OPERATION GLADIO: El Paso and Dayton Targeted with False Flag Mass Shootings to Further Terrorize the American People into Giving Up their Guns

State of the Nation

NWO Cabal Will Not Stop StagingMass Shootings Until the Guns Have Been Taken Away


— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

State of the Nation

Clearly, Deep State is creating every opportunity between now and Election Day to make serious gun control the number campaign issue for the Democrats.

The spate of weekend mass shootings is obviously being carried out by Operation Gladio. This is exactly how they do it.

GLADIO: Yet Another False Flag Mass Shooting Designed into Terrorize the American People to Gutting the Second Amendment

Why the Staged Mass Shootings Last Weekend Were Carried Out to Wound as Many as Possible

Was the Brooklyn block party mass shooting a planned ‘gun control’ black operation?

Gladio Psyop

The single best way for the Deep State globalists to compel the Democrats to make “gun control” the number campaign issue for the 2020 election cycle is to force it upon them.

Note that all 4 of the recent alleged mass shootings were conducted in Democrat controlled cities (Brooklyn, NY; Gilroy, CA; El Paso, TX; Dayton, OH).

What better way to blow up this hot button issue than to carry out one mass casualty event (MCE) after another right in the middle of the Democrat’s POTUS debate series.

Really, the timing could not be any better for the New World Order globalist cabal that is determined to remove guns from the U.S. citizenry.

Today’s shooting in El Paso also serves the purpose of inflaming the gun debate in the great state of Texas which has traditionally had one of the strongest “Right to bear arms” movement in the nation.

Wait until globalist golden boy Beto O’Rourke gets ahold of this one in his hometown of El Paso. Given his floundering candidacy, one might think that this false flag mass shooting was deliberately staged in his former district to given him a new cause to run with. See: As if on cue Beto O’Rourke shamelessly exploits the El Paso terrorist attack

Why is it that the only crime photos law enforcement authorities ever publish are those with the shooter carrying a prominently displayed assault weapon?

Beto’s candidacy is not so much about getting nominated as it is a highly controlled enterprise launched for the purpose of bringing a LOT of attention quickly to wedge issues that are then used to further divide the body politic.

KEY POINT: Because The USA Is The Military Arm Of The New World Order the Shadow Government will do whatever is necessary to control the populace. Toward that end, Obama signed illicit NDAA legislation that wrongfully permits the US government to perpetrate false flag operations against the citizenry. Unless the POTUS immediately signs an Executive Order (EO) rescinding that illegitimate law, these state-sponsored mass shootings will continue. See: “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense

Distraction, Diversion, Misdirection

Because of EPSTEINgate, The Powers That Be are currently under a lot of scrutiny and pressure to keep the Global Control Matrix from collapsing. Therefore, they are doing what they always do and that is DISTRACT.

There’s no better way to distract the people than to terrorize them. Random, senseless violent terror attacks such as the last 4 mass shootings within a week’s time are perhaps the most effective way to pull the populace into a space of fear and anxiety.

When every American family has to really worry about going to a Walmart or annual block party or shopping mall or other community event, they quickly forget about massive, multi-decade scandals like EPSTEINgate.

EPSTEINgate Blown Wide Open, Pedogate Control Mechanism Exposed Like Never Before (Major Updates)

In view of the far-reaching ramifications of EPSTEINgate for the world elites, the Gladiooperations will be executed one after another. The power players behind the scenes know that once We the People become widely aware of their global child exploitation syndicate, they’re history. See PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

Hence, the perps at the top will roll out their strategies of “distraction, diversion and misdirection” like there’s no tomorrow; because there may not be a tomorrow for them should the citizenry “light their torches and pick up their pitchforks”.

Now that the Pedogate control mechanism has been blown wide open with the serious and sordid revelations surrounding EPSTEINgate, it will be impossible to contain the damage. The Jeffrey Epstein back story is so radioactive that the power elite must replace it as the national conversation…and yet the real truth about this “Conspiracy of the Millennium” has not even come out. See: Is this why the 2 terrorist attacks were staged this weekend?

Pretext for Gun Control

Special Note: The Shadow Government knows that the best way to impose draconian gun control on the entire nation is to have a Republican POTUS lead the charge. For this reason, Deep State will attempt to take advantage of the pro-gun Trump administration by forcing the issue with so many horrible acts of gun violence, most of them purposefully committed with automatic or semi-automatic assault rifles such as the much-feared AK-47. Much feared by the elites because they know that the US citizenry poses a formidable fighting force, heavily armed as they are with so many guns and so much ammo at the ready. The critical point here is that it’s much easier for TPTB to foist strict gun control measures on the country with a President who is respected by the gun-owning Right than by a Leftist POTUS like any of the closeted communists who are presently competing for the Democratic nomination. (Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama had 8 years to do gun control and he barely made a dent.) In light of these stark realities, the globalist cabal will try to cunningly use President Trump to implement a key component of the NWO agenda—the unconstitutional removal of the right to bears arms.

Mass Shooting at El Paso Walmart; Gunman ‘Started Shooting Everyone, Aisle by Aisle,’ Witness Says


The only unfortunate conclusion any analyst can come to is that the criminally insane psychopaths who are ordering these Gladio-directed black operations will not stop until the 2nd Amendment has been effectively repealed.

KEY POINT: It’s crucial for every American to understand that Operation Gladio (OG) is the terrorist arm of NATO, known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organizationthroughout intel circles. OG provides the muscle for the globalists as needed around the world. The Zionist-controlled MOSSAD routinely uses Gladio black ops to further their Greater Israel project among other schemes to attain world domination. However, it is the Black Nobility of Northern Italy that first institutionalized terrorism worldwide as a means of exerting strict enforcement for the nascent International Banking Cartel; and we all know who the original banksters are. See OPERATION GLADIO: An International NATO/CIA/MOSSAD Terrorist Organization

The power elite who really dictate to the U.S. Federal Government have never felt as threatened as they do today. Everyone knows their names in this “Age of the Internet”; that is, those who are digitally connected do. Therefore, the rich and famous, powerful and wealthy, well-connected and influential are all in great jeopardy; for their ill-gotten gains have been mostly acquired by a Global Economic & Financial System run by a kleptocratic plutocracy.

Given that the stock market will quite likely crash sooner than later, the working class will inevitably wake up to the fact that they have been scammed again.

Because the upcoming economic depression will be felt the most by the middle class, the American people will not let this engineered collapse go unaddressed. Those who have been fleeced the most will certainly identify the 1% as the source of their losses.

Then, those on the Right who are gun owners, veterans, militiamen, hunters, etc. will be glad to take up arms against the real enemy of the people—the International Banking Cartel.

This corporate dictatorship / financial oligarchy is comprised of banksters the world over who only see Americans as debt slaves. The faceless leaders know their time is up and that there is no where to run; hence, they will do everything in their power to disarm the people by any means necessary.

This is why the USA will never see an end to the MCEs; it’s the only way to strip Americans of their firearms. Until that time, the wealthy elites will live in fear and trepidation as they should.

The Bottom Line is that THEIR FINAL SOLUTION is a Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Look it people: there’s no other country on Earth that has experienced so many transparent terrorist attacks like the United States of America. Really, are we to believe that these well-planned terror operations are carried out by fellow citizens who just wake up one day and decide to go totally postal—like two or three times every week now?![1] We are literally under non-stop stealth attack, and yet very few realize it. Every one of these false flag mass shootings is conducted by those clandestine and treacherous traitors who seek the complete destruction of the American Republic.

It’s high time that We the People terminate those who seek to terminate US.

State of the Nation
August 3, 2019

Editor’s Note

Isn’t it awfully odd that, as the pace and intensity of these terrorist attacks steadily increase, no one in government is really doing anything about them? It’s obvious to everyone that they are the product of a highly organized conspiracy to destroy the USA and still there’s no real initiative by authorities to identify the hidden forces behind them … … … just like 9/11See INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

Update 1

As predicted by SOTN, the Gladio-coordinated terrorist attacks will not stop and only intensify. Witness the new mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio where 9 were killed and many wounded: GLADIO TERRORISM GOES INTO HIGH GEAR IN AMERICA

Update 2

The MSM reporting for these mass shootings is getting stranger by the MCE. For instance: How did the El Paso shooting go from “1 dead” to “20 dead”? Dark forces looking to produce high death tolls for nefarious reasons!

Update 3

As with every other false flag operation, it’s practically impossible to know if these 2 mass shootings were completely real, a staged hoax, or a hybrid event that is part authentic and part fakery. In any event, these horrifying attacks still have the very same effect of shocking the American consciousness and giving the perps an opportunity to fear-monger, which they do with great melodramatic effect during the evening news. See: When will the American people wake up to the reality that these are all meticulously staged “shock and awe” events?

Update 4

The Democrats are going all out to blame Trump for these weekend massacres. First, the Deep State engineers these Gladio operations; then they accuse the POTUS of being responsible for the shootings. Not only will this strategy be used to push Trump to enact serious gun control measures, Leftists everywhere will smear him unfairly for the rest of this campaign season. This one-two punch tactic will likely be further intensified with more mass shootings in the near future. See: Democrats Blaming Trump for Mass Shootings

Update 5

The NWO globalists have staged 4 major mass shootings from July 28 to August 4th. Each one saw many people get shot up with assault rifles so as to deliver a high number of dead and wounded for maximum media effect. The MSM together with the many other Deep State organs of gun control propaganda are milking these fastidiously coordinated shootings like never before. Hence, everything points to the BIG gun grab TPTB have planned for decades. This is it folks! These dog days of summer will likely be remembered as the beginning of the GREAT GUN GRAB OF 2019 … but only if the globalists get their way. See: Did President Trump just call for more gun control?

Update 6

An undeniable pattern has developed in the wake of these Gladio mass shootings that looks like this: Conservative and/or Christian websites, Alt Media news sites, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Snapchat accounts, chat rooms, forums, blogs, data-sharing platforms, etc. are now routinely shut down immediately following the MCEs. Not only are they given no notice, they are provided no recourse to contest the account termination. Of course, these anti-2nd Amendment measures are taken after the account holders are falsely accused of disseminating hate or violating the terms of services, which they haven’t. This illicit ploy is now routinely executed in order to both disappear the truth from the Internet and silence the voice of the Right. See NEW NORMAL AFTER MASS SHOOTINGS: Internet Censorship of the Right After Being Falsely Blamed for ‘Hate Websites’

Update 7

Many are wondering how they carry out these black ops. The patsies are always under the influence of psychotropic / psychoactive prescription drugs to mitigate various psychiatric conditions and/or behavioral problems. The alleged shooters are always from terribly broken families with very little stability and various caretakers who are actually handlers. Similarly, most of these highly manipulated young white men are under the care of either a psychiatrist, psycho-therapist, clinical psychologist, MSW or other mind-control programming expert. Given this set of circumstances, it’s quite easy to set the shooter up as an innocent stooge who may never even pull a trigger. That’s left to the expert Gladioshooters who are secretly and strategically positioned at the scene of the crime.

Update 8

Then there is the cover-up. This is where Gladio operatives have the whole place hardwired with agents who effectively have the place locked down. The store manager or event coordinator is in on it; so is local law enforcement. The media is prepared to expect a HUGE story and conditioned to take dictation from the authorities via scripted press releases. The first responders are all Gladio cut-outs trained to react perfectly to the situation, as well as be photographed for the national media. The EMTs and other medical staff are kept on a very tight leash and all overseen by the black op coordinator. It’s quite possible that many who are wounded are crisis actors putting on a good act especially when in front of the cameras.

Update 9

How is it that a FOX News announcer reported a shooting 23 minutes before it actually happened (See video HERE.)?! Not only that, but the Dayton shooter has apparently been confirmed dead since 2014 as reported here: Some Radioactive Info and Critical Developments on the Weekend Mass Shootings

Update 10

With each passing day the hidden agenda behind these shootings becomes more apparent. The Mockingbird Media has been executing a one-two punch strategy against Trump. This same strategy is not only putting the President between a rock and a hard place, it’s also creating a no-win situation for him in 2020. On the one hand, Deep State is falsely blaming Trump for the shootings through allegedly racist rhetoric; on the other hand, the MSM organs of propaganda are demanding that he champion strict gun control laws immediately. They know that any EO in this regard would alienate his base considerably. The globalists also know that the more mass shootings they stage between now and November 3rd, 2020, the easier it will be to blame him for presidential inaction in the face of unrelenting domestic terrorism. They will say that he’s gone soft on national security, and then club him with it until the election. Time is on the side of the globalists, and they know it. Essentially, the NWO cabal can carry out one October Surprise after another against Trump for the next 14 months…and all he can do is react to the provocations.

Update 11

A very perceptive SOTN reader emailed us an excellent assessment of how America is being rent asunder via “divide and conquer” tactics by the dark side, as well as by the insidious implementation of the Hegelian Dialectic. They also pointed out a crucial video of Rep. Ayanna Pressley giving a fiery speech in El Paso, much of which was directed at Hispanic protesters who clearly did not want her there. Everyone needs to listen to her outright threat to the protesters that begins at the 2:06 minutes mark. It’s as if she was telling the people of El Paso that they would soon be burned by “the fire” that her masters would bring. And so they did—BIG TIME! Watch Rep. Ayanna Pressley threaten El Paso residents with “We will bring the fire” one month before Walmart shooting (Video)

Update 12

The reason why the American people are under “constant attack” is because of the Purple Revolution that was launched by the communist Left on the very day after Election Day 2016. In other words, all of these mass shootings are stealthy attacks by the Third Millennium bolsheviks who aim to take over the United States. This is how every communist overthrow took place last century prior to the establishment of a totalitarian marxist state. First, they disarm the populace and take away all firearms while they conduct a reign of terror; then they fabricate the false pretext to stage an insurrection just like they did in Russia (e.g. Soviet Union)) and China (People’s Republic of China). See: PURPLE REVOLUTION: What very few Americans understand is that they’re the victims of a stealthy Bolshevik Revolution

Recommended Reading

OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools


[1] GLADIO 2019: How did 292 mass shootings take place in just over 7 months except by purposeful design?

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12 thoughts on “OPERATION GLADIO: El Paso and Dayton Targeted with False Flag Mass Shootings to Further Terrorize the American People into Giving Up their Guns”

  1. I am not terribly optimistic of any wide spread mass awakening. From my interactions with people regarding these staged mass murder events, the protective armor comes up on any mention of gov’t malfeasance or skullduggery. let’s just say they magically managed to sucker us into giving up our guns en masses ala Australia. The mass murder charade will not abate in any case. It’s not just about disarmament, it’s about controlling everything we do. I predict War Mart will attempt to bring in TSA or their own NAZI style check point. They will test it out to measure resistance to it. I suspect their won’t be much because they want to feel safe as they snap up those Chinese bargains, like the sandals that chemically burned people’s feet.

  2. Thank God for Psalms 2. These government idiots and Gladio liars will be judged, eventually. Thank God the Kingdom of God is GROWING, like the mustard seed. Eventually, gradually, over the LONG term, things will be better.

  3. The absolutely biggest problem we have is our idiot presidente’. While those who voted for this oaf love nothing more than making huge excuses for his blatantly absurd “leadership”, reality shows us that POTUS is, indeed, a closet jew who has the unfortunate monkeys on his back that essentially blackmail him. He made his money in gambling, he went bankrupt a number of times only to be bailed out by the Russian oligarchic bone crushers who have him both figured out and assuredly controlled down to fine detail. He is hugely erratic, he can’t be trusted to make good decisions as he owes his buffalo butt to ol’ Shelly Adelson. What a stupid country that actually believes elections are on the level! Elections are precisely identical to old fashioned wrasslin’, jury rigged from the get go. Donating to political candidates is a total waste yet we do so assiduously and gleefully. Mr. Candidate, here’s a 20, can you please get elected and screw us over and over, we’d be eternally grafefully.
    Tavistock found out how stupid Americans can be made to act. Now, having reached that point in our history, we are only too happy to reciprocate.
    Brain dead today, more so tomorrow…..

    1. What is left of the American mind is on life support. It won’t be long before it’s all over with smart phones, 5G and embedded ID leading the way.
      Never thought I would live to see the day.

      ACT NOW or pay the inevitable consequences of total subversion.

    2. I have to agree. And even though all this false flag foolishness has now become so heavy handed and obvious that even a child could figure it out, the American people show no signs of catching on.

      One thing is sure: none of this is going to stop. So it’s hard to be optimistic about our steady march into the Jew World Order—- spearheaded by Trump.

  4. What irks, disappoints and befuddles me me more than anything are those who participate in these events; those who sell themselves for few pieces of silver. I just do not see how they have considered the consequences of their lies and deception to the friend, relatives and neighbors. If they would but realize the lasting damage they have done to society, maybe they would reconsider being a part of such events.
    Shame on them and shame on those who force them to sign the ndas.
    Through all these almost uncountable events, how just one has not come forth to expose the monsters behind this perplexes me even more.

    1. Well Wil….these crisis actors and the drugged up ”shooters” have no idea who they’re really dealing with.

      Tamerlan Tsarnaev, of Boston Marathon hoax, his mother said that her son had been talking with the FBI for the past year. WTF… when I heard that, my jaw dropped. Later, on the night of the hoax, he ended up dead and his brother was in jail. Both were innocent stooges.

      As long as no person of authority speaks out, 330 million Americas are in fatal deep trouble.

    2. Oh, I’m sure Robbie Parker wants the very best for this country. Forgive my touch of sarcasm. We’ve all seen people who get behind some bandwagon like serving on a town inland wetlands committee, suddenly the most important part of their lives is their belief that they are saving the world. They are somehow elevated in social status, they are doing the noble thing. How they get there is beside the point. They learn to “make allowances”. Some are tickled, “hey, my face was on TV”. They feel important. In reality, they believe in nothing, They are temporary SJW’s. Nothing makes a chaos actor feel better than knowing he put one over on a couple hundred million people…..

  5. I find it quite interesting and possibly very helpful watching the Trump push these RED Flag Laws. How easy would it be to prove most joining the military in todays world cannot function within a normal society from frying their brains playing incredibly violent video games, watching movies and TV programs loaded with violence and slaughter and and are therefore forced into the military to continue their conditioning as killers. Seems to me this would mean a great number of the members of the military by definition come under Red Flag Laws and MUST BE DISARMED. Sure solves the problem of Empire expansion and any problems with posse comitatus., eh?

      1. Impossible for outsiders to say…BUT, the more delving question could be, Who is NOT CIA or NSA. Like Zionists (which I am sure many are) they infiltrate everything.


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