Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” Lawsuit: Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier

Jim Fetzer

As the Wisconsin State Journal reports, “A Dane County judge on Monday found that a longtime conspiracy theorist living in the village of Oregon, along with his co-defendant, defamed [Leonard Pozner] the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre and allowed a trial for damages against the men to move ahead” (“Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier” (17 June 2019).

The story correctly reports, Pozner’s primary attorney, Jacob Zimmerman, also submitted an official copy of the death certificate, with the required embossed seal, to the court and argued that Fetzer and Palecek had not asked for the original but had instead relied on “copies of copies of copies that they found somewhere out on the internet.”

But those were not the copy published in the book, which I had described as a fabrication. And, because it is an uncertified copy, my characterization was correct. In Connecticut, not even parents are allowed to possess an uncertified copy of a death certificate. The copies he introduced were irrelevant and immaterial to the case.

I did indeed acknowledge that the original reasons he called the death certificate a fake were mistaken, as the story reports,  but claimed other deficiencies with the document proved it was fabricated. He said Pozner’s lawsuit was an attempt to silence him and other Sandy Hook “truthers.”

“This entire case is as fabricated as the death certificate,” he said. “They want more grist for their mill.” The Judge, Frank Remington, said he found Pozner’s explanations for the alleged deficiencies on the death certificate “legitimate and plausible and persuasive.” But the absence of certification is decisive.

The Judge was wrong when he reasoned that, if there are differences among official copies of a document, “that does not alone indicate that any of them are false,” he said. “It only demonstrates a difference.” Some differences are more important than others. This difference was the crucial issue in this case.

As the article explains, neither Fetzer nor Palecek was represented by an attorney. “Nobody wants to touch” their case, Fetzer said. It also reports that I have also advanced conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the shootings in Parkland, Florida, and other events.

Before I was served with the Complaint on 29 November 2018, I had never seen the death certificate attached to the Complaint. So now I confront a possible $1,000,000 liability for a death certificate that I had never before seen or commented upon, which was not published in the book.

Here is most of what I said when I had the opportunity to speak. I added more about Sandy Hook as I spoke, which will be included in the transcript, portions of which I shall also share. The law is being used to punish those who are exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about Sandy Hook. The public deserves better.


Defendant James Fetzer

17 June 2019

The death certificate for which I am being sued is the one published in the book,Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control, which has appeared as Chapter 11 co-authored with Kelley Watt in both first editions (2015) and second (2016). It is an expanded and revised version of an article that I originally published on Veterans Today(6 August2014), which included the death certificate for my characterization of which I have been sued. Kelley said it came from “Lenny”. I published it in VT and with Mike Palecek in both editions and we made no changes to its content.

It appears that I added a border, which is not one of the things that they complain about.  The circumstances of this version’s publication are not in issue. The death certificate that I received from Plaintiff via Kelley Watt is not certified by Newtown’s Registrar of Vital Statistics, Debbie Aurelia (now) Debbie Aurelia Halsted. Plaintiff has admittedto his conversations with Kelley and to having posted it on Noah’s memorial Google Plus page.  So, even though I may have added a border, for which I take responsibility, the rest came from him.  The file size is immaterial and varies with compression and reproduction. What matters is what is on it—and what is not, because it does not have the Town Registrar’s certification on the side, it is therefore illegal and a fabrication, precisely as I maintain.

In his latest gambit, moreover, the Plaintiff attempts to prove too much. If the border makes a difference and the death certificate is ON THAT VERY GROUND not bona fide, then the certificate that I described as a fabrication In the book is in fact a fabrication by Plaintiff’s own contention. How ironic that Plaintiff thereby admits that I am right and my statement truthful, in which case I cannot be found guilty of defamation for my true affirmation. If the death certificate published in the book were not the same as the one that “Lenny” published on a web site, then the suit filed against me and my co-defendant, Mike Palecek, on 27 November 2018, would have had an entirely different character. The Complaint does not deny this is the same document that “Lenny” provided to Kelley Watt but instead attacks me for declaring it to be a fake and a fabrication. The appropriate passages from the Complaint read:

  1. The second edition of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” accuses Plaintiff of issuing and/or possessing a forged copy of N.P.’s death certificate. In particular, page 183 of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook states: “Noah Pozner’s death certificate is a fake, which we have proven on a dozen or more grounds.” At page 232 the book states, [Mr. Pozner] sent her a death certificate, which turned out to be a fabrication.” At page 242, the boostates, “As many Sandy Hook researchers are aware, the very document Pozner circulated in 2014, with its consistent tones, fonts, and clear digital manipulation, was clearly a forgery.” 

A comment from a contribution to the Sandy Hook Memoranda for POTUS, edited by Robert David Steele, has also been cited as being defamatory:

  1. Mr. Fetzer’s publication of this false accusation against Plaintiff was not limited to the book.  He repeated that false statement on one or more blog posts, including, e.g., That blog post is dated August 5, 2018. There, Defendant Fetzer made the following false statement: “It [N.P.’s death certificate] turned outto be a fabrication, with the bottom half of a real death certificate and thetop half of a fake, with no file number and the wrong estimated time ofdeath at 11 AM, when ‘officially’ the shooting took place between 9:35-9:40 that morning.”  That statement is false, both in its particular fact and in the main point, essence, or gist in the context in which it was made, because N.P.’s death certificate is not a fabrication or forgery. That context of that tatement referred specifically to Plaintiff, the previous sentence reads:“Kelley Watt had over 100 hours of conversation with ‘Lenny Pozner’, whopurports to be his father and who sent Kelley a death certificate for ‘Noah’ as proof that he had died, which we included in the book.”

Notice there is no denial that the death certificate published in the book is the same as the death certificate that the Plaintiff made available to Kelley Watt, who in turn shared it with me and I with my co-defendant, when we edited and published the first edition of the book using CreateSpace, a subsidiary of, and placed in on sale on 22 October 2015 only to be banned on 19 November 2015 after selling nearly 500 copies.

Moreover, we are all aware that arguments have two parts: premises(or the grounds reasons or evidence one cites) and conclusions. In this case, my premises may have been mistaken or wrong—the absent file number, the differences in tone and texture, the variations in font sizes and spacing, which led me to believe that this document had been created by combining the bottom half of a real death certificate with the top half of a fake—given what I have learned in the meanwhile, do not appear to have been right. But my conclusion—that the document is a fake or a fabrication—has been borne out by subsequent research, including the forensic analysis of Larry Wickstrom, confirmed by the further review and analysis of A.P. Robertson, which leave no doubt about it. Even though my initial reasons were bad, there are abundant good reasons to arrive at the same conclusion, where my original argument had false premises but a true conclusion.

As the Complaint itself emphasizes, its foundation is the crucial claim I have made that the death certificate that Plaintiff provided to Kelley Watt is a fake, a fabrication, or a forgery. Truth is an absolute defense to defamation. This case hangs on the question of authenticity, specifically, upon the truth or falsity of my assertion that this document is not authentic as a fake, a fabrication, or a forgery. My premises or reasons for reaching that conclusion may not have been good ones, but the conclusion I reached, which is the issue upon which this case revolves, was true. And because I believed what I wrote at the time on the basis of (what I took to be) good reasons at the time, I cannot have acted with malice, which requires knowing what you are asserting is false but asserting it anyway with the intent to mislead your target audience, which I have not done. This means that the Complaint likewise has no basis in claiming that I acted with malice;

36, Defendant Fetzer acted with actual malice. In particular, Defendant Fetzer published  his statements knowing that the statements were false or with reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the statements.

On the contrary, my conclusion was reached on the basis of collaborative research with several others, including Dennis Cimino, who was the top electronics trouble-shooter for the US Navy before he left to work for Raytheon and a contributor to the first edition of the book and who suggested that portions had been photoshopped, where I had reason to take him at his word. The additional reasons reported by Bob Simms—about the fonts, the size and spacing of words in the document—were ones I confirmed by direct observation. In combination with my own observations about dark texture of (roughly) the bottom 2/3 in contrast with the top 1/3, it was my inference that the document appeared to be fabrication combining the bottom half (or 2/3) or a real death certificate with the top half (or 1/3) of a fake, which I no longer believe is true.

My reasons regarding the top half included the absence of a file number, which it turns out can occur with documents obtained from the Town Registrar, and wrong estimated time of death as 11 AM, when, as even the Report on the Sandy Hook Shooting by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III states, the shooting took place between 9:30-:40 (or 9:41), which meant the estimated time of death was wildly inaccurate. Even though the Medical Examiner, Wayne Carver, II, M.D., sought to explain that away, it remains inconsistent with the official account, which was one more reason why I sincerely believed that this document is a fake, a fabrication or a forgery. Therefore, for the wrong reasons, I came to the right conclusion. Not only am I not guilty of defamation, therefore, but I did not act with malice, which is another false accusation.

Appended to the Complaint was a copy of a death certificate that I had never before laid eyes upon, which the Complaint alleged to be the same in every material respect:

  1. The Connecticut Department of Public Heath maintains official death records forthe State of Connecticut. The Connecticut Department of Public Heath, Vital Statistics Division, issued an official death certificate for N.P. A true and correct copy of that death certificate (sensitive information redacted) is attached hereto as Attachment A. The official death certificate attached hereto does not differ in any material respect from the one released publicly by Plaintiff.

The claim that the death certificate attached to the Complaint “does not differ in any material respect from the one released publicly by Plaintiff”, as should be apparent already, blatantly falsifies the situation we confront, because the attached certificate has both the State certification as a true copy and the certification of the Town Registrar, in the absence of which it qualifies as illegal and a fabrication. By Connecticut law, noeven a parent can obtain an uncertified copy of a death certificate. It’s that blatant.

They say. “The law works in mysterious ways”, but I am baffled to this day how I could be sued for defamation regarding a document that I had never before seen, much less commented upon prior to the filing of this suit. Moreover, the copy attached was so poor that it was virtually illegible and legally useless, as I explained to Mr. Zimmerman when he called me about the suit. I asked him if he knew anything about Sandy Hook or had any idea what he was getting into, adding that the copy attached was so poor as to be unreadable and legally useless. He replied that, if I wanted a better copy, I could contact the State of Connecticut to obtain one for a $20 fee. I thought that was rather strange: to provide the Defendant with an illegible copy of a document on which the case was said to be based. While I did not initially attempt to obtain a copy, eventually co-defendant, Dave Gahary, and I both obtained copies of the death certificate for “Noah Pozner”. To my surprise, they were not the same. Mine had the same hand-written file number as on the copy attached to the complaint but no redaction for the burial location and the SSN box was empty rather than redacted. Dave’s had a partial, printed file number that does not correspond with the others. We therefore have four different versions thereof:

Exhibit A: The copy published in the VT article (2014), in the first and second editions of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook(2015 and 2016) and in the Sandy Hook Memoranda edited by Robert David Steele (2018) also cited in the Complaint, all of which have no file number but with redactions for the location of burial of the decedent and of his SSN. And it even seems to have a fake seal at the bottom left, where no seal should appear.

Exhibit B: Attached to the Complaint, has a handwritten file number, “2012-07-078033”. It has changes to the last residence of the deceased (from “37 Alpine Drive” to “3 Kale Davis Road”) made at the request of the father, identified as “Leonard Pozner”, and with redaction to the location of the burial plot but none to his SSN, where the box is empty.

Since the box for the SSN is empty on the attached complaint, I have been puzzled that the copy published by Plaintiff was redacted as though there had been a present SSN. But notice as I have been emphasizing, the attached copy, Exhibit B, has two forms of certification, while the Kelley copy, Exhibit A, has none. What could be more material?

Exhibit C: Obtained by Dave Gahary from the Town Registrar, which has the changes made by the father (the same as Exhibit B) but has no redaction for either burial plot or SSN, where the box is empty. Its most striking difference is a file number that is printed and partial, including only the last four digits, the first obscure but the remainder “243”.

Exhibit D: Obtained by me from the State of Connecticut, it has the handwritten file number, “2012-07-078033”, but in other respects appears to be the same as Exhibit C. Notice that, although the location of the authentication of Debbie Aurelia on Exhibit B and Exhibit D both appear at the upper left (close in) to the border of the form, that onExhibit C appears at the middle (further out), which indicates more than one version.

In addition to Exhibit D, I obtained four other death certificates from the state, including for purported Sandy Hook assailant, Adam Lanza; his mother, Nancy Lanza; another of the alleged victims, Avielle Richman; and for my dear friend, William Brandon Shanley, who died (apparently of natural causes) on 6 November 2017. What is most striking in relation to the disputed death certificates is that ALL OF THEM HAVE PRINTED FILE NUMBERS. None of them has handwritten. They were all on the same form (VS4-ME)except for Shanley, which, as Wayne Carver, M.D., explained to me during questioning on the occasion of his deposition in Connecticut on 21 May 2019. When I showed him Exhibit C above (obtained by Dave Gahary from the Town of Newtown), he could not explain its partial, printed file number: “Well, first of all, this was—I have no idea what it is” (Deposition Transcript, p. 81, lines 7-8) from the State Medical Examiner.

Several significant points emerge from comparing these various versions, not least of which is that, when Plaintiff provided Kelley Watt with a copy of Exhibit A in 2014, he had already made revisions to it in 2013 and knew it was not the currently available version. Notice Exhibit B, attached to the Complaint, had been corrected by “LeonardPozner” on 6-14-13. That raises the question of why the Plaintiff published on his son’s memorial page a version of his death certificate that he knew was no longer correct. It smacks of baiting Sandy Hook skeptics into focusing on a version that he could subsequently effortlessly claim to be wrong, which he knew of his own personalknowledge—because he himself had changed it!

Another anomaly with Exhibit B, which was attached to the Complaint, is that the father changed the address of the decedent. That struck me as at least faintly absurd because no one changes their last residence after they are dead! During his video deposition, I asked the Plaintiff why had had made this change, to which he replied that “Noah” had only resided at that address with his mother for a brief period of time and he wanted his death certificate to reflect the location where he had longer resided, which I regard ashighly implausible. A more reasonable explanation for this change has come from the forensic document examiner, A.P. Robertson, who suggests this may have been an effort by Plaintiff to ensure that donations from the public would flow to him at 3 Kale Davis Road rather than to his ex-wife at 37 Alpine Drive, which, if true, would explain it.

Indeed, there are at least two other anomalies—one about the death certificate, the other about the complaint—that have struck me as disturbing. On the death certificate, where it asks for first, middle and last name of the informant, only the nickname, “LennyPozner”. Even more anomalous—and, to me, extremely peculiar—is that the decedent,who is supposed to be the man’s beloved son, is only referred to by his initials, “N.P.” As a father myself, I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams having lost a child and then feeling compelled to bring a lawsuit to protect his sanctity and then only referring to him by his initials. All of these oddities are more readily explicable on the hypothesis that “Noah” is a fiction made up out of photographs of his purported older step-brother, Michael Vabner, than on the hypothesis that he was real. When we consider that we may be dealing with an illusion rather than reality, where the Sandy Hook event was a FEMA mass casualty exercise involving children to promote gun control that was then presented to the public as mass murder to promote gun control, the pieces make sense.

Insofar as the Complaint was narrowly crafted to focus upon the solitary issue of the authenticity of the death certificate and my observations about it, we find the situation—now copiously documented, including the studies of two document examiners to be as follows with respect to the charges thereby made:


  1. The statements excerpted from “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” are false, both in their particular facts and in the main point, essence, or gist in the context in which they were made, because N.P.’s death certificate is not a fabrication or forgery.
  2. The statements excerpted from “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” refer directly to Plaintiff by name, and the surrounding context likewise indicates that the comments implicate Plaintiff. Given the surrounding assertions, a reasonable reader would understand the statement to imply that Plaintiff knowingly possessed and distributed a fabricated death certificate.

Since truth is an absolute defense against defamation and the documents in question—not just Exhibits A and B, but Exhibits C and D as well—turn out to be fabrications, the Defendants have not committed defamation. Moreover, as A.P. Robertson has astutely observed, a reasonable person, observing the anomalies in the document published in the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA DrIll to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2ndedition, 2016), including the missing file number, the wrong estimated time of death, the difference in shading between the upper and lower portions, the variations in types, fonts and spacing—would have reasonably inferred that this document was notauthentic but a fabrication. And I have only recently realized that the given name of the town as “Sandy Hook” is not correct, because the death happened in Newtown, CT.

Even if I, the defendant, was mistaken about some of the reasons I concluded that the document was fake, it was a reasonable inference at the time. Now, supported by two expert document examiner reports, there are no good reasons to doubt that I was right. Exhibit A, the document he addressed, is in fact and indeed, a fabrication, as claimed. The allegedly defamatory statements are true, which means that Count One is refuted.


  1. The statements excerpted from Defendant Fetzer’s August 2018 blog post are false, both in their particular facts and in the main point, essence, or gist in the context in which they were made, because N.P.’s death certificate is not a fabrication or forgery. The surrounding context implies that Plaintiff knowinglydistributed a falsified death certificate.

Another oddity of the Complaint is the insinuation that Defendants alleged that Plaintiff had personally fabricated the death certificate addressed in the book (Exhibit A). But, while Defendant Fetzer did express that opinion to Plaintiff in private correspondence, he has not published that allegation, which he no longer entertains, and therefore in the absence of its publication, he cannot be liable for defamation under Count Two, either.


  1. With regard to the statements in “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook,” Defendants acted together, as a cabal, to accomplish their defamation. Defendants had a meeting of the minds on the object or course of action underlying their recklessly defamatory publication.

There being no defamation, there can be no conspiracy between to commit defamation.

The following has thus been established:  No facts are in issue with regard to the death certificates. The one I received from Plaintiff via Kelley Watt is not certified. Plaintiff has admitted to his conversations with Kelley and to posting it on Noah’s memorial Google Plus page.  Even though I added a border, the rest came from him. The size of image is immaterial and varies with its reproduction. What matters is what is on it–and what isnot. It does not have the Town Registrar’s seal on the left-hand side. In Connecticut, not even parents may possess an uncertified death certificate. That is decisive.

These are crucial points because the Plaintiff has not mentioned these problems in hisResponse to my MSJ.  It is confessed–which means I am entitled to summary judgment in my favor. My statements are substantially true and, as the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled in Meier v. Meurer, 8 Wis.2d 24, 29, 98 N.W.2d 411 (1959)“In this state, if a statement be substantially true it cannot be the basis for a civil action for libel.” Meier, 8 Wis. 2d at 29 (citations omitted).

There are also legal problems with the death certificate having been received by the town clerk more than 5 days after the death, that a burial permit could not have been issued and more in my Motion for Summary Judgment. I have also pointed out that the death was supposed to be registered in the town in which it occurred, per the law, while the Funeral Director, Samuel Green, said that it was registered in Fairfield, which would mean the Fairfield clerk’s signature should appear on the death certificate, not Debbie’s.

We as the editors of Moon Rock Books have been doing our best to inform the public of the truth about its own history, which Plaintiff in this case has been desperately trying to suppress. The State of Wisconsin and the American people deserve better. The facts of the matter with regard to the Complaint are not in doubt. It has no merit and represents an abuse or process and a fraud upon the Court. The Court can contribute to ending this charade by rendering us the summary judgment to which we are entitled. Let it end.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-found (with Mike Palecek) of

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  1. Don’t Feed The Trolls

    The reason we respond to negative comments is the same reason a troll does what they do: ego. When someone unknown comes at us, it’s part of our human nature to defend ourselves. A part of us doesn’t want to stay silent, because we think silence means surrendering, and surrendering means losing. That’s just a bad philosophy.

    After years of dealing with this kind of behavior, both in a virtual reality and in the comment sections of an article, the harsh reality is this: YOU WILL NEVER BEAT A TROLL. You will never change a troll’s mind. You may delude yourself into thinking that you proved them wrong, however, never in my years of dealing with trolls have I seen a troll lay down his or her arms and say, “You know what, you’re right. I was so wrong.”

  2. Professor Fetzer, on the topic of resemblance, please explain why your (fake) service photo is an EXACT match for a young John McCain? And have you asked hard questions of the former Mrs. Fetzer about why your son Bret, who you raised as your own, bears no resemblance whatsoever to you?


  3. Don’t Feed The Trolls

    The reason we respond to negative comments is the same reason a troll does what they do: ego. When someone unknown comes at us, it’s part of our human nature to defend ourselves. A part of us doesn’t want to stay silent, because we think silence means surrendering, and surrendering means losing. That’s just a bad philosophy.

    After years of dealing with this kind of behavior, both in a virtual reality and in the comment sections of an article, the harsh reality is this: YOU WILL NEVER BEAT A TROLL. You will never change a troll’s mind. You may delude yourself into thinking that you proved them wrong, however, never in my years of dealing with trolls have I seen a troll lay down his or her arms and say, “You know what, you’re right. I was so wrong.”

      1. Another poster hear counters your claim:

        “The process she [Ms Watt] appears to have used, looking for resemblance between two people, is the same process that Wisconsin rejected more than a century ago, where the Wisconsin Supreme Court held that resemblance was “…too vague, uncertain, and fanciful a nature to be submitted to the consideration of a jury.” Hanawalt v. State, 64 Wis. 84, 24 N.W. 489, 490 (1885).”

        (Plaintiff’s opposition to defendant’s Motion for summary judgement, p. 9)

        Ressemblance is not a legal argument !”

        Just saying Micheal looks like Noah isn’t enough. You can’t explain the Spider man video on Pozner’s Youtube channel. you tried, but you failed miserably:

        “At the time of the event at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012, however, Noah was supposed to be 6 years old. He cannot have been 4 years old in 2002 and only 2 years older in 2012. He would have been around 14 at the time of the alleged shooting, which would better fit Michael Vabner, not Noah.”

      2. Ressemblance is not a legal argument
        What if there’s 4 in one picture and 10-12 from the same family looking the same?


      3. Right! That’s why having the same fingerprints doesn’t matter–because resemblance is subjective! That’s why having the same ears doesn’t matter–because resemblance is subjective! That’s why having the same eyes, the same eyebrows, the same nose, the same mouth, the same ears and the same shape of skull doesn’t matter–because resemblance is subjective! Why do I think you are protesting too much? Identity is a resemblance relationship having all and only the same properties at all and only the same times. “Noah” was Michael Vabner as a child.

      4. Fingerprints? So you checked Michael Vabner and Noah Pozner’s fingerprints?

        They don’t have the same rears, your GIF proves that.

        You can see the edge of Noah’s ear sticking out. Michael’s curves inward, Noah’s does not.

        Most importantly you still can’t explain the Noah Spider man video. You keep avoiding that question.

        The plaintiff attorney brought up the precedent last Monday. The judge ruled in that previous case that resemblance is too vague.

      5. Michael:


        Micheal’s ear curved inward, Noah’s does not.

      6. The five Vabner/Pozer children, mothers day 2012

        Young Michael with Danielle, his mom and stepdad

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        Someone may have emailed Lisa and let her know about you. That someone may or may not have been me.

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      4. There’s a blog full of Jet pics, doesn’t matter anyway,, i thought in court if something was a proven lie everything was thrown out. Care to find a photo expert and ask about this stupid picture? umm the woman in the photo – i know of her blog to , she has 2 boys and 2 adopted girls neither look anything like noah.

      5. i have all the blogs except 3 involved in the Hoax cloned on my pc/s and not posting them – sorry

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      7. The blogs are all connected and most have 2 things in common, adoption and home schooling. The woman i posted above, i find it interesting that Becky/ Lisa Haven’s sister is pictured there several times and if you age Becky’s face in photoshop she becomes Dawn Hochsprung, they even left in the weak eye. All of Sandy Hook is mostly 1 big family gathering.
        C U later i need to go mow..

    1. I know this site is all about Noah .. just can’t help myself, I’ll throw this out and see what happens

      When i posted the pic of Noah + sister look-a-like it wasn’t just some ramdom image , it came from a blog with others that were in the Sandy Hook play.
      This is Danielle Shurtleff and her in later years, 2013 at a park named for (Allison Wyatt – real name Elise Shurtleff)
      Her name at the park was Theresa Salvator lol
      This blog also contains the blueprint of theparkerfive website, Emilie’s red dress she loved so much, worn in the obama pic, which was not a planned meeting btw. Emilie’s face, The girl named Alyssa at 5-6 i believe is where Emilie was born from.
      It can be found at ,, mother in that blog died Sept 2018.

      I would call this pic shocking
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      2. I’ve never seen old photos of Alissa nor did i say i was right, but i believe i am. They have matching teeth – if you can find a fake of Emilie (all are fake) where they didn’t use straight teeth.

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        You’d have to be a long time photo shop user to see what i see in these pics. Also remember the fakes from Sandy Hook were pieces of different pictures blinded together
        Becky = Dawn, age the face = exact match, even the weak eye
        Husband = alissa parker’s father – age the face
        Taylor = Grace McDonnell – don’t look like her but the strange hint is there
        Visit from Faith – Olivia Engel her brother is at the birthday table pic along with Chase and Charlotte Bacon and maybe some more.
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  5. From Dachsie:

    This step in our efforts to obtain truth and justice can be used to the fullest right now. Shine the light of right questioning and solid facts and data. Expose every action and every deliberate choice to not act in every circumstance.

    All we have left is what is left of the First Amendment and free speech which is the only way this sovereign Constitutional republic can work.

    We need to confine our work to pro-active contributions to fact and truth and justice and exposing evil. No longer respond to those who wish to destroy. No longer respond to those who selfishly betray. Do business with and only buy from honest people. Only contribute dollars directly, by check or money order or cash, to worthy recipients. Do not be fooled by marketing, set-up words. Follow the money and use what you have responsibly for the greater good.

    I think it would be interesting to gather and save all videos of “Leonard Pozner” and every audio of “Leonard Pozner” and the dates of each. I remember a video of “Lenny” from about six or seven years ago. He looked to be in late 40s or early 50s, moderately overweight white male wearing white open collar shirt. All video records of Lenny are being forever lost to the memory hole. So also are all the Internet records of the many false events on U S soil for the last 70 years.

    God can use even Donald Trump and those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit to bring down our globalist empire masquerading as the USA. God can use even the CIA and the DOJ and the FBI and every employee thereof to work His sovereign will.

    The people’s minds, all over the world, are moving from dark to light. We won’t back down.

      1. It was a longer comment than usual and I did not save a copy of it but I did see that it did post.. It was just a general comment on my ideas as to what we can do now to promote truth. It did contain the term Jewish revolutionary spirit. I think, but am not sure, that this platform is still connected with WordPress.

      2. Yes, it is…Of recent, I have posts disappear that were from Jim Stone…even if they did not have his name…very strange…be interesting to see if this makes it since it DOES have his name.

      3. Could be Fetzer is moderating everything with the preponderance of trolls coming forth.
        Maybe it will still show up.

    1. It’s notoriously difficult to keep up with new responses in the comments threads.

      Until comments can be emailed to readers, one way to make it easier to follow conversations in the threads is to use a newsfeed aggregator like Feedly. Feedly might not be the best one, because it doesn’t always deliver all comments from some sites (like Fellowship of the Minds).

      But, it reliably delivers from, every 30 minutes, all comments in order of their posting.

  6. The school was demolished within two years. Was that to hide any evidence? There was no shooting and the demo crew was sworn to secrecy. Why would a demolition crew be sworn to lifelong secrecy? Was there something the school district and the State of CT wanted to hide?

    The Lanza home was also demolished. Why was that? It seemed to be a perfectly good house.

    1. It’d be nice if Jim could provide us with legitimate images of the death certificates. It’s easy to jump from one thing to the next without answering any questions from your group’s skeptics. Fortunately, random speculation is not a winnable defense in the U.S. court system, and this was proven Monday.

      1. YOU are obviously not following or keeping up with what has gone on. IF you are going to offer suggestions, know of what you speak. Monday’s decision had nothing to do with ‘speculation’ and all to do with a judge who was careless, corrupted or incompetent.
        Try listening to a recording of the Raw Deal that is posted somewhere on this thread….although I doubt you will take the two hours to do so.

      2. I’m about 30 minutes in on the Raw Deal recording. What portions should I focus on? Jim has rambled on about 9/11, the moon landing, Paul McCartney, the JFK assassination, gun control, and whatever else crosses his mind at the time.
        However, the speculation I referenced was actually confirmed in Jim’s language. He states “it appears to me” a few times when discussing the death certificate. Well, that’s exactly what the judge ruled on when he disallowed Jim’s expert. The expert provided an opinion, but opinions are not admissible as evidence. There are sections of Wisconsin state law having to do with evidence, testimony, and expert opinion. This is why you hire an attorney.

      3. I agree.

        At this point, any talk outside of the death certificates is detrimental to the case, especially discussion of OTHER affairs that have nothing directly to do with the Pozner lawsuit (JFK, etc.). FOCUS on the legal facts of the Pozner lawsuit : the discrepency in the death certificates. Please, please stop all speculation in any form whastsoever The different versions of the death certifcates provides you with a foot in the door. Focus on that ! Use it to your advantage. The death certifcates are their Achille’s heel.

  7. This Bob douchebag is an obvious troll. Every aspect of the Sandy Hoax fairy tale has been ripped to shreds by dozens of competent researchers (just one of many examples:

    It’s unfortunate a great hero like Dr. Fetzer got caught up in a very minor technical aspect of hoax.

    Bob, if you’re just a troll, then get a life. But if you are one of the inbred satan-worshipping pedos who had anything to do with this or any of the other hoaxes – which we now know most of them are – know this as well. The tide has turned. You overplayed your hand. Every last one of you will be hunted down and you will scream like a little girl for mercy. But there will be none.

    1. Based on the court ruling on the 17th, the tide is not turning.

      Jimbo, not really a good idea to threaten people.

      Fetzer had his chance with Pozner’s deposition to prove that Lenny Pozner is a fictitious person, but Fetzer blew it.

      Pozner also entered his son’s info into the court record. Noah’s birth certificate was publicly released by Pozner 5 years ago.

      Noah’s birth certificate:

      Part of Michael’s:

      If you think they’re fake, you have to prove it.

      1. Our resident TROLL Bob at least supplies us with endless laughs with his ridiculous posts. One has to put their brain into a pretzel shape to believe anything he says.

      2. As Jim gets closer to exposing the truth, Bob-o will be trolling more and more….always more FLACK as the truth comes to light.
        Keep it coming Bob-o…we are all onto you.

  8. Posted on behalf of Win Abbe: Quote:

    “Hon. Frank D. Remington
    Cir. Ct. J.
    Madison, WI 53703-3211
    Areas of Practice (3)
    Real Estate LitigationEnvironmental LawConstitutional Law
    Education & Credentials
    University Attended:
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.A., 1980
    Law School Attended:
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, J.D., 1984
    Year of First Admission:
    1985, U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit; 1984, Wisconsin; 1984, U.S. District Court, Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin
    Peer Reviews
    Reviews Not Shown
    This attorney has chosen not to display the review(s) provided by their peers.
    Client Reviews
    This attorney does not have client reviews.”
    The information above does not indicate what major Judge Remington studied as an undergraduate. It is unlikely it was physics or mathematics or logic. The University of Wisconsin is a top school although even most top schools have dropped in quality as decades pass. My late Mother Helga Marie Paulsen Abbe was from St. Paul, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in English in about 1927 when standards were exceedingly high and earned a Master’s degree in Library Science about a year later from the University of Wisconsin, Madison also when standards were exceedingly high there. My late Father Charles Elmer Abbe earned a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota in 1936 also when standards were exceedingly high then. He often told of how so many others were forced to return to the farms from which they came when grades were posted every quarter. Every graduate earned their stripes in those days at this top University of the world at Minneapolis
    St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. was raised at the other end of Pasadena, California while I was raised at the Eastern end. But it took about 75 years for us to meet in 2014 at a conference on Academic Freedom at the University of Illinois, Urbana. As anyone can read from his biography Professor Jim Fetzer is a top scholar, a top former military officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, a top retired Chaired Professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and a top American Citizen. He has lived and contributed to this country for nearly 80 years. Professor Fetzer cares about one issue in his life: TRUTH. He does not like to be lied to especially by government officials or officers of Courts or Lawyers or anyone else. Although I have known Jim for only about 5 years I feel I have known him all my life. He would not knowingly lie to anyone about anything period. He fully believes every claim he makes about the Sandy Hook Hoax and supports every claim with evidence and facts according to the well accepted scientific method today. For better or worse he acted as his own lawyer pro se in this case. How many of the roughly 50,000 lawyers in this country offered to come to his aid for legal defense? Zero so far as I know. What does this say about the legal “profession”? Could it be the “oldest” profession instead of the other one?
    Many people are unaware of another pro se litigant some 30 years ago by the name of Earl Carey a former Engineer. Mr. Carey met the wrath of no less than 42 Federal Judges in 42 Federal Courtrooms over a four year period much like the wrath Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. met in Wisconsin State Court with Judge Remington the other day. At bottom all Professor Fetrzer and Engineer Earl Carey wanted was a jury trial to reach the TRUTH of their claims against their adversaries; the Computer Giant in the former case or an alleged Sandy Hook Parent in the latter. But in both cases separated in time by decades, instead of resorting to reason to arrive at an intelligent decision, these judges dropped the hammer down and likely broke their fists slamming them down on their desks and scattering the chips all over the Courtroom floors in fits of rage against truth and reason and law. Is this monstrous activity what potential lawyers are taught in so called “law schools” today? Earl Carey demolished the empty arguments of all 42 federal judges just as Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., demolished the hollow meaningless arguments of Judge Remington and the lawyer from Minnesota for Plaintiff. Mr.
    Carey listed, in his 354 page book, “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America” no less than 42 Federal Judges by name and location, from Anchorage to Phoenix, from Pasadena to St. Paul, who patently violated the rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow! Almost 30 years later Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a genius level intelligence and scholar, had the same untoward experience with a State Court Judge in Wisconsin! What a shameful disgrace the so called “law” has degenerated to in the United States of America in 2019!

    Winfield J. Abbe, Born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939, Raised Pasadena-Sierra Madre, California, 1943-1966, Pasadena High School, 1956, Pasadena City College, A.A., 1958, A.B., Physics, UC Berkeley, 1961, M.S. Physics, California State University at Los Angeles, Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966, Institute of Science and Technology Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966-1967, Faculty member with lifetime tenure, University of Georgia, 1966-1978; voluntarily resigned due mainly lying and cheating by two deans and three department heads for over 5 years to the tenured faculty. First Prize in contest for best scientific explanation of how the Dunking Bird works, Pasadena Star News, 1959, Highest Score on 18 hour written qualifying examination for the Doctor’s degree given in 6 three hour parts for a week.

    1. Jim – I see you’re up to your old tricks when it comes to sharing images online. I’ve asked you about this before. Every picture you post (whether in the .pdf version of your book or on this site) are grainy and cropped, and readers are not able to expand the pictures to get close-up detail of what is contained in them. A respected author/researcher puts forth evidence that is reasonable and clear. Please provide proper images of the death certificates if this evidence is so damning.

      1. Anyone can download the book for free and see that you are blowing smoke. The images are in color and can be increased in size for inspection. Just enter NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK in your browser and you can verify what I am saying and refute nonsense like this coming from fakes and phonies.

      2. Can you please provide better images of the death certificates referenced in the original post? Readers can save them and expand them, but the images remain blurry. Thank you.

      3. The better photos are in the report, that’s where Fetzer got the photos for his book. But he would rather you look at the small, blurry ones in his book.

        Download the 22 assorted files from this link.

  9. This legal proceeding against Fetzer almost requires a new verse to my song. Here’s your school shooting du jour, please be generous to the poor. They aren’t coming to disarm us, no they would never harm us and what about above ground nuclear tests? we survived their best attempts to kill us all in one fell swoop or slowly one by one, Quiet weapons for a silent war on humanity, and the tragedy, no seems to notice.That and the weather war that verifies the Movie Geo-Storm was a precautionary tale that was hyper-dramatized like everything Hollywood. Check out this picture from a 145 degree reading in Kuwait. The world has gone insane, we got acid rain. Test tubes replacing God, Monsanto gets the nod. There’s no need to label the danger’s just a fable, I once met a genetic engineer, my questions met with such a sneer and derision for the average man’s concern. So much vanity, his insanity it’s calamity for the human race, could we someday vanish without a trace?


  10. During the Pozner deposition, was it brought up that you believe Pozner is really Reuben Vabner? Would have been a good time to confront Pozner on that. I’m no lawyer, but can’t imagine it’s legal to use a fake identity in a legal deposition.

    If you didn’t bring it up, must mean you have no confidence in your evidence.

      1. What evidence are you sighting .

        If it’s purported pictures and video . I could use the same evidence to demonstrate Superman exists .

        I have tons of pictures and videos of him flying through the air.

        But at least weve established you believe he exists

        So the next question (please try and refrain from adding a bunch of nonsense when answering and simply just answer them)

        What are the physical characteristics of said believed in character


        And what are this characters supposed mental statuses meaning

        Are there any supposed abnormalities or disabilities like autism

        Also where do you get each piece of information ?

      1. So your source to verify the characters of a government sponsored false flag is the government itself?
        Now, that is one helluva research technique.

      2. Who can verify Adam’s identity? Would you believe his dad, if his dad brought out birth certificate, report cards?

        Notice you didn’t comment on the Fetzer analysis of the Noah Spider man video. Do you agree with him that a boy born in 2006 would not be able to watch a movie made in 2002? That’s what the professor believes.

      3. Did I believe a copy of Obama’s birth certificate? No. It was irrefutably proved to be a fraud. I have zero faith in any document in this world of digital fraud.
        I have faith in Fetzer’s findings because he’s a true researcher and scholar. YOU, on the other hand, are a hack.
        I have seen no evidence that would hold up in court that Noah Pozner a real person.

      4. Pozner presented birth certificate, medical records and report cards in court. You can say they’re fake all you want, if the jury says they’re real, Fetzer will lose.

      5. If you have a link to the transcript or a recording of that court case (which case, btw?), I would love to see it.


        “A redacted copy of the actual death certificate is attached to Pozner’s lawsuit. Additionally, Pozner has had DNA samples taken and compared with those provided by the Connecticut medical examiner to prove that Noah was his son. He has put Noah’s birth certificate, report cards and medical records into the public file in his legal actions.”

      7. ((Bob says:
        June 19, 2019 at 9:22 am

        it was reported in the same AP story that is linked in this thread.))

        I cannot find that in the article, so please be courteous and simply give me the link.

      8. Using the AP as a source of truth that is so closely affiliated, if not run by the US, INC. is like asking the governor of Connecticut if SH was real….

        The AP has counted the vote in U.S. elections since 1848, including national, state and local races down to the legislative level in all 50 states, along with key ballot measures. AP collects and verifies returns in every county, parish, city and town across the U.S., and declares winners in over 5,000 contests.

      9. Three forensic examiners determined the copies of the death certificates to be frauds that were in Fetzer’s book….and you expect me to believe the documents supplied to the court who would not even recognize THAT FACT to be legitimate.
        I am sure the Dr. monitors this blog and can intervene at any time if he so wishes….He has enough on his mind dealing with this most recent injustice than to be burdened with yet another question

      10. The judge disagreed about the death certificates. Fetzer will have to try to prove the birth certificate is fake as well.

        The name of the doctor who delivered Noah is right there, Fetzer can get him deposed as well.

      11. I wonder what the judges background is in forensic doc examination….?
        I can guarantee no place near those who examined the death certificates.
        He was likely just following the script lest HE be the one that started the dominoes falling.

      12. Any one of us (and I include myself) should have 100th the courage of a man who stood up to the system…winning or losing…..instead of sitting here at our keyboard hiding in cyber space.

      13. When the jury rules for Pozner, will they be corrupt too? Will the appeals court be also corrupt?

      14. Can a Jury be corrupt? You bet they can. Its called Jury Nullification. Example: OJ trial for murder.

        Are the Courts of the US corrupt…..YES. Just as corrupt as Nazi Germany.

      15. Bob says:
        June 19, 2019 at 10:45 am

        When the jury rules for Pozner, will they be corrupt too? Will the appeals court be also corrupt?

        I am not a legal eagle, but I believe the ‘judge’ has already ruled FOR Pozner. …hence the necessity of an appeal….the JURY only determines the amount to be awarded.

      16. Judge only ruled on the motion for summary judgement, the jury trial starts in October.

      17. Bob says:
        June 19, 2019 at 4:55 pm

        Judge only ruled on the motion for summary judgement, the jury trial starts in October.

        Jim just mentioned on the Raw Deal that the jury in October will only be there to determine the amount to be awarded and that he and Mike will likely not even be allowed to speak.

      18. If that’s the case, then he really messed up challenging the death certificates in his summary judgement. He should have tried to prove that Pozer is not Lenny’s real name, like Fetzer claims. Prove Lenny Pozner is a fake name, case is over.

      19. I’m surprised you guys haven’t put this together or seen this. Here is the only Adam Lanza in existence:


      20. No it’s a link about some teacher named miss Zimmerman and a cookie recipe when I click it

      21. Uh, you’re wrong. the link is to the Cryinghampster wordpress blog.

        Since you’re obviously confused, here is the tumblr. Maybe you can get this one to work

    1. Which “Adam never existed theory” do you believe? There are many. Some think he was this perosn, some think he was another or this guy or this other guy. There are multiple look a like theories for Adam.

    2. Fetzer has had two different theories for Adam. His first was that some actor was used. But the actor contacted Fetzer so he altered his theory. Last I read this guy was supposedly Adam:

      1. So, Bobo, your idea of supporting your premise that Lanza was a real person is to present multiple photos that indicate he could be one of many possible individuals.
        Well done. If you ever decide to present a thesis, please ask the faculty and your peers to show extreme mercy.

  11. I am dismayed by this news. Had Professor Fetzer taken my advice and obtained professional legal counsel, he would easily have prevailed in summary judgment. His best hope now lies with an appeal.

    I hereby offer $50,000 in assistance toward Professor Fetzer’s legal fees, payable immediately, if he will produce convincing, objective evidence that he served in the USMC. (His solemn word and blurry photos will not do here.)

    This offer is not valid to help Professor Fetzer cover any judgment levied against him. If it comes to that, he is on his own.

    1. OK, Mike. Send me your address and I will send you a certified letter with a copy of my DD-214. I don’t believe you are bona fide about this, but if you at least give me your address and a phone number, I will follow up. I would then expect to have your $50,000 within a week or ten days thereafter. A deal? You can write to me privately at my gmail address, I will preserve your privacy. Get back to me and I’ll locate the proof of my service. OK?

    2. I don’t recall your giving Fetzer any legal advice. Can you refresh my memory?
      I do remember my asking you for a certified document that would back up your offer of 10K at that time….which you never brought forth.

      1. I urged Professor Fetzer to take my money and obtain legal representation. Had he done that, he would not be staring ruin in the face today.

        It’s disappointing that he’s still playing coy with his alleged DD-214. There is no need for an elaborate scheme of registered letters and affidavits and secret emails when all he has to do is post a picture of the damn thing.

      2. IF this is a legitimate offer, what have YOU to lose by going along with his quite simple procedure? Not everyone likes personal documents to be in the public eye. IF you care about the truth, you would respect that.

        BUT, you do not.

      3. Bob, please do not force me to get a can of TROLL repellent!
        For now, flick flick!! Be gone.

      4. Mike, Frankly, I think that you are a fraud. How incredibly stupid to be challenging my service in the USMC. I doubt you have ever served your country. I am looking for proof of authenticity on your part, which you appear to be unwilling to provide, no doubt because you are unable.

      5. Terrible when people accuse you of something isn’t it?

        Who is the little boy in this video Mr Fetzer?

      1. Just saying the Pozner videos are fakes isn’t enough, you’d have to prove it.

        This is what Fetzer wrote about the Spider Man video:

        “PROOF 1: NOAH AND SPIDERMAN (Anonymous2)

        Here we have a frame from a video of Noah talking about a scene from “Spiderman” (2002). You can watch the video by clicking Noah and Spiderman. From the vivid details of his recollection, Anonymous2 infers that Noah had just seen the movie, which would make him around 4 years old in 2002.

        At the time of the event at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012, however, Noah was supposed to be 6 years old. He cannot have been 4 years old in 2002 and only 2 years older in 2012. He would have been around 14 at the time of the alleged shooting, which would better fit Michael Vabner, not Noah.”

        Fetzer’s brain is so consumed with conspiracy that he lacks common sense. He doesn’t know how a boy born in 2006 could watch a movie that came out in 2002.

      2. Hi Bob, the burden of proof in regard to the videos is actually on you :

        Please answer the following :

        Where and when were the videos taken, and by whom ?

      3. Since it on on Pozner’s Youtube channel and it’s a video of Noah Pozner, it was likely taken by Lenny Pozner. judging by how Noah looks and sounds, he was four. Which would put it in 2011. Fetzer could have asked Pozner about the video at the deposition.

        Fetzer agrees the boy in the video is 4.

        Mr Fetzer, what have I posted that shows I know too much ? Everything i posted can be found online with a simple search.

        Mr Fetzer do you see what is wrong with your analysis of the Spider Man video?

        “At the time of the event at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012, however, Noah was supposed to be 6 years old. He cannot have been 4 years old in 2002 and only 2 years older in 2012. He would have been around 14 at the time of the alleged shooting, which would better fit Michael Vabner, not Noah.”

        You even got Vabner’s age wrong. He was born in April ’95, graduated HS in June ’13. His sister Danielle posted a photo on her Twitter at his graduation. So Michael was not 14 in 2012, he was 7 when the 2002 Spider man movie came out. You believe the boy in the video is 4, so it can’t be Michael Vabner.

  12. I’d like to make one simple point regarding the powers-that-be claiming SHS to be hoax. How can we believe that our government would perpetrate such a heinous act against it’s own people?
    Well the example is playing out right now. I’m referring to the Russian Hoax not against the citizens but against the POTUS. A Hoax with the intention of undoing a Presidential election and sitting President.
    And although pretty much exposed the ‘Deep State’ is still pressing it. If ‘they’ would do that to the President, they can easily hoax the SHS and subsequent cover up for an agenda. And Bob just doesn’t believe that could happen in the good ole USA.

      1. Putting this here so you don’t miss it.

        keefergreen says:
        June 18, 2019 at 6:34 pm

        @ Bob
        You believe Adam Lanza
        A) existed

        Let’s start there .

      2. Bob, I believe they are called patsies. Yes individuals do evil things to other individuals. However, when a person/patsy enacts something that fulfills a political agenda, there is great cause for suspicion. Sandy Hook meets that criteria as does Boston and many others. Boston was so egregious that it tested and violated posse comitatus and the 4th Amendment. Can you imagine an entire cities’ citizens made to exit their homes with hands up because of one teenager running around with one pistol(which he never had) and everybody conformed. What a great test that was.

      3. Yeah but saying they’re patsies is just saying the Government is still responsible for it. There are evil people in the world who kill, without the Government people involved.

      4. Come on Bob…”Government?” You’re talking about a massive entity with many different agencies.
        How many rouge/black funded elements exist with different agendas?
        It’s so big nobody really has control let alone Congress or POTUS.
        Remember Schumer’s said how the intell community has many ways to pay you back.
        Agencies essentially threatening the President?!!!
        The FBI, NSA, CIA, Military and who knows how many others, they all operate on their own.

      5. Schumer….’6 ways from Sunday’….whatever that means from that Zionist supported shill….

      6. How many serial killers and child killers have you met? In 74 years, I have yet to come across ONE. On the other hand, I have witnessed the US, INC. and other ‘governments’ through history slaughter millions upon millions in the name of some ideology.

      7. That’s you’re reason to say it’s Government, because you have not met any serial or child killers? You may have met some and you didn’t even know it.

      8. What a pathetic misinterpretation of what I said. YOU would make an excellent attorney…..registered with the BAR and all that BS.

    1. In his heart he probably knows the truth, but reaps benefits to not be true to his soul. I see him as a fly that gets flicked off and just keeps coming back as an annoyance…just to be flicked off again. He’s celebrating what he views as a recent victory, failing to realize the damage he continues to do to his own being.

  13. Will the recent uncovering of the purloining of Facebook from the rightful developers also present a similar legal recourse? In that case, the Supreme Court ruled against Michael McKibben as to the rightful ownership of the FB methodologies. I am absolutely sure Michael presented a stellar defense of his ownership, yet this was another case that would not, could not be overturned as it followed the diktat of a law passed around1942 which “allowed” the US government to actually steal patents related to applications for the defense/war industries. Mike has been cheated out of virtually trillions of dollars, and the government went along with the ruling I mentioned that “allowed” for stealing of technology for use by our defense industries. FB has been used and abused and now we realize it’s been used for nefarious purposes. WE are headed for destruction as our controllers are now going for our jugulars. Next time you hear a member of some judicial body say we are a “nation of laws”, feel free to realize this is the classical definition of the Bright Shining Lie. What further hell awaits us?

    1. Absolutely superb comment.
      The government can steal and lie and deceive WE THE PEOPLE with seemingly endless false flags, fake news, eminent domain, property seizure and whatever the hell else pleases them with NO repercussion and yet we peons go to prison for smoking a weed that grows in nature.
      Where is sanity, rationality, logic and common sense? In academia. Not in reality.

  14. Lawsuits germane to many/all of the false flags we’ve suffered as a nation would likely produce the same results. Namely, the parties behind these events, are you listening, Deep State?, simply and absolutely CANNOT afford to lose any of these suits. When first aware of this legal locomotive bearing down the tracks at Fetzer, I immediately felt that one thing stood between an incredibly honest and hardworking scholar and justice.And that was exemplified in this situation only too bleakly. Think you’ll get a fair deal on cases like this? Not gonna happen. We all know what has happened to our judicial system in the last 50 years or so. Who would buy a used car from a member of the judiciary, anyway? Are the Supremes going to take this case or does justice die before our eyes? WE are a nation that has all but lost our Constitution in toto, and now we lose everything to a nation that has become wantonly lawless. We have a terrible president and when we look at the Democratic party’s preliminary candidates for POTUS, what do we see? I see hopeless, how ’bout you?

    1. Same here, Bahmi…..and I maintain what I have said all along. Change will only come through our massive numbers and courage to confront these bastardz OUTSIDE the courts…..strikes, marches, civil disobedience…whatever it takes because to confront them in their own courts is likely a losing battle….as much as I continue to support Fetzer and pray that in the end he prevails.
      We now live in a rogue nation spurred on by another rogue nation and ALL they will respect is POWER….massive numbers and their bottom line.
      Trump is a traitor and I defy anyone to prove otherwise. That turncoat sanctions everyone…….it’s time for us to sanction THEM..

      1. The wretched abstention of our legal practitioners from even commenting on the 911 event as well as a bloated catenary of mendacious false flags typifies the baleful truth that our legal profession suffers from the FEAR syndrome. Living in Connecticut, I am only too aware of the horrors and distortions of the Sandy Hoax falsitudes. Where were all our 3 piece suited officers of the court when SH transpired and various state and federal talking heads filled the media with lies and inaccuracies? They played a game of best 3 of 5 replies to questions from state citizens. The populace of the state were mocked like never before by the perps behind SH, where were the lawyers? Where?
        A nation of laws? A democracy? A fully functional Constitution? These items fall under the work headings of our legal profession, where are they, where?
        98% of our court cases are “settled”, not litigated thoroughly. Fearing being wiped out financially, defendants that often are more innocent than guilty plead “guilty” in lieu of the unknown verdicts that can wipe them out.This is another fine example of this noble profession……for sale to the highest bidder.
        We’ve got to find a defender of Dr Fetzer’s rights who is fearless and a patriot. WE need to find somebody to defend what I see as the most significant case in the last 18 years of our nation’s legal archives. Sandy Hook is far, far, far more than just properly adjudicating Fetzer’s case, it’s a linchpin for holding our nation together during these dangerous times. Now, the MSM will bleat that Fetzer is guilty of massive transgressions against this nation’s legal background, all the while the government is the worst offender while treating our citizens as just so many useless eaters.

  15. This is exactly what I feared might happen.

    Possible reasons for the sham verdict:

    1. The judge was too lazy to analyze all the evidence presented.
    2. The judge was incapable of analyzing all evidence presented.
    3. Pro Se litigants are not allowed to prevail over members of the Bar; the sand box is restricted to members of the club.
    4. Pressure was applied.

    Without knowing any of the circumstances surrounding the case and even though it is entirely possible that the first three possibilities were at work, my money is on the fourth. This is a case that our controllers could not afford to lose and they are in possession of all the tools required apply pressure. It’s just that simple.

    Disposition of the appeal will solve the mystery (if you regard it as a mystery).

    If you need evidence to convince yourself that you live in a totalitarian police state, look no further.

    1. Right on target with that, Ralph!
      It’s an impossible situation. As much as I remain optimistic toward a positive outcome for the good Dr., …any truth revealed would very likely start a series of dominoes over which the bastardz have no control.
      This is as serious as it gets for the deep state (read Zionists), so anything that stops the truth is on the table.

      1. I gave up looking for the truth in any federally affiliated corporation quite a while ago….might be wise for you to do the same.

      2. He might do that. My sense is that Fetzer has little to hide.
        I don’t see YOUR name and address out there, eh?

      3. Once the lawsuit is over, it’s not likely to be Fetzer’s address anymore. If he can’t afford a lawyer, then Fetzer can’t afford to settle either. So he will lose everything he has when the suit is over.

      4. The motion about the death certificates actually made zero sense. Those who think it was a hoax believe the Feds and the Connecticut government were involved. So why then would they create fake death certificates? The government would just make real ones for all the victims.

      5. Furthermore, what kind of a human would even consider the idea that the Dr. would lose his residence? A reptilian crossover? What goes on in those dark recesses of your being?

      6. Good point Bob. It looks like it took awhile for CT to figure that out and that is probably what they finally did. Wonder if someone will have to die now like the poor liar in Hawaii did for Obama.

      7. At least Gahary woke up. It’s easy to go on the internet and say things are fake, children didn’t really exist. But confronted with the parent and listen for hours to what he says, is a different thing all together

      8. …..For the same reason that the White House created a POS fake birth certificate for Obama…..they had to rely on amateurs.

      9. Gahary was the wrong publisher for Fetzer. Gahary does not have the guts, intelligence or temperament to stand up to actors. He was easily fooled by Pozner.

      10. Bob, would you bet every nickel you had on the hope that there were actually bodies inside the “coffins”? Notice that laws were passed to eliminate the chances for exhumations? Why? Because the birth certificate was real? A device actually exists that can determine IF a body lies within a coffin and it does not require digging, it uses electronic methodologies. Let’s have a national lottery. Let’s all put up a sawbuck and if a body is not present in the coffin, we go to step 2. Is there conclusive proof a body exists in all the coffins? This was not done because most likely laws were passed to eliminate chances for exhumation thereby proving/disproving the status of the coffin contents.

      11. When you consider ALL aspects of this case, ALL, there are loads of discrepancies that beg for answers. These items were never part of the Fetzer case just over. SH stunk like a rotten mackerel and state did its part to obfuscate matters. That’s what you refer to, right, Bob? Look at the case in toto and you’ll get away from your fetish with micromanagement of an item or two. SH was carefully orchestrated and no amount of your casual denigrations will change that. Then again, you don’t seek answers to the entire event, do you? Just a friend of the court, right?

      12. The evidence Fetzer has is not the kind you go into court with. Just saying things are fake/Photoshop is not enough. Fetzer took the crime scene photos from the report, put them in his book and just says they were all taken before the morning of the 14th. But has no proof to back that up. It’s easy to prove things to like-minded people on the internet, it’s much harder to prove it to a judge or jury.

        At one point he said there was a photo of two men drilling hole in the Room 10 window, fetzer later admitted you didn’t actually see a drill in either man’s hand. Speculation that men drilled holes is not evidence.

        This is the window where he says the hole was drilled, same photo that is in the book. The red arrow is pointing at the area of the window where Fetzer says a hole was drilled. Yet, you can see there is already a spot on that window. Fetzer called this a “blemish”. There just happen to be a “blemish” in the window in the exact spot where Fetzer says they drilled a hole?

      13. CSI vehicle on scene BEFORE THE CRIME WAS COMMITTED“Bob” (whom I suspect to be “Lenny Pozner”, by the way) has been slinging this rubbish for years. The tiny defect he cites is not the substantial blow-out I have noticed in the string of windows in Classroom 10, where are undamaged in the photo that appears as Exhibit 26 of Chapter 8, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015; 2nd edition, 2016), which anyone can verify for themselves. The perps are looking at the window to decide what to do to fake it and chose to drill holes to simulate bullet trajectories. But it’s a fantasy. I have discussed this many places, including during my talk, “The Sandy Hook ‘Pozner v. Fetzer’ Lawsuit and Why it Matters” (25 May 2019),

      14. Like I said Mr Fetzer, produce a clear, unedited, up-close photo of the undamaged Room 10 window. Not one that is blurry, cropped and/or from a far off distance.

        The fact proves you believe I am Pozner proves you’re paranoid.

      15. I asked Fetzer several times for a clear, unedited, up-close photo of the undamaged Room 10 window. He can’t produce it. He only has blurry, edited and/or far distance photos.

      16. Windows BEFORE and AFTER“Liar, liar, pants on fire!” This guy is so blatant in his falsehoods that it smacks of desperation. Of course we have “close ups”. Look at the book, where the key photo is Exhibit 26. Compare it with Exhibit 30 (blown out) and with Exhibit 41, illustrating the results of their fantasy handiwork. No one with experience with weapons would be taken in. A nice comparison of the windows BEFORE and AFTER may be found on pages 232 and 233. This guy is incorrigible, but then, he has so little to work with that he has to make assorted false claims to keep his head above water. It’s Lenny or a stooge.

      17. Your Exhibit 26 is from probably 50 yards away, at least. 50 yards away is not a close-up.

        Is this what you consider a close-up?

      18. Dr. … More than likely you are correct Bob is Lenny OR one of his lackeys.
        This site crashes constantly AND somehow, certain comments from a popular website that I post disappear into the ether. So, this site and those of us who comment here are likely victims of this creature.
        So be it. We will fight on and never be thwarted by those who have sold their souls and spirit.

      19. None of those photos are clear, up-close, unedited photos of the undamaged room 10. The one in the upper left is a crop of a parking lot photo where the room 10 window is 30 feet away.

        The major squad truck photo, the window is probably 50 yards away.

        Do you have an up-close, clear, unedited photo of the undamaged room 10 window?

      20. Doesn’t it strike everyone that “Bob” knows way too much about this incident?

        Yes, I agree, “Bob” is either Lenny or a deeply involved stooge.

      21. Bob says:
        June 20, 2019 at 3:45 pm

        What have I posted that isn’t available for anyone else?

        It’s not about what you post….it’s WHY do you post here when you know everyone realizes you have an agenda.

        “One should never be where one does not belong”.

      22. If you are investigating something, isn’t it wise to have as much info as you can get? And get the info right.

        Like the post I made about the Victoria Soto picture. The book got that wrong and it should be corrected.

      23. “Doesn’t it strike everyone that “Bob” knows way too much about this incident?”

        That’s why Don said, Everything I have posted comes from searching just like anyone else can do.

      24. “Doesn’t it strike everyone that “Bob” knows way too much about this incident?”

        What I have posted that makes you think I know “too much?”

      25. Don, how far away would say the room 10 window is in the photo with the state police truck? 20 yds, 30, 40, 50?

        The photo in the upper left in the other post is crop of a Meehan parking lot photo. the window is in the background out of focus. that’s all the evidence that Fetzer has to back up his claim that photos were taken showing the window undamaged. Blurry, cropped photos or a photo from many, many yds away.

        This is the original Meehan photo of the car:

        It’s a photo of the car, the window is probably 30 feet away.

        Now here is that same photo zoomed in:

        Look where the two arrows are pointing. You can see there is a spot in the window, Fetzer called this a “blemish”. It’s in the exact spot where we later see a bullet hole. The other arrow is pointing to the bottom part of the window. that part is harder to see, not only is the window in the background and out of focus, but the window is open and tilted making it harder to see anything. But where the arrow is pointing looks like part of a hole.

        Download the Meehan photos and look for yourself. It’s on page 50 of the Meehan parking lot photos

    2. R.S.
      I go for your #1. The Judge is lazy…..many are lazy slobs.
      I was once a candidate for a jury trial. That Judge thought he was a comedian and that his Courtroom was low-brow comedy club. I was glad I wasn’t chosen….the voir dire was a nightmare experience.

  16. This case, and any case brought against the lies of the simulated Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting will be repelled with the entire weight of the monstrosity that created the event. The Usurped Zionist occupied federal government in league with their co conspirators in the State of Connecticut and Wisconsin, as time will show, created an event which can only be called an act of Terrorism against the American people at large. This event has done inestimable damage to the American public, from its traumatic affect on parents – mothers and fathers – to the extent of exposed fraud and corruption in the political systems involved and the perpetration of grand larceny and theft of American wealth (still being sent to Connecticut) and the millions of dollars extorted from sympathetic donors who donated under manufactured duress and in empathetic support of an simulated event – a crime with no precedent. The Sandy Hook (SH) act of terrorism was created first and foremost for purposes of disarming Americans (gun control.) I have shown repeatedly in my articles of considerable research that the campaign to disarm Americans is a military operation organized, funded and coordinated by citizens and operatives of a foreign nation in support of the Zionist agenda to disarm Western Civilization for reasons of facilitating forced changes that otherwise would be resisted with weapons. The same people, known to have involvement in SH, have been shown to be shadowy figures in the background recent false flag public shooting events such as the Parkland School shooting, the Law Vegas hotel event and the others. To permit even the tiniest crack of exposure of the lies of Sandy Hook would shine light on a seething mass of evil and corruption, which might cause a chain reaction of exposure – perhaps bringing down the entire American occupation and usurpation. What would be the price to pay to stop any and all attempts to expose this crime ? Any price – especially when you control the creation of currency and have access to every conceivable resource of Western Civilization. I say Bravo Dr. James Fetzer for standing and facing this monster and I believe all of us in this battle for our minds, sovereignty and truth owe you our support and respect – thank you.

    1. Bravo, Jack….I totally concur and also pass on my respect and admiration for the Dr. and what he is doing. I have been thinking that a Go Fund Me for either a splendid set of lawyers (lawd, I hate that word) and/or to pay for any judgment would be more than appropriate.

      I would also like to mention to YOU how many times they crash my comp on this site and this site only…any where from 12 to 20 times a day.

      Yesterday or the day before, I actually had PART of a comment censored in real time…TWICE. How that is possible is past my low tech knowledge.

      1. Thank you Will and I like the Go Fund Me idea, however there are reports now that GFM is critical of funding “conspiracy theory” which means they are opposed to exposing conspiracies… Can’t hurt to try!

      2. Yes…I heard the same…but as you have said, it cannot hurt to try. Let’s see what the Dr. thinks.

      3. I think instead of a GFM we could just setup a litecoin wallet address and a donate button right here on the site. We can have it so that you could use other cryptos or funny monopoly money.

        Just my two cents.

    1. Stop gloating, they were never going to make big bucks off of it and I’m sure they knew it. The book is still available as a pdf and although I have some differences of opinion it is still an invaluable resource.
      Google “nobody died at sandy hook pdf” and know that the information is out there far and wide and nothing can be done about it. Now know this – as the truth about the level of corruption inside the government suddenly becomes too obvious for even sleepy “normies” to ignore, conspiracies like SHES and Boston WILL be revisited – with a much more awake and alert audience this time. Or did you not catch DJTs very provocative comments about 9/11 the other day? Forget Iraq – that was a very pointed message to the real source of the buildings “falling” from a builder himself.

      1. When DJT is willing to throw the Zios out of his WH office, I’ll start to believe him.When Congress does likewise, their approval rating will slowly climb upward from the 3% they have now. When American citizens start to realize the necessity of having America ruled by Americans, we can once again start to become a great nation, not the Zio toadies we have become since the 1880’s. Until those things happen, 5G will simply kill off mankind in toto.We are looking at a number of potential extinction events from nuclear wars, Big Pharma poisons, and the rapidly growing 5G onrush. We are headed for extermination simply because too many people actually trust governments. I see 25 Democratic candidates for POTUS that would much rather see YOU dead…….are you OK with that?

      2. Bahmi…Doncha know Trump’s support of 5G, GMO and Zionism along with his silence in regard to chemtrails and false flags is all part of his grand 6D chess game….?
        C’mon…get with the program.

      3. Did I forget to mention Zionism and Zios in my discourse? Let’s look. Hey, it’s there, I mentioned it and you missed it…..Yeah, sure, I’ll get with the program, how about you?

      4. Not that I vote, but I did support Trump for a time in my own way.
        Keericed do I regret that.
        My mother (RIP) used to say, Live in hope, die in desperation.
        Well, that I do not intend to do, but her point, bless her soul, was well taken.

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