Patrick J. McShay, Targeted Assassinations and Foreign Entanglements

Patrick J. McShay

“The Iranian regime’s aggression in the region including their use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors must end and it must end now!

*President Donald J. Trump

President Trump’s former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster once said that “there are basically two ways to fight the United States, asymmetrically and stupid.” We know the disparities between Iran and the U.S. are immense but how much do we really know about Iran’s full capability?

One thing we do know is that Iran is a much graver threat than Iraq, possessing updated Russian missile defense systems and other weapons the Pentagon knows nothing about.  Iraq had no powerful allies that gave the US pause when George Bush “The Dumber” made the horrible decision to invade their country and look how great that turned out.

Iran, on the other hand, has many allies in the region and recently participated in war games with powerful allies Russia and China.  It is amazing to me that I didn’t hear a single Democrat or Republican political pundit all weekend that even mentioned that fact!

The Russians and the Chinese were happy to sit back and watch the US waste lives and treasure on a fool’s mission in Iraq and Afghanistan based on a mountain of bogus and deceitful intelligence we received from Israel! I don’t see them sitting this one out.  Didn’t we get our intelligence from Israel on this latest operation? Isn’t it suspicious to anyone in the country that we get all of our middle east intelligence from a country that has been trying desperately to persuade the US to bomb Iran for over 2 decades?

This strike in Iraq reminds me of the strike on Syria after the false flag gas attack in Douma that was falsely blamed on Assad’s Syrian Army. Despite denials from Assad and calls for an investigation by Russia and others, Trump ordered a missile strike sending 59 Tomahawks into a Syrian airport that destroyed a few planes and killed 9 civilians. Trump’s teachable moment in Syria may have been more effective had it not already been known that the U.S. and Israeli controlled terrorists also possessed chemical weapons.

That, and the fact that Russia wasn’t buying it either, and since Russia and China are both allied with Syria, allowed cooler heads to prevail. My guess is whoever talked Trump into the Syrian missile attack was likely the person or persons that talked him into this attack in Iraq.

The biggest difference is this strike killed an Iranian General, Quasem Soleimani, the leader of the Iranian fighters outside of Iran called the Quds force. Since the bombing, stories are making the rounds about what a bad guy Soleimani was. One that several have repeated is that he was responsible for the deaths of over 600 American soldiers.

Gareth Porter, the author of “Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story Of The Iran Nuclear Scare” wrote, “Propaganda floated by former Vice President Dick Cheney over a decade ago to justify his push for war against Iran has been revived by the Trump Administration.”  The media runs with this old propaganda and continues to recklessly report this misinformation as truth.”

Porter points out that the claims that Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of over 600 U.S. servicemen have been debunked many years ago and recently Navy Commander Sean Robertson acknowledged that the Pentagon has no documentation or data to support such a claim. That certainly didn’t stop an army of pundits led by Sean “No bomb Sean” Hannity to repeat this lie over and over through the weekend.

It reminds me of when we were told that Iraqi soldiers stormed a hospital in Kuwait to steal equipment including incubators for newborn babies, to be shipped to Iraq. It was reported that if the incubators were occupied, the baby was thrown to the floor. It was later determined that this was merely a propaganda stunt to garner support for George H.W. Bush’s unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

Targeting foreign government officials sets a dangerous precedent and may put targets on the backs of U.S. Politicians and other senior U.S. officials. The only government that currently targets foreign leaders, that I’m aware of, is Israel!  These cable news pundits applauding this attack seem to have forgotten that it has been US/Israel policy that has blown up the middle east since 911. The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel armed and funded at least 12 Islamic rebel groups in Syria fighting a proxy war for the U.S. and Israel against Assad’s troops.

They don’t talk about Hillary’s gun-running operation for terrorists in Libya that culminated in the killing of Muammar Gaddafi and the deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador Chris Stevens, in the disaster in Benghazi. And the worst of them are the pundits who have yet to apologize for cheerleading George W. Bush’s horrible decision to invade Iraq, and are cheering this strike as vital and necessary. As I write this the U.S. is arming and enabling Saudi Arabia to annihilate the population of Yemen and the media won’t even talk about it.

Trump said Friday “the people of the middle east will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves, for their country and frankly for their families and for their children” What the hell does that mean? Most of these people have been dodging bullets from US soldiers or the U.S. paid mercenaries and terrorists their entire lives and praying that a bomb from an American jet or drone doesn’t blow up their home with their entire family inside. Trump said their future is up to them? What a ridiculous thing to say!

Fox News reported that during the Kenyon’s 8-year reign of terror he ordered 563 drone strikes, 10 times more than the insane Bush 43. It’s hard to believe he had so much time to scold us and tell us how disappointed he and Michele were that we were clinging to our guns and religion.

Senator Rand Paul got it right when he said, ” without a declaration of war, without Congress and the American people behind it, what you get is a messy mission. You get a mission of intermittent violence but it really has no purpose or plan. The President says he doesn’t want perpetual war but he’s sending more troops. If you don’t want perpetual war stop sending more troops.”

Trump is now saying he may target cultural sites in Iran, which is just despicable! Does anyone else notice that Trump’s foreign dealings look more like Israel’s every day? Western-backed ISIS terrorists targeted cultural sites in Syria and our government has never told us what happened to the priceless artifacts that were looted from Iraqi museums by the U.S. Army shortly after the invasion of Iraq began.

I’ve heard “Rapture Mike” Pompeo is going to run for a Senate seat soon and hopes to have financial support from Jewish billionaire and dual Israeli citizen Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate that was Trump’s biggest donor in 2016. Pompeo spent a lot of time with the embattled Bibi Netanyahu scheming and plotting, could this be something they cooked up together with Jared Kushner?

Haaretz Daily in Israel reported that In 2013 Adelson boldly proclaimed that he wanted the US to drop an Atomic Bomb on Iran. He said dropping a bomb and likely killing millions of people would be a “Tremendous demonstration of American strength, then said, “negotiations and dialogue are a sign of weakness.” Adelson, the political kingmaker in America, has said that he wished he’d served in the Israeli army instead of the U.S. Army. What a patriot, huh. Again, this was Trump’s biggest donor! These are the people selecting our politicians with their dirty money.

I saw John Bolton was pleased, that should give everyone pause. Bolton, of course, was instrumental in the planning of the Iraq invasion for Bibi Netanyahu. The report called “A Clean Break” was put together by Bolton’s pals at “The Project For A New American Century” a Neo-Con, a Zionist think tank that planned the war for Israel, intended for Americans to fight and then they lied through their teeth to get their war started.

If you’re going to talk about Iraq, you have to know our history in Iraq. Let’s face it, most people are getting their news from networks that are still reporting that Osama bin Laden was behind 911. Former Marine, former West Point instructor, and the Director of Studies at the Army War College on 911, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, says he is certain Israel was behind 911 and says the military knows.

The Big question this weekend was whether Iraq would order U.S. troops from the country, which they did Saturday. The other big question I have is will we leave if so ordered? The truth is, Iraq has ordered the US troops out of their country umpteen times in the last 10 years and at least 3 times in the last year.

I was an early supporter of Trump because of his stance on illegal immigration and his plan to build a border wall, but the sad reality is we are still bringing in over a million legal immigrants and we welcome 72,000 “Anchor Babies” every year who will use the “Chain Migration” clause in our ludicrous immigration laws to bring their entire families here.

I was especially annoyed to see a report from Tucker Carlson that 18 Republican  Governors betrayed their constituency and have agreed to take in more Christian hating Muslim refugees for settlement than they were asked to take in. These refugees are similar to the Muslims that are turning European countries into combat zones with violent crime rates soaring. Who is behind this invasion? I recommend that if this bothers you, call your Governor and let him know.

Another reason I voted for Trump is he said he would get us out of middle east entanglements. He didn’t say, “except the ones involving Israel”. I don’t know a single person that cared one bit that he moved the embassy to Jerusalem and his Presidential proclamation formally recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the West Bank, which he had no right to do, have caused increased violence against innocent Palestinians. The only thing he hasn’t done is to start a new war with Iran.

State of the Nation reported that a high-level source in the White House confirmed that Donald Trump converted to Judaism 2 years ago and joined the Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue in Manhattan.

While “Rapture Mike” is on a countdown to Armageddon waiting for Jesus to return, the Chabad Jews that surround Trump are waiting for Moshiach, the Jewish Messiah who will reinstate the royal Davidic line and restore the Promised Land. It’s what the “Greater Israel Project” is all about, more land and more treasure regardless of the current owners.

* Americans don’t want another war for Israel, Mr. Adelson!

When our controllers lie about the reasons for war, it’s a good bet they are lying about everything else. In 2019 we found out that our FBI, CIA, Department Of Justice, and State Department officials at the highest levels were completely corrupt and the system is still broken. If Trump doesn’t want war he should fire the Neo-Cons who surround him, including Son-In-Law Jared Kushner and if true, come clean about his conversion.

It would explain a lot!

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26 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay, Targeted Assassinations and Foreign Entanglements”

  1. Something quite interesting from Stone…just posted……would love to get the Dr.’s opinion on this. There’s more on the site in the way of evidence.

    My comment on Bernie Sander’s staffers saying lock american conservatives in gulags:
    I have already posted here several times the fact that there were three cities in Russia that were built to mimic American cities exactly, so future infiltrators could come to America having a full recollection of their “American” home town. Burlington Vermont, which Bernie was mayor of, is one of those cities, and as mayor of Burlington he made frequent trips to it’s counterpart in Russia, where they sang American songs at parties. Bernie is a confirmed communist that has infiltrated the U.S. government who has a goal of destroying the United States. Having one of his staffers state he wants conservatives thrown in gulags is not a surprise.

    The latest Project Veritas bust is important, because it supports what this site has said about the sister cities in Russia for years, and it legitimizes my previous bust of Bernie Sanders who obviously has the current Russian rooted comminists on his staff. Who else would he have, when he’s an about to expire cold war communist? When that’s all Trump is running against, he could be a dash board troll and win in a landslide, ALL TRUMP’S OPPONENTS ARE OF THE SAME CLOTH.

    Remember this? (continued on his site)

  2. If the facts in the following article do not fit what’s happening to the US, INC. to a “T”, I don’t know what would. Here’s a small excerpt:

    As stated in the first line of this essay, “empires are built through the creation or acquisition of wealth.” They tend to end through the gradual elimination of the free-market system, the metamorphosis to a welfare state, and, finally, through the destruction of wealth through costly warfare.

    Me…….’through costly warfare as a result of allowing nation/ideology (that would be Israel and Zionism, folks) RULE your foreign policy”.

    Very few Americans will even choose to see the US, INC. as an empire. They prefer the illusion of some kind of beneficent democracy hell bent on saving all the suppressed masses; to which I scream, UTTER BULLSHITE!

  3. Well, I just watched Trumps speech. His make-up was heavy and he was breathing heavily. Nothing was said we would not expect. It was political more than anything. Zip was said about the Ukrainian plane crash. His hubris was palpable and his lies in regard to our past with Iran was disgusting and totally misleading.
    WE are invaders in the ME…he acts as if Iran invaded us.
    WE do not belong there and have NO RIGHT to be there.

    Here’s Stone’s take.

    Trump’s speech:
    No war, no mention of Ukraine jet shoot down (that’s odd) and he looked stressed out. The generals were not happy. I think he found out the U.S. shot down the Ukranian jet and was basically flipping out inside while reading a teleprompter and saying no war, only sanctions, and repeating tired rhetoric while the generals wanted a totally different speech but could not force him to deliver it. IF it is determined the U.S. shot down that plane, then what? If Iran shot it down, you’d think that would get blasted beyond the horizon instantly by those who want war on Iran, but mum’s the word, why?.

    After that shoot down, I am really beginning to think ALL, and I mean ALL Iran has is a massive missile force that can wipe out Israel. That is ALL. They can’t detect crap, have a navy that’s suitable for law enforcement, have no meaningful air force or army, but they have a pile of super sized long range missiles. And they don’t want their public to know just how weak certain parts of their military are so they are calling it a crash.

  4. To witness an extreme example of the left/right delusion, please see the article and comments for “Shocking: Jim Fetzer turns against Trump in favor of Bernie Sanders because of Soleimani assassination.”

    Unsurprisingly, Dr. Fetzer aquits himself well in the comments, but his arguments are ignored by the author and her faithful followers who accuse him of being “LEFTIST!!!!!”

    1. As usual, many commenting have an agenda and do not seem to be intelligent enough to change that agenda as FACTS come in. To deny Trump is not an avid supporter of Israel ABOVE the US is simply preposterous. How can anyone now vote for a president who has been proven to have DUAL loyalties? Tossing aside Tulsi because of her stand re abortion is equally ridiculous.
      BUT, supporting someone like Trump, who authorized the MURDER of a foreign leader is totally unacceptable. I venture to say, Fetzer knows more about Iran than most…but no one is listening. Why? Is everyone SO afraid to voice an opinion about Israel…unless, of course, it’s in support of that monster.

      1. Will, you’re right about everything in your comment, especially, “Fetzer knows more about Iran than most.”

        I don’t know how people cannot see the Israeli influence on Trump, or downplay it’s significance.

      2. Hey, Will, I just read your comments at Fellowship of the Minds in defense of Dr. Fetzer, (or maybe they were just released or something). Good work. Thanks for jumping in.

      3. Thank you, Toni. It’s the least any of us can do for a man who actively stands for the truth. How those folks over there can denigrate a man of Dr. Fetzer’s character (and apparently know nothing of him) is beyond my comprehension.

      4. Agreed, Will. It’s outrageous that Dr. Eowyn and her minions would trash Fetzer like that, ignoring his reputation. As Dachsie said in her comment over there at Fellowship of the Minds:

        “Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Eowyn and Carl Herman and Dr. ? Vivian Lee and Dr. James Tracy and so many of the other scholars and researchers have given us of that most rare and valuable commodity, truth, and who have done so largely by the facilitations of Dr. Fetzer via his various venues over the years.”

        It’s like that’s all in the past now for the very ones who experienced it, and the new FOTMers are ignorant of the institutional history of the site to which they flock. They all react to any fact or situation according to the official script: uncritical ratification or blind rejection. There is no grey area, no room for thought.

        The reputation of someone as genuine as James Fetzer can be dissipated in a second for voicing one ‘wrong’ thought. It’s authoritarian.

        Not to mention that one can be banned for something one said on another site.

      5. So true, Toni…What happened to discussion, debate and civility? It would seem these extremes have been forced upon us from outside forces.
        There’s no give and take. Attack, attack, attack. Folks hear themselves and no one else. In EST or The Forum, we called it already listening.

        It’s an agenda driven paradigm. So few realize there could be a common agenda of truth, harmony, peace and NO WAR. Does it matter how we get there as long as we all get there together without harm to others?

        Sad….just so sad.

      6. I like that “already listening.” Like somebody is already listening to something, can’t hear anything else.
        Sometime (maybe now, if you want) you should recount your experience with EST. Did you do it in Big Sur?

      7. The EST story (now called Landmark Education and The Forum) is a book. I did the initial program in Arlington, Va and other advanced courses in upstate NY and NYC. I was involved for several years in the early 90’s. Actually assisted at some advanced programs before I did the initial Forum. Did some production supervision and eventually wound up in a leadership program. But, I was not into the sales part of it, so I decided to take what I had and leave the rest.

        It can become ‘cultish’ if one does not watch oneself.

        It’s an amazing technology…but not for everyone.

        One thing is for certain….one is not the same person coming out as the person going in.

      8. Oh, ok, so way after Big Sur. It all runs together for me lol.

        So this is when Werner Erhard & Associates sold his intellectual property to his users, would you call them?

        I can see how EST could go cultish. It kind of started that way originally, up the coast, then doubled down with multi-level-marketing. But I’m sure you’re aware of the criticism.

        Could you explain the technology a bit more?

      9. I really cannot explain how and why it works. Erhard brought together many disciplines and wrapped them together within group dynamic ‘therapy’ with impeccably trained leaders. One of the ideas that constantly floats through the original program (EST or The Forum) is that each participant gets what they want to get. Last I checked, the first program lasts about three days with few breaks with each session lasting about 12 hours. A very basic concept is to break the participant down….get rid of all their preconceived beliefs and then build or rebuild them back up. It virtually brings an end to the constant repetitive conversation one has going on in their head…about the world, themselves or others.
        But, that’s the least. The leaders (and I assisted several behind the scenes) are masterful at their craft and I have never seen one stumped regardless of the participants objections, questions or situation.
        There is a certain outline all Forums follow, but each is different….even if you do the same program several times as I did.
        That’s the best I can explain…….I always recommend taking it OR at least going to an introduction. Last I checked, the cost was around $400 for the first course……could very well be more now. Search Landmark Education.
        I knew one leader before he was trained….Barry Terry…I imagine he’s still part of it….My original Forum leader was Randy McNamara…he was one of the first and I believe he retired.

      10. Replay – Trump following the Israel playbook in Iran

        Brasscheck TV via
        8:00 PM (4 minutes ago)

        to me

        BrasscheckTV Report

        Because the US news media (and education)
        encourages us to have zero historical memory,
        here’s what Israel was up with Iran just a year
        and a half ago.

        As is often the case, it takes a comedian,
        in this case, Jimmy Dore to lay out reality
        for us (Note: This video is from 2018.)


        – Brasscheck TV

        P.S. We can’t make this unique news
        service available without the help of
        our subscribers.

        Please consider joining the ranks
        of supporters


      11. Thanks, Will. I don’t think it’d take on me, but it sounds like you went the distance and got a lot out of it.

    2. Thanks, Toni, for sharing that link to FOTM article. (I am so sad to learn of Lophatt’s death. He was always a bright shining star to me.)

      I just posted a fairly lengthy comment there as DachsieLady. It was in a sub-thread responding to a comment by Dr. Eowyn that started like this…

      “Dr. Eowyn

      “How could Dr. Eowyn have been taken in by your lunatic ravings?”

      Pearl, I had known Jim only through our mutual work on ”

      1. Dachsie, great comment over there. I always liked how you know your own mind.

        (Agreed about Lophatt, R.I.P.)

      2. Toni, You and Dschsie both posted very appropriate comments. I am taken aback by the fury over my THINKING ABOUT possibly supporting Bernie, when Trump has lost me by going full-Zionist in taking out Soleimani. I am FLOORED. Eowyn even wants to ban you for sticking up for me, which I find completely reprehensible. Now she may want to ban me, too. Just incredible.

      3. Yes, I thought it was an extreme over-reaction, too, to shower you with opprobrium for expressing an opinion.

        I am shocked and saddened that Dr. Eowyn would think of banning me, and worse yet, you. This is a pernicious problem with the left/right misconception; each side is as eager as the other to stifle and censor the speech with which they disagree.

        Ok, maybe more so on the left, but they mirror each other more than they don’t.

    3. I’ve been banned from Fellowship of the Minds for linking to the site with the comment above, characterized as ‘passive-aggressive’ and ‘nasty’.

      My comment was hardly passive-aggressive as I stated my opinion at her site first! And nasty? I’ve read worse.

      Do Jim Fetzer’s blog readers not deserve to know or comment on an article about James Fetzer at another site? That is nasty.

  5. Well, former Trump devotees….here’s one helluva interesting post from Stone this AM…Please read it all, as it goes through changes as he gathers more information. At one point he actually thinks Trump may be negotiating with Iran behind closed doors since apparently there are rumors that Iran was getting fed up with Soleimani’s reach for more power. Seems a bit off, but that’s one of the possibilities he presents. In any case, it quite interesting.

    Iran has now stated that if America retaliates for the missile strikes, Israel has a half hour to live
    Well well, if Iran DOES decide to strike Israel, they had better launch all 200, 000+ missiles at once because it will be the last thing they ever do.

    Rumor has it that there were several Burisma execs on the Ukranian plane that were in Tehran for an energy conference, and the plane was shot down (probably by Israel) under the disguise of tensions between the U.S. and Iran. If there really were Burisma execs on that plane as rumor has it, I’d say Hillary, Biden and Obama & co had it shot down, likely by Israeli sleeper cells. They all sleep in the same New World Order bed.

    This is only rumor, but it is at least something to put out there. One thing is certain, the plane was definitely, without question, shot down. It burned all the way to the ground and it was clearly captured on video.

    Update on Iranian missile attacks:
    The U.S. is reporting no casualties and no damage. Iranian media is reporting 30 U.S. service members dead, and numerous aircraft destroyed. So whatever. If the missiles did actually do that, it proves Iran is not gutless but I doubt it, I think they are trying to pacify their public by making their public believe revenge was delivered. We will have to wait and see what Trump says tomorrow..

    There is a dispute as to who shot down the Ukranian airliner as it took off from Tehran airport. Some are speculating Iranians shot it down because they are nervous. I find that very hard to believe since it was a regularly scheduled flight with transponder following a known flight route in a normal way in an area Iranians are familiar with. REMEMBER: The U.S. shot down Iranian flight 655 in 1988 and TWA flight 800 in 1996. Smart money says the U.S. also shot this one down.

    After Iran launched missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq, the U.S. declared Iran to be a “no fly zone” and 45 minutes into this, a Ukranian airliner lost transponder signal six miles after take off from Tehran air port and simply vanished, with no recorded anomalies in flight speed or altitude. Confirmed crashed. This means a weapons system likely downed the jet because it was flying perfectly normal and then POOF.


    Update to my latest Iran post (down the page past the next post)
    I may have been too optimistic and Trump’s “All is well” might have been an “alrightey then”. We will know for sure tomorrow morning when Trump gives an official speech on this topic. If he declares war, then I will post what I was originally going to post.

    After posting that tease earlier, I have to put something up but there have been developments that put my original take on things back on the shelf
    In the interim between the notice I was going to post about what is going to happen with Iran, Iran attacked American bases in Iraq and the fallout from this was not what I expected. At least so far. This attack, and Trump’s subsequent response, paints a new picture and I have picked up a little more info.

    First of all, it appears Soleimani was getting too powerful and Rouhani wanted him out of the equation. Soelimani had started to engage in conflicts that were not authorized by Tehran. And it looks like Trump did stuff behind the scenes to get rid of a nuisance that was bothering both the United States and the upper ranks of the Iranian government.

    Now, all of this is based on Twitter posts and other social media, however, Trump’s tweet that “all is well” after the attacks was not what I’d have expected and according to Trump, there will be no military response to these attacks from the United States. Very important: In these attacks, there was no property damage on the bases and there were no casualties. This would not be possible by accident, considering the number of missiles fired. So here’s the probable scenario, now that this new tidbit of info has been added to the equation:

    Somehow, Trump either communicated with Iran’s leadership to take out Soleimani, or he had good enough intelligence that Iran wanted him gone too, and they would not be too upset if the U.S. got rid of that nuisance. For show, because there had to be, Iran blathered and babbled and staged a huge funeral. And then, in “retaliation” which Iran has firmly announced is complete, they sent some precision missiles to a few American bases, set to miss everything and land harmlessly. And they did. This completed the counter strike, Iran has officially stated that is what their response will be, and Trump replied “all is well”.

    I could be wrong with my assessment here, but it does make sense and I don’t think anyone else has anything that is going to prove to be more accurate, at this stage of the game everyone is still guessing. The recent events of this evening have reset everything. We just have to wait and see.

  6. Remember when we had a “Selective Service System” operating in every small town and city of the country, to bring some sense of fairness to who is forced to the front battle lines in our endless wars against humanity? Let’s return to drafting the children and grandchildren of the elitist rich Pr…ks from Yale, Harvard, Columbia, MIT, U Chicago, Cal Tech, Stanford, USC, Duke, Princeton, Cornell, ..etc. and put them out on the front terror battle lines along with the poor kids. How about the grandchildren of folks with names like Clinton or Bush or Cheney or Trump or Obama…? Why are these groups given a pass today in favor of poor kids or mercenaries? Let’s put these rich elitists on the front battle lines too. Why are they unfairly given a pass and protected from the horror of the front battle lines and from a possible “slap in the face” by a future general like Patton? Many of these elitists are the liars about false flags like Sandy Hook done by our own government or the crimes of 9/11/01 done by Israel and aided by the corrupt four star generals and the daily lies of almost every newspaper and television station in the country. They are likely grandchildren of the 535 whores in Congress many of whom are dual citizens with Israel a blatant conflict of interest. The time is long past to put all these elitists on the battle lines to suffer equally with the poor.

    1. WJA…Now there’s a way to put an end to war…

      And here’a an idea…..all those who lost limbs in war….let them spend a month in the homes of those who escaped being drafted or even enlisting…….so they may witness first hand what they and their elitist buddies have done to their young lives.


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