Mike Palecek, ed., PENN Magazine: Can Truth Prevail in America?

Penn Magazine

June 2019

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Liars may seem

formidable, but think of it this way.

Lying is never a sign of strength,

rather it’s an indicator of weakness and fear.

— Mary W. Maxwell Ph.D

by Mike Palecek

Have you seen the video for the R.E.M. song “Man On The Moon”?

The people in the bar/truck stop are singing along with the song … “if you believe … they put a man on the moon … man on the moon.”

Well, it gives you hope just watching that, because those people in the video get it.

They are common folks who know the score, and maybe you watch it nine times, twelve times, one hundred times. In order to have hope. But then each time, the video ends.

The American people are walking around, but they are dead. They say that when you die you are going to be dead a long time. Have you heard that? We have already been dead a long time, since at least Nov. 22, 1963.

Right now, as I write this, we have just come off an almost four-hour phone conference for the Sandy Hook lawsuit, judge, plaintiff’s attorney and defendants and attorneys.

I sat in my car with my phone outside of work, didn’t really figure it would be four hours.

Now I know who takes how many smoke breaks out by the garage.

And of course I was rolling the window up and down to try to catch a breeze and left the key on even after the four hours and our car was dead. The agency mechanic helped us [Ruth works at the same place], we bought a new battery, went home and there you have it.

If you go to Jim Fetzer’s  Motion For Summary Judgment and Statements of Fact [in this issue] you will find a detailed analysis of the case.

Do ever wonder? … well …

… The kind of people we have running our government … if we really knew the truth, I believe we would be astonished.

Forget about George Washington and the Cherry Tree. Ronald Reagan making America strong again.

The George Bushes riding into the baseball game on national TV to

throw out the first ball, then sitting in the front row.

Forget about Bill Clinton or Barack Obama the liberal Democrats who care about you …

… Sponge Bob, The Simpsons and South Park, Calvin and Hobbes, Snoopy

have more to tell us than

those guys. …

At least in the Soviet Union, when they saw nonsense and lies printed in Pravda and Tass, at least they knew they were lies. We are still at the infancy stage in our development …

of not questioning the lies.

And so the next time there is a bombing or a threat of a bombing or a bunch of baby blue backpacks found on a brown bench in Bemidji – the healthy American, the true American, the real American – thinks “CIA, FBI, the police” …

– the real patriot refuses to stand for the national anthem, and rather

than another knee-jerk reciting of the pledge of allegiance he says – not until I get some questions answered,

because …

This is important stuff.

“We lie, we cheat,

we steal.”

— Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency,

speaking at Texas A&M University

To list all the times that the United States Government and its agencies have lied, involving nearly every country on earth including the United States would, of course, land one on another list, in the big book of konspiracy knuts.

How about our military and government’s plan to overthrow Venezuela.

We have the documents of “Masterstroke,” full of lying, cheating, stealing.

Why do they do it. For what reason?

Were we ever going to get the truth about the JFK murder from our government and its “investigators”?

Never in a year or two or one million.

How about getting to the bottom of the Robert F. Kennedy murder.

The overthrow of Mossadegh, Allende, the murder of American nuns in El Salvador?

How about the Martin Luther King Jr. killing?

9/11. After JFK, the grand-daddy of them all.

The event that has controlled our lives since that day and is meant, planned, to control our lives from now until forever, built upon by Sandy Hook, Boston, OKC, Aurora, etc.

Were we ever going to get the truth from our government or our newspapers, radio stations, television stations.

It has not happened and it will not happen.

And so, who is going to care enough to dig for the truth? To try to find out what really happened?

Well, that would be your konspiracy kooks.

How about the truth about the death of Paul Wellstone? Open and shut according to the government and news media. But is it?

The list, of course, goes on and on. You know it by heart, you get it: Oklahoma City, Boston, Parkland, Las Vegas, Charlottesville, Orlando, San Bernardino, LAX. And of course there’s more and likely more to come.

As well as, of course, all plans to invade any country, all falsified, and we do what we want, for what reason, we have no idea.

In each of those cases, whoever is putting them together must be committed to the bit, plan the deed, do the deed, cover up the deed, take care of the court proceedings if any, and put any still living patsy in prison forever and through it all make it sound perfectly reasonable to the American public.

For they must never know.

… Andre Vltchek, a world traveling real journalist, asks us to realize what is the real world and to fight with those who are fighting, reject the western world’s wealth and arrogance, join with the oppressed … really do it …

As for me, I’ve long hoped that my books and radio show are some way to do that.

And now, with the Sandy Hook lawsuit brought against Jim Fetzer, Moon Rock Books, and me, it is an opportunity to get a glimpse behind the curtain, of what is really happening in the world, at how so much is manipulated by governments and controlled media. It is a way to fight.

Because if the world can know the truth behind Sandy Hook, and Boston and Parkland, Oklahoma City and 9/11, the San Diego Synagogue false flag, the North Carolina false flag and the others we can really know our world, our country, our rulers … stop wars and bring the world more into line with how things should really be, where people are not poor and people are not having bombs dropped upon their heads because of where they live.

I believe all of this badness is based in a United States mainstream media that is controlled by the CIA, the FBI. It seems unbelievable.

It is meant to be. These false flags are meant to groom us, to make us amenable to wars.

It is a battle for the mind, for the soul as well.

And we are fighting.

Can the truth actually prevail in the United States?

Why not dream big?

Why not?

Have you got something more important to do today?

If we can get the truth about Sandy Hook out to the American people, we are also getting the truth to them about JFK, RFK, 9/11, Boston, etc.

The Moon Rock Books mission statement:

MOON ROCK BOOKS is something unique in book publishing.

While other publishers have chosen to shy away from the truth for fear of hurting sales, we’ve placed our faith in the truth and have found that it’s not only the right thing to do, but from a book-selling standpoint it is also a successful model.

We’re a group of people, writers, who feel the world really needs saving in this critical point in history, and that resisting the American empire is the only way to do it.

We take our cue from The White Rose resistance in Nazi Germany, who, in the most dangerous of circumstances, chose not to hide, but to fight, to speak out, to engage in hand-to-hand combat with words, with the truth.

People are starved for the truth. They want the truth.

Right now the people live on lies, they subsist on lies, but it’s not really living.

People are not watching TV news in droves, they’re ceasing to read newspapers in droves, because they know by now they will not find it there. The biggest battle being fought anywhere is with information. If the people can receive the truth, they will do the right thing.

The truth.

And so, we find ourselves in a similar situation, as The White Rose, and it falls upon us—the necessity to fight the empire of the United States of America, and save the world.

… We have dreamed big. Have we overstepped?

Should we have been prudent as a Democrat?

I really don’t think so.

The world deserves and needs and demands something like Moon Rock Books to exist.

It is past time for all of this nonsense to end, put your shoes back on, order some French Fries.

It’s code green and we are watching the river flow.

The biggest tragedy is that these happened, that these hoaxes, false flags happened, were perpetrated by our government, for whatever reason, and actually should never have been part of our national discussion and history. Never.

From Jim Fetzer:

The reasons behind this aggressive behavior by the administration, even when gun violence has been falling in the United States, involves deep questions about the role of DHS in our society and why America has been devolving into a totalitarian state.

I was born a year-and-a-day before Pearl Harbor, as my father used to put it; and I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that the United States of American could descend into a bottomless pit of lies, deceit and deception. 

Faking a school shooting to instill fear into a population for political purposes is an act of terrorism, where it has become clear that this instance was brought to us by officials at every level of Connecticut government from the teachers and reporters to the State Police and the Newtown School board to the Governor and the Attorney General and the President himself. 

And this is the ugly legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.

As Watergate spawned the Church Committee, a fair, truthful outcome in this Sandy Hook trial could lead to the opening of the Truth Floodgates.

Americans are being prepared for more … invasion of Iran, Venezuela … and 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston have prepared us for accepting the shutting down of any dissent.

So, the country, the world, has a chance because of this Sandy Hook case, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Will this be allowed to happen?

Will the revolution actually be televised? Or will it again be pre-empted.

Stay tuned.

Our concern was 

for the children.

— Janet Reno, attorney general, after the

burning of children

at Waco, Texas

What about

the children?

Don’t you care for the children?

Yes. Of course.

And we care also about all children, growing now, growing since long ago, who have grown up with these lies.

Yes, what about the children?

Whom you have traumatized since 1963, who expected your best and received your very worst, year after year, election after election, murder after murder, lie after lie.

This quote from David Ray.

The original references me,

but it could be about any of us.

[Alan American] reminds me of

Socrates the gadfly who asked

unwelcome questions, Diogenes

with his lantern looking in vain for

an honest man, Chekhov with the

hammer challenging the compla-

cent family to share their meal,

Kerouac the ever on the move,

somewhat hysterical searcher, and

he reminds me of many Americans

who as children were so blast-

ed with propaganda that they’re

devoting the rest of their lives to

challenging the lies and all who tell them.

In this land where babies are brought

by storks and buildings

collapse due to unpatriotic bricks,

we need the gadfly because no

leader, preacher, guru or saint will

wake us up, though the Doomsday

Clock is ticking close to twelve.

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25 thoughts on “Mike Palecek, ed., PENN Magazine: Can Truth Prevail in America?”

  1. I read this encouraging comment by G at Henry Makow’s, in answer to Mike Stone’s pessimistic essay, “Are You Sleeping Through A Revolution?”

    Besides G’s thoughtful defense of the much-maligned Sheeple, he makes the case for valuing the truthtellers we already have, and we have so many. His image of the lion reminds me of Dr. Fetzer.


    First Comment from G

    Folks, forget about the idea that most of the people of the world are “sheeple.” I do not think it’s true. They/we may be somewhat compromised, disheartened, but every day most of us get up and make life work as best we can. This is a time of coming out of the darkness. Soon, and as life becomes more and more unbearable, many will connect their struggles with the face of the oppressor and sheep will become rams. I do see it happening, even if it’ll never be on the nightly news.

    Myself, I have compassion for those deemed sheep; I know the harm they’ve endured. I work with them as best I can. But I LOOK FOR LIONS!! I seek them out like an archaeologist searching for artefacts. Rare and hidden sometimes, but there, and sustaining the times. Lions amongst us, unstoppable voices and researchers, undressing the deception and inserting solutions. Seek out the lions, validate and support them. Acknowledge any speck of good they do. It is they who will lead the way out of this tyrannical darkness, they who are often persecuted, who will risk EVERYTHING to not be an obedient and compliant sheep. Seek out the lions.


    1. I can only agree wholeheartedly with G’s comment. It does none of us any good to view out fellow Americans as in despair and in hopelessness. There is little doubt they are frustrated AND quite disappointed in another president who has sided with the Zionists against WE THE PEOPLE.

      IF a decision is made to go to war against Iran as the proxy for Israel, WE THE PEOPLE will finally get up off our arses and demand this subservience to Israel and unending war COME TO AN END.

      Now is the time and we all must have faith and strength to confront the monster the US, INC. has become.

      Any other decision is the last nail that will seal our fate.

    1. That’s a great find and a very revealing vid……(still watching….if my attitude changes, I’ll let you know)…BUT, nothing will change and/or nothing will happen that benefits you and I. It’s too late….the damage has been done. I continue to state that if we complain about our privacy AND the power of these companies and still use these platforms….we are idiots and hypocrites
      There are alternatives….few use them…at least not enough to make a difference. Gawd forbid we should do something that’s a bit inconvenient.
      Whose fault is that?.

      1. So all this proves is that we are powerless because THEY know we refuse to use our numbers and organize ourselves to our advantage to DEMAND any change. If anyone thinks Trump is going to save us, think again…as long as he’s in bed with the Zionists, all he does will simply be some form of compromise and appeasement of his masters.

          1. Still listening…..more than astounding information. I am so happy that early on I realized something was not right, so I never participated in social media…..BUT, I am sure that even though I use Linux, all my internet activity is being monitored. I’ve seen examples of it on this site in particular….the tab crashes about 10 times a day. Why only the tab that has Fetzer on it, eh? So, eventually I DO plan to abandon this insidious device since I KNOW this will never be corrected.

          2. If these gentlemen seriously believe there will be reparations….I am sorry to say, they are delusional….as much as I respect what they are doing.

            Fetzer has a better chance of busting SH wide open.

  2. Dear Boys: Conservative values are being stamped out in Colorado. My local paper the Vail Daily is always full of liberal left propaganda with very little in the way of countervailing opinion. I WILL TRY TO ATTACH the latest article on the network of mass shooting survivors. You can count on the daily to have a climate change advocacy plea for action every day. The radical left agenda is galloping along unbridled by the truth of anything. They just passed the climate action plan in Colorado without mentioning the world wide weather warfare going on. Today’s floods du jour are in Jalisco, Mexico and the land of Dracula, Romania. I just watched a truck shoot class four rapids down a city street. FB put a fellow in “jail” for 5 months for posting the truth on weather wars international FB page. He said he is abandoning the FB platform for something called “mewe”. Once you look at the big picture of weather warfare, it’s a far bigger story than war in Iran or anywhere else. Here’s the part people aren’t seeing. There has been a war declared on humanity. Not just weather wars, there’s a war on cash, whiteness, decency, morality, Protestant values, children’s innocence and women’s sports by allowing former men to compete and crush them. We got drag queen story time. We have a serial groper running for President. I predict within 20 years that Latinos will become the dominant demographic and political force in Eagle County, Colorado. Twenty years ago it was 95% White Anglos. The construction and restaurant industry are filled with illegals and nobody cares. If ICE did an actual sweep of Eagle County, countless businesses would have to close. Twenty years ago I made eleven bucks an hour as a bellman at a high end hotel making monster tips. It was a good middle class living. I recently applied for a bellman’s job at an equally high end hotel. The pay offered? You guessed it, eleven bucks an hour. The cost of rent has almost tripled in 20 years! The cost of food and gas has more than doubled. During the 2015, 2016 ski season… 100% of my take home pay went to rent. When I told my boss, he seemed fine with that. I lived on the meager ever vanishing cash tips. Cab driving was another high paying job I once had. You could take home $300 to $500 a night as late as 2006. With Uber, house wives with spare time put guys like me out of a job. Now they are lucky to take home $100 a night. How about Air B&B ? Now everyone is an Inn Keeper. There was a nice family living in the cabin next door. They were broomed out of there to make room for Air B&B short terming. It’s caused an absolute crisis in resort towns everywhere. Just part of the race to the bottom.


      1. Many people complain about the over reach of gov’t Ralph, few people ever do anything substantial to thwart it. One huge exception: Marv The Muffler Man became a folk hero to anyone that’s ever been screwed by the local gov’t. I drove up to Marv’s shop in Boulder, Colorado to get a terrible leak fixed in my antique Subaru. The shop was gone and some unrelated enterprise occupied the spot. I wondered whatever happened to good ‘Ole Marv? Meanwhile over the divide a welder’s arc seals another seam between two stout plates of metal in a dimly lit windowless garage. No context is given as the scene jump cuts back to me wondering what ever happened to Marv the Muffler Man? I drove away. He was an artisan welder and would fabricate elaborate headers on brand new top of the line Bentleys BMWs and Benzes. He had an amazing Willy’s wagon from the 50s customized for serious four-wheeling.

        I remember reading the first article that did not mention the guy’s name and wondering what actually drove him over the edge and what was he really like? And what weren’t they telling us in the article? Finding out the next day I knew him was a shock. Many years later I ran into a guy that knew him from Granby. He said Marv got the dozer to build a new road, not to destroy Granby. And that he wanted to reconnect his septic system to the sewer system, was prevented from doing so, then fined like $2500 for improper plumbing system, whatever. That was the last straw according to someone who know him.

        The Dozer was impervious to anything but a missile from a fighter jet. Marv did not hurt any people, he just destroyed the Mayor’s business and Council’s members who conspired to put Marv out of business by building a a brick factory on his access road, cutting his sewer line and preventing a new road to be built. The Gov’t thought they could gang up on Marv and their was not a thing he could do to stop them. Marv had purchased a Komatsu Bull Dozer to build a new road and repurposed it. Let this video speak for itself. You might not be able to fight city hall… the saying goes, but Marv thought, I could run it over!


          1. June 4th, Killdozer Day. Mike mentions the White Rose above, and there are days to commemorate her (them) as well (Sophie got the bust in Walhalla, but her brother and his friend actually started the pamphleting against the Reich). Which brings up two points, first being that the CIA and all the evil that brought forth, including NASA, was a direct proximate result of letting various Nazis avoid performing in the Spandau Ballet. Mix Nazis with Bonesmen and you have a Satanic brew with which to wreak havoc under the guise of The Cold War©. The second point, probably less well received, is that Sophie Scholl had an unwavering faith in God above that both guided her and gave her the strength to speak truth to power in her moment of trial (beheaded 2/22/43). If you listen to Marv’s last will and testament, he too felt that God knew he had been grievously wronged by the corrupt Granby establishment. I just wish for him that he had been suicided by cop. It would have been easy at that point, they were ready to execute him.

          2. Oh, another thing you can thank Paperclip Nazis for: Lyme Disease.

            His name was Dr. Erich Traub – Ft. Detrick MD, Plum Island Animal Disease Research Institute defunct – moved to Manhattan KS…. the “Heartland”,

            Suddenly novel tick diseases (Bourbon Virus, HEARTLAND Virus…. are you kidding me??) are killing people concurrent with the move.

  3. If the question is how to get out from under Operation Mockingbird, you might as well get to the root of the problem and ask how to get out from under bankster / globalist control. Because you won’t have the former without the latter.

    Many optimists believe that widespread acceptance of crypto currencies will eventually topple the banksters. But since there are now bitcoin contracts traded on futures exchanges, banksters have another powerful tool to control the crypto currencies. So in addition to being able to pump and dump bitcoin because they have access to unlimited money, the banksers can now use futures contracts to control the bitcoin price the same way they do gold.

    Think about it. Gold futures contracts (always settled in cash) SET the price of gold. This is another fraud, but it works.

    The point is that because there are no real markets anymore and the banksters control EVERYTHING because of their central banking monopoly and fractional reserve lending scheme, it is hard to escape the make believe world they have created.

    Other optimists maintain that once the fiat banking system fails under it’s own debt load then we can just start over. Really? Do you think the banksters don’t have a plan to deal with that?

    I wish someone would tell me how to escape our open air prison. I’m tired of it.

    1. As am I, RS…..My solution has been to operate outside the system as much as feasible….no cell, no Tee Vee…no social media…a bank account only for the purpose of receiving my pittance of SS . Live away from centers of population. Deal in cash as much as possible. I use Linux….unplug TOTALLY at night or when I am not using the comp.
      Nurture your creative tendencies,
      Steer clear of the masses.
      OR, find an island and declare your own kingdom.

  4. I actually play Man on the Moon live. I also have a NASA song I wrote myself. ‘Tricky Dick dropped a dime and he called Neil right on time. He said well done lads now her’s your merit badge’. It goes right over people’s heads, until grandpa dropped dead…. of dimentia. There’s lines in the sky no need to wonder why. just take your ambien tab and your flu shot jab. Instead of getting on stage and turning people off with diatribe jive, I put it in a song. Here’s your school shooting du jour, please be generous to the poor.

  5. Hey Jim: The choose file feature on your comments section glitches most of the time. I was watching lectures today on Youtube. There’s a pretty good one I saw called “How to spot a liar”
    The lady talked about something called Duper’s Delight and used as an example the look OJ revealed at the trial for just a moment of absolute satisfaction, aka shit eating grin. I saw it several times on our latest school shooting du jour from the supposed hero and his handler and a couple “witnesses”. They experienced such profound horror that they could not restrain their laughter. I tried to point this out and the person immediately filled in the gap of logic so fast, it was just like when I showed my friend Wayne Carver’s whacky performance at Sandy Hook. They don’t spend a second thinking how inappropriate laughter is at a fresh and horror filled event like a mass shooting. They pull out the putty knife and plaster over the logic gap so fast it makes your head spin.

    The other one that really drilled me right between the eyes was the Viet Nam Vet’s lecture on McNammara’s 100,000. His plan was to raise the IQ of those the military deemed too mentally slow to be fighting soldiers. Old Bob thought that film instruction would help them fill the ranks of the most unpopular war ever fought to that point. The man giving the talk took one of the men under his wing and found he could not grasp simple concepts like making a bed. Then came the throwing a grenade drill. The kid did not even grasp that the US was in a war. Time after time the patient Soldier demonstrated throwing the dummy practice grenades using a high arc to produce max throwing distance. None of McNamara’s idiots came close to the target. The military brass begged Mcnammara to discharge the Forest Gump battalion to no avail. They were so incompetant with a rifle that they were far more likely to shoot their own or themselves than the enemy and died at three times the rate of the regulars. One of the Gumps was assigned guard duty on the perimeter and promptly shot and killed his CO.
    Here’s that lecture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J2VwFDV4-g

  6. A similar thing is happening in American today. I wrote in FaceBook that no one died at Sandy Hook and my FB account was quickly deleted by Zuckerberg and his henchmen. Is the US a type of police state? Absolutely yes can be the only answer. Its enforcers are private monopolies like Google, YouTube and Facebook. Are show-trials happening in the US? Yes there are many. An example is the one that happened to the Boston Marathon patsy. It was not filmed for public consumption….only drawings exist.

    Here is a short video from Nazi Germany show-trials.


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