Patrick McShay, Whistleblower Complaint or Deep State Hit Job?

Patrick J. McShay

“The impeachment of a president is the undoing of a national election”

— Jerry Nadler, Democrat Senator (Quote from 1998)

“I expect we will lower the bar on impeachment
so much that it will be used as a routine tool to
fight political battles”

— Chuck Schumer, Democrat Senator (Quote from 1998)

“Joe Biden shook down the Ukrainian Government
and they are trying to cover it up. George Soros dirty
money is all over this”

— Joe diGenova, Former US Attorney

The big question, that anyone who has followed the latest whistleblower accusations against the president should be asking, is why are these Democrats are so interested in this latest whistleblower complaint.

The Obama Administration has a legacy of treating whistleblowers like criminals. After initially promising “a new level of open government.” Obama then began an 8-year war on whistleblowers. Nancy Soloman, Director of “The Institute For Public Accuracy” said, “The absolute twisted passion with which this administration under Obama’s leadership has pursued whistleblowers is just appalling!”

What Obama really meant to say was he would protect whistleblowers who were ratting out Republicans, but disclosing Democrat wrongdoing was strictly off-limits.

These Democrats are taking a kinder and gentler approach to the whistleblowers who have an ax to grind with President Trump!

The Whistleblower Compaint appears to be “The Schiff Dossier” paralleling the Christopher Steel dossier, where we now confront The Russia Hoax 2.0

Remember the FBI whistleblower, Dennis Cain, who came forward with charges that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton betrayed our country in the Uranium-One scandal by selling 20% of our country’s Uranium to Russia.

The FBI did a SWAT team raid on his home after he agreed to cooperate. Have we ever gotten to the bottom of that scandal?  No, we have not, which makes it is really irksome to hear that the loathsome former First Lady has weighed in on this matter urging impeachment, especially since the Ukrainian government admitted in a January 2017 letter to helping the Clinton campaign.

Dopey hypocrite Juan Williams with Fox News, who I don’t recall ever coming to the defense of any whistleblowers during Obama’s two terms in office, said today, “given the treatment of this whistleblower, why would any future whistleblower have confidence that they can, in fact, act in the best interest of America and say we want to protect our democracy and our principles?”

*There has not been a single president in my lifetime that has protected whistleblowers!

*Under the law, 3rd party witnesses can’t be whistleblowers!

The double standard and hypocrisy here are palpable!  The public has not heard the extent of Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine or China, and no matter how many times Joe Biden says this is old news, it’s not!

In a nutshell, Adam Schiff and the Democrats want Americans to believe that it was wrong for the President to look into Joe Biden visits to Ukraine, and get to the bottom of how his drug-addicted son, fresh from being kicked out of the Naval Reserves for testing positive for cocaine and in-between visits to drug rehab, somehow found his way to the board of directors of the powerful and corrupt Ukrainian Gas company — Burisma — which paid him $3 million over 16 months. During that time he entered into rehab twice. He must have been invaluable to them.

Vice President Biden later stepped in and had the prosecutor investigating Burisma fired days before he was scheduled to interview Hunter Biden about corruption at Burisma.

Here is an affidavit from the Ukrainian prosecutor explaining how he was fired at the direction of Joe Biden, who threatened to withhold $1b in US aid.

Later in 2018, Joe Biden even bragged to reporters about getting the prosecutor in the Burisma corruption case fired by threatening to withhold $3 billion in aid to Ukraine. President Poroshenko did relent and fired the prosecutor days ahead of a scheduled interview with Hunter Biden. John Soloman interviewed the prosecutor who said he was told that he was fired over Joe Biden’s unhappiness with the investigation into Burisma.

I don’t think there is any question that this whistleblower is being directed by the Democrats. Former CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz said the complaint looks like it was written by a team of lawyers.

Writer Paul Sperry wrote “The whistleblower complaint reads like an argument tailor-made for Democrats litigating impeachment” against Trump!

Fox reported that this individual has been identified as a CIA employee and it’s been reported by the “Federalist” that the whistleblower is being represented by an attorney who has worked for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, so it’s a real team effort.

*I have no doubt that this whistleblower complaint is a contrived hoax to push impeachment, just like the Jussie Smollet hoax was to be used to attack Trump supporters.

I believe when the truth comes out, we will find that this was orchestrated by the pathological liar Schiff and the rest of the traitors on the Left who are as anxious to get rid of Trump as they are in keeping Joe and Hunter Biden’s clear conflicts of interests and possible criminal activity from American voters.

In today’s hearing, Adam Schiff expressed concern that his whistleblower must be protected. When did Mr. Schiff become so concerned about whistleblowers; he showed no such concern for them when Obama was president? I know why he doesn’t want his name to get out!

To me, this latest whistleblower complaint appears to be completely manufactured by Schiff and his pals in the intelligence agencies. Did this information really come from a whistleblower or is Schiff being fed information from Trump-hating holdovers at the NSA?

It came out a few weeks ago that listening devices were found in and around the White House. No word yet on who was behind that?

*I think it is obvious that Trump is still under surveillance by deep state operatives at the CIA, NSA and the FBI!

Few are challenging Schiff’s characterization of Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky and the accusation that Trump was digging for dirt about a political opponent.

The Dems didn’t expect Trump to release the transcript and they look really silly now since the transcript of the actual call didn’t match the description of the 3rd party whistleblower nonsense of something he didn’t hear. Shame on the Democrats for this; this will assure a Trump landslide in 2020!

Trump knows about the Bidens conflicts of interest in Ukraine and is getting to the bottom of the Biden’s criminality. He is also trying to get his hands on CrowdStrike’s server. It’s clear the Democrats do not want a real investigation into the Bidens or the Ukraine?

To buy Schiff’s and the Democrats ridiculous theory, you would have to first believe that Joe Biden poses a threat to candidate Trump in 2020 and I don’t believe any serious person believes that.

If you read the whistleblower’s complaint, and then read the transcript, the complaint’s exaggerated accusations and urgency are not reflected in the reality of what is in the transcript of the president’s call.

Schiff keeps saying how credible the whistleblower is, but is he? This was after all a 3rd-party complaint from someone who used leaked information. Again, I believe they are listening in on Trump’s calls.

There were questions today about why Trump would have Rudy Giuliani involved in this case and Giuliani answered that on Fox News last night when he told Laura Ingraham that they didn’t trust the FBI to handle it.

Giuliani told Ingraham that the Ukraine had tried to give the information to the US but it was being blocked by the FBI. Trump has good reason not to trust any of the intelligence agencies!

Giuliani also hoped to get information on “CrowdStrike,” the cybersecurity company that was the lone source that accused the Russians of hacking Hillary Clinton’s and the DNC e-mails.

The DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine the server, so they left. Do you think they would have given Trump the same courtesy? CrowdStrike is owned by Ukrainian Dmitri Alperovitch and there is good reason to believe that the server is in Ukraine. I also see nothing wrong with Trump asking about the server.

We had better hope that there are still more politicians trying to preserve this nation than political traitors and Marxists on the Left trying to tear it apart!

*The so-called Ukraine whistleblower’s lawyers work for a group that offers to pay officials who leak against Trump!

The Department of Justice investigated Trump’s call with President Zelensky and found no wrongdoing, that no crime was committed and that there was no quid pro quo. Biden’s threatening call to Poroshenko to withhold a billion dollars or else, certainly did!

Joe Biden was the point-person for the Obama Administration in two countries–China and Ukraine. In both cases, his son flew with the Vice President to these countries on Air Force One and made million-dollar deals in Ukraine and a billion and a half dollars in deals with the Bank of China. I smell pay-for-play here, Joe?

Remember a few months ago at a campaign stop when dopey Joe said that “China is not a threat”? He mocked Trump for calling China our competitor.

A billion and a half dollars is a lot of money.

Was that part of Biden’s deal? Is Joe China’s guy in 2020.

Someone should ask Joe and Hunter where all that money went… and leave Trump alone!

Patrick J. McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on over 150 news sites around the world including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, conspiracy-café.ca and  Mr McShay’s articles have been translated into a number of languages including French, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

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21 thoughts on “Patrick McShay, Whistleblower Complaint or Deep State Hit Job?”

      1. Following is a superb comment on this article from ZH:

        No, 60 Minutes DID NOT MISINTERPRET the letter. They DELIBERATELY accentuated and embellished the story to enrage an otherwise illiterate audience. This sort of thing is not the exception in our country but rather the rule. The media is pure propaganda to advance an agenda. Nothing resembles reporting of the actual news. I’m 59 years old. I grew up during the Cold War. In years past when an example of propaganda or restrictions on freedom were seen, people would say “at least it not like Russia”. And today that’s correct. I’m quite sure Russia has been surpassed by the US media/government for pure agenda driven lies and propaganda.

        1. Generally speaking the people of Russia are more sophisticated about propaganda than Americans. The masses of people in Russia are all very aware that Russian TV news is propaganda. Its a joke to them.

          Less than one percent of Americans are aware that TV– radio news is CIA Operation Mockingbird propaganda. American people naively still believe that the Press of the USA is free. Its anything but free and this fact is kept secret. There is no Free Press in the USA…its tightly controlled.

          Consider the fact that Dr. Fetzler’s Book about the Sandy Hook Hoax was BANNED by….is that a free press?

        1. I do not have much info on Mark Dougan, former American cop and whistleblower, but apparently he had very high computer skills and provided radio shows or website solicitations of corruption stories from citizens about top politicians in the Palm Beach / Broward County Florida area. He collected and publicized names of people and holds digital evidence given to him about these people who have vowed to “get him.” He has the information hidden with him now in Russia I think and has set up a triggered procedure for the information to be made public, far and wide, should something untoward happen to him.

          He has given up a lot to expose the truth about the bribery, extortion and blackmail and racketeering crimes of people who hold highly paid, high level, political positions.

          What he has accomplished is analogous to what Dr. Fetzer is attempting to accomplish in the courts regarding one of the many false events perpetrated by our shadow government, particularly the Sandy Hook Hoax. A breakthrough for truth of this kind is the only thing that offers a glimmer of hope.

          It is painful to see how horrendous graft and corruption pervades our law enforcement and politicians and how “equal protection under the law” has become a joke to those on the inside.

          (I am always suspicious of anything that comes out of RT because I do not believe Russia and Putin are “all good” as they are painted in this video. I find it impossible to believe that Dougan just showed up in Russia, filled out some assylum appication papers, and was granted assylum with no problem at all and he walks around free in Russia today. That is NOT the way Russia operates, no matter how rosy this video makes Russia appear. So to some extent, this video is propaganda for Russia but the swamp of USA – Florida is very true.)

          1. Excellent comment. I could not agree more.
            I certainly admire Dougan exposing these criminals in Florida. I lived in Palm Beach County and have direct experience of what he speaks. Whistleblowers face a terrible fate in this country….giving up everything to expose the corruption that now permeates every nook and cranny of the US, INC. It’s outrageous.
            This is doubtless a propaganda effort to put the US in a bad light vs Russia….but it’s not communism vs democracy as they want you to think. It’s just one corporation vs another in a fight for the biggest share of the market.

          2. James Tracy wrote about Dougan and Breaking Wolf Bad this weekend, focusing on Dougan’s encrypted Epstein/PrinceAndrew files.

            Tracy also released a Memory Hole Report video blog yesterday about Dougan, in which Tracy points out that we are probably unaware of all aspects of this story, and how players are often the last to know that they are the patsy.
            Memory Hole Blog Report:

          3. Now with these Epstein/Prince Andrew files coming to the surface, 45 some odd agents raiding his apartment and 35 years in prison is making more sense.
            Does anyone else find it interesting that Dougan has made sure he has an insurance policy in case of his untimely demise, yet Epstein, neck deep in pedophilia for years and involved with countless well known characters, did not? THAT is more than unbelievable. Epstein is alive and well in some remote paradise….bet on it.

  1. Never ends. I have to look on the bright side. The Dem-O-crips are so wound up with impeachment, nothing else is getting done. I would rather they do nothing since Impeachment will get nowhere and ultimately backfire on them for the 2020 elections. If the Re-Blood-licans don’t gain seats in the House of Degenerates, I’ll be shocked. I want an amendment to the Constitution where any new law passage has to delete two old laws. I was really disappointed Nick Frietas did not win the Virginia Senate Primary last year to run against Tim “Killary’s Bitch” Kaine. Have you’ll ever heard Nick Frietas speak common sense to the Collectivist lunacy in the Virginia House? The left can’t even debate him, so they walk out. When is this country going to wake up from their coma? Vote Republican 100% because they aren’t nearly as whacked in the head as the Donkies

    1. “Vote Republican 100% because they aren’t nearly as whacked in the head as the Donkies”

      I have been trying to vote my independent conscience and the “lesser of two evils” over half a century.

      Right now many dishonest candidates are seeking office under the Republican label but vote against any bill that is even slightly constitutional or any legislation that will save our republic. And there are even Democrat candidates who are saying patriotic Constitutional sounding words but who are secretly voting to go along with plans to move foreward with impeachment, e.g., Tulsi Gabbard.

      Deception and falsity everywhere!

      Also even in red states, the state legislators of red and blue color ignore or vote against any bill to try to clean up the votefraud that is clearly operating in their state.

      Here are the “Rhinos” who voted against the presidents efforts to fund the building of the wall as a national emergency.
      (Senate Again Rejects Trump’s Border Emergency, but Falls Short of a Veto-Proof Majority NY Times could not read) – veto by president still possible so funding for wall still possible)

      Here Are the Republicans Who Voted Against the Emergency Declaration
      S.Noble –
      September 27, 2019

      The House and the Senate passed a joint resolution this week that would overturn President Trump’s emergency declaration at the southern border, which has allowed him to divert other government spending to his wall, The Hill reported.


      “The 13 Republicans voted with the Democrats against the emergency declaration:

      Justin Amash and Fred Upton of Michigan;

      Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania;

      Mike Gallagher and Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin;

      Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington;

      Will Hurd of Texas;

      Dusty Johnson of South Dakota;

      Thomas Massie of Kentucky;


      “The eleven Republican senators joining Democrats to disapprove of the emergency declaration were

      Susan Collins of Maine,

      Mitt Romney of Utah,

      Lamar Alexander of Tennessee,

      Lisa Murkowski of Alaska,

      Rand Paul of Kentucky,

      Mike Lee of Utah,

      Jerry Moran of Kansas,

      Rob Portman of Ohio,

      Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania,

      Roy Blunt of Missouri

      and Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

      Marco Rubio of Florida

      Francis Rooney of Florida;

      Elise Stefanik of New York;


      Greg Walden of Oregon.”

  2. For once the lame Dem debate will be interesting October. Biden should get crushed and forced out. That frees up donations for the other lame candidates. Bidengate will take all the Dems down the longer it goes on.

  3. “Mr. Trump asked for mentally disturbed Adam Schiff to resign.”

    “Mentally disturbed” ?

    Try satanic paedophile.×675/920×0/filters:focal(0x0:1199×675):format(webp):no_upscale()/

    Donald Trump tweeted on Sept. 27 2019, for the second time, referring to “ Liddle Adam Schiff.” He did the same earlier in 2018 I think.

    Trump was deliberately, though making it appear like a typo, as “Liddle” really referencing
    The Liddle Kidz Foundation which Schiff is closely connected to and is considered a pedophilia peddling entity.

    So Trump KNOWS how really bad Schiff is.

    Another accusation is that Schiff is connected to murders of abused children at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, CA.
    And further that he is involved in importing children from China as “freight” on ships that dock at Longbeach, CA.

    There was a helicopter crash that killed the top level of executives of the Standard Hotel chain and it is alleged that Schiff gave or received a few million dollars to make that cover-up crash happen.

    1. Parenthetically here, I wrote an addendum to your comment on MacArthur, Dachsie, but it got lost.
      Dachsie says:
      September 26, 2019 at 12:05 pm
      Sorry Will, but your General MacArthur quote got me started on patriotism.

      General MacArthur was a great patriot and look what they did to him.

      (Quote from Brotherhood of Darkness, book by Dr. Stanley Monteith)

      “When General MacArthur told a congressman that he wasn’t allowed to win the Korean War, President Truman relieved him of his command.”

      If you study that era, you will discover that General Lin Piao, the communist leader who commanded the Chinese army that attacked our soldiers in North Korea, knew there was A SECRET AGREEMENT that precluded us from winning the Korean War, General Lin Piao wrote:

      “I would never have made the attack and risked my men and military reputation if I had not been assured that Washington would restrain General MacArthur from taking adequate retaliatory measures against my lines of supply and communication.16 “
      My reply:

      Looks like the same SECRET AGREEMENT was in play in China, where instead of helping to rout the Communist insurgents, US support for the Nationalist government insisted that the Communists be accommodated.

      MacArthur advised JFK, and I’m sure their common war experience in the Pacific solidified their views. Kennedy wrote:

      “MacArthur believes it would be a mistake to fight in Laos. It would suit the Chinese Communists whom he feels we should have destroyed at the time of the Korean War. He thinks we should fight a rear-guard action in the southeast of Asia. He does not feel we should intervene at this time in Cuba because it does not represent a military danger to us although the time may come when we may have to do so. He thinks our line should be Japan, Formosa, and the Phillipines. He feels it important that we take the initiative with regard to peace with the Russians as they always make us appear to be the aggressor. He said that the “chickens are coming home to roost” from Eisenhower’s years and I live in the chicken coup….that Eisenhower should have done something about Cuba sooner.”

      ~ JFK, April 1961

  4. The Russia Collusion was a total made up hoax. This Whistle-blower letter was written by a gang of Democrat lawyers and its the same type of made up hoax.

    The Demorats never give up.

    Mr. Trump asked for mentally disturbed Adam Schiff to resign. The House of Congress is not a place for his unfunny parody comedy.


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