grand magnitude was launched to bring about a secretive shadow governmental global agenda. This secretive agenda, considered the beginning of the desecration of America’s Constitution, was to deface and strip the American people of their rights, legalize torture through the medical establishment, and construct a powerful police-state system that would ultimately result in housing the nation’s so-called mentally unstable people, and begin the incarceration of those who do not comply or no longer beLIEve their scripts – without due process. As a reminder to the People, after Trump took office, he told the nation “take the guns now, worry about due process later.”

Many Americans may not want to face this fact – this secretive shadowy governmental agenda involves many government departments, non-profit organizations, medical institutions, lobby groups, and agencies whom have been infiltrated by terrorists deep within the heart of the American government. These agencies include DHS, FEMA, CDC, ATF, CIA, NASA, the NAVY, the US Marshal Office, the judicial system, child-protective services, Department of Public Health, as well as corrupt politicians, medical establishment players, and Hollywood.

As that 2011 wintry morning began with the lone-gunman on the rise, another dark force against Americans was lurking in the shadows to play out a false-flag attack on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – while assassinating a judge at the same time. As the media was focused on the recovering Congresswoman, the nation became blind to the dead judge and his previous rulings, which blocked gun control during the Clinton Administration as well as a case before him involving changes to the Forfeiture Act. Americans turned a blind eye to the actors who took to the stage and so they moved right on to the Sandy Hook event and continued into others that followed.

Same players appear after Sandy Hook shooting in 2012


Behind the scenes of this chosen grocery store operation, NASA, the Navy, the CIA, and the medical establishment premeditated the next phase in total psychological control of the mind on a nation preoccupied by propaganda and materialistic interference. This operation was the beginning of a series of questionable shootings that followed with deeper continuing psychological agenda. Meanwhile, a special Navy doctor (Dr. Peter Rhee) performed brain surgery on Gabrielle Giffords using a special technology called ‘suspended-animation’, which was experimental at the time, and then left the country.

This particular (Loughner) shooting set a precedent that made it legal to torture prisoners with mind-control drugs, against their will.  A glimpse into a real life example of a Stalin-style Purge in the United States.

According to Arthur Clemens,

“There was one thing Loughner did, according to official court records, which indicates to us he was in fact competent before he was forcibly drugged every day for several months.

There was a hearing conducted on June 14, 2011, at US Medical center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri, where he had been transported after his initial arraignment in Tucson, AZ, for “observation”, and possibly to send him far away from any potential witnesses which might be called to such a hearing, or otherwise to aid in his defense.

The purpose of this hearing was to determine whether or not he was to be forcibly drugged each and every day for the foreseeable future.

The hearing was presided over by a psychiatrist representing the interests of his profession, Dr. Carlos Tomelleri, and not a judge.

Loughner was not allowed to have an attorney present or call witnesses. Instead, he was allegedly represented by a prison stooge with no legal training, John Getchell. 


The hearing was held by the authority of 28 CFR 549-43, which is not a federal law passed by the elected members of Congress, but a regulation devised by the same people who enforce it, and it negates the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Loughner’s response to this hearing was to do what little he could to barricade himself inside his cell, and whenever they asked him a question he would say “I plead the Fifth.” – Arthur Clemens, TGR

In addition:

“Another power of the Supreme Court is to refuse to consider a case, thus letting rulings of the lower courts stand. In the Loughner case, nobody appealed to the Supreme Court, so rulings by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stand as they are.

Those who study the Loughner case, and previous precedents leading up to the Loughner ruling,  must be concerned with the growing power of the psychiatry profession, and the acceptance by the Courts of psychobabble and mumbo jumbo has for all practical purposes cancelled out the legal protections the Bill of Rights affords citizens. It can be clearly seen these precedents make possible a purge, or political prisoner roundup operations by the government, similar to those conducted by the Soviet Union from 1953 until the Soviet Union officially ended.”

Author’s note: How is it Attorney, Judy Clarke, who has represented many high profile cases, did not appeal to the Supreme Court allowing the lower courts to set a precedent to forcibly medicate prisoners without legal representation and a psychiatrist, not a judge, preside over his hearing?  It appears the same communist brand of psychiatry infiltrated its way in to the states. Also, why was it the nation was not allowed to see any real footage or photos of Jared Lee Loughner during his court hearings? All we were given from the lying media was courtroom drawings and photo-shopped photos.


Some of the pictures released of Jared Lee Loughner. Never any live footage


This particular shooting, pegged as a false flag, was the opening key to the growing communist agenda rising currently in America. Following the Tucson shooting, the infiltrated operatives moved to Sandy Hook, CT to stage the next step in disarming Americans, censoring truth and eliminating due process as they continue housing political prisoners who speak out. In the case of Jared Lee Loughner, the mental prison asylum he was housed in Springfield, MO is operated by the CIA.

Whether American’s want to see it or not, the 2011 Tucson shooting was a faked staged event, which was covered-up and 9-years later continues to be classified as a closely guarded lie. Why? Because those infiltrated terrorists who plotted the Tucson shooting are still at large performing other false-flags including more shootings and helping America transform into a communist country to be ruled by a King, conquering our Republic.

Jared Lee Loughner did not shoot anyone and the witnesses are liars. The 9 year-old who allegedly died at the scene after a social worker (Susan Hileman) allegedly brought her to the scene that morning. Hileman graduated from Cornell University and was involved in MK Ultra and Disassociation mind-control projects on juveniles and young adults. When her parents were confronted as to why the media paraded around a fake-funeral and to explain why she is not really buried as the media reported, the father replied, “Well, we hope to someday find her a resting place.”

It was a successful psychological operation using a patsy that still continues today. It was a creepy operation that brought the memories of 9/II to Tucson when Obama ordered the original flag of 9/II be sent to the memorial that followed this shooting. People worshiped it like the Savior had come back. Obama also ordered a piece of steel from the Twin Towers to be placed as a memorial in a park in memory of the 9/11 girl. In my opinion, the criminals were marking their territory.

9/11 Flag of Remembrance and worship was hung on the corner of Ina & Oracle Street, Tucson


Former Republican Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was allegedly shot in the head in 2011, survived, and is now running around the country after each new mass shooting along with her husband (handler) former astronaut Mark Kelly. Kelly and Gabrielle have now turned democrat and Kelly is now running for Arizona Senate. Find out the Truth..

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6 thoughts on “Stephanie Sledge, 9 Years Pass & Nation Still Enduring Lies of Tucson Shooting”

  1. I also don’t recall much of information about the false event known as the Tucson shooting. I do know that it was false and I saw so many of semi-convincing acting abilities of Gabby Giffords and faking seriously neurologically injured people is despicable in and of itself.

    What I do see now is that in a most strange turn of events, it looks like exposing the truth about any and all of these false events on U S soil is exactly what will tear down any and all efforts to destroy USA Bill of Rights and USA sovereignty.

    It is difficult to see how our much needed takedown of the USA empire and empire ways cannot involve a revolution but that is my prayer. (The Brotherhood of Darkness orchestrating the USA takedown seems to have arranged things so that they win no matter what the people’s reaction is.)

  2. The stupidest part of this Hoax was Gabby Giffords running around the country appearing on TV shows speaking her pathetic fake baby-talk pretending to have brain damage.

  3. I didn’t know much about the Tuscon shooting. But I looked at a couple of videos about it on 153News and it does seem pretty clear that it’s just another deep state junkie stunt.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many idiots agree to become part of these frauds clearly designed to undermine the constitution. I guess it just adds weight to my belief that the vast majority of the US population is truly stupid.
    How are you going to change that?

    1. Ralph, you ask about stupid people in the US. My very conservative estimate that the number of dumb people with NO critical thinking abilities in the US is 99+%. How does that change? It doesn’t change. They live their lost lives and die….that’s it

      How does someone have critical thinking ability? Its like learning a foreign language….it takes work. For example, to learn Russian it takes about 2,000 hours of book work and practical speaking. Only then will you have the ability to speak, write and read any foreign language at a very basic level.

      1. That was a great report that reminds us of where and when it all started. We have so many lies infiltrate our consciousness on a daily basis, that we seem to push the older ones into our sub-consciousness just to be able to survive the present deception in which we live. I imagine it’s a primal technique to make it from day to day. No wonder so many Americans resort to prescription drugs to combat the dichotomy in which we are forced to exist.
        In any case, RS’s question is one I am sure permeates all of our minds. Your frustration with the average American is palpable and justified to a degree. I choose not to blame our fellow Americans, but to place the blame with the creatures who have placed most of the populace in a stupor.
        The best we can do presently is continue to spread the truth and look forward to the time we reach critical mass. Toni has said protest is futile. I’m not sure, as I have yet to see the numbers we need that would bring forth a response from our masters. Could it be they want us to feel helpless when in fact, what they fear most is tens of millions in the streets?
        I don’t know and apparently no one else knows.

      2. Agreed.
        That’s why I say the best we can hope for is a collapse which will at least (I think) remove power from the central planners so that we don’t end up in gulags.

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