Jack Mullen, The Next American Revolution

 July 4th, 2019

Today Americans should remember the Revolution was about becoming Independent from Briton – ending control of the various governments in the Colonies by the British and becoming a nation unto its own, without foreign entanglements and commitments in any form except through treaty to another nation-state power.

Now America we are again under the control of a foreign nation again – suffering nearly total usurpation at the federal level and we have lost more than 26 States to this occupying enemy.

These ideas are not hyperbole or conspiracy theory or other weaponized words crafted to manipulate and stop thought.

America has all but nearly succumbed to a soft coup and now serves the interests of Israel and the internal infiltration and subversion of its weaponize political system called Zionism.

Ask why it is called anti-Semitic to discuss the agenda of Zionism or Israel’s influence on US internal constitutional law and foreign policy – including endless war on enemies of Israel?

Is it American to not be able to criticize, except at pain of violation of the “law?”

Is it American to not be able to boycott, if the boycott is of Israel and its products?

Is it American to be barred from pointing out the entire mainstream media is occupied and controlled by people with the same interests and political-religious agenda as Israel ?

America is under attack. The attack is far worse than a straight forward onslaught – this attack is devious and complicated.

American culture is being undermined through an education system that disparages American history, denigrates America’s founders, heroes and heritage. The culture is being refactored by mixing of peoples of incompatible culture and forced acceptance of migrants, refugees and immigrants without due process or public discussion.

America is under attack psychologically by forcibly indoctrinating the young with images of shame and morally derogatory representations normalizing disgrace and disgust of American thinking, law, history and racial consistency. The psychological attacks are highly sophisticated presenting contradictory explanations for fabricated current events, which send mixed signals specifically for purposes of affecting different groups with conflicting expectations on how to perceive their world and how to act and react. This is a strategy of non-linear warfare a common characteristic of psychological offensives.

The attack is political as ideas politically hostile to American individualism and rights to be free from endless government encroachments, taxation, and meddling are foisted into the political-legal system under color of American Constitutional law (Contract law.) Politically hostile and foreign ideas are introduced as morally superior while disarming and disassociating the individual from learning practical and necessary skills for self determination. Externally the political system is changing to favor and promote the political ambitions and subjugation of Zionism – a virulent and deceptive weaponize philosophy of conquest, domination and destruction of western civilization.

On this 4th of July, lets think about the next revolution and how it can be again that America is really Independent —

MAIA — Make America Independent Again —

Figure out what is happening and take a stand and take action —

No More Wars for Israel —
No fake law to silence speech and prevent First Amendment rights to criticize and boycott.
No more false flag events to take away American’s means of self defense.

America’s real Independence, again, just might save the World.

Happy 4th of July and here’s looking forward to the next revolution for American Independence

Jack Mullen – The Government Rag.

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22 thoughts on “Jack Mullen, The Next American Revolution”

      1. Will writes…………”It’s all there.”. What’s all there? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Mostly I agree with your posts.
        I guess that I said something that offended you.

      2. Did you not post this:

        ”but I have lost trust in the Don.” But he oddly gives no reason[s].

        My response was “it’s all there”…my reasons for losing trust in Trump have been previously posted in many of my comments. I therefore have no reason to state them again. I see no confusion in my post and took no offense.

        But, again, as with a previous Bahmi post, you did not reply directly to the comment through the reply underneath. I find that a bit bewildering.

      3. Oh OK, I see that you meant “Don” Trump, not Don the poster here…..me. Your use of the name DON had me off the rails…especially since you posted directly below one of my comments. The train of these follow-on threads is a complete tangle of CONFUSION and bewilderment.

        Thank you for writing ”Trump” instead of ”Don”.

      4. Btw, that particular comment was actually in reply to Dave’s comment, not yours. …as you can see, it was not indented under your comment. BUT, I agree this comment system sucks.

  1. One of the heaviest chemtrail spray days over Vail this year was during our fourth of July parade. Heavy duty spray missions often occur over major gatherings. The greatest chemtrail attack I’ve ever seen was the 2010 Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park. The lines were so tight together that no single trail was all that distinguishable. It was line a lawn mowing pattern of perfectly parallel lines. There was another pass every couple minutes. It was so in your face and yet I doubt many people noticed as they sung along to McCartney’s non-stop hit parade. It was more like a Beatles concert than a solo show. The production values and sound quality were off the charts. I’m definitely in the Paul was replaced camp. And the replacement is far superior to the original.


    1. Canadian Jordan says Trump is “strange”. He doesn’t seem so strange to me. I’ve known many people like Trump….they’re upfront, friendly, outgoing, thoughtful and successful.

      I don’t agree that entrepreneurial people are liberal…..most that I know are conservative.

      If Jordan wants a really strange person, he should look no further than to Canada’s Trudeau.

      1. I would say that in terms of being a typical politician, Trump is strange. He follows no patterns, which makes him quite interesting to follow. Most capitalists I’ve known are conservative….entrepreneurs seem to be liberal…BUT, those very terms are so skewed now, who knows who is who. There was a time I identified with liberals or progressives. and would not touch them now with a ten foot something or other. In the past, I considered myself an entrepreneur…having owned several restaurants and small businesses…but never a capitalist…I did it for the love of serving and food.
        As a comparison, I would say Jesse Ventura is/was strange as a politician…but certainly not as a patriot. Interesting things is that I NOW trust Ventura far more than Trump. IF he decided to run, he would get my vote.
        NOW, that’s strange….at least for me, as I rescinded my voter registration at least 10 years ago.

      2. I’m at least all three…. a capitalist, liberal and a conservative. It all depends on the issue we’re talking about at the moment.
        I also love millionaires….the US needs more of them….lots more. During my business owning years, I was never given an assignment by a poor person. Its a pleasure to work for people for whom the cost is not an issue.

      3. We live in a strange world. Rolls Royce cars are currently made in West Sussex, UK. It has a plant that employs about 1,300 highly skilled working people. I wonder if there is even one worker who will ever own a new Rolls.

  2. Our POTUS is a dyed in the wool Zionist, whether of his own volition or his being forced by a cadre of strong armed ZioMasters who helped poor, lil’ Donald when he was flat busted way back when. This is strike 1 against us. Let’s face it, we don’t have the guts to oppose the Zionist monster with all the money our system depends on and the absolute crushing pressure the Zios have/can bring against us should we rebel.
    Do we have a Thomas Paine today, hey!, how about Jim Fetzer? Jim’s taken on the task, perhaps at great cost to himself as his drama unfolds.
    WE cannot give up the guns. Is that possible? Or, have we been sold out by the NRA? Are we willing to submit to a forced death from some nasty modality created and used by parts of our military/industrial complex? What’s the latest way we are all going to be extirpated from the face of this nation? Lasers? Toxic vaccines? 5G? Chemtrails and their sequelae? Fukushima radiation?
    Somebody wants to kill us all. That’s for sure.

    1. There’s not enough pressure in the Universe IF the average Tee Vee’d American would get off their butt and stand up for their rights.
      We have the damn numbers and we refuse to use them….for whatever reason…YOU tell me….

    2. I agree for sure, the Donald is the most Zionist president ever. This is part of his playing the gameshow Survivor, but for real. 911 Truth cannot happen under his watch. Anything Israel wants they get… part of Donald’s life assurance policy. I’m convinced that if he ever tried to oppose Israel, he would conveniently have a heart attack or worse. Same with 911 Truth. Donald knows the 911 official story is pure fiction, but he can’t touch it anymore than he could expose NASA as a trillion dollar scam . Donald knows the Paradise Fire was anything but natural. Again, he can’t touch it. He is playing Survivor for real. Everything he does is strategic.

      1. Remember that Mr. Trump was a huge questioner of the Obama birth scenario. Obama is Indonesian 100%. There is not one drop of black or white blood in him. His bio books were written by Bill Ayers from BHO notes and Ayers’ imagination. BHO has never written even one legal brief or ever appeared in a court of law as an attorney. His wife worked in a law firm, BHO worked as a clerk in that same firm. He was never allowed to see any clients.
        They have both lost their Illinois Bar Association Licenses to avoid legal prosecution.

  3. Thanks, Jack…THERE you have it.
    NO MORE wars for Israel. NO MORE false flags. NO MORE anti-Semitic bullcrap.
    AND, no more ZIONIST influence in our CONGRESS.
    It has to stop or a march on that foreign nation called DC WILL BE INEVITABLE!!
    Americans have had it!

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