Jack Mullen, Will Seattle Be Attacked with Heat and Directed Energy Weapon on Sunday 11.3.19?

The future is fluid and the controllers have learned to direct the flow 

The video below offers the best explanation for why California was attacked with directed energy weapons over the past few years –  which burned homes but did not damage the trees. The story of forest fires burning homes to the ground — completely — but near standing trees were not harmed is beyond even the 9/11 lie.

I have been following the decoding of the predictive programming pointing toward Seattle for a “terrorist” attack set for 11.3.2019,  the data is compelling.

9/11 was shown and rubbed into American’s faces for decades before the Zionist/Communists, using military components of Israel and the Mossad and traitorous components of US intelligence agencies with operatives in the government and private military contract sphere to attack and destroy the World Trade Centers.  After the attack the story concocted violated the laws of nature and the laws of physics. Americans were mocked before the attack with “predictive programming” clues explicitly telling them when and where the WTC attacks were going to happen and after by having to swallow an impossible story as the excuse.

Now the same kind of clues are exposed regarding an attack planned for Seattle. This attack does not have to happen, especially if enough people become aware – or it can happen some other time, or it was never going to happen all, but if it is to happen, there are special reasons for this November and week 44 of this year.  Please watch the video(s) for that information.

If this attack occurs it will be Washington DC and accomplices in the Military Industrial Complex, the US Intelligence agencies and most of all the State of Israel that must be investigated as suspects in this massive crime.

The video below depends on understanding how the subconscious processes memories, versus the conscious mind. The argument is strong and compelling. If this does not happen, perhaps just watching and reading about the attack has changed the future.  I am only making the information available — I was not aware enough to see the clues prior to 9/11, but the clues now being exposed about Seattle are clearly visible and deliberate – for what reason we have yet to see.

No thinking person can believe the fires in CA were/are naturally created.  Recently, there were numerous deliberate power outages happening in California — first in Northern California but then later S. CA. Edison announced that Southern California may see 50,000 homes without power.  Are these drills in preparation for a large scale power outages caused by a deliberately caused attack?

We are now living in dangerous and deceitful times. This is consistent with events of the past which were deliberately created to cause societal power structure changes.  The English “Revolution,”  French “Revolution,” Bolshevik “Revolution,” and Spanish “Revolution” of 1936 were all deliberately caused RED TERRORS usually using names like “Workers’ Social Revolution, or “The October Revolution” or “Cultural Revolution” in the case of Mao Zedong’s reign of terror and mass murder. All of these “revolutions” were not revolutions of the people against their oppressive governments, but rather perpetual revolutions of Talmudic ideology against non-Jewish people.  In each of these cases a fake story was invented and a news blackout ensued covering up the mass murder and worse on scales never envisioned by the current generation of Americans.

Whether we have an attack on Seattle, or some other deliberate event such as 9/11, the story will be a lie and the goal will be social chaos and pain.  Prepare your minds — knowledge is the first line firewall against machinations of mentally ill controllers who can print their own wealth.

Note: None of clues are evidence something will happen in Seattle.  Writing about this information is just precautionary, the prudent thing to do after what happen on 9/11/2001.

Here are some of the clues provided BEFORE 9-11 and this is just a drop in the bucket. (click to enlarge)


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14 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, Will Seattle Be Attacked with Heat and Directed Energy Weapon on Sunday 11.3.19?”

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  3. Pretty interesting take on old movies and TV shows that often seem to predict future events. I am glad to see a post mentioning the directed energy attacks in California. We had one here in Colorado with the Waldo Canyon “fire” that caused very similar damage. Entire subdivisions turned to dust surrounded by untouched forest. How it is that only 1% of the population bothers to notice the anomalous damage the word over… Spain, Greece, China and Australia and many other places. It’s like that scene from “they live” when the TV signal is hacked and the resistance gets a message across intermittently blocking out the programing. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V-4JHT2q3w

  4. No doubt, all the signs and hints are there, I just find it SO hard to believe they would make this particular event so obvious. That would seem to be taking arrogance to a ludicrous degree.
    On the other hand, they could just be playing us like in the game of 3-card Monte.

    1. Will, 9-11 was far more obvious, but no one was looking. Have a look at the video below, 55 minutes of 9-11 predictive programming. Most of the sheeple have no clue that we are even talking about this Seattle now. Something is happening in California and the financial system is collapsing without notice in the background – https://thedailycoin.org/2019/10/27/the-big-squeeze-on-banks-is-back-and-badder-than-ever/

      And the Zio/Com’s need a civil war to bring about the final “revolution” — Vengeance is a dish better served cold.


      1. True, jack….911 was more obvious (and I have watched that vid several times)….but that was in retrospect, was it not….? So, I would think we are now more aware and have discovered these signs before the event. I realize that Cooper and even Russo told us about 9/11 previous to it’s occurrence and those predictions along with a few others were caught by a few, but no where near the numbers we have reached previous to this possible Seattle event. Of course, I could be miscalculating and/or unaware of the numbers previous to 9/11.

      2. hey Jack just jumped around your post of 911 predictions video. I saw quite a few of these in other video compilations and saw new ones in yours. I also noticed a new one just a few weeks ago while randomly watching a movie. Shoot can’t even remember which movie. Doesn’t even matter that much. Now I will always be looking for new ones on digital readouts and clocks. A couple of antique ones with Alfred Hitchcock from 1958 … crazy! Enemy of the State is worth rewatching… the antagonist played by John Voigt just happened to have a birthday of sept.11th. The birthday mentioned was not important to the story line, it just kind of sticks out like a sore thumb for no particular reason, just like Neo’s birthday was also 9-11 in the Matrix. Neither birthday was important to the storyline, they just happened to be there. I could not even count how many times they predicted the twin towers destruction in the compilation. The predictions were both subtle and hit you over the head.

        I ran into a survivor of the 911 attacks who worked for a rival firm of Cantor Fitzgerald. They were attempting to lure him away with significantly more money for the same job. He was tempted but could not explain what felt wrong about changing jobs, something he could not put his finger on. It was a gut feeling that he should stay put. When the attack came, he said there was an announcement to stay put which he immediately ignored and split. That saved his life. The firm of Cantor Fitzgerald was wiped out completely. As he described it, I got the feeling there was some kind of devine intervention that saved his life. No relgious overtones really just a tremendous sense of being incredibly fortunate beyond the dodging a bullet scenario

      3. Hi Dave — thank you for the observations. It is quite strange how these things are woven into our life’s perception. Interesting for me, for example, is that on my hospital created birth certificate my time of birth is 9:11 am. Have you ever read PK Dick’s works for example UBIK? Sometimes it feels like the world of the dying but not consciously dead fits this world. How many times have I done this before? Numerous other notices from childhood foreshadow events today in my life. Nothing, clearly is a coincidence. Religion was an early trigger in my 7-8 year life. It was painfully clear to me religion was mind-control and the strange fear that religion would eventually come back around to its primary purpose, complete enslavement of the population. Now 50 years later – out of no-where comes the millenniums old dark-age-plague again.

  5. There is no evidence that DEWs were used on 911 but there is a ton of evidence that mini nukes were used.

    The photos of recent fires in CA look identical to CA fires of the 1950s and ’60s.


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