Kurt Nimmo throws in the towel: 2020 Prognostication and the End of his Blog

2020 Prognostication and the End of his Blog

Below I enumerate the reasons we will be unable to effectuate meaningful political and social change in America and why I have decided this blog is pointless. 

1. The wars will continue. No political solution is possible. The people are now inured to war. It is not an issue for most Americans. The media does not report the cause and effect of war in a truthful manner. If the wars are to be fought by the invisible poor and the flag-draped coffins arriving at Dover airbase are not shown—to say nothing of videos and photos of uncounted innocents killed by the US government—then most people simply don’t care. They are not motivated to do much of anything about the situation. In this way, they are analogous to the citizens of Nazi Germany. 

2. Economic predation by the ruling elite, central banks, and the so-called “one percent” (actually more like 0.001 percent) will continue until the entire house of cards collapses. This will be blamed on whoever is president at the time. It may be Trump, or his successor, be he or she Democrat or Republican. It doesn’t really matter which individual gets the blame for the coming catastrophe that will result in billions of people living in poverty or near-poverty. Anyone who knows anything about how the economy really works under the “guidance” of the Federal Reserve and its cartel of international banksters understands that the president has very little influence over economic policy. The task of the president, backed up by a raft of bogus and misleading statistics issued by government agencies, is to tell lies (he may not know they are lies) and blue sky bullshit about jobs and inflation. 

3. Because the corporate media does not tell the truth about the economy, most people are woefully ignorant and unprepared for the eventuality of a “Greater Depression.” This will result in civil violence never before experienced in this country and the government will respond with authoritarian measures. 

4. Increasingly, we are denied to right to speak and organize politically. The state is now in the process of making sure its critics cannot be heard on social media and the internet. Narratives counter to official propaganda are now considered domestic terrorism by the FBI, the state’s political police force. Activists on the “far-right” are considered racist, xenophobic, misogynist—essentially “fascist,” although it is obvious many on the “far-left” and even “center-left” have zero idea what a real fascist is. The state in league with corporations—“public-private partnership”—are fascist in orientation. Mussolini, whom we may regard as the grand-daddy of fascism, defined his authoritarian doctrine as corporatism. For most Americans, fascists goose-step in old newsreels and shove Jews in crematoria ovens. They have no idea the credit card they use to buy their corporate latte every morning essentially renders them slaves to real fascists. 

5. Donald Trump will likely escape the fate of impeachment, primarily because he is not guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump should be impeached for telling lies to the American people and engaging in war crimes, not for the patently absurd, vile, and vicious fantasies put out since 2016 by butt-sore loser Democrats led by the psychopath Hillary Clinton. It now (late December 2019) appears Trump may actually be reelected. This will result in further political and social polarization and a marked increase in violence. Again, this will provide the state with an excuse to implement draconian measures, including the rendition of political activists within the United States. The state has prepared for this since the late 60s (Rex 84, Garden Plot, Ollie North’s plan to subvert the Constitution during a “national emergency,” all should serve as examples). 

6. The political strategy now used by the state—fomenting division along political, sexual, racial, and perceived class lines—will result in violence on an unprecedented scale. The so-called Left has demonstrated over the last few years that it is not adverse to openly advocating and using violence—from shooting Republicans at baseball practice to the brutality and thuggery of Antifa and other “anarchists” (they defy the definition)—as weapons to score political points. 

7. As noted above, the strategy by the state and the global elite is to create division and violence that will require a violent “solution.” The Pentagon has prepared for this for at least a decade and police departments around the nation are now paramilitary organizations—largely due to the effort of the federal government and the Pentagon—that daily reveal a proclivity for violence, including the murder of unarmed and non-threatening civilians. 

8. Add to this stew of social and political toxicity the probability of a regional war in the Middle East initiated by Israel and the US (and the scary prospect of a military confrontation with Russia, China, or both), and we have a situation where political repression in America will resemble that of the former East Germany and the Soviet Union. The state adores war—not only for the ability to centralize government and impose sacrifice on the people—but as a sufficient cover to eradicate all political opposition. 

9. I believe we have few if any options. As noted above, the American people, by and large, are sufficiently indoctrinated and unable to organize effective resistance. It is far too easy for the state to divert the masses into meaningless and dead-end political sideshows, most obviously the idiotic circus to impeach Trump with its collection of inanities, magician illusions, lies, breaking of the rule of law, and spreading of venomous (and diversionary) hysteria. 

10. I see little reason to continue posting this blog. I am, in essence, preaching to the choir, all 200 or so who daily visit this blog. Granted, many of my posts are reposted elsewhere, but the effect, educative or otherwise, is at best minimal. I see little reason to continue. I do fear many of us will be prosecuted—or at best have our internet resources curtailed—and this will be, as the endless wars, of only minimal passing concern to a majority of Americans. After all, the corporate media has maligned us as Nazis, white supremacists, and dangerous terroristic conspiracy theorists. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out where this will lead. 

Endnote: I advise the small number of you who have pledged money to this blog through a monthly donation to end payments to my account. I sincerely appreciate your support but, unfortunately, I can no longer continue posting to ADE.

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15 thoughts on “Kurt Nimmo throws in the towel: 2020 Prognostication and the End of his Blog”

  1. The title of an article on ZH and a few quotes ….
    This is the depth to which we as supposed humans have reached in the insanity and injustice of western ‘society’.
    There is no excuse and there is no logic in treating a fellow human this way other than to teach the rest of a a lesson.
    We could all hang our heads in shame.
    But we will not.
    We will not storm the Bastille.
    There will be NO revolution.

    Julian Assange Is Being Tortured To Death: “I’m Dying Here”

    What the “authorities” are doing to Assange amounts to torture of a political enemy.

    No, he’s a danger to the ruling class. And that’s why he’s being tortured in a prison.

    “What is clear that what is happening to Julian is much more about vengeance and setting an example to dissuade other people from holding American power to account in this way,”


  2. Regrettably, this post sounds to me like it was written by a reasonable man. Not someone who might believe in “Q”. Unless you are in denial, it is impossible to argue with it.

    I believe than an absolute prerequisite for any positive change is the complete failure of the US economy and our rigged banking system. Only then, if there is enough will remaining, can the US be reconstituted. Nothing will change without honest money.

    1. I would be curious to know, how can the US economy collapse when all the Fed has to do is print more fake money (just as in QE 4 recently? Who or what will confront the most powerful nation ever and tell them it’s over? Russia? China? The UK? Australia? What happens to countries when they try to ditch the almighty dollar?
      Serious question.

      1. I’m not an economist; this is just my stupid little theory=== not to be taken seriously by anyone, including me.

        But you might have a point. Since all major central banks are printing money, how does one become debased in relation to the others? Maybe it can go on forever– which would make MMT a reality. I can’t believe it has been going on for 11 years now.

        But it seems to me that since Iran, Russia and China- et. al., want to ditch the dollar and are planning their own SWIFT system, and are stockpiling gold with which to back their currencies, the dollar might become less valuable.

        Maybe we will just continue to live in this fairy tale and the banks will continue to rig the system and make all the money. I just hope this doesn’t happen because the western world will then become an even bigger slave plantation.

  3. Yes the ”Corporate Media” (Operation Mockingbird) makes a total mockery of truth. Listening to local radio news, a week does not go by without a pathetic false report about Sandy Hook. SH is the pinnacle of the horror show we now witness.

    Five years ago I posted several graphics about the lies of Sandy Hook. Over 50 complaints were reported about me to FaceBook in one week. FaceBook then deleted my account and banned me for life. They said I had been deleted because I had violated “Community Standards”…[for telling the truth]. I was sent to the social-media Gulag for telling the truth. Thousands of other accounts have also been deleted for the same spurious reason.

    Fetzer’s book on Sandy Hook was also banned by Amazon.com. I forever remember the day I heard that…my blood boiled and froze at the same time. The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution is effectively dead. Chilling in the extreme.

  4. Can anyone here honestly disagree with a word of this post?
    I am sorry to see any of the resistance leave, but who can blame him?
    But I will keep up the good fight until the end.
    There’s really no choice for those of us who cherish our humanity.


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