Patrick J. McShay, 9/11: The Official Narrative Is Dying

by Patrick J. McShay


“Evidence linking these Israeli’s to 9/11 is classified!
I can not tell you about evidence that’s been gathered,
it’s classified information.”

— US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s report on the Israeli spy ring and it’s connections to 911.

The 9/11 attacks are one of America’s historic events that are memorialized each year on the anniversary of the event and no matter how much evidence comes to light to debunk the official narrative, the media liars refuse to report it.

Take the murderers of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy. The evidence that’s surfaced since they were thought guilty by the masses, few should still believe the patsies offered by the government were behind the killings, yet we teach these ridiculous lies to our children. Learning history in America means accepting lies and don’t ask too many questions!

*Real history shocks people.

The mainstream media still won’t admit that explosives were planted throughout the buildings on 9/11 including the numerous basement levels, despite testimony from firemen, policemen, World Trade Center workers and people on the streets of New York who all reported hearing dozens of explosions. Why has the media not interviewed these people? Very telling!

New York fireman and first responder that day, Louis Cacchioli, said he told the 911 commission about the bombs going off everywhere in the buildings and said they treated him like a suspect!

He said it appeared investigators had already made up their minds about what happened and refused to entertain anything that deviated from that narrative. That included explosives! None of the witness testimony concerning explosives including Cacchioli’s was included in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Commission investigators served as filters for the truth and blocked anything that deviated from the government’s narrative of a terrorist in a cave directing pilots to hit buildings, because as George Bush “The Dumber” said, “They hate our freedoms”.

There is a mountain of evidence that completely destroys every single aspect of the government’s official story, not least of which is the latest scientific 4-year study into the 6.6-second free-fall collapse of the 47 story Trade Tower 7 that a NIST investigation/ cover-up ludicrously concluded was caused by scattered office fires.

*They concluded the only way building 7 could have collapsed the way it did was through the use of explosives!

Anyone who followed how the Bush administration operated in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq can see a familiar pattern with the way the 9/11 investigation was handled. When it became obvious that there were no weapons of mass destruction and network pundits began speaking out, they started disappearing from cable news.

Sean “No Bomb” Hannity began attacking anyone on his show that mentioned bombs in the buildings.  Bill O’Reilly said, now that the war has started he didn’t want to hear any more anti-war talk.

Phil Donahue, the anti-war TV host who had a highly rated show on the war-loving network MSNBC was unceremoniously fired before he could start taking apart the mountain of lies flowing from the Bush propaganda machine.

Like Mueller’s Russia collusion Special Counsel investigation, the FBI under Robert Mueller ran the cover-up after 9/11 as well. Mueller was named FBI Director on 9-4-2001, just one week before the 9/11 attacks.

*Congressman Curt Weldon accused the 9/11 commission of a cover-up on the floor of Congress, and the media did such a good job of covering up the facts of the case that 18 years after the attacks many Americans have never heard of the free-fall collapse of the 47-story building 7, much less the destruction of building 6.

Building 7 didn’t collapse until 5:20 the afternoon of 9/11, but strangely, the BBC and CNN both reported the collapse 25 minutes before it happened. Firefighters on the ground were warning people that building 7 was about to come down, but how could anyone possibly know that? No steel-framed high-rise building had ever collapsed due to fire…until 9/11!

Whoever told those firemen that building 7 could be coming down knew the building was loaded with explosives and should be a suspect. Who was it?

FBI translator Sibel Edmonds became the most gagged woman in US history when she testified that she found documents that revealed that the US knew that Al Qaeda would attack American cities.  Edmonds said she gave the commission specific information including investigation file numbers, names of investigators, targets, dates, and individuals involved.

Despite the fact that all of the evidence provided by Edmonds checked out, the 9/11 Commission decided her testimony proving a deceitful FBI and government cover-up wasn’t important enough for the American people to hear about. Sibel Edmonds wasn’t mentioned in the final 9/11 report at all!

After 9/11, FBI agent Robert Wright tearfully apologized to families of 9/11 victims and accused his FBI supervisors of “thwarting and obstructing” his attempts to investigate terrorist activity. After 9/11, Wright filed suit against the FBI for “deliberately curtailing his investigation into terrorist activity.”

Minneapolis FBI agent and 9/11 whistleblower, Colleen Rowley, said that agents in her office became so frustrated with interference from her superiors that they joked that FBI headquarters was becoming an “unwitting accomplice” to Osama bin Laden’s attempt to attack the United States.

Susan Lindauer was a high-level CIA asset that was working on negotiations with Saddam Hussein to stop the march to war with Iraq. For what it’s worth, she didn’t believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and told the Bush administration so. It made no difference.

Lindauer said that she was briefed about the 9/11 attacks four months before the event and said she agonized over what to do! She said she believes the decision to invade Iraq was made much earlier than has been admitted. Sounds to me like the decision to invade was made before 9/11!

After 9/11. Lindauer met with John McCain and told him of her concerns. A week later she was SWAT-teamed, arrested, and held under the new Patriot Act for 10 months and had a gag order placed on her for years.

*The truth is the last thing that our controllers want us to hear about 9/11!

Just prior to the 9/11 attacks, an extremely organized Israeli spy ring and phone-tapping operation were found to be operating in the US and hundreds of Israelis were involved. They targeted military bases among other sensitive locations. Carl Cameron did a 4-part series on Fox News in 2003 that was shown once and taken down from their site.

Most Americans are unaware that Israel receives all of the raw data that is collected, mostly illegally, from the NSA on every US citizens, and in 2001 through an Israeli company named Comverse Infosys, could tap into most phone systems in America.

According to a US Army War College report in 2000, no country spies on America more aggressively than the Israelis. All 9/11 roads lead to Israel.

Today a story broke in Politico that listening devices have been found at strategic locations around the White House. An FBI report has blamed the Israelis for placing the surveillance equipment. Bibi Netanyahu, of course, has denied any involvement.

In a recent Real News poll on 9/11, they asked: Who was the chief architect behind the 2001 destruction of World Trade Towers?

The results:

Israel – 54%
United States – 22%
Al Qaeda – 13%
Don’t know – 11%

In a new twist, New York City Fire Commissioners are demanding a new investigation citing overwhelming evidence that there were pre-planted explosives in the buildings.

Pre-planted explosives indicate that this was way more sophisticated than some dopey Saudi’s with box cutters; these terrorists had access.

Bingo! George Bush’s uncle, Wirt Walker, was the Chairman of the Board of Securacom, the company that had the security contract for the Twin Tower Complex. His brother Marvin was also on the board. Why do you suppose no one knows that?

Dr. Alan Sabrosky was the Director of Studies at the Army War College in 2001 and he says he is 100% certain that Israel was behind 9/11. He also says that many of his peers believe the same. At this point, it is unconscionable that anyone in this country still believes that Osama bin Laden and a ragtag group of hard-partying fake jihadists were behind 9/11.

The poll shows that 76% of those polled believe the U.S. and Israel were behind the attacks. Those people aren’t getting their information on Fox or CNN, they are getting their news from sites that Google is trying to ban. Trump needs to stop talking and actually do something about Google’s monopoly and censorship.

Our controllers do the most damage to us when we are distracted and misinformed! Weak minds following an evil agenda have been a disaster for our country and have brought us where we are today. We are at a major crossroad.

If Trump doesn’t declassify all of the documents in the DOJ and FBI scandal immediately and send some of these traitors to prison, he will lose a lot of support. If he doesn’t do something about tech censorship and shadow-banning, he will lose even more support. And if he doesn’t do something about election integrity in this country, none of that will matter because they will steal 2020 from him for sure.

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Patrick J. McShay is a writer, researcher, and activist whose articles have appeared on over 190 news sites around the world including,,,,,,,,,,,,,, powerofprophecy,.com,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Mr. McShay’s articles have been translated into a number of languages including French, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Korean, Somali, Polish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.


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21 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay, 9/11: The Official Narrative Is Dying”

  1. Remember when flying was a glorious experience?;… an exciting thing to anticipate? Now it’s the most dreaded way to travel. When I hear people saying “this is what we need to be safe, I want to bitch slap them and yell “wake the fuk-up slave!” Did you notice how incremental the tyranny got ratcheted up? I remember flying out of Denver to Calgary about 2008. No problem with airport security then. Then about 2013 I flew out of tiny Eugene, Oregon airport. There was a dictionary picture incarnate of a creepy child molester type working for TSA. He was about 70, and had this hair that looked like it was made of straw, black rimmed glasses and slight gangly build. The only thing missing was the drench coat. He told me I had to get in the scanner. I said no way Jose. “well you will have to be padded down” Translated “I am a walking creep show and I am going to grab your nads”. He said “I am going to feel up the inside of your leg until I feel resistance”. The resistance he was referring to was my package. I almost dropped him right there in the line. He should have been arrested for sexual assault but he acted like it was completely appropriate. America is toast.

  2. And who owns the lying mainstream media? A bunch of Talmudists, falsely calling themselves “Jews”, even though they were not born in Judea. The same people who run Israel. So, of course the lying mainstream media is not going to out their own fellow Talmudists. And never will. That is one of the reasons more people hate the MSM and don’t trust the MSM now more than ever. Their credibility is at an all time low. Even lower than the liars in Congress. When will someone other than that group own and control some of the mainstream media outlets? Well, who prints out money for interest? The private Fed. And who owns the Fed? The Talmudists again. So, they have deep pockets and also help out their fellow Talmudists sothey do not have to sell any of the MSM outlets. But thankfully, the ratings for the MSM is getting lower and lower. Thank God the Kingdom of God is growing, like the mustard seed. So, eventually, gradually, in the LONG term, things will be better.

  3. “The mainstream media still won’t admit that explosives were planted throughout the buildingS on 9/11 including the numerous basement levels, ”

    “New York City Fire Commissioners are demanding a new investigation citing overwhelming evidence that there were pre-planted explosives in the buildingS.”

    One of my own theories over the years is confirmed by this article, which is basically fine but superficial.

    A new path is set in place to guide our thoughts about what actually caused the destruction of the buildings of the World Trade Center.

    Dr. Fetzer puts forth the important idea, and one that I agree with because it looks to be most closely related to the evidence we have, that one destruction agent destroyed WTC 1 and WTC2, the North and South Twin Towers and another destruction agent destroyed World Trade Center Building 7.
    Repeat: the destruction sequences and the aftermath evidence of the two parts of the WTC destruction are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

    But this latest study of the Univ. of Alaska “contracted by” Richard Gage’s Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth organization, although true in what it states, is being USED by AE911Truth for its own agenda.
    One part of that agenda, and also adhered to by other 9-11 “truth” organizations and people, is that

    BuildingS, plural, idea is being pushed., that is, ALL of the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by the same exact destruction agent and method.

    That part of their agenda will lead us down another rabbit trail that is based on a falsehood, and that is THEIR goal.

      1. It probably is too involved to go in to here but long-time “researchers” of Sept. 11 2001 event, such as myself, have looked at and read everything Dr. Fetzer has put out over the years on this topic.


        The South Tower did not “fall” in the same way the WTC 7 fell. A large chunk of several floors tipped over and then disintegrated in a thick cloud and nothing fell to the ground.

        Bldg 7 had the signature “dip” in the middle of the top level right before collapse. It is only appropriate to use the word collapse or fall or fell or fell down with Bldg. 7. WTC1 and WTC2 were “blown to kingdom come” and basically was turned into a huge cloud of dust with almost debris pile on the ground.

        Bldg. 7 had a rubble pile, a pancaked pile, of just the right number of pancakes or floors in the pile that is consistent with a classic or usual kind of “controlled demolition” involving typical explosive agents like TNT…

        Dr. Fetzer gave a good summary of his findings a few days ago on his 9-11-19 radio show and there you can pick up on the differences in WTC 1 & 2 destruction as compared to WTC 7 destruction.

        Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth are in my opinion, my opinion since late 2004 when Dr. Steven Jones presented himself on the scene, part of the perpetrator team. I have always had that strong opinion and when I based my thinking of that belief I always come up with more and more confirmation that that is the correct take.

        One thing that became increasingly clear to me over time was that the event was planned over a long period in advance in a highly sophisticated, Cass Sunstein-like, mind control way. Very sophisticated so that people do not know they are being grossly deceived.

        Many of what are thought to be the “most important” 9-11 “truth” groups were really a production of this perpetration team. AE911Truth keeps 9-11 “truth” alive and in the news but always connected to AE911truth orthodoxy, never in connection with facts and truth.



        and basically was turned into a huge cloud of dust with almost debris pile on the ground.


        and basically was turned into a huge cloud of dust with almost NO debris pile on the ground.

        Add …
        WTC 7 collapse was a gravity event. The support structures of WTC 7 were “taken out” with the normal “controlled demolition” method and this caused the rest of the structure to fall DOWN in a gravity collapse.

        The other buildings were not.

      3. I would agree that A and E are controlled opposition, but I never actually saw them as perpetrators of the initial event.

        i have seen diagonal cuts (what appear to be from thermite) in the girders from WTC 1 or 2…cannot remember which, so I do believe that a certain degree of controlled demolition was usedf in 1 and 2 beside nukes in the underground.

        Dmitri Khalezov was also a bit hesitant about saying WTC 7 was nuked as the others, but he did believe it to be the control center for the others and that it would therefore be the last to go. I am not sure how he feels now, but will be in touch with him within a few weeks and will be curious to get his current take.

      4. Here is further support for my hypothesis.

        4 minute 10 second video

        note particular word twisting, image switching, and logic witchery employed to subtly sell the idea that the Twin Towers and Building 7 all “came down” from the same method and agent, that is, according to AE911 “experts”: “explosives” and “controlled demolition.”

        @ 1:53
        “World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7 did not slow down when they fell.”

        Note another kind of trick used in the making of this video, which video appears to be and AE911 original production. They seamlessly switch images on the video screen back and forth from first talking about one of the Twin Towers to Building 7 and then back again to a Tower image while saying words that only correctly apply to Bldg. 7.

        We need only Dr. Fetzer’s skils to unpack this mess.

        9/11 Freefall

        •Published on Sep 8, 2016

        Know More News from Adam Green’s 9-11 playlist of videos
        110K subscribers

      5. Yes, of course. They were destroyed by completely different modes of demolition. With WTC-7, we have all the floors coming down at the same time, where there is a stack of debris equal to about 12% of the original height of 47 floors = about 5.5 floors. Had the Twin Towers come down by similar methods, there would have been a stack of debris (for each) equal to about 12% of their original heights of 110 floors = about 13.5 floors. But it wasn’t there. Moreover, both towers were blowing apart in every direction from the top down, while their floors remained stationary awaiting their turn to be “blown to kingdom come” (in the memorable phrase of Morgan Reynolds); while they were being converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust (which, by the way, is a signature of the use of nuclear devices). So any who claim they were destroyed by the same causation either has never undertaken serious study of the issue they are addressing or else are obfuscating, prevaricating or otherwise (in the plainest possible language) lying. And they are legion.

      6. I was just going through some links attached to the Video Rebel’s Blog article and came across this statement on the
        911: Short And Powerful Questions link…

        1) The Seattle King Dome was demolished by a controlled demolition on March 26, 2000 . When the building hit the ground, it registered a 2.3 on the Richter scale at a nearby seismology lab. WTC 7 had 6 times as much force potential to strike the ground as did the Dome yet barely scored 0.6 on the Richter scale. This means that most of WTC 7 was either vaporized or turned to dust before what was left of Tower 7 hit the ground. How do you explain the pulverization of concrete and the melting of steel especially since Tower 7 was never hit by a plane?

        So, in light of this conversation, maybe someone can explain what may be an error in these particular supposed facts.

  4. On the recent, Sept 11 Day, all I heard was talk of evil hijackers. There was not one newscast that was contrary to the fake government 911 Report. Yes friends, at this point in time there is little hope for the US. The longer the lies continue, the deeper the rabbit hole is dug.

    1. Quite right. There is no hope for USA. Too much damage has been done with no resistance.
      The French, however, have the pluck to protest their horrible govt. But even if the French people launched a successful revolution and turned out their criminal politicians, I don’t think people here would be moved by that example.

      I passed through the Miami airport the day before 911 and the mammoth police / homeland security presence there was shocking. I also noticed that going thru customs at the airport is much easier than it was a few years ago when the idiots with badges used to give everyone an interrogation. When I mentioned the change to a pilot who comes through every day he confirmed it. Because the USA is totally under control by the police state now, all the scare tactics have been abandoned. That’s how bad it is.

      1. Keep in mind that there was only ONE shoe bomber and only one underwear bomber. Therefore does that mean that MILLIONS of people need to be groped below the belt at the airports?

        The USA has descended into a type of hell that even the stupidest fiction movies don’t want to reveal.

  5. That’s a well done concise article.
    A few will know the truth of 911 or at least as close as feasible. The US, INC. and Israel will NEVER admit to their role.
    I found Lindauer’s book for $7.04 on Abe’s Books.
    A judge ruled her too mentally incompetent to stand trial….and yet, Bush (with the IQ of a goldfish) became president…Where was that same judge when we needed him?

      1. If she really is/was a ”covert” CIA Asset, why did they let her languish in jail for a year and not rescue her [plus tell her to shut up or else]? Lots of questions about Susan.

        A lot is revealed in the wiki page about her.

        She reminds me of someone I used to know. He would sleuth around the port, gather ”information” and then write letters to the CIA. He was desperate to be a ”spy”….oh so exciting and romantic.

      2. I often only read the amazon reviews to get the gist of a book. Money is not the issue with me….my time is.

        The wiki report on Susan is most interesting.

        Her high school friends report that she craved attention. I tend to agree.

      3. Wiki can be useful at times…but when it comes to anything that could have a political bias, I would trust it as far as I could toss a full set of the encyclopedia Brtannica,

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