Vivian Lee, El Paso and Dayton Shootings: Questions and Anomalies

Vivian Lee

An action-packed summer weekend filled with not one but TWO mass-casualty events! Not to mention the Garlic Festival shooting in Gilroy, CA, of July 28. But the El Paso Walmart shooting and Dayton bar shooting are big ones, with 22 and 9 reportedly dead. That should knock the coming Epstein-related disclosures off the front page – or perhaps the news that the FBI conspired with Hillary to destroy her hard drives – although an additional event may be required for this purpose in the near future. These two “shootings” are highly problematic, however, with little to indicate that they occurred as reported.


On Saturday August 3, just before 11 am MDT, a gunman allegedly walked into a Walmart store in the Cielo Vista Mall and opened fire with an AK-47 type assault rifle, as shown in images from surveillance footage. The rifle was purchased legally, and the suspect, Patrick Crusius, was allowed to carry it openly in Texas, although the mall was apparently a gun-free zone. Without any extra ammunition, Crusius magically killed 20 people (the total has now risen to 22) and wounded another 27 with a single 30-round magazine.

Surveillance frames posted online of suspect Patrick Crusius allegedly walking into Walmart with an assault rifle. Image: Daily Mail.

Eye witnesses saw multiple shooters, dressed in black, but the story soon changed to a single gunman. Fox News reported shots being fired rapidly in multiple locations; more shots were fired 20 minutes later, although this has been dropped from the narrative. The police arrived in 6 minutes, but little information is available as to when and how they engaged and apprehended the shooter. According to Fox, officers found Crusius in his car outside the mall, and he surrendered voluntarily. Images show a lone policeman leading Crusius away in handcuffs, with no protection provided by any of the heavily armed law enforcement officers or SWAT team members on duty.

Patrick Crusius apprehended, being walked away by a single policeman. In the background, a pedestrian appears oblivious to the presence of the alleged mass murderer with his police escort. Image: Daily Mail.

According to witness accounts, the gunman started shooting in the parking lot and then continued inside the store, “shooting everyone, aisle by aisle, with rage.” As with other staged shootings, witnesses did not recognize the sounds they heard as gunfire, saying they were like “balloons popping” or “loud boxes being dropped or something” or “hits, like roof construction.” As with other staged events, cell phone videos show people running and being directed to exit the scene, but no evidence of any real gunshot violence, except for a few red-splattered victims. Although Walmart was filled with security cameras, store footage has not been released to the public.

Alleged victim with blood-like spatters being helped by policemen. Image: Daily Mail.

As of this writing, at least 27 were reported injured and taken to local hospitals. Some of the injured supposedly did not seek medical treatment because of their immigration status. The CEO of the Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso, David Shimp, has urged all those with injuries to seek medical attention, regardless of citizenship status. According to Shimp, “Undocumented citizen or not, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure we’re doing everything we can for them.” Note the new category that this event has produced – the “undocumented citizen.”

News reports attribute the shooting to “white nationalism” or “white extremism,” and some are blaming Trump, calling him a racist. As Cory Booker remarks in an NBC interview, “We have a President of the United States who is particularly responsible…this harvest of hate violence that we’re seeing right now lies at his feet.”

Senator and Presidential candidate Cory Booker.

Crusius, a 21-year-old QAnon follower, reportedly posted a 2,300 word “manifesto,” The Inconvenient Truth, on 8chan at 10:12 am, 27 minutes before the first 911 calls to the police. In the “manifesto,” he indicates his support for the New Zealand “Christchurch shooter” and his “manifesto” (even though the entire NZ event was fake). He states, “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas…I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.”

There follow the “political reasons” and “economic reasons” for the attack, along with information on his “gear” – AK47(WASR 10) and 8m3 bullets – and “personal reasons and thoughts.” As with other “manifestos” posted by alleged shooters in staged attacks, this one reads like it was written by an employee of one of the government agencies or intelligence services involved in the operation.

In a Twitter post, former deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein calls the alleged massacre “white terrorism.” According to Rosenstein, many such killers “are lone-wolf losers indoctrinated to hate through the internet, just like Islamic terrorists.” A New York Times editorial calls it “white nationalist terror,” aided and abetted by “online communities like 4chan and 8chan.”

This idea conforms nicely to the FBI’s recent assertion that “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists” are a growing terrorist threat, and that “conspiracy theories” thrive in “the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts.” Such as the “shooting” at the El Paso Walmart, I guess.

Allegedly injured victims being transported via Walmart shopping carts, with no blood to be seen. Image: Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

Finally, as with other staged shootings, the participants amble around casually, with no sense of urgency or fear. Emergency protocol was not observed – no colored START tarps are in evidence, and EMTs and ambulances did not swarm the scene. Instead, makeshift efforts to attend to the “wounded” were carried out with the help of bystanders, and shopping carts were pressed into service. A drill or “training exercise” for a “mass killing” had just been held at the Del Sol Medical Center, which is allegedly treating 11 of the “injured.” Witnesses are not credible, and actors were involved. Blood donations were solicited, and pizza was served. Funeral homes have offered their services free of charge. Some Go Fund Me accounts were set up for the “victims” before the “massacre” actually occurred, and news reports were written up days before the event.

Beto O’Rourke reacts to the shooting with levity, earning him the title “the new Robbie Parker.” Image: CBS.

As the evidence suggests, this was a drill gone live, with multiple gunmen shooting blanks and Crusius playing the patsy. Contrary to Mike Adams’s assertion, there is no indication that anyone actually died at the Walmart in El Paso. This alleged shooting looks like a piece of (poorly) staged theater, calculated to push the gun control agenda, bolster illegal immigration and enhance the rights of “undocumented citizens,” reflect poorly on Trump, give the Democrats a boost for 2020, and further terrorize the US citizenry with another freakish psyop. Insider Beto O’Rourke finds it awfully funny.


The El Paso “shooting” was followed 13 hours later by a second “shooting” in Dayton, Ohio. Connor Betts, 24, allegedly killed 9 and injured 27 in less than a minute outside the Ned Peppers bar at 1:05 am on Sunday. Betts reportedly wore a mask, body armor, and hearing protection. He supposedly carried an AR-style assault rifle with 100-round drum magazines and also had a shotgun in his possession. The 9 victims were identified within hours and included the gunman’s sister; Betts himself was shot and killed immediately by the police.

Connor Betts and his sister Megan, whom he supposedly killed. Image: New York Post.

Witnesses described the sound of the gunshots as “bang-bang-bang-bang” and reportedly found bodies lying all over the ground outside the bar. Officers at the scene were asking people for their belts to use as tourniquets, and party-goers stripped off their shirts and did CPR. According to one Holly Redman, “It was like World War II.” Cell phone footage posted on Twitter shows alleged bodies lying on the ground covered with sheets.

Screen shot of alleged bodies seen after the Dayton “shooting.”

On the other hand, video from an “unnamed source” obtained by CNN shows the same area with people crouching on the ground and no visible injuries.

Frame from a video from an “unnamed source” obtained by CNN purporting to show bodies on the ground outside the Ned Peppers bar. Image: CNN.

The Dayton police released an audio recording and later a two-part surveillance video that allegedly shows the death of Betts at the entrance to the bar. The footage does not comport with the reports of the attack, however, as troops of people run down the street, followed by Betts, who does not appear to be shooting; no one is hit, and no victims are shown on the ground outside the bar. While several officers are shooting at Betts, one man gets out of his parked car and strolls across the street – an unlikely occurrence if the event were real. The surveillance video – and the shooting scenario – were staged but not well coordinated.

Surveillance video frame allegedly showing Connor Betts on the ground at left outside the Ned Peppers bar, after he was shot by the police. Image: Daily Mail.

Even stranger, alleged photos of Betts lying dead on the ground have surfaced online, showing him wearing tan shorts and a black sweatshirt that reads “No Heart to Feel – No Soul to Steal,” from the song “Ramirez” by the Metalcore band The Acacia Strain – which has disavowed the shooting. What happened to the mask and body armor? And why is Betts not covered in blood, after being strafed with 65 rounds of ammunition? Is this a human corpse or a life-like dummy? Click on the link to view the photos.

Meanwhile, one Connor D. Betts has appeared on the internet, and he seems to have died in 2014 at the age of 22 in Suffield, CT. Watch the 2014 tribute to this long-deceased young man. This other Connor Betts even had a sister named Megan. So what gives, folks? Questions and anomalies, indeed.

As with other staged mass-casualty incidents, we have fabricated accounts about the suspect as well as unbelievable witnesses, officials, and relatives, who behave inappropriately for a tragic event. We have a massive exercise and drill program scheduled to take place in Ohio during the week of August 5-8, with the Dayton drills occurring on August 6-7. We have stories about the “shooting” written before it happened. And we have SHOES – lots and lots of shoes, which show, I don’t know – that this was another psyop?

Hoax shoes piled up in the street near Ned Peppers. Image: Associated Press.

Another weekend, another bunch of massacres. An article by Andrew Marantz in The New Yorker sorts it all out, telling us that “the national conversation will now turn, as it should, to gun control, to mental illness, and to the President’s practice of exacerbating racial tensions.” The author connects the new shootings not only to the New Zealand mosque attacks but also to the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh and Poway, CA. He cites a Google spreadsheet of shootings posted on 8chan, with the alleged killers referred to as “martyrs.” He neglects to inform his readers that all these events were fake.

The problem is “radical nationalism, unhinged nihilism, and fears of ‘white genocide,’” as well as “free speech” networks such as Gab, 4chan, and 8chan – platforms that “serve as round-the-clock white supremacist rallies,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. First Amendment constraints notwithstanding, Marantz hopes that more pressure can be brought to bear on such platforms. On Monday, The New York Times called for 8chan to be shut down, and efforts are underway to do so.

The New Yorker thinks that the two weekend shootings “should spur democrats to propose big ideas on gun violence.” Certainly, the Democratic Presidential candidates all have their gun-violence-prevention plans. These “Presidential hopefuls” will convene at a forum in Las Vegas on October 2 (following the second anniversary of “the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history”) to discuss the problem. The forum is sponsored by the Giffords group and March For Our Lives. Parkland “survivor,” David Hogg, wants the candidates to discuss “bold and holistic plans” that tackle all aspects of gun violence.

The real problem is not gun violence, however, but staged gun violence. And weather warfare, forced immigration, and the erosion of our rights under the U.S. Constitution. The country came under attack on September 11, 2001, in what was only the opening salvo. With the corporate media in league with the traitors who are perpetrating this program, it is hard to feel optimistic.

Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at an east coast university.



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54 thoughts on “Vivian Lee, El Paso and Dayton Shootings: Questions and Anomalies”

  1. The proliferation of these false shootings has become incredibly frustrating and seemingly endless. A few days ago, I watched Magnolia for the umpteenth time and remembered the song “Wise Up”…..the words at this time seem remarkably appropriate: (except for the last phrase)

    Aimee Mann Lyrics
    “Wise Up”

    It’s not what you thought
    When you first began it
    You got what you want
    Now you can hardly stand it, though
    By now you know
    It’s not going to stop
    It’s not going to stop
    It’s not going to stop
    Till you wise up

    You’re sure there’s a cure
    And you have finally found it
    You think one drink
    Will shrink you till you’re underground
    And living down
    But it’s not going to stop
    It’s not going to stop
    It’s not going to stop
    Till you wise up

    Prepare a list for what you need
    Before you sign away the deed
    ‘Cause it’s not going to stop
    It’s not going to stop
    It’s not going to stop
    Till you wise up

    No, it’s not going to stop
    Till you wise up
    No, it’s not going to stop
    So just give up

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  3. The article at the link below describes some of Jeffrey Epstein’s curious business history.

    For instance, on July 2nd, 2008, the day after Jeffrey Epstein began serving as Florida’s most favored inmate ever, an Oklahoma Powerball Lottery jackpot of $29.3 million was paid out to a financial planning company called Zorro Trust. Who was the head of Zorro Trust? Jeffrey Epstein.

    Like earlier drawings, the Lottery pick was supposed to have been on television, but due to “technical difficulties” the broadcast was pre-empted. The drawing was held behind closed doors. Lottery authorities said they were not surprised that it was a Trust claiming to have bought the ticket at a local convenience store.

    If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that Zorro Trust is the entity though which Epstein bought his Santa Fe property, the nearly-as-infamous-as-Little-St.-James, Zorro Ranch.

    There’s plenty more about Epstein’s business arrangements in this article. I wish Scorsese would make this picture, but he never includes Jews. He sticks to his Italian gangsters and the occasional Irishman.

    Ok, Casino, but the Jewish (De Niro) character is the hero, with the Italians doing the skimming and corporate Las Vegas the implacable villain. Outside of the movie, corporate Las Vegas turned out to be Jewish, too. So there you go.

      1. So, here’s the latest.

        According to an anonymous law enforcement official source, The New York Post reports that six foot tall Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in his Lower Manhattan jail cell with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck and secured to the top of a bunk bed.


      2. My final word on the Epstein saga.

        The arrest was staged, He never spent any time in a jail cell.

        He was taken to Gawd knows where to live his life out per orders of the Mossad, the CIA and Netanyahoo.

        He was not the brightest bulb, but he had enough sense to have info hidden away in the event of his untimely and un-orchestrated death.

        Cowards and molesters of children have not the courage to kill themselves; that’s why they pick on the young and yulnerable.

        Case closed for moi.

      3. Will says:
        Sure makes one question if perversion BUYS luck or are the odds with evil or is it a truly random selection.

        It’s my guess that Jeffrey Epstein never bought a lottery ticket in his life, and that the broadcast was pre-empted so Epstein could be fixed as the winner. The real question is why, and does the timing of the lottery payout with Epstein’s sentence have any significance.

        Throughout the article, the “coincidences” are astounding.

  4. Again I am watching the big nothing response.

    We have certain congress critters put on big tough political words criticizing William Barr and the Justice Department.

    We have William Barr “appalled” and sounding tough and says he will have his do nothing Horowitz guy start another investigation.

    Again all of us are discussing what may have actually happened.

    We can spend years doing that too.

    Can we hope that swift justice will take place. I do not think so.

    This is just like the taking out of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Oswald was a prisoner of prime importance from whom testimony was crucial to have a just trial so one would have thought that the prison personnel would have taken close protection and preservation of him. Instead they set up the prisoner to be killed by another set-up person. And again the American people could not have cared less.

    When all of the people, both Left and Right people, see what a joke our system is and that we no longer have the rule of law and the respect for our law, we are headed straight for a failed state our controllers desire of the USA.

    1. Truth is, it’s already a failed state….the CONgress is corrupted beyond what anyone could ever have imagined. The electoral system is not to be trusted. The president is a puppet and answers to Israel more then the American people. The debt is unpayable. The infrastructure is rotting. We have been invaded on our southern borders and we invade other countries physically and with zero accountability. Our children are having their minds and souls destroyed in public schools where they are being taught sodomy and being told they are not boys or girls. The medis answers to the state and supports lies and false flags. The family structure has been torn apart. Chemtrails are polluting our atmosphere. The police serve the corporate structure. The military has expanded far, far beyond any intention of the founding fathers. Privacy is something of the past. Freedom of speech has gone the way of honor and integrity. Violence is rampant in movies and on the box. The spirit of entrepreneurship is now only for the rich and connected. The general populace is addicted to prescription drugs, TV, cell phones and the Internet. REAL and unprocessed food is almost beyond the reach of the average consumer. Perversion is now mainstream. The justice system is bought and paid for. Corporations are considered persons and have more rights and respect than We the People. Common Law is dead.
      Government spending has absolutely no accountability. All inventions that would go against the status quo are hidden and destroyed. Truth is termed conspiracy and is now considered terrorism. ALL the alphabet agencies answer to no one….except possibly Israel. Corruption and criminality are now the norm where truth is a rarity.

      In short, the American Dream has become a nightmare.

      Let it collapse…and it will….maybe then, the sleeple will wake up.

      But, I doubt it.

      1. Will………I have to agree with everything you write.

        May I add one more: The 1st Amendment is now controlled by private corporations. That Amendment is the keystone of all others. Without that, all the others fall.

        I wrote in FaceBook [2014] that there were no deaths at Sandy Hook….FB immediately cancelled my account. I was sent to the corporate concentration camp. You think that wasn’t chilling.

        Yes, the American Dream has become a nightmare.

      2. It’s the truth few like to face.
        It tears the illusion to threads and that interferes with American exceptionalism….

      3. The News is one horror story after another, until they all merge into one non-stop theater of the macabre.

      4. Don…One of the many reasons I do not have a box….although, the Internet is not far behind.

  5. Since Epstein was mentioned in the original posting here, will share this important article by Martin Armstrong.
    Jeffrey Epstein is Dead – Of Course on Schedule

    The “death” of Epstein should be viewed as another false event. The entire affair is suspect. We absolutely cannot trust what the government and the media is feeding us. We have no way of knowing if Epstein is dead nor how he may have been killed. All we can do is consider all the possible explanations and rule out the least likely scenarios.

    Martin Armstrong was put in prison for several years by the “Deep State” because he would not hand over his own computer model based on pi. He was almost beaten to death in prison and was in a coma for days. For a while he was incarcerated at the same “10 South” or “the HOLE” facility where Epstein met his demise. Read more about this odd place…

    The idea is for certain high-profile prisoners TO NEVER GO TO TRIAL. Those who control whether such prisoners do not go to trial are the people who control these certain inmates and prisoners and are who we now refer to as the “Deep State.”

    Stop thinking of the the southern district of New York City – Manhattan etc – as a place where the “rule of law” exists. It is an animal unto itself where we are only beginning to get a glimpse of what DEEP STATE CORRUPTION rules.

    Brother Nathaniel Kapner said recently on a radio show that Geoffrey Steven Berman is a U S attorney of the southern district of New York, who is a Dutch Calvinist, not a Jew and will be the attorney to see to it that all of the major players in the Epstein case will be brought to justice, so that is one hopeful sign. We were so so close to exposing the entire “PizzaGate” and child sexual exploitation and child trafficking by our elites and so we can hope that Mr. Berman will uphold the Consitution and the rule of law for our republic. It is nice to have at least a small glimmer of hope though all of this is located in the deepest part of the swamp.

    I focus on false events of the usual kind but this suspicious “death” of Jeffrey Epstein, as Martin Armstrong courageously tells us, meets the basic criteria of a false even, or “false flag” event. We have the big totally unbelievable mainstream media official story of this event that everyone is increasingly coerced into accepting as true when even the most strongly Trump supporting alternative media reporters are putting “suicide” and “died” in quotes these days.

    Fact, truth, reality and justice in our courts is ALWAYS the way to go, the true American way.

    1. Here’s a short article from ZH that makes a lot of sense:

      A former inmate at lower Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center who spent several months in the prison’s notorious 9 South special housing unit for high-profile prisoners told the New York Post that it would have been ‘impossible’ for millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to have killed himself.

      “There’s no way that man could have killed himself. I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility,” said the former inmate, adding “Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything.”

      “You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.”

      The anonymous inmate says that when a prisoner is on suicide watch, they are placed in a straight jacket so that “a person cannot be injurious to themselves.”

      That said, Epstein was reportedly taken off suicide watch despite having been found nearly unconscious on the floor of his prison cell three weeks ago with injuries to his neck. Moreover, Reuters has reported that two jail guards which were required to check on all prisoners every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes for suicide watch) failed to follow protocol the night Epstein died.

      That said, according to the former inmate, “They don’t give you enough in there that could successfully create an instrument of death. You want to write a letter, they give you rubber pens and maybe once a week a piece of paper,” and that there’s nothing hard or metal provided.

      The former inmate also described the miserable conditions one might expect in prison;

      It’s like you’re an animal and you’ve been brought into a kennel. A guy like Jeffrey, it’s like, “Holy sh-t.”

      I told my parents not to come there. God wasn’t in the building.

      I’ve had some heavy incidents in the building. What happened is permanent.

      Some of the guards are on a major power trip. They know guys there are suffering. They know something the rest of the world hasn’t seen, that a place like this exists in this country, and they get off on it.

      If the guards see that the guy is breaking, they’re going to help you break. -New York Post

      “But it’s my firm belief that Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide. It just didn’t happen,” the inmate concluded.

      Epstein’s autopsy is expected Sunday afternoon.

  6. Be careful when idolizing Jim Stone. Think about it. He’s a David Jansonesque type character on the lam down in Mexico, receiving monetary donations and he “knows all this stuff”. How so? How does a guy run constantly from potentially being murdered and yet he goes on incessantly? Stone to me is a composite character. I’ve always felt he was Mossad, still do. Look at the shill called “Bob”. He had sources for a lot of information, too many sources, and he could quote far too much stuff to not be in some intelligence racket. I’d definitely say Stone is in this same category. Beware!

    1. Bahmi…I don’t idolize anyone….especially Stone. Where you got that idea is beyond my understanding. As with Fulford and many others, I take what they say with a grain of salt. Some of what he posts is undeniable (as with Fukushima) …some is bullcrap.
      It’s my judgment.

      1. If it was not directed at me, I certainly apologize…but unless I missed something, I am the only one on the thread quoting Stone.

  7. The laughable low-quality production value of the these two false events can only shed light and truth and can only help the Fetzer lawsuit.

    Because of the Internet people are seeing the staged nature of these events immediately and they have become material for jokes and satire at parties. That is a sad but good thing.

    The same old patterns of deception are used on each new false event. We see how they can be perpetrated on the public at just the right time to distract from other big attacks on we the people.

    The bought-and-paid for judges, corrupt politicians on the take, high-level bureaucrats selectively enforcing our laws, and the horrible evil practices of the moneyed elites are crystal clear to more and more ordinary Americans who cannot get justice in the courts. The illumination of these disheartening realities work in favor of justice and truth breakthrough for this major Sandy Hook terrorist attack on the USA.

    Now is the time for justice on Sandy Hook fake school shooting as the first of many victories for justice regarding these many BIG LIE events destroying our constitutional republic and civil and orderly society.

    Senator Ben Sasse, R Nebraska, during the confirmation hearing for Attorney General:

    Would you agree that justice has nothing to do with the size of your bank account or the number of attorneys you can hire?

    William Barr: YES.

    Sandy Hook JUSTICE NOW!

  8. An interesting, recent post from Stone:

    The fake narratives are despicable beyond belief.
    In all actuality, I don’t know who shot up El Paso or if a shooting even happened. However, there’s a story line to go with it, developing every day, that is convincing – until you realize that the Dayton shooter, complete with manifesto, liberal life profile, girlfriends writing their opinions, ALL OF THAT HAS TO BE FAKE, BECAUSE THE GUY HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS.

    There is such an enormous degree of depravity going on in the MSM and the permitted “social media” which is indeed still social but could hardly be called “media” – that I am going to state the obvious here –

    Within the alt media community there is very little disagreement that the deep state set this up and executed it, partially according to plan (until Fox News BLEW IT for shooting 3). But I am seeing something that bothers me in Alt media, and that is how so many people are posting and re-posting how the shooters “had lives” “were liberal” “wrote manifestos” “had girlfriends write about them”, and more – and that bothers me, because it is now becoming evident that none of the shooters actually exist as stated.

    What the obituary for the Dayton shooter tells me is that the deep state, rather than frame patsies, is now inventing entirely new lives based on real people who are probably dead, and if peope ARE actually getting shot, it is the deep state doing it directly and then pinning it on totally fictitious characters that have been re-created via deep fakes and AI.

    Why would this matter? Because it guarantees there will be no loose ends that can get them caught for staging these events. Here is how it is probably done:

    1. Invent fake profile around a now dead person. The Dems are good at this, just look at how the dead vote.

    2. Write a manifesto – (this happens EVERY TIME and it is BULLSHIT,) it cannot be that damn universal that everyone would do it as if they took a college course in proper procedure for mass shootings. Got manifesto? CHECK. Let’s put the bullets in that magazine now . . . .

    3. Have planted stories and subsequent posts from people who “knew the guy”.

    4. Have your operative do whatever, including genuine wet work if it happens to be in the plan. Maybe that part happened, maybe not.

    Have the police “arrest” the hoax personal identity, or have that hoax shoot himself. Never saw a picture of the bodies of those who “shoot themselves” after these shootings . . . . . NOT ONE PHOTO OF THIS. Why?

    5. When no one is looking, kill the arresting officers who were in on the gig so they never ever EVER speak up about what really went on.

    Bank on it: This or something similar is precisely what is happening now. No chance of a patsy somehow surviving to say something inconvenient, no cop left alive that could blow it . . . . .

  9. Under the Smith-Mundt propaganda act of 2012 these events are all perfectly legal
    and the American people are paying for the privilege of being lied too.
    It has been nothing but shooting after shooting ever since.
    It was reported that they have an annual budget of $5 billion dollars per year
    to create propaganda i’e fake news and use it against the American people.
    That is a lot of fakery the government is putting out as real and they don’t do it
    with disclaimers that this story is all lie. They are terrorizing the American people
    and It’s pure evil.

      1. Of course. Trump’s not stupid. He would never jeopardize his family or his fortune. He knows exactly what’s going on and therefore stays in line. It’s painfully obvious. He just has some fun calling reporters like Jim Acosta “fake”. Which of course is true, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  10. The 1938 Radio Broadcast of the fictional ‘War of the Worlds’ Caused a Nationwide Panic for an evening and a few people.
    The broadcasting radio station was swamped with calls.

    These many gun control hoaxes have been going on for about ten years and have millions of people in a state of panic 24/7, 365 days a year, not just one evening. About 95+% of all Americans believe these shootings are real, all the Presidents say they’re real, shed tears and lower the flag at the WH.

    Sick, isn’t it? Something is VERY wrong in the USA. America has become a grotesque, hideous version of Alice’s Wonderland.

    1. Totally agree…BUT, what is even more warped and sicker is that WE the People will do NOTHING. Therein is the pain I feel more than anything.

      1. ”Americans now live in a one-party CIA dictatorship….”….very true. This is how all of these fake shootings can happen. The CIA controls all media via Operation Mockingbird.

        If any citizen has a worry or complaint, who can they turn to? All of the leadership and authority in the US is corrupt….there is no one you can turn to.

        If you disagree with the government, you’re considered a mentally deranged conspiracy theorist and in need of psychological counseling and even psychotropic drugs.

      2. Well, Don…I guess we can all just wait around for that knock on the door from those men in black, eh?

      3. Maybe not. Kind of like “I’ve taken all I can and will now blow up”. Most of us have looked at things and realized we are outgunned, don’t have a big enough bully pulpit, and we don’t know how to fight these slugs. Personally, I’m tired of telling folks all about Zionism and it’s repulsive effects on our society. Tired of getting no response, tired of being called hyper-imaginary. It galls me to see that we going to our own shellacking and we don’t fight back at all. We have not had enough heroes stand up and be counted.
        I think we’ve made some progress, I try each day to win people over, I get positive feedback at least one day a week. If you and I feel lousy at times, let’s realize that Jim Fetzer has done this for many years and still has not given up in disgust. Maybe some day soon we’ll make a little breakthrough, we’ll gain and feel a bit better. Jim is fighting, along with Mike, a potential million dollar walloping thanks to what looks like a marsupialized court. First things first, this is a very important issue and Jim/Mike have to win and stop the tsunami before it overwhelms them. I think it can be done.

      4. Obviously, I wish them the best. But, I cannot help but think the shadow government will stop at nothing to bring to a halt Jim, Mike and Halbig’s efforts. Wolfgang is due for knee surgery and this may sound insane, but I’ve emailed him and Marty Leeds (he did what I believe is the latest interview with Halbig which I posted here) and asked Halbig to be cautious and asked Leeds to tell Halbig the same lest they pull a Joan Rivers on him.
        Isn’t it amazing we have gotten to thsi point in the land of the free?

  11. I am forced to listen to some of the poison coming out of CNN by my roommate as I prepare meals and such. Relentless in blaming Trump, no matter how much he denounces the shootings. Real or staged… obviously I am in the staged camp, but it does not matter. Trump is forced to go along with this, saying it did not happen is not an option for him, this I am convinced of, just like all the pro-Israel stuff he does. They always go after the guns of people that weren’t involved. It’s known as collective punishment. Part of the collectivist mindset. They are going after the 1st and 2nd amendment relentlessly. They are cementing the idea of outlawing “hate speech”. But the 1st amendment is there to protect unpopular speech, popular speech needs no such protection. Jesse Ventura is dead on with this assessment. Just like the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting. Red flag laws sound good to the trendies. It will be abused to no end. It must be fought. Gun Owners of America is the only no compromise gun rights organization. The NRA has become useless

    1. If Trump is going along to get along, just how far can he take this ‘act’. Will he retract moving the capitol to Jerusalem?….will he retract his love of Israel? Will he fire Kushner? Will he eventually rescind the laws that allow NO CRITICISM of Zionism?
      So he will continue to allow these false flags to be accepted as legitimate as an outrageous deception of the average American?

      1. Common sense will tell you that Trump is totally aligned with Israel and the Jews.

        Don’t you think he could have sealed the border if he had wanted to?
        Don’t you think he wants Sheldon Adelson’s money for his reelection campaign?
        Do you really think he is going to fire his super Jew son in law?
        Why do you think his cabinet is full of Jews and their goy servants?

        It may be an “act”, but it’s all about money. And Trump isn’t about to repudiate Israel and the American Jewish 5th column just to preserve American sovereignty. That’s the first thing he want’s to talk about, and the last thing he will actually act on.

        It’s all a joke. And this is the kind of money we’re talking about:

  12. The El Paso “Manifesto”

    For anyone, like me, who has struggled to find a readable image or text version of the seemingly mandatory “shooters manifesto”, reported for the El Paso Walmart event, you can read & download it here :

    It seems to me from the themes therein, that whoever wrote this shows concern for environmental issues and immigration in equal measure.

    The cesspool, mockingbird media are strangely silent on the author’s environmental radicalisation …

    The title “The Inconvenient Truth” is a bit of a giveaway too, clearly alluding to Roger Revell’s protege and his identically titled propaganda film …

    The “manifesto” is a nod to that twisted old misanthrope, Karl Marx :


    1. I don’t know if my previous reply to your comment got rejected by a moderator. Did you edit the version of the manifesto on your website yourself? It contains several differences compared to the original PDF version of the manifesto.

      8chan is currently down, but this is a snapshot of Crusius’s 8chan thread: The SHA256 checksum of the manifesto is 7e1363f7757dbaa81b0be29cedfb854dbdd7c3559b1c5afa0e15d63402d39934. A PDF file with the same checksum was uploaded here:

      I wrote about the two PDF files that Crusius purportedly posted on 8chan in more detail here:

      1. Ok, that file also has the same SHA-256 checksum as the manifesto posted to 8chan, so it’s the same file:

        $ wget
        $ sha256sum El-Paso-Texas-Shooter-Manifesto.pdf
        7e1363f7757dbaa81b0be29cedfb854dbdd7c3559b1c5afa0e15d63402d39934 El-Paso-Texas-Shooter-Manifesto.pdf

        BTW, pdfinfo shows that the modification time of the manifesto PDF is exactly 8 hours before the creation time:

        $ TZ=UTC pdfinfo 7e1363f7757dbaa81b0be29cedfb854dbdd7c3559b1c5afa0e15d63402d39934.pdf|grep Date
        CreationDate: Sat Aug 3 16:02:34 2019 UTC
        ModDate: Sat Aug 3 08:02:34 2019 UTC

        If you look at the raw metadata at the end of the PDF file (or if you use `exiftool -a -G1`), you’ll see that the CreationDate attribute uses the UTC-4 time zone but the ModDate attribute uses the UTC+4 time zone:

        /Producer (Absolute PDF Server)
        /CreationDate (D:20190803120234-04’00’)
        /ModDate (D:20190803120234+04’00’)
        /Title ( )
        /Creator ( Inc. PDFCreator 2)

        However it appears to be a bug in PDF Creator (, which is an online service for converting files in formats like docx to PDF. When I used it to convert a docx file to PDF, the same thing happened to my PDF.

        Also the “Title” XMP attribute of my PDF was “Microsoft Word – {1269134576749830280}.docx”, even though I created the original docx file with TextEdit and not with Word. Therefore the fact that the “Title” XMP attribute of the manifesto PDF is “Microsoft Word – {1269169434341432347}.docx” doesn’t mean that the original file of the manifesto was actually created by Microsoft Word.

        Absolute PDF Server is described as “an enterprise-level document management solution that offers both PDF conversion and creation through a powerful, flexible and simple-to-maintain server-side process.” On 4chan someone said that it’s weird that Crusius would have access to “enterprise-level” software, but actually Absolute PDF Server is another product of, which is used by their online “PDF Creator”.

    1. Sorry to say, that israel will be the death of this nation. Know More News is a great source of what is currently happening….AND it’s gaining momentum under the TRUMP!

  13. Just in from Stone:

    The above two items prove that these shootings are fake. (Me: Item one being the second Walmart shooting being reported early and canceled and item two being that the Ohio shooter died in 2014)
    Yet they are going for broke, with the Dayton shooter getting all kinds of coverage as if it was real. What we have in this case is an agenda driven mother who had all kinds of video and photos of her kid, that was then fed into deep fake software and they are making the narrative now with someone who does not even exist.

    Alex is calling this “world war 4”. He might be right – it is a war of mind control and perception, where people are caused to surrender via what is fronted by pure fabrication. We are watching history happen. No one died in any Wal Mart or in Dayton, or at Sandy Hook, (though for Sandy Hook they had to use conventional methods of deception, what we are witnessing now with these recent shootings is something entirely new.

    Here is the original story line, put together from expunged news reports:
    The first shooting was supposed to be at Wal Mart in El Paso in the morning. That was successfully staged. The next shooting was supposed to be at 3 PM at another Wal Mart, done by a guy who was in the original El Paso Wal Mart shooting coverage, but was stated to have left the scene. He was supposed to show up at nearby Wal Mart 2, but the Fox news anchor blew it, so they had to cancel that. So early news reports about multiple people at location 1 were scrubbed, due to the screw up at Fox the narrative had to be changed to a lone shooter because there was no longer going to be follow up.

    For the evening course of terror, they resurrected someone from the dead, which they’d never be called to account for, and fabricated the entire thing in deep fake, including setting up fake social media accounts for their fake character. Just watch where they go with this, we have the obituary, now let’s see just how far they bring this guy to life via software. This is a lesson folks – in NEVER BELIEVING WHAT YOU SEE OR HEAR FROM THE MSM.

  14. Archive.‌is contains more information about Crusius’s purported Twitter account than ( His account followed two bots (@MaryTatum747 and @ShirleyHoman481), which were created around the same time and which appear to have been ran by the same program. Crusius even replied to the other bot once. I wrote about his Twitter account in more detail in a comment to this post:

  15. All these events have now become ludicrous. Even those asleep are refusing to take them seriously….and YET, Trump goes along with it. What sense does it make? We the People have very soon better demand the truth and demand this inanity come to an end before the line between reality and fantasy becomes indistinguishable and 1984 becomes our existence from here forward.

    What the hell are we waiting for?

    1. IMO, these hoaxes will continue as long as all Presidents, Congress, media, police, google, facebook, YouTube, hospitals, teachers, etc., etc.go along with it. The fakers plan on doing these frauds until people are screaming in the streets to confiscate all guns and ERASE the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution. The USA is under a VERY serious attack. This is worse than WW II.
      Little Internet websites are nothing to this onslaught. My neighbors sneer at the thought that these are hoaxes.
      Right now we do not have the numbers to do anything about this….95+% of the US population believe all of these hoaxes are real events.

      The ignorant lazy masses are easily fooled. The US has descended in to a type of perdition unknown in human history.

  16. “Hard to feel optimistic” This is the understatement of the year.

    The only thing that might put an end to all these “Intelligence” stunts and eventual gun prohibition is an economic event like total bank failure. You might think that is nothing to look forward to. But we are headed to a totalitarian nightmare that would be worse.


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