Stephanie Sledge, SANDY HOOK: The Untold Story

By Stephanie Sledge

December 14th, 2012 will always be remembered in history as the day criminal gangsters duped the nation and convinced the world the Sandy Hook shooting went down exactly the way it was portrayed in the AP Press and mainstream media.

Sandy Hook was the continuation of prior national shootings, which intentionally spewed political rhetoric on television sets and the Internet screens of millions of people, while intermingling the agenda to confiscate guns, enact more mental health agenda, and steal more science and technology.

How far will the infiltrated enemies go to make sure they have their day in history? After investigating this case for almost seven years now I am shocked and alarmed by the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The plot is much deeper than gun confiscation and political rhetoric.

Many researchers and investigative journalists produced their findings and theories about Sandy Hook in the context of their specialties of research. Without these researchers and their leads, I could have never have put together the answers and startling revelations of the grander and overall more sinister plot to destroy the current Constitutional system of government, modify the Bill of Rights, and remake America in the mold of traditional socialist Western democracy.

This book releases information into the public domain to provide a greater understanding of a central evil plot against America, which has greater repercussions for Americans than most can foresee. Repercussions that the Founding American Forefathers warned might besiege this Great Republic if the people failed to recognize that evil would always be lurking in the background – waiting for the perfect moment to peel away our freedoms and the God given rights enshrined in the Constitution for the united States.

In this investigative report you will learn about what happened before, during, and after the alleged shooting and why Connecticut was chosen as the place to perform this non-duplicable heist of America and how this operation collected people into a greater consciousness favoring submission.

You will learn how the States Medicolegal Society benefited and how their role was important prior to the Sandy Hook alleged shooting to change certain laws involving children in the state’s custody.

You will learn how threats were used to coerce certain individuals, collaterally involved, to cover up evidence of pedophilia and money laundering and how the CDC and Department of Public Health needed this event to continue their agency’s future goals.

You will learn how donations following the Sandy Hook shooting were preplanned and organizations were already in place to funnel money through the proper channels – including humanitarian organizations, surgeons, local societies and more.

You will learn about the involvement of national sponsors, including professional sports teams, and how they had an influence on the nation following the alleged shooting and how these sponsors reappeared in many other alleged shootings during the Obama administration and now through the Trump administration.

You will discover the medical establishments involvement and how the continuation of these alleged shootings are connected deeply to the United States NAVY and behind-the-scenes surgeons who are involved to continue research into super-soldier projects, cryogenics, and, psychological research into what they describe as Adam Lanza’s ‘evil-gene’ and why his father, Peter Lanza is said to have donated his son’s body to science after the alleged shooting.

You will discover how insurance companies are involved and why the Sandy Hook lawsuits are a plot to create further reasons for Americans to be denied purchase of weapons and whether gun manufacturers are on the side of the People or are they being threatened and railroaded into compliance by those managing transactions, including banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, advertisers, and advertising agencies, the ATF, and more. You will discover how these manufacturing companies are too scared to tell the American Public the truth.

You will learn the truth about why DARPA’s involvement in this alleged shooting and others is imperative for continued psychological operations, including virtual reality simulations, chosen patsies for further control, and study.

You will learn of our own Navy’s involvement against the American People and how they helped kicked off one of the most infamous shootings to trade technology for warships and how they purposefully brought NASA’s so-called heroes to the stage to dupe the nation into rewriting the Second Amendment.

You will discover why, after the Revolutionary War, President George Washington disbanded the Navy and why subsequent failures to disband it have resulted in a giant slithering snake of medical tyranny.

You will discover how the criminals in CT were in desperate need for this alleged shooting and how under the Obama Administration, Attorney Generals, law professions and others alike helped tear down the very Constitutionally elected officials who swore to protect the Citizens from such tyranny.

You will learn about the secret war between the Sheriffs and the State Police and how the Marshals State Advisory Board got what they wanted to cover up their past of assaults, bribery, sexual assaults, pedophilia, and sex-slavery trades. You will learn of how election fraud made this happen.

You will discover how this particular alleged shooting and others are connected deeply with the Department of Homeland Security, Hillary Clinton, and dual-Israeli citizen government workers who used this event to implement new hate-speech law and to bring the alleged parents of Sandy Hook victims to the forefront to agitate for law to criminalize those who find out the truth.

In this investigative report the reader will be forced to question the connection(s) to Women & Children’s Shelters, the CT legislation, who changed the law about release of autopsies of State placed children and their connection to the Sandy Hook alleged shooting and other shootings.

You will discover how one of the largest private healthcare organizations in the world was involved and why and how they need these events to keep its charity going.

You will find out how banks like Morgan Stanley have deep affiliations and connections to the alleged Sandy Hook shooting as well as shoe manufacturers and others.

You will discover which universities gained from this alleged shooting and why Skull and Bones benefited and the relationship between the money funneling and legislation.

You will discover how Eric Holder’s involvement prior to Sandy Hook and other shootings has gone unnoticed and why Harvard and Yale play an important role in making sure religious attacks continue, while they gain politically, scientifically, technologically – all secretively.

This is the missing information to include upon the stacks of evidence presented by the best researchers on the planet showing the direct evidence of fraud and lies. America needs to wake up from their collected trance these Psy-Ops have placed them in. They are just exactly what it is… psychological operations.

Find out the truth…

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13 thoughts on “Stephanie Sledge, SANDY HOOK: The Untold Story”

  2. This is an example of Stephanie Sledge’s research;:

    She comes to the conclusion that Adam Lanza’s car was also registered to the Dane County, WI sheriff dept. She claims the the 872-YEO plate of the Lanza car was registered to the sheriff dept. Even her own research showed another car with an 872 plate, a Crown Vic police interceptor.

    Nowhere in the article does Miss Sledge say she contacted the sheriff dept, that would have been an obvious place to start. The other 872 plate she found was this one:

    An image search would have found the sheriff dept uses three digit plates.

    That article should never have been written and it still being up is going to give people wrong information

    1. At the time of the investigation, that is the correct information regardless of what it says now… I have all the proof and all the facts that this car was probably sold at an auction and bought to use in this sting. I have the proof…

  3. Generally its a reliable book with one exception that it mentions Adam Lanza’s body being donated to science. There was no ”Adam” Lanza.

    When we see a photo of ”Adam” , its actually a photo of Ryan. Peter Lanza had only one son…Ryan Adam Lanza.
    “Adam” Lanza is just one of the many fictional persons associated with the Sandy Hook Hoax.

    BTW, there has never been a televised interview of Peter Lanza. The attached photo shows Peter Lanza and son Ryan.


    1. I think if you read the book, you would understand in greater detail. The medical establishment had to use Adam Lanza‘s name in order to get what they were promised. We all agree that it was a hoax, a lie, and fabricated in every direction. You will also understand in greater detail Ryan Lanza and what happened the night before the shooting… 🙂

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