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When George W Bush was President, the Deep State created a list of 8 million Americans to be detained in case of a National Emergency. That list surely has grown since Democracy Now and Salon looked at Main Core in 2008.

The Deep State is run by the men who launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. Asia Times said a decade ago that they also launder $500 billion a year in bribes. The Deep State killed President Kennedy because they wanted him to go to war in Vietnam and to lose it so they could get white teenagers to start taking drugs. They wanted a beaten down and drugged up America to replace what was here before they killed JFK because they could more easily control a corrupt nation.

They also wanted President Kennedy dead because he opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.

There are a few problems with the DC crowd trying to round up 8 to 10 or even 12 million Americans. That original 8 million figure came from estimates more than a decade ago during the George W Bush administration. Certainly like all government programs it has expanded since it began.

Days One and Two

Suppose the Deep State sent out the order to round up 30,000 men and women on the evening of Day One. Americans have 4 major time zones so suppose they operated from midnight to 4 am Eastern time. That would be from 9 pm to 1 am on the West Coast.

They would have to take down Internet communications and cell tower traffic. They could not allow people to communicate with one another.  They would need local law enforcement to co-operate. That co-operation could be a major problem as local cops might side with friends and neighbors and give advance warning. Children could be sent to another location. Some might set a bomb to explode when the door kicked in doors. Snipers might take out a few of the Feds on Day One. But not all of those federal men would get home at the end of their first shift rounding up Patriots,

But on Day Two everyone in the country would know that the Deep State had ordered the arrest without trial of 8 to 12 million Americans. A major problem is that nobody will know whether or not they are on that list to be sent to modern concentration camps. 20 million people might assume they were on that Main Core list. The Federalis will experience blowback from 20 million or more people not just the 8 to 12 million actually on that list.

Extermination Camps

These will not be work camps like in Germany in WW II where inmates at Dachau made V 2 rockets for General Walter Doernberger to attack London. Or like Auschwitz where the inmates converted coal from Silesia into gasoline for the German Army. If you don’t have a job inside the camps, you are a liability. Please note that the Deep State is run by Bankers and that they do not like expensive to maintain non-performing assets.

The order to round up Americans will likely come after the US Dollar loses reserve currency status as demanded by Mark Carney, the retiring Governor of the Bank of England. The Dollar will likely be devalued before the 2020 elections in November. But the end of reserve currency status, would likely happen within a year or two after the elections.

Since 60% of US money is overseas, this would mean that all the money held by foreigners would sent back to the US and that US wages and pensions would be cut in half by inflation.  This would cause Nationwide Food Riots and likely panic the Bankers into ordering the round up of 8 to 12 million Americans.

US Military

The first question is whether or not the US military would even allow the round up to begin. Over the first few days of the Troubles the military could change their minds and begin arresting Bankers and seizing their assets to fund Debt Cancellation. The Choice will be made at first by generals in the Pentagon where $21 trillion had gone missing from 1998 to 2015. But junior officers backed by soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen from all over the world could offer a second Choice by Day Two or Three.

If the Pentagon tries to remain neutral on Day One, on Day Two millions of Americans will take their weapons and food to previously arranged locations. Some might go into full combat mode and begin killing Bad Guys on their personal To Do list. By Day Three some resistors might even use  dynamite to take down a few towers taking electricity to Washington DC and New York.

Ed Dorner, the disgruntled ex-cop, shut down law enforcement in Los Angeles for several days. And he announced who he was and published a manifesto along with his hit list. If there were no hit list and no self-acknowledgement and there were 10,000 men out there actively shooting at the people the Deep State needed to maintain control amidst Nationwide Food Riots and Blackouts, the US military outside the Pentagon might have to intervene.

Civil War

The alternative would be a Civil War.

The Deep State Main Core program is doomed because Americans own 350 million guns thanks to the 2nd Amendment. The Second Amendment protects our freedoms including the right not to be arrested without trial and be sent to a concentration camp.

The Deep State thinks they can starve 50 million Americans to death and walk away without any blowback. They starved 3 million Americans to death in the 1930s without suffering any repercussions. But that was then and this is now.  The Bankers cannot be allowed to kill Americans by the tens of millions. We are a tolerant and long suffering people who let the Bankers steal our tax money and pensions by the tens of trillions. But mass starvation is way beyond our limit.

The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment is our Answer to any plans the Bankers make to starve, torture, kill and betray us.

I said Israel killed President Kennedy. You can read my reasoning here:

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

I said the US is heading to a possible military intervention soon after the Nationwide Food Riots. A US military coup could save us from a much more horrifying Civil War.

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

When the Dollar Dies, you will need some persuasive arguments to convince the brainwashed that 911 was not done by 19 hijackers who couldn’t fly a Cessna.

911: Short And Powerful Questions

Debt Cancellation ends Depressions. The following knowledge about canceling Unpayable Debts could save the US and the world economy from otherwise certain disaster.

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

The video below is an interview with people in a position to know about the Main Core program which was developed in the George W Bush administration to round up dissidents and send them to concentration camps without trials and lawyers.

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22 thoughts on “Video Rebel’s Blog, The Deep State vs The 2nd Amendment”

  1. Our politicians have been scheming for many decades to destroy our republic.

    The current president meets with a bipartisan committee to construct a bipartisan gun control bill 18 months ago. He names off all the false “shooting” events and bases his arguments on those false events.

    Today, they’re talking about using Amazon Echo and Apple Watches to monitor us for mental illness.

    I pray for some unimpeachable witness to come forward and give the whole damning truth on one of these major false events of the last thirty years. It just takes one patriot to risk his life to save America in this way.

    We are wise to ignore all of our politicians and not respond to their endless political games. These “tragic school shooting events” can be made to happen off-the-shelf on demand.

    Continue to shine the light of truth on all of these planned false events designed to destroy our access to firearms.

    1:03:50 video runtime – mostly committee meeting of Feb. 2018

    18 Months Ago: ‘Take the Guns First and Then Go to Court’
    •Sep 16, 2019

    Headlines with a Voice
    91.2K subscribers
    18 Months Ago: ‘Take the Guns First and Then Go to Court’

  2. In our state, the one where the Sandy Hoax lies were produced and coalesced, we have a particularly egregious Christian Zionist clergyman who can’t get enough of Israel and how fabulously wonderful they are. He’s refractory to these vile lies, it’s evident his “faith” is based on this mumbo-jumbo and it’s also evident that he would just die should somebody show him the error is his ways. He has a paper thin veneer of something not remotely similar to real faith. He resents other opinions, he’s a pompous impostor, imagine how many of this type exist in the US.
    The tape of Joe Imbriano is devastating but adults who are being given the truth at this late date are undoubtedly and hopelessly overpowered by actual truths. They’ll tell you their time on earth is limited and they are just here to have fun. When you bring up the fact they have children and grandchildren who must struggle to live in the burgeoning hellhole called America, suddenly their bravado turns to pig slop and they realize, too late, that they’ve wasted precious time they could be learning about the truth in life and passing it along to their progeny and their progeny. Is this too much to ask?

  3. When England persecuted Christians they fled to the Netherlands and to America. Where can you go now for someplace better? Africa? Australia? During Vietnam, many went to Canada, it is less populated, but has many of the same problems.
    So, the other alternative may be another Civil War, England had one too you know. The stupid liberals may just die off, they are so pro abortion, they won’t survive another generation. Many liberal colleges are closing because of just that. If there is another Civil War, I hope everyone connected to the lying mainstream media gets killed. Will parts of the country secede like the Confederates? California is talking Calexit.

  4. I have previously mentioned the in-your-face statistics on murder straight from the FBI. Handguns were used in 46% of all murders. Rifles were used in only 2%. So called “assault” weapons were used in only a fraction of the 2%. Why aren’t the Dem-O-crips hell bent on banning handguns? Why would they go after banning such a small segment of the murder weapons used? My feeling is they are simply doing what they are told by their masters. And that something much bigger than 911 is being planned. Total economic collapse from a growing 21 trillion debt? Nukes detonated and large portions of the country being rendered uninhabitable? Blamed on Iran? Perhaps the weather war no one seems to notice will just continue until an entire growing season’s crops are destroyed? Oh… that’s already happened the world over. There’s a face book page called weather wars international where weather catastrope videos from regular folks are posted. Every day there has been biblical floods on several continents simultaneously. Hail so large, it has never been seen before in places not known for it. Wildfires start that have no traceable source and erupt in 60 locations at once without a single lightning strike. Everything is smart these days… SMART meters, SMART phones and now we have SMART fires. What makes them so damn SMART? The fires devour structures into dust while skipping the forest surrounding the neighborhood. This has happened over and over again. You won’t hear it from the NEWS. But you will see it covered by John Q. Public concerned citizens. Their youtube reports are far more credible than the NEWS has become. If you are on TV, you are paid to read a script you had no part in writing (is it lying or merely acting?) The citizen videos are made by people not paid for their work, they simply want to report what’s happening. These SMART fires have qualities not associated with the nature of fire. For instance, you can look up engineering tables that show ignition temperatures or melting point temperatures. There was NEWS chopper footage that clearly showed a metal roof burning like a paper plate and showing terracotta roof tiles burning like finely aged firewood. Neither substance should burn. If anything metal should melt, but if you look up wildfire and structure fire temperatures, it’s no where near hot enough to melt metal, much less light it on fire. What these SMART fires are doing to cars is something beyond belief. Cars parked no where near a ready flame source have had their engine blocks and wheels melted into flowing rivers of metal lava. Wildfires cannot explain the damage. Youtube is making these videos disappear from search parameters. Here is one link you might still find. Watch it and ask yourself, has the nature of fire changed?

  5. Trump is not Russia’s Bitch, he clearly is Israel’s Bitch. Many of his supporters have turned a blind eye to the betrayal. What did we expect? Still better than Killary? I imagine so but that’s such a low bar. The money system doomed to failure… I believed it was eminent 12 years ago. The can has been kicked down the road so many times, hard to say if it won’t last another few years or implode tomorrow. One of the stories no one is talking about is the weather catastrophes happening simultaneously all over Earth – most of this year. Weather has been weaponized and unleashed the world over. The virtue signaling climate change trendies simply can’t acknowledge this because it destroys their narrative of ‘Our lifestyles must be radically altered to save Earth’ if the weather is being jacked for destruction. The floods are biblical in scale and occurring with such frequency, blaming climate change on our lifestyles is turning a blind eye to the 160 plus weather modification patents and the Air Force’s paper called Owning the Weather by 2025, weather as a force multiplier. The damage to crops this year is staggering. Food prices are going to bury us is my prediction. I buy mostly unprocessed organic food and $80 does not fill a single bag nowadays. Spending less on round – up tainted food is no bargain. If i had to guess I’d say 20% of this year’s growing season has been wiped out world wide. I pulled the figure out of thin air. I would love to be proved wrong.

    1. Trump makes me want to throw up.
      Look at the clip below of this cretin announcing more sanctions against Iran with super Jew Steve Mnuchin. Starts at 40:20

      Earlier in this same video there is a discussion of the “repo” program announced by the Fed on Friday which is to last until 10 October. The Fed injected almost USD500B this week. The total thru October 10 will be USD2Trillion.

    2. The entire Solar System is heating up …its has to do with thousand year Solar Cycles. Mars has lost much of its Polar ice.
      Politicians want us to believe we can do something about this or that its man made. What a joke that is.

      Higher taxes and less carbon dioxide will have no effect on the Sun.

      On another note…unless a major news outlet or upper rank politician[s] talk about the fraud and hoaxing of Sandy Hook or the nuclear event of 911, nothing will happen. The ”people” are not going the ”rise up” or ”wake up”. Its probably too late for that.

      Just this week I briefly mentioned the facts about Sandy Hook on a website and someone called me ”insane” and red flagged my comment.

  6. This is important enough to be placed beneath the top article. If for some strange reason you still believe the US, INC. is still a democracy or a democratic republic, this video will pretty much place that belief in the dustbin of lost dreams. Just watch the first 10-20 miniutes and you will probably see it through to the end. We live in a fascist state…plain, simple and irrefutable. Proceed with caution, as this is most definitely something you do not want to see or hear. Thank you Catherine Austin Fitts.

    1. I have just listened to the TruNews show for today which is basically a more elementary explanation of the coming financial meltdown that I can better understand.

      I had to take a break from it when they had a film clip of the President and Steve Mnuchin all aglow telling us how they have put the strictest possible financial sanction of the central bank of Iran, I guess for trying to have us believe that Iran attacked the Saudi-Israel / Aramco oil compound. So evil.

      It is amazing to me what a change we are seeing in President Trump over the last couple of weeks. He is in our face about being on the side of the banksters who want to trash the USA and Make Israel Greater.

      If you listen to Rick Wiles and his co-reporters on TruNews explaining what is really going on you realize that the average American citizen is not the least bit in the considerations of these moneyed elites.

      Catherine Fitts basically just told us that the government financial accounting watchdog agencies have just given themselves permission to hide what they are doing with our money and there will be no auditing or investigating of government malfeasance anymore. The SEC and other agencies don’t even have to go through the motions of doing what their job is now that this new rule is in place.

      I prefer a Christian radio show to explain this to me.

      1. These sanctions on Iran for an alleged attack on Saudi oil refineries they obviously did not do are acts of wanton cruelty. They are reminiscent of the slaughter of the Libyan people because the banisters wanted to seize control of the country. I am disgusted with Trump. This is it for me. And it’s obvious, too, that Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson struck a chord with the American people, so the major networks did not release the polls in order to deprive them of the right to continue to be heard by the public. The Democrats are monsters, but so is the President! Ghastly!

      2. What we are now witnessing is a nation in the midst of total failure. EVERY branch of government has LOST the trust of We the People. The voting system is beyond help and cannot be relied upon to make any difference. Every politician has sold out to a foreign nation….a nation whose leaders have publically and repeatedly said they want to and will rule the world and the goyim.The ONLY remedy left is some form of revolution. We can no longer sit back and hope for an answer through normal means. BUT…..


      3. “Marianne Williamson struck a chord with the American people”

        Many of us remember the

        New Age Shirley MacLaine – Oprah Winfrey – Marianne Williamson religion that came on like gangbusters in the mid-1970s.

        You can conjure up unconditional love for the world and attract unlimited health and financial well-being

        by simply repeating the following prayer to yourself over and over again…

        I am god, I am god, I am god.

        Same old recycled Trinity Broadcasting Zionist Name-it-and Claim-it garbage gospel born of the words of the Serpent in the Garden.

  7. If the bankers are able to survive the impending collapse of financial markets and somehow keep the existing financial system going (or maybe impose electronic money) they will maintain control. And there is no doubt in my mind that they would use a deteriorated and chaotic societal condition to bring in totalitarianism. Why wouldn’t they? They almost have it now.

  8. This article is more than daunting…it’s outright terrifying…but the links at the end are informative and helpful….It’s a good idea to follow through and take the time to read as many as feasible.
    Israel is an enemy. Anyone who see them as a friend of We the People is also an enemy. I see no way not to include Trump in that group.


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