Robert Steele, Leonard Pozner Attempting to Delete and Make Invisible All Posts Critical of the Flawed Legal Finding in the Sandy Hook Case?

Robert David Steele

Attempt to Vanish Posts Critical of the Sandy Hook Hoax Libel Judgment

A request under the name of Leonard Pozner — the plaintiff in that case — was submitted to Google, asking it to deindex these criticisms (which aren’t themselves covered by the judgment).

ROBERT STEELE: I believe the Pozner vs Fetzner case in Wisconsin, where Fetzer’s rights were clearly violated by a summary judgement when facts were in dispute, will go to the U,S, Supreme Court and become a seminal 1st Amendment case within the Trump Administration’s push to not only disclose 9/11 truth, but the truth about other false flags and active shooters being used to justify a police state, mass surveillance, and the confiscation of all guns from law-abiding patriots.

That someone — we cannot be certain it was Pozner but legal discovery to Google could confirm that it was — would seek to de-index materials that are lawfully critical of a Catholic judge who in all probability cut a deal with the plaintiff’s attorney before the fact — and if he did is therefore impeachable and removable from the Court  — suggests that Pozner has either lost his mind (and needs full psychiatric examination as part of the next evolution in this case) or is operating in collusion with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well as the Mossad and the Anti-Defamation League, the latter being the lead Zionist censor and manipulator of information, embedded in Amazon, Facebook, Google, Meet-Up, Twitter, and YouTube, among others.

As a side note in praise of Google it has been my experience  that they will de-index via Legal Remove only when the materials has actually been deleted. As with all organizations, there is Evil (search manipulation) and Good.

The immunity of government from prosecution and discovery is central to this case. As conservative judges are added to the US Supreme Court, I anticipate a restored balance and improved options for citizens to demand disclosure that reveals professional misconduct as well as criminal misconduct on the part of local, state, and federal officials.  As my colleague William Binney has pointed out, it is already illegal to classify information in order to cover up crimes, and the declassification of information related to the commission of crimes in mandatory.

William Binney: By Presidential Order “In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to: …

The fact that the judge summarily dismissed all evidence without a jury being called in, and evidently blocked all discovery that would have easily led to the dismissal with prejudice of the Pozner complaint, suggests to me that the judge may be operating under a national security warrant and elements of the US Government (USG), possibly without the knowledge of their agency leadership and certainly without the knowledge of the Attorney General or the President, are obstructing justice.  My affidavit in support of Dr. James Fetzer is below.

Steele Affidavit for Fetzer Final

The Communications Decency Act was explicitly designed to protect the 1st Amendment and allow  Title 7 to flourish among digital platforms.  The deal was simple: platforms would not be liable for, nor asked to remove, material, absent a court order. Nothing we have posted here is in violation of any order.

What is most interesting to me is that Pozner seems compelled to not only cover up his own apparent forgeries that are appear to be established beyond reasonable doubt (with multiple expert testimonials refused by the Catholic judge), but he is seeking to eradicate all critical commentary on the entire Sandy Hook false flag event — it was almost certainly a false flag event and everyone associated with this case appears to be lying to the Courts, the media, and the public. Sandy Hook is now joined to 9/11 as the most important false flag disclosure case in modern history. Absent an investigation with legal right of discovery such as is now occurring in the Michael Flynn case, where specific “leaders” in the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the FBI have been proven to have manipulated evidence against General Flynn, we cannot know with certainty what the truth is. We can continue to ask questions.  In my own edited volume I have asked eight meta-questions and 161 micro-questions, and the volume has been delivered to the President, the Attorney General, the Secretary for Homeland Security, four Congressional committees, and two Courts.

Seeking to censor commentary critical of a public trial is in my view a certain indication of mental instability and factual deception. I look forward to Dr. Fetzer’s legal team making the most of discovery in the appeals process, and determining if it was in fact Leonard Pozner who asked Google to censor opinions on what appears to be a deeply flawed legal judgement in Wisconsin.

For the moment, this website and I will comply with all applicable law and all applicable Internet Service Provider (ISP) guidelines. Our retention of critical commentary and our linkage to information posted overseas is both legal and in compliance with ISP guidelines.

This is not over.  It will go to the Supreme Court, and when the President does full disclosure on 9/11, he will be encouraged to include full disclosure on Epstein and all domestic false flags beginning with Sandy Hook.


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4 thoughts on “Robert Steele, Leonard Pozner Attempting to Delete and Make Invisible All Posts Critical of the Flawed Legal Finding in the Sandy Hook Case?”

  1. A MUST read that few here will like reading:
    Here’s an excerpt:
    It has become obvious that after the latest round of election fraud, it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD
    The Jewish community (I am not going to even bother with the words communist, leftist, or Democrat) has just received confirmation that they are still so deeply rooted in subversive positions that they can roll over any election they want, and never be held accountable. Thrown away ballots. Shredded ballots. Fractional skimming. Dead voting. They are using multiple methods of stealing that all add up to we are done, put a fork in it.

    ………….We are doomed
    I am calling it now. I am calling it because the Jewish community got it’s answer after the latest elections – they can steal it ENORMOUSLY and never be held accountable because when the judge is a Jew and the prosecutor is a Jew and the clerk is a Jew and the lawyer is a Jew and any investigation will be run by a Jew, only those on the other side who are guilty of errors will ever go to jail, even without intent, while the elections get stolen right out from under everyone And it shows in the arrogance being flaunted everywhere by these bastards now, over their recent “victories”. They fear nothing because they know damn well they have the steal TOTALLY in the bag.

    And more depressing opinion here: (Jim Stone)

  2. Mr. Steele, I would love to share your optimism and your ability top gather pertinent information.
    But i guess I am getting ‘too young’ and jaded to partake in that optimism and too flooded with dis-info to discern what is real and what is fake.

    But we persist and must demand justice and truth return to this once great and successful experiment in freedom and We the People’s uncensored voice.

  3. Thank you Robert Steele and Jim Fetzer…! When Amazon . Com banned Fetzer’s book on Sandy Hook, I am sure they had no idea what a foolish act they had committed. By doing that, Amazon placed a white-hot spotlight directly on the book.
    I was banned from FaceBook for life because I wrote that no one was killed at Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA drill about gun control. Dozens of other related FB accounts have likewise been deleted by FB, with a comment that they had ”violated community standards”. I guess that FB believes that telling the truth is not a ”community standard”. Let alone the fact that FB bashes the 1st Amendment squarely in the head.


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