Robert David Steele, My View: Jeffrey Epstein is a Mossad Clandestine Operations Officer


I remain of the view that Jeffrey Epstein is a Mossad clandestine operations officer, assisted by Mossad clandestine operations officer Ghislaine Maxwell, and that their mission is to do precisely what they have been doing: entrap US politicians, judges, celebrities, prosecutors, and corporate leaders with rigged “no name” hotels and the mult-cavern “Lolita Island” where anything goes and  the Mossad gets it all on video — grown people doing bad things to small children.

My sources suggest that Vicky Ward has it wrong, Epstein is not a grifter that made it big on crime, that is a cover story. I believe he was given a billion dollar line of credit by a real Zionist billionaire, and has always been “on the job.”

Alert readers will recall that Ghislaine Maxwell is the daugher of Robert Mazell, one of Israel’s most famous super-spies, and the man who single-handedly opened all doors for Israel’s promulgation of PROMIS, the first major “hack” of many Western governments by Israel, in the 1980’s, long before the Chinese and Russian cyber-incursions in the 1990’s.

I further believe that because Epstein has been “on the job” that both the CIA and the FBI have been associated with this “job” and sharing the take. It is more important to them to be able to blackmail as many people as possible to keep their budgets growing, than it is to stop traitors, pedophiles, and white collar criminals.

Bill Binney and I, simply accessing the 99% of the NSA database that has not been processed, could nail almost every traitor, pedophile, compromised judge, and white collar criminal within 90 days using Thin Thread. We told Jefferson Sessions, then AG, how to do this. Of course our mail to him (and to Donald Trump) could have been intercepted by the various traitors that so easily gain access to the upper ranks precisely because they have CIA, FBI, Freemason, Knights of Malta, and other forms of sponsorship.

The fact that the FBI broke down Epstein’s door is somewhat significant. It suggests that the old deal is off the table and our President may be about to begin a scorched earth campaign to drain the swamp. I pray this be so.

We do not lack for the knowledge of who all these evil people are. We lack — or have lacked up to today — the integrity to do our jobs and serve the public.

If President Donald Trump follows through on this — and then throws in 9/11 disclosure and an end to our support for Zionist Israel and its unregistered agents bribing and blackmailing everyone of consequence (AIPAC and ADL), then he will in all probability be re-elected in a landslide, at the same time that the Democrats lose the House and 27 states flush their Governors and state legislators out of office for making it a felony to speak freely about the need to boycott Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal invented state Israel.

Whatever the President’s intent, American disgust over pedophilia, transgenderism, political correctness, legalizes lies, and foreign wars is now at “Peak Disgust.”Americans are still naive about the CIA and FBI as enemies of the public interest (not the 90% good people trapped in bad systems, but the 10% doing truly evil stuff), but the President should see this as a great opportunity to completely restructure the US secret world at the same time that he rolls up all the elite pedophiles.

Hear us, Mr. President — we want heads to roll — many heads.


Epstein Claims Immunity; Prosecutors Say “Extremely Concerning” Images Seized

Before SHTF, Let’s Revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

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Epstein @ Phi Beta Iota

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Alert Reader observes: what’s of interest to me is that TIME has now weighed in even if their coverage is banal and they are afraid to include the Mossad entrapment aspect. The Miami Herald story is amazing in showing a complete double standard in the law.  I guess the author of Licensed to Lie has it completely right.

Here’s What to Know About the Sex Trafficking Case Against Jeffrey Epstein

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime


Who? Who?

Robert, I found some phenomenal stuff, mostly in Twitter posts. Sorry to not have labeled them all, just been too busy gathering it like crazy! Just click on all of them, maybe you can organize and label it for better presentation:

BEST analytical one of all: a phenomenal summary in image. Key sentence in image: “Trump marched into the rat’s nest and called in a tactical nuke on his own position.”

– – –

W    O    W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drone pictures of Epstein’s Orgy Island. Scroll down the Twitter thread to see. Get `em asap before Twitter shuts down this tweet:

– – –

Note comment after tweet: “This would mean that Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls using aircraft of the same tail number and during the same time period as DynCorp when they trafficked minors in Bosnia and other parts of the Balkan states.”

– – –

1,000 girls? Epstein was informant for FBI? (PBI:pedophilia entrapments probably a joint Mossad, FBI, CIA operation with shared take — Epstein was more likely a “fellow officer” and fully protected by Mueller specifically).

– – –

Wow: Epstein trafficking East Europeans via Israeli “model agency.” (PBI: Can you spell M O S S A D?)

– – –

Who knows? (PBI: we do not make this this up)

Epstein conducted physics research on that island. At a critical stage he required Hawking’s consultation to produce “relativistic bed chamber”. The first occupant? Hawkins and a 12 year old girl. For us, the chamber barely moved–but for them, the ride lasted 500 days…

– – –


The story that Stephen Hawking was on Epstein’s Rape Island is true:

“New pictures show Stephen Hawking enjoying the hospitality of Jeffrey Epstein on the private Caribbean island where Prince Andrew is alleged to have slept with an underage “sex slave”.

Stephen Hawking pictured on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Island of Sin’

– – –

NXIVM & Epstein hit hard after Preet Bharara is out of power.

– – –

Leslie Wexner as the Mossad connection providing the billion?

PBI: more recently we are told that Wexner is part of the Mega Group of Zionist funders that also funded Zionist planning and execution of 9/11 with Dick Cheney are  their house boy.

– – –

Where did the money come from? PBI: Prostitution then converted by Mossad into a high end national level pedophilia entrapment operation?

– – –

Barr’s father who hired Epstein was corporal in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) PBI: probably still a spotter for CIA and Mossad.

– – –

Connects Ghislain Maxwell to Zionist super-spy Robert Maxwell.

– – –

Cleaned up the visible occult stuff.

See Also:

Former FBI Official: Expect DOZENS of More Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein (VIDEO)

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  3. This is an older vid from James Corbett…..but the idea that our society is being constantly ‘gaslighted’ is more than pertinent in todays world….the very idea that we continue to go to the polls to vote for the lesser of two evils is a great example of this:

  4. While Epstein’s crimes against underage women are serious, I would hope that focus on this aspect on his crime package does not obscure the crimes of which he is justifiably famous, notably, the crimes dealing with blackmail and various types of coercions that were passed on to Mossad.It seems to me that distraction/diversion is a big part of today’s crime scene and is seen often in courtrooms as the truly major parts of the dialectic are hidden behind perhaps more tawdry yet common crimes like those of a sexual nature. Epstein’s crimes that ended up as major blackmail episodes likely have done massive damage to the US as well as other countries.

  5. Today, while listening to the Rush Limbaugh Revival Hour, I heard the host immediately jumpstart his 3 hour soiree with an immediate ridicule of the widespread observation that Jeffrey Epstein is involved in a pedophilia/blackmail Mossad associated with high officials, among others, tangled in his web. Rush, to those who have listened to him for many years as I have, it’s been pretty obvious somebody is calling in Rush and his markers as we speak. He fairly glows and glistens as he rags on and on about anti-semitism, jew haters, and notably this longstanding brouhaha with Epstein. I have no idea if Rush gets paid for his pro-Israel blatherings, what would you say about this? Somebody is stepping on Rush’s toes, hard, and the ol’ Missouri blabbermouth can only reciprocate with his blatant, anti-American tirades. In the words of several of my acquaintances, he’s become kind of a double citizen just like all those high ranking Congressional members have with their cutesy tuneup trips to Israel to learn how to suck up to Israel as payment for campaign contributions which undoubtedly are American greenbacks foisted from American taxpayers. The golden EIB network microphone has never been more obnoxiously used against the American public as it has been by the Cape Girardeau mouth of the South.

      1. It strikes me as strange to have Dr. Steve Pieczenik actually tell the truth about the Tribe and it’s nasty faults.

      2. Bahmi…As you likely know, there are many Jews who do not follow Zionism….which is really a bastardization of real Judaism…I would say, a radical version (but do not quote me, as I am far from a scholar on the topic). This is not to say Judaism is not the antithesis of Christianity. It most definitely is. So, in that regard, it’s well worth spending the time to listen to Adam Green’s latest:

      3. Do not miss the part around 50 minutes that talks about the ‘NEW’ Israeli Bible that is now the most sold bible world wide…….promoted by the Christian/Zionist 700 Club…hard to believe, but true. And there is nothing in regard to the New Testamant in that ‘fake’ Jewish bible.
        Personally, I do not presently practice any religion although I was raised as a Catholic and later became a ‘born again Christian’.
        My purpose is to demonstrate how Zionism is infiltrating true Christianity through lies and deception. Unfortunately, Trump supports this madness.

    1. My uncle, a Christian, was forced to close his jewelry store because he could not buy wholesale diamonds from Jews who controlled the diamond market at that time-1949 USA. When it comes to business, Jews can be ruthless.

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