Robert Steele, Alex Jones “Threw” The Sandy Hook False Flag Lawsuit — Was He Bribed or Blackmailed?

Robert David Steele

When Alex Jones was sued over Sandy Hook, I was among those who offered to help him line up the considerable evidence that Sandy Hook was a false flag event orchestrated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He refused help from me and many others.

Now we know that Alex Jones “threw” the Sandy Hook lawsuit. The article below from The New York Times makes it quite clear that “Jones and his lawyer intentionally disregarded an October court order to produce witnesses and other materials to the plaintiff in the lawsuit, Neil Heslin.”

Judge Orders Alex Jones and Infowars to Pay $100,000 in Sandy Hook Legal Fees

While I have no direct knowledge, I did put together a collection of memoranda delivered to the President of the United States of America on 8 September 2018 (a companion to the collection of memoranda on 9/11 delivered to him on 8 August 2018, and I am quite convinced myself, that Sandy Hook was a false flag. The below link leads to much — not all — of the evidence that Alex Jones could have marshalled for presentation to the Court had he wished to do so.

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? UPDATE 1: Letter to AG DHS Hill

This makes three law suits now that I know.

The first, brought by Sandy Hook cyber-stalker Lennie Pozner (probably not his real name and he has been using mulitple security numbers including one from a woman who died) against  Wolfgang Halbig, former state trooper and then school security consultatn. Pozner (P) folded his hand when Halbig was supported by the court in demanding a video deposition. Since then a “stand in” for Pozner appears to have been found, and video depositions fabricated.

The second is the lawsuit against Alex Jones, who appears vulnerable to bribery and blackmail on multiple fronts. Given what I know, I do not believe Alex Jones “folded” because he was afraid of losing, but rather because he was incentivized to do so, just as all of the victims of 9/11 were incentivized by Zionist-controlled judges and  others to “settle” so as to keep 9/11 completely out of the purview of federal courts and “discovery.”

The third was the trial of Dr. James Fetzer, former Marine Corps officer, PhD, and one of the top authors on the topic of false flag events (I ran one for the CIA, and have also published — Dr. James Fetzer is the real deal and I would bet my life on his integrity). This trial was blown up by a judge that is either stupid or corrupt in one of two ways: accepting a bribe to issue a summary judgment when facts were in dispute, which is judicial malpractice; or accepting a national security warrant to cover up government malfeasance, a common practice across the country whenever CIA or FBI or — now — DHS — have “equities.” Here is one account of that trial, that is not over — we will see it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Kevin Barrett: Legal Lynching – Stalinist Show Trial of Dr. James Fetzer, USMC, by a Bad Judge in Wisconsin

In my view, President Donald Trump was elected because many of us are fed up with legalized crimes by our government enabled by a two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State (“Griftopia“) and a culture of sancitimonous virtue signaling by assholes who support open borders, transgenderism, pedophilia, homeless people run amok, and more. I believe President Trump is going to restore law and order — in the proper sense of  the word — in his second term.

The truth about Sandy Hook is going to come out, in court and in the media.

Alex Jones appears to have lost his integrity. That is not a problem I have and it is most certainly not a problem that Dr. James Fetzer or Wolfgang Halbig or any other patriots who have studied Sandy Hook have.

The truth about Sandy Hook is going to come out, in court and in the media.

Every person who has been complicit in the Sandy Hook deception will be held accountable by the public. I believe all of them are “covered” by national security “warrants” that not only order them to lie to the courts and the media and public about Sandy Hook, but may also indemnify them from future prosecution.  But here’s the thing: those warrants are unconstitutional and illegal. At some point, everyone associated with those warrants is going to be liable for perjury at best, treason at worst.

Now THAT is going to be INTERESTING.

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14 thoughts on “Robert Steele, Alex Jones “Threw” The Sandy Hook False Flag Lawsuit — Was He Bribed or Blackmailed?”

  1. So I’m I the only person that thinks that Alex Jones is a walking psy-ops and that he has always been a spook. I started listening to him about 13 years ago when a couple of Navy buddies from Texas was really into him and ranted & rave about how he exposed how the U.S. Government really works.
    I later on obtained a TSC (top security clearance) and found that some of the “truths” he revealed was just recycled BS. And then William ‘Bill’ Cooper called him out on his BS. And he behaved in the same manner as now. He never responded and creep away.
    National security letters ,Yep in the Intel arena they’re called a throat punch and you will lose every thing that is sacred to you if you violate agreement.

  2. A tiny group of lawyers, of the roughly 1.3 million, have been aiding some of those damaged by the lies of the government agencies in the massive Sandy Hook Hoax Shooting December 14, 2012. Thank you for standing up for Truth. But a large majority of the 1.3 million lawyers are sitting comfortably back in their offices and hoping this government scam will go away instead of standing up and doing something about the lies. This is a case for the ages. This case could make or break this country if the truth is exposed. We must stop all the lies with truth. This case must be taken immediately to the Supreme Court. If they sustain the lies, then so be it, this country is gone. How about some lawyer with some balls standing up for the truth for a change? Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. is almost a lone citizen fighting all by himself against a powerful tyrannical group of master liars aided by outlaws called “journalists”. He is in a jam and needs a little help. He is not a billionaire or millionaire either, just a lowly highly intelligent citizen seeking to do his duty and expose a massive scam on this country by our own government. What a massive expletive deleted shame all this is. How about it? How come lawyers readily come to aid lies but not truth? The laws of physics have been violated because those liars likely never took a physics class in their lives. They hated physics like most college students do. All the well established rules of crime scene investigations, all based on physics, biology, chemistry, laws of causality, etc., have been obliterated at Sandy Hook. Secrecy, imposed by the full military armed force of government, is the enemy of the truth. Why all this secrecy? Why was the alleged crime scene demolished with even the wrecking crew sworn to silence under criminal sanctions? Answer: To cover up this massive crime by Newtown, State of Connecticut and our own corrupt lying Federal Government beginning with the liar in Chief Barrack Obama former U.S. President and current millionaire. Its evil purpose was to obliterate guns because they could never muster the will to abolish Amendment Number 2 legally so they had to resort to Mafia Tactics like the Sandy Hook Con to accomplish their evil goals. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  3. Win, let’s not be naive. The US government lied about Pearl Harbor, putting a man on the moon despite the van Allen belts, the phony start to the VietNam war, MacNamara’s drafting of 100,000 mentally deficient soldiers for the “war” effort, etc etc etc.
    The US government is very proud and happy to lie, cheat, and steal as often as they do. It’s the way things are done in the American swamp.

  4. Win, let’s not be naive. The US government lied about Pearl Harbor, putting a man on the moon despite the van Allen belts, the phony start to the VietNam war, MacNamara’s drafting of 100,000 mentally deficient soldiers for the “war” effort, etc etc etc.
    The US government is very proud and happy to lie, cheat, and steal as often as they do. It,s the way things are done in the American swamp.

  5. Win, let’s not be naive. The US government lied about Pearl Harbor, putting a man on the moon despite the van Allen belts, the phony start to the VietNam war, MacNamara’s drafting of 100,000 mentally deficient soldiers for the “war” effort, etc etc etc.
    The US government is very proud and happy to lie, cheat, and steal as often as they do. It the way things are done in the American swamp.

  6. Many years ago, when I was in my 20’s ( I am in my 80’s today), a successful company, which had been in business for a long time, marketed a product named “Geritol” and made the claim it successfully treated a disease it described with the phrase “TIRED BLOOD”. Agencies of our government sued this company to force them to stop making this claim which they claimed was not the truth. Today our government is the patient with the disease of TIRED BLOOD. In fact our government is so sick its employees do not know truth from fiction. It lies to us lowly citizens every hour of every day. Everyone in our government has tired blood and must be fired and prosecuted. Not only are they corrupted but they have corrupted all the media, radio, television stations, newspapers and more. Everyone is lying. False flag attacks to fool us citizens are everywhere, all done by the liars in our own government. All these school shootings are false flags just like the old pirate ships your teachers taught you about in the 5th grade who put up someone else’s flag on the mast to deceive others about their true identity. 9/11/01 was a false flag attack, blamed on Muslim patsies, but planned and executed by Israel and our own government criminals Bush, Cheney and even the fancy generals of our lying military with all their fancy ribbons and medals were in on it; did you observe them “defending” the country that day? NO! If we fail to cure our government of TIRED BLOOD soon, we will all likely end up pushing up daisies. All these false flag attacks are intended to instill fear in the population to induce them to surrender their hard fought rights under our Constitution. This is why everyone who seeks to board a commercial airplane today is illegally searched in patent violation of Amendments 4 and 5. These school shootings are intended to get rid of the right to bear arms in Amendment 2. The 9/11/01 attack also had the goal of fooling the United States into going to war for Israel in all those countries it hates over there so our poor low level military soldiers, your sons and brothers and sisters do the dying and suffering, while we pay the bills, for cowards and criminals in Israel who steal land and attack Palestinians on a daily basis. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  7. This is the first I have heard in regard to ‘national security warrants’. I am likely behind the curve. Those warrants would explain many things that have left me baffled. A quick search does not reveal much. Doers anyone have any more information on these ‘unconstitutional’ documents?

      1. Moon…….I appreciate the reply. Would have been easier if Steele had used the correct term.
        So, it looks like we now understand how they CONTROL all the participants in these false events. Truly outrageous. No doubt the CONstitution is just a G-d piece of paper.
        I still find it dis-heartening that with all these events, not one whistle blower has come forth and risked going against these freedom deadening ‘letters’. Fear rules.

        Thanks again for the reply.

  8. Wolfgang Halbig is another hero in the sad corrupt drama of Sandy Hook December 14, 2012. In somewhat different ways he has gone to the wall for TRUTH in exposing the lies of Sandy Hook by the authorities. He traveled to Connecticut and sat with an attorney in long meaningless school board meetings with a lying lawyer who obstructed every reasonable question Wolfgang or his lawyer had. Why would these so and so’s go to all that trouble to obstruct when the easiest way would be to simply provide the documents or answer the questions truthfully? Obviously they had plenty to hide and cover up. What a disgrace they were to their corrupt State of Connecticut and to this country. Everywhere one turns in the Sandy Hook Con is answered with criminal lies and obstruction by every authority in Connecticut and the Federal Government. Obviously they have plenty of illegal conduct to hide and cover up with the full military armed force of the government in America today. What a shameful disgrace they all are. Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer both deserve the Medal of Freedom. I fear for their safety with these thugs lying about them and seeking to disparage them and their character. When Netanyahu came to NY he had 40 bodyguards. I think Wolfgang and Jim deserve a protection force of 40 bodyguards each too. The Sandy Hook Hoax criminals are the lowest of the low. They lie, cheat and steal. These crooks are being protected by our corrupt government at the highest levels. What a disgrace. Shame on all concerned in our totally corrupt government today January 1, 2020. I never dreamed our government would stoop so low in my short life. Perhaps it has always been this way. How would we know? Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. People are easily fooled especially with lying media aiding the lies.

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