Steve Francis, The Sandy Hook Trial in Cultural Marxist Perspective

Steve Francis, Founder,

I write in support of James Fetzer in light of the ‘absurd’, as he describes it, $450,000 award to the plaintiff in the Sandy Hook defamation legal proceedings. It seriously reminds us once again that our justice system can be used as a weapon against citizens who challenge the status quo. It also includes information on a recent protest action I held at the University of Illinois where its consideration is affected by Jim’s case.


In his Sandy Hook suit, there appear to be plenty of grounds for an appeal even to a person with very limited legal expertise. It is very possible that the plaintiff’s legal team was unconcerned with gross violations of fairness practices, knowing that a complicit legal system would protect their every move, but that’s probably a bit overboard and a product of an abject mistrust of the US government, but not totally far-fetched.


Kevin Barrett’s article (here) provides valuable insight and analysis on the details of the trials and James Fetzer’s books provide vast amounts of information on the Sandy Hook and similar gun-grab psyops. One pertinent section from the article is as follows:


As I understand it, at no point during the two phases of the trial was Jim Fetzer ever allowed to present to a jury the evidence that led him to believe that Sandy Hook was an Operation Gladio style psy-op (which those who have read Daniel Ganser’s NATO’s Secret Armies know is entirely plausible) and that there was no actual school shooting … How could he present a truth defense without showing the evidence that led him to believe his allegedly libelous statements were in fact truthful?


According to the 7th Amendment of the Constitution: IN SUITS AT COMMON LAW, WHERE THE VALUE IN CONTROVERSY SHALL EXCEED TWENTY DOLLARS, THE RIGHT OF TRIAL BY JURY SHALL BE PRESERVED…Jim Fetzer was never given the right of trial by jury to determine whether he had or had not committed libel. Instead, an obviously biased judge presided over that crucial first phase of the case, denying Jim’s Constitutionally-guaranteed right to a trial by jury. The same judge prevented Jim from presenting his truth defense, which would have entailed giving Jim full scope to present the evidence that led him to believe his statements were truthful and therefore not libelous.
And with just a cursory search on the subject of defamation lawsuits and burden of proof, the following guidelines were found on Google:

In order to win a defamation case, a plaintiff must prove three elements to the court. Prove that the defendant made a defamatory statement about the plaintiff. A defamatory statement is one that damages a plaintiff’s reputation for good character. … Prove that the defendant knew that the defamatory statement was false.


It’s inconceivable that any judicial body could find that James Fetzer believed that his research and conclusions were false without resorting to some sort of duplicitous motive and actions. It just doesn’t make sense. Jim has spent years gathering and analyzing mountains of evidence that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sandy Hook was a staged gun-grab psyop. This verdict is a pure and simple political hit. Jim is only guilty of being a nationally recognized figure ripe for being exploited as an example to attempt to silence dissent in the US.

It is well known that defamation lawsuits are exceedingly difficult to be successful (more). The figure is around 13% according to one study. The burden of proof has a high bar unless corruption and deceit in the legal system are involved, which is exactly the case here.


After reading about the case, I immediately cruised my own websites for content that may be susceptible to similar legal threats. I reluctantly deleted a couple of pages where the threat of legal action outweighed the value of the information, not without thinking that this is a common response happening all over the webosphere for those familiar with this case.


I have recently engaged in a protest action at the University of Illinois that may also come under the umbrella of this threat as per Kevin Barrett’s thoughts, namely that any action that ‘hurts the feelings’ of a person may be able to be exploited as a libel or slander lawsuit. Here’s Barrett’s paragraph:


One of the most dangerous repercussions of Pozner-vs.-Fetzer is its potential chilling effect on free speech. The decision awarded more than half a million dollars in “damages” based on the premise that a book presenting an alternative interpretation of a historical event hurt someone’s feelings. There was no tangible connection between the “libelous” statements in the book and any actual damages—loss of income, medical bills, etc. It was all about emotions: “This tearjerking Hollywood-style courtroom spectacle has whipped us into tearful sympathy with Pozner and two minutes of hate for Fetzer. Let’s express our emotions with a damage award.”


My protest on the quad at the University of Illinois on 9/10-9/11 this year involved the display of posters that read “Holocaust Hoax” and “Israel (Zionists in small print) Nuked the WTC on 9/11” respectively. The posters could be read from hundreds of feet away and this occurred when thousands of students were switching classes. Go , here for more details.


My first thought after reading about the Fetzer damage award was can the whacky consternation of the Jewish students who cry ‘anti-Semitism’ at the protest be turned into a lawsuit. The answer is probably not because it took place in a designated ‘free speech zone’ at a major university — but the thought definitely crossed my mind and possibly the people from Hillel who were also present on the quad…with their ice cream stand … in response to my presence. The signs do not, in any way, violate free speech guidelines, but I am much more diligent about this issue than ever before, because of Jim’s predicament.


The UIUC police were involved in the incident and took actions to stop the protest when Jewish students (and not me) were perceived as likely to become violent. At no time did they object to the content of the protest and were actually very fair and professional.


The controversy surrounding Sandy Hook is, on the surface, about gun control but can be taken a further step back into the arguments for and against centralized or decentralized government bureaucracy systems. This leads to references in the 2020 election to the Socialist / Capitalist divide or Liberal Leftist / Conservative Rightist divide…generally… and exemplified by AOC’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders.


It is well known that the Leftist George Soros’ Open Society entities (and his $Billions) back the Socialist / Democratic candidates and his Jewish apologetics and like support is not disputed. His and Leftist gun control efforts, in general, abound in this sphere. Leftist / Jewish entities were the progenitors of Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism which is just a step away from Marxism and Communism. The term ‘globalist’ is now considered an anti-Semitic snarl epithet and is easily attached to the tens of millions of people slaughtered by Jewish-led Communists in the Russian revolution. Gun owners are well aware of this fact. It is one of the main arguments in considering the control of assault weapons.


President Trump recently, in a White House meeting with Pelosi and Schumer said: “there are communists involved [in Syria] and you guys might like that” … leading to the belief that he is fully aware of the attempted Communist revolution in America. The Leftist MSM is an integral part of this gradual cultural/political and treasonous revolution. See this Anti Defamation League page promoting gun control in America. Guns are tightly controlled in Israel. Most Jewish citizens have voted Democratic for decades. The Kibbutz (collective farm) is a common occurrence in Israel. British Leftist Fabianist Zionists had a strong hand in the creation of Communism. (more here). This revolution is real.

The Leftist forces behind this revolution that includes massive gun control are the same forces behind the verdict in James Fetzer’s lawsuit setback. They would never allow a result that supported Jim’s position and would take any action legal or illegal to make sure this would not happen.


We are, like never before, inundated with fake news and propaganda that some internalize to the point of being psychologically compromised. This is just one of the goals of Cultural Marxists and their MSM interlocutors. Go here and here to find lists of CNN and other fake news stories.  The piling on of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, mass surveillance, gun control psyops, and contrived terrorism drills is designed by the Deep State to limit our ability to push back. When we do, as in the Fetzer case, perils from a corrupt legal system add to the catastrophe.


There is a fog of data on each gun-grab psyop that would require hundreds if not thousands of hours of research and analysis to sort out the facts and deliberate disinformation. In the Sandy Hook case, there’s an ominous twist to the situation. Not only has there been a constant procession of similar gun control psyops, but the MSM creatively intertwines them to multiply their effect. In this story, the author reports that the authorities ‘found’ articles about the Norwegian Brevik case in Adam Lanza’s bedroom. It makes for good press but virtually no one has no ability to ascertain whether this is true or false, but it’s out there for all the world to absorb into the confusion.


The main problem is that the MSM and Deep State have the power to control the national conversation. There is eerie and ominous cooperation between CNN, MSBNC, NYTimes, Washington Post, CIA and FBI..etc in their assault on Trump and Conservative Christian America… and James Fetzer. Trust in these institutions is at an all-time low but their power and influence remain ubiquitous.


No polls are ever allowed to surface on the sampling the public’s opinion about the official narratives of 9/11 Truth, Holocaust Hoax, JFK assassination, or gun grab psyops like Sandy Hook…etc. Zogby actually did have some polls on 9/11 a few years back and ever since they have been excluded from MSM coverage of polls. There are many other examples.


The election of Donald Trump proves that major cracks are forming in the ability of the MSM and Deep State to hold sway over America. Their blatantly incompetent and failed attempt to frame Trump with the Steele Dosier and the desperate Ukraine impeachment situation gives us great hope that things may be turning around. He definitely is not a puppet of the elite. The Syria troop withdrawal is the latest dramatic evidence of this. The election in 2020 will be by far the most important in our lifetimes.


Gun psyops like Sandy Hook have not only failed to get the expected gun control legislation in Congress but have actually dramatically increased the number of guns in the hands of the people of America.


Hopefully, Jim Fetzer’s legal assistance will be able to take the obvious and corrupt actions of the Deep State to a resolution with the appeals process. The duplicitous and careless tactics of the plaintiff’s lawyers and Judge Remington hopefully will prove to be their undoing.
Donations to the James Fetzer Legal Defense Fund may be made at or by mail.
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24 thoughts on “Steve Francis, The Sandy Hook Trial in Cultural Marxist Perspective”

  1. A few of us ‘younger folk’ will remember Edward R. Murrow:

    The powers-that-be understand this. As television journalist Edward R. Murrow warned in a 1958 speech:

    We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable and complacent. We have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information. Our mass media reflect this. But unless we get up off our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse, and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late.

    That was an excerpt from a great article on ZH:

  2. justifiablyparanoid
    9:49 PM (1 hour ago)

    I tried to [post this, but it seemed not to show up as waiting for moderation. If you don’t find it, would you please post….
    (this has happened a few times when I add his URL)

    And now this from….something that could be earth shattering if true….(yep…Trump is one puzzle for sure)


    And because he did not get warned, he did not think about shutting everything down. HA HA, even Pence, who’s not worth anything but a prop looks a little upset about this, (perhaps he was in on it, one can never know anymore).

    It is assumed the photo is a photo op to let Nancy know they figured it out. This is earth shattering historic news, this was such a massive slam dunk by Trump that even some of his enemies are likely to cross over, if they did not know this was going on. Now we see why Trump kept the mission a secret, because a direct line to Baghdadi would have had him warned immediately and ensured he was around later to help prop up Nancy Pelosi. It’s pretty much game over with this, if we don’t see major action now there’s a real problem.

    I’d say Pelosi and the rest of them will be heading for Argentina and New Zealand soon, before the hammer falls. There’s a certain breaking point when it simply can’t be buried and you just gotta run. Comey has already announced it.

  3. I think now is the time to put out some short well-planned short videos, each explaining on the most elementary level one aspect of the Sandy Hook event.

    There are several major aspects of the event and every one of them has been meticulously researched by the researchers associated with Dr. Fetzer’s efforts since event.

    I just feel that pounding and exposing, in a condensed, slap-you-in-the face, truth bombs about each aspect of the events, to make up a playlist on at this precise point in time, would be very helpful to “forcing” the zombified public to understand and break out a bit from their fear and denial. And of course, this will, in a roundabout way favorable impact the lawsuit appeal being pursued by Dr. Fetzer.

    The more truth we inject into the current USA milieu at this time, the better it will be for all in every respect.

    I have studied Sandy Hook to a moderate degree, not as much as 9-11, but am continually amazed at the perpetrators’ deception strategies I see used and honed to a higher degree each successive false events.

    But the research that has been done by so many great and diligent minds has in EVERY single little investigation proved to give results that are always IRREGULAR and full of ANOMALIES that in no way would exist if what is said to have happened actually did happen.

    1. Steve, We appreciate your effort to spread the truth by posting on campus “Israel Nuked the WTC on 9/11”. I believe Sandy Hoax and 9/11 are two of the most important issues of the 21st century because if the deep state globalist criminals can get away with false flags this blatant and exposed by great investigators like Dr. James Fetzer they will keep dong operations to manipulate the minds of the sheeple. That’s why it’s important to blow Sandy Hoax and 9/11 wide open for all America and the world to see that Israel and the Bush NeoCons and the Obama criminals terrorized the citizens for their own evil ends, and should be exposed and prosecuted.

  4. By far, the most devastating statistic is the one that bleats “no law schools have interceded into the Fetzer case and expressed outrage”. We have these pontificators who represent the law in Home Town, USA, and none will go to bat for Jim? Yes, this is abhorrent, but if Mohammed won’t go the the mountain, the mountain has to go to Mohammed, eh? There needs to be a letter writing effort to contact those of the alleged legal persuasions. Be they local magistrates or kingpins of the kourts, they surely are NOT neutral on the issue of Fetz and his dire straits. No way, they know the score and perhaps this is just a mild to moderate case of gutlessness on their part. They know and they’ve got to be contacted ASAP. They need to be contacted, perhaps they need a little shaming to make them more overtly aware of this travesty. I wish I were dead wrong, but I can’t believe the perps can take one on the chin button on this score and still not spill the beans in Jim’s behalf. They cannot, must not, lose, losing is tantamount to legal death and the end of the Deep State. This must be avoided at all costs, this we all know.

  5. The state of Connecticut is similar to this list of rogue states:
    North Korea.
    and a few others.

    Photos of the Lanza house reveal that several of the clothes closets contained CT State Trooper’s uniforms. It appears that the Lanza house [now oh so conveniently demolished] was nothing but a stage prop for the Sandy Hook hoax.

    Several comments talk about “Adam Lanza”. There was no Adam Lanza as a real person. There were no Lanza brothers. There is and was only one Lanza child…..Ryan Lanza [Adam was his middle name].

      1. Yes, Will….the USA has been under a daylight blood coup since 1963…..from which it has yet to be investigated and the guilty individuals adjudicated.

        The inalienable rights and values that founded the USA are very dead.

      1. I’ve seen such photos but as you know, most all of the inculpatory photos have been scrubbed from the Internet a long time ago….including some that I’ve posted. I’ll look in my Sandy Hook files to see if I can find it.
        The community standards cops of FaceBook were so threatened by my Sandy Hook graphics that FB deleted my account. Later, FB was so offended by my Sandy Hook comments that they put me in FB jail for 3 days.

        But I do note that many of my SH graphics are still alive and well on Google Images and in several books.

      2. The crime scene photos of the Lanza home are still available. Go to the final report page and those photos are listed under “10 assorted files.” Ten zip files you can download. Those would be the only photos of the Lanza home you saw, since those are the only ones available. It’s the same photos that are in Dr Fetzer’s book.

      3. YES! Which confirms that the CT State Police were running the show behind the scene. Which is why Lt. Paul Vance threatened to prosecute anyone who offered an opinion at odd with the official narrative. And look at Ch. 8, which demonstrates that the school was refurbished to serve as the stage for the FEMA exercise to be presented as mass murder to promote the Obama administration’s gun control agenda! And why the final report on Sandy Hook by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedinsky could not establish a causal nexus that connected the alleged shooter to his alleged weapons and the victims he is alleged to have killed. ABSURD!

      4. The state police had jurisdiction, so they were running the investigation. The only photo’s Don could have seen were the ones released in the report, no other crime scene photos have been released or leaked.. So he is mistaken in thinking he saw police uniforms in the Lanza’s closets.

      5. I suspect that is right. But look at the photo of the Nancy Lanza bedroom and notice the blue moving pad beneath the leg of the bed, which in their haste they forgot to remove. And the CSI vehicle in the parking lot, where the windows of Classroom 10 are intact (proof the shooting hadn’t happened yet) and there is crime scene tape up (for a crime that had yet to occur). Massive evidence confirming that this was no mass shooting but something else entirely (FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control).

      6. People also put pads under furniture to move them around easier, that in itself is not suspicious.

      7. Oh, sure it is. That was a large, heavy four-poster bed. I am very surprised by this remark, which makes no sense at all. NONE. Thanks for letting me know.

      8. The uniforms I saw in photos of had CT State police patches on the sleeves. There were even matching Trousers and Jackets in the closet. As Jim points out the CT State police were deeply involved in the SH hoax. AG Holder traveled to CT to award the CT State Police almost 2 million dollars for their participation in the fraud.

        Also, why did the Lanza garage look like a furniture warehouse? It was obviously a staged house made to look like people lived there.

        Why was the “Lanza” house demolished? It was a perfectly usable house. Just because it was used in the psyop fake Drill does not mean that a family can’t live in it.

      9. But where did you see those photos? All the crime scene photos that were in Dr Fetzer’s book came from the report, so if you saw them in the book they would be in the report. No other photos of the crime scene, other than those in report, have been shown. None.

      10. jjis2020…Photos of the Lanza home have been on numerous websites, many of which have been deleted. I reckon you think that the event at SH was a real shooting and that people were killed. It appears that we’re not on the same page.

      11. Those photos on numerous websites all came from the report. I think you seem to believe there were photos of the crime scene leaked and you think you saw a cop uniform in one of the closets. No photos have been leaked out and none released other than those in the report.

        Search for CFS 1200705354 and you can get the Lanza home photos and check if you can see a police uniform in any Lanza closet.

      12. From my review of the photographs published in Ch. 7, it was an empty house being furnished to serve as “the Adam Lanza residents”. It was all just as staged and fake as the rest of it, where one tell is that there are no photos, paintings or other decorations on any of the walls. I suspect that the real estate agent who lent the home for this purpose originally intended to sell it, but after the case blew up and became such an object of analysis and discussion, that became untenable and, like the school building, they took it down. The manufactured case against me indicates the extent to which the Deep State is willing to go to protect its “official narratives” from exposure by punishing those of us who are speaking out and setting an example for those who might emulate us. This is the USA today.

      13. I hate to say it, but I have concluded that this guy is not a truth-seeker but an op. He sent another comment linking to photos that look to me to be fresh where–wonder of wonders!–there ARE paintings and such on the walls. They have had years to clean up the mess they left behind at Sandy Hook. You can take the photos in the book as authentic, but you can no longer assume that the CT State Police photos are not photoshopped. Based on my research with this case, they are covering up yet another proof the case was fabricated–and I am not not going post anything more from jjis2020, whom I am now convinced is a shill. It’s pathetic. He’s better and more subtle than others, but still a shill. Learn from this that they continue to cover up Sandy Hook, just as they do JFK. We have to deal with them.

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