Mike Palecek, The Sandy Hook “Trial of the Century” Nobody Really Knows About

Mike Palecek

[Editor’s note: Our first book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015), was banned by amazon.com less than a month after it had been placed on sale and sold nearly 500 copies. I released it as a pdf to the public for free, where you can still download it today by putting the title in your browser. Now amazon.com has banned five more of our books–six out of a dozen, which must set the record for American journalism. This lawsuit was filed to punish us for exposing the truth about Sandy Hook and was a complete disgrace. See the references below for some of its most disturbing aspects.]

Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek are facing an October jury trial and $1 million in damages in Madison, Wisconsin.

We are still without an attorney.

Nobody seems to want to become involved.

We ask for an attorney to come forward to represent us.

We’ve heard it is too controversial.

Is that what truth and justice are in today’s America?

Too controversial?

This is a critical time in the history of the United States, when freedom of speech is being severely challenged,

when confidence in the veracity of the government is at a low ebb, for good reason.

Some feel this is a right-wing issue, about gun control. Well, maybe to some it is, but it is really a WE issue,

about fighting for a government that will not lie to us, a media that will not lie to us. It’s important.

The lies lead to the deaths of millions, to the sort of day you will have today, the kind of year you will have,

the kind of lives your grandchildren will live.

Americans live on lies. They subsist on lies, but it’s not really living.

Many Americans cannot believe the government and media would intentionally deceive them.

But unfortunately, it’s true, and we have experienced examples of that deception over and over again through our history.

As Watergate spawned the Church Committee, a fair, truthful outcome in this Sandy Hook trial could lead to the opening of the Truth Floodgates.

Americans are being prepared for more — invasion of Iran, Venezuela, Russia? — and 9/11,

Sandy Hook and Boston and other events have prepared us for accepting the shutting down of any dissent.

So, the country, the world, has a chance because of this Sandy Hook case, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Will this be allowed to happen?

Will the revolution actually be televised? Or will it again be pre-empted.

Stay tuned.

“We lie, we cheat, we steal.”

— Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, [chuckling] speaking at Texas A&M University

Why do they do it? For what reason?

Were we ever going to get the truth about the JFK murder from our government and its “investigators”?

Never in a year or two or fifty-six.

How about getting to the bottom of the Robert F. Kennedy murder.

How about the Martin Luther King Jr. killing?

9/11 — after JFK, the grand-daddy of them all— the event that has controlled our lives since that day

and is intended to control our lives from now until forever, built upon by Sandy Hook, Boston, Aurora, Orlando, etc.

Were we ever going to get the truth from our government or our newspapers, radio stations, television stations?

It has not happened and it will not happen.

We are trying to fight for the truth, for the people. Because this is important.

It is everything you have been taught to laugh at — “conspiracy theorists” —

a term introduced by the CIA in the ‘60s to cover up the JFK murder.

… Our middle school history books are pock-marked with lies.

That’s not conspiracy theory. It’s the underlying truth that a majority of Americans know in their hearts.

You are familiar with the list.

The CIA has for decades corrupted the legal and natural processes of countries around the world.

So, why wouldn’t they do it here, in the USA as well.

Especially here.

This Sandy Hook Trial, taking place in Madison, Wisconsin,

is a chance in a lifetime for us to finally gain some traction in seeing what is really happening behind the curtain,

and to stop the CIA and FBI and the rich people behind them in their tireless efforts to control the world.

The truth stops wars. The truth moves us toward becoming the type of country we always thought we were.

And maybe we will see the day when the history books of our grandchildren are brought up-to-date.

You are more than welcome to join us.

If the truth could come out about Sandy Hook then as Watergate led to the Church hearings,

we might also expect the truth about 9/11, Boston, JFK, RFK, MLK, Wellstone, OKC, and others.

It is exactly what America needs in order to pull out of this death spiral,

where our whole culture is based in the quicksand and the false premises of these manufactured events.

“America has become a nation controlled by men who seek

ever-increasing power. Justice is whatever they want to happen.

Truth is whatever they announce has occurred.”


Mike Palecek


James Fetzer




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8 thoughts on “Mike Palecek, The Sandy Hook “Trial of the Century” Nobody Really Knows About”

  1. One of the banned books is about the moon landing fraud.

    The various news feeds during the Apollo Moon Landings were totally controlled by NASA. There were no independent TV or radio lines feeding into NASA. This closed system made it easy for NASA to control all aspects. Fraud and fakery were the order of the day.

    When you see Walter Cronkite talking about the ”moon landing”, all of his information is coming only from NASA….none of it is coming from independent CBS news sources.

  2. The Essay above makes this statement….”…freedom of speech is being severely challenged…”. I disagree. Freedom of speech is DEAD in America. The line has been crossed.
    Will America survive this devastation of the Constitutional Amendments? I sadly sadly doubt it.

    By banning truth books, America is on its death-bed. Its now on life-support. It continues today by the sheer grace of momentum. Amazon has stabbed America directly into its heart.

  3. For another real life example of the injustice under which we EXIST, I highly recommend a movie I came across last night….Trial by Fire…the story of Cameron Todd Willingham who was executed in Texas after spending twelve years in jail for allegedly killing his three children in an horrendous fire. Jack O’Connell gives an amazing performance as does Laura Dern.


    I might mention that anyone with the skills and courage to make a documentary about Fetzer and Palacek’s case might do us a great favor to come forward NOW!

    1. @ will

      My buddy is a film maker ! Look up , The Umbrella movie or open water 3 . Josh Potthoff

      He’s agreed to help make a documentary we are just putting together funds !


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