State of the Nation, The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

State of the Nation

[Editor’s note: Although this was originally published March 2019, it remains acutely relevant ant timely today, as will be obvious.]

A Stone-cold Traitor Guilty of Spearheading
a Highly Organized Conspiracy to Commit Treason and Overthrow the POTUS

Schiff is also guilty of fomenting war with Russia based on a patently false pretext and bogus allegations!

Very few understand that Russiagate was a highly organized Deep State conspiracy conducted by the Democrat Party to overthrow President Donald Trump and to start the hot phase of World War III with Russia.

KEY POINT: Members of the Global Intelligence Community know that Russiagate was actually coordinated by British Intelligence in order to provide the countless American co-conspirators plausible deniability. In this proper context, Russiagate is just the latest of countless plots to subvert the American Republic conducted by the London-domiciled Black Nobility. See CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY

Toward that end, Congressman Adam Schiff was selected early on to spearhead this unparalleled act of treason and outright warmongering from his high perch in the U.S. Congress.

Exactly why was Adam Schiff chosen to do the dirty deeds? Here’s why:

“You talk about compromised and easily coerced.
Shifty Schiff is nothing but a political hitman who’ll
do anything his hidden masters tell him to because
they have that much dirt on him. No Congressman
will ever expose themselves as much as Schiff has
unless they have been bribed or blackmailed to.
And oftentimes it’s a combination of Pedogate
blackmail and irresistible bribery that keep them
doing their dirty deeds.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Military Officer
(Source: ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic)

There’s a well-hidden back story to the Adam Schiff saga that is rarely told by the mainstream media, and only recently reported by the Alt Media—SOTN.

Only by knowing Adam Schiff’s true roots will his extreme hatred for Trump and irrational fear of Russia be properly understood. His background will also explain why he’s always been a pathological liar. House Republicans Demand Adam Schiff’s Resignation, Intel Committee Will Not Tolerate Chairman’s Constant Lying

Schiff family

The Schiff Family was well-known in America as a premier banking family. One of the patriarchs of the Schiff family bloodline, going back to the mid-19th century, was one Jacob Schiff. (It’s unclear if Adam Schiff is directly related to Jacob Schiff, but it’s the bloodline that really matters in this discourse.)

“Jacob Henry Schiff was a Jewish American banker, businessman, and philanthropist. Among many other things, he helped finance the expansion of American railroads and the Japanese military efforts against Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War.”[1]

Jacob Schiff’s father — Moses Schiff — was an Ashkenazi Jewish broker for the Russia-hating Rothschild International Banking Cartel.

Why do the Schiffs and Rothschilds have such an intense multi-generational hatred for Russia?

There are actually several documented reasons for this hatred.

The first is that these criminally insane banksters coveted (and still covet) the landmass of Russia more than anything else on Earth. In short, they want to steal the land and natural resources of the Russian Motherland, along with its industrial base and other state assets such as the massive gold reserves.

Because President Vladimir Putin has done his level best to protect Russia from these hardcore predatory capitalists, they demonize him incessantly as they denigrate Russia at every turn of events. Is there anything that Russia does not get blamed for these days—ANYTHING?

Secondly, these same Ashkenazi banksters have always wanted to totally control Russian society as a means to completely controlling the economy of Russia. However, there was a profound cultural impediment toward accomplishing this objective.

You see, Russia has consistently existed as a massive agrarian society over millennia. Certainly they possess the landmass to farm and forest till their heart’s content.

However, the Ashkenazi Jewry who lived in Russia were always drawn to the cities for work in the professional classes. The Jewish intelligentsia became, as they always do, the lawyers and doctors, bankers and accountants, politicians and businessmen, professors and scientists, jewelers and gold dealers, etc. In so doing, they became the power-players and power-brokers throughout the big cities, eventually owning the whole place either directly or indirectly.

Now here’s the real problem that the Jewish intelligentsia faced everywhere in Russia save Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Russia is a hugely rural country; not an urbanized nation. The only two cities most folks can even name between Europe and Alaska are Moscow and Saint Petersburg. That’s how much farmland and forest dominate the Russian countryside. And, that’s how very few big cities there are.

When so much of Russia is populated by humble farming, logging and mining communities, there are far fewer opportunities for the professional classes to take over the same way Ashkenazim took over European and American cities.

Siberia, for instance, was known as a matriarchal society with strong elements of ancient shamanism which were quite resistant to being dominated by these professional classes monopolized by domineering men. The Russian people are a very simple people who are close to the Earth and very suspicious of outsiders after centuries of invasions like those launched via the British-initiated Great Game.

In point of fact, the Great Game was nothing more than Rothschild banksters using Great Britain and other powerful militaries to steal Russian land and resources. And the economic and financial version of this war by stealth continues in earnest up to this very day. Moreover, there is no other press on the planet today as maniacally hostile toward Russia as London’s Fleet Street, as it has been since its very inception.

KEY POINT: The many waves of migration of the Ashkenazi Jewry away from their ancestral lands in Russia (e.g. Ukraine) and Eastern Europe occurred to a great extent because of their inability to take over the largely agrarian societies. When the professional classes especially saw that they were unable to exert their control over the people or influence the earthbound communities as they did in Western Europe, they soon left but with much animosity in their hearts. The city of Chicago is full of many of these highly disaffected and vengeful Russian expatriates. And, the profound and pervasive Russophobia intensifying across America today is entirely due to these politically powerful elements whose roots are found in the same Khazarian Mafia that dominate London, New York City, Paris and Tel Aviv.

There’s a very detailed history on Western Russophobia that was published by this media platform as a 14-part series under the following title. For the uninitiated, this series provides a stand-alone narrative and valuable background info on the ongoing Great Game (that’s really the fiercest and largest resource war on Earth).

This is why the Zio-Anglo-American Axis is so determined to wage war against Russia.

It’s of paramount importance to apprehend the single biggest fear that the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) has where it concerns Russia. The ZAAA banksters and politicos are well aware that Russia could be transformed into an economic and political powerhouse overnight were they to form natural alliances with all the right partners … … … such as Germany.

“Russophobia in this particular context was quite purposefully manufactured (as in Made in the USA) over generations as a ruse to justify the exploitation of the Russian Motherland. By fabricating fear toward the “Russian Bear”, it’s easy to marshal worldwide opinion against her. Friedman refers to how ‘scary’ a strong Russia would be, especially when closely allied with Germany.”
(Source: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination)

The upshot of this exposé on the Schiff family is that they are Russophobes through and through who are well aware that a Russia-Germany alliance poses the one and only serious threat to the rapidly collapsing British-American Empire.

The historical Intermarium, bounded by the two yellow lines, is being rapidly militarized by NATO to support multiple attacks against Russia once the Neocons warmongers are desperate enough to launch such a foolhardy invasion.

Back to Adam Schiff & Company

Given the preceding revelations it ought to be easy to comprehend Adam Schiff’s true role in American government. He has been handed the torch of Russophobia from his forbearers in order to advance the rabidly anti-Russian agenda defined by the following goals and objectives.

It’s important to note that this list of 10 policy goals and strategic objectives was quite emphatically stated by George Friedman, the Ashkenazi Jewish Founder of STRATFOR—a virulent anti-Russian private intelligence agency. He made these incredibly candid statements at a regular conference hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on February 4th, 2015. (Friedman was apparently forced to resign his position as STRATFOR Chairman/CEO shortly thereafter in 2015, so we know these extraordinary disclosures are absolutely true and highly radioactive.)

Chicago is the covert headquarters for the globalist planned North American Union. In point of fact, the Windy City even has the most influential sub-chapter of the all-powerful Council on Foreign Relations—the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Chicago is also the de facto capital of the Military-Industrial Complex and where many of the Neocon Zionist crime families reside and/or originate from.[2]

Neocon blueprint to isolate Russia and
prevent its alliance with Germany

(1) Russia must be contained and controlled in any way possible so as not to even pose a potential threat to the USA’s sole superpower status.

(2) Germany must be prevented from entering into an economic union with Russia; fabricating false pretexts by the USA in order to levy economic sanctions against Russia drives a wedge between both nations.

(3) A German-Russian alliance would challenge U.S. world domination as no other combined force on Earth. The marriage of German capital and technology with Russian human and natural resources would be invincible.

(4) The best way to preclude a close collaboration between Russia and Germany is to bring war to their borders, especially through the employment of “spoiling attacks” (read: terrorist attacks). Russia has experienced this with Chechnya, Georgia, South Ossetia, and the Ukraine.

(5) By inciting wars among Russian neighbors and conflicts between the concerned Eurasian powers, USA world supremacy is assured (e.g. the Ukraine conflict was started after Russian peacemaking initiatives in Syria).

(6) Just as the British Empire controlled its many colonies through divide and rule, the U.S. must use the same MO and military tactics. Rome used the same divide and conquer strategy appointing local kings to maintain the peace.

(7) Pilsudski’s Intermarium delineates the ideal way of containing Russia at the European border, which could then be used as a springboard to conquer the Motherland. Pushing Russia’s Western front close to Moscow poses a serious existential threat.

(8) Channeling the hatred of the defunct USSR, found within the Baltic states and ex-Soviet satellites, toward the 25-year old Russian Federation will help secure the Intermarium.

(9) Maintaining a cordon sanitaire around Russia will neutralize its military force, limit its alliances and minimize its economic influence throughout the world. Forever keeps Russia on the defensive.

(10) Russia and Germany must be kept apart even if it means starting World War III. The first two world wars served the very same purpose; the Ukraine Civil War can be expanded at any time in order to preoccupy the concerned nations as it was chosen for its volatility.

(Source: Why the Anglo-American Axis is so determined to wage war against Russia)

How does President Trump fit into the multi-century Neocon war plan?

Trump seemingly expressed sincere intentions to make peace with Russia.

Trump is a businessman — first, second and third — and apparently had an epiphany during his dealings with the Russian Jewish mafia in Brighton Beach. He probably saw the extraordinary business potential of working with Russia instead of fighting with Moscow. He’s no fool and could see the tremendous opportunities for joint development that existed if only the United States and Russian Federation were to collaborate harmoniously.

This attitude alone must have caused Adam Schiff to flip a switch. He clearly sees Trump as the enemy of his clan who’s only interest is to conquer Russia in order to steal her land, resources and enslave the people just like they did under 75 plus years of Jewish-led communism. See: RUSSIA & THE JEWS: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Exposes The Christian Holocaust

Why else would Schiff relentlessly harass the POTUS unless he was motivated by his hidden Russophobic agenda that opposes Trump’s vision of peace?

Even many photos of Adam Schiff reveal a character fraught with psychosis. This is what extreme multi-generational hatred will do to an individual, eventually turning them into a criminally insane psychopath.


This uniquely significant narrative is perhaps the single most important story to comprehend today concerning the exceedingly dynamic global geopolitical chessboard. Its underpinnings constitute the very reasons why World Wars 1 and 2 were really engineered and were purposefully separated by the bankster-manufactured Great Depression. More relevantly, this esoteric knowledge provides essential understanding for the current push into the hot phase of WW3.

In other words, this retelling of critical history, at this crucial time in human history, comprises the “whole megillah”, as they say in Yiddish. To know these few facts is to know why life on planet Earth is so chaotic and lawless in 2019…on one mundane level, of course.

Adam Schiff, then, is merely a lowly and pitiful pawn on the fast-moving global geopolitical chessboard that is heating up like never before … or at least since World War II. For it truly is World War III that the Neocon warmongers hope to trigger in order to complete their scheme for total world domination which absurdly includes the formation of a One World Government. As follows:

The Only Remaining Option for the NWO Globalist Cabal is World War III

The Bottom Line:
Adam Schiff is a key co-conspirator within a massive Deep State conspiracy to overthrow the President Trump. Other obvious co-conspirators include Democrats Eric Swalwell, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Richard Blumenthal, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Mazie Hirono among many other prominent members of Congress. This seditious plot to remove Trump from office by way of a soft coup also implicates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson and Stephan Halper among many other treasonous Deep State operatives. Of course, there are numerous traitors throughout the Mainstream Media who also covertly colluded to carry out a soft coup against Trump whose names are now notorious for “fake news”—Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Brian Stelter, Cris Cuomo, Chris Matthews, Larry O’Donnell, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Andrea Mitchell, Lester Holt, Alisyn Camerota, Erin Burnett, Keith Olbermann, etc. The critical point is that the fake Russiagate hoax was a highly organized and orchestrated scheme premeditated at the highest echelons of the U.S. Federal Government to surreptitiously overturn the 2016 POTUS election outcome…and then start an all-out war with Russia.

State of the Nation

Editor’s Note

Were this illuminating exposé to enjoy wide circulation, everything could change in a day and a night, especially the warped American attitude toward Russia. This is an exceptionally pivotal piece of the puzzle regarding the clandestine New World Order agenda which ought to be revealed post-haste. Therefore, we respectfully ask our readers to disseminate this post if it resonates.


[1] Jacob Schiff

[2] SMOLLETTgate: Deep State’s Futile Attempt to Cover-up Operation “Crafty Beaver”


MUELLER INVESTIGATION Proves that Russiagate was the Biggest Hoax in American History

Recommended Reading

PROMETHEISM: The Backbone of the NWO Strategy to Isolate and Conquer Russia via the Intermarium


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13 thoughts on “State of the Nation, The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff”

  1. Listening to this Senate trial, I’m wondering if the unelectable Biden is only running for President in order that this impeachment can center on Trump’s undermining a current political opponent.

    It seems to be the central point in the impeachment argument: Trump asked for foreign assistance to fix the next election by framing a political opponent like, Democrats still insist, he fixed the last one. It would be a less convincing argument if Biden were only a ex-Vice President, instead of Trump’s opponent. In a way, centering the impeachment on him protects Biden from his own corruption, as well as that of the Obama administration.

    The Democrats seem to have absorbed the lesson that you accuse your opposition of that which you yourself are guilty.

  2. I have only one suggestion. I hate, truly hate, to tell people that their hero is really a slimeball crook who was born and raised into the crime syndicates. To say Trump is anywhere near being a square shooter above reproach is the height of vapidity. Read the many, many articles published in Veterans Today about this crumbum and you will finally and definitively realize and admit that Trump isn’t your hero or a great and innocent president.I voted for the creep and it’s clear to me he’ll slam Zionism down our collective throats. We can’t win with this dirtbag. He’s a very bad man and while I’ve not exactly endeared my self to the readership here,do your own reading, read ’em and weep. He’s slime personified.

    1. Most here believe Trump, like others before him, has fooled us again. When will we ever learn? He’s thrown us a few bones…but no where near enough to forget his allegiance to Zionism, his warmongering, his affinity for 5G, his assassination of a foreign leader, his lack of following through with any indictment of the Clinton cabal, zero voting/ballot reform, mostly dead silence on the Epstein debacle and not a word regarding the endless false flags.

      Let’s get a movement started for Jesse Ventura.

  3. Excellent words from Stone:

    Adam Schiff: The American people are too stupid to be allowed a vote
    Here is the key quote from Schiff, and I’ll explain why it is the key quote
    “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won”

    Why is that a key quote? Answer: Because in the Jewish community, a “fair” election is that which goes in favor of the Jew and “misconduct” means any attempt to call any member of the tribe to account. They are not interested in an ethical, accurate, or properly represented election, they are interested in a “fair” election, and don’t be fooled into believing “fair” is really fair.

    Schiff was pleading with the representatives to oust Trump, because it appears they are worried they won’t be able to rig the next election adequately to achieve a “fair” outcome. “Interference” with the election in this case amounts to doing enough to stop the rigging to cause the will of the American people to be represented, rather than the will of the Jew, which is practically the only representation we’ve had as they sold America out to foreign powers, and maimed Americans as much as possible via “vaccines”, scam medical, tainted foods, –

    There is no way they don’t know what is causing autism, obesity and a plethora of other societal ills. It’s not rocket science to get to the bottom of why our kids are getting wrecked. They know why, and are using a phony media to provide cover while subversives are using the medical system as a weapon, both economic and physical. It is 100 – 1, 000X over priced and weaponized to boot. 100X over priced hospital and doctors, 1, 000X over priced aspirin. And there’s no secret at all with “vaccines”, they are not looking for a way to make them safe, they are instead re-weaponizing the next batch to “frog in the pot” us into accepting an autism rate of 1 in 17 as normal, while all who did not get autism are seriously damaged to various levels from “less than what could have been” to totally wrecked.

    Schiff laid it out well yesterday. They have no intentions whatsoever of allowing Americans to slow their destruction, let alone turn it back. They actually are afraid Trump might call them to account. Too bad Kushner is right in Trump’s face trying to convince Trump the Jews are not doing it all, when he damn well knows they are and was sent to use Ivanka to keep the scam and subversion going. He had Trump reined in before he even became President, billionaires are dangerous and must be controlled.

    So will the senate be swayed to oust a totally decent and innocent president? Short answer: If there are enough crypto Jews, (Jews who pretend to be something other than what they are) I’d say it is a solid YES. They must have their “fair” elections after all, Trump cannot be allowed to finish his term, let alone get on the ballot again.

    Trump really got in the way of “progress” which for the Jew means the advancements of their efforts to wipe out the white race and the civilization it created so they can steal the tech and live as gods above other races that will never challenge them. If they oust Trump, they’ll probably succeed.

    1. “will the Senate be swayed to oust a totally decent and innocent president?”
      Please tell us how you’ve arrived at that conclusion. You’re a Trump sycophant, all the way. Hooray for you!

      Are you a Christian Zionist?
      I’d recommend you did some serious reading starting with Veterans Today.

      Geez, now I know whyTrump has so many supporters, it’s because he’s pure and untouched.

      1. Bahmi, I am not sure whom you address in your reply. I am sure you must understand these are Stone’s words and not mine. I will admit, there was a time I supported Trump…but no longer. And in November, I would sooner not vote than settle for the lesser of two evils.

      2. God knows I sympathize with Will on this and have declared my non-support for Trump in the wake of the Soleimani assassination. It looks as though violating international law, the UN Charter and the rules of war once is not enough, where the US is declaring that it may also take out his successor: As a former Marine Corps officer, I have to emphasize the colossal stupidity of these actions, which unleash other nations of the world to do the same to us. We have now abandoned morality and the rule of law for the corrupt principle that might makes right and sold our soul for a mess of pottage. The situation could hardly be worse.

      3. If i were to look for the one major reason for the shape this country and the world is in, it would be a lack of morality.
        Even though I was raised a Catholic and later actually became a Pentecostal preaching in the streets of Manhattan, I long ago understood that we do not need religion to be moral. Morality is inherent in every human.
        We are all born moral and innocent…despite what some forms of Christianity may teach. In many cases, it’s quite the opposite…as with Judaism. Since we know who runs this country, it’s easy to understand our decent into immorality.

      4. Prof.Fetzer , we as Americans abandon morality along time ago. As an old Devil Doc with a couple of combat tours i saw what brutality a man can do to a fellow human with no hint of remorse. And I’m not just referring to the Black Water boys of Eric Prince where every brain dead MARSOC Marine,frogman or ranger wanted to be because it paid more and all that patriotic nonsense. We lost our moral compass probably before the assassination of President Kennedy ,when it became far more acceptable to believe a lie and promote it.

      5. Bahmi, I should add that I do not always agree with Stone when I post his words. At times, he has some brilliant analysis…other times, he’s off the wall and seems to have an agenda…as with his ongoing support for Trump…..or his belief that we actually landed on the moon. Just not a good idea to throw out the baby with the bath water.

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