07 Dec, 2021

The Sandy Hook Lawsuit Concludes: Even The Yale Daily News Gets It Wrong


[Editor’s note: When a reporter for The Yale Daily News reached out to me for a story she was doing for our nation’s oldest college student newspaper, I did my best to walk her through the basic elements of the case, including a 10-15 minute explanation (which she recorded) of the misrepresentations that had occurred in the media in reporting about it, including that we had authored the book rather than editing it and suppressing that there are 13 contributors, including 6 (current or retired) Ph.D. college professors, making it highly improbable that our conclusions–that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students there and that it was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control, for which we even have the manual–would be mistaken. But she had her mind made up. Facts didn’t matter.

Olivia even got the title wrong and published it as “Nobody Really Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control”, which told me something about the depth of her research. So I reached out to the paper with a commentary to correct a few basic claims she had made that were mistaken. My expectation that college journalism students would want to get things right was promptly refuted, when I submitted my commentary THREE TIMES only to have it rejected again and again and again. Just for the record, therefore, I have submitted it ONCE AGAIN, adding a new first sentence, “Thanks for correcting the title.” I am appalled that even one of our most elite universities accommodates “fake news”; but perhaps I should not be surprised. Yale has a history of producing personnel and agents for the CIA.]

Earlier this month, Wisconsin jury ordered a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist to pay $450,000 in compensatory damages to a victim’s father, citing defamatory claims made about the forgery of the victim’s death certificate.

In June, Judge Frank Remington of Wisconsin’s Dane County Circuit Court approved a motion for summary judgement in plaintiff Leonard Pozner’s favor and precluded the case from moving onto a trial by jury. The judge ruled that co-defendants James Fetzer and Mike Palecek, authors of the 455-page book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control,” had defamed Pozner. The book claimed that Pozner fabricated the death certificate of his son, Noah, who at six years old was the youngest victim of the 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that left 27 dead.

“This is a victory for everyone who values truth and facts and reality over unchecked fantasy,” Jake Zimmerman, the lead attorney representing Pozner, said in an interview with the News.

Law firms in both Minnesota and Wisconsin — Meshbesher & Spence in Minneapolis and Quarles & Brady in Madison — assisted Zimmerman in Pozner’s case. The prosecution focused on verifying Noah’s birth and the authenticity of his death certificate.

Seeking to prove the biological relationship between Noah and his father, Pozner’s legal team ordered two rounds of DNA testing — one of their client and one of a blood sample obtained from Noah’s post-mortem exam at the coroner’s office. Attorneys also deposed the coroner and the typist who created the death certificate.

“It was the right thing to do,” Zimmerman said of his choice to represent Pozner on a pro bono basis. “Mr. Pozner suffered the kind of loss that every American should be afraid of … I hear from my kids every year when they go through the mass casualty incident drills, and the idea that that’s becoming commonplace is terrifying.”

While Palecek previously settled with Pozner for an undisclosed amount, Fetzer plans to appeal the court’s ruling. Fetzer, a professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota Duluth, testified that there were “material differences” between the death certificate published in his book and the copy provided by Pozner’s attorneys, a statement he reiterated in an interview with the News.

He said that his copy of the death certificate — which his colleague Kelley Watt obtained from Pozner — lacked a file number in the upper left-hand corner and necessary town and state certifications. Fetzer then argued that he was being sued for making claims about a certificate he had “never seen.”

The Sandy Hook shooting is not the only conspiracy theory Fetzer helped bring to the surface. He authored three collections of John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory books and has espoused various conspiracy theories about 9/11, the Holocaust and the moon landing.

Fetzer noted that the judge’s decision to grant the motion for summary judgement precluded him from presenting the extensive evidence he compiled to support his theory that Sandy Hook was a government hoax.

“Nobody has ever heard of a crime scene where there was pizza and bottled water,” Fetzer said.

Dave Gahary and Fetzer are the co-founders of Moon Rock Books, a company they founded to continue selling “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” after Amazon banned the book from its platform. Gahary was scheduled to testify, but his deposition was ultimately cancelled. Still, he traveled to Madison in May to attend the hearings, where he met Pozner for the first time and listened to the father answer nearly nine hours of questions.

In an interview with the News, Gahary said that he initially agreed to publish Fetzer’s book because he does not believe in censorship. However, after hearing Pozner’s extensive testimony, he decided to stop distributing the book because he did not want to contribute to his misery, Gahary said. Moon Rock Books emptied its inventory of copies of the book by June 30.

On Oct. 22, Pozner submitted a court order to Google to restrict search results for six websites that offer free PDF versions of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.”

“I don’t know — I wasn’t there,” Gahary said in response to a question about what he thought took place at Sandy Hook. “I ask [journalists], ‘Were you there?’ So we really don’t know what happened … we can read what was printed in the papers and shown on television, but we don’t know.”

A similar defamation lawsuit, filed by eight Sandy Hook families and one F.B.I agent who responded to the scene, is currently proceeding in Connecticut against radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Pozner is pursuing his own lawsuit against Jones in Texas.

An October study by Vox Media found that there have been at least 2,275 mass shootings in the U.S. since Sandy Hook, which occurred on December 14, 2012.

Olivia Tucker | olivia.tucker@yale.edu

Correction, Nov. 7: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the book’s title. The article has been updated to reflect the accurate title, which is “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.”



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Thanks for correcting the title. This might do as a first draft, but it would not pass in a course on journalism. We did not author the book; we edited it. There are 13 contributors, including 6 current or retired Ph.D. professors. We established that the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no students there, and that it was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control. We even found the manual for the FEMA exercise, which we published as Appendix A.

The book went on sale with amazon.com on 22 October 2015 and had sold nearly 500 copies when it was banned on 19 November. At the time, amazon had 20 books about Sandy Hook, but only one challenging the official account, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK. It bothers me that a Yale student cannot get the title or the number of pages (446) or other basic facts about this case right, even though we spoke on the phone and I laid it all out.

More importantly, I only said the death certificate is a fabrication, not that Leonard Pozner had fabricated it. And I was right: Not only does it have no file number (in the upper right-hand corner) but no town or state certification, where, by CT law, not even parents are allowed to possess uncertified death certificates. And two forensic document examiners agreed that, not only is that death certificate a fake, but three others that surfaced in the case were also fakes.

That means the authenticity of the death certificate, the most basic fact at issue in this case, was disputed; but the Court simply set their reports aside as “somebody else’s opinions” and rendered a summary judgment, when that process only apples when there are no disputed facts. I was not allowed to present the massive proof that this was a FEMA exercise, from which it follows that any death certificate for an alleged victim would have to be a fabrication.

When amazon.com banned the book, I released it to the public for free as a PDF, which you can download and read for yourself using its title in a browser. I have made the basic documents in this case, including the document examiners’ reports, available on my blog at http://jamesfetzer.org/2019/10/the-sandy-hook-pozner-v-fetzer-lawsuit-some-basic-documents/ These are public records that enable you to verify every claim I have made here about this case for yourself. Write if you think we have anything wrong and why.

I find it appalling is that, even in the case of a Yale undergraduate, who had access to me and to all this information, she cannot get the the book’s title, page numbers or what it presents right and even claims we said the Plaintiff fabricated the death certificate. This is a classic SLAPP suit to silence critics of official narratives, which was filed to punish me for speaking out and to show others what can happen to them when they exercise the First Amendment right to inform the public. This story is not responsible journalism.


Censorship in America continues unabated, where amazon.com has now banned 5 more of our books, which means that half of the volumes published by moonrockbooks.com have been banned–which must set the new indoor record! In my life, I never would have expected that the United States of American would descend to the depths of intellectual depravity by banning books, especially on crucial issues like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, Parkland and (even) the moon landing (which, however, was banned because it provides an excellent collection of essays challenging the “official narrative” of the Holocaust), updated in our new 2nd edition–a great book!

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder (with Mike Palacek) of moonrockbooks.com.

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24 thoughts on “The Sandy Hook Lawsuit Concludes: Even The Yale Daily News Gets It Wrong”

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  2. One question that constantly runs through my mind for which I cannot seem to find an acceptable answer as I watch false flag after false flag…How can these ‘participants’ (who by now must number in the thousands, if not tens of thousands considering all those involved) time after time sell out their friend, neighbors, country and personal ethics for a few pieces of silver? Furthermore, are the consequences so dire? Do these folks realize the depth of their crime and the damage they have caused?
    Is there anyone here who believes they could sink to that level?

    1. I would say that at least half the adult population of the USA is totally disloyal. The USA as a nation of laws, traditions and values means nothing to them.

  3. Today we hear that the U.S Supreme Court will allow SH parents to sue the gun maker of the AR 15..Remington Arms. The DISCOVERY phase of any such trial, if there is one, will be interesting. Remember that in Discovery the Defendant[s] must prove that someone of killed. Since we here know that no one was killed at SH, this will be a compelling court scene.

  4. It just keeps coming. Have we now gone full blown Banana Republic??
    From Jim Stone’s site

    The Supreme Court has ruled that Sandy Hook parents can sue Remington for Sandy Hook.
    Well, now we have a hoax shooting and a hoax supreme court. SEE THIS.
    Sandy Hook was staged in a school that had been abandoned, had no students, and was scheduled for demolition due to asbestos concerns. Nothing can change that, so TO HELL WITH THE REST OF THE STORY LINE. The clincher: They demolished it IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SHOOTING so no one could go back and look for evidence of the hoax. Gee. How did THAT get scheduled so quick? Answer: Because it was already scheduled before they used it for one last job.

    Get the guns one way or another I guess.


    FACT: If the shooting had been real, it may have been abandoned for a while, but it would not have been torn down so quick. Such things take forever for a city to approve and then actually do when there are no plans for it to begin with. Figure about five years. Something that would take place on a several year long timetable got “voted on” and subsequently done in months. FIGURE THAT.

  5. There is a video in German from 2018 with Richard Gutjahr performing a stage talk about his struggle after a shit tsunami fell upon him after participating in two events close together in time, Nice and Munich.
    At around 21:30 minutes in the video he mentions that someone contacted him and offered help.
    None less than Lenny Pozner. There is also an audio contribution by Pozner, but no image.

    They lay out the strategies for fighting us.

    Further on there is some legal person talking about what they can do. Even mentioning that some claim that there were “puppen” (dolls) used in Nice, and he does not know how to communicate with such people.

    And the audience are taken by it.

    I find it interesting that Richard Gutjahr would do this and that Lenny Pozner helps him. Are they acting out of their own initiatives. It kind of looks like it. He is struggling with Google he says.

    re:publica 2018 – Nach Nizza und München – Anatomie eines Shit-Tsunamis

  6. Does anyone remember what else happened in 51 days ? The length of time for the siege of Waco to end in burning the Davidians alive. Just another strange coincidence I am sure

  7. I just did some checking on the Super Bowl for 2013 when the kids choir for Sandy Hook survivors performed just 51 days after the most traumatizing event in their short little lives. I would love to find out exactly when the NFL decided to include them. Let’s say it took them a couple weeks to decide. I can’t imagine the decision being officially made until around Christmas time. Then there would be only 5 weeks left to make all the arrangements. It would take several weeks just to contact all those people who would be traumatized and perhaps hesitant to relive the event in front of a billion people. But they miraculously got all those families to agree to it. I don’t see enough time to make all that happen in 7 weeks. Sure it’s possible but how likely would it be? By the way, that was the year of the half hour power outage. The 49ers made an amazing comeback that fell short after being dominated in the first half. Anybody care to comment on the logistics of changing the Super Bowl and getting all those participants to agree on appearing?

  8. I always think back to the Super Bowl appearance by “survivors” of Sandy Hoax and how they were able to include the Choir performance with just six or seven weeks preparation. Isn’t the Super Bowl planned down to the second for at least six months prior to the event is what I first thought until reading this article. It’s planned years ahead of time. https://njmonthly.com/articles/jersey-living/game-plan-logistics-putting-on-super-bowl/
    Why was it so necessary to include the choir? The fans don’t want anything heavy at the premier bread and circus event as they scarf down chicken wings and beer. The powers that be that control programming… likely had this appearance planned long before Sandy Hoax happened. Just planning the travel for that many people is a logistical nightmare. There’s no way my kid would be appearing at the Super Bowl without me, my wife and their sisters and brothers. We are talking about coming with travel and accommodations for 100s of extra people. Can you imagine how much that cost? The powers that be had this planned much longer than six or seven weeks. Anybody have any input on the logistics involved?

  9. “Nobody has ever heard of a crime scene where there was pizza and bottled water,” Fetzer said.
    There was more than just pizza. As I recall there was photo of someone passing out coffee from the door of the firehouse. People were seen having yogurt and coffee cake. Various types of soft fizzy drinks were provided by CT State police. From the various photos taken at the firehouse it appears that the crisis actors at the Sandy Hook school event were enjoying some kind of party that included all kinds of tasty food and beverages.

    1. The Red Cross brought food and water to first reponders at Columbine. Also, fire stations have canteen units that come to fires to bring food/water for the firefighters. So having food/water brought to the cops at Sandy Hook wasn’t suspicious.

      1. This was a not a fire….it was supposed to be a scene of mass murder. There was a lot more than water and random food. All of the food was party food. There was no sign of any Red Cross there. Some of the food was brought to the scene by CT State police….market bags of refreshments were photographed sitting on the front of CT police cars.. The food was seen being eaten by everyone at the firehouse….adults, kids and onlookers. Photos of the firehouse interior reveal many cases of water stacked by the doors the trucks use. There looks to be enough bottled water for several hundred people.

      2. So, your contention is that providing a buffet at a supposed massacre is not suspicious?
        I guess all the blood and gore and dead children stimulates the appetite, eh?

      3. I suspect we have another shill on our hands……could it be….MikeN.

        At Sandy Hook all that was missing were the waiters in white shirts and bow ties and the catering trucks.

        That infamous Dec. 14, 2012 was P a r t y T i m e. Later on, each fake family collected about one million dollars for their efforts and even got their house mortgages Paid in Full.

      4. You’ve got that right, Don. Next he’ll be telling us about all the crime scenes where they have a sign, “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN”, Porta-Potties in place and large numbers of persons present wearing color-coded name tags on lanyards! Some of these guys are just a little too obvious. Pathetic!

      5. Has it occurred to you that the people with name tags came there from work? Most work places require some kind of ID badge for employees.

        No footage of the check-in sign before the evening of the 15th, no sign of the porta potties until the dash cam showing one being delivered at 1:28PM. Any specific evince that shows a porta potty there before that?

      6. Burnishing his credential as a troll, MikeN suggests an explanation for the name tags on lanyards, as though it were an everyday occurrence. Sandy Hook is an upscale community, rather like Beverly Hills, and you don’t find workers wearing name tags on lanyards wandering around the Newtown neighborhood. So what’s up with MikeN? He is replying the “divide and conquer” tactic of taking evidence that, considered altogether, tends to be decisive that this was a FEMA drill: the sign, “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN”; the Porta-Potties already in place; pizza and bottled water at the Firehouse; many warning name tags on lanyards; and parents bringing children to the scene. He wants to separate each of these indicators and explain them away, one by one!

        The problem is that each of them individually has a very low probability as an independent occurrence. Which means that, taken collectively as separate “coincidental” occurrence, their probably of happening together is EXTREMELY LOW. On the other hand, if this was indeed a FEMA exercise, the probably of them happening altogether is EXTREMELY HIGH. It says right in the manual, “Everyone must check in (with the controller upon arrival)”. Refreshments and restrooms are standard for FEMA events. And the players are identified by color-coded name tags on lanyards, just as we saw here. PLUS no parent is going to bring his child to the scene of a child-shooting massacre! So MikeN has his work out out for him. It’s an act of desperation.

        Not to mention the manual itself, which has to be fabricated by Sandy Hook skeptics to keep the scam alive. He does not mention that they would not answer Wolfgang’s inquiry about who delivered the Porta-Potties, no doubt because it would have shown they were in place the day before. Or that the Mayor of Newtown, Patricial Llorda, has testified under oath that the sign, “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN”, was not put there by the town but by DHS, which, if the official narrative were true, should not have been there at all–but which makes perfect sense when you understand that this was a two-day FEMA mass casualty exercise involving children, just as the manual declares. It’s sad that sick minds want to perpetuate the fraud, but they have no choice.

      7. Employees wear the name tags for security reasons, so lawyers, doctors, executives all wear them. You probably had to wear one too at one point in your career.

        Show specific evidence that the food and water, porta potties and sign were in place before the 14th. Not just because you think the school was staged the night before. Show a specific photo that clearly shows they were there before the 14th.

        Patricia Llodra was not the mayor of Newtown, she was a selectman. The Connecticut DHS was at Sandy Hook, that has never been hidden. they were acknowledged being there in the report. The Federal DHS was not there. So the CT DHS putting up that sign sometime late afternoon/early evening of the `15th was not odd. No specific evidence that sign was up before the morning of the 14th.

        You said in the hearing that you never heard of pizza/water at a crime scene. The Red Cross bringing food/water and local stores bringing bottled water at Columbine says different. From what I have read, you believe Columbine was real. So was it odd that food and water were brought for the first responders there?

      8. Admire your persistence, but not your motivation. Patricia was the First Selectman of Newtown, which is a position equivalent to Mayor. I know you are enormously knowledgeable about the most minute details, which suggests to me–rather strongly–that you were involved in the planning as well as your role here in the cover up. I am sorry, but your efforts are completely unavailing. Egad! Participants who were confused about the time put up donation web sites already on the 13th. It’s well-known that Adam Lanza’s death was originally recorded in the Social Security Death Index as having taken place on the 13th, making his feat in shooting 20 children and six–seven, including his mother–the following day all the more remarkable. That was already reported in the book, as I recall. I hope you will understand that I cannot allow an obvious shill like you to dominate the pages of a blog dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths. But when I regard your submissions as contributing toward that end–as in the present case–I may allow them from time to time. But know that I am going to be highly selective. You are an enemy of truth and therefore an enemy of those who are seeking the truth. You are not our friend! You are our enemy.

      9. So only firefighters got their rations of pizza and water? I could have sworn that errant, floating citizens had their share of the goodies, too.

  10. For those who still need proof that the banker’s conquest of America is complete and that the country has been reduced to a pathetic joke, look no further than the zombies currently populating America’s “elite” universities.

    These are the idiots who will be running the place in the not too distant future.

    Run Forest, Run.


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