Mike Adams, Five simple questions that blow apart the fake news about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

(Natural News) The official news narrative about the El Paso WalMart mass shooting is largely fabricated. Even though the violence was real, and people were really shot and killed, the narrative surrounding the tragedy is almost all fiction.

Five huge questions are screaming out for real answers:

#1) If there’s only one shooter, why did so many eyewitnesses report multiple shooters at the scene?

#2) Why did the local police arrest and hold three suspects in custody, as was widely reported by the media before the story was changed to a “lone shooter?”

#3) Why does the so-called “manifesto” appear to be written by someone far older than 21 years of age? (Answer: The manifesto is a hoax. It was not written by the individual who was arrested as the shooter.)

#4) How does one man kill 20 people and wound another 30 people with a single magazine that only holds 30 rounds? The surveillance photo shows no chest rig, no battle belt and no spare magazines.

#5) If the shooter is on a suicide mission, why does he bother to wear both eye protection and ear protection? Answer: Because he knows he will survive his “mission” and be taken into custody after surrendering to police. It wasn’t a suicide mission at all. Eighteen months from now, the world will have forgotten the name of the shooter, and the media will never report anything about him again. (He will likely be relocated under the witness protection program, living under a new identity after having completed his “mission” for the deep state.)

[Editor’s note: Jim Stone is taking it apart, limb-by-limb, as well. Here are some of his thoughts:


1. How many cameras are in a Wal Mart? We got one video “from someone with a cell phone on the floor, which only recorded audio” YEAH RIGHT. Why, if this shooting lasted for 20 minutes, is there not at least 10 consecutive hours of shooting video from 30 PERFECTLY CLEAR VIEW CEILING MOUNTED cameras? There’s more than 30 in a Wal Mart, but let’s guess 30 caught it REAL GOOD. Where is that video?

2. How in the * did this shooting continue for 20 minutes? How long does it take for people to bail from a Wal Mart? The largest wal marts in existence are 600X298 feet. They have two doors. That means NO ONE was more than a 100 yard dash distance from the door. most people, male or female, in totally average condition can do that in 20 seconds. Add obstacles and maybe in a worst case scenario, 40 seconds. What would be the reaction of people hearing gunshots in a Wal Mart? My guess is that all opportunities to nail people would be totally over in 1:30 (which is generous) yet it continues for TWENTY DAMN MINUTES while the shooter went “aisle to aisle” nailing people who must have been all deaf and did not realize there was a shooting underway. 20 minutes is NOT BELIEVABLE. Virtually all “aisle by aisle” opportunities were OVER in seconds flat.

3. Let’s say this shooting really DID continue for 20 minutes – WHY THEN, did this shooter not get a can of cream of mushroom soup in his left ear at 57MPH from weak throw willie? I’d have probably delivered one at about 81 MPH. SHOOTING OVER. Ha, they claim Wal Mart had no guns on site, so the shooting continued and continued and continued . . . . when the store was full of places to hide from the shooter and throw something back at him, like, you know, perhaps a cordless drill? A can of spray paint? How about a small exercise weight?

No, that did not happen, instead, everyone went back to the toilet paper aisle rather than run out the door and waited THERE, in the paper aisle because there was enough paper towel and nearby cat litter in that section to clean up the BIGGEST blood spill. They knew someone needed a story, and were polite about getting it done.

20 minutes? People were there for 20 DAMN MINUTES? Yeah right, this story is STUPID folks.

I have successfully, in a hurry with Claudia waiting, parked over 100 feet from the door, gone in, got something, hit express checkout and got back to the car in under 3 minutes. That’s quick for a Wal Mart, but it is possible, and an ENTIRE SHOPPING PROCESS. I PROMISE, IF THIS SHOOTING WAS REAL, THAT NO ONE WOULD HAVE HIT EVEN THE EXPRESS CHECKOUT. The store should have been empty in absolutely NO MORE than 1:30, thus leaving the shooter with no one to hit.

SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. REPEAT: SHOOTING IN AISLE 5. Ha, that’s great, I am in aisle 43, I’ll get those Ramen noodles . . . . . and you can’t say the shooter had them cornered, there are two widely spaced exits plus emergency exits in a Wal Mart.

4. So he killed 20 and injured that many more. By himself. That’s a lot of bullets for a 30 round clip. IS THAT WHY WE GET NO WAL MART VIDEO? BECAUSE THERE’S NO MAGAZINE CHANGES? Look folks, THEY GOT THE REQUIRED EVENTS FOR THIS SHOOTING TO BE REAL, ON VIDEO, IT’S A WAL MART. Let’s see video of a magazine swap! If we don’t have that the day after, well, that can be deep faked now, it DID NOT HAPPEN, that’s a PRIME moment they would have released already.

5. Why, in ALL the CNN videos (and I watched quite a few) is there only ONE ambulance and ONE stretcher showing up? Hell, they had at least 40 people needing ambulances. Where was the overwhelming paramedic support? I have seen a few tards post that “if they are dead, they don’t move them”. That is true, IF and ONLY IF the body is so dead it has riga. All these were fresh. They should have all been pronounced dead at the hospital. Why ONLY ONE DAMN AMBULANCE?

You can see in the videos the BORDER PATROL, FBI, and regular cops were there, plus ONE fire truck and ONE ambulance. That’s a repeat we see at these shootings- totally underwhelming EMT support. And I’ll tell you why: EMT’s are GOOD PEOPLE, and they could not get 165 of them who were corrupt pieces of shit to front this lie. But they could find five. (including driver). The FBI and border patrol would be EASY to pull enough dirt bags from, but the local police presence was weak too.]

BONUS QUESTION: If you hate illegals and want to protect America, why would you mass murder Americans shopping in an American store? Wouldn’t you theoretically want to target illegal aliens if that’s who you want to destroy? Nearly all the people who were shot were Americans. It makes no sense to hate illegals and then turn around and mass murder Americans.

ONE MORE QUESTION: Why was the shooter’s online profile changed from “Democrat” to Republican / Trump supporter / QAnon follower? Clearly the deep state is modifying his online profile to match their own conspiracy theories and official narratives about QAnon followers being “domestic terrorists.” This is Orwellian-level psyop stuff being run on the entire nation…

In summary, the official narrative doesn’t add up. In fact, it’s all a “staged violence” event which combines real violence with a fake narrative to achieve a specific political purpose. In this case, the goal is the complete disarmament of the American people, blaming Trump for everything and positioning illegals as “victims” of a mass shooting when, in reality, it was Americans who were actually shot.

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32 thoughts on “Mike Adams, Five simple questions that blow apart the fake news about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting”

  2. SpokesLiar for El Paso hospital “where victims were treated” says they ran a similar “Mass-casualty incident” last October – 59 second video


    Dayton Ohio Bar “Shooting”

    Shoes Shoes Everywhere


    “Shooting survivor” says she lost her shoe and lots of other people also lost their shoes – “There were shoes everywhere” – 2 minute video

    Bad acting, Bad script

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1v1Wf6FIyY

      @6:14 John Brian Crucius is the father of Patrick Crucius, the Walmart alleged shooter. This father worked as a counselor with the infamous Doctor Gottleib for the CIA and mind control experiments. This video also implies that Dr. Colin Ross. a well known, I thought, good psychiatrist exposing mind control evil deeds, also worked closely with Dr. Gottleib. All of this looks very very bad.

      The case will be made that Patrick was severely mentally ill and then we’re off to the races of the new major push to identify “mentally ill” people who should not be allowed to have guns. I knew the mental health thing was going to be the next major tool to take away our guns. Mental health diagnoses are very fluid and subjective and if there are “not enough” naturally severely mentally ill people to take guns from, Patrick’s father and the evil mind control doctors can certainly manufacture more mentally ill people, even if all they have to do just hand out psychotropic drugs like candy to people who do not need them so that they can become mentally ill.

      Even though it may be proven that Patrick is certifiably crazy, that still does not mean he shot anyone in the Walmart.

      Headlines with a Voice
      Published on Aug 7, 2019

      Timberlawn was owned by Universal Health Services behavioral facilities, a Fortune 500 corporation in the hospital management business. …


    2. OK..I’ll try this again, since the first comment got under the wrong vid. On that first vid with the Dr, interview, go to about 3 minutes for the statement about a previous exercise.
      The second vid is a riot and just shows how utterly ridiculous these fake shootings are becoming…. like what just happened in Times Square, everyone walked out of their shoes….I tell you, friends, they are having an hilarious time at our expense. It MAY be feasible to accept one or possibly two folks walking out of their shoes, but as many as in that picture…it’s incredibly ridiculous and embarrassing they would put this forth and expect us to accept it as truth.
      Thanks, Dachsie

  3. Professor, why oh why are you posting this Mike Adams piece? Mike Adams is clearly controlled op. Look at this headline: “Mike Adams, Five simple questions that blow apart the fake news about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting”


    Despite the fact that I love the de facto open source investigation you have started here, I hate to see it posted after this shill Mike Adams, former MILITARY. His questions are red herring nonsense and Jim Stone has located the real damning evidence. I suggest to delete this and replace with only the Jim Stone info.

    Screw Mike Adams — he is here to control the truth, not to reveal it.

  4. Amen, the biggest flaw is no Walmart Security Camera feeds released. They do that for REAL crimes, why not this one? They can black out faces if they have too. Why do people believe these fake shooting when NO PROOF is given? No one can trust the lying mainstream media. They showed blood and dying in Vietnam and Iraq. Why not here? Where are the bullet holes? no pics or any damage pics released yet. It was a drill. There still is no proof anyone died. 2 crisis actors with minor covered wounds is no proof. There have been dozens of the fake shooting events, we should therefore doubt all claims until there is substantial PROOF shown. Thanks Jim.

  5. The Ohio shooter died in 2014 SO, SO BUSTED AGAIN!

    And if you search this guy, you can see he’s a match for the Ohio shooting.


    The back story on this is that his mom owns a security company that contracts with the government, and she used him because she knew he could not be traced. That’s why there are so many different photos of this guy available, his mom had them and used them. This has been posted to ImgUR HERE.


    Yes, his mom probably aborted 3 brothers and a sister if she used him like this.

  6. Ya gotta LOVE this one. Fox announces another Wally World shooting 23 minutes BEFORE IT HAPPENS! TOTALLY BUSTED!

    This is the most important 15 seconds of video you will ever see in your life. This proves the deep state is doing the shootings. In the video a FOX news announcer for a local station in the city a third shooting was supposed to happen in on Saturday (at another Wal Mart) announces the next shooting by accident, BEFORE IT HAPPENED, and she checks her twitter and re-checks, looks a little confused, and then says “that hasent happened yet”.
    I am serving this from here for obvious reasons and have enough bandwidth to send it out a million times. LEFT CLICK TO PLAY, RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE AND NEVER LOSE THIS FILE, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED!
    Folks, this proves Twitter is in on the shootings, Fox News is in on the shootings, Wal Mart is in on the shootings – they HAVE TO be a huge open joke among those who are “privileged”, there’s no way Twitter missed the fact that these people were using their platform to announce and plan the next shooting and there’s no way Wal Mart had this happen at two of their stores by accident, and there’s NO WAY FOX HAD THE REPORT AHEAD OF TIME WITHOUT BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED, BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED.
    HA HA, I KNEW THEY WERE ALL STAGED AND PROBABLY FAKED. SO PLEASE PAYPAL, PUNISH THIS SITE MORE. YOU CAN’T BAN IT IN MEXICO BUT YOU CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS AND FOR THAT YOU SUCK BECAUSE OF THIS yes, if you’d block a site that reported that totally independently, it is likely because you are involved in this stuff one way or another. No one is stupid, the point is obviously made, – BY YOU.

  7. “Even though the violence was real, and people were really shot and killed” ?? Really?? Any links to proof of this? What fool would believe this without overwhelming evidence? ANY mass shooting is fake unless proven otherwise.

  8. Archive.is shows more information about the purported Twitter account of Patrick Crusius than archive.org, including 20 out of 22 of his tweets, and 20 out of 26 of the users he followed: https://archive.is/N9uk0. The 2 oldest tweets and the first 6 users he followed are not shown.

    Here’s screenshots of his Twitter account from archive.is: https://i.imgur.com/ShnizLe.png.

    These are the 20 accounts that Crusius followed that are listed by archive.is:

    @DerwentSNT (Derwent SNT) – The “safer neighborhood team” of police in Derwent, UK. Is the story of Crusius supposed to have something to do with the UK? Were they going to use the Twitter account with another story?
    @realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump)
    @SSGKueck (SSG Dustin Kueck) – A recruiter for Texas Army National Guard according to his bio. Is the story of Crusius somehow supposed to involve the army?
    @MaryTatum747 (Mary Tatum) – A bot created in April 2010 around the same time as ShirleyHoman481. The difference in their user IDs (138230231 and 138224760) is less than 10,000. Both accounts stopped tweeting in March 2017, even though it was not on the same day. Both appear to have been run by the same program.
    @ShirleyHoman481 (Shirley Homan) – Another bot like MaryTatum747. I didn’t find other interesting accounts on either of their list of followers, but maybe another bot with a user ID around the same range is followed by the next big mass shooter.
    @gordonkeith (Gordon Keith) – A Texas sports radio host.
    @DallasStars (Dallas Stars)
    @wfaa (WFAA) – A Texas TV station.
    @dallasmavs (Dallas Mavericks)
    @swish41 (Dirk Nowitzki) – A basketball player.
    @NBCDFW (NBC DFW) – NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.
    @junior_miller (Craig Miller) – A Texas sports radio host.
    @FriscoPD (Frisco Police) – The police department of a city in Texas.
    @dfwticket (1310 The Ticket) – A Texas sports radio channel.
    @dallasnews (Dallas Morning News)
    @CityOfFriscoTx (City of Frisco,Texas)
    @wfaaweather (Pete Delkus) – A Texas weatherman.
    @Plano_Schools (Plano ISD) – The school district of the high school Crusius is supposed to have gone to.
    @corbydavidson (Corby Davidson) – A Texas sports radio host.
    @FOX4 (FOX 4 NEWS)

    Was he really an 18-year-old boomer who liked sports radio?

    A total of 5 out of 20 of the accounts above didn’t have the blue checkmark: the two bot ladies, one of the three sports radio hosts, the account of the school district, and the army recruiter. Out of the 20 accounts listed above, the only ones that look like the account of a private person are the two bots (MaryTatum747 and ShirleyHoman481).

    I haven’t found the full list of tweets that were liked by the purported account of Crusius anywhere. In the screenshots of his liked tweets I have seen, he mostly liked tweets by accounts he didn’t follow (or that at least aren’t on the list of 20 accounts above). He also mostly replied to accounts he didn’t follow (or again that aren’t on the list above), with the exception of Trump’s account and the account of one of the two bot ladies (MaryTatum747). He usually also replied to each account only once.

    The last tweet he liked was conveniently a photo of guns that are arranged to spell out “Trump”.

    He had an unusual tweeting schedule, where he rarely made two tweets on the same day, but there was usually an interval of at least 3 days between each tweet. Yet he continued to follow the schedule for about half a year.

    The purported LinkedIn profile of Crusius said “i guess a career is Software Development suits me well”, but he didn’t follow any Twitter accounts related to programming or computer technology (unless those accounts were among the 6 accounts that are not shown by archive.is, or unless the accounts had been deleted before the snapshot by archive.is was saved, or unless he had later unfollowed the accounts).

    Even his Twitter username (outsider609) matches his “outsider” persona. Aren’t usernames that end in three digits a bit 90s? Also if his Twitter account wasn’t fake, it would be weird that he used his real name on Twitter.

    Out of the 20 tweets he made that are listed by archive.is, 3 are retweets. These are the IDs of the other 17: 849660702516289536 847885784023805957 845353929298903043 845022758954307584 843859534594629634 842027931480272897 834638202493353984 830068006667550720 829042274331983874 826976313777016832 825586411940229120 824657871866564610 821793471900086273 819952315797008384 817083132079960064 817058060694908928 804033324004114432.

    Using the formula ((804033324004114432>>22)+1288834974657)/1000 to convert a tweet ID to seconds since epoch, we get the following UTC and EST/EDT timestamps for each tweet:

    Wed 2017-04-05 16:31:12 UTC — Wed 2017-04-05 12:31:12 EDT
    Fri 2017-03-31 18:58:18 UTC — Fri 2017-03-31 14:58:18 EDT
    Fri 2017-03-24 19:17:37 UTC — Fri 2017-03-24 15:17:37 EDT
    Thu 2017-03-23 21:21:40 UTC — Thu 2017-03-23 17:21:40 EDT
    Mon 2017-03-20 16:19:25 UTC — Mon 2017-03-20 12:19:25 EDT
    Wed 2017-03-15 15:01:17 UTC — Wed 2017-03-15 11:01:17 EDT
    Thu 2017-02-23 05:37:08 UTC — Thu 2017-02-23 00:37:08 EST
    Fri 2017-02-10 14:56:49 UTC — Fri 2017-02-10 09:56:49 EST
    Tue 2017-02-07 19:00:55 UTC — Tue 2017-02-07 14:00:55 EST
    Thu 2017-02-02 02:11:32 UTC — Wed 2017-02-01 21:11:32 EST
    Sun 2017-01-29 06:08:33 UTC — Sun 2017-01-29 01:08:33 EST
    Thu 2017-01-26 16:38:52 UTC — Thu 2017-01-26 11:38:52 EST
    Wed 2017-01-18 18:56:46 UTC — Wed 2017-01-18 13:56:46 EST
    Fri 2017-01-13 17:00:40 UTC — Fri 2017-01-13 12:00:40 EST
    Thu 2017-01-05 18:59:34 UTC — Thu 2017-01-05 13:59:34 EST
    Thu 2017-01-05 17:19:56 UTC — Thu 2017-01-05 12:19:56 EST
    Wed 2016-11-30 18:44:17 UTC — Wed 2016-11-30 13:44:17 EST

    All tweets apart from two were made during what are working hours in the continental United States. The tweet made at 9 PM EST could’ve been made at 6 PM PST. Only one tweet was made on the weekend. I wish we had the timestamps of when he favorited tweets too.

    (I know that the list of timestamps above doesn’t really prove anything, but I just wanted to post it somewhere. Maybe it leads to some other clues.)

  9. Get ready for something BIG in Ohio?

    CRISIS ACTORS: Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring Casualty Role Players (CRP) / Actors to participate in VIGILANT GUARD OHIO – the largest disaster and emergency response exercise in state history, taking place Aug. 5-8, 2019, at more than 10 locations throughout the state. This 3,000-person National Level Exercise – hosted by the Ohio National Guard and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, cosponsored by U.S. Northern Command and the National Guard Bureau – is designed to test the state’s response capabilities with a simulated cyberattack that causes mock utility failures and other serious disruptions.

  10. By now, the following should be obvious with regard to mass shootings:

    1. They are fake.
    2. They are designed to disarm America.
    3. They appear practically every day now because the bankers and stupid politicians who have been rigging markets and blatantly stealing for the past 30 years know that everything is ready to come unglued and they are scared that the blame will rightfully be placed on them and they don’t want to lose their place at the trough– or anything else.
    4. Gun control is their insurance policy.

    1. When will we see the required Licensed Hazmat teams at Walmart to clean up the spilled blood of 20 people?

      I’m still waiting for the bodies to be removed from that Bible Study room in Charleston…..that was in 2015.

      The cashiers used paper towels to soak up the blood at Isla Vista in 2014.

    1. Sounds like the same fakers that use the special weapons that simulate gunfire effects. Lots of noise but no bullets. We’ve seen these before in Florida.

    2. No that’s more phoney crap. Haven’t you noticed that in every FF there are also “rumors of multiple shooters”. I call that second-level disinfo. It is meant to provide a more innocuous false flag theory to preempt apprehension and consciousness of the real false flag evidence. Adams is a DISINFO SHILL. Please stop posting his vomit.

      1. At this point in all these false flags, the message to get out to the general population is the idea that these actually are staged occurrences. Quibbling among ourselves over the details is not helping our narrative and is a precise result of what they want and have orchestrated.

  11. The OTHER “white male” shooting. Question: how did everyone’s shoes end up in a pile in the parking lot?
    Supposedly, everyone left their shoes behind while fleeing, in a pile, in the parking lot. What kind of LOW IQ COMMON CORE RETARD thought of THAT? This one pisses me off simply because it is so insultingly STUPID:


    The original image size on Drudge was 1000X666. I reduce large images and compress them before posting to save bandwidth.

    OK, SO – how did that pile of shoes get there so neatly? PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SHOES HERE ON THE WAY OUT, THE SHOOTER COLLECTS THEM AND GIVES THEM TO CHARITY. The police will not take “evidence” and do this with it, THIS PHOTO IS AN ABJECT TEAR JERK SYMPATHY HOAX. This one angers me.

  12. Until I see REAL death certificates or REAL coroners reports or REAL blood that is dark and not apple red and REAL tears and emotion and REAL reaction to trauma…. I’ll stick with it’s all staged…all an act….

    No offense to Mike Adams, but SO many are afraid they might offend family members by stating no one died or was injured. I would say that if anyone died or was injured, the last thing the victims would be concerned about are reactions from others.

    1. Yes, offend Mike Adams. He is a SHILL and he is lying his ass off here.

      Here is the title: “Mike Adams, Five simple questions that blow apart the fake news about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting”


      Idiotic beyond belief. Adams is exposed, as he has exposed himself before.

      Professor Fetzer, stop posting his lies and tripe. Stone has the real damning info.

      1. And also by the way the Hispanic woman is not upset in any way, just like the other fake actors. Why isn’t Fetzer getting this obviousness? Why hasn’t Fetzer tracked the creeping of second-level disinfo narratives as such?? The other is, which was used on Ole Dammergard and Richie Allen, “I know someone who was injured/shot…”.

        Prof Fetzer, I am trying to reach out to you on this. Please get hip to this aspect of the operation. You’re the greatest otherwise and I am already a longtime student of yours. I’ve watched every video and I am TAKING NOTES.

      2. As much as I support what you say, in the reality of these shootings, to say with 100% certainity that no one has been killed or injured would be only assumption, since coroners reports etc. are not being made available. I am sorry to have to say that, but if you have another way or another idea of how to prove these assumptions, I am most certainly open to them. The line between reality and fantasy is being erased, as they conrol the narrative AND the records.

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