Rebecca Carnes, Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza and the 2007 NHS Freshman Yearbook Oddities

Could Adam Lanza really be a compilation of his brother Ryan Lanza and an unidentified young man featured in the 2007 Newtown High School yearbook?

While at Newtown’s Cyrenius Booth Library recently, I located the Newtown High School yearbook from 2006 which features Ryan Lanza as a graduating senior (see below pics).

Ryan Lanza is supposed to be about 4 years older than his brother Adam Lanza and Ryan was reported as being 24 years old at time of SH incident. So, a Newtown High School (NHS) graduation of 2006 would make sense for Ryan Lanza.

Daily Mail article published on Dec. 16, 2012 stated that Adam Lanza was a member of the Newtown High School Tech Club in 2007 when he was a freshman (as shown in the below famous pic of Adam standing with his fellow Tech Club members). This information about Adam Lanza was widely circulated in the press. The Daily Mail article states:

In 2007, when he was a freshman, he was pictured along with ten of his classmates for a group photo of the ‘Tech Club,’ which ‘allowed students to explore technology and promote events’ on student TV.

The famous freshman ‘Tech Club” photo of Adam Lanza as widely publicized by the news media following the Sandy Hook event.However, the 2007 Newtown High School yearbook (pic below) that I viewed from the Cyrenius Booth Library collection, did not feature the same 2007 Tech Club photo as published in major news publications like the Daily Mail.

Cover of the 2007 Newtown High School yearbook that is contained in Newtown’s Cyrenius Booth Library NHS yearbook collection that contains editions going back to the 1970s.

Tech Club photo as featured in a 2007 Newtown High School (NHS) yearbook housed at the Cyrenius Booth Library in Newtown, Conn. The 2007 school year would have been Adam Lanza’s freshman year at Newtown High School, the only year he reportedly attended Newtown High School before being switched to home schooling for the remainder of his high school education in Newtown.

The actual 2007 NHS yearbook does not feature the well-publicized, alleged picture of Adam Lanza as a ‘freshman’ Tech Club member.

Ryan Lanza is indeed listed and pictured as a junior in this 2005 NHS yearbook that I viewed at the Cyrenius Booth Library in Newtown. However, the Newtown Library did not have the NHS 2004 yearbook in its collection which would have shown or listed Ryan Lanza as a sophomore. The Newtown Library did have a 2003 NHS yearbook in its collection, but the 2003 yearbook did not have Ryan Lanza pictured or listed in the ‘Camera Shy’ section as a freshman at Newtown High School in 2003.

The 2005 NHS yearbook has Ryan Lanza pictured as a junior.

Ryan Lanza pictured as a junior in the 2005 NHS yearbook.

Interestingly, the Tech Club picture from this same 2005 NHS yearbook appears to show Ryan Lanza standing towards the back (see below photo with red arrow).

A close-up of this 2005 Tech Club photo (below) appears to feature Ryan Lanza – as exemplified by his characteristic sideways smile that can also be seen in his close-up photo above.

A Tech Club photo from the 2005 NHS yearbook appears to show Ryan Lanza with his signature sideways smile.The 2005 yearbook Tech Club photo also states that Mr. Rich Novia heads the Tech Club at Newtown High School. And Richard Novia (also the former head of security for Newtown schools) is mentioned and quoted in that same Daily Mail article:

Richard Novia, the school district’s head of security until 2008, who also served as adviser for the school technology club, said Lanza clearly ‘had some disabilities.

‘If that boy would’ve burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically,” Novia told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “It was my job to pay close attention to that.’

Mr Novia described Lanza as ‘a very scared young boy, who was very nervous around people he could trust or he refused to speak with,’ Novia said.

Somewhere along in the last four years, there were significant changes that led to what has happened,’ Novia said. ‘I could never have foreseen him doing that.’

The 2007 NHS yearbook also does not show Adam Lanza listed as a freshman and he is also not listed in the Class of 2010 ‘Camera Shy’ students who missed photo day for the 2007 yearbook.
Adam Lanza is not pictured or listed in the 2007 NHS yearbook as part of the freshman class of 2010. Adam Lanza was reported to have attended Newtown High School as a freshman in 2007 before switching to home school status for the remainder of his high school education in Newtown. He was also reported by the press to have been a ‘freshman’ participant in the Tech Club. If Adam Lanza graduated from Newtown High School in 2010 as widely reported in the media, he would have been a freshman in 2007.

Adam Lanza is also not listed in the 2007 NHS yearbook among the ‘Camera Shy’ freshman who missed picture day.

This is the freshman class of 2010 page as featured in the 2007 NHS yearbook in the Cyrenius Booth Library collection in Newtown, Conn.Another freshman class of 2010 page as featured in the 2007 NHS yearbook when Adam Lanza was reported to have been a freshman at the school before switching to home schooling the following school year. He reportedly never returned to NHS after his 2007 freshman year.

The Daily Mail article mentions two former classmates of Adam Lanza who said he “hung out with the freaks” and roamed the hallways carrying a briefcase (apparently during his freshman year since that is the only year he attended NHS):

Former classmate Olivia DeVivo said she remembered Lanza talking about ‘blowing things up’, but added: ‘I put that down to the usual talk of boys. I think he went so unnoticed people didn’t stop to think, “There’s something going on here – maybe he needs some kind of help?”

‘No one is surprised. He always seemed like he was someone who was capable of that because he didn’t really connect with our high school, with our town.’

Another former school friend, Jamie Crespo, 19, said: ‘He used to hang with the freaks, guys who dressed in trench coats.’

Other students remember him walking through school dressed in black, carrying a black briefcase.

That same article also strangely quotes 2010 NHS class president Ben Federman as saying he barely remembered Adam Lanza and neither did any of his classmates he spoke with while home in Newtown for Chirstmas break in 2012. But then he goes on to say that he remembered a specific detail about Adam Lanza – that he always carried around a briefcase instead of a backback (even though he was just quoted as saying he barely remembered his classmate at all).

Newtown High School’s 2010 class president Ben Federman is like the rest of his classmates – he can barely remember Adam Lanza.

Mr Federman, who was home from attending college at Vanderbilt University, told MailOnline that he had heard from many graduates from the class of 2010 and none of them can think of a single friend Lanza had.

‘The only time I ever saw him was in the hallway and he never seemed to engage anyone. He was just focused on walking from one class to another,’ Mr Federman said.

His only memory of the 20–year-old Lanza was the bizarre way he dressed – always in button-down shirts that were too big for him. He also usually had pens in his shirt pocket and usually carried a black leather briefcase.

‘You noticed that because it was different. He carried a briefcase and not a backpack,’ Mr Federman said.

Strangely, even though the Newtown Library has an extensive collection of Newtown High School yearbooks dating back to the 1970s, the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 (which would have been Adam Lanza’s yearbook dates for his sophomore, junior and senior year, respectively) – are all missing from the Cyrenius Booth Library collection in Newtown. I do not know if home schooled students are included in photos or “Camera Shy” lists for NHS yearbooks.

As a side note – I did notice a picture of an odd-looking, unidentified young man featured in the “Clubs” section of the 2007 NHS yearbook with a similar hairdo and facial features as the pictures of Adam Lanza widely circulated in the media. Again, the 2007 NHS yearbook would have been Adam Lanza’s freshman year at Newtown High School.

This unidentified young man is featured in the “Clubs” section of the 2007 NHS yearbook and has similar facial features and hair as the widely circulated photos of Adam Lanza in the media following the Sandy Hook event.

“Clubs” page in the 2007 NHS yearbook, which was reportedly Adam Lanza’s freshman year before he switched to being home schooled in 2008.

This photo collage (below) shows the similarity in facial features of the unidentified young man featured in the 2007 NHS yearbook “Clubs” page with the pictures of Adam Lanza circulated in the press.

Rebecca Carnes is a third-generation resident of Newtown whose two children were second graders within the Newtown Public School system during the 12/14 (Sandy Hook) event. She also is the creator and writer of a local blog covering issues relevant to Newtown, Connecticut:

Email Rebecca at To help Rebecca continue her research and writing, please consider making a donation to support her efforts.

Correspondence may also be sent to Rebecca at the following address:

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  2. What exactly does Halibig in possession of someone elses’ identification mean? Did he have in his possession a social security card or driver’s license. Neither what I’ve read or the Orlando Sentinel story mentions specifically what Halibig had?


      “Halbig, 73, was charged with unlawful possession of personal identification of another person, a misdemeanor, according to booking records from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

      The arrest came after Sandy Hook parent Leonard Pozner filed a complaint alleging Halbig repeatedly emailed personal information, including Pozner’s Social Security number, to various people and entities, including “multiple different law enforcement agencies and news stations,” The New York Times reported.”

      I referenced an article in my earlier comment in this thread, an article dealing with a 2017 lawsuit against Halbig by Pozner. I suggested that the basis or charge in that 2017 lawsuit appears to be exactly the same as the “personal identification of another” in this January 2020 new legal complaint againt Halbig by Pozner.

      Halbig received responses to FOIA requests over the years about Lenny Pozner that contained Pozner’s social security number and other personally identifying information. Likewise people were provided personally identifying information about Halbig by like FOIA requests. So Halbig and others are legally in possession of personal information that was received, unredacted, as a fresult of FOIA requests. It is my understanding that Halbig did broke no law in sharing those FOIA-obtained documents, much less having those documents in his possession.

      1. Excellent commentary. I will be addressing this case tonight on “The Raw Deal”, 6-8 PM/ET. You can listen LIVE at, Revolution Radio, Studio A.

  3. My comments today, Jan. 29, 2020, are based on this amended article that now contains all of the photographs on which Rebecca Carnes investigations are based.


    I would wager Richard Novia, Olivia DeVivo, Ben Federman, who were either students or staff at Adam Lanza’s school and who shared vague personal memories of Adam are absolutely nowhere to be found or contacted today, though their history at Adam’s school may be real.

    My opinion is that these three people were a version of what we call “crisis actors.” In other words, they lied to support the false narrative and were probably given some form of consideration.

    The very recent arrest of about Jan 27, 2020, of Wolfgang Halbig may well have been strategically timed to distract, detract or deflect from the new bombshell information Rebecca Carnes is sharing today.

    The very arrest of Wolfgang Halbig, approximately January 27, 2020, for Leonard Pozner’s misdemeanor charge of
    “unlawful possession of personal identification of another person”
    appears to be the exact same matter that Pozner attempted another legal action against Wolfgang Halbig back in 2017.
    Pozner’s legal complaint back in the 2017 case was based on “correspondence between Lenny and the Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, which contained Lenny’s address and other personal information.”“

    It is a very sophisticated timed strategy to arrest Wolfgang today over this over two year old matter that fizzled legally back in 2017. I have to believe this strategy is based on some new information coming out against Leonard Pozner and the Sandy Hook false event.

    1. Last I remember, in some interview Fetzer had with Halbig, Wolfgang was due to attend some court proceeding in CT. Wondering if anyone knows if that happened or is going to happen.
      In any case, just from one conversation I had with Wolfgang several years ago, like Dr. Fetzer, he will never quit.

  4. Friday, September 5, 2014
    William Shanley’s September 3, 2014 letter to Governor Malloy
    William Brandon Shanley
    Sandy Hook Justice
    43 Bank Street #8
    New London, Connecticut 06320
    (860) 857-2042

    Sept 3, 2014

    Governor Dannel P. Malloy
    State Capitol
    Hartford, Connecticut

    Dear Governor Malloy –

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful, Governor, but this is getting to be quite tiresome. When are you going to take our questions about Sandy Hook? I wrote to you on July 21. You were just here in New London the other day. But did you call?

    Members of my family have been life long Democrats since my Dad, Lloyd T. Shanley, Jr., was elected First Selectman in Harwinton in 1959 and my mother, Helen C. Shanley, was in the State House that same year. She helped elect Jack Kennedy in 1960 along with Secretary of State Ella Grasso, machine boss John Bailey, US Senator Tom Dodd, John Dempsey, and Governor Abe Ribicoff. I was a 9-year old with a political stage mom, so I met them all in Waterbury on Nov 6 when 100,000 turned out on the Green for Kennedy!

    At 25, I went to work to help Jimmy Carter get elected. So, naturally, I voted for you, Governor. I helped elect you. Why have you been running from me? Where is your allegiance? Are you not a man whose job it is to answer supporter, citizen and press questions? Yet, you hide behind the stonewalls of the Capitol with other perpetrators in a conspiracy of silence. You know this is going to explode into the election. Why not give me a call? Or, better yet, why not convene a press conference to take our questions? This is still America, isn’t it? You serve the public. That’s it. But you have not told us “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God,” about Sandy Hook, now have you? You’re going to need more than ten Hail Mary’s to get you past this one!

    We at Sandy Hook Justice can now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Sandy Hook Massacre was actually a FEMA-HOMLAND SECURITY NATIONAL LEVEL EXERCISE CAPSTONE EVENT run by Obsidian Analysis of Washington, DC. The lawsuits will probably be on the order of $100 billion against co-conspirator terrorists in government and media. You can’t hide behind National Security and immunity in a civil suit.

    Before I go… when I wrote to you in July, I asked for your assurance that our research team and families would be protected. You never responded to my request. Perhaps that’s because you know that’s part of your job?

    However, the constellation of deaths and accidents befalling people related to events at Sandy Hook paint a picture of the most hideous form of gangsterism. (First we have banksters from the Obama Boys, now we have gangsters?! LOL!) Why are you not protecting us, Governor?

    · Jennifer Sredzinski, 41, of Monroe, a 911 dispatcher from the Southwest Regional Communications Center, is dead. Her ex-husband, J. P. Sredinski, also works at the Center and is Chairman of the Monroe Town Council, and is running for State Rep from Newtown/Monroe’s 112 District on the Republican ticket.
    · Michael Bellmore, 27, of Hamden, a former New Haven Register reporter, died after going to work for the City of Hamden, where Mayor Scott Jackson is chairman of the Sandy Hook Advisory Committee you appointed.
    · Major William Podjorski, 49, of Farmington, CT State Police Western District Commander, a lead investigator of Sandy Hook, is dead.
    · JoAnn June Egletes, 53, a secretary to Attorney Irving Pinsky who filed a $100,000,000 lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for terrorizing his client, is dead.
    · Douglas Cottle, 62, actress Alissa Parker’s father, is dead.
    · Tobias Smith, 28, my former roommate, drown after jumping from the Gold Star Bridge in New London and swimming toward a barge after a Professor of Psychiatry at Yale-New Haven Medical School told me I might be in danger.
    · Connecticut State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader, Andrew Maynard, 52, a gun control opponent, was in a coma after a fall from his balcony.
    · The odds against chance of these Sandy Hook-related events occurring randomly in such a narrow locus of space and time are virtually non-existent.
    · And then we have the plethora of disappearing officials and witnesses who appear to be fleeing the ship! From your chiefs of your Departments of Emergency Services and Safety, to State Police Commissioner, you know the list better than I…

    So, since this is not the way the REAL WORLD works, Governor, as a citizen of the United States, who calls Connecticut my home, I am once again requesting that you fulfill your oath of office and extend to me your assurances that I and other members of Sandy Hook Justice scholars and research team, their families and friends, will be protected here in Connecticut.

    The US Attorney will receive a similar request.


    William Shanley

    1. Malloy told Halbig on video that he never visited the Sandy Hook school after the event. He stated to Halbig that it was a different Dan Malloy at the SH press conference.


      William Brandon Shanley

      William Brandon Shanley Obituary

      William Brandon Shanley of New Haven, Connecticut (formerly of Harwinton), passed away on November 6, 2017. He was the son of the late Lloyd Shanley Jr. and the late Helen Shanley of Harwinton and was predeceased by brothers John Creel and Lloyd Shanley lll. He is survived by his sister, Nancy Shanley Schnyer of Harwinton and sister-in-law Janet Creel of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and Uncle Kenneth Jasch of Torrance, California. He is also survived by his nieces, Amy McKeon of Asheville, North Carolina, Heather Gananca of Harwinton, Connecticut, Marlo Bauer of Mt. Pleasant, Naomi Brooks of Boise, Idaho, Loranne Jordan of San Diego, CA , numerous grandnieces and grandnephews and the Johnson and Baldwin cousins. William was born in Torrington, Connecticut . He was a graduate of Lewis S. Mills high school and attended Emerson College in Boston. William’s intellect and technical abilities provided him a lifetime of wide and varied occupational experiences. At the age of 16 years he was the youngest DJ on the air in Waterbury, after college he worked as part of Jimmy Carter’s advance team, providing technical and audio visual support for Carter’s bid for the Presidency. Over the years he was employed by the National Academy of Science in Washington, DC, CNN in Atlanta, Georgia along with employment at other news organizations during his lifetime. William continued his lifelong interest in politics and the media, pursuing his career as an author and as an independent documentary producer. His film production and film editing business continued throughout his life. There will be no calling hours. His burial service will be held on Saturday, November 18th at 1 pm at West Cemetery, Cemetery Rd., in Harwinton, Ct. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to The AIDS Project of New Haven or to Mental Health of Connecticut. Kindly visit to send the family an online condolence.

      Published in The Hartford Courant on Nov. 12, 2017

      1. Do not obituaries usually have a DOB…or am I behind the curve?…Like when I missed ‘no one’ become ‘noone’ or ‘come with me’ become ‘come with’.

      2. You ask the same question I ask. I did not take the time to research his date of birth but if Mr. Shanley’s age at death was suspiciously “young” we have even stronger reason to believe that his death is to be listed in with Dr. Abbe’s listing of ‘the constellation of deaths and accidents befalling people related to events at Sandy Hook.”

      3. Precisely my feelings….maybe I’ll pay for a dollar trial and look up his age…just too many people dying related to SH to believe it’s all coincidence.

  5. By the way it is very likely none of the lying so called “journalists” who have wantonly repeated the lies of the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax perpetuated by master liars Barrack Obama, today a multimillionaire enjoying the good life, and his henchman his disgusting lying lawyer AG, Eric H., ever had a single class in physics or differential calculus or integral calculus or differential equations or complex variable theory or matrix algebra of any other courses in higher physics or mathematics that all physicists or engineers and other true scientists must take. The one thing these expletives deleted are expert at is LYING and CHEATING their way through life to a gullible public who also hates the most important courses in any college or university mathematics and physics. Also most lying lawyers also avoided courses in higher mathematics and physics too; hence these crooks (some anyway not including a few good ones like Allison) have no problem denying physical facts observed at the fake crime scene of Sandy Hook Dec. 14, 2012. We are surrounded by some real liars and fools and idiots in America today.

    Say a prayer of thanks every day for giants like Wolfgang Halbig and Professor Dr. James Henry Fetzer, Ph.D., from Pasadena, California who may be a better mathematician than most mathematicians, a better physicist than most physicists and a better logician than most logicians! Both of these giants of America should be awarded the Medal of Freedom while all the criminals involved with the fake Sandy Hook scam must be rounded up and jailed even political lying hacks. When you are all the way down by corrupt liars around you, what other way is there to go but UP! Winfield J. Abbe, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, M.S. Physics California State University at Los Angeles under professor Earl D. Jacobs, Ph.D. , Ph.D., Physics UC Riverside, 1966 under professor Peter E. Kaus, Ph.D., Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966-1967 under Professor Marc Ross, Tenured faculty member University of Georgia, Athens, 1966-1978; voluntarily resigned do to lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads to the tenured faculty for over 5 years affecting the lives and careers of some very good young physicists. These were folks with Ph.D.s doing the lying not fake so called journalists. One of the affected ones was the late Coates R. Johnson, Ph.D. in General Relativity from UC Berkeley whose promotion to Associate Professor was improperly delayed by these lies and who tragically died the day I gave an invited talk, invited by Jim, on this subject at the University of Illinois Urbana. There are even liars in the academy with Ph.D. degrees, how about that? America is indeed a shameful disgrace today to put it mildly and avoid expletives deleted.

  6. Read this excellent article, also previously discussed by Jim, that Sandy Hook was clearly not even a functioning school when this fake shooting was faked to the public by the lying media.
    “More evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed before shooting
    Posted on December 24, 2019 by Dr. Eowyn | 26 Comments
    A major contention of Sandy Hook skeptics is that Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) had been closed for some time before the shooting massacre on December 14, 2012. The skeptics point to the following evidence:”

  7. Remember Barry Soetoro? He put this great list up years ago which also included most of what Jim had already published. Quote:
    People Call Us Crazy For Questioning Sandy Hook. Just Take A Look At Those Questions:
    howiseetheworld (40) in sandy • 3 years ago (edited)
    Why do the crime scene photos of the Lanza house (where Adam allegedly shot his mother before going to Sandy Hook) present the same rooms in various stages of disarray and tidiness?
    Why did the bank demolish the very nice Lanza house?
    Why is the crime scene photo of the gun Adam Lanza used also photographed as a new gun strapped inside it’s box? Did they re-package it after the shooting?
    How did a 115-pound aspergers-suffering weakling pull off a shooting with a 95% accurate kill ratio?
    Why did some school personnel report in INTERVIEWS that Nancy Lanza (the alleged shooter’s mother) was a teacher at Sandy Hook, when she wasn’t? (Wrong script?)
    Why are there two versions of the famous evacuation photo? Did they evacuate these children twice?
    Why did 16 Newtown police officers officially testify that they all entered the school through the hole in the window allegedly shot out by Adam Lanza? (Why wouldn’t one of them unlock the door for the rest of enter?)
    Why is there clear evidence of gunpowder and a breaching round fired from a shotgun that blew out this window? (Adam did not use a shotgun.)
    They tell us there were 456 students in attendance that day, and though mainstream media was all over the school and a helicopter was filming from above, why is there absolutely ZERO footage of this mass evacuation of children?
    Why is there no frost on the ground in this singular evacuation photo?
    Why is Gene Rosen walking around in circles at the firehouse up the street when according to his ever-changing story he was at home giving juice and cookies to devastated children whom a bus driver anomalously dropped off at his house? (Does any of this make sense to you?)
    Why did a bus driver pick up 5 children from a crime scene and drop them off at actor Gene Rosen’s house?
    Why is there a tape of Gene Rosen practicing his lines and obviously screwing up and apologizing to the camera man, “Matt”?
    Why are there 5 ambulances at the firehouse blocked in and unable to move and ZERO ambulances at the school?
    Why were some responding EMT’s not allowed to approach the school?
    Why are paramedics at the school laying out their empty triage tarps far down the parking lot and nowhere near the entrance of the school where we are supposed to believe 26 bodies lie inside?
    Why did not a single parent insisted on seeing their child’s body in person?
    Why did the police pronounce all the bodies dead? That is not their job, nor are they trained to make that determination.
    Are we to believe that every single parents was okay with just seeing their child one last time in a photograph, and not in person?
    How did the Newtown Bee get approval from parents so quickly to publish their children’s faces in the paper?
    Why were some parents BRINGING children to Sandy Hook on the day of the “shooting”?
    Why is the police report HEAVILY REDACTED?
    Why did Lt. Vance say shortly after the shooting in a press conference that all details about the shooting should come from their microphones and anything coming from “other sources” cannot be confirmed and will be prosecuted? (Damage control because people knew what was really going on.)
    Why does the tax accessor’s website show that the families of slain children got free houses on Christmas Day when all government offices were closed?
    Why won’t they release some of the dash can footage?
    Why wasn’t the school ADA-compliant with handicap markings in the parking lot?
    Why can’t the school provide any signed approval slips for the very familiar children who sang at the New Orleans Superbowl a year later?
    Why are so many photos coming out of this Sandy Hook story proven to be photoshopped?
    Why are all the cars in the parking lot on that day facing in exactly the same direction?
    Why did they have to demolish the Sandy Hook school if it was so wonderful?
    Why did the school demolition teams have to sign disclosures of secrecy agreements and agree to never discuss what they saw (OR DIDN’T SEE) inside the school?
    Why is the long gun Adam used in the shooting found in the trunk of his car?
    Why were police handling this gun without gloves on?
    Why did the first responders who got into the school just believe Rick Thorne, the custodian, that he was innocent, not involved, and on the phone with dispatch? In this situation, any stranger on the scene would have been a suspect and immediately secured.
    Why did they use perfectly healthy and alive Lily Gaubert’s picture as the victim Allison Wyatt? (This is also happening in the Ariana Grande Manchester bombing narrative)
    Why were some paramedics not allowed to go to the school to help?
    Why are people on the helicopter footage seen walking out now door, going around the building, and coming back out again? To make the scene look chaotic and busy perhaps?
    Why did Coroner Wayne Carver push forth a bill preventing the release of autopsy photographs BEFORE the school “shooting”?
    Why is there not a single crime scene photograph showing a single body or any bloody aftermath scene as you can find on just about any other event involving a mass shooting? These things are public for a reason.
    Why was there an illuminated sign on the scene that read: “Everybody Must Check In” and why was it that the Department Of Homeland Security put it there?
    Why are there so many people on the scene wearing lanyards?
    Why are some of the death certificates obviously photoshopped?
    Why are only a select group of parents who lost children photographed at the school on the day of the shooting by mainstream media also the same ones who would be giving multiple interviews in the days that followed?
    How did Scarlett Lewis, alleged teacher at Sandy Hook that day, cram 15 children and herself into a 3’ X 4’ bathroom with an inward-opening door? And how did those 16 people not run out of oxygen and not panic for the 45 minutes they were allegedly in there?
    Why were all of the funerals closed-casket?
    Why did Veronique Pozner lie and say Noah’s funeral was open-casket when video proves otherwise?
    Why are there photographs of moving vans at the school BEFORE the shooting? And…
    Why are there photos of the school interior with moving company stickers on some items?
    Why is Lenny Pozner (father of aforementioned Noah Pozner/Huzaifa Huxaifa), who just so happens to own a business called Traxware that specializes in removing content from the internet, the only father that is seemingly harassed and being threatened by “Conspiracy Theorists”? Could it be because he has killed several Youtube channels based on his fraudulent copyright strikes and because people know that he is a lying government operative?
    Why is anybody simply asking questions about Sandy Hook demonized, attacked and threatened?
    Why did an alleged Sandy Hook boy say on the Dr. Oz show, “We were having a drill”?
    Noah Pozner, an alleged victim, “died” a second time two years later in Pakistan, at the Army Boys School “Massacre.” They even used the exact same Sandy Hook school picture, and gave him the name “Huzaifa Huxaifa.”
    Noah Pozner’s mother, Veronique Pozner, did what all mother’s do the day after their son is shot to death in school: She took her daughter to a tattoo parlor and got tattoos.
    Dawn Hochsprung, the principle, was interviewed after she was “killed.” She was also given the name “Donna” and her identical picture was used on FOX News as a witness to the Boston Bombing.
    Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is on camera LYING about saying he was told “something like this might happen in their town.”
    The school was contaminated with asbestos.
    There is no recorded internet activity at the school since 2008.
    The interior school photos show crowded unsafe rooms used as a storage facility and reveal that it was staged, with moving company labels on some of the supplies.
    “Victim” Avielle Richman is actually Lenie Urbina, both images of whom are “the same person” according to 30-year professional forensic expert James K. Appleton. (Both families live in Newtown.
    Lenie Urbina’s father gave an interview (pulled from mainstream media, or course) where he says the children were bussed in. His daughter Lenie also talks of her experience, which I presume is the experience of a drill conducted at the St. Rose of Lima school not far away (which is where I think she ACTUALLY was)
    A Sandy Hook tribute video was uploaded to Vimeo showing all the child victim’s faces ONE MONTH BEFORE THE “SHOOTING.”
    Eric Holder met with Governor Dannel Malloy weeks before the “shooting” to discuss gun control.
    Footage of the drill at St. Rose Of Lima (where cops rush the school) was aired as footage of Sandy Hook on CNN
    Wayne Carver, the coroner, said in a press interview ON CAMERA that he hoped this “wouldn’t come crashing down on the heads of the good people of Newtown.”
    There is a picture of Coroner Wayne Carver at Sandy Hook with other members of law enforcement at the school BEFORE the shooting.
    The McDonnell’s are happy gleeful laughing parents interviewed in an obvious living room set by Anderson Cooper 3 days after their little girl Grace was shot to death at school.
    Robbie Parker is also laughing as he gives an interview the day after his little girl was allegedly shot to death.
    Alleged victim teacher Victoria Soto’s R.I.P. Facebook page was uploaded on December 10, 4 days before the “shooting.”
    The United Way Sandy Hook Support fund launched BEFORE the shooting.
    Shannon Hicks, who took the famous “evacuation photo” of a single line of children, uploaded that photo to a Facebook album days BEFORE the “shooting.”
    Cached internet pages reveal GoFundMe accounts and several articles and Facebook tribute posts were uploaded BEFORE the shooting.
    Child “Victim” Emilie Parker is photographed with President Obama AFTER the “shooting” during a White House visit.
    David Wheeler, grieving father and former actor who lost a child at Sandy Hook, also played one of the FBI guys that day, in an obvious costume, holding his gun in dangerous ways no trained FBI agent would ever hold their gun, ducking from cameras, wearing sunglasses and his helmet strapped on…seen on every mainstream media channel.
    David and Francine Wheeler, alleged Sandy Hook parents, are both actors.
    Gene Rosen is also an actor.
    Many of the “parents” are also actors, 100% proven.
    The FEMA Manual for the Sandy Hook “Mass Casualty of Children” was leaked and is available on-line.
    The FBI crime statistics website claims ZERO murders in Newtown in 2012.
    Nobody died at Sandy Hook.
    FOR MORE, VISIT MY FREE WEBSITE HONR.INFO Barry had a great sense of humor.

  8. I notice the Pulse Nightclub Hoax mentioned in the comments. That one has to be the dumbest Hoax imaginable. The ”dead” bar patrons were crisis actors flown in from Puerto Rico on event day. After the fraud they were flown back to the island that same night.
    The so-called shooter was your typical government trained patsy and you know what happens to them when the event is finished.

    1. “Why don’t any of the pics load? ”

      Was wondering that myself.

      I personally want every aspect of Ms. Carnes’ findings and record to be proven up to the fullest and most specific extent.

      1. Working on the photos. Should have them fixed sometime today. Sorry about that. Technical glitch.

  9. If you put this phrase in a search engine “ public access to crime scenes largely prohibited by state laws” look at what pops up in bold upper case letters:
    FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAWS AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. November 26, 2013 … newsmen have no constitutional right of access to the scenes of crime or disaster when the general public is excluded” … Young that states may exclude out-of-state residents from the access to public records provided by their FOI laws. Observe this is the Office of Legislative Research for Connecticut not even a year after the Sandy Hook Con Dec. 14, 2012.
    “Under U.S. Supreme Court precedent, access to government records is a policy question to be decided by legislative bodies; it is not a constitutional question. As the Court wrote in a recent opinion, it “has repeatedly made clear that there is no constitutional right to obtain all the information provided by FOI[Act] laws” (McBurney v. Young, 133 S.Ct.1709, 1718 (2013)).”
    “The primary Supreme Court case concerning a constitutional right of access to government records is Houchins v. KQED, 438 U.S. 1 (1978). In Houchins, the plurality opinion and concurrence both held that neither the First nor the Fourteenth amendments “mandates a right of access to government information or sources of information within the government’s control” (id., at 15), nor do they grant the media a right of access that is greater than the public’s right of access. The plurality opinion noted that, while previous Supreme Court cases upheld First Amendment rights to communicate information, those cases did not construe the First Amendment as providing a right to obtain information from the government.”
    In other words, while great strides have been made in applying the knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, the scientific method, etc. to all crime scene investigations, the ultimate control of such investigations, namely, citizen control, has been hi jacked by the group of lying lawyers who deem all these crime scenes off limits to ordinary citizens and therefore off limits to citizen verification and citizen control of government. This is a shameful disgrace.
    See if you can find the word “lawyer” anywhere in our Constitution. I can’t. Lawyers love secrecy. But the only way citizens can verify that any of the above rules for crime scene investigations are followed is for ordinary citizens to immediately follow the authorities in after they leave before the crime scene is destroyed as the school in Sandy Hook was quickly demolished to prevent anyone examining it for lies. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. Unfortunately Secrecy in government is the single most important issue which was carefully omitted from our Constitution. This is the single largest failure of the Founders. Nothing has changed today either.
    In other words the attitude of government is “Citizens must always trust government, but government always suspects citizens of lying and cheating.” Therefore there are virtually no realistic and enforceable citizen controls on government because the ballot box is far too weak and easily corrupted by stuffing it or corrupting it in many other ways. This is what can lead to the tinder box as the only viable remedy when corrupt government fails. And of course this is why government is working 24/7 to abolish the 2nd Amendment all based on the lies of false flag attacks like the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax Dec. 14, 2012 in Connecticut all during the corrupt Obama Administration. Americans are the biggest fools on planet Earth.

      1. I rather strongly suspect that this arrest (with spectacular publicity) was conducted to distract from a third-generation Newtown mother (who is also a journalist and former teacher) speaking out that she has come to the (belated) realization) that Sandy Hook was a scam, where I bumped my scheduled guest Friday to put her on and get the word out–where she has already been arrested on a trumped-up charge of 1st degree criminal trespass for going to her energy provider and asking that the Smart Meter on her home be replaced. Here are the relevant links (with more to come). SHARE FAR AND WIDE.

        The Raw Deal (24 January 2020) with Rebecca Carnes

        Rebecca Carnes, Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza and the 2007 NHS Freshman Yearbook Oddities

        Rebecca Carnes: Big Government, Big Business and Big Brother Putting ‘Smart Meters’ on Your Home as Part of its Massive 5G Smart Grid to Control, Monitor and Sicken the Public

      2. SO, going to your local power company and asking questions is now against the law.
        This is just not acceptable.

    1. And it’s an horrendously biased report:

      Wolfgang Halbig, 73.

      Wolfgang Halbig – a Sorrento man who for years has harassed the parents of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, claiming it never occurred – was arrested early this morning by Lake County deputy sheriffs on charges that he was in possession of another person’s identification.

      Halbig was released after posting $5,000 bail nearly two hours after he was booked into the Lake County Jail at 3:18 a.m., according to county jail records. He is charged with a first-degree misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of up to a year in prison.

      Halbig, 73, gained national notoriety for his dark fixation on whether the Dec. 14, 2012 mass shooting that left 20 first graders and six adults dead at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn., happened or was the result of a wicked government conspiracy.

      Halbig is also named in several defamation lawsuits filed by the victims’ families. Right-wing radio host Alex Jones said Halbig fed him conspiracy theories – including more than 4,000 emails over several years – that the mass shooting was staged by the federal government as a way to bring forth more gun-control legislation.

      Halbig has also claimed that the child victims were crisis actors, and he has requested documents that include gruesome photos of the shooting scene.

      In recent months, Halbig has claimed that the Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016 that killed 49 people and wounded 53 people in Orlando also never occurred.

      According to an arrest affidavit, Halbig repeatedly emailed several people and law enforcement agencies the Social Security number, birth date and other information of Leonard Pozner, whose 6-year-old son, Noah, died at Sandy Hook.

      Pozner reported to sheriff officials that since Feb. 18, 2018, Halbig has continued to harass him over the internet.

      Pozner filed a lawsuit against Halbig in 2015 in Lake County and got an injunction against Halbig requiring him to remove Pozner’s address, phone number and email address from his website.

      Halbig is a former Lake County school district district manager who made an unsuccessful run for a county commission seat in 2010. He also worked as a security director for Seminole County schools in the mid 1990s.

      As Halbig’s obsession with the Sandy Hook shooting grew over the years, Lake deputies were called to his home on Hawks Lane Run several times.

      He often claimed that he was being “cyber stalked” on the Internet, threatened physically and that law-enforcement officers in plain clothes came to his home to demand that he stop inquiring about the Sandy Hook shooting, according to Sheriff’s Office incident reports.

      1. I find it disheartening no one has a word (other than Dr. Fetzer) to say about Halbig’s arrest.

      2. from: RBS
        date: Jan 28, 2020, 6:55 PM
        subject: Wolfgang Halbig

        Dear Mr Comas,

        Congratulations on your story on the referenced Mr Halbig appearing in the Orlando Sentinel 27 Jan 2020 which appears to be completely factually correct.

        What you may not be aware of is that Mr Halbig’s apparent fascination with the Sandy Hook story, et. al., all of which allegedly involve multiple deaths at the hands of random shooters, is rooted in fact, and is not the result of delusion or mental illness affecting Mr Halbig.

        If you were to research these alleged random shooting incidents, you would find that no actual deaths occured and that they can therefore be accurately described as frauds– exactly as Mr Halbig asserts.

        If you are not interested in researching this professionally, you might pass this information on to another journalist who would like to. It’s an important story.

        Thank you for your time and attention.

        Ralph Seymour

      3. Rebecca knows that Sandy Hook was a hoax, so I am having trouble figuring out what this comment means. Please explain.

      4. This is an email to the Orlando Sentinel journalist who wrote the short article about Halbig. While the article contained no misinformation, it could have contained the whole truth—– which it didn’t.

  10. One Sandy Hook resident finally catches on? After six years?

    This is of course statistically insignificant. However, It is painfully obvious what can be inferred from this. And this is why I am pessimistic about the prospects of deterring the Jew World Order agenda of vacating the second amendment.

  11. Sandy Hook was a hoax, I know because Jim provided the proof. The judge did not allow Jim to present the proof. The legal system is only as honest as the people who administer it. Those people are not honest, a total hypocrisy.

    What do you want to learn today?

    Social Sciences and the Law
    Kangaroo Court
    Kangaroo Court
    Updated Dec 31 2019
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    Kangaroo Court
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    [Slang of U.S. origin.] An unfair, biased, or hasty judicial proceeding that ends in a harsh punishment; an unauthorized trial conducted by individuals who have taken the law into their own hands, such as those put on by vigilantes or prison inmates; a proceeding and its leaders who are considered sham, corrupt, and without regard for the law.

    The concept of kangaroo court dates to the early nineteenth century. Scholars trace its origin to the historical practice of itinerant judges on the U.S. frontier. These roving judges were paid on the basis of how many trials they conducted, and in some instances their salary depended on the fines from the defendants they convicted. The term kangaroo court comes from the image of these judges hopping from place to place, guided less by concern for justice than by the desire to wrap up as many trials as the day allowed.

    The term is still in common usage by defendants, writers, and scholars critical of a court or a trial. The U.S. Supreme Court has also used it. In in re gault, 387 U.S. 1, 87 S. Ct. 1428, 18 L. Ed. 2d 527 (1967), a case that established that children in juvenile court have the right to due process, the Court reasoned, “Under our Constitution, the condition of being a boy does not justify a kangaroo court.” Associate Justice william o. douglas once wrote, “[W]here police take matters in their own hands, seize victims, beat and pound them until they confess, there cannot be the slightest doubt that the police have deprived the victim of a right under the Constitution. It is the right of the accused to be tried by a legally constituted court, not by a kangaroo court” (Williams v. United States, 341 U.S. 97, 71 S. Ct. 576, 95 L. Ed. 774 [1951]).

    West’s Encyclopedia of American Law
    Kangaroo Court
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    kan·ga·roo court
    • n. an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, esp. without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanor.

    The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English
    Kangaroo Court
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    kangaroo court an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanour.

    The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable ELIZABETH KNOWLES
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  12. The Matrix reared it’s ugly metaphysical head during the Sandy Hook event. This crowd was already red pilled; had already crossed the Rubicon. It was much easier for us to see how phony the event was. The blue pilled masses were outraged anyone questioned the event. The doubters were like nails rising on the planks of an old pier. They were begging to be hammered back into place, just like those questioning 911. Once you cross the 911 Rubicon, there’s no going back. Then when the Moon Landing Hoax was presented to us, our eyes were already wide open to the lies we eat with breakfast.

    Does anyone else just get angry at the news nowadays?

  13. There was NO ”Adam Lanza” , he was a FEMA fictional non-person. He was created for the Sandy Hook Hoax scenario. Ryan Lanza had no brother. The photos you see of ”Adam” are Photoshop computer creations.

    Ryan Lanza was taken into police custody on Sandy Hook Hoax day and told to keep his mouth shut. See attachment:


    1. Very true. And I remember this guy getting arrested on live T.V. saying he had nothing to do with with the shooting. I found that very odd . The whole event was a psy -ops.

    2. Isn’t he still alive? Why doesn’t someone go ask him? Or better still… If you could expose the entire thing as a fraud by standing up and saying I had no brother on national TV…why wouldn’t you? Sure they could kill him, but at that point it would be pretty obvious who did it. He’s not even pissed they destroyed his family name and his mother’s reputation? Fine it didn’t happen. I don’t think it did, but so many times the little details don’t make sense. Saying they told him to keep his mouth shut doesn’t cut it.

      1. Donald….It’s a good and educated guess that all these “participants'” get paid big bucks AND they are likely required to sign an NDA….in which case they could go to jail and possibly forfeit their pay-offs if they were to break the agreement.

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