State of the Nation, Democrat’s 2020 Strategy to Overthrow Trump & THE THREE WITCHES

As Pelosi ‘prorogues’ the House, a dangerous precedent is set as the balance of power is forever altered.

Let’s be clear, everything about the rush to impeach President Trump has been highly irregular and suspect.

That’s because what the Democrats are doing is quite obviously unlawful and patently seditious.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy “the Knife” Pelosi has acted in a manner that is so scandalous, they’re now calling it IMPEACHMENTgate.

In order to properly grasp what Pelosi and her co-conspirators are really doing on just one level, the following explanation is offered.

Pelosi Perfidiously Prorogues the House of Representatives

It ought to be clear from the preceding article that Pelosi is deliberately using the House of Representatives to usurp the power of the POTUS.

Not only does the House hold the power of the purse over the President, a corrupt Speaker can further misuse and abuse other seized powers to thwart White House agenda via prorogation.

In the present case of IMPEACHMENTgate, Pelosi and her House collaborators are recklessly (and illegally) arrogating powers unto themselves in an act of outright defiance and thinly veiled sedition.

KEY POINTS: The far-reaching ramifications of this dangerous arrogation of power by the House leadership are quite staggering.  The adverse repercussions to the orderly operation of the U.S. Federal Government will be felt well into the future; for the delicate balance that exists between all 3 branches due to the separation of powers has been profoundly eroded by Pelosi.  The very foundation of this constitutional republic has been shaken by a Speaker who has proven she can retaliate against a POTUS because of political differences.  She’s singly using an arbitrary, unilateral and summary judgment to begin impeach proceedings, which she does not lawfully possess, as a billy club.  In the instant case, what Pelosi, Schiff and Company are really avenging is Trump’s attempt to find out the truth about the origin of the RUSSIAgate hoax. This cynical revenge taken against Trump must be answered with a definitive response before the nation is plunged into a civil war.

Of course, in the wake of the utterly failed RUSSIAgate hoax, the very same traitors to the Republic are implementing yet another soft coup. That would be UKRAINEgate, and this unfolding treasonous plot is explained in great detail at the link below.

UKRAINEgate: CIA black op, Deep State psyop, Democrat coup, MSM distraction, Israeli espionage, Trump sting or all 6?

Proroguing the House

Pelosi has shown just how far she will go down the rabbit hole of lawlessness and rebellion by calling for a formal impeachment inquiry without even calling for the proper vote.

In so doing, the hopelessly corrupt Pelosi has set an extremely dangerous precedent for the Speaker of the House to hold the POTUS hostage anytime she so pleases with the threat of impeachment.

This has never happened before. Previous impeachment hearings have always been triggered by a full vote of the House.

As a result, the Sword of Damocles now hangs over the POTUS should he not submit to the Democrat-driven globalist agenda.

Pelosi et al. are very afraid to call the necessary vote because of so many House seats currently held by Democrats in red states and/or red districts around the country. They know 2020 will not be kind to them should so many Democrat candidates vote for impeachment in closely contested battleground districts.

Hence, Pelosi is overturning centuries of precedent, procedure and propriety in order to remove Trump from office illegitimately.

The coup plotters know that if they cannot get a conviction in the Senate, they will at least stall the impeachment proceedings in the House in an effort to destroy Trump’s campaign season.

After all, what prez ever wants to run for re-election under the constant threat of impeachment and/or during a subsequent trial.

Even if they fail to carry out this treacherous scheme, the Democrats will use it to tie up Trump with so much distraction and chaos that his conservative agenda will be severely impeded during the last year of his term.

KEY POINT: As if by some cosmic design, Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently attempted a prorogation of the UK Parliament in an unparalleled fashion. The highest court in Great Britain subsequently ruled against such an usurpation of powers but the matter is not over with. However, in Johnson’s case, the purpose was to compel Parliament to respect the Brexit vote and carry out the legally binding mandate.

The Fric and Frac of IMPEACHMENTgate

Pelosi & Schiff: The Fric & Frac of IMPEACHMENTgate

If it’s not evident already, the “Fric and Frac” of this impeachment fiasco are Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

These two bad actors will go down in Congressional history as the truly tragic villains who attempted to destroy the American Republic.

And, do you know what, if the Alt Media was not running at full tilt these despicable clowns would have been successful.

Only because these two agents of Deep State are the face of the New World Order globalist cabal are they permitted to get away with murder in broad daylight; that is the assassination of a POTUS. Malicious character assassination is every bit as grave a crime as a violent murder, by the way. Especially when the intention is to so ruin a man that he can be easily set up as a target for a classic CIA-coordinated assassination hit, like they did with JFK, is this nefarious plot to politically assassinate Trump dangerous to the extreme.

Just who is pulling Pelosi’s strings that she is willing to seriously risk her place in history—FOREVER? As follows:

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility

Then there is “Lyin’ Shifty Schiff“, as Trump likes to call him.

How Schiff is still occupying a seat in the House profoundly strains credulity.

It’s entirely true: only by understanding Schiff’s true masters can the depth and breadth of his naked criminality and corruption be correctly apprehended.

Likewise, only by comprehending Schiff’s handlers via Pedogate can his serial prevarication and malfeasance be properly understood. The following link provides that essential back story to the “crazy man on a maniacal mission”.

The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

There’s another crucial angle on the Schiff back story which well explains his criminal MO.

This exposé describes in great detail how his Deep State masters trained him over his entire career to function as a stealthy political hit-man: ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic

Illicit Scheme to Impeach Trump Has Multiple Malevolent Purposes

Truly, this conspiracy to wrongfully impeach Trump has so many purposes and goals it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

That’s because of who is really leading the charge from behind—Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros, to name just a few. There are also Big Tech and Big Social MediaBig Pharma and Big Agra as well as a host of other aggrieved sectors of Corporate America.

However, it’s the International Banking Cartel that’s really working its magic behind the scenes and which needs a LOT of cover in order to pull off what will be the biggest fleecing of the American people in U.S. history. See: Trump Impeachment is All About Failing Central Banks

It’s of paramount importance to understand at this late date that there is a planned controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System. The current GE&FS paradigm with all of its fatally flawed platforms is facing the mathematical certainty of bankruptcy so the “Financial Masters of the Universe” have opted to control the free-fall collapse right into its own footprint in order to avoid massive collateral damage to their interests.

Herein lies the very heart of the IMPEACHMENTgate conspiracy. Such a mesmerizing global melodrama only takes place with the consent of the most powerful Illuminati families who dominate the present incarnation of the Black Nobility.

New World Order: Creation of The Venetian Black Nobility and Committee of 300

Of course, just as George Soros is nothing but a bagman for the Rothschild Crime Syndicate, and the Rothschild banksters are but the low-level face of the Black Nobility, so, too, are the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Bushes and other political crime families in the firmament of American government merely menial henchmen.


Now we come to the real “Democrat’s 2020 Strategy to Overthrow Trump”.

Whenever the Pedogate women are triggered, you know it’s about to get very serious indeed.

Well, we are at that point exactly with the ongoing roll-out of “The Three Witches”.

Just who are the three witches and what is their role in this complex criminal conspiracy to overthrow the POTUS and liquidate the American Republic?

What follows is just the tip of the iceberg of the exceedingly deep and broad conspiracy to destroy the United States of America.

THE THREE WITCHES: Democrat’s 2020 Strategy to Overthrow Trump


This is it people!

The remaining 13 months between now and Election Day 2020 will prove to be the most decisive in modern U.S. history. Some of the transparently stage events which we are about to witness in the USA and abroad may be as highly consequential as the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks.

Remember, it’s all about “shock and awe” so that the electorate will be sufficiently traumatized so that they can be compelled/coerced to vote against their own interest. Which means they are unwittingly supporting the ever-expanding despotic technocracy.

What the American people are about to see is a series of “October Surprises” which really began this past September with the UKRAINEgate hoax. The globalists know they have to start early this election cycle. They actually inaugurated this quadrennial manipulation of the electorate by promoting the utterly bogus RUSSIAgate hoax on November 9, 2016.

The NWO globalists will roll out one seditious scheme after another; one fake scandal after another; one disruptive conspiracy after another, in the interest of ousting Trump or preventing his re-election.

That incorrigible cabal of criminally insane psychopaths is absolutely determined to implement the final phase of the New World Order agenda toward the establishment of a One World Government.

Because the outcome of the 2020 election is an integral piece of that covert agenda, the NWO perps will dramatically increase the number and intensity of black operations and psyops.

Each of these, as always, is designed to distract, divert and misdirect as needed by the perpetrators. For the globalists have only one way out of the planetary catastrophe they purposefully created. That multi-century plan is laid bare at the link below.

THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

In light of this swiftly evolving predicament, pre-emptive strikes such as this one will go a long way to thwarting their repugnant goals. The multi-century NWO plot is being sabotaged from every direction just as their all-important time line is continually obstructed.

In the end, it is only people power and overwhelming force that will end the reign of tyranny that this race of humanity has suffered under over millennia.  The Powers That Be have been in power for so long that they will not give up their seats unless they are facing very real existential threats.  The time is now upon US, folks. The globalists will not go away without a fight.

BOTTOM LINE: The Clintons and Obamas, Soroses and Bidens, Pelosis and Schiffs are the compromised agents in the middle.  Any public figure who is prominently configured as such will genuinely represent the interest of We the People when they fear their respective constituencies more than they fear their Deep State masters.  This vital understanding alone ought to define the next move made by the Patriot Movement.

State of the Nation
October 6, 2019

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13 thoughts on “State of the Nation, Democrat’s 2020 Strategy to Overthrow Trump & THE THREE WITCHES”

  1. Yes, we Americans are stupid and fearful and sinful and under severe attack, but still I do not appreciate PCR’s give-up, surrender, do-nothing position on our situation.

    I believe in miracles because I believe in God.

    We can pray and seek and speak and Truth to the best of our ability and then, having done all, we can stand.

    We need to pursue truth in honest ways and stop biting rotten bait coming at us from all directions these days. We see through a glass darkly and must have faith. We have to do our part but we also have the Most Powerful Help on our side.

    There is a Brotherhood of Darkness.
    There is a Judeo-Masonic Hidden Hand
    There are those of the synagogue of Satan. Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9
    There is the mystery of iniquity.

    Our loving merciful God and His Will rules supreme and is all that matters.

    God bless us each and every one.

    Ephesians Chapter 6, verses 11- the whole armour of God.

    [11] Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. [12] For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. [13] Therefore take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. [14] Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice, [15] And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace:

    [12] “In the high places”: or heavenly places. That is to say, in the air, the lowest of the celestial regions; in which God permits these wicked spirits or fallen angels to wander.

    [16] In all things taking the shield of faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. [17] And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God). [18] By all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the spirit; and in the same watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints: [19] And for me, that speech may be given me, that I may open my mouth with confidence, to make known the mystery of the gospel. [20] For which I am an ambassador in a chain, so that therein I may be bold to speak according as I ought.

    1. PCR is a very learned man, undoubtedly way more informed than you are. I don’t know where you get off calling him defeatist. He had a chance about 5 years ago to quit his columns and relax completely, but he didn’t…..he didn’t. l greatly admire his pluck and courage, not to mention his acumen. If he doesn’t measure up to your standards, maybe they are unreasonable, huh? I don’t see you in his class, do you? Really?

  2. Trump Is History and So Is the USA

    Paul Craig Roberts

    When I read this evening in The Hill, which I mistakenly thought was a legitimate news publication rather than a weapon against President Trump and the Republicans, that the documented fact that Joe Biden and his son received between them $1,750,000 for preventing any Ukrainian investigation of the corrupt firm Burisma was mere unsupported “allegation,” and that the Trump Department of Justice had indicted two associates of Rudy Giuliana, President Trump’s most fervent supporter, for “campaign finance violations,” a very elastic term, it became completely clear that Trump’s own Justice (sic) Department is part of the Deep State’s plot to destroy Trump.

    Where is the Justice Department’s report on the felonies committed by the Democrats, CIA, and FBI in the effort to use the orchestrated hoax of Russiagate to interfere in the US presidential election by overturning the voters’ will and driving Trump out of office? Where are the indictments for these felonies? Why is the Trump Justice (sic) Department drawing out the expected report and indictments until the Democrats have had all the chance they need to finish off Trump? Why is Trump’s Justice (sic) Department helping the Democrats to destroy Trump.

    The former prosecutor general of Ukraine has himself testified that he was fired on Joe Biden’s orders, reinforced by the orders of the US ambassador to Ukraine. We have the report that Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach has released documents proving the Bidens’ corruption.

    We have the letter to the Democrats from the White House legal counsel pointing out that there is no such thing as an ongoing “impeachment inquiry” that denies the accused the ability to contest the evidence and to cross examine accuser witnesses. It is completely obvious that by avoiding a vote to begin an impeachment process, the Democrats intend to throw mud right through the next election without having to produce or confront any evidence or facts. The “inquiry” is not an impeachment. It is an illegitimate use of the concept of impeachment to conduct a propaganda campaign against Trump for which no evidence needs to be produced.

    Trump is so far over his head in Washington waters that he is incapable of realizing that the criminal George W. Bush and Obama regimes put powers in the hands of the president that enable him to destroy the plotters of the coup against him. Instead, Trump “distances himself from Giuliana.” In other words, his enemies have Trump on the run. Has it ever occured to Trump that every real whistlebower, people protected by statutory federal law, was completely destroyed by the executive branch, and no one said a word? Yet, here is Trump twisting in the wind on the basis of an unknown CIA agent who orchestrated the whistleblower complaint with Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. In US law there is no such thing as an unknown whistleblower, much less one that has more power than the president of the United States.

    We are going to lose a president, who intended to mend America and restore peace, and our country along with him, because American peace and prosperity does not comply with the agendas of the elite who rule us.

    The American people are so stupid, having demonstrated their unlimited capability for utter and total stupidity by buying in to the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” “Iranian nukes,” “Russian invasions,” “Russiagate,” ad infinitum, that the Deep State and their media whores take for granted that the dumbshit Americans will equally accept the latest lie.

    America is already in the trash bin of history. Most other countries will say, “good riddance.”


    The President’s Letter to Pelosi and Schiff
    •Oct 8, 2019
    1.8K 11 Share

    Headlines with a Voice
    5:40 runtime of this reading video of …

    The President’s Letter to Pelosi and Schiff

    Written by Pat. A. Cipollone
    Counsel to the President


    “I write on behalf of President Donald J. Trump in response to your numerous, legally unsupported demands made as part of what you have labeled – contrary to the Constitution of the United States and all past bipartisan precedent – as an “impeachment inquiry.” … “

    Full text:… President’s Letter to Pelosi and Schiff

    1. Here is a high-quality and analysis and commentary on the games being played now.

      48 minute 35 second runtime for video. First 9 minutes gives simplest summary of that she will explain in successive levels of explanation throughout the rest of video.

      This “impeachment” play is not about impeachment at all and the set-up strategies in the congress began long before Trump had a phone conversation with Ukraine’s Zelinsky. All the rule changes and procedure changes in the congress were set up gradually with the sole purpose of arranging a new kind of and a fake kind of impeachment strategy in the future.

      So president, with this letter by his counsel, is saying to the congress “I am not playing your game. Go pound sand.”

      I personally like to see wise chess board plays like this by the president and I also like deeper explanations of the game is really all about and how it is played. Debbie G. is a Dallas-based attorney and news reporter, sort of a latter day Phyllis Schlafly.

      Trump’s Impeachment Hardball; Manufactured Impeachment Treachery; Michelle Malkin; Liz Lies

      America Can We Talk?
      Trump’s Brilliant Impeachment Hardball

      Manufactured Impeachment Treachery

      Michelle Malkin Author of “Open Borders Inc”

      Liz Lies Again

      Follow Debbie Georgatos!

      America Can We Talk is a show with a mission — to speak up for the extraordinary and unique greatness of America. I talk about the top issues of the day facing America, often with insightful guests, always from the perspective of furthering that mission, and with the goal to inspire listeners to celebrate and embrace the liberty on which America was founded.


      I want to give the other side of this grand battle that appears to be reaching its all-or-nothing conflict that will make or break not only the Democrat party but also the presidency and the survival of our republic.

      America’s Lawyer show on Russia Today, Trial lawyer “hall-of-famer” Mike Papantonio, a Florida based Democrat lawyer team.
      The YouTube channel for this group, is Ring of Fire.

      I personally am impressed by their work on many major issues that I have been studying.

      Mr. P. did a show recently highlighting the crooked Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, married to Amway MLM racket.

      So we have this Left versus Right theatrical production playing out writ large today, again and again over the last one hundred years of USA political history.

      Texas Right-wing “Christian” political “constitution loving” patriots


      Florida Left-wing Rule-of-Law loving, corruption busting, looking out for the little guy, patriots.

      Déjà vu all over again.

  4. I don’t know if Trump ever said anything like this pre-election, but he certainly has now…and for me, it’s one of his best ever!

    Jim Stone:

    Great Trump tweet
    “The United States has spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS fighting and policing in the Middle East. Thousands of our Great Soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of people have died on the other side. GOING INTO THE MIDDLE EAST IS THE WORST DECISION EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY! We went to war under a false & now disproven premise, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. There were NONE! Now we are slowly & carefully bringing our great soldiers & military home. Our focus is on the BIG PICTURE! THE USA IS GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!

    My comment: Be careful! Pelosi won’t stand for it, neither will Hillary or any of the neocons. Like I said, Trump is a closet truther. He just can’t come right out and say it.

  5. The Albert Pike story is pretty amazing. I think he had a newspaper in Nashville that openly recruited for the Klan. The plan for three world wars was pretty dead on. I remember the story of Mazzini’s letter to Pike planning 3 world wars being in a London museum and gone missing. Pretty crazy that while they were trying to tear down civil war statues and the trendies were so outraged by the stars and bars Confederate War flag… that Pike’s statue is a short distance from the white house and remained unmolested by the virtue signaling trendies. During Barry’s Presidency. Where was all the outrage over the Pike Monument? The connections to the Klan are pretty strong.

  6. I hate when I can’t correct my typos and the auto-correct screws you. Seems like no matter what, you don’t see it until it publishes! What I meant to say is that the death toll of the Paradise SMART fires surely exceeds that of the 911 attacks, perhaps by 10 times or more and that the official death toll under 100 is a savage lie. This fellow Jamie went to Chico, the largest town near Paradise. He could not find more a handful of displaced fire victims. Where did 50,000 people vanish to? I personally questioned one of the survivors who relocated to Colorado. She now suffers from asthma. She sat trapped for hours in her car being cooked alive in a traffic jam. What saved her was driving over the insane “road diet” barriers on the main road that was once an incredibly efficient 4 lane boulevard. This lady’s dad vigorously fought against the agenda 21 Road Diet which is also being planned in our area. It was one of the contributing factors in high death toll, dropping a 4 lane road down to two by installing intermittent barriers to through traffic in the right lane. When I asked if she thought the death toll was much higher than the official number, she had no explanation as to where 50,000 went.

  7. “Jewish left-wing activists push feminism, degeneracy, abortion, and lgbt nonsense. Jewish right-wing activists push crony capitalism and foreign wars of aggression.” Quoting an anonymous poster.


    (Thanks to Mike Sparks and real CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp for insights showing me what is the core issue and what we should be shining the light on.)

    In regard to this latest coup strategy of the “whistleblower”, we the people are entitled to quality news reporting that communicates clearly exactly WHAT crime(s) was committed and what constitutional or statutory violation(s) took place. Name the crime and give the legal citation.

    All I can deduce in all this brouhaha is that “a person connected with the CIA was a “whistleblower”, but in truth only a “leaker” and not qualifying under the whistleblower statute and protections, and that person has only “anonymous sources” and “no evidence.

    The “leaker” is a “CIA plant” entity in the White House who leaked information about the subject phone call of the president from having access to a transcript of that phone conversation, which is top secret classified information in text form.

    (There are “legitimate” CIA Analysts placed on duty in the president’s office and some entities there under other titles but who are actually working for and reporting to the CIA, and all of these are there working to destroy the republic.)

    Serious crimes were committed but no one wants to inform we the people of the specific crimes and the criminal perpetrators.

    Because it is the president’s duty and job and what we the people elected him for, it is incumbent upon President Trump to
    go NOW to CIA Director Gina Haspel and tell her to provide the name of the “leaker” and complete information about this CIA operation, and offering her an opportunity to be fired in lieu of imprisonment.

    The Central Intelligence Agency attacking America and Americans.

  8. Morning Jim. I predicted a second 911 level attack. It’s not exactly a super natural power. Why wouldn’t we expect another large scale event? Maybe it’s already happened multiple times but we don’t see it as an outright attack. The SMART FIRES in Paradise and Santa Rosa, CA are shinning examples. These fires skipped much of the forest and turned structures to dust, melted cars parked no where near a ready flame source. This new breed of wonder weapon dustifies substances with melting or ignition points so far above the actual fire, you must take a closer look. Porcelain disappears from the Paradise fires when it has a higher melting point than all varieties of metal. If you try to talk to someone about the impossibility of open air fires to make porcelain vanish, they immediately fill in the gap of logic with non-sense because it so frightens them, they can’t deal with it. It’s just like the Twin Towers in that way. Fires can’t turn steel to dust and make 90% of the building’s mass drift away in the wind. Even people without advanced technical backgrounds can pick-up what I am laying down. Think about the significance of missing a thousand degrees, porcelain melts at over 3,000 degrees, forest fires and house fires burn at less than 2,000 degrees. The average sheep’s eyes would start glazing over when I hit him with the thousand degrees. It’s actually a lot more than that, but why split hairs? If it does not fit you must acquit. Wild fires simply can’t account for the damage seen. There is a fellow named Jamie Lee that has made 100s of videos on the Santa Rosa and Paradise fires. aplanetruth was his youtube channel and was taken down by the Powers that Be… big surprise right? Check the sacramento bee’s drone footage. The untouched trees hit you right in the eye next to justified structures. The low official death toll of under a 100 is surely a savage. Jamie can’t find the missing 50,000 people anywhere, there is hardly a trace of them in nearby towns. I am sad to say that the death toll surely exceeds that of the 911 attacks, perhaps by factors of 10 or more.

  9. Pelosi and the Squad are more proof that feminism is Satanic. I agree with the Bible, women should not be in positions of authority over men. It is a judgment of God to have women in authority. But then, these women are already murderers with their support for abortion. The USA is committing suicide, both literally and spiritually. Eventually, the madness must stop and return toward a more Christian way.


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