06 Jul, 2022

Judge finds Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist from Oregon in Contempt of Court


[Editor’s note:The reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, Chris Rickert, got most of this right, but he had Mike Palecek residing in Saginaw, MI, rather than Saginaw, MN, and had the transfer of the video deposition occurring in July, when it occurred in August. He corrected both of those mistakes, but kept the claim, “Images of Pozner from the deposition and from past news coverage appear to show the same person”, which might be OK as an opinion but which was published as a fact. I shared them with Alison Maynard and with Wolfgang Halbig for confirmation of my suspicion that they are not the same person, which you can judge for yourself.]


Courthouse image for web
A Dane County judge found Oregon conspiracy theorist James Fetzer, foreground, in contempt of court Friday for violating a confidentiality order in the defamation case against him. The case is scheduled to go to trial next month.

A longtime conspiracy theorist and retired professor from Dane County who thinks the Sandy Hook massacre was a government hoax was found in contempt of court Friday in a defamation case brought against him by one of the Sandy Hook parents.

James Fetzer, an Oregon resident and University Minnesota-Duluth professor emeritus of philosophy, admitted to violating an order to keep a May 28 videotaped deposition of plaintiff Leonard Pozner confidential. Instead, he shared it or allowed it to be shared sometime between June and August with what he called fellow “researchers” of the 2012 murder of 27 people in Newtown, Connecticut.

Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington ruled in June that Fetzer and Mike Palecek, of Saginaw, Minnesota, had defamed Pozner. The two edited the 2016 edition of the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” which alleges Pozner circulated a fraudulent copy of his son Noah Pozner’s death certificate. Fetzer also co-authored a chapter in the book and has repeated in his blog the claim that Leonard Pozner circulated a fake death certificate for his son.

In the Friday hearing, Remington ordered Fetzer to pay Pozner $7,000, or the estimated cost of the time one of his lawyers spent bringing the contempt action. Fetzer told the court he provided the deposition to others in an attempt to prove that the person who appeared in the deposition was not Pozner — an allegation he said he was now convinced of.

Images of Pozner from the deposition and from past news coverage appear to show the same person.

[Editor’s note: I wrote to Chris Rickert to ask how he could know that the images were of the same person, which he did not quality as an opinion but presented as a fact. In Wolfgang’s response to me, for example, which he sent to four offices of the FBI, he noted about a half-dozen differences that indicate the person who showed for the video deposition in Madison is not the same person who has been featured in images published millions of times around the world. Indeed, during my testimony at the hearing, I observed that the only reason I could imagine for concealing the image of the party would be because he is not the same man.


The featured images (above) and these (below) tend to substantiate his observations, which complement mine that they are not one and the same. I can share these now because they were included at attachments to Exhibit 2, my written statement to the Court, which are included in the files of this case and are now public documents. As I explained to the Court, I was acting in the belief that Wolfgang Halbig might be an impeachment witness in this case and to protect the Court from fraud by using an impersonator.]

Remington said Fetzer will be expected to have the $7,000 by the morning of Oct. 14, when a jury trial is set to begin to determine how much in compensatory damages Fetzer and Palecek will have to pay Pozner.

And “if you don’t, bring your toothbrush because you’ll be going to the Dane County Jail,” he said.

Pozner’s attorneys will also be allowed to raise the contempt finding when the jury considers awarding any punitive damages, Remington said, “and you’re going to try to put the genie back in the bottle” by trying to get the deposition back from the at least four people he helped access it.

Noah Pozner, at age 6, was the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook shootings. Fetzer claims the massacre never happened but was instead an event staged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as part of an Obama administration effort to enact tighter gun restrictions.

Fetzer has also advanced conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the shootings in Parkland, Florida, and other events.

Fetzer and his attorney, Richard Bolton, admitted Fetzer violated the order to keep the deposition confidential prior to trial — an order Fetzer had agreed to. But they argued that Pozner’s image had already been widely circulated in the media and that personal information about Pozner in his deposition did not rise to the level of being covered by federal health privacy law.

Remington, though, said that by releasing the deposition, Fetzer had deprived the court of the opportunity to formally consider those issues.

After the hearing, Pozner’s attorney Jacob Zimmerman said his client sought to keep personal health and financial information in the deposition private, but also wanted to avoid providing fodder to conspiracy theorists who could pose a threat to Pozner and his family. In 2017, a Florida woman who believed Sandy Hook was a hoax was sentenced to five months in federal prison for threatening Pozner.

Pozner is asking for $1 million in compensatory damages in the Dane County case.

[Wisconsin State Journal Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct Mike Palecek’s residence and when James Fetzer shared the deposition.]

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19 thoughts on “Judge finds Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist from Oregon in Contempt of Court”

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  3. In about 1949, I lived in a small town in California, Sierra Madre, near Pasadena. My late Mother and Father had a neat Spanish style home on Manzanita Ave.
    Every day I walked about ten blocks to Sierra Madre School, a magnificent Spanish style building with a red tile roof and many classrooms and hallways which could be opened to the beautiful outdoors.
    One day I carried a double barrel 10 gauge shotgun, which was longer than I was tall, and quite heavy, every one of those ten blocks to school. I was the most popular kid in school that day. The other kids and even teacher loved that gun. Of course it was not loaded. They held it, aimed it, cocked the levers, and played with it. No one was hurt or harmed in any way. If a local policeman even drove by me carrying that rifle, he either did not see it or ignored it. He was likely having coffee at the local malt shop anyway.
    Then, after school I carried that rifle home again, ,where my Father separated the barrels from the butt end and rendered it safe for storage in a home with two adults and 4 kids. You see, he feared a horrible gun accident because he lived with a bullet in his lower back from an accident when he was a kid in Minnesota. We did not have to worry about thieves in those days. This magnificent rifle was a “duck rifle” his Father used to hunt those unlucky birds in Mora, Minnesota, about 60 miles North of the twin cities where my Mother was born. He was tired of picking potatoes as a kid and also tired of the cold weather, so they moved to paradise in about 1940, a year after I was born at Cleveland, Ohio where my Father, following graduation from the U of Minnesota in 1936 where he worked his way through the university, had his first job as a professional engineer at the American Steel and wire company. They drove to California in a 1931 Chevy Coupe.
    One day my Father “loaned” that magnificent rifle to my Uncle Fred; that was the last I ever saw of it. Let’s all tell our corrupt government to “shove it” on their evil machinations to illegally abolish the precious Amendment Number 2 of our Constitution. All these school shootings are false flag attacks to instill fear in the population of fools in America today. What do you think our government of hoodlums will do to us once they remove all the guns in every home of America?

    1. We keep Sandy Hook up front

      by our own initiatives in First Amendment expressions of our own convictions.

      We do not keep Sandy Hook up front by responding to every rotten bone they throw out at us, like this dystopian video of presumably fully human beings who have sold their souls for a bowl of rotten pottage.

      Let THEM fade into hell.

      1. It’s a Sandy Hook Promise video.

        It’s SO parodic that it’s like it was made just to eff with our heads.

      2. Interesting. I took it differently….although your takes are more likely correct considering the source.
        I took it to mean these ‘shootings’ are planned in advance by all those involved.
        My apologies if I hurt anyones sensibilities. That was not my intent.

      3. When I first realized it was Sandy Hook Promise, I was like, “C’mon! You made that for us, right?”

        It’s like a double image. To believers, it’s selling the sentiment behind red flag laws, “If you see something, say something.”

        But to people who see the charade for what it is, it’s the Onion.

        I think that may be purposeful. Like an ‘eff you! to the people who recognize the lies.

      4. You can totally read this video as a parody of false mass shootings, in which the crisis actors slip up and give their dramatic performances before the event.

  4. The court system… it’s just a game. Another artificial construct to give the illusion average people have a voice and have standing. Like voting. or running for office yourself. Eustace Mullins gave some excellent lectures on youtube on beating the court system at their own game. He heavily advocated acting as your own attorney. Sounds like Jim is doing likewise. And Eustace hammered home the point that any attorney you hire to act on your behalf is always conflicted by his own self interest. Just a matter of degree with few exceptions. Our system is binary, that’s why third rail politicians have no chance. The system must marginalize any challenge to preserve it’s binary nature. Because it’s binary, less than half of eligible voters participate, which makes it far worse than a Democracy. Dem-O-crips seemed to be winning, the Re-blood-licans better toughen up a bit. They aren’t exactly holding up their opposing force in the Heglian Dialectic; the artificially constructed binary world created to keep up busy while the real decisions are made by people not standing for election. The so-called climate change “debate” is a shining example of the binary construct. You either believe what the virtue signaling activists say or you are a denier… branded a pariah by associating you with Holocaust denial. It’s a jedi mind trick to keep you silent. I like to go my own way and break free of the binary rail system of thinking onto a third rail. It’s called weather warfare, a silent weapon for quiet war. On humanity. We are all targets for elimination, most of us just don’t see it. It goes right over your heads, literally! I noticed it in 2007 when jet aircraft descended on Vail from every compass heading. The morning was the clearest sky you can imagine. Inside of an hour, the sky was completely overcast with whatever concoction they were spraying. I went inside and looked at the live radar picture… not a cloud in our region! But I have a time lapse to prove it was there. Then the jets vanished and the cloud drifted toward the east. No one seemed to notice. I kept watching for the spay planes every day. It was not for another six weeks they showed up in Crested Butte. What they did over Vail lasted a few hours, this mission lasted all day. Again no one seemed to notice. You can look up the US Patents that describe what I see, instead of looking them up… it’s easier to call me a conspiracy theorist… as bad as Holocaust Denier… maybe worse.

    1. Binaries Be Bad

      Dan Rather: to Jerome Hauer on 9-11-01

      Is it possible that just a plane crash could have collapsed these buildings or would it have required sort of the prior positioning of other explosives in the buildings? What do you think?”

  5. Here we go again, trying to reason and be reasonable.

    The perpetrators of these false events are the same orchestrators of “global warming, Agenda 21 Agenda 2030, the kill-off of the birds, bees and fish to name just a few of their evil.
    These mind controllers have been operating for centuries and they know how to place the people under some kind of mentally ill spell. One should not try to reason with such people. They are in a whole different mental world.

    We have layers upon layers of the “problem, reaction, solution” game. They create problems for the sole purpose of having something to blame for the other problems they have created.

    Photographs and videography are just tools to effect injustice. I heard a person say today we are on fourth Hillary and our fifth Obama.

    Since I have a bad case of Hoax Fatigue and information overload, I just pray and obey. Divine Providence is real and that is how to stop living in fear and making decisions based on fear.

  6. From Jim Stone….Be careful!
    IMPORTANT: This bug was in this image, despite it being served from here. It does not need to come in from a 3rd party to be bugged.
    I noticed the site had symptoms of a parasite tagging along for a ride. It was taking minutes to load, even though the page appeared to be fully loaded in seconds. I ended up wiping out a lot of the page trying to find the problem. The problem was this image of the Sandy Hook girls, which I managed to strip the parasite off of:

  7. If you were exposed to the legal entity known as Connecticut justice, you’d quickly realize there was no way truth had any part of the equation. The Constitution state is anything but. Want justice?, go somewhere else. The state and local governments put many citizens into positions of compromise and never forget the demolition company that tore apart the Sandy Hook school had all its employees submit to a gag order that would be in force FOR LIFE! Think you’ll get SH justice in the state of Connecticut? Ya gotta be kidding. Frontier justice prevails in Dane Country as it was meant to…..the Fetzer situation may have to wend it’s way to the Supreme Court some day. Who’da thunk it?

  8. Do the people involved in Sandy Hook, the actors, doctors, medics, teachers, etc etc believe in God? They need to be reminded of Revelation 21:8 “But the fearful, and unbelieving and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimestone; which is the second death.” So when their life ends here, on Judgement Day, they will be resurrected, and then destroyed in the Lake of Fire, a second death. For some, the destruction will be quick, for others, it will be much slower.

  9. No, that is not Pozner.
    This impostor has a very different face than Pozner. Pozner has a wide mouth, impostor’s is narrow. Pozner has arching style of hair over his ears, impostor lacks this feature. Pozner has close set ears, the impostor has rather flaring ears. The texture of each man’s hair is different. Impostor’s hair is a tight curl wave, Pozner’s is a very informal close cut. Pozner’s nose is short, the impostor’s is long and drooping. Pozner has high cheeks, the impostor has dropped cheeks….low on his face, almost none. Pozner’s filtrum [below the nose] is short, impostor’s is long.

    There are many other differences. NO, the deposition person is an obvious impostor.

  10. Justice system is laced with good old boy network (secret societies) that protects official government narratives (vicious lies) from being exposed for the frauds they are. The 911 attacks are a prime example as are mass shootings. I gave all of the Sandy Hook doubting society a snow ball’s chance in hell of prevailing in any gov’t forum… Wolfgang, James Tracy and of course our stalwart truth warrior James Fetzer. I didn’t exactly go out on a limb with that prediction. I just hit my old friend with the official murder stats on hand guns verses rifles from the FBI. He could not even acknowledge the 46% handguns used in murders by any and all means verses the 2% for rifles. He thought he was being verbally assaulted and put his hands over his ears and said he just couldn’t take anymore. WOW! What happened to this country? My old friend is a snap shot of what’s been done to this population. I could not even move him to acknowledge that handguns are a far, far larger threat than so called assault weapons. It shows the emotional attachment to school shootings people have. It’s like telling a five year old Santa Claus does not exist. That don’t want to hear it. I tried to tell him that the Vegas concert shootings narrative did not account for the shootings in several other locations. Or how little sense it made to shoot from a high rise a long distance away verses that abandoned tower at the construction site or the light rig above the stage. Either position would provide a far more deadly angle to fire from. I got the same reaction as the handgun stats for murders. I was told I was dishonoring the victims. The Vegas attack(s) didn’t add up. The insanity of the twin sisters both shot at the hospital … both of them had a blissful glee about being shot? It was preposterous like the other victims shown on the NEWS. Gun shot wounds leaving damage in line with mosquito bites. The latest mass shootings in Colorado at the Stem School were very similar. Witnesses to horror that cannot contain their laughter or amusement, like the Stem School “Hero”. The only thing missing from his press appearance was cheerleaders. The incongruence assaults the awake population with mocking laughter when witnesses to horror should be acting sullen, devastated and inconsolable.

  11. The Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights in plain English so a fourth grader could comprehend it. 40,000 people a year die in car crashes. Do the people attending their funerals ride bikes there? Of course not because we consider the benefits of car travel outweighing a considerable risk. When one of these mass shootings are reported, they always call for taking away guns from people who had nothing to do with it. That should tell you most of them are government sponsored, staged or actually carried out by gov’t entities. The Collectivists are attempting to ban certain rifles when in 2017 there was only 403 murders by all types of rifles according to official FBI stats. That same year, there was 7,032 murders carried out by handguns. Why wouldn’t they go after handguns first and foremost? It’s obvious that you are far, far more likely to be killed with a handgun. Rifles of all types only account for 2% of all murders while handguns account for 46%. I ask again, why aren’t they going after handguns? Especially when you consider that out of the 2% of murders by rifles, an even smaller percent were so called “assault” weapons. When you hit the trendies with these hard facts, they simply can’t acknowledge what I’m saying. So they get in their Prius and drive away without a thought or care of becoming one of the 40,000 people that die every year in car crashes.


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