Anon, I’m Still Trying To Figure Out How Hillary Lost The Election

Author Unknown

I’m Still Trying To Figure Out How
Hillary Lost The Election!!!

Was it the
Russian Uranium Deal?


Was it Wikileaks?


Was it Podesta?


Was it Comey?


Was it having a sexual
predator as a husband?


Was it Huma Abedin’s
sexual predator husband
Anthony Weiner?


Was it because the
Clinton Foundation
ripped off Haiti?


Was it subpoena violations?
Was it the
congressional testimony lies?


Was it the corrupt
Clinton Foundation?


Was it the Benghazi fiasco?


Was it pay for play?


Was it being recorded laughing
because she got a child rapist
off when she was an attorney?


Was it the Travel Gate scandal?
Was it the Whitewater scandal?
Was it the Cattle Gate scandal?
Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal?
Was it the $15 million for
Chelsea’s apartment
bought with foundation money?


Or her husband’s interference
with Loretta Lynch &
the investigation?


Or happily accepting the
stolen debate questions
given to her?


Or her own secret server
in her house and disdain
for classified information?


Or deleting 30,000 emails?


Or having cell phones
destroyed with hammers?
Was it the Seth Rich murder?


Was it the Vince Foster murder?


Was it the Gennifer Flowers
assault & settlement?
Was it the $800,000
Paula Jones settlement?
Was it calling half the
United States deplorable?
Was it the underhanded
treatment of Bernie Sanders?


Was it Bill’s impeachment?


Was it the lie about being
under sniper fire in Bosnia?


Was it the $10 million she got
for the pardon of Marc Rich?
Or the $6 BILLION she “lost”
when in charge of the State Dept.?
Or because she is a hateful,
lying, power-hungry,
overly ambitious, greedy,
nasty person?


Gee I just can’t seem to put my finger on it…
—Author unknown

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14 thoughts on “Anon, I’m Still Trying To Figure Out How Hillary Lost The Election”

  1. IMO that top photo is the old Hillary with her newest Botox job. There are several photos of her at that event online. If you look closely those two little moles at the edge of her lower lip are still there…either covered with makeup or they have been tattooed.

    Also yes, she had used body-doubles in the past…especially the dark glasses lady.

    1. The importance of this posted item of Dr. Fetzer’s IS NOT related to whether Hillary Clinton had a bad face lift.

      The importance lies in the CONTENT of that Anon poster of the original piece.

      I think, but am not sure, that Dr. Fetzer is the person who added in the photo at the top here showing the “2015 Hillary” aside the “2019 Hillary.

      I guess I should have posted the entire contents and not just the url here at the forum where I shared this, but I knew the thumbnail photos would not copy and paste properly and the succession of those thumbnails is what makes the Anon’s posting so important and relevant.

      My personal opinion is that Dr. Fetzer posted that side-by-side “Hillary” photo to show us that Hillary is a person who has and has had more than one body double over the years. That is an important perspective to keep in mind when you are about to read a posting where the actions of Hillary over the years is the subject.

      There is so so much deception and fakery on everything we take in these days that I would say that one and probably both of the side by side photos of Hillary are photoshopped fabrications and photoshopped fabrications cannot have face lifts or plastic surgery.

      1. Bonnie has asked me to post this on her behalf, which I am glad to do:

        Subject: Gergen is a NC Troll

        “I think we’re in impeachment territory,” says David Gergen, former aide to Nixon and Clinton May 17, 2017.

        Dear James,

        It was only four months after President Donald Trump’s Inauguration that David Gergen in MAY 17, 2017 showed signs of his orchestration with a phony Whistleblower for Impeaching Trump by his Co-founding a Private Political Action Committee (PAC) Gergen and Rye Barcott, UNC (Fellow traveler of USC Chancellor Carol Folt fired from UNC Chapel Hill by UNC BOG-1/2019 ) created their fundraising PAC using former Marines and Harvard Business School colleagues along with executives from Duke Energy Corp. and The Bank of America with a PAC called Organizations Disclosing With Honor Fund, 2018 | OpenSecrets

        There isn’t a moderate mild-mannered thought in his brain! He’s a two-faced operative from the day he showed up in Nixon’s White House.

        Gergen’s purpose from Day One was to take Trump down, like he’s done behind the scenes using Harvard as his “ToadieStool.” Gergen has been the CNN mouth piece formulating every conflict he could conjure up, like Rachel Maddow did on OANet, w/ her versions of Russian Borscht, Solyanka, Golubsty, Knish, Chak-Chak! Maddow and Gergen

        create conspiracies, because they both lack

        self-respect. Gergen’s father, a professor taught at Duke University, where President Richard Nixon earned his Law Degree.

        David Gergen was making subtle twisted comments that President Trump had asked former FBI Director James B. Comey to drop an investigation into Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. Since Gergen reported on Nixon’s obstruction and Clinton’s impeachment for obstruction it shows Gergen’s modus operandi-

        a conspiracy creator in all matters reporting about a President Donald Trump.

        Gergen doesn’t care about consequences, and when Trump was more concerned about LEAKS, it really frightened David Gergen since he could be considered a leaker in more than one category of management of the Presidency or Vice Presidency.

        David Gergen is a champion at spilling his own version of national security threats, and brags about it at Bilderberg Conferences with his companion Rye Barcott, CFR, and Aspen Institute Reviews.

        In fact, FBI Director Comey shared his conversation notes with aides, they were then shared with reporters like CNN’s Gergen, and scurrilous comments proffered by him, insinuated once again the criminal conspiracy obstruction-of-justice case not provable in any Court! Gergen’s solution was the possibility that the phony journalist would require more FAKE NEWS, and turn it into FALSE EVIDENCE. All it’s taken is for people like David Gergen to convince a conservative NYTimes columnist- Ross Douthat that Trump may not be guilty of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” but implication by showing him incapable of governing the country which means Gergen’s influence applying to 25th Amendment by focusing on Trump’s cabinet to deem the necessity for impeaching Trump-Obstruction of Justice, again, again, and again?

        A more readable solution would be to shutdown CNN and NYT since neither one appears moderately bi-partisan, unable to discharge honestly the power of the written word and duties of licensed publications at the expense of our REPUBLIC.

        In His grip,


      2. Quite right. There isn’t an ounce of reality left in the Western Hemisphere, let alone the District of Columbia.

        The lies, misdirection and social engineering are now blatant. People don’t have the time or the tools to figure it out; they have to work all the time just to get by and they are relentlessly manipulated by Jew controlled media.

        So what is going to change? Answer: nothing, it will only get worse. Until something breaks. Let’s hope that occurs sooner than later.

      3. SO, RS…what is it that’s going to break? I mean this sincerely and not sarcastically.
        I’m honestly trying to comprehend what it will take or what will happen to turn things around. WE talk so much, but I hear no solutions or comments to possible solutions. We all seem to be in a position of ‘bend over and kiss our arses good-bye.
        What’s the point at which some spontaneous reaction occurs and everyone rises in unison to say, “We have had enough…we ain’t gonna take it no more!”…
        when they come for our children or grand children? Have they not done that already in their state sponsored indoctrination centers they call schools? It looks like they already have taken our ‘free’ speech via executive orders, Google and YouTube…
        Our vote is gone via a corrupt ballot system and the FACT they actually appoint the office holders. We cannot drive without their permission. We do not own our property unless we give them a piece of the action. We volunteer to pay a totally illegal income tax. The MSM only transmits what they allow it to transmit. Soon, the Internet will be the same. We watch movies that are loaded with propaganda.
        We can no longer refer to gender and minorities have more rights than the majority. Wages are ridiculously behind inflation. Our right to privacy is absolutely gone. The police only serve and protect the elite. The courts only serve the elite. Speeding tickets are based on illegal selective enforcement. Common law itself is illegal in the court system unless you have a PHD in the process. The CONgress and president are subservient to a foreign government. There is no way to actually have our grievances addressed. 50,000,000,000,000 dollars is missing from the treasury. How many millions are in jail for smoking a plant? How many millions are in jail just because they cannot afford a defense? As taxpayers, we support 800+ military bases around the world, yet if anyone dared to build one her, they would be blown to oblivion…except Israel, of course. Our skies are covered in Gawd knows what. It’s almost impossible to buy food that is not chemicalized in some fashion…yet, some municipalities will not let you have a garden. In my county, I cannot build a house on my own property from WOOD on my own property because it does not have an official stamp.
        …and I wonder why it’s hard to sleep at night.

      4. My guess is that if there isn’t outright failure of the banking system, the hollowed out US economy coupled with massive inflation and a spurned dollar will destroy what’s left of the USA. The sheeple will have nothing to do with it.

        With any luck the broke federal govt. will be weakend to the extent that states will simply secede and people will start over. It can’t come fast enough for me.

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