Rebecca Carnes: Big Government, Big Business and Big Brother Putting ‘Smart Meters’ on Your Home as Part of its Massive 5G Smart Grid to Control, Monitor and Sicken the Public

Rebecca Carnes

So-called ‘smart meters’ sit like parasites on the sides of homes, sucking out private information and spewing forth deadly radiation.

The level of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation coming off smart meters (in the high gigahertz range) willdegrade and mutate your body’s cells, leading to such health consequences as brain cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, and more.

As a resident of Connecticut, I have just recently become aware of the big-picture agenda of the power-elite to use ‘smart’ technologies that will soon be connected on a vast 5G smart grid already in place in many major cities and coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

In an effort to see exactly what my family was up against with these smart meters, I figured the simplest way to find out was to go outside and take a picture of the actual smart meter parasiting itself onto the backside of my house in Newtown, Conn., and then research the device, the science, the legislation and the reason behind the mass deployment of these devices. What I found was a Type 2 Series Centron ‘Openway’ Bridge meter by Itron. As shown in the below picture, it is a Type C2S(O or D), Class 200, 240V, 3W.

This is a picture I took of the supposedly “inactive” smart meter on the side of my home. Expert witnesses have attested to the fact the even allegedly ‘non-activated’ smart meters that are not yet hooked up to a 5G smart grid, still emit incredibly high levels of EMF radiation that cause a myriad of serious health problems.

As stated on the Itron website, the Centron Bridge Meter – like the one I have – can convert or be activated to a smart grid at any time:

When prudent for the utility, the CENTRON Bridge can easily migrate to a full smart grid solution, offering demand response and distribution automation benefits.

The OpenWay Centron meter is described on Itron’s webpage as being “a key component of any advanced metering or smart grid initiative.” The Centron II Series that I have is described by Itron as ” this flexible meter platform meets current and future business needs with applications ranging from automated meter reading (AMR) to smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) initiatives.”

Electrical and mechanical engineering expert William S. Bathgate who has written about and testified on smart meter health and privacy issues, said FCC assurances of the health safety of ‘smart meter’ technology is misleading and compromised because the health studies are industry-sponsored.

“The utility consistently states that the RF emissions of the meters meet FCC requirements, this is a misleading statement, FCC requirements are for the effects of enough ionizing power to cause the brain to heat up 1 degree centigrade. There have been over 800 peer reviewed independent studies not funded by the industry that have linked this type of low-level, non-ionizing RF radiation to a group of diseases including brain cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, Tinnitus, skin rashes, and open sores, as an example. Industry-funded studies do not concur with these findings so this adds to confusion on the health effects attributed to the meters. I have personally met many of the affected consumers and this is no joke or set of psychological conditions.” – William S. Bathgate, former Senior Program Manager for Power Distribution Systems at Emerson Electric Company.

In addition to a published report on smart meter technology, Mr. Bathgate also testified in a 2018 Pennsylvania case involving a gentleman who sued his electricity provider for health problems he believed were brought on by the smart meter attached to his home. Beyond serious health ramifications are also serious privacy issue considerations (as detailed in the below graphic quoting Mr. Bathgate’s observations).

“‘Smart meter’ devices can determine the model number and serial number of the appliances you have, turn off your appliances remotely without your permission, and share your personal information with third parties you will not be able to control. The power companies through these smart meters can also connect to your Smart TV to scan what TV shows you watch and report that information to third parties. Through connected Smart TVs they can even listen to your conversations and SPAM and fishing attacks will likely expand.” – Willam S. Bathgate, electrical and mechanical engineering expert and former power distribution systems manager for a major electric company.


Mr. Bathgate also warns that the ungrounded smart meters (unlike their grounded analog and digital predecessors) are much more likely to ignite and cause a house fire in the event of a lightening strike or otherwise. And that residents unwittingly sign customer agreements that allow the electric company to share any and all collected personal information from ‘smart’ devices in your home to any third party that wants to pay for this information.

“The privacy and security of the full AMI program is another exposure that has not been fully disclosed to the consumer. The broad-based scenario of incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) in the home environment and linking it to a meter, creates increased exposure of personal information to third parties without consent. The fact that the consumer agreed to the service agreement of the utility for provision of electricity also implies that the consumer has by default agreed to the disclosure of personal information to places not named – should be a large concern.” – William S. Bathgate, engineering and power distribution expert.


The Dangerous Truth Behind 5G

Smart meters are in fact an integral component to the 5G smart grid – also known as the ‘Internet of Things’ – that has already descended on big cities like New York City and is spreading to the suburbs. Connecticut is on an accelerated plan to get the 5G smart grid setup throughout the state. In a deliberate marketing ploy to mislead, the smart grid setup was named ‘5G’ even though it is not merely a continuation on 3G and 4G wireless cellular technology. Instead, 5G is an immense ‘smart grid’ also known as the ‘Internet of Things’, connecting every conceivable smart device – from your ‘smart TV’ and your ‘smart phone’, to your self-driving ‘smart car’ and, of course, your home’s ‘smart meter.’

‘5G’ is really the ‘Internet of Things’ Smart Grid. All aspects of your life will be monitored and controlled by ‘smart’ devices that feed your personal information into a smart grid. Marketed under the guise of faster data transmission and “sustainability” energy initiatives – it will actually consume more energy to maintain and comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention the loss of privacy and loss of health you and your family will most definitly endure.

The amount of transmission power and intricate connectivity requires transmission antennas every 500 to 1,000 feet and some public advocates I have spoken with are speculating that 5G is the real reason Connecticut is pushing so hard for tolls on all highways and secondary roads throughout the state. The tolls primary purpose will be to prop up the intricate transmission network for the 5G smart grid.

According to Dr. Iishana Arta, a public health and safety advocate and EMF testing professional in Brattleboro, Vermont, there are:

… over 2,000 international evidence-based studies that link health impacts with pulsed radiowave radiation from cell towers, routers, cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. These studies tell us that RF radiation is harmful at even low and short exposures, and that it impacts children and fetuses more rapidly than adults. Among the findings are that RF radiation is carcinogenic, causes DNA damage, affects fertility and the endocrine system, and has neurological impacts. Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies have also been shown to cause neurological symptoms: depression, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, attention deficits, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, skin tingling, loss of appetite, and nausea.

The extremely high frequencies in 5G are where the biggest danger lies. While 4G frequencies go as high as 6 GHz, 5G exposes biological life to pulsed signals in the 30 GHz to 100 GHz range. The general public has never before been exposed to such high frequencies for long periods of time. – Dr. Iishana Arta.

While the FCC assures the public that cellphone and other wireless technolgies are safe, wireless carriers conceded in testimony during a Connecticut Senate committee hearing that they are not aware of any independent scientific studies on the safety of 5G ‘smart grid’ technologies.

A cautionary tale for anyone wanting to ask that their smart meter be removed: prepare to be handcuffed

After collecting this research and information, I visited the Eversource branch at 20 Barnabas Road in Newtown, Conn., to request that the smart meter on my home be removed due to the serious health concerns I have for my family regarding the dangerous levels of EMF radiation being pumped into my house via this smart meter.

Eversource’s Newtown, Conn., branch at 20 Barnabas Road.

I waited for about three hours in the waiting room as various service representatives tried to turn me away, and various managers and metering operators/supervisors vacillated between thanking me for my customer service inquiry and threatening to call the police. I thanked them for their time, but respectfully reiterated that I wanted the smart meter removed from my home due to serious health and safety concerns for my family.

A manager told me that the device on my house isn’t really a ‘smart meter’ because it has not yet been activated into smart mode due to a lack of funding from the state, he said. He also attempted to assuage my fears by stating that the FCC says the levels of radiation given off from such meters are not a health concern. I respectfully told him that I did not believe the information he has been given by the FCC and otherwise is accurate, and that I wanted an assurance from the company that they would indeed remove the smart meter from my home.

As a cautionary tale to anyone else in Newtown or anywhere who has a concern about smart meters and visits their local electric company – prepare for the worst outcome you can imagine. Even though I had remained seated in the waiting room calmly this entire time, Eversouce representatives called the Newtown Police and I was arrested (for the first time in my entire life) and charged with criminal tresspass in the first degree, 53a-107, a Class A misdemeanor and ordered to go to Danbury Superior Court on Feb. 5th.

This is what you should expect when you poke the hive of the Big Business, Big Agenda hegemony that is taking over our country and obfuscating the truth so they can rob Americans of their freedoms and even their lives.

Rebecca Carnes is a third-generation Newtown, Conn., resident. Email Rebecca at 

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5 thoughts on “Rebecca Carnes: Big Government, Big Business and Big Brother Putting ‘Smart Meters’ on Your Home as Part of its Massive 5G Smart Grid to Control, Monitor and Sicken the Public”

  1. This is an incredibly informative video from Corbett in regard to how any of us can opt out of the system. It does not mean you have to isolate and live on a mountain top and live off tree bark and dirt. The degree to which you care to opt out is a personal choice. Personally, I use a bank because I have no choice because my SS check has to be deposited. They will no longer mail them except in case of extreme hardship….who knows what that means. BUT, I keep no money there, except enough to pay bills. I don’t have or use a cell phone. I don’t have a TV. I heat with wood from my own property. My electric bill runs about 25 bucks. I do not have a dryer, a tank type water heater or AC. I fill up a propane tank for cooking and showers about every 5-6 months. It cost me 20 bucks to fill it up. My biggest vice is this computer (for which I NEVER connect wi fi). I’m a mechanic and half-arsed carpenter, so problems that arise, I can usually fix myself. I eat well, I live well and have a high quality of life.
    I DO NOT live like a pauper. I do not have a lot of money, but I consider myself rich.
    It can be done. My apologies for being so subjective, but all I have posted is true…and I post it only to encourage others and not to boast about my lifestyle…it’s not for everyone.

  2. Best to make plans to move out the city. Research earth embedded houses. Double layer 5G anti wifi paint and protection materials on the home, clothes and car windows. Live in the appropriate topology that blocks most radiation and far from a road. NWO cities won’t be viable anyway. No point joining the short lived 5G trip to hell on earth.

  3. “first time in my entire life) and charged with criminal tresspass in the first degree, 53a-107, a Class A misdemeanor and ordered to go to Danbury Superior Court on Feb. 5th.

    This is what you should expect when you poke the hive of the Big Business”

    We have had a smart meter for years, and our modem thing for the wireless stuff israted 4G and 5G. We do not have a smart TV. You may be right, but I hope you are wrong!
    Our premier of Victoria just brought in euthanasia, which once was in the northern Territory (Aust) but in NT it was removed. Just before the bushfires our premier stopped logging of old growth forests (I think in the west of the state) to appease the greenies, with we have had bad fires in the east state.


  4. I find it remarkable Rebecca was arrested for simply asking some questions at the electric company. Does anyone know how it wound up? Obviously the case must have been dismissed, but how about ‘false arrest’….was/is that a consideration?

  5. Thanks Rebecca for your thoughtful essay. You say you live in Newtown, CT. The reports I read for the previous 7 years from that town and Sandy Hook village reveal a rogue state of affairs where justice and fair-mindedness seem to be unobtainable by anyone. Good luck.


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